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Dolphins re-sign OL Richie Incognito

The Dolphins weren't just sleepwalking Thursday as uncertainty about the NFL's labor issues caused teams to do last-minute business with free agents.

The club re-signed offensive lineman Richie Incognito to a three-year deal, according to a source. The source declined to specify the contract's worth.

Incognito thus completes a successful rehabilitation after he came to the Dolphins on a one-year deal for 2010 with the warning that if he stepped out of line -- as he had in St. Louis and in college previously -- he might not only find himself done with the Dolphins but out of the NFL altogether.

Incognito was Miami's best interior blocker, particularly on running plays, and his signing gives the Dolphins the versatility of keeping him at either right or left guard, where he played most of last season, or moving him to center in 2011. Incognito started 15 games at left guard despite the fact he's probably a more natural right guard. He started one game at center in place of Joe Berger who was injured and also was dealing with personal issues in Week 16.

The Dolphins also tendered Nate Garner, meaning the player who played all but one offensive line position in 2009 and was competing to start at left guard in 2010 when he got injured in training camp, will remain Miami property in 2011.


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Mike Simms-Walker:

2008-- 9gms 16 rec 217yds 13.6ypc
2009-- 15gm 63 rec 869yds 13.8ypc
2010-- 14gm 43 rec 562yds 13.1ypc

Wow, seems we really need Sim-Walker. So much he doesnt even appears to be an upgrade over Brian Hartline. The numbers dont lie.

In 2010 Hartline's number were:

12gms 43 rec 615yds 14.3ypc. Hartline also avg 5.3yds YAC to Sims-Walker's 3.0 YAC.

Dolphans reeally ought to do a little research before considering replacing players with even worse players.

Now do you guys see why Mike Sims-Walker is available?

By looking at his stats, the only value I see in Sims-Walker is if a team's wr corps is woeful. Or he may still have value in in 4 wr set.

He aint replacing any starters in this league unless thier starting unit is truly woeful.

You can't solely look at record to determine the progress of a team. In fact, the record is often deceiving. Look at the JETS and their win-now mentality. Two AFC championship losses and a dollar dont buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Their players are old and only think about money. Their window to win is closing. Our players are young and getting better, but more importantly, getting closer to each other and the organization. Davis and Smith at corner. Merling, Langford, Odrick on the D-Line with Starks and Soliai as the Papa Bear. Long and Incognito on the O-Line. Wake and Misi at LB. Keep hope alive, my brothers!

I Have to start a new job today as a pharmacist .

Thought you were a butcher...

Drew....did you just say you can't look at record to soley deterninr the progress of a team??????

Oh Brother......

You must be one of those Morale Victory types.....


It happened accept it.....hopefully the jets will fall apart in 2011 and beyond....but until that happens give credit where credit is DUE!!!!!

If you love 7-9 as much as you portray in your post.....Imagine the euphoria you would feel with back to back AFC CHAMPOINSHIP losses....

Drew....your thinking not only dicredits the jets...but it also give no credence to our 11-5 AFC EAST champs from a few years ago....

I am proud of that season and that team.....

Winning is winning...is winning.....

I am not a Butcher,I am a Pharmacist .




Julian Assange (@ 8:50 AM)

"They Are.. Who You Say They Are", then there isn't much that ANY of us can do about it...except whine.)




Daryl (I think it was Daryl, from the wee small hours of the morning),

I'm not convinced we won't be able to do a tradeback. For example, I've advocated a team like the Saints might want Ingram is he's still there. I think he fits their team really well and they are in win now mode. You would think an exchange of first and their second would get it done but who knows.

Teams know we are looking to trade back and I think 15 is a desirable place to trade up to. There will still be some good players available at 15. Now it becomes interesting if a guy like Newton is still available at 15. What happens then? I think you'll see a lot of teams picking early in the second round looking to move up. I would do our first for something like a second and a third. Just a thought....

Do you work in
a Store ,
a Hospital ,
(or amongst plastic bags in a safe house!?)

Well... At least I know, now, why you blog so much.
I'm told that job can be stressful.

Anyway...if you really have just gotten a new job then


Don't be so quick to annoint the Jets of 2011. Things can change a lot year to year and the have an awful lot of issues going into this year. They've mortgaged their future and given up picks. As of right now, they have chopped Jenkins, Taylor, Woody, Gholston and FA's are Edwards, Holmes, Cromartie. On top of all that they just franshised Harris at $10 million a year and Sanchez is going to cost $14 million against the cap this year. LT is back at a beat up 31. Lots of problems and on top of all that teams will be gunning for them this year. It's harder to stay on top than it is to get there. I think the Jets will be lucky to finish 8-8 this year but let's see how it plays out.

DAN MARINO is now pushing Life Sheild (home security)...

I guess its a step up from Isotoner Gloves....lol

Craig....I didn't annoit them anything.....I actually said I hope they fall apart in 2011...

But the real point of my post is that I think it is silly to discount the success they have had the last 2 years.....

Doing that is like sticking your head in the sand IMO....

I hope they go 4 and 12 in 2011.......

But as it stands THIS SECOND....They are the AFC runner up to the SB 2 years running......

Love or Hate it.....you can't debate it.....

Just made that up.... :)

Please do not use Icognito as a Center back up again. :) Anyway, Good signing.


You said 'as of now it's the Jets and Pats fighting for first place'. We all start 0-0 in September, assuming there is a season. I'm not taking anything away from the Jets but I am saying it's going to be awfully tough for them to field the same roster that they put on the field last year. Somehow they have to figure out how to find the money to bring back Holmes, Edwards, Cromartie and Brad Smith and considering those guys are going to want more money than they made last year and Harris will be making $10 million and Sanchez $14 million against the cap, even if they bring EVERYONE back, LT and others are another year older and they are missing draft picks to replace bodies. Going to be AWFULLY tough for them to get back to where they were. I'm saying they've peaked!! Let's see who's right.

Their roster is a mess and we showed going from 1-15 to 11-5 things can change an awful lot from season to season.


I read your assessment of last year's offensive line. I have to disagree with you. As far as I'm concerned only Long and Incognito would get passing grades from me. Right guard was probably the weak spot as you mentioned. Centre to me is the weak spot on the line. Not a fan of Berger and I only see him as a borderline centre. I thought Satele was a better centre back guys will argue he wasn't big enough. I've always beena fan of Carey's but he's on the decline. I would trade him f we could and draft or add a RT but we know with no CBA that's not going to work.

Willie Colon is a guy I would look at to be the new RT. Yes, he's a little bit older (28 I think) and coming off a serious injury but when healthy he was a rock.

Apparently a lot of teams tried to snatch A J Hawk away from the Packers before he resigned. I hope we were one of them. That would mean the teamisn't high on Crowder and his days ae numbered. Can't wait until that clown is off the team.


Also read where you talked about Gallery playing LG. Can you imagine Long, Gallery and Incognito lined up side by sie by side. They would very three mean SOBs. Only problem getting Gallery is he apparently wants $8 million a year. Someone will pay it.

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Yawn, someone wake me up when we have imporoved QB play or a reason to be optimistic about our QB future.

Until then, it's all inconsequential window dressing.

While I like the idea of keeping our best interior O-lineman of last year what`s it really say about the state of that group.I meen was I the only one who noticed how unbelievably slow he is pulling on running plays, please people go to NFL.com and go to highlights of last season and hit Miami and watch. It looks as though the man belongs in a turtle race it`s painful to watch. the only sense this makes is if they move him to Center were his power would be effective, it really shows how low our team has sunk when we start celebrating a mediocre OG on ths blog.

There are several good linemen available in FA however if you go after VY then how much money do you have to sign the linemen necessary to be a dominant line?

let's face it, this O-line has dramatically underperformed, could not get to the 2nd level run blocking and could not make a pocket.

More and more I think you have to go with a 1st round RT.

A couple of FA guys....

Marshal Yanda, OT/G, Ravens. Age: 26
Harvey Dahl, G, Falcons. Age: 30

Here is the write up on Incognito from Walterfootball.com
Richie Incognito was Miami's best interior lineman this year. He has definitely turned his career around; he was once criticized for sitting out a 2008 game for a fake illness. Jim Haslett was so frustrated that he actually slapped a candy bar out of Incognito's hands on the sideline.

If anybody is interested in the current state of what`s going on with the CBA and as a fan I can tell you it`s good reading, here is your link.


It's football folks. Those of you who played know everything starts with the line play.

If you can not win at the point of attack then your team is going to struggle all day.

IF Ireland can keep adding talent to the offensive line that will make play at all the skill positions better, especially QB.

Obviously you still need a speed WR or 2, a dynamic TE and a play caller who wants a vertical passing game too.


you put that same post up yesterday I get it but maybe you haven`t noticed everybody on here is in a frenzy because we just resigned the slowest pulling gaurd in the game, yepee !!!! FO accomplished satisfying the fan bases diminishing expectations, now we can go for Super Nova and sign D.Woody and his 34 year old bad achilles heel, wait doing back flips now !! and when the draft comes around we will take the Baylor DT, crying from sheer joy gasms !!!

wow, great move dolphins. now do something productive and find a real qb. that is where your concern should be!

Clearly Incognito's inability to pull effectively was reason the Dolphins run blocking could not get to the 2nd level last season.

Incognito probably needs to move to C and the team needs to find a good pulling LG.

Who is that guy? Which is why I offered a couple of the players compiled by walterfootball.com

What happens with this line is of interest. Even though Incognito is slow he is a good piece to have resigned.

There is a lot more that needs to happen though.


how could jeff ireland miss out on FS and TE's last year but pick up 8 LB's? the guys a moron. the k.c. chiefs had a nice draft with parcells son in law picking up eric berry,dexter mcluster among many others. we could easily have had earl thomas,dez bryant, gronkowski or even a host of gator players like hernandez,spikes etc. we need a talent evaluator and team doctors that can check into the health of the picks from college. we grabbed 2 guys with broken legs.

So the Jets made the AFC Championship game ? Is that what you want from the Dolphins ? Making the AFC Championship game and losing to the Superbowl Runner Up ? Sorry, but anyone with half of a brain looks at the bigger picture. The Dolphins are being built for a long playoff run that hopefully includes multiple championships. That's the ultimate goal...that's how you build a team. Youth over a maxed out cap and aging veterans. The Jets run is over. It produced nothing...not even a division title. Thinking about the short term got the Dolphins to 1-15. You are utterly clueless.

dolphins are looking to draft a NT. i'd rather have gotten shaun rogers or maybe kris jenkins if he's healthy without wasting draft picks. these 2 are proven vets who can help immediately. oh, i really like gregMcElroy from bama. he's smart,accurate and played under center in college. could get him in the 4th round!

Guess I struck a nerve with someone. I just came on to catch up here and see someone has addressed me directly, with just a tad of hostility, from a post I made last night.

I welcome all criticism. However if you don't even have the courage to put your real name (poster @ 1:58), you belong to the herd of frightened sheep and don't even warrant a response.

Furthermore, your reading and comprehension skills are pathetic. Maybe you should go read what I actually wrote and respond to that instead of twisting it into something entirely different. What I said is two back to back AFC title games would be more rewarding than 10 years with no playoff wins. I never anywhere said what you implied, that I would be content with merely making it to AFC title game. Yes, I would be more content with at least winning playoff games every year than not even making the playoffs, who wouldn't?

Some of you are so incredibly sensitive to criticism of the team or praise of the competition that you miscontrue everything and take it as a personal attack. I have no problem acknowleding the success of a rival team. I'd rather know what the enemy is capable of than to pretend they are capable of nothing.

I could very easily see the Fins taking either Mallet or Locker in the first round.

Both have some very nice tools to be successful at the next level.

Mallet has Big Ben like size. A cannon arm that every scout and talking head was commenting on at the combine. He has very good ball skills as a number of his fake handoffs fooled the camera person. He can probably throw the ball as far as anyone including the NFL guys. Throw for close to 4000 yards and nearly 65% completion percentage as a Senior. He has good touch (something Henne is still trying to find) and his timing is well above average. He threw almost 3 X as many TDs as Ints his Senior season.

He seems like a guy that could come in start soon from a physical standpoint. His knocks are he is slow (no hiding that) although when he does run he is more effective than some non running QBs. His communication skills leave a lot to be desired. There are drug rumors but, I will let the NFL slueths sort those rumors out. Marino had them too so I won't get to worked up about that.

Jake Locker has a really great competitive drive that shows when you watch him play ball. The combine reinforced what a great athlete he was posting near the top in virtually all the drills.

He is fast and quick laterally when he does run. It almost appears to be a running back sometimes as he makes DEF miss and takes on some DBs and wins. Much is made about his innacuracy but the average of his last two seasons was 56.9% completion ratio which is fine. His TDs are right about 2 to 1 over ints in his last two seasons as well. He can make all the throws. He keeps his eyes downfield and can throw on the move rather well.

His communication is top notch and he truly seems like a guy that can be a leader of men. He loves football as he has turned down a ton of money to be an outfielder in MLB.

Knocks are he has battled through injuries (although he started all 12 games the last two years) and he can take too many chances sometimes.

I could see the BiFecta drafting either one at #15 to put heat on Henne to improve or go home.


I know some people will not accept Mallet out of hand due to the way he speaks. While it should be weighed I would caution against against too much bias being placed on his "Vanilla Ice-ness". We should look at him as a football player first and linguist second.

Anyone that has followed football for a while has seen some less than stellar verbiage pour from some pretty good football players during interviews.



What you are talking toward is a clear contrast in approach.

Ireland and company are trying to build for the long run, drafting team captains, younger players and good locker room guys.

While steering away from character issue players, well sans Incognito and BM and now that i think about it the team does have a lot of wife beaters and drunk drivers but I guess that comes with every team, right?

So far the Wets have much more success, no question.


IMO, and I dont think oits too fafetched, the 2nd rd tendering of Thigpen suggests that maybe the fo isnt expecting to draft a qb until mid rds at the earliest. That move also makes it very likely they will only bring in a vet to challenge Henne for the starting spot too.

Im also thinking its very unlkely that vet will be VY. I think they're in Chad Pennington wait for a acorn mold to fall at qb. Ala 2008. Ireland seems more into proving he's the greatest gm ever, rather than doing what's truly best for the team.

The fo 2nd rd tendering of Thygpen scares heck out of me. Could be true evidence of something very nefarious in the works.

Who the hell would give a 4th rd'er for Thigpen let alone a 2nd rd'er.

harvey dahl would be a good pickup


too true regarding the eloquence of football players.

My concern about any 1st round QB is how much success is that player going to have considering what is around them?

Where is the deep threat WR? or a TE to stretch the field? Is there any compulsion to have a vertical passing game by TS or the OC?

More important yet how is that offensive line going to get shored up?

There are a lot of pieces missing around the QB position in Miami right now, IMO.

Those pieces are all going to be found later in the draft?

Plus the style the Dolphins play requires perfection from the QB position. A rookie is going to come in overcome the missing pieces and play perfect?

I have doubts about that.

I know more about wombats and excellent hygienic practices than you will EVER know.

Thygpen had one of the worst showings of any nfl backup qb and when tender is sign he will recieve a 1yr pay equivalent to a 2nd rd qb. He hasnt earned the 4th-5th rd pick we traded to get him yet.


This fo will probably trade the #15 pick for a 2nd and high 3rd rd pick. Then blow smoke up our a*sses that we still got tremendous value.

7 day extention on cba. New deadline 5 PM next Friday.


The reason I wouldn't discount the Jets no matter who's on their team is they have a HC that's willing to do what he needs to for the team to win. That means taking chances, throwing on run downs, starting games fast and getting a lead, etc. (not that the Jets do that well every game).

The knock I have on Sparano is the last 2 years (as has been discussed here) he was only willing to take as many chances as necessary not to lose. We've all seen what that conservative strategy produces...mediocrity.

Unless/until Sparano breaks out of that mold, and plays to win by taking more shots, trying to build a lead early and not going into prevent mode as soon as we're up 3 point, we'll continue in our slide to the bottom regardless if we have a ProBowl roster or not.

The NFL is all about parity. The teams that win take more chances, plain and simple.

More signings now possible but unlikely we will be doing them unless they're true acorns. Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you dont! LOL..........


With the second round tender they be looking at giving Thigpen a more realistic shot to unseat Chad. I know that Thigpens camp was wanting a fair shot to start but thought that the Fins brass had too much invested in Henne.

Maybe last year towards the end of the year the Fins brass decided that it should be even going into the 2011 camp (right or wrong).

I would definitely not discount them going after a free agent QB but at this point I don't see anything about what the Fins brass wants to do as clear cut. Maybe they sign and trade Thigpen away in a swap when CBA settles? It's tough to call from where we fans are sitting now.

Coin toss on a lot of propositions...


Once the judge ruled this week that the owners could not get that TV money if there was a lockout, the owners have been softening up. Now that they both agree on another week, its a good sign they may really try to get something done before the draft. The owners don't want the union to decertify, and the players have refrained from decertification for a reason, they could still do it, but I see this ruling against the owners receiving the tv money as a huge catalyst to try to come to some agreement sooner rather than later.

DC@ 2:55,

totally agree.

Mr FG is simply too conservative and his playing not to lose approach has not and will not be successful for the Dolphins, IMO.

The question I have for you is do you see Tony changing his colors? Or do you believe the team needs different leadership?

I fall into the latter camp.


Sign a trade on Thigpen is ridiculous. Who the hell do you know would give a 2nd rd'er for him? Tell me youre kidding right? LOL..........


The ruling against the owners was very surprising. From what I read the owners were pissed and wanted the judge removed claiming he was 'union friendly'.

We may have a season yet.

DC Dolfan,

You said "The teams that win take more chances, plain and simple."

I would say not with Henne's iffy touch throws, lack of accuracy and deep ball skills. If he took more chances it may turn into more incompletions or worse Ints.

I want Henne to exceed all historical measurements of growth from one year two the next but, I have to dip my comments in the reality of what I have already seen.


Wow, said on espn Juge Jodie could also issue an injunction to block the owners proposed lockout.

Does anybody know if the extension included player movement? I know as of last night no free agents could be signed, no players released. Did they ammend this, or is this extension just for the purpose of negotaiting?

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