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Did Ingram kill himself by running slow? No Did it help? No

The Dolphins are in the market for a running back in the NFL draft.

The Dolphins are also in the market for speed on offense and the NFL draft is expected to deliver that as well.

So it stands to reason if general manager Jeff Ireland can find a running back who is fast, he can meet two needs for the price of one pick. That's the reason Alabama running back Mark Ingram was such a popular guess as the Dolphins first round pick (15th overall) according to many draft gurus with opinions. The marriage just seemed to fit.

And then Ingram ran the 40-yard dash as the NFL Combine on Sunday. And his time was a pedestrian 4.62 in one clocking, which raised some red flags and eyebrows because, well, it's never great news when a smallish back cannot run away from bigger defenders.

So is Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Tropy winner from Alabama, thus eliminated from Miami's list of possible draft day targets?

Former NFL defensive back Corey Chavous, a draft guru in his own right and founder of nfldraftnasty.com, doesn't think so. In fact, Chavous now thinks Ingram has joined some very good company.

"A lot of running backs that are the greatest of all time that haven't had the greatest of 40 times," Chavous said today on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo. "Emmitt Smith ran high 4.5s and low 4.6s. Walter Payton was also 4.5 type guy. And that's kind of what [Ingram] has got to be compared to now if you're saying he's going to be an elite running back. You look at some of the better running backs that have played with that same build and stature that haven't had great 40-yard dash times."

You can listen to the complete Armando and the Amigo interview yourself on the podcast right here. Chavous also discusses the quarterback that most impressed him during the combine.

One thing that Chavous did point out is that Ingram was not supposed to run slow. It was indeed a surprise -- obviously not a pleasant one.

"I was surprised because Ingram ran 10.7 in the 100 meters in high school so him running a 4.6 surprised me," Chavous said. "It seems he got into a stride too early and didn't stay in his explosion phase long enough."

That suggests Ingram can rehabilitate that time when he has a pro day at Alabama or a personal workout for various teams -- including the Dolphins. But even then, the 40-time is not a tolling bell of doom.

I do repeat, it is a red flag. Remember that Ingram spent parts of the 2010 season battling injury concerns. So teams will want to know if the 40 time is an outgrowth of lingering injury issues.

But will it erase him from Miami's radar? Probably not.

My take? I personally believe the Dolphins are in trade down mode already. I believe they want to add a second round pick and the only real way to accomplish that is trade out of No. 15 to lower in the first round and add a low second rounder to boot.

But you obviously need a partner to participate in that scenario. Barring that scenario presenting itself, the Dolphins will obviously still consider Ingram -- although it is hardly a certainty they will take him.


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Dying Breed @ 2:58...I don't want to be a party pooper. But Ingram got tracked down twice in the Auburn game. Once he got the ball punched out for what turned out to be a huge game changing play. I get your point though. Ingram doesn't have to be a back that runs away from the pack.


Forget about Palmer. He has too few tread left for the price we would have to pay. Im sure Palmer would come at no less than a 2nd rd'er and that I think $15 million a year contract.

So if he isnt a top 5 qb when he comes here. He'll cap strap us when a new cba is reached to boot. At his age and price if doesnt take us too or get us a SB in his short time left. Then we hugely get taken.


The only one I can say I nailed was I had John Jerry in the 3rd for most of my final mocks.

Big whoop huh? LOL. Not much to my time machine mock.

I did mention Reshad Jones as a potential later safety but I was much more in favor of getting Safety Morgan Burnett earlier.

The hindsight glasses are a mutha to put on sometimes eh?

I have no "New" cutting edge news. Locker seemed like he was more accurate than say Newton and some others. From a triangle number standpoint he has as solid of overall numbers as any QB at the combine. It's still just one day at the combine though.

Flatout any QB with inaccuracy issues scares the crud out of me. Because of the Bifectas size quotient and the fact that he acts and sounds the part of a confident QB maybe Ireland buys into Locker?

It was more just a weird gut feeling than anything else.

I am still so hardpressed to see TS and Ireland sweating bullets over their job and yet taking a QB early (1st) that may not even be able to compete for a year or more and that includes my fav Kaepernick.

I believe Kaepernick to be an early 2nd round guy. Carolina, Minn and any QB needy teams may try and swoop in the 2nd? At his height, speed and with as much velocity as he can rip a throw he will be coveted for upside. I believe only Mallet could throw a comparible lazer. Kaepernick will gash a team running while Mallet is a drugstore Indian statue.

Always great to see you on. I hope your restaurant does awesome. I saw you chatting biz with CM. Restaurant business can be 24/7 so CM has to watch out.



I think Newton's stock is falling. I wouldnt be shocked if he showed up at #15. Im also afraid if he did Ireland will take him.

I dont think Ireland has anything against fathers who try to pro*stitute thier sons out! LOL...........

Newton could become this year's version of Quinn. Once he falls out of the top 10, he keeps falling and falling........... til about #15.

Then turns out to be a complete bust for us and Ireland /Sparano are fired happily ever after! LOL..............

Dying...I was throwin' the Palmer idea around trying to get a gauge on how you fine folks may feel. I'm on the fence with him. I know it's not as easy as who would you rather have Henne, or Palmer? If it was I would take my chances with Palmer.

As far as draft picks. There is no way I would give up a second for him. But I'm not sure he would command that high of a pick. You do make a good point about his salary. He did state he would play for free today. But I know this is just saber rattling. I think he still has some good football left in him. And it was just some food for thought.

Darryl Dunphy,

I would have to agree 100% with DB on the Carson Palmer matter. Now if he were to retire and stayed away from football for a year... maybe kick the tires next year if we don't have clear QB direction by then.

He is long in the tooth... threatening the Bengals with retirement.

1.) After seeing the Brett Farve debacles, I don't want anyone on my roster that talks about retirement (especially as a weapon).

2.) I feel like financials that include team salary caps will play apart in the new CBA whenever that comes.

3.) I am already more enamored with chasing VY a much younger proven winner vet with supreme mobility.


2011 begins a new decade. This is the most important draft because its the first. It will go a long way into deciding what type of team we'll be within the next 4-7yrs.

Screw this one up and we'll be well on our way to screwing up yet another decade.

Damn Rob-OC we do agree on something. I think VY is the best offseason qb prospect of all! LOL............

If Titans would take a 3rd rd pick for VY straightup I would do it in a heartbeat! LOL.........


I just don't know what to make of Newton. I keep flipping back and forth.

I can see a great physical specimin with NFL size and speed with his best football ahead of him.

I can also see a guy that says thanks for the $$ and with my Michael Vick like God given gifts I can get it done even if I don't show up early or stay late.

I would say he would ahve been an absolute no brainer the year they got Pat White... he is what I think would have propelled the Wildcat to new heights.

I don't think the Wildcat will be run too much with the new DC.

The thing is I think the formation can have good uses. It needs personnel, execution and much better timing on when to use it. Henning had very weird play call timing.

Many fans hate the Wildcat.


I think the Titans owner is already having buyer remorse over just announcing he will release VY.

Alright fellas..Been a slice. Thanks for the chat. Catch ya'll later.

DB... you are correct sir!!!

We are both squarely on the VY or bust train!

Of the options, now that Orton is pretty much off the table...VY is the best option to me. He has huge upside and is still young at only a few years older than Henne. 30-17 as a starter and I still can't believe he almost willed Tenn to the playoffs after an 0-6 start. That's crazy.

Unless there was tons of really crazy unforgiveable stuff that us fans will never know that happened behind the scenes... he is worth taking a chance.

I hope I never come across and me vs you DB. As you can see I will side with you in a second if we agree bud.


The wildcat started as a gimmick when we couldnt run the ball very successfully. Teams are onto it now. Everyone's learned to play it and ev1 knows Brown is about 99% threat not to throw the ball.

The wildcat is being quickly reduced to tamed kitty. I would no longer see it as a signature staple of our offense. It "might" still have limited use as a situational option play used very sparringly.


I could not even believe that after reading it too.

I was like WTH??? Why would they just release a guy that has value? What are they the Fins? (Roth)

I think he will rethink that strategy and it may take a trade to end up with VY.

I will say I have not heard one single trade rumor. Maybe teams believe that Bud Adams will outright release him or that he is more toxic than us fans know.


Hey Goodnight DD. Take er easy bud.

What I like most about VY is that he's a top 3 draft pick and in no ways consiidered a bust or even close. The guy still has great upside and just needs maturity and discipline.

I think his greatest days are still all ahead of him! LOL..........

Its been great and Im out too. Its nearly 4 AM LOL...............


Yes like goal line or short yardage situations.

I will say Polite was pretty deadly on 3rd and 4rth and sdhort though.

It was one of the things I was most proud of that the Dolphins did. They seemed to do it whether the other team knew it or not.

If they could ever get a Brad Smith (Jets tendered him a 2nd rounder) or a Cam Newton type, it could be an effective formation but it would have to have full pass options to be valid.

You are right, maybe they use it once every blue moon in given situations.


Hey DB...

What is take real quick on Armando ratting out his team?

I don't understand it at all and I can't even fathom any reason?

Any thoughts?



Thnaks for hanging and chatting bud. I know we go at it sometimes but is always in the name of making a better team for us to cheer for.

You are a board stalwart so keep on truckin!

Get some sleep man.


Mando personally told me Chad rat him ownself out sitting down telling Cleveland Plain-Dealer reporters this. He was only reporting what was reported in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Henne had already unknowingly ratted himself and the team out when doing this. The guy's super stupid!

G-nite bud! LOL..........


I wonder How long it will take before he comes back to Miami asking for his one day contract?

I wonder how long it will be before Armando has a blog up about Jason Taylor with a time line of all his lifes work.....from potty training to his latest firing.....

In all honesty I don't care who they draft just as long as it's not defense!!!! We need playmakers on o!!! Just as long as they can make a good contribution I'm ok with it!!!!

Like many have said... I'm tired of a 3rd and 14 where we end up running up the middle for 2 to 3 yards

I am pondering Ponder, but it is ponderous!

DB @ 1:19 and 1:25

Both of those sum up a case for Ingram very well. That 10 yard burst speed therefore is key, and his was the highest. 95$ of the time, you are 10 yards or less away from a first down. In baseball, the guy who can hit the most singles is a prized player. It seems that Ingram has only one single flaw, he isn't a barn burner, but everything else he has more than compensates for that, IMO.

Does anybody see Cam Newton starting in 2011? He is officially a huge gamble the way I see it. The Jets just released Gholston, the perfect physical speciman, combine wonder, who couldn't even get one sack, one forced fumble or one fumble recovery to score a 9 million dollar bonus, after 3 years of playing. Not one! Newton is certainly a great athlete, but three top priorities for any QB is 1. How well you throw the ball. 2. How well you throw the ball. 3. How well you throw the ball.

The IreAno duo are in do or die win now mode. My money is on they pick up a FA QB this year to compete with Henne, and worry about drafting a 1st round QB in 2012.

Secong rd, if we get a 2nd, is the place to find a RB or even third rd. Ingram not worth 1st rd pick. Dolphins need a game changer, slash, someone who will start and make a difference which is a WR or defensive stud.

we cant waste a 1st round pick on a rb. they can be found in every round and even undrafted or free agency(pats have plenty on the cheap). we need a safety,seam tight ends,qb and offensive linemen. the oline and safety are critical! i'd like a vince young then draft a greg mcelroy(alabama)in the later rounds. he's young,smart and accurate(like a penne).

greg...assuming we can't trade down, who do you like at 15 that will realistically still be available?

the jets put a 2nd round tender on brad smith. there's a guy we could use! he runs the wildcat to perfection,can throw and returns kicks with top end speed and elusiveness. i'm afraid ireland spends his days asleep at the switch. we cant afford another bad draft.

screw the wildcat

and they will 100 percent trade down

bill...um they need a dating partner to trade down. I'm sure they want to, not sure who is going to give up 2 twos for this years 15. Also you are assuming cba is done before draft. Not likely.

Not only can we NOT waste a 1st round pick on a RB, but these Ingram guys are basically saying let's stick to what Miami's been doing last TWO DECADES, 10-20-30 play drives that take forever just to score a damned field goal.

WE NEED TOUCHDOWNS!!! God, has ANYONE been watching this team last few years. WHO'S going to score for you with the addition of Mark Ingram? WHO? NO ONE!! It's the same tired strategy and offense I've seen here for the last damn decade, and I'm sick of it.

SPEED, EXCITEMENT, A THREAT FROM ANYWHERE ON THE FIELD! That's all I care to see out of the draft from an offensive standpoint. Unless you're getting a QB, then that's all that the team should be looking at, unless they want to get some olineman (which to me would be 100% better than taking Ingram).

This is going to be a QB-friendly offense, mixture b/w Pats and Jets. What that means is slashers (i.e. Wes Welker) who get the ball and run with it. It means TE's beating favorable matchups and it means quick strikes. It DOESN'T mean pound the rock for 3 yards and take half a quarter to score a TD. That's NOT the direction the team is going in.

So you Ingram fans keep yelping, and when we pass on the kid, I'll be on here like it's Mardi Gras. It's time to win, it's time to be explosive, it's time we put this boring offense to bed. And for fans who can't get on that bus, I'll wave at you in the rear-view mirror!!!

2 twos?? they would most likely make deal during draft after a player some team wants falls to 15. they deal down to say 27 and pick up a 2nd rd pick also

agree dc, ingram would just be another garbage pick by this franchise.

ox80, i havent studied 1st round choices but i hear we are going with a n.eng type of offense. i'd like a julio jones or someone like him. i loved dez bryant or earl thomas last year but we were drafting guys with broken legs. i have zero faith in ireland's decisions.

I prefer the Joe Rose Show.

DC - I'm not ready to say Ingram is a guaranteed pro bowler. Merely, I don't think its going to be automatic that we can trade down. With ZERO starting running backs on the team, taking the RB all pundits rate #1 in the draft ain't exactly the worst thing you can do. And no we haven't been doing that for two decades. In the last two decades we had two good years of Ricky and nobody else. Ronnie flashed at times but was otherwise a disappointment, and people think at 30 all of a sudden he gets the job done? Strange. Besides, the guy you would want just doesn't exist at 15.

Of course, you have admitted that you hate Ingram for reasons you can't even describe, so I understand your postion.

grez, I'd love Jones...the chance he is still there at 15? 0.

DC - I wouldn't sweat it. I seriously doubt Ireland takes Ingram, he'll take someone nobody here has even discussed.


And what's crazy is people make comparisons to players from the EIGHTIES AND NINETIES!!! Like they haven't realized FOOTBALL HAS CHANGED SINCE THEN! No one (at least no one who wins SuperBowls) plays like that anymore. The ONLY team that kinda, sorta still plays like those teams is Pittsburgh, and you see how hard it is for them to get to the SB with such a small margin of error. And even Pittsburgh had to change their offense up. With Big Ben they've added much more passing to their offense. Heck, Wallace single-handedly beat us twice! ONE PLAY!

Some people want tough, hard-nosed defense. And they want good possession receivers. And they want a RB that's great for 10 yards. HELLO! Are you watching the History Channel or the NFL 2011? Just wondering, cause I see Green Bay with a pedestrian RB winning the SB. I see the Patriots with a long list of pedestrian RBs winning the division 8-out-of-10 years this decade. I see the Colts, Saints winning with exciting speed players and not too many 'control-the-ball' RBs. Then I see the Dolphins, who's fastest player is probably on the practice squad. With a bunch of big, slow players getting beat by midgets (as some have liked to call the Patriots offense).

Wake up! Look at what REAL offensive minds are doing (i.e. Philly). Jackson, McCoy, Vick, Maclin, anyone spotting the trend yet? Hmmm, who would I emulate on offense, Tony Sparano or Andy Reid, wow, that's too close to call. Yeah, right.

If you want to change the last decade + misery that's been the Miami Dolphins, you need to start with talent. You need DIFFERENT players, with DIFFERENT skill sets, to compete in this DIFFERENT era of football. Plain and simple, and I don't need to formulate some algorithm to provide the scientific evidence for my great analysis. It's real easy, all you have to do is watch football, and look at the players YOU draft on YOUR fantasy squad, that should tell you everything you need to know about what Miami needs to do with personnel.

DC - Wow, I just woke up. Thanks. Your comparisons are equally ridiculous. You cite teams that have the very best QB's in the league, um, that kind of compensates for quite a bit. We do not have a top QB, nor will we for at least a few more years. You think Henne would have taken GB or NE to a super bowl? Of course you don't.

Some people want tough, hard-nosed defense. And they want good possession receivers. And they want a RB that's great for 10 yards. HELLO! Are you watching the History Channel or the NFL 2011?

DC Dolfan....that is one of the best lines I have read on this blog....IMO that equals the great line from Mark in Toronto....outstanding!

Daniel Thomas

aloco,a qb friendly offense for henne is to run the ball 100% of the time.lol

0x80 no way henne is gonna be our qb


Having compimented your wit and all that....if the QB this FO wants (mallet imo) is off the board.....i'm OK with Ingram.....i'm not in love with it....and it doesn't excite me....but he will be solid and could be a nice piece to the puzzle ....he will be QB friendly, blocking , recieving and running.....

He will help any QB on the roster

To all the anti-Ingram bloggers. It's plain and simple:

1. IF we can trade down, we do so, Ingram is out of the picture.

2. If we do pick at 15 and Ingram is there, we will see in a year or two which pick would have been better, the one we made or Ingram.

In the end, no big deal. If I was wrong I will gladly appear here and admit you were right.

thomas or williams. both should be much better than ingram

Don't forget DC.....I'd love a first rate QB as much as the next guy...but we still have to run the ball....

we will trade down and probaly take an olineman. and use our 2nd rd pick on a rb

If cba is not resolved before the draft, there will be no trading of picks or players, or signing of FA's. Seems pretty unlikely cba will be resolved before the draft.

0x80 they are already signing guys, pats made nice move getting stroud. but yes players who arent released cant sign. and yes u can trade draft picks, just not for players. and no way will cba be done by then or ever in 2011

ok bill, thanks for that clarification.

the NFL decided not to punish the dolphins. someone said having henne under center was enough punishment!

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