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Dolphins re-sign OL Richie Incognito

The Dolphins weren't just sleepwalking Thursday as uncertainty about the NFL's labor issues caused teams to do last-minute business with free agents.

The club re-signed offensive lineman Richie Incognito to a three-year deal, according to a source. The source declined to specify the contract's worth.

Incognito thus completes a successful rehabilitation after he came to the Dolphins on a one-year deal for 2010 with the warning that if he stepped out of line -- as he had in St. Louis and in college previously -- he might not only find himself done with the Dolphins but out of the NFL altogether.

Incognito was Miami's best interior blocker, particularly on running plays, and his signing gives the Dolphins the versatility of keeping him at either right or left guard, where he played most of last season, or moving him to center in 2011. Incognito started 15 games at left guard despite the fact he's probably a more natural right guard. He started one game at center in place of Joe Berger who was injured and also was dealing with personal issues in Week 16.

The Dolphins also tendered Nate Garner, meaning the player who played all but one offensive line position in 2009 and was competing to start at left guard in 2010 when he got injured in training camp, will remain Miami property in 2011.


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People now have an opportunity to express their innermost opinions(which might be of great benefit to Humanity) and without any real retributions for them, yet, they are discarding them. Is the Fear that much? Well, that is within your rights, but People that live in Fear will die in Fear. Guaranteed.


I wonder if Golden Eagles are effective against
W e r e W o l v e s !?

Hate is Fear.
Resentment is Fear.
Jealousy and hypocrisy derive from Fear. And, most exemplary, Racism also.
Fear is THE predominant Human emotion.

Solid move to sign Incognito. I hope he moves to Center with Berger as a backup. From there personally I would be okay with trading down to get a 2nd round pick and bringing in a right OT and a left guard then moving Carey to right guard. At that point Jerry and Garner could compete or add depth. Nothing else works if the OL does not work. Use the remaining picks to fix the Special Teams (who killed us last year), retain Ricky and Ronnie and use free agency to fill the pass catching TE, RB, competition for QB and fast WR roles.

Cognito ain't a great center, better at guard. Berger is second string at best. Need a real center instead of weak centers or centers playing out of position.

Hey oscar,

I dislike People who wear cheep shoes....
but they really don't scare me.
~ PUFF ~

Good, Puff, good for you, for People that overcome the fear of cheep shoes, shall fear no More.

been reading through the blogs...optimism is fine...but does anybody seriously think the fins will finish better than 3rd in the division? we'll be fighting with buffalo to stay out of the cellar.

To me, it seemed like Incognito did a fairly good job at guard(although he can't pull). In his few plays at Center, he did better. Apparently, the FO saw something in him that is worth keeping. Hell, we cannot have Pro-Bowlers at each position.

Coach, why are we so nervous? - Boys(Lombardi in his last year at GB), the more we have the more we are afraid to lose it.

division champs son

Only an idiot would prefer the Jets shortsighted approach over the Dolphins approach. Only an idiot would compare what the Jets have done in the last two years with what the Dolphins have done in the last ten. Talk about apples and oranges. This basic Dolphins front office has only been here for three years. Furthermore, I comprehended the nonsense that you had posted and I took issue with it because it wreaks of stupidity and ignorance. I expounded upon your ignorant posts when I pointed out what the Jets approach you're so fond of had gotten them. Then I contrasted the Jets small level of success with what the Dolphins are attempting to do (something you've criticized thus proving your cluelessness). If you lack the intellectual ability to keep up...well then I can't help you. Also, why would I ever put my name on the internet ? Are you an identity thief ? Finally, a sheep is one who follows. Whether or not someone posts their real name on a message board has nothing whatsoever to do with a person who is deserving of that title. You're not only clueless, you're an idiot too. You're the type of guy who has his birth date as his pin number. I bet you even wear Ed Hardy shirts too lol.


I am not sure if the Eagles would work vs W e r e W o l v e s. Maybe with silver tipped claws? Good question though.



oscar the midget is talking like he went to school during his childhood .

cocoajoe @ 9:25,

History repeating itself? lol

The borrowed time is becoming thin ice my friend.

Let's hope the bifecta brings their popcorn and their skates.


DB !

You're home from the Pharmacy !!

People are going to say no way. Or this is an example of stats not telling the whole story. But did you guys know the Dolphins had the offensive line was the 3rd rated pass block line in the NFL? Behind Seattle, and the jets. The line was bottom 5 in run blocking.

That's what Nolan would say when his DEF would hit the field about Wake... "Release the Kraken!"

Man that kid is a beast. His muscles have muscles.

Then to watch him jump up and grab that money off the crazy high ceiling. He is a knarly athlete. Glad the Fins scooped him up.



You mean Henne got sacked the 3rd least in the league?

Is that what the ranking is trying to tell us?


Ahhh... You're ONE OF THE FEW who has caught on !

Actually, I got the Idea as a spoof the Mob at the Sentinel. Several tried to coin that nickname on our 50 million Dollar Receiver...

They spent TWO MONTHS posting "Release the Kraken!"
(It sounded a bit nerdy so I finally started mocking them
with my ~ PUFF ~ Alias.)

Since then, I just use it when I want to Break B@lls...
~ PUFF ~

The more and more I look at the first round. The more I think that we take a quarterback at 15. It's either this or a defensive player.

I know that the draft never plays out how the mocks are written out. There are only a handfull of skill players projected to go in the first round. Is it likely that Green or Jones makes it to 15? Probably not. We could take Ingram, but I think we need a back that has more speed(this has been argued over and over. If your an Ingram guy cool. But I think we can wait on a running back) We could draft a lineman. But I think our problems are interior. And again, these players can be addressed later, if not in free agency.

Look at the teams behind us. And none need to move up to fill a void. Most of the teams need defensive line help, or a tackle. This is a good draft for those spots. But back to the skill players. Who else is left? Would we reach for a reciever? Torrey Smith looks like a nice player. But IMO he isn't a first rounder. The combine showed he is a raw player that needs development. He isn't a route runner yet. We cannot fall in love with his speed alone. The Raiders made this mistake with DHB.

This brings me back to thinking we will take a quarterback. It pains me to say this. I think by default it will be Ryan Mallet. I think Locker will be off the board before 15. Same for Newton. I hope that if this happens. That everything I have said about Mallet is wrong. I hope that if he is our choice. He can mature, learn to speak, and move his feet. I have looked over the first round everyday this week trying to figure a way out, I just don't see it.

Now if I could make the pick. I would ignore the quarterback position and go the defensive route. I just think there is better value at our spot. I hope that the Phins brass take this into consideration as I'm sure they have. But if it is an offensive player they want. I think it will be a quarterback.

Rob in Oc...I don't know how they do the rankings. It was from the PBP. I don't think that sacks are the whole equation. I'm guessing maybe a combination or pressures, knockdowns, and sacks. The article did not say how this stat was figured. It suprised me.

I will say, that until Henne got hurt. He barely got touched. The first half of the season the pass blocking was very good. I do know off the top of my head that Henne was right in the middle as far as sacks. Look at the final 4 teams this year. All but the jets gave up more sacks then Miami. I think Culter got sacked 53 times. That is almost twice what Henne got sacked.

Oscar..I believe a good pair of shoes is one of the keys to life. Don't wear cheap shoes. Don't drink cheap booze. Eat good food. And all will be well. I perfer Clarks for everyday footwear. And Sperry Top Siders for casual times. In the kitchen, only Danskos. And in the summer...Old school fat cushioned flip flops....

DD, you freakin' crack me up

Hey check out my new Website ---> http://phinfan23.webs.com/ <--- Blogs and Updates about the Fish!

Dishpan...Glad I can help!!! Thanks man.

Mr. Phin....I checked out your sight. Looks cool. Sorry, but I'm loyal to this blog. I have strayed a few times and it made me feel dirty, couldn't sleep or eat for days. To be serious for a second, I enjoy the bloggers here. Nothing personal. Wish you luck.


You still around?

DD @ 12:17,

VERY well laid out post my friend. You are tossing nothing but pearls there man, nuthin but pearls.

I was originally on the Kaepernick or bust bus. Part of the reason was that we could trade back and still have a 1st round pick.

Now things may end up going down where Ireland pulls off a trade back but as you said, it should be a wee bit trickier this year unless someone falls.

I am like you and the more I have been studying the Mallet choice the more it makes sense at 15. With QBs, you never know where other teams have them all rated. It would seem with a lack of a second round pick, if they want their QB of choice they need to bite the bullet and take him. Mallet and Locker maybe even Cam Newton might be there at 15.

There is so much chatter about Cam going to Buffalo or Minn. Carolina may go QB and Wash may as well.

The ultimate would be for at least one of their guys and maybe a guy that others may covet for trade offers will be there. Then they can decide what's best.


The odds are that the Dolphins will pick the wrong guy at # 15, it's been their history since picking Sammy Smith instead of Emmit Smith!


I do second your notion that besides a certain few OFF players, more DEF guys have 15th pick value imho.

OT Tyron Smith looks pretty good in the 15 range. He is pretty athletic for an OL.

beerphin took a lot of heat for offering a DEF draft but when drafting BPA you have to have the whole talent pool to choose from.

I am VERY high on Cal's DE Cameron Jordan and Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn. Both can heat up a QB and they both play so well setting the edge, locating the ball and getting there.

DE Phillip Merling has been subpar since he arrived and has only shown glimpses. Langford does alright. Starks needs to find his groove again and McDanial is a decent journeyman.

The big DT Phil Baylor is another guy I like a lot. 15 is a tad low for him but I could see him sneak into the tail end of the 1st round. Great size, looks the part and can flat anchor when he digs in. Could be a great safety net in case Solai goes down or dmenads crazy money next year.

CB Brandon Harris from Da "U" is a very nice athlete all the way around. I think he goes second half of the first round but if were tabbed after a trade back I think Nolan would use him very effectively. When DEF spread us out and go into these passing sets with 5 wide we need the althletes to match up.

I am not saying that Ireland will choose any of these players but, I do think they are a very talented group.



If the Bifecta (TS/Ireland) are the screw ups, who was the coach/GM combo you wanted redsky?

Not mocking you just asking...


Hey DD,

Maybe there is hope to get a player before grabbing Mallet if the QB falls like this write up states...Seems a long way to fall from a few minute podium speech but, it is a lot of money to throw at the wrong guy. Mallet would do well to rehash all that Ryan Leaf did wrong with his agent. He is still a really talented guy.

write up is from rotoworld.com

1. Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett

Mallett impressed in Combine throwing drills against no pass rush, but everyone knows he can spin it. What hurt Mallett was his media interview, which has been described as a "train wreck" more than once and will be replayed over and over leading up to the draft. Mallett needed to go to Indianapolis poised, confident, and truthful, and in a public setting proved nowhere near ready to be a leader. FOX Sports' Adam Caplan has dropped the strong-armed passer to sixth in his latest quarterback rankings, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Mallett fall all the way to the third round.

Mallett's measurables: 6'7/253, 34 3/8" arms, refused to run forty and shuttles, 8'7" broad jump

Never realized "Aloco" also did the Miami Heat blog (under a different name but same mangling of the English language) until tonight.


What is the Herald these days, a monthly?

Used to be loyal but the Sun-Sentinel is easily the better, more immediate source these days (even when they get things wrong)

Not that Armando ever gets anything wrong, of course...:)

Got a little lost last night between those Dragons and Werewolves. But I got it now. Remember, I work, mainly, with the oldest generation, but I would have loved to become a Child Psychiatrist(didn't have the Time).

If worst comes to worst(and I hope not) then pick a defensive player, preferably a lineman(this draft is full with them).

People are going to say no way. Or this is an example of stats not telling the whole story. But did you guys know the Dolphins had the offensive line was the 3rd rated pass block line in the NFL? Behind Seattle, and the jets. The line was bottom 5 in run blocking.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | March 04, 2011 at 11:53 PM


Without even know they kept a stat for this I have been constantly posting that MIAMI was EXCELLENT AT PASS BLOCKNG FOR THE 1ST 8-9 GAMES....pre-injuries.....

It was sfter the Injuries to the OL that Miami could not protect the QB....

Unfortunatley it id the Apologist on here who see what they want to see as opposed to what actually happened that will tell you Henne sucked because the "OL sucked at pass blocking".....

That is a false statement.....

Henne routinely had 5 or more seconds to stare down a reciever and WAIT for him to come open....and he did......

Think about it....we all acknowledge that he STARES down recievers.....well, you don't get the luxery of STARING down recievers if you are running for your life as soon as the ball is snapped......

But in any case...thanks for posting that....

ALso DD...i'm HUGE in the Mallet Camp.....

It has been posted many times he had a bad bowl game.....but I don't think one game should sink him.....

As long as Kiper, Mayock, Lombardi, and the rest of the "experts" keep telling the sheep that QBs in this draft are no good....

Then there should be a good chance Mallett is there at 15....

Rob in OC.....I am never this definitive about things on this blog.....

but NO WAY Mallett falls to the 3rd rd......NO WAY.......

and while I know that was a cut and paste article (and not neccessarily your opinion).....I would tell you that while watching the NFL network the talking heads.....stated that Mallett was very impressive in his interviews and he was straight forward when talking about the accusation of drug use......

The thing is....he has stated publicly that he will only address these issues with Football GMs and FO.....he will not talk to the press about it.....

Sometimes these press guys get there butt hurt when they don't get an interview with a star/rising star player......Armando routinely does this.....the only player he swoons for is Jason Taylor.....the rest he will bash in ink without a 2nd thought.....

Since there are no quotes from Mallett in the article I would say the reporter could be slanted in such a way....

henne is a bust and will always be a bust. it doesn't matter if he is a gunslinger as someone called him, and it doesn't matter that he has a new playbook, you can't fix poor decision making. henne is what he is, and will always be. i say trade him or release him, cut him whatever. we all know and the dolphins know that henne is not going to get them anywhere expect for another losing season. he will never make more than 500,000 a year. thigpen makes more. henne is a backup and that's it!

and when you use words like "refused" as oppossed to "didn't"....

"Mallett's measurables: 6'7/253, 34 3/8" arms, refused to run forty and shuttles, 8'7" broad jump".

That tells me everything I need to know about this reporters mind set......

I don't remember anybody saying that Blain Gabbertt REFSUED to throw at the Combine (you know....only the most important thin a QB can do for a job interview).......

I believe it was charaterized as Gabbert DIDN'T throw....ISN'T throwing.......

I would love to hear how the reporter charaterized that and if he is/was consitent with the verbage in his reports

henne is not nfl ready and would be fortunate to be a back-up. he showed a lack of development and a lack of team leadership as the field general. guys were listening to penne on the bench instead of henne on the field. henne never bonded or hung out with the receivers;he was either sitting by himself or talking to a coach. the benching might have done some good but only lasted 2 plays. i'd trade him for a 5th round pick if possible. i like greg McElroy from bama; he's smart,accurate and played under center. could be a mid round pickup.

even longer since this team has had a top qb, they haven't had a top rb for more than one or two seasons in about 20 years. this team has probably gone longer than any other without a long term top rb.

I wouldn't touch Mallet with our 1st rd pick. if we traded back and used a second then maybe but not a first. Locker on the other hand I'd take at 15 if Newton is already gone

Fing app

Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico!Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico! Plaxico!

1st #15 Jake Locker QB/ Anthony Castonzo RT
3rd rd Greg Little WR/ Jordan Todman RB
4th rd Kristofer O'Dowd C/ Rob Housler TE
5th rd Jordan Cameron TE/ Noel Devine RB
6th rd Henry Hynoski FB/ Byron Maxwell DB
7th rd Josh Portis QB/ Anthony Sherman FB
7th/UFA DeMarcus Van Dyke CB/ Mario Fannin RB

Man, some of those QB's in this year's Draft are big as hell, and fast.

Tiny little Chinese babies.

It would be awesome if we could all shower together. Standing pressed together, lathering up each other, that sort of thing. So hot.

While showering in High School, some of us Cubans noticed that a guy was missing the head of his dick.


If you knew anything you would know tht Henne made $850,000, so right away you have ZERO credibility. And the Dolphins don't know what they have in Henne, otherwise they would have cut him right now.

Hate it when guys make crap up and they don't know what they are talking about. Obviously if the Dolphins had given up on Henne he wouldn't be working hard with Daboll or sitting in the same golf cart as the owner. Try and get your facts straight, dolphin77.

And when the Hose came in, most of us turned our backs to the wall.

I have never understood the Henne hatred. I think it comes from people that do not understand football.

The QB is the 1st guy to get too much credit and the 1st guy to get too much blame.
It's easy to bag on the QB.

To be successful a QB must have good pieces around him, a coach that believes in him AND a good play caller.

IMO Henne didn't have any of these things.

Yet 'he sucks', 'he's a 2nd stringer'. I think it's just silly.

What I see in Henne is a middle of the pack from a TD/INT/production standpoint young guy that is mentally tough, yet has some work to do on his game.

Guess what, that describes a lot of QB's in this league.

Now should the Dolphins keep looking for that break out QB? Absolutely!

A great QB can make all the difference but even the great Dan Marino could not win a SB without a running game, so you better make sure to have some good pieces around him too.


You're right, a QB gets too much credit and takes too much blame. What I don't understand with this fan base is that they aren't happy unless they have a whipping boy! It obviously has to do with years of frustration. It's been Wannstedt, Saban, Cameron, Sparano, Spielman, Ireland, Parcells, Porter, Wilson, Ginn, White, and now Henne. Most of these guys won't be happy until Henne is run out of town and then it will start with someone else. Mark my words, if Newton or Mallett or Locker is drafted, give it a couple of years and these guys will be trying to run them out of town. It's the Miami Dolphins fan bases' way and it's very sad!

I don't have any problem with Henne from a physical standpoint. He clearly has a strong enough arm and has proven himself tough enough to get it done.

It's his robotic nature and lack of passion where I find him fatally flawed. And I don't believe those are attributes you can coach into someone.

This running back Class seems to be awfully weak. Bad for us.

Agreed, though, about the fans. No patience whatsoever in most cases and even when a guy CLEARLY gets it turned around and starts playing good football (as Sean Smith did last year) many are loathe to admit they were wrong and simply see what they WANT to see, rather thanb what's actually happening on ther field.

Also tired of fans who think the team should spend outrageously on Free Agents every offseason. It's a formula that has never worked and one that the best franchises like Pittsburgh and the Patriots NEVER engage in. It IS however how you become the Redskins.


believe me I'm frustrated too by the years of failed drafting and crappy coaching.

Unfortunately, I don't like the style/approach of TS either, but what do you do?

The expectations for this franchise are high. Back to back SB wins and an undefeated season will do that. Too bad that was all a long time ago.

It's easy to bash and harder to look at why something is what it is.


I am with you about the 'robotic' apparent nature of Henne. I'd like to see much more passion out of the QB.

I liked it when Dan would scream at his WR's for messing up a route, push a defender off and give him a look for being on him too long after a tackle.

But that is how I play on the basket ball court so I want to see that in the team QB.

Play with some fire please!

That said though, I don't think Tony would like that approach. I think Tony and company want the super controlled robotic, captain check down type player.

This is an extremely risk adverse staff.

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