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Report: Williams, Brown not very elusive

Earlier this week I wrote this column stating the Dolphins intentions of remaining a run-first team and telling you how intriguing that is, considering the Dolphins don't have any proven starting caliber running backs on the roster.

Yes, the club can always re-sign Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown or both. But I wrote that I wouldn't count on either being back.

This despite the fact coach Tony Sparano made very clear during his meeting with the media that he had no problems with the way Brown and Williams played last year. He actually said they played well.

Of course, I've reminded you time and again not to get too caught up in what the Dolphins say as much as what they do. If Williams and Brown played so well, how come the club opted not to re-sign either one before the labor agreement fell off the cliff into an abyss of pending legal challenges?

Well, the able folks at ProFootballFocus.com have crunched the numbers and they'll be happy to tell you why neither Williams nor Brown were priorities -- their numbers confirm what your eyes should have been telling you:

Neither Williams nor Brown were very good at gaining yardage on their own last season. Neither was good at breaking tackles or running away from tackles.

ProFootballFocus refers to this as its elusive rating. It measures a back's ability and performance independent of the blocking in front of him. This rating is a great equalizer in that it removes the advantages running backs that play behind great offensive lines have over those who do not.

PFF further states their elusive rating filters out coaching and playcalling, as well as the other 10 guys on the offense.

So where did Brown and Williams rate in 2010?

Bottom 20 of 58 rated backs.

Brown rated No. 48 of 58 with an elusive rating of 20.8. Keep in mind Ladell Betts had the worst elusive rating, according to PFF.com, with a 3.1. LeGarrette Blount led PFF's elusive ratings at 89.8.

Brown, the website said, gained 58.6 percent of his yards after contact or 2.2 yards per carry. That's bottom-third ordinary. Blount gained over 73 percent of his yards after contact and Oakland's Darren McFadden averaged 3.5 yards after contact.

For perspective, understand that Adrian Peterson gained 877 of his 1,298 after contact last season. Brown gained a total of 734 yards.

Ricky Williams fared better. But not much.

He ranked 40th of 58 backs, with an elusive rating of 26.7. He was in the same company with backs such as Willis McGahee and Michael Bush.

Williams averaged 2.5 yards per carry after contact, according to PFF. He had 404 yards after contact for the season -- meaning 60 percent of his yards came after contact.

The stats would suggest that if the Dolphins want to bring back the more effective back from last year, it would be Williams. The problem is no one can predict if Williams, who turns 34 in May, will simply fall of the table with wear because of his age or continue to provide semi-acceptable play.

The elusive rating article doesn't mention Brown or Williams except for one instance but it is interesting.

One more thing: DeAngelo Williams, the back many Dolphins fans are eyeing because he's scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent is not on the 2010 report because he was injured much of the season. Williams had an elusive rating of 42.61 in 2009, which was 15th best in the NFL.

More like it.

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If we started 2-5 I wouldnt want a change at all. Why? If that happened we could well be on our way to winning the Andrew Luck sweepstakes! LOL............

Ah - DB - look at the 10:52AM posts.
I am not the glue sniffer!

Ahmad Bradshaw + Mark Ingram.
That's a tandem I wouldn't mind.

It's still fairly easy to be logged into the internet by phone and computer.

One can be logged on into this blog under 2 separate screenames at the exact same time, type 2 separate posts, then press "post" simultaneously and have two separate post appear within a minute of eachother.

Ive seen ALo-con-us do this before and your screename isnt a longterme failiar one. Giving rise to ALo-con-us suspicions. LOL............

PS- Most of ALo-con-us fake screenames are quite efficient in spelling and the fine usuage of english grammer! LOL.............

When new screenames suddenly appear from seeming nowhere there's 99.99% chance it's AL0-CON-US!

Giving rise to if it walks like a duck, smell like a duck, and quacks like a duck. It's a duck! LOL............

Dying, I emailed Mando about all this crap. A little fun/comedy release is fun and can diffuse arguments. But when you have regulars threatening to bolt...enough is enough.

Im out! It seems noone's here right now but ALO-CON-US! LOL...................

0x80, Craig M, Rob

I didn`t read the comparison made between Ingram and M.Allen and get any such comparison even less. When M.A. came out of USC in the 82 draft everybody wanted to take him and the L.A. Raiders mortgaged the draft to move up and make it happen, the book on him was that of an ellusive runner great cut back ability ran a 4.44/40, which was absolutely flying in a day and age were there wasn`t such a high premium on 40x, as on a perticular size, strength combo for D.E. and L.B. I remember only to well because we were predominantly a running team back then, (T.Nathan, A.Franklin) and I like alot of fans wanted to see him in aqua & orange.

The comparison from a physical stand point to running style with Emmit Smith is alot more accurate but again when comparing era`s won`t hold water. I`m not so sure E.S. is the all time leading rusher in league history if he played in today`s game, not because I don`t think he would be effective but because there is no way in today`s game that he gets the 28 carries per he averaged for his career.

Everybody likes to say the E.S. was the beneficiary of playing behind the best OL of his day, while true it also holds water that he played for an early bluprint of what was to come in the NFL thru rule changes. You had M.Irvin, A.Harper split wide K.Williams in the slot and J.Novachek running in the seam, once E.S. got past the line he usually only had a L.B. to beat.

I can see Ingram in the right type of setting becoming the type of player Smith was, in a setting like N.O. for example he would be a force because they have the type of O were he won`t be the featured guy who will have to do it alone, in Miami he will, mark my words ! I agreed with 0x80 yesterday that if we drafted hm and complimented him with a speed back then I wouldn`t argue it as much but that has more to do with seeing us saddled with the player and not rooting against him.

cocoa joe,

The most pathetic thing about all of this, ALo-con-us is supposedly an adult. Kids should be in class during the day and wouldnt have time to be here at mornings.

Why a supposed adult would get his rocks off by coming here using multiple screen names and being a total jerkoff is beyond me. Obviously this guy doesnt have any real friends in the real world.

I almost have empathy for his situation. LOL......

I AM STILL reading the blog ,i can't help by notice some one has a melt down ,imaging things and faking them .

Dying, I enjoy a little fun and joking. Takes the edge off and helps between blogs. BUT this person(s) don't have enough sense to let some things go. On top of that, tries to instigate fights. Hasn't fu&ked with me but it pisses other off to where they're threating to quit.

I'm no nark but I did notify Mando...said he's look at it.


Love your post @11:12 AM. That's exactly why we need a "COMPLETE" offense. It opens up running lanes for rb's.

A Mark Ingram type would be nearly unstoppable in a complete offense. We gotta get a #2 speed wr that can at times command double teams and a seam threat TE.

We also need a huge great pulling guard(Pouncey type). That's why I love the tradeback scenario to pick up Pouncey, add Titus Young or Jerrel Jernigan, a speedyback edge attacking rb, and a seam threat like DJ Williams late in the draft.

cocoa joe,

I think this ALo-con-us character suffers from pms-ing and a great need to go out and get laid. If he asked nicely I would wire him money to get a h_ooker! LOL..................


What`s up bro ! I couldn`t agree more, Ingram doesn`t have the speed or moves to create on his own, add that to his suspect blocking and it`s a reach at 15 if you ask me. I think alot of people are so dead set about fixing the run game that they forget we could address it short term right now and look for a permanent solution later this is after all not going to be the last NFL draft.

About the B.S. going on here, all I can tell you is try and ignore it and if you read a post that doesn`t seem like what you usually get from other bloggers ignore it as well !

Dying, LOL, might help. BTW, didn't Mando name him Many Me?

Hey, how do you feel about AJ Green? Got a feeling that either Jones or Green will still be around at 15


A hooker you say, your to kind ! If you were to press me though I would chip in $10.00 and you can buy him an inflatable girlfriend so that he could work of that pent up frustration more regularly !


I wouldnt be exactly upset if if forced to use our #15 and selected Ingram. Especially if no one fell from the top 10.

Ingram doesnt have burner speed but he does have very unique running skills usually reserved for the greats. But as you posted, having a "complete" offense would allow him to utilize those unique skills at max potential.

That's exactly what allowed Emmitt to finish as the greatest yard gainage rb of all time. He would have still been fairly effective in a lesser offense, but it's questionable if he would have been a hof'er in a lesser offense.

If drafting Ingram we would have to make sure to "finish the job". By this, I mean make it a complete well rounded offense with all proper pieces in all of the right places.




fin4life.... is taking shots at me and I DON'T RESPOND .....TANK YOU FIN .


I got a feeling that J.Jones will go before A.J. Green to Clev. with pick 6 he totally out performed him a the combine on a broken foot but if A.J. were to slide to 10 I got a bad feeling that Wash and all there needs accross the board would trade down with N.E. in that scenario given the amount of picks that they have. Remember the Pats need a deep threat at WR along with an OL and pass rushing end. We bounced that theory alot yesterday and that on makes the best sense for N.E.

Armando, please let Mr. DB know that I am not ALoco.

Guess a new person can't come here without suffering through a host of false allegations.

cocoa joe,

Not sure if I would take AJ Green or Julio Jones at #15. Besides, the Pats may trade up if that happened. The only sit 2 slots below us.

If either were available, it may be the football gods way of smiling rays of sunshine down upon us. If this were to happened it would greatly increase our chances of trading back for a 2nd rd'er.

Remember, we dont have to have the greatest wr(s) of this draft. Titus Young or Jerrel Jernigan sit in rds 2-3. As the draft draws nearer it seems Im favoring a trade down scenario more.

I guess Im falling in love with taking Pouncey in a tradeback scenario! LOL.......

NFL Films is releasing it's Top 100 current players in the game today. What I find interesting is that QBs are only the THIRD most popular position listed among the top 100 players. Now for all the guys that tell us 'it's a QB driven league' and 'look around the league at all the first round QBs in the league', I'd love for one of these guys to explain why QB's are only the third most represented position. After all, isn't it hammered down our throats on a daily basis that 'QB is the most important position' and 'the game has changed, it's become a passing league', wouldn't you expect QB to be the number one position represented. Please explain to us of lesser intelligence why with so many 1st round QBs being drafted in the NFL, while QB isn't the number one position represented as the payers in the game today. Thank you.

Meant Pats sit 2 slots behind us.


Everybody agrees right or wrong that it`s been more than likely you busting everybodies chops for days now ! Now 2 to 3 days later your on here claiming it was an imposter all along, it was not me it was the one armed man ! Reminds of that old child`s tale about the little boy who cried wolf ! There now you know how apset alot of the B.S. this week got me but I will promise you this if you leave me out of it I won`t post another thing about it or you !


That's a legit point. There are only about 7 nfl qb's near or own the upper echelon level. That's 7 out of 32 nfl qb's.

Basically we're catagorizing the entire league based on the super abilities of only a select few of its qb's. LOL...........







Though not directed at me, I'll accept your 12:o8 PM post as apology to all.

However, if any of these "many me's" show up attacking and critizing other posters shows up. Then we "ALL" know you're not man of your word.

We will all be waiting! LOL.................

Have business to go take care of. See you guys later.

Good Morning....This blog has become a clown show. I tried to use the type-pad to get my name in blue. But my postst don't appear, oh well. I posted one time as myself last night. The imposter is very good, even taking parts of my old posts and re-posting them as to sound like me. Until this problem is solved I will no longer post here. So adios amigos. Anything written by Darryl Dunphy for the next few days is an imposter.

I want to ask Armando to get this cleaned up. It is taking down the best source for All thing Dolphins. What was a great forum for debate has turned into nightly circle jerk with a few waiting to eat the bread. Thanks to all the regular bloggers who read and responded to my stuff. I have learned a lot in the past year and a half. One last thing just so you knbow this isn't a fake.

One player that is flying up the radar, and could be a late round steal is Montana saftey Eric Stoll. The Griz have had a saftey drafted, and on a roster 3 of the last 4 years.
(Tuff Haris, Colt Andersen, Shann Shillenger) Stoll is a strong saftey that played the last 2 years behind Andersen, and Shillenger. Stoll would definitley be worthy of a late round pick. Ok, that was a lame plug for a Montana player. But I had to authenticate this post some how.

See you guys around.



Alrighty then will take you at your word, after all your right about it only being a blogg, now lets talk some Football.




Heres my 2 cents on RB situation:

Go hard after D Williams. I appreciate what Ronnie has done, he plays hard , but at his peak, he was never more than slightly above average.

Use 3rd round pick on Jordan Todman from UConn. He'll be better than Ingram and you can get him 2 rounds later.

D'Angelo Williams & Jordan Todman, your 2011 Miami Dolphins backfield! (if theres a season)


I hate to see you signing off, always enjoy bouncing it around with you partner but I totally understand, the football junkie in me plus a really great posts by Rob, CraigM and Kris baited me in this morning. I may take a little time off myself, gear up and get ready for the draft, in anyevent catch you later, BRO !


Thanks. You further validated my earlier post. We've got guys on here basically saying, 'let's spend a first round pick to get one of those 7 out of 32 QB's every four years, until we get it right'. What they don't realistically get, is the fact to do that, other areas of your team would suffer greatly. You wouldn't have the picks to help the guy on offence and your defence would slowly get worse. It's a crazy strategy! It's why I don't want a guy like Mallett this year at 15. What help are you going to get for Henne this year or if Mallett plays next year, where are you getting the guys from to give the kid a chance. You're going to have to replace guys like Crowder either this year or next (add Bell to that list to) and nobody is factoring in what happens to Marshall after another down season. It would be just a matter of time before this guy starting complaining and asking out. You also have to account for injuries at some point too. I've yet to have someone explain to me fully how this strategy would actually play out.

Fin4life...you are becomming the soap opera that you talked to me about a few days ago.....alot of this nonesense is....

Its always easier to comment when the shoe is on the other foot....


Lets put this CRY FEST to bed and play nice.....

Its hard to stay away Fin4life....i know....but its easier when somebody....gets on your nerves....then a few days away seems like a vaction....

One thing guys need to take into account, if some of you guys are writing the Dolphins off this season, and claiming they have a lame duck coach and QB who is on his last legs, how eager do you think FAs are going to be to sign with the Dolphins in the offseason. Think about it. If these guys, like lots of you, think this a team going nowhere, do they really want to commit to this team for the next 3-4 years? Now guys are going to say 'money talks' but if all things are equal, do you think they are all going to come flooding to Miami? So be careful thinking we're going to get our pick of the best running backs out there in FA. As an example, if you were D'Angelo Williams, would you choose to come to Miami or might you be more interested in going to a team like New England if they came a knockin'. To ignore running back in the draft and rely on finding someone in FA would be a colossal mistake.

Do people forget our O-line was horrible last year. They had so many problems. We where starting benchwarmers or outkasts form other squads. When the line was strong both backs almost gained 1000. When the coaches gutted it , it was down hill ever since

0x80, Craig M,

0x80, You need to go back and re-eread Craigs post at 9:10 to see who lobbed first grenades in the explosive Ingram convo. To save you the time...it was certainly Craig firing the first salvo.

I had been going back and forth with you guys just fine for a good period of time and all seemed fine. I even commented on Craig M and I amazingly being on the same side with liking QB Colin Kaepernick a true measurables guy. (No worries Craig, you still get credit for being in his camp too LOL). Just so you know, for every Emmitt Smith "NON measurables" guy I will give you a Marshall Faulk, Randy Moss "TRUE measurables" freak that did workout awesome. You act as though getting guys that run fast, are super strong or jump high is a crime...it ain't.

When Craig gets out a blog paintbrush that is simply too broad about my generalized draft view points and decides to write a bunch of stuff that I thought was out of line I simply raised my level of arguemnt.

Craig, by now you must have read fin4life's post about Marcus Allen noting how measurable laiden he was as a prospect. So we will just note your Marcus Allen comments at 9:10 as a tad off base and leave it at that.

I thought I was fighting fire with fire and it appears now I am the one considered over the top. Died in the wool or dyed in the wool 0x80...I could care less, you get the drift.

My point is that you and anyone on this blog know clearly where I stand on the Ingram pick. As all of us avid fans or would be armchair GMs struggle to glean whom will be the next "big thing" you have to take solid positional stances on individuals. I do purposely burn my draft pick bridges so I cannot and will not be able to say later "Oh I liked that player too".

In trying to figure out where you both stand (As Craig said I need to work on reading comprehension)...

So far I have the wisdom of trading back is both of your FIRST choice...HEY, mine too along with many others. Not 100% clear on who both of you target with a trade back or how far back?

Because I know trading back can be difficult I was mostly playing the cards the Fins have in making a choice at 15. I still hold out hope the Fins can trade back.

Your SECOND choice is taking guys that may tumble like JJ or AG. I easily see how that is a logical, doable scenario if it were to happen (I am leaning towards no).

I guess the both of you want your THIRD best choice to be taking Ingram at 15 if neither of the prior two scenarios develop? Do I have that right? (Correct me if I have it wrong)

If this is true then we are back to same original debate. You both (and scads of others) choose RB Ingram. I say NO WAY and go with QB Mallet, OT T. Smith, C/G Pouncey, DE Cam Jordan or NT Phil Taylor instead and in that order. Phil Taylor is my Tyson Alualu pick as he is not suppose to be taken that high.

The very reason Craig keeps trying to drive a stake in my Brandon Graham pick is becuase I talked loudly and longly about that 2010 choice that he actually remembers it. (And he was a huge Rolando McClain fan). I wouldn't have it any other way. That's what I was trying to say with all the caveat/HoF type chat...I hate that. It's too easy to blend in and make 14 different choices and later say "Oh, that guy was the guy I totally wanted to pick" after he performs well in the NFL. It really bugs me and it's on me to get over it as it won't change. I will be printing out screen shots of mocks and bloggers choices this year so there will be much less blurred lines or "After the fact" Nostradamases in 2012.

It would be pretty cheezy for Ireland to say after the fact "Oh, we were trying to trade up for Suh but, just couldn't get there"...unless there was proof. Like he COULD have had LB Clay Mathews instead of Vontae Davis (not a bad player in his own right) but, he is no Clay Mathews. Mathews and Cam Wake... That would be scary!

I will back off of Ingram as it apparently stirs the pot too much to say I believe he will be a pedestrian NFL player. I won't say anything about HoF players past or those yet to dawn an NFL cleat as that is taboo.

Couple that with not being able to give strong opinions, backed with reasons, about current draftable players and be able to say YEA or NAY to players based on our own findings is lame.

Craig, 0x80 just as much as you guys see "Thomas the Angry, Try Hard, Intangibles Galore Train" in Ingram I see a pile of average in too many categories to use the 15th pick. I still contend that at least 5 RBs drafted or FA's out perform Ingram in 2011. How's that for a limb?

Even from a general strategy ideology of using the 15th pick on a RB that would appear to be more about intangibles than production (2008 14 games 728 yards, 2009 14 games 1,658 yards, 2010 11 games 875 yards) AND measurables. Too many RBs in the draft and FA to go RB at 15 imho.

I will join my buddy Darryl Dunphy in backing off (No DD is a seriously bad loss of a great blog regular, cool headed person) in general as it gets too tenuous. I know the imposter stuff messes with many and that is too bad. It sounds like Armando is getting blown up about this issue but, I am not sure what things can be done aside from him monitoring and deleting posts. It's much easier just to view from the peanut gallery from time to time.

I know my desire to make long posts with many points and angles does NOT sit well with most bloggers. Sorry for that folks, wrong venue. I am a fish out of water in that light.

Hopefully the God of all Dolphins gift wraps a stud or 3 in the next draft for our Fins!


Craig M,

You asked for a reason why the NFL PLAYER voted Top 100 had QBs as third in overall amount on the list.

I attribute it mostly to the fact that there are ONLY 1 starter per team. WR, RB, LB, DT, S, DE, G, OT ALL have two or more on the field at all times. More overall players playing those positions.

I also agree with the earlier post stating their are only so many elites out of 32 teams. Maybe 8 or less depending on view and opinion.


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