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Did Ingram kill himself by running slow? No Did it help? No

The Dolphins are in the market for a running back in the NFL draft.

The Dolphins are also in the market for speed on offense and the NFL draft is expected to deliver that as well.

So it stands to reason if general manager Jeff Ireland can find a running back who is fast, he can meet two needs for the price of one pick. That's the reason Alabama running back Mark Ingram was such a popular guess as the Dolphins first round pick (15th overall) according to many draft gurus with opinions. The marriage just seemed to fit.

And then Ingram ran the 40-yard dash as the NFL Combine on Sunday. And his time was a pedestrian 4.62 in one clocking, which raised some red flags and eyebrows because, well, it's never great news when a smallish back cannot run away from bigger defenders.

So is Ingram, the 2009 Heisman Tropy winner from Alabama, thus eliminated from Miami's list of possible draft day targets?

Former NFL defensive back Corey Chavous, a draft guru in his own right and founder of nfldraftnasty.com, doesn't think so. In fact, Chavous now thinks Ingram has joined some very good company.

"A lot of running backs that are the greatest of all time that haven't had the greatest of 40 times," Chavous said today on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo. "Emmitt Smith ran high 4.5s and low 4.6s. Walter Payton was also 4.5 type guy. And that's kind of what [Ingram] has got to be compared to now if you're saying he's going to be an elite running back. You look at some of the better running backs that have played with that same build and stature that haven't had great 40-yard dash times."

You can listen to the complete Armando and the Amigo interview yourself on the podcast right here. Chavous also discusses the quarterback that most impressed him during the combine.

One thing that Chavous did point out is that Ingram was not supposed to run slow. It was indeed a surprise -- obviously not a pleasant one.

"I was surprised because Ingram ran 10.7 in the 100 meters in high school so him running a 4.6 surprised me," Chavous said. "It seems he got into a stride too early and didn't stay in his explosion phase long enough."

That suggests Ingram can rehabilitate that time when he has a pro day at Alabama or a personal workout for various teams -- including the Dolphins. But even then, the 40-time is not a tolling bell of doom.

I do repeat, it is a red flag. Remember that Ingram spent parts of the 2010 season battling injury concerns. So teams will want to know if the 40 time is an outgrowth of lingering injury issues.

But will it erase him from Miami's radar? Probably not.

My take? I personally believe the Dolphins are in trade down mode already. I believe they want to add a second round pick and the only real way to accomplish that is trade out of No. 15 to lower in the first round and add a low second rounder to boot.

But you obviously need a partner to participate in that scenario. Barring that scenario presenting itself, the Dolphins will obviously still consider Ingram -- although it is hardly a certainty they will take him.


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it was said jets will release kris jenkins nt. he would be a nice addition to the d line. also brad smith can be had for a second rounder. he would solve our return game problems. those losses would diminish the jets and help us close the gap.

jenkins is hurt every game. sign rogers if u want a plug. but we blew all our money on solai, which was a joke

Solia got all the NT money....and if he there is no camp and a delayed season......oh boy.....Soliai could ballon to 500 lbs....

Lets hope he has some discipline

solai signing was awful. guy played good for one season just to get his money. now he wont do anything

i see the saints just signed rogers. another good move by a good franchise

So the Pats and the Saints with Decisive moves with PROVEN VETS....

Us....not so much.....

Why isn't Shockey signed?

Trade down
late 1st Jake Locker QB
2nd Stefan Wisniewski C
3rd Greg Little WR
4th Jordan Todman RB
5th Jordan Cameron TE
6th DeAndre Brown WR
7th Byron Maxwell DB/ Anthony Sherman FB


I read your last post. I'm not certain of what you are saying. You want the Dolphins to be more like the Colts, Saints or Eagles? Fair enough, I want that too. But what these franchises have that we don't, and you can include the Steelers, Packers and Patriots in there too, is they hit on their draft picks FAR more regularly than we do. You can't miss on Pat White, Turner, Avery, Fletcher, Ginn etc...as regularly as we do and make panic trades for guys like A J Feely, Daunte Culpepper, Lamar Gordon etc.....and hope to have a good talent base and be competitive. We've missed on these guys year after year and the other teams don't miss nearly as much. So I'm all for adding skill players to our team but where this team was defensively a year ago, we had to add guys like Odrick, Epps, Misi, Jones etc....We never seem to be in a position to have the luxury to add the Desean ?Jackson because of all the other holes we have. I think, despite still having holes, that we can add a couple of playmakers this draft. It will take some time to get what you want.

I know Carson Palmer's name has been bandied about a bit and some guys are in favour and other people not as much. What happens if the Bengals can't find a trade partner for Palmer and they eventually have to cut him. The guys who don't want him, does this change your mind about adding him. I think the Bengals are going to find out that teams will wait for him to be released rather than give up something for him. Yes, there are a number of teams out here who need a QB, but I think when you factor in guys like McNabb amd Vince Young will be out there and guys like Flynn and Kolb might be traded, plus the kids that are available in the draft, it could be the Bengals find there is no market for Palmer and are forced to have him sit or just release him. They have no leverage in this thing and Palmer will eventually get what he wants.

Bob Sanders visiting the Jets today. Curious why we haven't looked at this guy yet.



id take palmer. but hell id take craig m over henne

To All,

I'm glad I got your blood going, mine is going too, and that's a good thing for March when not much is going on (even though there's lots going on).

0x80/kris/Craig, I get it, I really do. And 0x80, you're right, part of this is just my gut-feeling towards Ingram. Much like I said to Craig yesterday (or the other day), if we get Ingram, I'll be his biggest fan when he dresses and takes the field.

And I agree 100% with Craig's post @ 9:57am, and that's why I'm so cranky this offseason. I'm just sick of our failures (all around, in coaching, in personnel, on game days). I might not be explaining myself logically (throwing around teams that we have no similarity to), but I'm just trying to find a way for my team to look like these other successful teams of late.

And yes, kris, we do need a run game. We can't pass all the time, because it's hard winning with that strategy too. But we can even get creative on the run game, with more passes to RBs, stuff like that.

0x80, what I meant by the same offense of the last 2 decades is a conservative, run-first approach, long drives, not much excitement, blue-collar-type offense. That didn't work even when Ricky was winning rushing titles. It takes TOO much to make that type of offense work. You need a terrific oline. A superstar RB, and schemes to prevent 10 guys in the box. AND receivers that won't mess up the team chemistry if they're not the focus of the offense.

And my fear is, if we spend all this time creating that offense, what if it doesn't work (since 1: teams already know how to stop those type of offenses they've seen for decades, and 2: we get beat by teams that can score quicker than we can)?

To Craig's point, about our history of missing picks, not picking the right talent, etc., that's obviously gotta change. But it starts with learning when to take chances and what to take chances with. Like, taking a chance on a 2nd-round option QB (who was quick, not fast, and smallish for his position in NFL standards) was looking back or at the time the WRONG chance to take. And I'll admit, I won't hate the Ingram pick as much as I hated the Pat White pick. But we need to start chancing on explosive players that can change the game in one play. All other teams are doing that, and we need to start doing it too. We'll never learn if we don't ever start trying and gaining experience.

dc dont worry, we wont pick ingram. fins will def trade down


How you doing man? Cheer up, March Madness will be here soon.

I agree with a lot of what you said in your 10:30 am post. I look at the Eagles and they are loading up on skill players. I look at the Giants and they are doing the same (they have an awesome receiving core). Even the Titans are going that route too. And what are we doing? We're drafting back-up TE's and linebackers in the fourth and fifth round. I feel your frustration, DC. Last year was the perfect year to take one of the stud TE's and we didn't. Dez Bryant would have been gold (go back and look at some footage from his rookie season. This guy is a talent, like Randy Moss was when he came into the league. No kidding! Go back and look. Plays with fire and passion too).

Now I blame a lot of this on Parcells and his 'profile of what a player should be'. He's gone now and we can only hope that Ireland and company are more open to what is working around the league and learn from their closed way of thinking.

I wonder what round Van Dyke will be taken after his 4.2 at the Combine? Thats a need because we only have 2 corners on the Roster who can catch. Hankerson should be the pick. Then we will have a 2 Hard, Tough guys on the outside to counter the Jets WR core. And dont forget about the Blocking.

I wasn't for trading down, but if there's no QB to take, then that's probably our best option. We can then probably get Pouncey, and a 2nd-round pick, where we can either get a RB or possibly another oline guy or even a speedy WR/TE (though I know the TE class isn't like last year's). With our needs not matching the best players in the 1st round (which are all mostly defenders), and the lack of a great QB class, I'm starting to like the trade down option more and more.

But, to bill's point, that's starting to get old too. We've done that plenty of times and obviously it hasn't changed our mediocrity. But look, it's another year, Ireland was able to upgrade the defense in a year, maybe he can do something with the offense in a year.

And by the way, it might just be my selective memory, but my ill-will towards Henne bill has gone WAY down. I could be the world biggest idiot, or maybe I'm sick of arguing with Craig and got worn down, but maybe Daboll's system, combined with oline/rb improvement, combined with time and a new year, who knows, maybe Henne becomes serviceable, even a Top 12-15 QB. I wouldn't bet on it, count on it, but I'm no longer simply dismissing it outright either. He's in year 3, knows what he needs to get better at, HAS proved himself (in college) to be a better QB than that, so maybe he can get it done (at least enough to show improvement in the offense this year).

Still not saying he's my long-term option, but I see less and less of a better short-term option especially with the CBA issues. I have to say I'm breathing a little easier knowing that Henne has the new playbook, knows the direction the offense is moving towards, and will be practicing all offseason to be able to manage that offense. That makes me feel better than getting a FA sometime in the summer and having to get them up to speed in a few weeks with all the players and coaches and playbook in time for the 1st game. In that circumstance, I have to admit Henne is looking better and better.


I'm confused. Are you advocating a corner or WR? Hankerson is a wide receiver. As for the Jets core, both Holmes and Edwards are FAs. I expect one will be back, likely Holmes, but not both. Jets are going to be in tough this year to field the team they did last year and they are also missing some draft picks too. Fat Ryna can flap his gums all he wants but the Jets may have missed their oportunity to reach the Promised Land. Their team is getting older and they will be hard against the cap this year, with LBer Harris 'frachised' and lots of Fa's on the team. Good luck to them!

DC - we are not really that far off. Lets look real briefly at what we did have post SB years:

1. The Marino era - Phenomenal QB, great wideouts, no running game ever, marginal TE's, terrible D, good kicking game

2. The JJ-Wanny-Saban-Cam era - mediocre to awful QB's, mediocre RB's with the exception of two great Ricky years, only one decent WR in Chambers, decent D under JJ, well below average post JJ, decent ST, good kicking game.

3. The ParIreAno era - one good season thanks to Pennington being healthy, Brady being out, soft schedule, otherwise, pathetic offense all around beyond the initial WC, terrible ST, mediocre TE, 2 years awful D, 1 year up and coming D, good kicking game.

We are consistenly a good kicking team! This team knows how to draft kickers!

So, our past was so littered with problems I think its hard to quantify all that and say well we tried 3 yards and a cloud of dust for too long since our team has never been more than 1/3 complete as a whole for some time.

Ingram - I am not advocating in anyway a plodding, run dominated, long drive offense. Merely saying I do believe he will be a versatile back in this league...not a lightening fast lightweight and not a plodding heavyweight. A good runner, keep the chains moving, blocker, great pass catcher (hugely important) to balance out the offense. A runner the D won't want to have to tackle late in the game. Regardless of how high flying your offense is, there are times, often in fact, you still need a RB that can eat some clock time.

So, that being said...IF we pick at 15, seeing as we don't even have a starting RB, I'll be good with the pick if its him (even though I don't see that happening)

henne is horrible, period. no matter what u do to disguise him

Thoughts on going after Palmer?

kris, I just got beat out for quote of the day.

NEW QUOTE OF THE DAY (thanks to 0x80):
We are consistenly a good kicking team! This team knows how to draft kickers!

Priceless!!! That made me laugh out of my chair, so thanks dude.

'Atta boy, DC!!....you're seeing the light!!

All I've asked for Henne is a chance and he's going to get it. If he flops (and i know most of you think he will), I'll be the first to say, 'let's move on'. The guy has never been given a PROPER chance. Is the new OC the answer? I have no idea. Is his offence the answer? I have no idea. Will thing be better with Parcells gone? No idea. But it's a new start and a new chance. make the necessary changes and let's see where we're at If he flops, I'm all for drafting QB first round next year, no questions asked. Fair?

RB, my thoughts on going after any FA QB is dependent on when the CBA is signed and free agency begins. If you're talking before May, then Palmer is a possibility. I think he might be the best passer of the bunch, but is getting older, injuries and increased INTs are a downside. Plus what would we have to pay for him?

Vince Young has +'s and -'s too.

If free agency doesn't begin until summer, mid-to-late, then I thinking Henne might be the best option. Chemistry can't be rushed, it takes time. How does any QB that comes in during summer get on the same page as the receivers in a matter of weeks? Plus learn the terminology and the offense, plus gets in tune with the center, plus works with the coaches on strategy, that's a lot to ask anyone.

So I'm on a wait and see regarding QBs in FA. It's too soon to know right now IMO.

OK, Bill....whatever you say. 'Henne will never start another game in this league'.....

'Bill Cowher is coming'.....

'Ireland and Sparano are gone'.....

'Worst franchise in the NFL'....

I got ya Bill.....

ok craig, fins finish 7-9, fins offense is awful. sparano will be on hot seat after season. remember all that i said in september when u ripped me. u forgot that stuff. and henne hasnt started another game and wont. cowher would of come if dumbass ross would of just fired his butt buddy ireland. worst franchise in nfl right now, u name one worse. whole league saw how big of a joke the coaching search was. so yes sparano and ireland were gone if he could of found anyone to take job

Keep in mind on Vince Young guys, he's got a $4.5 million bonus that has to be paid on the 10th day of the new season. The Titans won't do anything with him until close to that tenth day. They will hang onto him for as long as they can. So, if the lockout drags on, it could be a while before Young is released and now your talking about a guy who doesn't spend a lot of time studying his craft, who isn't a tirless worker, who is trying to play catchup on a new offence and new players he's not familiar with. Don't be surprised if he cruises this offseason and shows up out of shape when there finally is a season. All in all, it's not a good combination that he's going to be a big contributor this coming season. Then you've got to ask yourself if he's going to be content to be a backup on the team or a distraction. There's a lot that goes into this.

bill connrs,

Are you suggesting putting Henne in a new offense is comparable to putting lipstick on a pig? LOL.....................

come real for once in your life craig, makes it alot better. u can keep being the ra ra guy but im not taking that route until this team actually does something positive. your becoming more and more like bobbyd, next thing u will tell me u dont care if they win or lose just as long as u have fun and spend all your money on them

Fourteen teams with a worse record than us right now Bill. That hardly makes us the worst. We had a disappointing season by anyone's measure and we still finished ahead of 14 teams Bill. Ask the Browns or 49ers fans if they would trade places with us. How'd you like to be a Cardinals fan right now, with ZERO quarterbacks of any use on the roster. How about the Panthers who couldn't even get Andrew Luck to join them and Claussen as their only viable starting option.

No, you're wrong on this one too, Bill.

lol exactly dying. henne has had almost 2 years not to mention year learning behind pennington. and the guy has gotten worse game by game. we need a qb, luckily the fins fo actually knows this (bout only thing they know) so whatever vet is brought in will beat out INT henne and start the 2012 season

I dont think Bill Parcells ever got the memo that we were the Miami Dolphins, not the "Whales".

Whales are huge slower more powerful and plodding fish. Dolphins are a little smaller and far more explosive. Shula had one Whale(Csonka). Parcells had a team full of them. LOL.........

I'm certainly going to enjoy things a lot more than you, Bill.

Bill Cowher would have come to town and you would have been running him down his second season here and you know it. There's nothing this team can do to make you happy Bill, other than winning a Super Bowl. I got news for you....only one of 32 teams can win every year and very, very seldom is it ever the same team two years in a row.


craig whats the records mean when it gets into losing records. wish we lost more than we did now. and cards dont have a qb?? wake up neither do we!

hilarious dying, some people just cant get it. at some point they will.



aloco without lying give me something positive about this team.

11-5, 7-9, 7-9 thats one hell of a resume. at what point craig are we allowed to question him then?

Guys with insatiable appetites for bigger is better. Are usually guys with very small p*enises(Bill Parcells). That guy couldnt find his dick in the middle of a raging piss hard! LOL...............




funny stuff dying. im gonna turn into craig, ill be another ra ra guy. ummm cameron wakes a stud. ummmmm cameron wakes a stud. this is gonna be a short blog



aloco ill agree wakes a stud. dansby has to make more game changing plays. solia was an awful move and u know this. they gave that guy so much money for one free agency year. he will go right back to not caring now. nolan solid coach i agree.




its really that simple to come real craig. we can talk about the positives and negatives. think we all agree the negatives out weigh the positives right now.



just agreed on a few things with u aloco. u came real, so did i

Dan Henning said during the season in a coordinator Thursday interview. That he wasnt the problem and even when he's gone this offense will still suck.

This offseason will tell if that was a tru statement or not. If so, Dan Henning will be sipping margretas with Orpha Winfry and Heyna Cowher in Ape city spending Mr Ross money.


Bill you going to start cheering for this team again when they start winning? How good do they have to be before you start cheering for them again? 10-6? 11-5? 12-4?

You're the true definition of a 'fair-weather fan' Bill and this franchise doesn't need you. To many of ya out there!


craig i cheer for my team now. just cause someone faces reality doesnt mean they arent a fan. 2012 week one ill be there and going crazy for a win. and guess what , ill be pissed off if we lose.

aloco yes davis can be damn good. pro bowler soon. marshall def wasnt a positive. he has the chance to be, but last year was a nightmare

bill, per Craig's argument @ 11:17am, can you argue with that? I mean, I'm all for improving the QB position, but is it realistic to think a QB will come in (probably sometime in the summer) and get up to speed by Sept.? Enough to beat out a guy who's been practicing with the other players on the offense all offseason? I mean, Lord knows I had my share of hatred for Henne, but is he THAT bad, that he wouldn't be able to beat out a guy who just got to the team in competition for starter whenever training camp starts (or later)? I'm sure you'll say yes, but besides you're own hatred for Henne (like my hatred for Ingram), what's your reasoning? Common sense tells me Henne will be the best choice unless the CBA is signed by around Draft time.

And I was a VY guy (was all for him after the season). But Craig's right. In the best of times Young would have been iffy. These are extraordinary times, and I think the speed with which a QB will have to learn and adapt is just too fast for a guy like Young. Even Palmer or another QB. At the very least, Henne has one year with Marshall, and a couple years with the rest of the offense. That has to give him some sort of advantage you'd have to think, right bill?





There plenty other bloggers that dont accept my views too. Would you prefer we all just become Henne the Robots? LOL.........

And what are the negatives Bill? Do you think the teams views things the same as you? Should they just give up and realize things aren't going to get any better or should everyone work their butts off to get better. Good thing you're not coaching Henne. He would have thrown the towel in by now.

dc, on that point. i honestly dont think we will have a season in 2011. thats why i keep saying 2012. but yes i do think palmer could come in late, henne isnt suppose to be running this new offense either anywhere. we all know palmer is much better and smarter than henne. so yes i do think its possible if they did play.

on vince young, i agree. i dont want that guy ever






'Henne's garbage', don't you know....

'the team's not even going to win 5 games this year'

'Ingram's garbage and shouldn't be a first round pick'....

Bill knows these things better than all the experts out there.

The sky is falling. The world is coming to an end.....

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