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Report: Williams, Brown not very elusive

Earlier this week I wrote this column stating the Dolphins intentions of remaining a run-first team and telling you how intriguing that is, considering the Dolphins don't have any proven starting caliber running backs on the roster.

Yes, the club can always re-sign Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown or both. But I wrote that I wouldn't count on either being back.

This despite the fact coach Tony Sparano made very clear during his meeting with the media that he had no problems with the way Brown and Williams played last year. He actually said they played well.

Of course, I've reminded you time and again not to get too caught up in what the Dolphins say as much as what they do. If Williams and Brown played so well, how come the club opted not to re-sign either one before the labor agreement fell off the cliff into an abyss of pending legal challenges?

Well, the able folks at ProFootballFocus.com have crunched the numbers and they'll be happy to tell you why neither Williams nor Brown were priorities -- their numbers confirm what your eyes should have been telling you:

Neither Williams nor Brown were very good at gaining yardage on their own last season. Neither was good at breaking tackles or running away from tackles.

ProFootballFocus refers to this as its elusive rating. It measures a back's ability and performance independent of the blocking in front of him. This rating is a great equalizer in that it removes the advantages running backs that play behind great offensive lines have over those who do not.

PFF further states their elusive rating filters out coaching and playcalling, as well as the other 10 guys on the offense.

So where did Brown and Williams rate in 2010?

Bottom 20 of 58 rated backs.

Brown rated No. 48 of 58 with an elusive rating of 20.8. Keep in mind Ladell Betts had the worst elusive rating, according to PFF.com, with a 3.1. LeGarrette Blount led PFF's elusive ratings at 89.8.

Brown, the website said, gained 58.6 percent of his yards after contact or 2.2 yards per carry. That's bottom-third ordinary. Blount gained over 73 percent of his yards after contact and Oakland's Darren McFadden averaged 3.5 yards after contact.

For perspective, understand that Adrian Peterson gained 877 of his 1,298 after contact last season. Brown gained a total of 734 yards.

Ricky Williams fared better. But not much.

He ranked 40th of 58 backs, with an elusive rating of 26.7. He was in the same company with backs such as Willis McGahee and Michael Bush.

Williams averaged 2.5 yards per carry after contact, according to PFF. He had 404 yards after contact for the season -- meaning 60 percent of his yards came after contact.

The stats would suggest that if the Dolphins want to bring back the more effective back from last year, it would be Williams. The problem is no one can predict if Williams, who turns 34 in May, will simply fall of the table with wear because of his age or continue to provide semi-acceptable play.

The elusive rating article doesn't mention Brown or Williams except for one instance but it is interesting.

One more thing: DeAngelo Williams, the back many Dolphins fans are eyeing because he's scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent is not on the 2010 report because he was injured much of the season. Williams had an elusive rating of 42.61 in 2009, which was 15th best in the NFL.

More like it.

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fin4life...How do you get your name in blue? Anymore of the impostering that went on last night, and I may have to call it quits.(not like this is a big deal to some. But I enjoy debating here, and sharing opinions. It sucks when people choose to ruin this)Sorry off topic. But I was bummed this morning when I read stuff from last night.

Julio Jones proved he was a freak at the combine. He may be so obviously good, my stubborness will not allow me to see it. I have a huge problem with his durability, and the amount of balls he drops. Durablitity is the biggest issue. He couldn't make it through a college season. What happens in the NFL where he won't be the number 1 right away. And the routes he is asked to run take him into the lions den? I know I'm knit picking. Jones may end up great. And if we had a chance to take him and we passed it would upset a whole lot of the base. Still. I don't know it this regime has the luxury of thinking down the road. And a player like Jones doesn't help us now.IMO

fin4life, see, this is the way People look bad in these Blogs. ALL players that participated in the Combine and that we are discussing have GREAT athletic skills(muchmuch more than you or I). Please!

Then again I am an idiot.


You just flipped my logic on it`s head, if we can sign A.Bradshw to compliment Ingram then my list of reasons against him go out the window, if we open up the bank this year I gotta tell you that`s the player I target, explosive speed thru the hole, good hands in the passing game, were opposing teams have to account for him, while moving the chains with Ingram, along those lines I won`t debate it, even though I would love to see a bruiser with attitude added to the OL.

0x80 @ 3:09,

Well you busted me cold. I guess I only have yet to hand in my blogger card and tuck tail and run...NOT!

Your arguements are simply grammatically splitting hairs and semantics.

I'll give you examples:

YOU SAID 1. Not a fact - its a guessing game, you can rarely be certain about any pick, but to call it a TOTAL CRAPSHOOT implies that it doesn't matter whether you pick, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. It also doesn't explain why some teams have consistently done well in the draft while others have consistenly done quite poorly.

FACT: I NEVER said "TOTAL crapshoot" as you said I did... I merely said "Fact: The draft is a crapshoot". The term "crapshoot" refers to a single roll of the dice in the hopes of hitting certain numbers you are gambling on. As dice are random so is the guessing game that is the draft. Thus using the term "Fact: The draft is a crapshoot" is a perfectly doable analogy for most logical people. While some gamblers seem to have better "luck/skill" or a system or whatever so do defferent NFL Team front offices. Thus, some have better "Luck/Skill" at drafting players.

Fact: Every team has misses and every team seems to hit on some players or we simply could not have the parity that exists.

I stand on my crapshoot comment being more factual in general then you saying it's OPINION or CONJECTURE. That covers your points 1. and 2.

3 I stated as FACT there are a GANG of solid RBs in FA. and you call that OPINION? What are you on? You start spliting hairs and qualifying "How good they are?" and state a few are worthy to "only fill the gap to buy time?" What do you think FAs are suppose to do?

Are you trying to tell me that DeAngelo Williams or Addai would not be a potential upgrade to Ronnie or Ricky? He is an accomplished back so of course he is filling a need and buying time till the next best thing. That is exactly what his purpose would be.

As for getting backs later there is a factual trend of that happening recently moreso than other positions...you trying to dispute that fact too? Blount may fall off the planet (I bet he won't) but he was a FA PICKUP!!! Cadillac Williams completely fell off as an Early 1st rounder...what is your point? What FACTUAL evidence that ANY position has been better than RBs taken very late rounds?

4. This is the point you make I will concede as Non Fact. I am not in any way shape or form pretending to have insider knowledge or know exactly what Ireland or Sparano think about Henne. Even with the CBA stuff working against ANY replacement he could have we will have to wait and see what actions the Bifecta take as to whether I had deduced an eventual fact or was talking out of my arse. Depending on the FA or even draft pick I believe Henne can lose his job inside of 2011. I believe that would vindicate my overly zealous assumption that the FO wants to upgrade the QB spot ASAP.

5. I am guilty of poorly conveying my thought about this FACT. What I was trying to say...If we take it as FACT that most all rookie QBs need time to work themselves into NFL studs...usually in year two or three or beyond. "IF" the Bifecta don't draft a QB in this 2011 draft that has the goods to be better than Henne has been and supplant him in 2012, then the ONLY way to save their jobs past this next season would be limited to a FA QB. We just established most every QB needs time to shine of at least a year.

Meaning if they don't draft a stud QB in this draft to groom for 2012 then that strategy won't work in 2013 as I believe Ross will move on and can them or at least Sparano.

6. Simply put, For a "Protypical RB" TOP 15 FIRST ROUNDER... 5'9 1/8 inches tall and 215 lbs is not a 1st round GOLD standard in ANYONES measurables list. It dang sure shouldn't be in yours either! I didn't say that players don't outperform what they look like or how much they weigh or how tall they are. Look at my post at 3:17 of players I would love as Fins. It is a veritable who's who of lesser measuarble guys... they are all capable of dynnamic, explosive plays imho though which is what i want our Fins to be. Most are shiifty as heck and speedy to boot.

7. No response as well. General terms, open to debate by all.

The only thing I can't stand is the lil qualifying caveats that Ingram supporters tack on to him. Things like, "Well I am NOT saying he the next Emmitt or "XXX" RB" "He is just a guy that will be solid for us for the next 4-5 years". I feel you have to get difference making STUDS at 15 in the first round and should be gung ho about getting them. Those are such milque toast comments it just bugs me... Like being bravely mediocre.

Sorry for the marathon folks... 0x80 and I are just mincing words is all. Even though we are both getting chippy I wan't you to know I am not grinding axes and hold no grudge about your stance. I hope you feel the same 0x80.

I have always acknowledged I am in the minority about Ingram and his value at 15. The amount of pundits and mocks that have us grabbing Ingram at 15 is alarming to NON Ingram folks. Lets see what the Bifecta really thinks.



I just stated that some have more than others, that`s all I don`t think I labeled you being it`s not my style, your opinion is as valid as mine, I just have a differing point of view and stick to my guns. The fact that I answer your post tells you that I don`t believe you to be an idiot.


Over the entry to post enter the typepad and register your screen name that way nobody can use it but you. I really want to drop all that nonsense from yesterday, if you notice I logged of in the afternoon disgusted with it and didn`t come back on till much later, like you said it`s about Football, it`s why those of us here right now log on.

hey rob you're not in the minority

if we have to pick at 15 i think most people think it's a bit early for him based on talent but this is probably also true for our other biggest needs vs who is likely to be available, thats why ultimatley our fo have to assess everyone and pic the best on the board for our team on talent/need/our type of system (even if its a dl)

ingram is one of those players who i wouldn't choke at hearing his name called and who 0x80 and f4l said that combined with a burst guy
could serve well for a long time to come

(choke on my empty plate that is)

Rob, for the benefit of the bloggers, lets not torture them too much more with this. Fact to me is a pretty strong unwavering word, so fine, we don't need to battle semantics any further.

In all seriousness, I really don't expect them to pick Ingram even if he is there, unless it was in the second round and we gained a pick there.

When all is said in done, I'll be happy if the pick they DO make turns out better than Ingram if it isn't him, as long as they get it right I'll be pleased!

@0x80 4:55

ECHO !!!


Welcome to the fray Pal!

How goes it up there?

As for the Julio Jones convo... I think the guy has mad talent and I really enjoyed his toughness on display at the combine in an era when most players shut it down for a hang nail. The combine worked for him as much as any player in the draft to me.

If he was there I would have a tough time passing on him from a dynamic perspective. To consistantly guard both BM and Julio Jones you better have a tall secondary, especially in the red zone.

I agree with you comments earlier about the QB a TON! I would say that is my number 1 concern that all these parts and pieces will get wasted if the same Henne keeps showing up.

Yeah, Henne could get better as some contend but I just don't see his light bulb going on. I was watching a commercial on NFLN (yeah, I'm busted! The boycott will start after the POST draft review shows subside. Damn NFL has me wicked hooked but I'll toss that barbless sucker. LOL) and it was the weird play late in the game where Henne threw the ball and it got tipped at the LoS and ricochetted violently off the DLs arm to Hennes right.

Henne stopped paying attention for a while until too late he figured out that a DEF had the ball and was running for a score.

What QB doesn't track where his batted ball goes? Couple that with never snapping the ball as DEF's jump waaay offsides or the 4 yard dump offs when we have to 80 yards to tie a score and he seems to lack peripheral or be sharp enough for NFL game speed.

Henne has a long list of lack of awareness plays that will be his undoing as a starter imho.

Cheers bro,

Well changing the subject, since I have the attention of a few regulars, I'm going to make a bold draft prediction, so I expect you all to refer to me as 'genius' once it does happen.

I say the Patriots trade UP to get Julio Jones. Makes too much sense to me. And its really bad for us!

Everyone's arguments about the draft and current roster are outstanding.

Was wondering if we could focus a bit on ownership, the FO, and the coaching staff?
It may not matter if we get the draft and FA right if the coaching staff doesn't have the vision or ability to put it all together and make it go.

Rob...Here is the thing. Take Dallas for instance. They went out and aquired Dez Bryant. Bryant put up good numbers. But as a team the Cowboys could not protect their quarterback and the team as a whole suffered. Yes they were dynamic, yes Dez and Austin, and Witten are formadable...scary. But it was only time before Romo got squashed, and it was Kitna to the rescue. My point is, and I think you know this. We can have all of the flashy skill players in the world. At some point, untill we find an all worl I can do it all quarterback. We have to be able to protect, and run the ball. Or those weapons on the outside mean squat.

As far as the future. I get it. We should always be stockpiling talent. It doesn't matter if Sparano is going to be around to see it or not. Leave the cupboards full right? But IMO this would be a gluttonous mistake. Fear is easily overcome by facing it head on. Teams aren't going fear a thing if the super group of recievers can't get the ball because the quarterback is on his back.

0x80...I hate to burst your bubble, don't want to sound like a punk. But I made that same point about 3 weeks ago. The Patriots may have too many picks. How many rookies, know matter how much potential they may have can you keep on a roster? The Patriots are already young. you want to tell me that they are going to add 6 players in the first 2 rounds to their roster? Plus whatever players are drafted later? No way. I think that is a lock the Pats trade up. They hold the keys in this draft.

Ok, I get you fin4life, but, are you telling me that you can distinguish among all those very gifted athletes who has more ability? If you do, you might consider applying to MiamiDolphins.com.

the wolf, icu @ 4:45

Love that last quip in parenthesis

(choke on my empty plate)

I would agree with you that in order to have the best chance of having a successful #15 pick they need to keep DEF included.

If they can take a DE that is rated 87 out of 100 vs an OFF player they rate 67 out of 100, then they should take the DE and trade away any extra players later on down the road when they can.

That gives them the highest chance of landing a game changer to be able to draw from the whole pool of players.

If they take DE Cameron Jordan (after not being able to trade back fairly) and Jordan becomes what they wanted Merling to be then we will have more sacks, Cam Wake gets help, and the whole DEF secondary covers players less long. That gets us off the field and the OFF starts anew.

To quote the NFLPAs DeMaurice Smith "I dig the way your thinking"



DD, ok, but since I didn't see that and I still thought of it, I'm still a genius!

Man, I hate to talk business.


Consider our back and forth squashed or tabled either way.

Fun joust while it lasted but much too verbose for other bloggers to stomach...agreed!

Also agree that whether they get Ingram or ANY other player DEF or OFF... I hope he outperforms my wildest expectations.

FACT: We can both agree to punch a ticket for a bonafide stud no matter what!... or is that OPINION? Hahaha.


cheers rob

i hear u on henne' s bad points

but. The ground game was one of the worst in the NFL in ALL categories in 2010. It was one of the top in 2009. In 2010 it wasn't picking up enough consistent, quality yardage on 1st and/or 2nd down. This put henne in to many 2nd & 3rd and longs, which isn't good when you have a group of the slowest WRs/TEs/and RBs in the NFL and a defense knows you need 8+ yards for a first. You're setting a QB up for failure in that scenario. HOWEVER, when the ground game did its job and put Henne in 3rd and manageable situations (3rd & 3-7 yards) he was the TOP QB in the NFL in converting them----- NUMBER ONE with a QB rating around 117!! And this is a significant stat!!

u know that pain u get when u'r really hungry

yeah we've all got that on this blog!

0x80, DD

That`s actually an interesting scenario you guys bring up and you could be right but unless they can get a top 10 team to bite on there pick 17 with there original pick in round 2 (bottom rd.) I don`t see it happening. OT Matt Light has been on borrowed time since the SB against N.Y they`re as big a player in the OL market as anyone (second 1st rounder) Couple that with there non existant pass rush a hallmark in any Bellichek D and I figure pick 17 has Kerrigan or Watt written all over it, they like us see the value in a WR in round 2,(first pick rd.2) they aren`t the vaunted powerhouse of the last decade. I see the reasoning but I also think that given there needs and the positions there in (pick #) then this particular draft plays out to for them very nicely.


You and I are radar locked... come hell or high water, we need a stud QB and it appears we are both of the belief that Henne is a back-up or journeyman type.

10-4 on that one.

Some other bloggers feel that if we build the Great Wall of China OL in front of Henne to give Henne and hour and give him WRs and TEs that can silly putty stretch to catch balls behind them, over them, underthrown, or out of bounds to make sick grabs as well as RBs that can catch like WRs and block like an extra OL in the backfield... The team would grow old trying to find all those pieces.

He has D Bess one of the best Slot WRs in the game today.

He has BM that had over 100 receptions for 3 straight years with 3 diff QBs in Denver before he came here. His first season was not great by him and he would be the first to tell you that. That aside I don't think Henning helped with play design much and Henne agitated him to no end with errant throws. I am NOT excusing BMs drops that counted too many.

Hartline while now wonder WR is serviceable...such a quasi ugly word. He has some speed and made a better case for himself when healthy. Jury is waaaay out and I know there are upgrades to be had.

Ronnie and Ricky both catch the ball well enough to give him RB pass options of sorts. Nothing stellar but it's not like they can't throw to them like RBs on other teams.

TE Fasano played better than other years but is not scaring DEFs much.

By and large I would say an accurate QB with a release and pocket awareness can score with this group at least mid pack vs other teams.

My opinon, we have to spin the wheel at QB both in FA and the draft. Load two more bullets in the chamber in case Henne gets benched, injured or gets outplayed to be the starter.

I'm preachin' to the choir.


Fin4Life....Interesting you bring up Watt. I saw a mock today where the one and only Phins take Watt at 15. This is neither here no there, and means nothing. (except you bring him up as a possibilty to NE) I believe in a round about way. The possible trades the Pats make will be the key to us getting into the second round(I think it is going to take a combination of other trades to get us some wiggle room)

@ Oscar,

I don`t pretend to know more than any so called expert, you can grab a mock from this years draft and look at it in 4 years and there will be as many misses as hits, guaranteed. That said when I say some are better than others, I`m really talking potential that in this case refers to who will be the better game breaking threat in the NFL.

I think Julio Jones has the size, speed to be an elite player who can take it to the house from anywhere on the field on the flip side I don`t feel the same about Ingram, it`s just my opinion.


i agree jones>ingram as gamebreaker potential

but thats why jones won't be there at 15 and ingram will!!!

if they're both still there with c newton i'd be happy to take ingram or jones!!!

Darryl, that's why is important for Ireland to keep picks under wraps. Belichick, with all the picks he has available, you can bet he'll waste one just to impede our choices. He has never been a fool and he knows that Miami is in his path.

I have to hang up the writing cleats for a while.

The wifi unit came home and I will log to hang out.

Great chats today fellas.

fin4life, DD, the wolf, icu, 0x80, oscar and others all chipped in some good stuff today.

When the draft gets close we will have to make some final lists and predictions and I will print them out so I can refer to everyones final calls. The blunders and bingo's will be fun to kick around initially.

Last year marked my first real time spent on this blog. I simply don't have the desire or time to blog elsewhere. I hope we continue to have great exchanges of ideas about our Fins.

Maybe I can check in later. Sorry about the War and Peace posts with 0x80. Cliff noted he likes Ingram (barring certain players falling) and I don't care for him as a Fin.


OK, opinions will always be opinions.

0x80..Rob...Nice work today. Didn't mind the back and forth at all. Long posts are fine by me. They usually have a ton of opinion, or fact(the word of the day)

Rob...I think the thing is. How much is the offense really going to change? I know it can happen. But the odds of this team being a top 10 offense next year are slim.

That said. I think we can be competitive with Henne. I don't think we will ever be a serious contender. If he could eliminate his mistakes in half, it would make the team better right away. The accuracy thing is the most troublesome. This isn't the fault of any coordinator, or poor protection(the protection was very good up until Chicago)This is on Henne. Plain and simple.

Back to my original point. If we are ever going to make a serious charge at the cup. The quarterback is going to have to be more then a game manager. That doesn't cut it. No matter how good your defense is. The problem is that I don't think there is a quarterback that may become available that is more than a game manager. Who is a quarterback out there that could put this team on his shoulders and get the best out of our personel?

O.K. let me see if I got this straight

After 4 hours on line posturing are different scenarios we know 0x80 likes the idea of Ingram over others.

Rob, Wolf, DD and I seem to be on board with an OL, while me and Rob love the idea of J.Jones if he fell there, in fairness 0x80 won`t dispute that pick either.

DD and Rob are thinking BA regardless of position, now I`m the one who doesn`t wanna burst bubble`s but I`ve been arguing weighing need against talent for weeks now. I don`t think eveb if Watt fell we`d bite given he`s the perfect trade down bait but I gotta believe if Robert Quinn and all his baggage falls to 15 you gotta take all 15 min. and weigh it, absolute monster to bookend with C.Wake.

Now we will all be left silent and shaking our heads when Ireland turns around and drafts a Q.B.,crazy you say, maybe but there is another way to look at it. It`s the perfect selling point to Ross for more time to execute a blueprint.

fin4life...One of the many reasons the Dolphins have yet to call and offer me a front office job is they probably all take this blog as gosphel(lol)Knowing this. I don't think we are in a position to draft the BPA. Even though this is what I would do. I don't think it is the approach the FO takes. If we were a constant playoff contender, and had the luxury, and track record to develop talent. This strategy would make more sense.

I have made argument after argument as to why we should take the BPA, and who knows we may. But say the BPA happens to be a DE. Does this improve our team? Depth wise yes. But the odds of a 3-4 rookie defensive end making a difference is low to none. Misi was good, but what is he? A pass rusher? A run stopper? Both? Niether? Yet to be seen.

I know that we have hole in the armor. If the player we draft can fill one of those holes I'm ok with it. That is why all the arguments for guys like Ingram, or a quarterback, or space shuttle pilot all hold water. I don't agree with them all. But certainly understand where the argument comes from.


How fast is your space shuttle pilot`s 40 time ?

By the way, I had 4 good solid opinions today at Gulfstream Park.

DD @6:29

In all fairness that`s probably everybodies thinking here in a nutshell

Drop a tip sometime then Oscar

Chad Pennington has never been a game manager, rather, he manages the Coaches. But, unfortunately, I think he's done for.

I'm no tout, fin4life, It's strictly between Las Vegas and I. Hehe.

fin4life...My space shuttle pilots name is Tawain Jones..Word around the campfire is that 26 teams will be at his pro day. Expectations will be he will run a sub 4.4 time. Around 4.35 is what Mayock expects. That is a lot of hype around a player coming of foot surgery. He moved his pro day back to April 14 from April 1.

I have said this before. Jones is the best player I have seen live at the FCS level. That includes Jared Allen, Tony Romo, Mark Mariani. I have been to 90 percent of Grizzly home games including playoffs, and no player has dominated the field like Jones.

No doubt we Fans don't give a f-ck(Yes, Armando), about who it is, as long as he fills our holes(Hmm, did I say that right?).

OK Guys, The Cuban has arrived, What is new in"Phinland"?????

Oscar..The only time I lost attended Gulfstream was 2001 Breeders Cup. I think it was the Hall and Oates concert that jinxed any chances of cashing a winner. I choose to do my betting at Calder. So much seedier, and hey if you cash a winner, you can stroll across the lot and catch a Phin game for the same price as a trifecta box....

DD, I have a really hard time seeing Taiwan stay healthy in the NFL. The guy has nice speed and moves, but the negatives can not be overlooked. I pulled one scouting reports negatives on him from Sideline Scouting but most say the same thing:

Negatives: Has a frail build, legs are thin and he doesn't appear to have much strength in his lower body... Leaves the ball exposed when he's running... Runs upright, looks like he's running the 100 meter dash more so than running with the football, doesn't lower his pad level... Marginal leg drive, keeps his legs moving but doesn't have the power to go anywhere with it... Poor blocker... Tons of injury concerns, always seems to be nicked up... Played against FCS competition at Eastern Washington... Runs east/west too much and wants to break the big play every time he touches the football... Did not work out at the combine due to a foot injury.

Any one know who the Best kicker is out there??? I know the fins dont need one but lets face it, Look who the GM is and who the Head coach is....

Darryl, I'm glad to hear from another horseplayer and I also do most of my betting at Calder. But I haven't been to a racetrack in 5 years. For me, it's strictly Virtual betting.

0x80....All of those concerns are valid. The injuries and durability issues are a concern. He does have skinny legs. As far as his upper legs, you can't tell in his pads. It's funny you mention the leg issues. The first year I saw him play. He was returning kicks. I had no idea who he was except that he was killing us. The one thing that stuck out was his skinny chicken legs. In that game he had a 98 yard return called back, and a 65 yard td run called back.

But these are the reasons Jones will not go higher then round 3. He is a project. Part of the reason he is so electric is he can take it to the house on every play. You tube the Tawain Jones draft video. It is from March, and about 12 minutes long. If you have the spare time I ask you to watch it. It will give you an idea of what I am taliking about. Watch the highlights against Nevada, and the play he makes against Cal...incredible

The argument about blocking is totaly understanable. He never had to block at EWU. This is a huge area of concern. But if we could get this guy in the 5th round. I'm talking about 10-12 touches a game, plus return duties. He is going to be a steal. The debate that he played at a lower level is kind of B.S.IMO. He dominated. It wasn't a player that showed flashes. But in any game he was the best player on the field. That includes the game V. Nevada with Kaepernick playing qb.

Those are the most difficult players to evaluate, Darryl, full of talent but they don't fit anywhere in the NFL makeup. Personally, after Ted Ginn, I shy away from that type of player.

Oscar....Yeah, I don't get to the track much. All we have up here is Yellowstone Downs. 2 weeks in September, and is usually all quarter horse racing. Those are exciting if thrown into a lineup of different lengths. But 10 sprint races gets a little boring.

I grew up ditching school and going to Santa Anita, or the Fairplex in Pomona. We would bet little 2 dollar quinellas hoping to score a nice win. It was cool because they would serve us drinks at the huge bar at Santa Anita. In high school 20 bucks went a long way. So if you could hit a longshot(rarely happened) you could live like a king...good times. The one constant at Santa Anita was putting money on Foriegn Horses in their first US races, They would always finish in the money, and usually start out at 7-1 or higher. So if you hit that with a longshot a 2 dollar quinella paid over 100 bucks

Ahh, from what I have seen from Santa Anita, that's some beautiful Track and with very good horses.

I don't bet great amounts either, Darryl; we don't want to break Las Vegas, do we? Hehe

DD, did see those highlights, he is electric. I can help but thinking of how Ginn ran to the sidelines to avoid contact, to preserve his life basically. With Taiwan, I see a guy going for it that will just get really hammered too often. If I had a true luxury pick, I'd take him for returns and and a few touches but sit him until the playoffs! I just can't see him taking an NFL pounding.

The greatest Dolphin's disappointment for me was Nick Saban. His first year here got me going really bad, and then, disaster came. I know he's a very good Coach and from there, the hurting.

Maybe, 0X80. You just can't discard any player without examining him deeply.

0x80 Fair points. At some point I have to make a stand on some players. I find myself being critical of others choices, and have yet to go out on a limb as far as players I like. Sadly, I choose a guy that is a mid to late round flyer. But a stand none the less. I definitley appreciate you taking the time to watch the video. It is a little long, but exciting. Like all players, we will have to wait and see!

Why did Nick Saban fail? Since Shula's later days the misery has come from the Owners and of course their FO's. And that's the Truth, ....

And you don't want to be bullied? Well, you are being rightly bullied, yes, right here.

Violence only complicates matters...

Rob in OC,

Sorry man, just getting on board now. I'm obviously late for the party. 0x80, sorry I wasn't here to help fight the fight. Pretty obvious there was a lot of 2 on 1 and 3 on 1 going on....LOL. You did great by yourself!!

Rob, I'm not going to re-hash things. We see football differently and how to build a team differently. But I gotta tell ya, your approach is the same approach the Oakland Raiders employ and it hasn't worked for them for years. They like the athletes and they are all about speed. If guys aren't 'blowing up the numbers', then their not getting it done, as per you. You're a combine guy. You're a 'take a look at what this guy does and how high this guy can jump'. Now you can argue this point if you want but this is the kind of stuff I hear from you a lot. Unfortunately, with that approach you get a lot of busts thrown in there too. You get a lot of Jamarcus Russell's and Heyward-Bey types. A lot of Brandon Graham types, who I know you still believe in but if you were going to be completely honest, had a disappointing rookie season. I suppose maybe I like the 'safer' picks. I prefer doing things the way Steelers or the Packers do things. I prefer 'football players'. I love the kid they drafted last year, Bulagua. Most people would say that was a boring pick! Most people probably think Mark Ingram is a boring pick. That's fine. But the reality is, my approach is going to 'hit' far more often than yours and I'm going to have a consistently better team than yours more often.

You talk about Mark Ingram not having the 'measurables'. That's such a bogus argument! Did Emmit Smith have the measurables coming out of College? Did Marcus Allen have the measureables coming out of College? Both of these guys showed up EVERY Sunday and both of these guys are in the Hall of Fame today. Now guys will tell you that their OLs got them there but only part of that is true. These guys were football players who loved the game, put the time in to train and did all the right things. I see Ingram in that same type of mold. I don't say he's going to be a Future Hall of Famer or 'the next Emmit Smith' because that would be preposterous but I think he's got a better chance of being successful than a bust as you suggest because he does all the right things and has the right attitude. He seems like, at least to me, to be a guy who is incredibly driven to be successful, and who appears to want to do what it takes to win. If that's the sign of a bust, then give me a whole team of guys like that. I'll beat your team of 'workout wonders' every time.

DOLL PHINS....Freakin SUCK!!!!! Life long fan here and I swear to all that is holy, I will NEVER pull for them again..Dumba$$ owner..Dumba$$ coach...Choke Artist team...and oh yeah..we spent more time getting partial owners( Broke dead fuckin singers ) than we did finding talent...DOLL PHINS...Worst Franchise EVER!!!

My posts are dumb.

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