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Dolphins: Palmer best of possibly available QBs

NEW ORLEANS -- Carson Palmer.

That’s the name. That’s the player. That’s the veteran, perhaps the only one, you must watch if you’re a Dolphins fan and have hope your team can find a game-changer quarterback whenever the NFL returns to the field.

Palmer is the one veteran quarterback in whose availability the Dolphins would almost definitely show interest.

I must, for clarity’s sake, stress there is absolutely no certainty about Palmer’s availability now. He doesn’t want to return to Cincinnati and says he’d rather retire than play for the Bengals again. The Bengals swear he’ll play for them or retire. No one knows who will blink first.

That’s not the point. The Dolphins and all quarterback-hungry teams have to consider all the possibilities this time of year. Failing to do so is simply failing to do the job.

So general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano, scouts and anyone else with a voice within the organization, must know which veterans could be available when the lockout ends. And Palmer is atop that list of possibilities for Miami.  

The others on the list of possible available QBs – Kevin Kolb, Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton, Alex Smith – also have to be considered. But none of them rate higher than Palmer. All the others have been identified by the Dolphins as a group of has-beens, or a could-bes, or a never-weres.

That long list of names is short on certainty.

Palmer is different.

Carson palmer He’s unquestionably better than Chad Henne. He’s not Tom Brady, but he’s head-and-shoulders above the other quarterbacks who might become available. He’s not a Pro Bowl player but he would be the second-best quarterback in the AFC East. He’s not Peyton Manning, but if he’s put in the right situation, he could help make a mediocre team a playoff contender.

The Dolphins, 7-9 the past two seasons, are indeed mediocre. And they understand time is no longer an ally because fans and ownership want a contender in 2011.

So Palmer is the player folks in the Dolphins organization would love in a Dolphins jersey.

None of this is my opinion. It’s the opinion of folks within the Miami organization who have done the work. This comes from folks who have watched the films or crunched the numbers or done the evaluations or talked to the men who did.

Where does that put Henne? It doesn’t really affect Miami’s incumbent starting quarterback. Not yet.

Henne is the only quarterback on the Dolphins’ roster so he is the presumed starter now. And in the next couple of days when Miami owner Stephen Ross and Sparano are asked their opinion of Henne while in the Crescent City for the NFL annual meetings, they will likely say all the right things.

They will likely say Henne still has good potential and still can be the starter when the season begins. They will show equal parts confidence and hope Henne can become a franchise quarterback.

What else would you expect them to say?

The unvarnished truth is Henne is in the same spot as any other player who hasn’t proven himself. His job is perpetually at risk until he either earns the right to not be challenged or until the Dolphins find someone better.

None of this considers the draft, of course, because the youngsters fall into a totally different class. It’s possible the Dolphins feel compelled to pick a rookie quarterback and try to develop him for the future.

The Dolphins are indeed working diligently to identify the rookie quarterback that might best fit their system, their chemistry, their coaching approach. But finding that rookie doesn’t absolutely eliminate the need for a veteran.

Why, you ask?

The Dolphins understand that very few rookies break into the league as playoff quarterbacks. The odds the Dolphins would find a rookie quarterback who can play very well very quickly are microscopic. More likely the people picking and coaching that quarterback might find themselves doing so for the next football administration.

So the team has to consider veterans that can turn the club’s fortune sooner. That list of vets is not very long. And Carson Palmer is at the top of the list.


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you guys realize that the henne led phins beat the palmer led bengals last season. . right?





Let's not be so gullible as to believe people within the organization are going to intentionally leak their real intentions. They all know Armando has a blog. What better way to send out a smoke screen then through Armando? I'm taking this information with a grain of salt. If they really are considering one of top QB's in the draft, they have to do everything they can to prevent a team hopping over them if a QB falls down to 14, which means give the illusion they have no intention of drafting a QB. It seems a bit far-fetched to me they would bring in Palmer at such a high price for what would realistically be 2 or 3 years at most. Its nothing more than the typical cat and mouse game here.

I would take Palmer over Henne for sure.

I would also take Ortin over Henne.

Mainly for the lack of leadersip (and accuracy) that Henne has.

He's so stoic at all times you never get a sense Henne's trying to lead the team.

I'm not saying I'm a huge Palmer fan or that he's my first choice, but he would be better than Henne in my opinion.

That being said I wouldn't give up a 1st rounder for Palmer either.

I had a big disagreement with my wife over whether or not the following joke is funny.

I'd be interested to know what you think.

Little Johnny innocently asks his mother: "Mommy, where do babies come from?"

Johnny's mother tenderly responds: "Well, Johnny, babies come from the stork."

Little Johnny thinks about it and says: "Okay, but then who f_cks the stork?"

HAHA!!! Isn't that hilarious???

0X80 at 1:33,

That might just be the only reasonable explanation that I`ve heard but were supposing that both Ireland and Sparano are actually reasonable and smart, LOL !!!!!!!!!!!

I have to agree.

You guys hating on Henne are being very shortsighted and exhibiting selective memories as well as hypocritical tendencies(HA HA, did I just type that?).

Seriously though, All the bad throws, lack of SHOWING leadership and emotions aside. Take a look at what Henne was drafted into.

He was brought into a 1-15 team and told he would MOST LIKELY be the starter from day 1. Suddenly and at the LAST SECOND Pennington falls into our lap. Henne has to shift gears and take it like a man. I don't know about you guys, but that would positively "throw me for a loop" right off the bat.

Then when he finally did get a chance he showed all kinds of potential DESPITE not being allowed to get into any kind of a rhythm WHATSOEVER. He was wildcatted SHAMELESSLY. In addition, when he did get opportunities(in between the wildcat fiasco's)he was constantly bombarded with pigeonholing by being expected to be a Penny clone. If that wasn't enough, he was being Henny-pecked and micro-managed to the point of a brainwashing mantra-"don't make a mistake-don't make a mistake"!

What's more, if you remember right, hie entire first season, Henning ALMOST refused to let him throw at all. At times even in obvious passing situations. Also if you remember, EVERY SINGLE TIME we got the ball with two minutes or less, going into halftime, Henning NEVER let him even attempt a two minute drill or even a hint of a hurry up offense. Helluva way to show some confidence in your young inexperienced QB of the future. I couldn't even count the number of times we played for field goal position or ran the ball on third and long.

Henne was NEVER allowed to DEVELOP any continuity or rhythm, not even for a single drive. NEVER! How can you develop a franchise QB when basically the only thing you let him practice consistently is running off the field for a cutesy, ill timed, momentum breaking wildcat play?

Slanted, Jaded, Dated, thanks David Lee, thanks Dan Henning, THANK YOU WILDCATTERS!!!!

Sure Henne has a lot of responsibility in his shortcomings. But seriously and OBJECTIVELY, I've never, in thirty plus years of being an NFL fan, have I ever witnessed such a mishandling and mismanaging of a rookie QB you expect to DEVELOP into your guy!

Carson Palmer is the reason why the Bengals didn't go anywhere 2 seasons ago in the playoffs.

They swept their division and he STUNK up the place in the playoffs. He played HORRIBLY. He didn't play well this year either. He missed passes he NEVER used to miss before. He is very CLEARLY a player on the downswing of a career. I hope this article is not the source for all of the articles now linking him to the fins.

carson my as sssssss


I don't remember beating you down for suggesting we get Palmer (not saying it didn't happen, just don't remember it). I don't see him as the worst option, but am hesitant for the same reasons others stated: what would it cost to get him?, injuries, if he doesn't get here until late season (when the CBA is done) will he be able to learn the offense and gel in time to compete this year (by the way that's something I'm worried about all FA's)?

I hate to say this (I know I've been going back and forth), Henne might be the best option THIS year, due to all the circumstances of this particular year. He'll know the offense, have practiced with the receivers, will have something to prove, etc. Obviously we still need a longer-term option if Henne isn't the one (and I'm not convinced he even can be), so like Mark I suggest getting that player via Draft (either this or next year), and pick-up a vet to step in if Henne slips (either this or next year).

But I'm really worried about a new QB coming in (even a vet like Palmer) late summer (if that's how it plays out) and having to acclimate himself to Miami and then play in a couple of weeks. That doesn't sound like a great situation IMO. Last time we had a stoppage the teams that were the most cohesive (Miami and Washington) went to the SuperBowl. With a new OC, QB Coach, etc., we'll need cohesion if the lockout drags on, and unfortunately that makes Henne the best bet (due to his familiarity).

Fin4life @ 1:22-NICE!!!!


The gang of Objectives?

I want to be in a Gang! What Gang can I be in? Wait, no, I want to be the LEADER of a Gang!

What Gang can I be the leader of ALoco?

Palmer peaked 5-6 seasons ago. He's deteriorating. He's always had top-notch WRs to throw to. Henne may not seem to be better, but they're passing ships. If Palmer doesn't want to play for Cincy because they're not playoff caliber, why would he want to play for an OC who was even worse than Cincy in its own division last year?


I'm not positive but I believe the money issues with Palmer can be negotiated and/or restructured. An example would be Cinci ponying up the guaranteed money and us working out a completely new incentive laden deal.

I don't think money will be the issue with Palmer, I think it'll be the compensation(pick(s).




I have no doubt that the coaching staff may have had (and has) a lot to do with the problems that Henne has, and I would like nothing more than to have Henne break out and become the QB we all hoped him to be, but I have a gut feeling it's too late.

That being said if we can get a more proven vet at a reasonable price I would look into that for sure. I wouldn't however spend a high draft pick on one.


Excellent point! That is EXACTLY why I'm so pissed at the greedy owners and the spoiled rotten players.

I'm sure the lock out affects every team. The thing is, I'm a Die Hard Dolphins Fan first and foremost and this lock out hurts us in an especially bad way.

We're trying to find THE QB and revamping the entire Offense with a new OC. We don't even know who will be lining up at RB BEHIND the Quarterback we haven't even found yet. But because of these greedy fuks, we can't trade any players or work on our new offense? Makes me want to use some "Mafia" tactics on them!

If it hurts MY Dolphins, it hurts ME!!!!

I think the new CBA should include a caveat for the owners to donate 1 billion dollars to a fan poll determined charity and every single player should have to play for 50% of last years salary. No bonuses, no incentives, NO NADDA!

Greedy A S S E D pieces of SHYT!!!!

I just hope the next QB we take doesn't need to be coddled, coaxed, trained, tutored, mentored and breast fed for 4 years before learning how to throw the damn ball!


You said it PERFECTLT!

I couldn't agree with you more.

I don't know how much blame goes where and I'm not even sure it matters anymore.

I just hope that whoever else we can sign and draft doesn't get put into all the same kinds of unacceptable situations that Henne did.

Henne COMPLETELY ASIDE, the coaching staff showed a lot of imcompetence for trying to develop a young QB. I think Dabool, for all his strengths and weaknesses, will be a lot more quarterback friendly than Head Case Henning EVER was!

Henne signed up for the NFL, not the Girl Scouts. Geez, next thing you'll be saying he wasn't allowed to play enough enough hopscotch in training camp.


Did you watch when we played the Bengals last year? He is horrible, his arm is shot. He under threw receivers, threw behind them, and bounced some balls.

Kinda sounds like Henne actually, but we don't need Palmer.

I just hope the next QB we take doesn't need to be coddled,

-I'd rather have him coddled as opposed to browbeaten and brainwashed to the point of stoic robotiveness(is that even a word?)-

coaxed, trained, tutored, mentored

-as long as he's not standing on sideline waiting for Henning and the wildcat to put him into another 3rd and forever!-

and breast fed for 4 years before learning how to throw the damn ball!

Posted by: 0x80 | March 21, 2011 at 02:20 PM

-Yeah, but do you want him throw the ball like Chad Pennington or Phil Simms? God forbid we tailor any plays FOR HIM and let him throw the ball like he did for 4 years in college-

Get on and vote for Jake Long for the Madden 2012 cover



If you think turning over a rookie quarterback too the likes of a Dan Henning and David Lee is a good idea in this day and age of the passing league, then I don't know what to say.

Girl scouts, hopscotch, tee hee, tee hee!

These guys were seriously outdated, outmoded and out of their league. Most of all, their cutesy wildcat was a freaking stop gap joke. They just couldn't and worst of all, didn't know better than to just let go of it.

I don't care if you brought in a rookie Matt Ryan or a rookie Tom Brady, these to would have figured out a cutesy way to ruin em! They're absolute poison to young quarterbacks. Neither one of them EVER developed a rookie quarterback into a franchise guy. Not ONE between them in their long illustrious careers.

I'm not making personal attacks or calling names 0x80, but this is a sore point for me. I knew we were in trouble the day we brought in those two Dinosaur's.




Given the opportinity I would rebuild the FO with the following moves.

Team Executives:

0x80, Rob O.C. - Most diplomatic and PC of the bunch, will be the faces of the franchise, saying and doing the right things, while hell bent for leather on a Lombardi Trophy quest.

Scouting Dept:

odin, fin4life, DARRLYD, GulfD - Will beat the Country side down until eyes, ears and feet are bleeding in search of talent. Whether it be 1st. rounder or Acorn no stone left unturned. Aside from the fact that when all 4 agree on a pick it`s legit take it to the bank

Team Press Secratery:

Aloco, This is an Honorary post and can`t think of anybody better, when the press comes at Aloco with inuendo, he will destroy them with his 1st. hand knowledge of facts, aside from delivering it very colorfully making for great TV. I can see it know when he spouts of a list of the gang of defeat with the Nation as his audience, classic !!!

Head Coach:

DC Dolfan, Unless were fumbling the football and somebody tries to pick it up and run with it, we will see a boat load of passing, win or loose we will be very entertaining

odin, now worries, I'm not taking your rebuttal as a personal attack, just a passionate response. My only rebuttal to all the Henning and coaching flaws, is that I am referring to the things that had nothing to do with that. Constant batted down balls, throwing into coverage with another guy wide open, painfully inept in the red zone (lobbing one to Hartline with Marshall open in the corner???), not rallying the troops, aloof on the side line, casually drifting right into the blitz. How about skipping the play that was called if it ain't right and taking things into your own hands when necessary like all great QB's do? If he is going to go through his career following every instruction as told he will never be a leader. Thats the difference I was hoping to see and yet can't say I've even seen a glimpse of. Forgive me, but those last few games against Clev, Det, and Buffalo are still etched in my mind until he un-etches them!




Can't believe we are not looking at Vince Young...or as I like to call him "Cam Newton 2.0". He is Cam Newton with NFL experience.

No to Palmer. In order to get him Miami would have to give up 1 or 2 draft picks. With no 2nd rounder this year that means once again they would have to sacrifice the future for a mediocre QB. Acquire picks DON'T TRADE them away!! He has done absolutely nothing to make me believe he could possibly return to his pre-injury glory. Plus if he's thinking about retiring that indicates to me he no longer has the desire to play.

Well it can easily be said others are defending one player just for the sake of it too, because they had higher hopes that never materialized. Let Henne prove me wrong and I'll be on his side. The first one I saw lose faith in Henne wasn't me or any other blogger, it was Tony Sparano when he announced he was benching him.


Same old Dolphins. Always with the safe move.

This organization is not going anywhere with this 'braintrust' at the helm.

The owner of the Bengals will try to rape who ever trades for Palmer.

Palmer's best days are behind him. Palmer's only upside is he will not rock the boat for the delicate Sparano.

This is a parody league. You have to take some chances to break out like Philly did with M Vick.

This staff is too delicate and scared to go after the real dynamic upgrade VY.

You put Palmer with the Steelers and Roethlisberger with the Bengals and I'd fairly GUARANTEE you their careers would be nearly identical at this point---with Palmer the one with two SB rings.

Are you guys seriously forgetting just how PUTRID an orginazation the Bengals are---and have been for decades? It's the cheapest outfit in the NFL, a gulag for coaches and players, and a destination nobody desires.

I don't blame Palmer a bit for wanting out, and actually think he'd be a pretty good fit and potentially a huge upgrade. The Dolphins would be idiots to not at least consider him.

LOL Odin! I'm behind you all the way buddy!


A couple of months ago VY was my #1 choice too (like you, I think he adds the dynamic factor they were looking to have with Pat White, but actually a guy who can play AND WIN in the NFL). But, see my post @ 1:54pm (and Odin's response), if we get a FA this year, due to the shortened offseason (how short we don't know), we need a guy who can get up to speed QUICKLY. And one thing about VY, he DOESN'T prepare well (or hasn't in the past). I don't trust he will study and learn the playbook and players and all of that in time. So I've soured on him as of late.

But I agree, we need some dynamic factor back there at QB (unless the QB can throw a ball like Dan Marino).

Palmer as a stopgap is fine , but I cant say Im really excited neither.



Palmer in Cincinnati has been like Archie Manning years ago with New Orleans. Very talented guys wasting away with just godawful teams and organizations.

If Palmer lands in a good situation I think some of you are in for a surprise. This has always been a guy with VERY good skills and the Bengals woes are more endemic to that franchise than anything that falls at his feet.


I have personally gone to alot of Training Camp Practices at Davie, while some find it boring I find it to be an early indicator for how alot of the players are progressing and you get to see them duking it out for roster spots and starting roles. That said I gotta tell you 0x80 in all my years going and I`ve been going since they held there camps at St. Thomas, I have never seen such Vanilla detail when it came to the Q.B. position.

Under Shula there were simulations of 3rd and short or long were the Q.B. had to prove in practice were the ball had to go by the play call. There were drills in throwing the fade in the corner of the endzone, these were fun by the way when Marino was trying to pick on T.Vincent throwing to Fryar. The 2 min. drill ect... Shula had the luxury of knowing what he had in Marino but Scott Secules and Scott Mitchell ran these drills to death.

In 3 years of TS and Parcells camps I have yet to see any of these drills run 7 on 7 the way they used to be run under Shula. What I have seen much of is Q.B.`s off to themselves practicing these drills with a horn that goes of every 2.5 to 3 seconds depending on the drill simulation, complete BS ask anybody who goes. I really believe that if they emphasised some of these drills Henne could be better and if not it`s thru repetition in practice that the Coaches would find that out anyways, not on game day blind sided like your average fan.

Palmer is kind of hunky, too, like a lot of the better QB's. Henne just isn't cute at all, and except for Manning and Rothlisberger (woof!) the ugly ones are also the bad ones. Need some eye candy there, Miami!

I'm not defending Henne. At least not anymore. The last 5 or 6 games I watched were indefensible.

I will defend my position that the game has passed Henning and Lee by quite a few years ago.

I'll also defend the FACT that Henne AND Thigpen were put in the worst possible positions in which to succeed.

EVEN Thiggy and he only started ONE GAME!!!! The play calling and even the game plan itself was EXTREMELY incompetent!

New blog up, my darlings!

Craig M.
>>Why do we have to keep changing our plans mid-stream. Commit to Henne for another season before we scrap everything. It's a very impatient organization and that's not good<<

Craig and Armando, let me ask you this,if it were your job, a very exclusive job, only 32 on a planet of over 6 billion kind of job, would you be willing to risk you job on Henne be a dazzling QB next year? Being a little better is not enough, Henne will have to be dazzling and spot on.

Ross has already looked outside of this regime and will certainly do so again, if they fail. Looking at it from Irelands POV, would you be willing to commit to Henne for another year?

"I actually think Henne stock will rise and we could possibly trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rounder next year if he doesn't play a down this year..."

Its a win...win

You think a team will give up a 2 or 3 based on his performance last year? Besides that, he'll be a FA. A team can just sign him since you can't trade someone you don't have rights to.

Carson Palmer? Great, if we want our team to bring in an old and declining quarterback. I seem to remember hearing similar arguments as posted here to bring in Daunte Culpepper and Trent Green. THOSE guys sure worked out great. Vince Young? Talented, but a complete head case. Maybe if Parcells himself was in charge. McNabb might be a good gamble if Miami ran the West Coast offense, not the stupid played-out Wildcat. Kevin Kolb? Unproven, and way too expensive. Kyle Orton? He puts up ugly stats, but he does find a way to win games. I'll sure take THAT over what the other guys have to offer. Plus, he does work well with Brandon Marshall. All we need then is an OC who's not afraid to pass the ball once in a while.

Compare Henne's and Palmer's stats for 2010, then Compare the Dolphins and Bengals total offensive and defensive stats for 2010...Now have them change uniforms...you would be hard pressed to tell the difference....

Henne will never has a Top Notch running game, because no Defensive Coordinator is threatened by him. The DC will stack the line, bring 7 or 8 and force Henne to make quick accurate decisions and throws, both of which he showed that he has trouble with, last year.

As for those saying that we should take defense with the 1st pick,I say, I hope to hell that you are right, because that would ensure that both Sparano and Ireland are FIRED.

Carson Palmer is just another statue waiting to be crapped upon. We need mobile and dangerous at the QB position, anything else will be sack fodder.

Take Vince Young. He's likely to get cut, won't cost a high draft pick and give him a contract with a low base salery and loaded with performance based and conduct based incentives. We all know money is the best motivator. As messed up as his head may be his win-loss numbers are better than any of the other QBs. If he can win you games take the risk. Palmer is on the decline. Making a trade for him will probably cost us the pick that could be used on a you QB that may be the guy that makes us question why we doubted the current staff (not bloody likely but we can dream). Palmer right now would be too costly.

If anyone here is a fan of Madden, espn is doing a madden 2012 vote to see who'll be on the cover. It's in the vein of a march madness-style tournament. Round one has Mark dirtySanchez facing off against Dolphins representative Jake Long. I voted, let's all show our Phins love and disdain for all things jets!!

As if Aaron Rodgers won't be on the cover. About as hard as predicting Christmas will fall on December 25th this year.

How could you not put Aaron Rodgers there, seems a no brainer! But also consider that they may do the perceived politically correct thing and put the comeback QB Michael Vick on the cover. Just a thought!

Palmer is washed up are you crazy or something

Odin @ March 21, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Thanks, for the info....thought that was what the deal was but I couldn't find it on a search.

Don't tell me.
A vince young sighting?

sparano and co. have one year to win, they cannot draft a qb, they must trade for a vet. if they put the franchise on a rookie, they will be gone next year. they will probably be gone anyway.

How about carson's little bro...his mini puppet?

Carson Palmer hasn't been a good qb since 2005. Never was the same after the knee injury. He had Ochocinco, T.O., Shipley, and he was average at best. Kyle Orton is the best qb on that list IMO. He's 27, threw for over 3300 yards and 22 td's in 13 games, and if you look at his career stats, he hasn't gotten better in every catagory every year he has been in the league.

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