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News, thoughts on Miami quarterback chase

First to the news: The Dolphins have scheduled a private workout and visit with Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick for later this month, something that should come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

Kaepernick is a second-day pick but he's been very exciting to scouts following a promising college career and a simply outstanding spring in which he practiced well at the Senior Bowl and has shown well at the Combine and other workouts.

Contrary to a published report, the Dolphins have not yet scheduled a private workout with Jake Locker, according to a league source.

The Dolphins have every intention of trying to acquire a quarterback through the draft so keep Kaepernick in mind. But lately, I've perceived disappointment from Miami fans on this blog and my radio show in that the current NFL labor impasse might damage Miami's opportunity to find a veteran quarterback to offer a short-term answer to Miami's issues at the spot

Oh, you see the long-term possibilities in the draft, but you think Miami's short-term possibilities are diminishing.

Well, I understand the thinking.

Because the current labor situation is one of union decertification and ownership lockout, nothing is going on in free agency or in the trade market. We're at a stand-still at least until April 6 when litigation between the sides is scheduled to be heard in court.

That means Miami cannot trade for Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb. It also means Miami cannot possibly pick up or trade for Vince Young, either as a free agent if he's released or when he's made available in trade.

And that all but guarantees that incumbent Chad Henne would be Miami's starter again in 2011.

Well, I have a different view of this labor strife, one that might be a benefit to the Dolphins. It goes like this:

If the labor problems last past the April 28-30 draft, you should rejoice! But only as long as those labor issues get resolved between April 30th and June or early July sometime.

If that happens, and the NFL re-opens for business with a full-tilt free agency and open trading period, the veteran quarterbacks I mentioned above will still likely be on the market in some fashion or another. Except, much to Miami's benefit, the asking price will not possibly be a 2011 draft pick because the draft this year will have already passed.

So if the Dolphins have interest in going after a Palmer or a Kolb, they can do it with the idea of investing 2012 draft picks rather than picks this year. This year the Dolphins are hamstrung in that they don't have a second round pick because they used it in the Brandon Marshall trade last year.

But Miami has a full complement of picks for 2012. And I remind you of Jimmy Johnson's old theory that a first round pick next year is equivalent to a second-rounder this year based on the fact the player this year will come in and be more ready to contribute at a higher level by next year when that rookie next year is still getting his NFL footing. I'm not saying I agree with that, but that was his theory and it worked with players such as Patrick Surtain.

I don't believe the Dolphins can afford to use their first round pick this year on obtaining a veteran quarterback. They obviously don't have a second round pick so they are definitely pondering a trade-down option to recover that second pick. So right now, they probably can't go get either Palmer or Kolb because other teams will have more 2011 picks to haggle with than Miami.

But once this draft comes and goes, the Dolphins will be on a more even footing with other QB needy teams.

And then the idea of trading for a vetern QB such as Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb might be more palatable. I don't know that Miami would do it, but it would be more possible as well.


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Can players that are drafted not sign up with the Union and just sign contracts directly? In other words, do they have to be unionized to play for the NFL? If I were owners, I would find whoever wanted to play and slap my uniforms on them and let them play. I am a dolphins fan. If Ross wants to walk down the streets of Miami and recruit homeless bums to play football, I will cheer for the Phins. If the players don't like it, go find another job.

The lockout is keeping from acquiring one of these dead beat veteran QBs. Awesome! There is no one out there worth getting and they definitely should not give up any draft picks for them.

McNabb = over the hill; played terribly last year
Carson Palmer = blown out knees
Vince Young = sucks
Kolb = unproven; not even the Eagles want him.

The answer at QB is in the 1st round of the draft (not the second). That's how they got Bob Griese and Dan Marino. Hopefully, they'll get Cam Newton.


The NFL did that in 1987 with the "scab" players and it was not well received by most fans. It was still the Miami Dolphins logo running around and our "scab" team was decent compared to most so I didn't mind.

It put a huge caveat on the Redskins SB victory and I don't believe the NFL will go down that path unless it's a last ditch proposition as all other options are exhausted.

I would put it a few notches above folding the league.


TN--Shhhh. Don't let all the Jets and Pats fans learn our personnel secrets.

Interesting thought Armando,

While many bemoan the QB status and even owner Ross I say you have to suck it up and deal with the hand dealt to ALL teams.

The fact that Ross has the 2nd most $$$ of all the league owners is awesome to me. That means things like inking FAs WR Brandon Marshall and LB Karlos Dansby just get done, no problem.

As long as Capologist Dawn Aponte does her job and the Fins have sound fiscally responsible players in place when a NEW CBA and it's cap is installed we won't have to gut the team to stay under it.

For my 2 cents I say the ONLY Veteran QB to tab via FA or Trade is VY.

He is a great athlete, a proven NFL winner 30-17 and still young enough to grow and get better at his craft. Huge upside and if he were to act up or lame out they already have Henne. They should add a drafted QB and Colin Kaepernick or Mallet would be my two fav options.


bring on the scabs! go get some arena guys and cfl guys. let's play ball! the money these guys are getting is ridiculous. now i know football is a tough sport but who or whom is paying for these players rich lifestyles? and, it is getting incrasing more difficult to go and watch a game. guys, either play ball, or, i am all cool with watching the Hurricanes.

oh yeah, and with the way these players split for other teams and better money- we only root for the laundry anyway so, a fins logo is a fins logo. here we go scabs, er, uh, fins!

Interesting perspective, and I think you are right. Perhaps, across the board owners may be helped by a lockout until the draft

I can see Miami targeting Kaepernick in the 2nd in a trade down or even very late in the first. His stock, according to many so called experts, is rising.

Ideally, I still think Miami should trade to the bottom of the 1st & try to get a 2 this year & a 1 next year. Use this years 1st 2 picks to get a RB & QB. Find your interior lineman when FA starts. This team won't compete this year if they are relying on rookie lineman in a division with Rex Ryan & Belli's complex blitz schemes.

Instead of trying to find gems & projects late, start stock piling early round picks for next year to get top talent.

Allot of people forget Dansby & Wake are almost 30. Miami has a 2-3 year window with the current young players to get something done before age & expiring contracts start becoming issues.

This isn't rebuilding anymore, it's time to win or it's time for Sparano & Ireland to step aside & get someone else in here to make us winners.


Some GREAT points in the last blog. You've echoed exactly how I feel about things, so I won't regurtitate. Like 0x80, I'm not a huge Ingram fan, but in the event we can't trade back he makes the most sense. If you haven't read his point yet go back and re-read. Well done!!

DC, with you on AJ Green. What an add this guy would be! Of course, we're dreaming on this one. Not a chance he's there at 15. Worst case scenario for him is that St Louis runs to the podium before it's even their turm and picks him. But what's your thoughts on if Julio Jones is there DC? I really like this guy, I just don't see, with everything that's wrong with this team, how we can pick him. Would be a great bargaining chip though, no?

Armando, no to trading ANY MORE picks, be it for quarterbacks or whoever else we're talking about. Why do we keep trying to put a bandaid on things? Is this what the successful things do? I think not. We need to have a good draft, hang on to our picks and if necessary take a QB later to groom. Kaepernick is the guy I like the best. Would be a great guy to have available in a couple of years. Great talent and I see him as being like Freeman in Tampa.


It seems like every blogger wants to trade down as much as Ireland does. Its fine to strategize with a trade down plan but keep in mind a viable trade down offer is just not a given simply because we want it, and this years 15, barring some top player falling more than expected, is not nearly as desirable as last years 12 spot.

Craig M, thanks. Also I'd take Green or Jones in an instant at 15.

Great trade next years 1st rounder which could turn out to be Andrew Luck, Sparano/Ireland should not be allowed to mortgage next years picks to save himself, if he screws it up the next incoming Coach has no picks to work with, haven't we seen tjhis before, er Wandstedt I believe

If it is the right move and the thing to do about trading for a V QB then Miami won't do it as they have not done anything right in 14 years!!!!

Another point the way I see it, most teams we would trade down with, their 2nd round picks are at the later end of the 2nd round when Ponder, Kaepernick and co will be long gone, so the only pick to get them is the late 1st rounder, which IMO should be used on Mallet

Lets get realistic. The ONLY quarterback in this draft that is really worth a 1st round pick is Blaine Gabbert. It is the weakest QB draft in at least 15 years. I'm not saying that Cam or Locker won't go in the 1st, but they are 2nd and 3rd round talent. And if we trade for Palmer(injury liability) or Kolb(unproven w/ worse passer rating than Henne) then they will have no time to learn new offense. Henne will start next year. Henne should start next year, and no matter what, Henne will be the best option for next year.

From the last blog, yes Ireland will go after a OLB. If for no other reason to keep Nolan happy. I wouldn't be surprised if 2 positions on D were picked as some point in the draft.

Also, I asked this before and didn't get a good answer. Why is Jones rated or at least talked about more than Green? Green was ranked higher in the beginning. I obviously missed something but what was it?

Kaepernick may be a smokescreen but I have a feeling it isn't.

Teams like the Fins with QB needs that can't make deals with other teams will overvalue the talent available. The bad news is a lot of those teams are drafting ahead of the Fins.

I'd trade down to the bottom of the 1st in order to get a #1 next year & a 2nd rounder this year. If not, stay put & draft the best guy.

Considering the talent pool may not be as deep this year, talent between 15-30 may not be that different. If we can get a 1 next year, it can either be used to acquire 2 1st round talent or used to move up to get a top talent.

The best teams trade away value to get greater value in the future. Does NE come to mind? Miami needs ammo to make REAL moves in the draft. I never see us acquiring future picks, only late picks in the same draft year looking for diamonds. It's time to use picks to get diamonds.

kolb or plamer are no better than henne. enough of giving up high draft picks to draft other people's QB rejects. Have we not learned our lesson?

So the answer is always trading AWAY picks, huh?? You only gain power by ACCUMULATING picks not trading them away. Has NE, Pittsburgh, Philly, & Baltimore taught you anything??

"So the answer is always trading AWAY picks, huh?? You only gain power by ACCUMULATING picks not trading them away. Has NE, Pittsburgh, Philly, & Baltimore taught you anything??"-----------

Historically those teams draft VERY well & we don't. That's why they never trade for players & why some see it as an option for Miami.

I don't like Kaepernick unless he's a very late round flyer. That comes from watching a few of his games against better opponents. He looks a bit fragile and awkward to me. I don't think he can get around the corner like he did in college and not being from a pro system not sure if he can be successful throwing the ball either. Again, 6th or 7th round sure as those guys often don't make the team anyway but higher than that looks like a needle in a haystack to me.

torry smith and colin Keap and a RB in the 3rd round.

I don't think a QB in this draft that don't have some flaws. UniversalDraft.com did an evaluation of Kaepernick and from their view, he sounds like a bust bigtime.


The thing you must have missed is the stellar combine that Julio JOnes put in on a bad foot. It is bad enough that he needs an operation to fix it.

His 40 was 4.39 and he is a big receiver. It is exactly the kind of thing that creates buzz and chatter and drowns out WR Green being #1 by most peoples account.

In the end, they may not even switch places as by using the game tapes most consider Green's game to have less holes.

Green didn't have a standout combine which also contributed.

You are right about the DEF with regards to the draft. The Fins won't go all OFF even though that is further behind.

I have never been a fan of needs drafting anyways so if the best player by a large enough margin is on DEF, chose him and I am fine with that. Raise the talent level on the team and collect as many Pro Bowl type players as you can and you will develop a winner.

Last year was the opposite, we had many fans clamoring for a DEF only draft as that was further behind from the prior year.

The jury is still out but I will still stack my OFF RB Jahvid Best choice vs Irelands DEF DE/DT Odrick choice. Odrick will try again to play and stay healthy whenever things get rolling in 2011. When I reviewed and researched Odrick last year he seemed to get washed out way too much for a player with his size and supposed strength. I will stop short of calling him a bust as they can take a few years to figure things out but, an auspicious start at best for Odrick.


Armando seems to be catching up on the fact that we can't afford a 1st round QB.

Thank God. Other than Gabbert, EVERYONE that drafts any of the others(inc. Newton)in the 1st will be reaching for their lives.

In any other year, this QB draft class would be considered VERY LATE 1st rounders at BEST.

Also, while VY might prove to be our best option(for bringing in a vet this year), attaining guys like him and Palmer will just be staving off the inevitable. We'll find ourselves still needing that franchise QB of the future. I just can't see spending another high pick on one of these guys and up having to do it all over again in a year or two.

Before I would use this years 1st on any of these projects, I would trade it for someone elses 1st and 2nd, or even a 1st and 3rd in NEXT YEARS draft!

Chris in the 623,

The fact that Kaepernick will go earlier than the 6th or 7th round will mean that the guys that do it for a living don't agree.

It's fine that you see him as a late round needle in a haystack type pick as that is you view.

Let's see how it shakes out with what really happens.


Rob, I find it somewhat extreme to see people mention Odrick and bust in the same sentence when there is no evidence yet to suggest anything one way or the other. He was rated the top DE in the 2010 draft. One injury is not injury prone. Let's give him a chance to play a full season. If he has another serious injury then I will be concerned.

Many seem a bit harsh on Misi as well. Very few rookies are going to the pro bowl their first year. If Wake was doing so well, I'd surmise that Misi was doing somethng right over there that benefitted him. Lets see where Odrick and Misi are after 2/3 years play, which in fairness you said as well.

And on a note of good intentions, I believe you did not mean to use the word auspicious, but instead perhaps 'suspicious'.


Sup my Viking friend!

As to attaining VY I say the fact that he is as young (pardon the pun) as he is is what makes him most attractive to me. He can still QB for a good 5-8 years.

The fact that Tenn has announced they don't want him will mean that it won't take a 1st round pick to get him. I don't think teams will pony up a 1st or a 2nd for a player they think may get outright cut if they hold out long enough.

It probably depends on desperation levels. That would be pretty high with Sparano / Irelend.

Just my "butinski" bout your VY post.

As to ALL the other guys you mentioned I agree 1000%.



Kudos on "backing" Javid Best last year.

I didn't have him on my wishlist, but I did post that I'd take him over CJ Spiller. I still stand by that assessment.

I could be mistaken, but I believe you and I were the only guys here projecting Best over Spiller as the better NFL talent.

He had a great/solid rookie season with TWO turf toe injuries. What's more, Detroit seems to be improving in all areas EXCEPT the offensive line.

I think in Best, he's barely scratched the surface of talent at the nfl level.

PS: I know this post came out strange. I think my severe ADHD is severely screwing with me-lol. I hope you can figure out what I'm trying to say.

Cheers and a Tally-Ho TOO!





As you fairly stated I did mention I WON'T use the loosely thrown around "bust" label on a 1st year player no matter his circumstances.

What I did say was that with my own homework and research I was not coming away overly impressed by Odrick. He has Great size with a big frame and seems to move well. I just didn't understand why he was getting "Handled" so often and seemed as though he could not anchor well vs a number of lineman going against him.

I was not high on the choice of Odrick and am in a wait and see mode. As a Fin fan I hope he proves me wrong as he is already on the team.

As for the use of the word Auspicious, you are correct! Suspicious would fit the bill much better.

As in "Hauling off and getting injured before you have barely anytime on the football field as a trench guy is a "suspicious" start at best.

Nice catch, I stand corrected.



I think VY MIGHT be our best option this year for trying to bolster the QB position. For me, it all depends on "IF" the price is right.

I realize that he can possibly have 5-7 years in front of him. However, the bigger concern for me is whether or not he suddenly matures enough to finally become a franchise QB.

I have no problem taking that chance at the right price. If it turns into ANY TYPE of a "pricey" bidding war, I would more than welcome some alternative options.

This is Henne's year. If he finally proves he has "IT"-GREAT! If not, NOBODY under the sun will be able to find an acceptable excuse-period. In our continued search for "that guy" I'm all for bringing in competition. I just don't want to spend anymore money/picks bringing in more stop gap guys.


I'd love to have your take on the players advising the prospects to boycott the draft.

I believe your comment yesterday was along the lines of:

"The owners are screwing us way harder than the players".

Just curious as to whether the "latest development" has changed your opinion any?

Whoever Ireland and Sporano pick, it will be to save their jobs and having Henne in the most importnat and noticeble position will be their undoing.

Go ahead Jeffy pick a DL or LB, you know you want to, go ahead and when Ross fires you, I will dance.


I would like to hear your take on the nflpa advising draftees to boycott the draft.

I believe you made a comment yesterday along the lines of:

"The owners are screwing us way harder than the players".

Just curious as to whether or not the "latest developments" have changed your opinion any?


Aye! I do remember most of the Fin Nation being rabid DEF or bust types. It is that always pick for need that can sometimes land a reach. Where Odrick was chosen was not a reach by most accounts.

You and I were on the Best over Spiller train. I still say that I will stack RB Best's Pro career vs Odricks. Odrick may be a serious game changer and I truly hope he is. That will mean that my research was crap on him as I wasn't digging on the selection.

If we were to have Best in the fold we would have a go the distance (44 yard TD vs us at our own house), make you miss type, great hands receiving RB, with obvious toughness (2 X turf toe).

Maybe then Ireland wouldn't have to come out and say "After spending time looking at the roster after 3 years, it's obvious that we need more team speed".

Maybe he would be saying something more like "We could always use some more team speed to go along with Best and some of what Hartline brings to the table".

I don't want dwell on what ifs too much but, at least you and I are owning up to the draft choices we banged the table for BEFORE last years draft.

Cheers... Valhalla!!!

good points wallyfin.


I'm sure that EVERYONE is calling for Henne to be gone WAYYYY to soon!!! His numbers are quite close to the "superbowl champion" Sanchez & has beat the junk jets 3 of 4 games!!! Henne has just had a sophmore jinx, with a better O.C. Henne will be a better QB this you all will see!!! GO FINS!!!


I agree for sure. I would not want to over pay for VY either considering he is has already been verbally "run out of town" and even though it appeared it was due to keeping Fisher alas, it was not.

Fisher is gone and no change of heart by the Tenn brass as far as I can see.

If it is in the 2012 draft I would trade a 3-4 choice. He was an early first rounder and has down a good bit of winning already in the NFL.

There is not any 3-4 round picks from any draft that could say that.

I believe that if teams do bid draft picks for his services it will take at least a 4rth to win the bid imho.


I love how so many of you would ignore Ross and draft for your own needs. How about you guys put yourself in Irelands shoes.

The boss says that he wants an Exciting, Agressive, Explosive offense and he wants better play from the QB position, what do you do, knowing that he has already gone out and sought a replacement for the HC and he has been very public in his declaration of what he wants.

9-12 games are not exciting, 15-10 games are not exciting. Ross will not be able to sell those teams to the networks to get any prime Time game slots and he will not be generating any positive press for his team that he can parlay into something positive.

So what do you do/ Do you draft your best player available in the hopes that somewhere, someone clicks and and excitment or do you give the man what he wants and ssave your job?

Many of the mocks have NE taking Cameron Jordan at 17. If we are picking at 15, is he not out of the question for us? If NE wants Jordan or Ingram, they'd have to be concerned with us choosing one of them and may offer to trade up with us. Being a division rival makes that difficult but you never know. So there is a scenario we swap 1st's with NE for a 2nd or even a 3rd, moving back 15 to 17 for a 3rd still seems reasonable, and there we are at 17 now and gain an extra pick.

Does this seem plausible?

I don't want dwell on what ifs too much but, at least you and I are owning up to the draft choices we banged the table for BEFORE last years draft.

Cheers... Valhalla!!!

Posted by: Rob in OC | March 15, 2011 at 04:14 PM

I hear you Bro!

Me and "some other guy(lol)" were on hear last year year tipping the tables OVER for a draftee named Brandon Graham.

I know he had a disappointing rookie campaign, but I'll own what I said and believed. I'll even go further and say some more:

I still believe Brandon Graham will go on to become a perennial Pro Bowler!

THERE! I said it.............AGAIN!

Ingram is the smart pick!!! We have needed a RB for a few years now & Ronnie CAN'T get it done & Ricky don't want to be here!!!

Trading down is a good choice too!!! We need to get that #2 pick back from the Marshall deal!!!

Sounds great to me! And, may I add, Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick has a 4.0 grade point average!!! Sounds like an ideal superstar NFL quarterback to me, Miami or not! Watch!


Sanchez has as many SB rings as you and I... zero!

Unless of course you are a crazy cat burgular as I don't have one. lol.

I see you and quite a number of others say that giving up on Henne is waaaaay too early?

Would it not be fair to say this would be his last year to prove he is a starter or risk riding "the pine" as a 2nd string guy?

I will get onboard with being hopeful that he can improve with a NEW OC, QB Coach, New Schemes and maybe a NEW Weapon or two in the draft. With his own seasoning, better production should be forthcoming. The challenge for me is some of the things he needs to fix seem difficult to change. Erratic throws, lack of awareness in the pocket are two toughies to get better at.

What I won't do is if he gets the starting nod and doesn't become better then go into 2012 (his 5th) and say, "Well he was just learning a new system we just installed".

You said a Sophmore jinx? Do you mean two years ago cause 2011 is his "Senior" season in the NFL being drafted in 2008. I count every year from the time a guy gets drafted.

If he can't crack the lineup immediately than he has the luxury of learning and absorbing everything he can from vets and coaches to take with them into their Soph campaign. Bradford didn't have that luxury. Matty Ice played right away, so did Troy Aiman and a host of others.

Henne has at most this year to prove whether he is starter material. If they bring in a Vet and he doesn't beat them out, it's second string or the highway for him imho.


What up fellas??? For all teams in the hunt for a quarterback. They have picked the wrong offseason to try and fill that need(not that they go to pick) Maybe skipping quarterback in this draft is the right choice.

This isn't a ignore the position stance. But my opinion that 1-one of these guys look the part(why force it) and 2-the proposition of a lost offseason really will stunt any growth of all prospects, but most importantly the quarterbacks.

Now, my opinon may change if there is a labor agreement,or court ruling. That will allow teams, and rookies all of the offseason programs, and a full training camp. But if things stay the same. How does a team develop a young quarterback in a lockout?

Do not underestimate the importance of the lost reps, or time away from the playbooks. This is just the reality of the situation. If I was the GM I would weigh this heavily. Is it even worth chasing a quarterback prospect this year when there are other needs that we can fill that do not require so much attention to detail to grow and be succesful? Really when you think about it. Any quarterback drafted under the current climate is going to be behind the 8 ball big time. The regime better be certain this player is so dynamic that we cannot pass. There are just a lot of speed bumps that may lead teams away from quarterback this draft.

@ 4:45...1-none of these guys really look the part.

Hey dude, Tell the Sparano to trade all of the late round picks for a high pick next year, gonna be a tough year anyway. Why not get a better draft next year. I would take the 15th pick this year, and sell the rest. For that matter, if we don't get a quality draft this year, sell the 15th also. And fire the owner if he can't wait. I'll have to take another season like last year, only, Henne with a little more experience may just throw a deep one on a fourth and 13 game ending pass.

DO US A FAVOR AND DRAFT INGRAM... we need another impact player in the backfield, ronnie is to slow to get away from defenders and jukes to much at the line of scrimmage. we can always find a good inside or outside line in the lower rounds as we allways have

So I stopped in Misoula yesterday on the way home. It happened to be Montanas pro day so I stopped by Washington Grizzly for a peak. Lots of scouts there including Dolphin scouts. I wanted to ask the Phin scout if he knew Armando but I decided to keep my mouth shut and let him do his job. The one guy all the scouts were there to see was an NAIA tight end named Gary Wagner.

The onus thru out this regime has been on drafting big physical players they deemed tough guys at the expense of over all team speed. I have no problem with building a foundation on these types but our resident experts (trifecta) wiffed more than they hit. It`s why moving into draft #4 were still looking for OL even though it`s supposed to be the one area of expertise our HC has. It`s also why our ST is lacking that tough minded run thru brick walls type. All the while our O has been getting progressively slower in an ever increasingly faster game.

We really shouldn`t after 3 full drafts moving into #4 be talking about drafting building blocks, like OL, not when the team was being completely rebuilt top to bottom after 07. The reality is this should have been the year to go draft your skill set speed to burn types, gadget players, 3rd. down specialist ect... Instead were back tracking to try and cover up the misses, like Merling ahead of Calais Campbell (The U) I know I`ve posted it before but here was aguy 6`8" 310 pds., prototypical 3/4 end with speed to chase plays down and we pass for a guy who was coming of a Hernia operation, by the way Campbell in 1st. three seasons has 15.5 sacks, Merling 2.5 look it up !!

I guess that`s why I`m not really psyched about making any clear cut splashes that would require these jockers trading up under any circumstance, it will only delay the work in progress that the team obviously still is. At this point I am all for the safest pick possible I don`t trust there scouting dept. and them to figure anything out. If you compound that with analyzing just how in over his head Tony S. seems to be and it becomes very evident that changes loom in our future. The direction of which is anybodies guess with Ross at the helm though.

Dark Matter Bomb,

I do hear you, the directive was to get an exciting OFF.

The challenge would be weighing out a team that was more effective and secured more wins and yet may be more boring depending on draft choices/FAs


Trying to aim only at exciting player additions and possibly lose more games if those players aren't as effective.

It's always been my premise that it's harder to fire a boring game winning Head Coach/ GM than an exciting losing Coach/ GM.

I would have to error on the side of talent. In other words to make it very rudimentary if it came time to pick and I couldn't trade out of the spot for anything worthwhile, then I would much rather take a DEF guy graded an 8 than an OFF guy I graded a 6, even if the OFF guy was a sexy, exciting player.

I think you win in part by collecting overall superior talent. I think that is exactly why GB won the SB. When they were losing frontline starters to injury they kept digging in and filling in with their roster depth. In the end it was enough as they had lost games and went in as a 6th seed.

Note, that I don't think they have a snowballs chance in Hades if we simply switched QBs with them. Great QBs make geniuses out of GMs and Coaches alike.

If the Pats don't discover Brady the buried treasure, do you think the Pats win all their SBs? Do they even go to one?



How did the fishing excursion go? Any Trout?

I agree with your assessment and have posted the same. I think you said it a little better though.

The combination of circumstances stacks the deck against us severely. Picking 15th in a weak class, lost workout time because of the lockout and probably most importantly, no 2nd rounder.

If I were the GM I would pass on the high pick QB this year.

I would however go after a guy in the later rounds. A developmental guy that I know MOST LIKELY wouldn't see any playing time this year anyway.

If a QB like Ricky Stanzi was still there LATE, I would definitely consider pulling the trigger.

Other than that, REACHING for guys like Mallet or Newton would be just a bit to scary for me.

Fire the coaching staff please

Darryl Dunphy,

Wassssss happnin brohamster?

I can dig what you are saying. Maybe if the Fins and other QB hungry teams eval the same way, then a guy like Kaep will slide some and be a more valuable get a round or two later than he would have gone?

So many different, new, strategy bullets flying around due to this lockout and lack of FA as of yet.

It will be interesting.

I have 3 QBs that I feel will be there from 15 and beyond that I would like to see as a Fin. Kaepernick, Mallet and Ponder. Ponder would be a distant 3rd behind Mallet and Kaep. You are correct, they all have warts of one kind or another.

As a random thought I believed Kaep got the raw end of the deal when he ended up with an INT on a drive when the TE got both hands on the ball and let it careen off behind him for the easy pick.

I think Newton and Gabbert will get drafted prior to 15.



What was your assessment of the TE Gary Wagner?


Ok, we are here with grizzled mountain man scout Darryl Dunphy. What did you think of today's workout and what you saw?

Can you take that trout of your mouth first please?...

Ok go ahead...

LOL, Cheers bud.

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