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Dolphins under investigation for improper player-coach contact

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today said five teams have been fined for improper contact between coaches and players prior to the lockout being in place -- and although he did not name the Dolphins, it is believed they are one of the teams that are being investigated for the issue.

NFL executive counsel Jeff Pash told reporters after Goodell's press conference that the five teams are actually either being fined or are the subject of an investigation.

"Five teams were contacted, whether they were inquiries or fines or some of each, I haven't read the letters so I don't know," Pash said. "The commissioner sort of rather strongly suggested that one team in South Florida might have crossed the line. Beyond that, I don't know."

Pash did not confirm the Dolphins have indeed been fined. Simply read his words. A report that Pash did confirm a Dolphins fine is erroneous. The Dolphins may yet be fined. But confirmation of that is not yet available. The Dolphins had no comment through spokesman Harvey Greene.

Quarterback Chad Henne, Miami's presumed starting quarterback, told The Miami Herald last month he'd been meeting with new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll for the last month in preparation for player-organized workouts that would replace any offseason workouts or minicamps lost to a possible lockout or other circumstance related to the uncertain and unresolved collective bargaining contract.

Henne, apparently comfortable with the new playbook, would presumably run the offensive portion of the workouts. To be equiped for that task, Henne had to learn portions of the playbook, or at least significant portions of it. And to do that, he likely had to study the darn thing.

Regardless, even meeting with Daboll to discuss strategy was apparently out of bounds. The collective bargaining agreement between players and the league specified that following the uncapped year, players and coaches would not meet until at least March 15.

Henne's contact with both Daboll and quarterback coach Karl Dorrell happened in February.

"I took some vacation time, maybe a week or two here or there, but once we signed Coach Brian Daboll, I tried to get into there as quick as I could to learn the offense," Henne told the Herald's David J. Neal during a team golf outing in February. "I've been meeting with him for the last month now. I feel pretty comfortable with what he's teaching and what the offense is going to be about just in case -- who knows what's going to happen this Thursday? -- that I can pass it on to the guys and help the guys out."

The Herald reported Henne's apparently inadvertant admission about the contact in February. Henne is quoted extensively in the story written by Neal at the time, talking about the new offense and how it is quarterback friendly and a mix of the New England and New York Jets offense. He did so with authority because he'd gotten the playbook and some tutoring from Miami coaches at a time the collective bargaining agreement said he could not.


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yazzi isn't it obvious sparano is a total bonehead? nice guy ok but a dumb cluck. 7-9 two years,in a row, 1-7 at home stinks any way you look at it. exuses don't change it.

Henne's misspeak tells me in a very loud volume how out of touch the oc was with the qb last year. Henne (gasp) sounded excited.

Good for him. I am cheering for the best out of him.

We need running backs. Great ones are team changers making everyone's job a lot easier. All great teams need a great back. I simply look at Barry Saunders, Thurmon Thomas, Earl Campbell, Adrian Peterson and Ricky Williams of a few years ago.

Find a great one and we have a consistent winner.

Another NFL moment. First of all, I believe Goodell is the worst commish the NFl as ever had. He speaks when he should stand pat, or he doesnt speak when he needs to. That said, Henne is perhaps the non-smartest QB the Dolphins have ever had. Henne hasnt done anything wrong except he doesnt think before he says or has his picture taken at the sillest times. And of curse the Miami Herald will print anything wrong with the Dolphins. I dont care of Henne had illegal contact with a Dolphin coach. The NFl has way to many rules and regs. And I dont care if the NFL just goes away.

Armando is the snitch.... Check back two weeks, he loves to see FinFans squirm.

Mando the snitch, you posted that blog cause I read it! Worst piece you ever wrote.

No offense, well I guess some intended, Who ever blasted odin in the begiining of this blog is a fool.

And anyone who is Blaming Henne for this is also a fool! 5 teams are penalized on the same thing, so the rule was not clearly stated to the players that talked about it.

It is a f'n fine, big deal. Thank God this guy is trying to learn the offense and get better, because frankly... HE NEEDS TO GET BETTER.

Honestly. if I like Henne or not is irrelevent, but all of you poeple here hating on him, who are throwing this out as MORE proof that he is useless are truly ignorant. His play on the field sucked last year, but this is not a big deal, and is more on coaching for not telling him to be quiet.

can we trade for Peyton Manning in exchange for the entire roster and sitting out the season? That would be fair trade.

well good job mando! You reported it first. maybe you can take gratitude in knowing you probably caused all this. Winning.

i would have thought that if there was anyone on this team that would have improper contact with a player (innappropriate touching) it would have been ross. he seems a little girly.

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