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Dolphins re-sign OL Richie Incognito

The Dolphins weren't just sleepwalking Thursday as uncertainty about the NFL's labor issues caused teams to do last-minute business with free agents.

The club re-signed offensive lineman Richie Incognito to a three-year deal, according to a source. The source declined to specify the contract's worth.

Incognito thus completes a successful rehabilitation after he came to the Dolphins on a one-year deal for 2010 with the warning that if he stepped out of line -- as he had in St. Louis and in college previously -- he might not only find himself done with the Dolphins but out of the NFL altogether.

Incognito was Miami's best interior blocker, particularly on running plays, and his signing gives the Dolphins the versatility of keeping him at either right or left guard, where he played most of last season, or moving him to center in 2011. Incognito started 15 games at left guard despite the fact he's probably a more natural right guard. He started one game at center in place of Joe Berger who was injured and also was dealing with personal issues in Week 16.

The Dolphins also tendered Nate Garner, meaning the player who played all but one offensive line position in 2009 and was competing to start at left guard in 2010 when he got injured in training camp, will remain Miami property in 2011.


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And...since I'm on the topic, not much use for self-anointed "draft experts," either.

Sure, it's harmless but generally it's also astoundingly stupid.

To me, it's actually a weird, inverse proportion where the more you actually DO know about the game and players the more you realize what a total crapshoot 90% of the draft is and how utterly meaningless our "projections" are. Projections that will inevitably prove completely wrong in most cases, regardless of how "sure" someone is about a guy.

OK, one more annoyance:

Fans that parrot terms like "field vision" or "closing burst" or "hip pivot" or 100 other terms they hear on ESPN from guys like Kiper and use in the belief it makes them sound more knowledgeable.

I find that kind of stuff beyond hilarious, frankly.

!!, dan.

Mel Kiper is pretty good, but he is also FOS, as the rest of us.

I'll support the First Amendment right of any Dolphins fan to use those terms, of course, but I retain the right to snicker at them as well. :)


To support your point about fans prognosticating about the draft.

I know more about basketball than football and am a Trailblazer fan so I am with a couple of friends during the draft several years ago saying how Portland should draft tyrus Thomas rather than LaMarcus Aldridge.

To go with what I wanted at the time would have been terrible.

Aldridge is about 10x the player that Thomas is.

That said I still find myself wanting the Dolphins to draft particular positions over others in the 1st-4th rounds.

Hey, there are no Amendments in Internet, up to now.


Some REALLY good posts, man. Totally agree on a lot of what you say.

How about the guys who say 'great at the point of attack' or 'great at setting the egde'. It' stuff they've heard the guys on the NFL Network say or ESPN. Total crap!!

I played DE and TE in HS. I know what setting the edge is or was. I have less understanding about what 'great at the point of attack is'.

Craig, too funny and totally agreed.

Basically, what these guys are doing is simply saying that a player is fast or has a knack for getting sacks or whatever. But they dress it up in all these flowery terms aped from TV analysts so it sounds as if they have some special, insider view and expert knowledge of the game. In essence, though, it's a bunch of rubbish.

Take a term like "field vision." All that means is that a QB is accurate and good at making his reads, right? We're not talking about some mysterious superpower like x-ray vision, presumably.

Love "speed in space" as well. What the hell does that mean? That a guy is fast in the open field? Why make it sound like they're an astronaut?

As for the militaristic "point of attack" that some people love to use, well, last I checked that would simply mean a guy is quick off the snap.

It's hilarious.

All that said, we certainly need more players with "rare closing bursts combined with excellent hip pivot, footwork, and field vision at the point of attack in space."

Get about a half-dozen or so and we're golden.

Dan and Craig M.....

Here is the HOT term of the moment....

"forget his 40 time....its all about the 10 Yard burst"......

I had never heard this till I watched the Combine last weekend.....then......like magic.....

It was in to many post to count......

Well, all those terms might be corny, but at least they give us an idea why a player is as good as he is. Back in the 70's we used to say only, man, that guy is outtasight!


You're right. Seems the more Combines that go by the more obscure stuff that gets made up.

I agree Oscar...but I think the point Dan is making is that people should use ther own words....thats all...


Or at least not try SO damn hard to sound like an expert when simpler language often does the job better.

Enjoyed the banter, fellas. Gotta pivot these hips to work now with a closing burst.

Bottom line is, let's face it....nobody knows much. Every single year GM's strike out on picks, and they get the big bucks to analyze the draft full time along with all the film of all the players.

Fans...so righteous pre-draft conveniently forget how wrong they all are. Was it 98% of the Miami fans wanting Brady Quinn, or 99%, I forgot exactly.

Last year the talk from all the pundits was Dan Williams was the one sure fire first year NT, projected to possibly Miami. Well he couldn't even crack the starting line up, was too out of shape, not sure if he ever got off the bench. Dez Bryant was injured in camp, injured in pre-season, injured in the regular season. Who knows how durable he will be.

Even the 'great' coaches like JJ and Saban really couldn't draft well. JJ couldn't do in Miami what he did in Dallas, so I say the luck factor played a huge role there. But oh, the bloggers are certain they know better and can do better. Often a player will not play well on your team, go to another team and thrive, so there is a matter of how well you fit in with a teams players and overal approach too.

Well, I say you just have to look at what you need, see whats available to match those needs, and hope your pick is one of the rare players that actually perform as projected, because in the end, history has shown, its a crap shoot more than its science or art.


Well now that you have taken away my superior vernacular of draft vocab terms. And exposed or dumbed things down to other just as obsure sayings I have no further reason to post.

Actually since nobody knows anything about the draft, why are any of here??

I guess I might as well go "play in space".

I'll talk to you fellas after the draft when we still obviously won't know a dang thing.

This is Crapshoot Jones, signing off...




I know you know this but the 10 yard split time or dan's "10 yard burst" has always been around. Tom Coughlan sits on that line every year and times it and has since forever.

If you had to ask me, the 10 yard split time became most important this year when the consensus "Best" RB Mark Ingram ran a pedestrian 4.62 40 time. In not wanting to backpeddle they said well, look at the all important 10 yard split time which surpassed or rivaled much faster overall 40 time guys.

In the end there is a LOT of guessing that goes on. You do have game tape which should be still most important by a long ways. You get their measurables, medicals and they get to poke, interview and prod at a player until the cows come home. It is still a gamble at the end of the day. BUT, that is exactly why it is fun. Why are poker, slots, lotto, races, fighting and all that stuff fun? Because it is an as yet unknown commodity that later reveals itself or is expose under scrutiny or in the real environment.

I do think that a ton of this stuff gets taken to heart. I know we are all armchair GMs and have half the insider info that the real GMs and staff have. Even still, we guess right sometimes and some times more often than the real "Experts". That's why it's such a hoot.

We are ALL trying to build the Dolphins race car (team) for the next big race (SB run). We are all throwing out ideas of how to race and win. I say change the turbo (QB), the nexy fan says we need new tires (RB), yet another says change the coefficient drag with a different wing(TE). Yet another fan says "No way, change the block(OL)".

It's just a good time to kick around the ideas and have fun guessing. We all compare notes later to see who was right and wrong.


Rob in OC, your best comment yet!!! Thx.


thanks bro.


never wanted Brady Quinn I was one of the few that liked Patrick Willis. I hadn;t even considered Ted Ginn Jr. and prayed it wasn't Quinn. Partly due to the fact I hate Notre Dame

ho hum,

For what it is worth, I wanted WR Dwayne Bowe the year most everyone wanted QB Brady Quinn.

I thought Dwayne Bowe reminded me of T.O. as a big bodied, brash tough guy WR. I was hoping he would not be too much of character and act out like TO though either. He has been pretty solid for K.C. and I wish we would have snagged him.

We took Ginn Jr....and his family and the 5 for 1 pick still didn't work out.


funny thing about the 10 yard dash is that just about Everyone ran it around 1.55 to 1.6 seconds its ridiculous to even measure. I look at how a guy runs in general forget the time just use your eyes and most of the time its accurate enough. For instance Ingram looked slow not like a natural runner n guess what... his time was slow. K. Hunter, D Murray J Todman 4.47 , 4.37, 4.40 all looked the opposite. They ran fast and their 40 time can attest to that in a measurable thats on the record so Are 40 times important? no not really when its just a guy running and the differences are tenths of a second. But they do show you how a guy runs. If someone 5'9 runs slow there is a problem. If someone 6'0 to 6'2 runs slow atleast they have the frame to break tackles and be effective IE. Blount 4.72

A lot of people hated the Pat White pick and now in hindsight it's easy to see why. Maybe they were worried he wouldn't be there later? Maybe their homework said he would be that deadly in the NFL? If you review his college footage it is an astronomical plunge that he had from college to pros.

Who knew that his off would literally fall off?

Mayock was all over it and thought it was great, especially him going to Wildcat Miami (its on Youtube ez to find).

I didn't hate the pick and infact thought it could be the next evolution of our Wildcat OFF. It failed miserably and Mayock and myself were dead wrong. My point is, if Pat White would have been say Brad Smith of the NYJ, there would be a lot of redemption. The Fins brass thought they were getting a better version of Brad Smith in Pat White.

If Pat White only turned out to be the special teamer/KR that Brad Smith is, he would not be the total bust he was.

I know that I am using "Ifs" and "Buts" but I am trying to illustrate that the draft theory was not so far off base. In theory if Pat White would have been even ok in the Wildcat package and pretty good on STs he would still have a job. We would not be looking for a ST KR/PR guy right now. The Wildcat would have scored more and gotten more 1st downs and would be more viable now.

In the NFL, the door to the science lab doesn't stay open long (see Run and Shoot Off). Most regimes are loathe to try new things or they simply don't have the sway to impliment whole OFF wrinkles like the Wildcat.

This is not a case for bringing back or running more Wildcat. We don't have the trigger man that can throw the ball enough to make it work, we have RB who does a decent job sometimes when he throws.

Since people have figured out its 95% run they are stopping it much more often.


I saw that Pat White video on youtube...he looked awesome. You watch that and say this guy has the 'it' factor. Well, he showed none of that for even one second in the NFL.

Well as stated above, we are armchar GM's. We get to play at no cost, no ramification of being wrong other than a couple of 'I told you so' from the other bloggers. So, its simple fun.

I mostly read the blog, its entertaining at times. When I see some getting all riled up and hostile, calling others names, makes you wonder how they can possibly take this so seriously as to actually get angry over someone elses opinion on a blog, something that has no bearing whatsoever on their life. They get angrier at a blogger than they do the GM being wrong! I figure either a lame sex life or they are just extremely bored in general.

guy I like that blew up combine raising his draft stock to 3rd rd Jordan Todman - RB Connecticut Jr 5-09 203# 4.40 bench 25 38' vert 1.53 10yrd 09'11" broad 4.18 cone 7.24 shuttle

I honestly thought they were trying to convert Pat White into a WR/ slash type that could be used not as the RB in the wildcat but as the QB out as a WR. I didn't see Pat White booming as a NFL QB just didn't have the size and he wasn't Michael Vick.

Rob in OC....

I'll be completly honest with you.....I have never heard the words "10 yard split" until this years combine.....

and the second I head Mayock....or whoever said it....i thought to myself...."theres' the new buzz word of the blog"....

I even thought to start a post using it .......so I could be the 1st one....

In any case.....i thought better of it because its not something that is my everyday footbal venacular and therefore would come off as phony.....for me.....

The words "10 yard split" may have been around since the early days of Tom Coughlin.....but I am pretty sure it didn't make its first appearence on this Blog until after the 2011 combine.....

In either case Rob.....post how you like....I like reading your stuff....and I post to you things I have questions about or disagree with.

You have earned your credibility on this Blog IMO.....regardless of lingo.....

HO Hum @ 5:44....

The 2nd part of your post should be bronzed......

Isn't the reason we blog here to give our opinions? We don't have to be right, that is the fun of it. Keep giving opinions. If you don't like what you see skip it. If you disagree, and want to contribute go for it. Remember this is just a forum, it's not a contest. Don't be afraid to be heard.

On side..I just got invited to go to the Masters for the practice rounds. Any of you out there ever been to Augusta? Where do you stay, or eat? everything is booked up, and the food looks like chain restaraunt hell? I'm trying to gather info about the area. Any help?

Anyone hear Locker's interview vs. Mallet's it's night and day. QBs need that "it" intangible and if you believe Mallet than you must not believe all the kids coming out and saying they actually did the cocaine/ marijuana with him. I'm not drinking his Kool-Aid. I wouldn't be surprised that Henne smokes as well. Henne is growing man boobs and a double chin

DD, I've been a couple times and I really like the French Market Grille (loved) and had breakfast at the Partride Inn real nice atmosphere ok food... everything I ate was on point. I'm a chef but u don't have to take my word for it.

Would any of you folks be interested in starting a group on ESPN.com for the NCAA tourney? I'll start it up if there is some interest.

*Partridge Inn even

beerphin....Thank you. One more question. Did you go for the practice rounds, or the competitive rounds? Were the badges easily available for all of the rounds? I know it can get pricey. But this is one of those"Bucket List" things for me.

dan @ 3:07, (Sorry about the lengthy post, don't read if you hate long posts)

I know there are terms that get thrown around by the "experts" to diagnose what the average fan is watching. Please hear me when I say I am not trying to come off as some guru or anything, I'm not. I just believe that the reason why many do not leave this blog is because we try to help each other out while also maintaining or ability to disagree with differing ideas or theories.

Pretty much every major sport has it's own dialect and verbiage that goes with that sport.

The thing is there has to be some sort of central terminology or you will always have people talking on different levels.

The ones you mentioned "field vision", "closing burst" and "hip pivot" are all terms that have been used time and time again over the years as I have followed the draft process.

I will try to help you sort out the terms you mentioned. These are way I take the terms you asked about...

"Field Vision" = The QBs ability to see the field and process the information in a plit second before making his throw. The better "field vision" a QB has, the more he will see ALL the routes develop and be better able to hit the open man. In Henne's case I think he gets dinged in this category as he tends to "stare down" his receivers. This allows the DEF to lock in on who is throwing to and be there for the INT or make the tackle. If he was able to process more information he may be able to go through his progression reads and get better results.

"Closing Burst" = The ability for a defender to accelerate to the ballcarier or QB in order to run them down or hit the QB before he throws the ball. The players that have this ability are more effective in those two key areas. The 10 yard split time may be part of this equation although game tape should supercede combine/pro day watches.

"Hip Pivot" = In my eyes, the trickiest of the three you presented. It has to with DBs and how they are able to go from fully pack peddling to a dead run in that same direction. The better and easier a player can "turn and run" with the offensive guy the better chance they have to make a play on the ball or make the tackle.

If you have access to the Combine tapes the backpeddle and turn drill that CB Brandon Harris did was about as textbook as one could get imho. If a guy struggles in this area Mayock would say they are "tight in the hips" or "less fluid" in their turn motion.

"Speed in space" or "Playing in space" = the players abilty to effectively use open field to his advantage. When you are a RB you properly angle to get the most out of the space you have or get creative in "open space" to juke a guy and run past. You have seen these guys that just barrel into the defender even though it looked like they could go around them for better yards. Larry Czonka/Lou Polite types need not worry about this as that is not their game.

As for a LB playing in "open space" means they are up in a two point stance and asked to have a few responsibilities like cover the pass in an area or the run to their side. A DE in contrast starts in a hand down position and battles with TE's or OT's at the snap so he typically has no "Open space" as his main responsibility. With the advent of zone blitzes all the Dlinemen are getting more "open space" responsibility then ever before.

"Setting the edge" = The ability for the OLB or DE to maintain "outside contain" or "outside leverage" to his side. You surely ahve seen a RB get the ball and scoot around one side of the line and start to get massive yards before the DEF catches up. That DE or OLB did not properly "Set the Edge" on that play. This can happen for a number of reasons. They get pinned inside with a "crack back block" by a WR or TE. They fall down or trip. They ran a "twist" or a "stunt" and lost edge. The OT jumped out and effectively blocked them on that outside edge of line of scrimmage.

OLB Koa Misi was pretty good for a 1st year guy at "setting the edge" and disengaging from players trying to block him. This forces the ballcarrier back inside of him, thus not letting RBs or WRs run around his side and have a free run down the sidelines.

You may already know everything I just said and probably do. If it helps someone else on our blog that just reads and never posts, great. If you want to say I'm FOS or take what I'm saying with a grain of salt that's fine too.

All just my own observations and I am just trying to help with the terms of the worlds best guessing game...the NFL draft.



As far as I know the brass really implored Pat White to try WR or possibly RB in certain sitches like screens etc but he would not and said "QB or bust".

When he got so laid out by Pitt on that run around the end I think he also realized that even if he bulked up some, he would hang long term in the NFL. He didn't have the body for it. Baseball was his fall back.


DD, I'd be interested...despite my Salukis not being a factor


Thanks for the shout out. I read all your stuff as well bud so keep on posting my friend.

I owe you some comments about your past posts on Mallet.

You are correct. The cut and paste may have been a more narrow view of a reporter trying to pidgeon hole him a bit for his answers at the combine (or lack thereof).

I am with you in the assessment that Mallet will NOT be around in the 3rd and if a team goes into the draft thinking that, they better have a plan "B" and "C".

From his super obvious arm strength to the way he fakes the ball I really like Mallet's skill set. His is slow and "Refused" (Haha, joke) to run as was stated but I would still be fine with him as a shot at getting a QB updgrade. Mallet's is Big Ben type big and has some ability to navigate pocket trash.

I even saw him rush for some TDs and he did not look like the fish totally out of water that Marino was when he took off running.

If Mallet treats the NFL as a job and tries to get the most of his talent by putting the "stuff" in the rearview mirror, I think he can really shine.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner bud.


Rob in OC, maybe you can help us with a few other terms:

Nice package
Spits vs Swallows
Plugs the middle
Inside route
TIght End
Wide Receiver



curious fan,

LOLOLOLOLOL... thanks for the belly laugh!

That's why I keep coming back to this blog as well. Some KILLER sense of humor, dry wit guys that can come out of the woodwork and slay me with laughter as well. Hat's off to ya bud!

I am a sucker for a well timed one liner or a seriously funny post.

Great job!



Unfortunately I can't/won't join ya on the NCAA ESPN bracket deal.

I can only handle other sports beside MMA in very small, clip or highlight type doses.

I pretty much exclusively go to NFLN now as I don't have to wait for all the other crud before they do NFL pieces.

Golf is like watching paint dry for while the nails on the chalkboard rake away. I ahve played it 12 times and every time I was only glad that I was with friends as a saving grace.

On the restaurant side, can't help you at Augusta. Sounds like beerphin has some suggestions for ya. I ahve a friend that went to Hiltonhead SC and said that was insanely good if you are looking for bucket list golf places.

Thanks for offering advice to CM from your restaurant experience. I would hate to see one of our blog regulars take a bath on a dump or get into a bad gig.



Great movie bucket list and for sure....get those things checked off brudda!


A few commented earlier on this blog about why Henne takes such a hard, perhaps unfair hit, from the bloggers. Here is the way I see it.

For many weeks, it was fashionable to blame the OC or the QB coach. Then came those infamous 3 games against Clev, Buf, Detroit at home. Already frustrated, the fan witnessed Henne at his absolute worst on things that had nothing to do with the play calling. Batted down passes, poorly thrown passes, and throwing to covered receivers instead of wide open ones. Many lost faith. Those many that lost faith had high expectations of Henne going into 2010, including myself. Those three games were really the most painful offensive performances we have seen for some time. Henne is the girl that shows you tit and thigh but goes no further, he rocks between the 20 and 20, seduces you into thinking he has game, and turns into stale bread in the redzone without fail.

The fan base got to a point where they had to believe it was more than the OC's fault. Not to mention the HC even benched him mid-season. Henne is a strange bird. After that ridiculous miss to Fasano in the endzone, he is seen chuckling on the side line. He never appears to be rallying the troups on the sideline, just off waiting to try again like a good employee.

He has skills, but will they ever be consistent enough? I think he will have about half a season max to prove himself. Even Shula said if he has something to show he should be showing it by now. I think he is who he is, will always be a tease player, lots of potential that he never lives up to, but if he proves otherwise, that he can take the next step, more power to him and the fins.

Here is a guy I have been studying a lot lately. I like his running style, balance and moves. He also has great hands and could be just the speedy weapon Miami needs to gash teams with screens and chunk yardage that we have sorely missed.

The school said he was 6'1" and 200 lbs but his combine weight was 194 lbs. He didn't run the 40.

With 36 TDs in two years and almost 4,000 yards from scrimmage he is definitely a multifacted RB. He led the nation in a very crucial category... Yards Per Carry or YPC at a whopping 7.7 YPC albeit vs lesser competition at Eastern Washington. He did dominate which is what you want from a small school athlete.

Here are some videos of the guy in action and then a couple of oddball physical feats that show his leg explosion off.

To all those that have been preaching him from a while back I apologize in advance.

Taiwan Jones highlights: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCIN6EWoPBo&feature=related

Taiwan Jones jumping out of a pool backwards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o2-nOsPEm8&feature=related

Taiwan Jones jumping onto a dumpster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxhTa9FhGnA&feature=related



I didn't go for golf I went to see music...sorry

ho hum,

Really good post @ 7:18. Well thought out and well laid out.

I know there are basically two schools of thought on Henne. The tease factor is what has the wait and see, he'll come around, it's the coaches fault for making him checkdown or telling him to be safe that hosed him.

Then there's the If you don't show me anything inside of 3 years your a bum and need to be replaced crowd.

Henne has a NEW OC AND NEW QB coach with NEW schemes, system and plays.

I am of the belief that the spent the 2nd rounder on him and he has played well in stretches so he should be in the mix to compete. I think the brass would be suicidal if they didn't bring in heavy duty competition to possibly unseat Henne.

If that be a drafted QB that comes on like Big Ben, Flacco, Ryan, Bradford and Stafford that all played well early than killer. If it is a grizzled vet like VY than so be it.

Henne is in that Sanchez mold where you can't tell if you are winning in spite of or because of their play.

I wanted Henne to succeed with every fiber in my body since he was drafted. I am trusting my eyes and saying I think Henne will eventually be replaced. It is actually a good thing and means the new guy should be better to perhaps bring more actual TDs to our OFF.


to be or not to be ..........



Well, you People use your terminology and I'll use mine. For instance, Misi and Wake set the edge very well last year, Tim Dobbins was completely lost in space, Paul Soliai is very strong at the point of attack, Channing Crowder rides a mean stationary bycicle, and so on. I like Modernism.

release crowder. resign mcdaniels. overpaid fatass solai

what you see right before you flush the toilet is basically the current state of the dolphins. forget 2011. the next revelant fins regime after many years of failure will begin in 2012.

I must say I admire the optimism of these fin fans. Despite every single indicator suggesting they will finish 3rd or 4th in the division, they remain optimistic of a playoff berth.

NE: 14-3 last season, with 6 picks in first 3 rounds. Top head coach in the league, top 3 QB in the league.

NY: two consecutive AFC title games. Top D mind in the league.

Buffalo- up an coming, ready to take over Miami at #3.

Mia: no second round pick. no QB of the future. No first string running back. No speed anywhere. Worst special teams in the league. Plain dumb head coach. Owner out to lunch.

I Just came back from my job at the pharmacy .

3 and 13, With strike 2 and 8..............

Henne looked like a different QB then how he looked in 2008. Just physically he looked more flustered and scared n more outta shape. Hard to explain but I noticed it early on week 3. Did anyone else notice he was off besides the obvious of sucking? ps oscar that was funny

definitely resign McDaniels he was the only reason we had depth on DL trade Merling

errr 2009 I meant

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