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Dolphins work out Arizona's Ricky Elmore

While the pundits and so-called experts are trusting the Dolphins will use most, if not all, their draft picks on offense, I've been telling you the team desperately wants to improve special teams and its pass-rush.

There was some proof of that Monday when the club worked out Arizona OLB Ricky Elmore.

Linebackers coach Bill Sheridan flew out to be with Elmore for the private meeting. The two watched film together and went through the usual position drills.

Elmore led the PAC-10 in sacks for the second consecutive year in 2010. He did this while improving his 2009 total of 10.5 sacks to 11 sacks in 2010. That, by the way, is no easy task because once a player leads the conference in sacks, other teams take note and typically do what they must to contain that player.

Elmore, 6-4 and 260 pounds, nonethless finished ranked ninth in the nation in sacks.

So why the interest?

Elmore isn't a first-day pick. He more likely will go anywhere from the late third round to fifth round. He's a no-frills, high-motor guy that knows the game and want to learn more.

He's not a track star. He ran a 4.91 in the 40 at the Indianapolis Combine but I'm told that was because he was sick. (He ran anyway so you have to admire that). At his Pro Day on Saturday he improved all his measurables to 4.79 in the 40 with a 34.5 vertical.

Do the Dolphins have room for a guy like Elmore on the roster?

When one considers that Quentin Moses has had four years to develop, last year got several significant opportunities to play, and still produced only one sack, the answer would have to be yes.

When you consider the team was eager enough to improve its pass-rush that it put in a waiver claim for Shawne Merriman, the answer would have to be yes.

And don't even get me started on the need to bring in some fresh blood on special teams to immediately upgrade a unit that gave up a total of three punt and kickoff return TDs last year. The answer, again, is yes.

Maybe Elmore can fill all of those needs.

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I agree w/ DB, it was a catch and furthermore it would not have stopped the three for leaving for the WFL, Joe Robbie was too cheap to match what they got there so regardless of how we did in 1974 they were still gone. Zonk stated he had to go for three times the money. Also we probably would have lost the next week to the Steelers to be honest.


The game DB and I are back and forth on was known as the "Sea of hands" game... or Touchdown... take you pick. Stabler after using his last T/O came back on the field, and took the snap, he did his "Run all over hell" Stabler thing, then threw the ball into what looked like 20 sets of hands, anyone who saw the play thought is was a sure pick... some how Davis came down with the ball. Miami still had 26 seconds, and with a great return man and a team that scored well... it was not impossible. The game ended with a INT thrown by Griese to Phil Villapiano a LB. Its funny because it looked like something Henne would do... it was the 2nd play of the 26 second drive... and Griese checked down and was picked by a LB... Oh the horror!!!! The Raider fans rushed the field and some of the Dolphins players threw punches because they could not get off the field... It got ugly, Miami and Oakland HATED each other for years and years after that.



Posted by: ALoco | March 14, 2011 at 11:34 PM

Because you keep letting Mamma Maria drive it all over the place-LOL!

oscar canosa,

Have you ever considered that so-called "ALIENS" and thier SUPREME leader which earlier man called "GOD" is coming to reclaim what is already is?

Have you also considered that we are all actually "ALIENS" too? After all, more likely than not, we humans ourselves are a product of "ALIEN" technology.

Isnt it ironic that our very existence and everything in existence seem to always have it origin linked to that which is above? They have let the "INMATES" run the asylum and everything's going ary.

So is so overly farfetched the creator is systematically drawing this show to a close? I think not.


From Wiki:

"The Holy Roller" (known as "the Immaculate Deception" by San Diego Chargers fans[1]) is the nickname given to a controversial game-winning play by the Oakland Raiders against the San Diego Chargers on September 10, 1978. The game was played at the Chargers' home field, Jack Murphy or San Diego Stadium (now Qualcomm Stadium). There have been differing interpretations of how the play should have been ruled, and it has remained a controversial play for fans of both teams involved.

The play

With 10 seconds left in the game, the Raiders had possession of the ball at the Chargers' 14-yard line, trailing 20-14. Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler took the snap and found himself about to be sacked by Chargers linebacker Woodrow Lowe on the 24-yard line. Stabler fumbled the ball forward, and it rolled towards the San Diego goal line. Running back Pete Banaszak appeared to try to recover the ball on the 12-yard line, but could not keep his footing, and pitched the ball with both hands even closer to the end zone. Raiders tight end Dave Casper was the next player to reach the ball but he also evidently could not get a handle on it. He batted and kicked the ball into the end zone, where he fell on it for the game-tying touchdown as time ran out. With the ensuing extra point by placekicker Errol Mann, the Raiders won, 21-20.

However, Stabler's fumble was deliberate. "I fumbled it on purpose,” he said after the game. “Yes, I was trying to fumble.” [3] Banaszak and Casper also admitted that they deliberately batted the ball towards the end zone(all penalties).

In response to the Holy Roller, the league passed new rules in the offseason, restricting fumble recoveries by the offense. If a player fumbles forward during the last two minutes of a half or on fourth down, only the fumbling player can recover and advance the ball. If that player's teammate recovers the ball during those situations, it is placed back at the spot of the fumble.

Sorry for the long post ALoco.............


Yes, I took back my earlier statement about that catch. My "replay" argument was over a different issue I posted a few posts back....

As far as losing to Pittsburgh... Miami was 11-3. The only game they lost that year out of their division was to Washington in a 17 - 20 away game.

The Steelers were only able to score 16 points against the Vikings... Miami COULD have lost... But I would have gave them very good odds in that game had they made it there.

I read somewhere that there was a fire that destroyed the only full copy of the Miami Oakland Divisional Playoff game in 74. The same piece said that it exists only from NFL Films material that they shot. But no full version of that game exists... So I read....


Only problem with that scenario is if a top ten player slid to #15 for anything other than drugs/character concerns. No one would be willing to give up thier 2nd rd'er for him anyway. It would have to be a humongous name that slid.

Right now there isnt a threat of anyone of that calibre sliding so far. No one anybody would be willing to give up thier 2nd rd pick to move up to get anyway.



I do remember that game now that you refreshed my memory, thanks(sarcasm-lol).

I hated Villapiano forever after that. I burned one of his football cards right after the game!

The sea of hands play in the 74 play offs was atough one to swallow and definitly a catch by the way, C.Davis had a grip on the ball like it was life and death, although ironically had we not scored so quickly right before that on Bennie Malone`s long T.D. run the Raiders never get a Shot at that play in the end.


Great find!!! So that is where the old "Fumbleroosky" met its demise? Should have know Stabler was involved... I tell ya, that guy was fun to watch play the game, he really was. His receiver corps was likely one of the best ever fielded, I mean.. Fred Biletnikoff sort of sums it all up... Branch and Davis. The Biletnikoff award is the top receiver award available.

One of the Cool things, even though a am a Canes fan... is Biletnikoff was out of Florida State!


You have been warned not to expose "our" diabolical plans for humanity!

Please stop scarring the natives, it only makes things more difficult in the long run!


Yeah youre right, it would scare the hell out of some to find out we're all just a product of alien engineering. We have grown to accustomed to thinking we're the smartest kid on the block! LOL...........


Those who say that they dont believe in aliens need only look into thier mirror whenever possible. We get an up close and personal of alien technology that stares right back at us! LOL..............


I hated Madden, Stabler and all the rest of the Raiders.

Stabler was the guy back then. Anybody ever make a comparison between Stabler and Brady?

The thing that made Stabler so great is the SAME THING that makes Brady great.

Two of the coolest headed QB's to ever play the game. I'm not saying they couldn't be rattled, but it took a lot.

These two stay calm dropping back always keeping their eyes downfield and always staying with the play.

At least that's the way I remember it.

PS: Derek, I heard the same fire story about the Oakland/Miami game film.

I recall, I think it was Ken Stabler, who said the irony of Clarence Davis catch was that Davis had terrible hands, for the most part he couldn't "catch a cold".

I would take Stabler over Brady anyday. Stabler would have 5 SB rings with the talent thats been through New England by now.

Stabler wouldnt have lost to the Giants after being 18-0 and I dont believe Stabler would have lost to the Jets in this year's playoff after having the superior team.

Gimme' the Snake, not the Marcia baby! LOL.......


If you're serious, then let me ask you a few questions.

Are all animals found on earth a product of Alien Technology?

Humans only?

What about Amphibians, reptiles, mammals, etc, etc........?


Clarence Davis didnt catch that ball. He ripped the for sure interception right from the arms of Nick Bounticonti. Bounticonti intercepted the pass, then Davis ripped the ball away from him.

Gimme' the Snake, not the Marcia baby! LOL.......

Posted by: DyingBreed | March 15, 2011 at 12:17 AM

I'm with you on THAT! Tou'che!

I have a question about UFO's and extraterrestrial life... Now mind you, I am convinced the Universe has both intelligent and non-intelligent life outside the bounds of our little planet. And that we would be ridiculously naive and/or convinced we are our own unique masters of an empty Universe.


There are distances involved that are so vast, and so energy demanding, that regular visits seem to me unlikely... But my question is simple... If an alien civilization has the technology and energy source to travel a Minimum of 375 light years (The closest star with planets that have been discovered in a system around it) and they get ALLLLL the way here not wanting to reveal their presence... Why the hell don't they have a "Light Switch" in their Space Ship?... I mean... I'm always hearing about "Seeing strange and unexplained lights in the sky"... Hell... I can reach down and turn off the lights in my truck... so that no one can see it at night on a dark road.... But these guys can travel 20 gatzillion miles... and don't have a "Dimmer switch"?

I'm confused...

Any help?????

Where did Aloco go?

Seriously Aloco, I'd love to be able to help you out with your car troubles.

I'd need a little more info though. Anything noticeable going on with it since your mileage has been on the decline?


That's an easy one.

The ONLY times you see me flying my spaceship with the lights on is when Homes and I have had too much to drink.

You think it's difficult finding planets orbiting stars in distant galaxies?

Try finding Homes basement in the dark!!!!


Every single thing you see on Earth and the Earth itself are a product of alien technology. The "CREATOR" is the supreme being. The creator is one who controls and can manipulate all known sources of power.

Just like in the Santa story, Santa has his elves or helpers. So does the creator or supreme being. The Jews called them angels. I see them as the citizens from up high.

They still visit the Earth today. They do it using what we call ufo's and uso's(unidentified submersible objects). I could tell you more but I would have to write a book. If you get a chance read "Chariots Of The Gods."

DB, Odin, Aloco, Derek.....Apocalypse NOW!


You're too funny! Dude thier thier technology is so much more superior to ours do you think they really care if we see them? Its not like we can do anything about them.

As far as travel, they have technology that doesnt require them to travel distance. Have you considered distance may only be the grand illusion design to keep us in our own little assigned corner of the universe.

Are you sure what appears to be 375 millions light years away is really 375 million light years away? Are you certain they havent taken the art of illusion far greater than David Copperfield could even dream of?

A good undrafted pickup Michael Hodges works hard, has a a lot of tackles seem to be at the right place at the right time sign Jocoby Jones kick return down field threat


I gotta thank you for clearing that up for me. It one of those head scratchers that have kept me awake nights.... BTW... Those spaceships... They come with Cup Holders? or is that a non-factory option....? Sota like Ziebart... I know you have a few years if you remember having your spaceships... Ziebarted"...!!!

Also.... I'm with you guys on the "Stabler/Brady" choice... Stabler had moves that got him that name. We may never again see a QB that carries enough ability that they call him "The Snake"... I mean we are talking QB here... not a LB or a DT/OT.

Miami and Oakland had some of the best football games I have ever seen. Not because I am a Fins fans either... They just carried a great rivalry...

You guys have a great night... I'll talk atcha later!!!


How you doing bud? Just getting in on the draft discussion. I've seen a couple of mocks lately that have AJ Green out of the first round. Seems unlikely to me but WR's don't seem to be getting drafted as highly as they once did. Call it the product of Ted Ginn and Braylon Edwards maybe. Bryant in all likelihood should have been a top 10 last year too. Maybe it was the character issues, maybe teams just don't value the WR position the same way any more...who knows? So if AJ falls out of the top ten who takes him? I know St. Louis would take him in a heartbeat but sho else? And if he does fall out of the top ten, where does that put Julio Jones with the foot injury. I'm starting to think there might be a chance that he is there at 15 and if he is, is there a team, other than New England, who would consider trading up to get this guy? Could we get something from them and still be able to get Ingram at 17 for example. Would we even want to do that? Just some thoughts?

Gotta get some shut eye guys but I'll be interested to read your comments in the morning.

By the way....I said A J Green out of the first round. I MEANT out of the top ten. Apologies. Brain is a little weary...

@ odin 11:55
( word for word from TV announcers that day)

Madden is walking on the field he wants to know if it`s real the referee says yes get your big butt otta here !!!

Hey odin,

As much as you hate Philipiano I got a feeling he hates himself more look at a replay of the immaculate reception again he`s the only Raider who really had an angle on Franco and fell down. To this day, he`s still crying that Pitt. T.E. Bennie Cunnigham clipped him, which he did replay clearly shows it by the way and if you really want to talk contraversy I always felt Franco grabs the top half of the ball at the same moment bottom half hits the turf and we all know you can`t trap a reception.

I read and posted about a week ago that Tampa and K.C. are the two teams that would consider trading up for Ingram but are only willing to part with a 3rd. rounder to do so, got the info. on yahoo sports by Mike Silver, who`s always pretty reliable

End of Days are Here!!!! Repent before it's too late!!!

Tarantula Mayonnaise shall be offered to Joshua the Platypus and then you will put on your bikini.


If AJ Green falls from the top 10 we had better be the team to nab him. We would have by far the best wr unit in the league. Still its just a pipe dream neither Green or Jones falls from the top 10.

BTW, checkout Walter Camp's mock draft. They dont even have Leonard Hankerson listed in thier entire 6th rd mock. LOL.........


I see Ingram as a pigeon-hole pick for a team like us at 15. Taking anyone else is over drafting.

There's no way I see any team giving up a 2nd rd pick for Ingram. A 3rd maybe, but not a 2nd. He's not what you would neccessarily call an "electric" player.

In that playoff game against the Raiders, Clarence Davis took the ball away from Dolphin linebacker Larry Ball, not Nick Buoniconti.


Youre wrong buddy. I watched that game and its thoroughly etched in my memory for life Bounticonti was the guy. #85, look it up! LOL.......

Dolphins starting lb's back then were:

Nick Bounticonti, Mike Kolen, Doug Swift, and Bob Matheson came in on passing downs.

With Matheson coming in it was actually the first 3-4 defense, but then it was called the 53 defense. Named after Matheson's jersey number. When Matheson came in we went with 3 down linemen and 4 lb's for coverage purposes.

Larry Ball was primarily a st's guy back then. I highly doubt Shula would have yanked a starter to put Larry Ball in at the most critical moment of the entire game.


A lot of Christian and Mythology stories are similar and overlap.

The legend of Odin and his half human and half God decendents is very similar to one of the most popular stories in the Christian Bible.

For the sake of argument, lets say your Alien proposition is correct.

Santa has his elves and the "Creator" has his "Angels" and they're all Aliens.

PLEASE explain how the story of Satan(Lucifer)fits into your hypothesis?

Please, no Darth Vader jokes either-lol.


Evening Gents,

I wonder what would happen if Ingram was passed over by us at 15 and the RB needy, multi-pick having Pats at 17.

Wouldn't that flat out support the arguement folks like myself and others have been saying all along?

That, as safe as Ingram may be (I say that's arguable) it's still not good draft strategy to take a non specatacular, non dazzling, coming off injury, smallish RB in the 1st round. It is a passing league and Ingram can catch but, he is not a natural receiver. He does fight the ball some before securing it.

I am willing to say if Ingram goes 18th or later those that had him pegged as a sure fire, #1 RB, safe pick should eat some crow.

If the guy goes 17th to the Pats or ANY choice earlier it supports whatever team's scouts/brass supporting the "Emmitt Smith Jr, studmo" comments all the pundits and many bloggers have stated time and time again.

Would that be a fair experiment?



There are different level of Angels. 3 levels I think, with being a super archangel beinr the highest level. This is what Lucifer, now called Satan(which means adversary) was.

Lucifer became very disturbed at the proposition that God(the creator) was making man to be higher than the angels and that angels would become servants of man. Therefore he led a revolt against God that was put down by Super archangel Michael, who is also known as the lord god amonst others.

Michael in his man form is known as Jesus Christ. The creator of all is called Jehovah. Jehovah is our creator. Jehovah is a super powerful creative entity, or life in its purest most powerful form.

I see Jehovah as pure entity, not a physical form of life. No Im not a Jehovah witness, just expressing my view of the almighty creator of all things.


I dont know why the Ingram thing gets taken so far out of text. The deal is that if we were pigeon-holed into having to use our #15. If we took anyone besides Ingram, based on our needs, we would be overdrafting that player.

Based on our needs, Ingram is the only player available that experts say wouldnt be overdrafting if we took him at #15. It has never been a horrible deal to get a draft's #1 rated rb at the #15 slot.


Also the way around that is to trade back. But I dont see any player available at the #15 slot any team would be willing to give up thier 2nd rd for. Best case scenario for us will probably trade back for an extra 3rd.

There are some very solid players available in the 3rd rd and having 2 picks there may not be so awful.

Not having a cba prior to the draft did huge damage to our prospects of getting a 2nd rd pick. We probably need to add a player or two to improve our prospects of landing a 2nd rd'er this draft.

You guys kill me with "Its a Passing League". There maybe only 5 out of 32 teams that really passes well, 6 is stretching it to the max.

The teams that really pass it well have upper level to great recieving corps and one of the league's top 5 qb's. If you dont have a combination of that, you're pretty much limited to playing for the title of best of the rest.


I'm getting it.

But if the Creator was an Alien, then these Jesus and Satan dudes were like Alien helpers?

Why did the Alien Creator make us humans higher than his Alien helpers?

And where are these two Alien dudes now?

Wasn't Satan banished to earth? Is he still flying around earth in a spaceship?

Sorry about all the questions, but did you ever notice if you slide the N in Santa down to the end it spells Satan?

It makes me wonder about all these Pagan religions and how they celebrate the birth of Christ. you know, Christmas and Santa and all his "elves".

I wonder if when the Anti Christ is born if they'll call it Anti-Christmas?


I would really like to see us get Ricky Stanzi in the later rds. I just have a strange feeling 5yrs from he now he could rate as one of the biggest draft day steals of all time.

Especially if you can get him 5th rd. I just believe in 5-7yrs he could be anywhere from a top 3 to top nfl qb.

he'd be a nice pickup in the 4th any sooner'd be a huge reach

Moses should be cut now! We don't have 4 years to get a guy ready. I'm embarrassed we are out in Arizona working out a guy named Ricky Elmore. Oh! I'm no expert and I don't care how many times this guy led the Pac-10 in sacks. Anybody that slow cannot help us. One week you're talking about speed and the next you're talking about the budweiser clydesdales. Sounds like to me the Dolphins are reaching.

overdrafting... LMFAO


If I knew the answer to all of those questions, it would be me saying to you right now. "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God" to you right now. There would also be a little smoke coming off of your a*ss from one of my lightning bolts too.

If I dont get a reply back from you I'll know what happened, ok? LOL...............


All Santas and Satans aside, I agree.

I just got a feeling about Stanzi. I think he'll need a few years in the NFL, but 5-7?

I see him doing it just a little quicker.

Theoretically speaking, in just over a year we could have Henne, Stanzi and Luck battling it out for a starting job in Miami.

Like I said earlier, a mans got to have his dreams!!!!


Don't you ever mention my beloved Budweiser Clydesdale's in the same post as a Ricky Elmore!

Sounds like some retarded little Blues Brother they made hide behind the drums with a little silver triangle!


I also feel that if Stanzi's drafted 4th-5th rd he'll come into the league with a MAJOR chip on his shoulder. I just hope we're the team he's playing for and not against! LOL..........



As I'm sure most of you can tell, I'm just about FREAKING DELERIOUS!

It's been fun Fella's!

Bottoms Up!!!!

Odin Out!!!!

My greatest concern of all is that I just dont trust Jeff Ireland to get this draft right. Ireland drafts his ego first and talent 2nd.

I have zero trust in Irelands ability to bring the right guys here.


I watch a lot of the Big Ten and I've watched him kind of, sort of, pretty close. I watched a lot of Highlight reels and youtube and all that. I think he's got Star written all over him.

Did you ever see the stuff about him being an "America, love it or leave it" type of guy that hates Hippies and weirdos?

If you haven't youtube Ricky Stanzi hates hippies. Funny Stuff.


Ireland has a lot to prove before I jump on his bandwagon.

I don't care if he's got Clydesdale's pulling it!


My eyes are bleeding, I'm OUT!!!!

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