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Dolphins: Palmer best of possibly available QBs

NEW ORLEANS -- Carson Palmer.

That’s the name. That’s the player. That’s the veteran, perhaps the only one, you must watch if you’re a Dolphins fan and have hope your team can find a game-changer quarterback whenever the NFL returns to the field.

Palmer is the one veteran quarterback in whose availability the Dolphins would almost definitely show interest.

I must, for clarity’s sake, stress there is absolutely no certainty about Palmer’s availability now. He doesn’t want to return to Cincinnati and says he’d rather retire than play for the Bengals again. The Bengals swear he’ll play for them or retire. No one knows who will blink first.

That’s not the point. The Dolphins and all quarterback-hungry teams have to consider all the possibilities this time of year. Failing to do so is simply failing to do the job.

So general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano, scouts and anyone else with a voice within the organization, must know which veterans could be available when the lockout ends. And Palmer is atop that list of possibilities for Miami.  

The others on the list of possible available QBs – Kevin Kolb, Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton, Alex Smith – also have to be considered. But none of them rate higher than Palmer. All the others have been identified by the Dolphins as a group of has-beens, or a could-bes, or a never-weres.

That long list of names is short on certainty.

Palmer is different.

Carson palmer He’s unquestionably better than Chad Henne. He’s not Tom Brady, but he’s head-and-shoulders above the other quarterbacks who might become available. He’s not a Pro Bowl player but he would be the second-best quarterback in the AFC East. He’s not Peyton Manning, but if he’s put in the right situation, he could help make a mediocre team a playoff contender.

The Dolphins, 7-9 the past two seasons, are indeed mediocre. And they understand time is no longer an ally because fans and ownership want a contender in 2011.

So Palmer is the player folks in the Dolphins organization would love in a Dolphins jersey.

None of this is my opinion. It’s the opinion of folks within the Miami organization who have done the work. This comes from folks who have watched the films or crunched the numbers or done the evaluations or talked to the men who did.

Where does that put Henne? It doesn’t really affect Miami’s incumbent starting quarterback. Not yet.

Henne is the only quarterback on the Dolphins’ roster so he is the presumed starter now. And in the next couple of days when Miami owner Stephen Ross and Sparano are asked their opinion of Henne while in the Crescent City for the NFL annual meetings, they will likely say all the right things.

They will likely say Henne still has good potential and still can be the starter when the season begins. They will show equal parts confidence and hope Henne can become a franchise quarterback.

What else would you expect them to say?

The unvarnished truth is Henne is in the same spot as any other player who hasn’t proven himself. His job is perpetually at risk until he either earns the right to not be challenged or until the Dolphins find someone better.

None of this considers the draft, of course, because the youngsters fall into a totally different class. It’s possible the Dolphins feel compelled to pick a rookie quarterback and try to develop him for the future.

The Dolphins are indeed working diligently to identify the rookie quarterback that might best fit their system, their chemistry, their coaching approach. But finding that rookie doesn’t absolutely eliminate the need for a veteran.

Why, you ask?

The Dolphins understand that very few rookies break into the league as playoff quarterbacks. The odds the Dolphins would find a rookie quarterback who can play very well very quickly are microscopic. More likely the people picking and coaching that quarterback might find themselves doing so for the next football administration.

So the team has to consider veterans that can turn the club’s fortune sooner. That list of vets is not very long. And Carson Palmer is at the top of the list.


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I said this back in January and caught all kind of hell.....mainly from DC Dolfan among others....

I expect at least partial credit next time...



I've been trying to put myself in the FO's shoes.

It's a sucky pair of shoes and a sucky situation.

You wan't proof? Just read Mando's blog again!

The best idea they got is Carson Palmer?

I'd be laughing my a s s off if it wasn't such a sad situation.

Oh well, he's PROBABLY bettr than Henne.

If that's the case then this organization is up a creek without a paddle!! Carson Palmer is a has been and never was and too late to be a could be. No wonder fans are leaving this team in droves. Armando once again you prove that all you do is pom pom for this ignorant organization so that you can get your two little nuggets for this blog.. Not impressed..

How about some foresight in addressing multiple needs that this organization has not addressed in years??

If we got Palmer....the we would have a band-aid on our QB situation for the next 2-3 years while Henne or Henne's replacement develops....

I actually think Henne stock will rise and we could possibly trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rounder next year if he doesn't play a down this year...

Its a win...win

I would like to think this staff is smart enough to go after Palmer. But I will believe it when I see it. Im expecting some totally backwards move like McNabb or we have total confidence in Chad Henne speach. I hope im wrong and this bunch will get it right this time. (praying on knees)

Palmer threw 20 INTs in 2010, and his QB rating was only slighly better than Henne's (82 - 75). Plus he's 32 years old and noticeably declining. If the Dolphins were in WIN-NOW mode, then maybe, MAYBE this would be a (very slight) upgrade worth doing.

The Dolphins are not going to the Super Bowl with only a minor upgrade at QB. I would much rather them invest in a young QB or 2 through the draft, spend the money and/or draft picks that Palmer would require adding talent elsewhere, and look towards the future.

In short, Palmer stinks.


Don't listen to Little Dik, he has that little thing complex.

You shake them Pom - Pons Bu-oy!

If that's what it takes!

Palmer would be a nice pick-up. He is stuck on a horrible team and would be a major upgrade. Also, draft Mallet if available. Cocky, big ego but huge potential. IMO, he is well ahead of Newton and is the most Pro Ready.

Kris - thought you were campaigning for McNabb back in January, no?

fin4 - nice post @ 10:12 on the other blog, good way to close out that one. read through some of that blog again and realize i'm overblogging without saying anything new so i'll try to keep from boring everyone and myself too.

I just farted.... mmmmm mmmm tasty

"Fans are leaving this team in droves" Leave your half ass opinions to yourself Total Dik. You have zero clue what's going on

Palmer couldn't get it done throwing too the Nut Cake Twins.

What makes you think he'll be any better with Bess, Hartline and Marshall?

When I looked at this whole QB mess we're in, I figured Palmer would be the absolute worst option.

That's how I knew Jeffy would eventually come to this "decision"!

Carson Palmer-ROTFLMAO!

Say it ain't sooooooooooooo....................

Hey Mike....
Go suck an egg, u prick.

Armando, is this serious reporting?

Carson Palmer?

All I can say is, "PLEASE GOD NO!!!"

Ever since his knee & elbow injuries...he's sucked.



Thats what the argument was about....it just came back to me....

I started with a rant about McNabb because I knew he would be availble after the way he was being treated....but during the course of that blog....i started talking about how Palmer needed a change of scenerary....

Thats what really brought the wolves out....

back then Palmer hadn't drawn his line in the sand so it was more wishful thinking than anything else....but I did want him.....I believe I said he was my #1 vet with McNabb being #2......still feel the same way today....

Carson Palmer is the best they got?

Then we need to tank for a year to get a better draft pick and try to get us some Luck... Andrew Luck.

Henne's problem is the risk-averse QB coaching that is more comfortable running the Wildcat to kill drive momentum than letting Henne run the game entirely out of the two-minute offense. Charlie Weis would have solved it; Daboll and Dorrell... not so much.

I'm here guys, if you wish to discuss ...

TRICKY, have you looked at the numbers yourself. Palmer's QB stats are head and shoulders above Young, and he doesn't bring the extreme baggage that Young does. Palmer is the best option this year. And please no Young.

Are you guys really judging Palmer on one years body of work.....talk about short memory....

You guys are funny.....

The Bengals are a joke of an organization who just happen to play the Ravens and Steelers twice every year

Two teams we haven't beaten in like a decade....

he was 10 yards shy of 4,000 yards last year....T.O had one of his best season's despite running the wrong route many times.....BTW....that is what lead to his INTs...and now his demand for a trade.....

I don't really want to give a history lesson on Palmer....but maybe you should look a bit deeper than last year.

Armando...any idea if Vince Young would be on their radar or if he is completely out of the question?


And can we have an adult conversation?

Carson Palmer sucks is not very adult. Tell me WHY you think he does. What do you know?

BTW career QB rating Palmer 86.9m Young 75.7. Not even close.


would the Dolphins be willing to pay Palmer's hefty salary?

Or is that an automatic disqualifier

Please not Carson

Palmer FA trade back to get a 2nd and dump Crowder/Dobbins and Sapp for a 3rd
1st rd Martez Wilson OLB
2nd rd Ryan Williams RB
3rd rd Rob Housler TE
3rd rd Greg Jones ILB
4th rd Joseph Barksdale OL
5th rd Byron Maxwell DB
6th rd Tyrod Taylor QB
6th rd LeStar Jean WR
7th rd Mario Fannin RB

0x80, I would not say absolutely never because that's not what the Dolphins would say.

But there are many, many question marks about Vince Young. And is it absolutely certain he would be better than Chad Henne? I don't know. I don't think the Dolphins are absolutely certain.

All I can tell you is, they believe Palmer is better than Young and a better bet than any of the other guys!

Michael....thanks for stating some facts.....

ESPN tells us Palmer is washed up....so many will only parrort what they have been told

0x80....the problem with VY in my opinion....is that he isn't the right age....he is so young that he will think he is the LONG TERM answer....and I think we are only looking for a stop gap.....Vince will most likely melt down as we show him the door....and stop progress on his replacement

By the way, those saying Palmer is washed up aren't looking at the facts.

Fact. He had a mediocre (for him) year last year.

Fact: He threw 20 interception.

Fact: He threw 26 TDs.

That means when he plays mediocre, he throws about the same number of interceptions as Chad Henne.

And almost twice as many TDs!

How mnay of you would like twice as many TDs from the QB next year?

Armando... What is it about Kobb they don't like... Is it what they'd have to give up?

i hope the owners squash the players and start the whole league over with new players then these overpriced street thugs will come back and play a game for less money,its a privelege to have the ability to play in the nfl not a right, the owners shouldnt have to make players comfortable for the rest of their lives my employer certainly isnt going to,if the players are so worried about post playing days injuries then do something else it makes me sick to hear the lowest paid players average wage is around 2 to 3 hundred thousand a year i would love to make that kind of money to play a game for a few years,most of these players are able to get other jobs after they get done playing football just like the rest of us have to it shouldnt be an owners job to have to take care of these ingrates their whole life

I guess in all honesty, I didn't realize those facts... Spose he would be an upgrade at least

miamiphinphan, I've not been told specifically what about Kolb's GAME it is that they don't like.

Generally, what they do not like is Philly wants major picks in return -- possibly a first and third round pick.

And at the end of the day, Kevin Kolb might be very good. Or he might be AJ Feeley. No one knows for sure.

He is not a proven guy but you're paying for him like he's a proven stud. That's a problem.

That's very true... Tea ms for the response

Kevin Kolb last year: Seven TDs. Seven interceptions.

Meant thanks... Stupid spell checker

OK Mando,

I got a "Grown up" question for you.

Do you think Palmer and Daboll would be a better influence on Henne than Pennington and Henning were?

You know Check Down Chad the Game manager and the barely coherent Dead Legend Walking?

Seems Daboll's young with a lot of fresh ideas and Palmer has somewhat of a Gunslingers mentality. I mean Palmer will ultimately be another stop gap and we are supposedly in this for the long haul.

So what says you?

Ouch... That's not very good. We were so spoiled with Dan

Man, Palmer was hardly better than Henne last year. is that worth the extra $10m in salary? Yikes!

Mando, if you want to look at facts, Palmer is 8 years older than Henne and should have more polish. 20 INTS with those skill position players he had is awful.

In addition, he wouldn't be the 2nd best QB in this division - in fact, you could argue he could be the worst if he continues his steady if not precipitous freefall from excellence, if Sanchez takes a step forward, and Fitzpatrick plays as well as he did last year.

There is no real upgrade here.

When are we going to take on our own top notch 1st round pick QB and stop picking everyone else's trash.

15 years of this insanity is enough!!

Armand shows up and all the Hater's disappear....where's Aloco?

Comments on Kolb from the Bleacher Report:

But perhaps the reason why they haven't dealt Kolb is a lot simpler. No other NFL team is willing to part with one or several high draft picks for a player who has made exactly seven NFL starts.

Kolb is talented. He has been accurate, thrown some big touchdowns, and had a few very impressive outings. But so did Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and even A.J. Feeley.

What makes Kolb so special? As of today, nothing.

He's thrown more interceptions than touchdowns, has a sub-.500 record as a starter, and never even thrown a postseason pass.

It may be possible for Locker, Ponder, Dalton, or Mallet to fall all the way to the 3rd rd...

atleast one of them should be there...

All I know is, the QB situation is beyond fu&ked up. The fact that Ireland/Sparano have to win NOW just makes it worse.

Kris, I actually made a similar comment a week back. You bring in VY as the go to guy for the next several years or not at all. If at any point your other QB won over the starting job, VY would not be a 'team guy happy camper' on the bench and become a problem. Still, he may have the most upside where as Carson is winding down and had his share of injuries. Agreed though, VY = high risk, maybe better to take your risks in the draft than with him.

Also Mando,

I know you're reporting what you've heard from a source.

What about you though? Personally?

I think it's obvious that Palmer has a little left and can probably outplay Henne right now. But, how do YOU feel personally about us signing Palmer?

Mark in Toronto....

While I agree whole-heartley that 15 years is ENOUGH....

One bad season doesn't equal a slide....

Plamer makes a nice transitio QB...and this way Mallett, or whoever doesn't have to play right away....

I think it would be nice if they could adjust to the speed of the game before we throw our 1st RD QB to the wolves (if we get one)....

Mark, "those skill position players?"

Everyone in the NFL knows TO and Ochocinco are 1. Problem children. 2. Not that good anymore. 3. Hard on a QB. 4. guys who break off routes or ad-lib and hang the QB out to dry.

The measure of how good they are is does the team they played for want them back? TO is on his fifth team, I think, and I doubt Cincy will bring him back.

Ochocinco is just an ordinary possession receiver.

Check out the game in which neither of those two guys played last year ... Do the homework and get back to me.

Carson Palmer was on his way to leading Cincy to a Super Bowl before that shot that took him out of the playoffs for good. He's a good QB that has tired of the BS within that organization and who can blame him? He is by far the best option available right now.

Odin, the Dolphins would like Palmer as the starter primarily not the mentor to Henne.

I think Daboll has a better approach than Lee did last year. I don't think he's necessarily a better OC than Henning. But I think he'll be better for the QB than Lee was.

"He’s unquestionably better than Chad Henne"
Their numbers and win/loss record says different. Do you homework. Palmer is not much better than henne

armando, have you seen the article on espn detailing henne and sanchez statistically?

HAHAHA, I just read on NFL.com that OChocinco wants to play for MLS

odin... why is it so many, such as in your above post, look to blame coaching and veteran qb influences on Hennes endless 'off in a daze' performances? I don't get it. Did anybody ever say Cleo Lemon just needed the right influence? Or John Beck? After 4 years as a college starter, and 3 years in the pros, if he ain't showing it by now, he probably just ain't got it.

I've lived in different football towns with questionable QB's, yet I have never seen fans so eager to blame the coaches or the OC's anywhere near what I see with Henne. Seems like everyone is acting like his mother! Oh he is a nice boy, you just need to treat him nice and he will be good.

Armando, you're right, saying Carson Palmer "sucks" isn't very adult.

However, I watched a LOT of his games last year because I had T.O. on my fantasy squad. He had good rapport with T.O., but many of those TDs we're T.O.'s doing, not Carson Palmers'. T.O. had to wait on a LOT of balls.
I expected better production having two solid WRs on the team. (Chad OchoCinco & T.O)

Palmer is NOT the same player he was before the injuries. He CONSISTENTLY under-throws passes meaning he's lost power he used to have. He's very frustrating to watch play.

No doubt he's a smart player, but to me, he doesn't seem to exhibit the skills needed to EXCEL.

Maybe a change of scenery is all Carson needs, but something innate is telling me he's D-O-N-E.

BoulderPhinFan, you cannot be that blind?

Henne's Dolphins won one more game last year than the Houston Texans and Matt Schaub.

So you're going to tell me Henne is better than Schaub? What a joke.

Henne also had the same W-L record as Bradford in St. Louis. So you are just as happy with henne as you would be with Bradford?




would the Dolphins be willing to pay Palmer's hefty salary?

Or is that an automatic disqualifier

Posted by: kris | March 21, 2011 at 10:57 AM

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