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Dolphins re-sign OL Richie Incognito

The Dolphins weren't just sleepwalking Thursday as uncertainty about the NFL's labor issues caused teams to do last-minute business with free agents.

The club re-signed offensive lineman Richie Incognito to a three-year deal, according to a source. The source declined to specify the contract's worth.

Incognito thus completes a successful rehabilitation after he came to the Dolphins on a one-year deal for 2010 with the warning that if he stepped out of line -- as he had in St. Louis and in college previously -- he might not only find himself done with the Dolphins but out of the NFL altogether.

Incognito was Miami's best interior blocker, particularly on running plays, and his signing gives the Dolphins the versatility of keeping him at either right or left guard, where he played most of last season, or moving him to center in 2011. Incognito started 15 games at left guard despite the fact he's probably a more natural right guard. He started one game at center in place of Joe Berger who was injured and also was dealing with personal issues in Week 16.

The Dolphins also tendered Nate Garner, meaning the player who played all but one offensive line position in 2009 and was competing to start at left guard in 2010 when he got injured in training camp, will remain Miami property in 2011.


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DC @2:55

I'm with you on that. The last few times I made that argument in my own words I got some anonymous admirers ridiculing me. Perhaps your choice of words are more tactful.


The judge is known to have leaned to the players advantage a few times now. By decertifying before the end of cba, the players are guaranteed to keep the same judge on the case. I posted a link to a great espn article that explained the details yesterday. If the cba expires before the players decertify, its highly likely a new judge will be on the case and then its a gamble for both sides.

Feds trying to make owners hurt badly if they dont reach a new cba. IMO, the bad economy's spearheading the feds involvement.

To those calling for Mallet I will remind you of one thing, it`s not his liguistics we should take into account. It comes down to his maturity level, how will he transition to the NFL ? If any of you remember there was a guy that Mallet compares to physically and mentally quite a bit, who also was one hell of a College q.b. Ryan Leaf.

So know that I have your attention remember the 97 Rose Bowl, for those that don`t Leaf took his Wash St. team there on his arm being the real phenom he was to play for that years National Campionship against Michigan and nearly pulled the upset, by the way that Mich. team he played had a starting Q.B. SR. Brian Griese, his back up SR. Tom Brady, they also featured Heisman winner Charles Woodson.

The game was no gimmie and he nearly wins, the following draft the Colts sitting at #1 over all were thinking of taking him very seriously ahead of Manning, see what I meen I here Mallet speak and watch his game and this is what comes to mind. I would prefer Newton and his baggage and that is no endorsement of Cam, who has by the way the best hit or miss ratio in this group, the safe bet is Gabbert but he wont be there and I`m not sold on him as a franchise guy, there are to many question marks in this lot for us to risk setting the team back another 5 years, next years group looks more promisng, now if you wanna try and develope Keap or Ponder in the bottom of rd. 3 that is another story.


You got it wrong. If players dont decertify before the cba expires a judge cannot rule an injunction against the owners in their favor.

And yes, as long as the curreent cba is extended there can be player movement and signings because legally the current cba still exist. There cant be signings or player movement if there's no cba in existence at all.


Just because he has the 2nd round tender doesn't mean we have to get a 2nd rounder in trade. I believe as long as he gets the 2nd round money the actual compensation between the teams can be negotiated. It could be like a VY for Thigpen and a 5th etc.

So no, I am not kidding you bud.



If you want a really in depth read on the state of the CBA and how everything actually can play out here is your read bro.


DB @ 2:56

LOL, great line!


Dying..I should have been able to answer that question seeing that the Phins tendered Thigpen today.(a second round tender? That would be robbery for us)Last night there was an article that said that there were no provisions under the extension that would allow player movement. This must have been an ammendment to this new extension to allow signings and other roster stuff for the duration of this 7-9 days.

What team would give us a second round pick for Tyler Thigpen? The Calgary Stampeders? This player tender may end up to be nothing, and Thiggy free to go after the new CBA is resolved. One of the issues is doing away with tendered free agents. I think the players may comprimise keeping the franchise tag, if the owners will do away with the tendered free agent. So all of these tendered guys will probably become unrestricted free agent when this mess is settled...


Not sure (I was for replacing Sparano, so last month I would have said no, that's too integral to who he is to change his stripes). But with another month away from the season I'm getting optimistic again (like I do every offseason). I'm crossing my fingers Sparano understands he has one chance, one year (maybe not even a whole year) to turn things around. And he'll have to help his team any way he can (he can't afford to lose 2 games in a row, Ross might fire him then and there).

So maybe this will force him to take more chances. The reason I didn't include '08 is because he did take some more chances then (we went for more 4th downs that year). Maybe he'll find his back against the wall and revert to that kind of coach. But I'm pretty shaky on Sparano becoming more aggressive in his game strategy.

Rob, totally agree. The team needs to take more chances (so they can put some distance between them and the opponent) but if the QB doesn't take advantage of those chances, then all is for naught (and it can turn into disaster real quick). It's really a hand-in-hand sort of thing. You first need a QB that CAN play and be accurate and make necessary plays, and then you need the HC to trust him to do just that and take chances in game mgmt.

Overall though, even with a lousy QB, you can't have 2 turnovers in the red zone against a team like Pittsburgh and not try for the endzone and come away with only 6points. That will never win you anything no matter who the QB is. Call better plays, have confidence in your QB, and let him succeed or fail. But the way they did it last year, the failure was on the coaches just as much as the players.

Rob @3:23....Good info. I didn't know that. I thought it was straight across the board. See, I learned something today. Good lookin' out!


Here you loud and clear next thing you know were gonna make Ronnie the highest paid R.B. in the league (we already did with Marshall and Dansby at their repective positions) bring back Ricky for a one year at 25 million, stay at pick 15 and draft Ponder in a suprise move Ireland will hail him "The future of the franchise" we will follow in rd. 3 and beyond with a DT.,3 L.B. and a C.B. which Ireland teary eyed will call the "steal of the draft"


You may be right, I amy be crazy... but it just may be a lunatic were looking for. Haha, no seriously though.

You can apply that logic and have it work out exactly like you are thinking in the Ryan Leaf situation.

Of course you can apply that same logic and have it work out as Marino (drugs), Bradshaw (too dumb), Brady (too everything wrong) as well.

That is the thing about this inexact science that is drafting. Mistakes are made every draft as even the experts don't really know what's in a guys mind and heart.

Joe Nammath was a brash character with terrible knees to boot but, he laid it all on line when he was on the field and had a good, accurate arm.

I don't profess to know how Mallet, Cam, Locker or Kaep will turn out. All I can do is watch as many games as I can, do my research and then put my money where my mouth is and get behind the players I think have talent.

I will mark you down for Mallet = Leaf.


@ Rob,

While you assesment at 3:23 is correct he is still due a huge pay raise or a sign and trade under the scenario you present or we flat out cut him. We should have used that designation on Soliai, by franchising him due to the enflated salaries due for D.T. that are frachised, thanx to Snyder giving all that money to Haynsworth, now will be 9 million for next season. It makes no sense, they apparently don`t even understand the rules of these designation. A franchse player recieves by rue in the top 5 salaries plus 5% of what last years player made, luckily Haynsworth got the bulk of his in the form of a bonus, which doesn`t count, if not we would be on the hook to Soliai for about 20 mil.


Good post at 3:34. Agree totally.

Gotta have that happy medium of going for it coaching, proper play calls and player execution. Any lack thereof and you have a busted play.

Henne will have to bring his A game in this new offense to take the next step and maybe he can do just that. The wise coach/GM combo will have already brought in great competition to create urgency and possibly surpass what Henne represents as a QB now.

That PITT loss still rankles me!

Like you I try to be the eternal optimist and we have all watched the NFL for long enough to know 1-15 CAN become 11-5. Each year is a different storm to navigate. With even slightly better play or a ball bounce our way we beat Detroit and Pitt (Both home games) and finish two games better and much more relevant.

I try not to dwell on the "what if's" too long or you can go bonkers.

You always have interesting takes so keep on blogging.


The Big Question will be who will Bill Cowher pick in the 2012 draft.......

The Big Question will be who will Bill Cowher pick in the 2012 draft.......

Posted by: Cuban Menace | March 04, 2011 at 03:54 PM


I'm curious who the Chargers will take, too.

Probably someone good... Not trading back for mediocre talent he may actually use the first rounder to get someone with talent!!!

Totally agree with Rob about that 3:34 post DC !!

Darryl Dunphy is with Poppa John... he's "in the house!" (I hope you get those pizza commercials there or that opener bombed) LOL

How you doin today brudda?

I do think that the Judge Doty is applying his rulings that put pressure on getting a deal done. While I would say he seems to favor the players I still hope his action spur the owners to get a deal done.

That would make him one HELL of a popular judge in the US of A!

The owners are all painted as loaded Billionaires and they are...but some are more hurting in this economy than others. Taking away that $4.5 Tv revenue hope chest sunk a dagger into their long term hunker down for the long haul plans. Stadiums have debt load and employee salarys to maintain em. They are not cheap I would reckon.

Plus I am sure signing bonuses crimp pocket books, although no one will get signed until this all works out.

Solomon Wilcots was very well versed as he was explaining things from his former player perspective yesterday on NFLN.


Naw I think sporano will be fired by game 6 and cower will swoop in and save this franchise from the fishing net of mediocracy... Haters will say it took cower years to win anything in Pittsburg but that's cause he was taking talent in the first round not trading them back to fill holes with mediocre players... That's why I think we shouldn't trade down get the best player quit trying to do so much with to little... This is what leads us to be 7-9...

We give up one great player to fill two holes with mediocre players... Sure there are the "gems" out their but this fo has shown it has no ability to find them... It's like their trying to find gold in the sandbox from my childhood!!! Lil

@ Rob,

As an avid NFL.Comer I saw all the ideas put forth by Solly, Lombardi and Eisen but if you didn`t get the link I put up from Mike Silver frm Yahoo sports who is there let me know it`s quite the read with the most facts put forth to date on the CBA.

For those that didn`t get the link here it is again.



I believe Sparano would have to lose 5-7 early games to get canned mid season.

After the heat Ross took going after another coach (Harbaugh) in plain sight and then not getting him, he gave the Bifecta a two year extention so they wouldn't be obvious lame ducks. Boss Ross would look like a complete hack if he clipped TS midseason unless there was overwhelming pressure due to poor performance.

Maybe like losing 5 in a row or more or going 1-8. Public pressure would mount fast around here in that case.

The other thing is he took Ireland with him to interview Harbaugh. He seems to like him and Cowher said I need ALL the selection power including GM. BP started that buying the groceries thing.

Dunno, just my thoughts on it.


we need to renogiate henne's contract. regardless of thoughts to the contrary henne is going to get the job done this season and, when he does, we are going to be looking at a FA qb who didn't get a lot of love while he was here. ireland should be looking to talk to henne's agent and get him signed for at least two more years. when you look at what he his going to make this year he will be looking for a major increase come season's end.
this needs to get settled.

Lol @ Cuban Menace @3:54....Cuban any ideas for a friendly wager come draft day! We don't seem to be at oppsition about the draft strategy so far. Anyone else wanna get in?
How's the bar stuff coming along? Again good luck.

What is the real expectations of this team entering this next year? Would a winning season satisfy the base? Or a playoff birth? Or do you see this as a no win situation, and a continuation of the frustration?

Thanks for the link fin4life!

I happen to disagree the fact that Ross was looking for a new coach leads me to believe that he ain't gonna settle for much and mr field goal has done nothin to prove to me that he has the answers to keep that from happening... Although I would love to see it happen cause like I have seen said before I root for the emblem on the helment not the peeps wearing them.... So as long as ur a phin I'll root for u.. I just don't have faith that this fo can get it done...

he wont be fired till after season


I actually hope he doesn't get fired at all that means my phins are doin well next season... Just sayin

Just don't see it being reality


I would say just with the sheer equal weight across the board that parity brings it is not too pollyanna to say that we could actually grab a playoff birth next year.

Do I think it's highly likely well not as much but I would give it way more than a snowballs chance that some doom and gloomers do.

If Henne is even 20% better, the DEF climbs 2 notches from maturity and understanding what Nolan wants, if 5 balls bounce our way instead of into the other teams hands next season, if 1 drafted/FA player makes a solid contribution we can be a playoff team.

Those don't seem like pie in the sky "ifs" to me.

The wager thing you and CM had going last year was great. Just like NJPhin and I betting on his great WR Carlon Mitchell. He was claiming sure fire round 2-3 guy and I said 7th round or FA type. He ended up a mid 6th round pick.

Always fun to walk the draft plank.


Gonna grab some lunch...be back in a bit.

Cheers all and thanks for the good Fins chat!


Guys I see the Mighty air Breathers getting about 379 LBS lighter(Fist pumper and the leprauchaun 86ed) come the Bye-Week if it's around week 9, The Fins have done Nothing AND THE CUBAN means Nothing to improve from last year, Actually they've gone the oppersit IMHO, Either Ross will be considered a genious with his pick of OC Deboll or it will be another blunder by Mr. Hollywood, My feeling is it will be the Latter......

I am happy. Incognito is mean. He may rip a wing off a jet or smack the hat off a patriot. this is going to be a good off season and a great year.

Rob...What Up!! Got the Pappa Johns crack. Thanks for the shout! Things are great. Gearing up for a fly fishing trip on the Clearwater next week. No cell service, no internet. Going to be great! The Stealhead are running up the river. Supposedly in Kouskie Idaho they weighed a 20 pounder this weekend...I've been tying flies all week. CAN'T WAIT!

But back to the topic... As poorly as we finished last season. I look back and think that this team was in almost every game last season. We played with no margin for error. So any little mistake was crushing for this team. Our inability to convert points in the redzone is a topic that everyone is aware of, and that needs improvement. So many games in the NFL are decided by a few key plays. We need to conjure up the moxie to make those plays when the opportunity presents themselves. Think about the goal line stand against Minn. That was a positive for us, and we won the game. But too many times, at that critcal junction. We could not make the play to win the game. This team had to grind for whatever they could get. After awhile you kind of run out of steam.

I hope they didn't sign Incognito to play G again. He was part of the problem at that position. I sincerly hope they don't think he's the answer.

most nfl games are close. the bad teams lose them, good teams win them. very simple

If Sparrow does not win this year,it will be Cowher and crew next year...if we see any football at all !

dm1dophan, why not sign him next mid season. lets see what he's got. He's not gonna sign any contract we give him right now anyway.

DD, They've been doing it for 3 years now, The first year was a success cause of Chad Pennington,Though he could'nt throw the ball more then 30 yards he seldom turned over the ball, Other teams know the Fins lame way to win, but unfortunitly we have Chad(Neck fat)Henne, all they need to do is sit back and he'll throw that important INT and if there lucky it'll be a pick six....., This front office needs to be changed....

Hey guys, any news?

DD, Had someone check the equipment and the Building, did'nt sound promising.......

bill_That was kind of my point. We need to find ways to make the plays in close games. We didn't do this enough last year. If you are going to walk the tightrope everyweek. you better learn how to toe the line, or you fall. With all of our deficiencies. We managed to keep games close. We had opportunities to win a few more games if we could have made some plays.

One that sticks out in my mind was the Cleveland game. Brutal offense that day. But if Nolan Carrol intercepts that pass. He takes it to the house, and we probably win that game. Cleveland was as offensivley inept that day as we were.

Even the Pittsburg game. Even if we get that call. Was there any reason to believe after what we know about the playcalling that we would have run the clock out? We still had an opportunity and the ball, and could do nothing with it except run a draw, and check it down?

There are a ton of examples that I'm sure people can comment on. The point being. If you have no margin for error. And the strategy is to play close games so you have an opportunity to win in the 4th quarter. You have to figure out a way to make those plays. Or try and change the strategy so you do not have to play with a limited margin for error.

Cuban...Keep at it. You will get a chance when the right situation presents itself. Glad you didn't just jump into it. A lot of folks get antsy, and get themselves in a bad deal thinking it may be their only shot.

Not only that DD, I'd have to keep the Empress outta there..., You know she loves the Jagermiester........

It's just a matter of time until Bran's Cox's training rubs off on all the players, especially for Incognito.

It WILL be in Buffalo, NY and watch as Rich Incognito walks off the field as he's giving the fans the middle finger salute...

$ Priceless..

Guys are getting hung up on the Dolphins putting a 2nd round tender on Thigpen. The dolphins are just doing this guys to protect themselves at this stage. Of course nobody is going to give up a second rounder for Thigpen but with only Henne signed for next year they want to protect themselves from losing Thigpen. If teams want to trade for Thigpen, then this can be negotiated, as the team did with Marshall last year and the Chargers tried to do with Vincent Jackson. The other thing that might happen is the the second round tender gets lifted and Thigpen would be free to go wherever he wants. Right now the teamis just protecting themselves, so don't get too hung up on the second round tender.

Has Thigpen signed the tender? I hadn't heard.

BTW, tenders have 4 levels and his is 3rd one down. The lowest would be what we got him for and they would not gain (shades of M Roth) anything. So, maybe they are learning.

Iam doing a poll like the IDIOT Greg Cote.

Since the CBA talks have been extended how many offeensive free agents will the Fins sign:
or they have no freakin' idea because they thought they were a basketball team!

Offensive, sorry

Well I did some homework and found an answer to the question I asked earlier. There can be no more player transactions this week. Teams can talk to the agents of players. But no direct contact between teams and players. Hopefully this doesn't matter as all signs of todays extension will lead to a deal next week. Which is great news.

Are these Laws complicated, but I guess necessary.

Ditto that same sentiment @ 7:12 DD.

All signs point to being positive in the mediation hearings.

Although one blow-up could unravel things I would imagine now that the owners 4.5 billion is no longer in play I think they are bringing their listening ears and not the deaf ones.

Greed got them all into this mess and yes it will be that same greed that pulls them out.

No one wants to stop the $money train$ that is the NFL!

To quote the immortal words of NFLPA man DeMaurice Smith "Can you DIG it?"


One of the pressures that may not be taken into account is the "Messiah" QB pressure.

Granted the Ireland / TS tandem is on the clock and needs delivery wins yesterday.

That said, you can see how much media bashing they take with "experts" and talking heads chastising them for NOT taking the franchise QB in Ryan and taking LT Long instead...and this is with Long going to the Pro Bowl.

Imagine how much flak or how incompetant they will look if Mallet or Locker turn out to be franchise guys and they did not take them at 15?

It comes down to them getting so few mulligans in the draft. They need to hit on the choices they make.


It's kinda slow right now. I am not a big fan of changing topics so forgive the nonsports intrusion but this video is pretty insane...


It's a video of people hunting wolves with giant Golden Eagles! Like falconry but the prey are wolves.

I couldn't believe it.


We have NEVER interfered where a Law is concerned.

Rob @ 7:48 PM

Funny, that's what I was saying about this time last year. Maybe borrowed time is closer.

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