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News, thoughts on Miami quarterback chase

First to the news: The Dolphins have scheduled a private workout and visit with Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick for later this month, something that should come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

Kaepernick is a second-day pick but he's been very exciting to scouts following a promising college career and a simply outstanding spring in which he practiced well at the Senior Bowl and has shown well at the Combine and other workouts.

Contrary to a published report, the Dolphins have not yet scheduled a private workout with Jake Locker, according to a league source.

The Dolphins have every intention of trying to acquire a quarterback through the draft so keep Kaepernick in mind. But lately, I've perceived disappointment from Miami fans on this blog and my radio show in that the current NFL labor impasse might damage Miami's opportunity to find a veteran quarterback to offer a short-term answer to Miami's issues at the spot

Oh, you see the long-term possibilities in the draft, but you think Miami's short-term possibilities are diminishing.

Well, I understand the thinking.

Because the current labor situation is one of union decertification and ownership lockout, nothing is going on in free agency or in the trade market. We're at a stand-still at least until April 6 when litigation between the sides is scheduled to be heard in court.

That means Miami cannot trade for Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb. It also means Miami cannot possibly pick up or trade for Vince Young, either as a free agent if he's released or when he's made available in trade.

And that all but guarantees that incumbent Chad Henne would be Miami's starter again in 2011.

Well, I have a different view of this labor strife, one that might be a benefit to the Dolphins. It goes like this:

If the labor problems last past the April 28-30 draft, you should rejoice! But only as long as those labor issues get resolved between April 30th and June or early July sometime.

If that happens, and the NFL re-opens for business with a full-tilt free agency and open trading period, the veteran quarterbacks I mentioned above will still likely be on the market in some fashion or another. Except, much to Miami's benefit, the asking price will not possibly be a 2011 draft pick because the draft this year will have already passed.

So if the Dolphins have interest in going after a Palmer or a Kolb, they can do it with the idea of investing 2012 draft picks rather than picks this year. This year the Dolphins are hamstrung in that they don't have a second round pick because they used it in the Brandon Marshall trade last year.

But Miami has a full complement of picks for 2012. And I remind you of Jimmy Johnson's old theory that a first round pick next year is equivalent to a second-rounder this year based on the fact the player this year will come in and be more ready to contribute at a higher level by next year when that rookie next year is still getting his NFL footing. I'm not saying I agree with that, but that was his theory and it worked with players such as Patrick Surtain.

I don't believe the Dolphins can afford to use their first round pick this year on obtaining a veteran quarterback. They obviously don't have a second round pick so they are definitely pondering a trade-down option to recover that second pick. So right now, they probably can't go get either Palmer or Kolb because other teams will have more 2011 picks to haggle with than Miami.

But once this draft comes and goes, the Dolphins will be on a more even footing with other QB needy teams.

And then the idea of trading for a vetern QB such as Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb might be more palatable. I don't know that Miami would do it, but it would be more possible as well.


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Last Year:

1st. Brandon Graham OLB/Michigan
Dan Williams NT/Tenn.
Sergio Kindle OLB/Texas

2nd. No Pick

3rd. Jimmy Graham TE/Miami
Ricky Sapp OLB/Clemson
Torrell Troupe NT/Central FLA.

4th. Reshad Jones FS/Georgia
Jacoby Ford WR/Clemson
Brandon Spikes ILB/Florida

5th. LeGarrette Blount RB/Oregon
Brandon Carter G/Texas Tech
Sean Lee ILB/Penn State

6th-A-Ekom Udofia NT/Stanford

6th-B-Terrell Huggins WR/Elon

6th-C-Mike Tepper OT/California

7th-A-Trindon Holliday WR/KR/PR/LSU

7th-B-Brandon Banks KR/PR/Kan.St.

I was right as far as us picking Reshad Jones.

Brandon Graham and Sapp both went to Philly and both were injured. Juries still out.

I picked the right round on Jimmy Graham, I still wish we would've picked him. Freaking Parcells!

I had a 3rd round grade on Brandon Spikes but Belichek got him in the second. I had a 3rd on Troupe, but he went to the Bills in the 2nd.

I got the right round on Ford to but he went to the raiders. Sweet kick returner.

My proudest moment of being a Hack Mocker, I would've spent a 5th rounder on Blount when EVERYONE else passed him all the way down to being a UDFA!

Don't know what all this means, but I'm bored so what the heck. At least you can't accuse me of not living up to my draft predictions.

2nd or 3rd rd talent? LMAO Their talent level and potential are higher than Luck
He just has all the intangibles coaches cream over

Posted by: beerphin | March 16, 2011 at 12:43 AM


i called out a bunch of em last year
1st w/ trade back Jared Odrick
2nd Koa Misi
3rd John Jerry
4th Kam Chancellor
5th AJ Edds
6th Dorin Dickerson
7th Legarrette Blount

I'm in disagreement with Freezin in NY about Cam or Locker being 1st rd talent. AS far as talent goes the sky is the limit with those two their are just question marks but as far as potential goes and talent they are two of the best prospects in years

Not a single free agent QB available is worth investing in, hands down. They're available for a reason.
Drafting a QB is fine, but that QB will have a very difficult time beating out Henne. The longer the lock-out remains, the more the leader of the offense Henne will be. No Pennington for the players to yearn for, no Thigpen to fool around with, just Brandstater and Henne, with Henne as the leader.

He says Gabbert is the only one worthy of 1st rd pick and that those two are 2nd or 3rd rd quality QBs... I know pundits have said those things but people said the same things about Marino. I just don't agree with those people at all.


I didn't know Smith bulked up that much. Right or wrong, that's the only thing that made me lean toward the "tall maulers"-lol.

I started this a while back and like I said, the guys I'm dreaming about keep moving up. Jordan Cameron's a good example. I was posting about him pre-combine and not many had heard of him. The freaking guy probably helped himself right out of our price range at the combine.

I know my mock is pretty unrealistic at this point, but I had to start somewhere. Lots of "work" needed.

I like the raw receiving talents Jordan has kinda like Graham. If he improves his blocking he'd be a guy that could do damage. Bball ups and hands. He seems to have a solid future. Could be worth a 3rd rd pick... Also the other guy I think could help out our passing attack is Rob Housler. I believe he ran the fastest TE time and he is a lil bit taller. Can block and has impressed enough to move up to the 3rd as well

have you seen Greg Little play? I'm thinking if he were to fall to the 3rd He'd be an immediate starter as the #2... really high on this guy if we trade back and grab a 2nd


You predicted our trade-back and the Odrick, Misi and Jerry picks? You Da Man!

As far as Newton, Mallet and Locker(?)I don't pretend to know EXACTLY what their worthy of. I will say that I feel ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that AT LEAST Gabbert, Newton and Mallet all are gone in the first. PROBABLY even Locker.

When it comes to the draft, I avoid spouting off to much garbage about QB's. Because for me, their the hardest position to gauge.

Besides what all the talking heads say, you never really know what the GM's are thinking. Marino's a great example.

truth to that I just see QB as the biggest need to fill right now. It's the one position that's make or break you as far as real success late in the playoffs

Draft Granite Jones from Slate University. Solid player.

It's hit or miss on the QBs for sure, but for me I'd rather miss by drafting the best QB available and having him bust than miss by letting him slip past and him ending up being a star for some other team.


Miami will go into the season (if there is one) with at least 3 QB's. We saw in just one game against Tennessee that having 3 is a necessity not a quaint idea.

I do agree with you that the FA pool is very shallow. In fact, Once you take the players who will likely not be released by their respective teams Matt Flynn, Carson Palmer and Kyle Orton off the table. It really only come down to 2 guys who could possibly bring some competition to Henne at some point, or at least offer a viable back-up should Henne beat them out in Training Camp and Pre-Season exhibition football. Those 2 players are Kevin Kolb from Philly and Tennessee's Vince Young.
Andy Read was not tossing anyone's salad when he said he would be starting Kevin Kolb as he released Donovan McNabb. Then Kolb was Concussed in the season opener, Vick came in and did very well. When Vick was injured, Kolb Came back and won convincing games against the Falcons and 49ers in 300+ yard games. Only against Tennessee did he falter with 2 ints, but still was 26 of 48. Losing a fumble that was returned for a TD in the last play of the game that sealed his fate. Make no mistake... Kolb can play. But can he play in Miami system...? Vince Young has talent for days... He is a proven winner. If he was only reacting to Kerry Collins whom he did not get along with... a change of scenery make make all the difference... then again... he may just be the raving lunatic some say he is...? I feel Vince Young may very well be a targeted player for Miami if the price is right. Kolb is a bit pricey and is a West Coast system player who could be a huge bust in our system.

As far as the draft goes... show me 5 people and I'll show you 5 opinions... I like Mallet, Ponder and Locker (in that order) with what Miami has to work with. I think Stanzi may have a future and feel he will likely be our guy. I think Kaepernick will end up on a "Where are they now" NFL show in 5 or 6 years along with a couple others

Just my opinions... and those seem to change every week or so these day's....


just sorta relating to your post at 1:34...

Christian Ponder is one of those guys who may slip down the charts and be available in the 3rd round. Or, will certainly be there in the mid to lower 2nd. I have a positive feeling about that young man. No, he is no athletic monster. But he carries himself much as Chad Pennington and is damn smart. Being a Canes fan I have seen him play, not only against us, but I watch nearly all of FSU, Florida, S. Florida and C. Florida's games along with Miami. Ponder has a lot more arm and ability then I believe some give him credit.

Henne needs 1-2 more years to prove if he is a bust.Call me a henne homer (don't care)but he has been handcuffed and a good soldier to his O.C.I do not want any of the F.A QB's out there to play for my team,but if they draft one I got no problem with the competition.Does anyone realize that if all 6 of japans reactors melt down part of the U.S.A is gonna be affected?Russia had one melt down,remember the devastation?All those that helped to contain it are dead.......We are talking 6 reactors...sorry just a little more important than if we need a 2nd round pick.

wonder if I can get phin games in the antarctic?

Pay...younger delirious man..Henne can have 6 more years and he will be the same water-head QB that he has been to our team all along bro... We need a QB desperately guys

Younger = you're

Enough already with the veteran trash heap. Stay with Henne short term and draft a young guy. None of the guys you mention are any better than Henne or they would not be available. Kolb is a joke trust me I live in Philly. Do I have to remind you of the last Philly quarterback that cost a second round pick,we got nothing and it will happen again.

Amen jim ....live outside the lehigh valley and hope we get the phantoms....GO FLYERS


I think Armando has

I kknow evey time I post, I'm putting my neck in the sling. Someone here just can't help but create a brand new name (executioner's hood) and then damn me. lol-

At any rate, stuck with what we have at QB, Henne will throw for 4,000 yards, provided the season is whole.

Ross: I want better play from the QB position. I want an Exciting, Explosive, Aggressive offense.

Ireland: Screw you!! We need to go DL or LB maybe even a OL, but Henne is the man and with Daboll here to add to the offense, we will be just fine.

Ross: You're fired

Ireland: Other teams will pick me up, I know that there are only 32 of these jobs in the whole world of 6 billion, but my pride comes before your demands.

Ross: has a conference call with the Bolens, Wyffs, The Rooneys, The Blanks, The Snyders and all of the owners and tells them that Ireland blatantly ignored his direct demand.

Ireland back to ball boy, for a AFL team.

Exciting is big plays, long plays, quick strikes. Explosive is big plays, quick strikes. Aggressive is down the field plays, screen passes, going for it on 4th down, making the defense have to cover the entire field.

Slow, grinding plays that ground out time and drag everything down is not exciting, explosive or aggressive. You cannot market a dull team, even if they win a few games.

I will dance when Ireland is fired.

No more Bargain Basement QB's.....draft a guy in the 1st RD with 1st RD talent....back him in ALL WAYS POSSIBLE....and lets put this issue to bed for the next 10-15 years.....

What Ross wants and whats available may be two entirely different things. He should have taken care of his own business first and found us a more exciting coach last year.

kris In any normal draft the top QB's this year would be late second rounders at best. I think Henne is better than all of them.

Gulf Dolphin,

I don't care if he throw for 8,000 yards in 3 games....Henne's yards for the most part have proven to be insignificant....

Its about the score board...what you do INSIDE the 20's....not outside of them.....I don't have a stat....but I am sure we either led the league or was top 5 in FG attempsts in the 40 yard range....PAINFUL FOOTBALL.....

Its reading defence's and getting the ball out on time...its hitting the reciever in stride so he can get YAC, its inspiring those you play with...

its NOT letting Hartline show his A S S and not making an ON-THE SPOT-CORRECTION.....

GulfDolphin...its LEADERSHIP!

Jeff Ireland....Strongly disagree.....

All Qb's have warts...who in the heck predicted Joe Flacco to be what he is.....Nobody on here...thats for sure....

Do your Homework Mr. Ireland.....

Here I was, all ready to shoot down Mando's post, poo-poo'ing the prospect of wasting ANOTHER 1st-round pick on SOMEONE ELSE'S mistake (or else why are they getting rid of a QB), and kris steals all my thunder.

I don't know what's dumber, NOT drafting a 1st-round QB since 1998, or giving up a #1 draft pick for a QB who, on paper, isn't much better than the QB you currently have on your roster. Doesn't anyone in the Dolphins organization pay attention to history?

the hottest RUMORS RE DOLPHINS;;;;;;;;





I'll say it again, the lockout is Henne's big break. No FA QB or traded QB coming in... any QB not under contract will not want to risk injury working out with teammates, including any rookie taken in the draft, leaving only Henne and Brandstater if he's under contract for 2011. A chance for Henne to establish himself as the leader of the new offense, teaching it to the team, working on wrinkles that the players come up with, being THE MAN. I predict he's up to the challenge.


kris, Flacco was indeed on the radar. Your buddy Cam Cameron instigated the trade up for him. Regardless of what fin fans think of Cameron, I'd have to say his years of OC experience give him a better eye for qb's over any armchair fan. (He knew to pass on Quinn btw, qb's he knows). Flacco was no surprise. Do your homework and make sure you wipe afterwards too.

Jeff Ireland,

I you select a batch of Playmakers, if you pick up a batch of Playmakers in FA and the coaching staff does not use them correctly, you have a case for keeping your job, but using the excuse that there are no Exciting players available is a recipe for failure.

There are Exciting young Mobile Playmakers in the QB position, RB position, TE position and WR position in the Draft. There are plenty of young Playmakers that will be available in FA once it starts. Looking at the Excitment that Aaron Rodgers brought to Green Bay, Vick to Philly, Freeman to Tampa Bay, McCoy to Cleveland even Fitzpatrick had people talking about Buffalo and then looking at the Dolphins play on the field is a sad comparison.

Teams like Denver that only won four games have hope with Tebow. Detroit has hope with Stafford, St. Louis has hope with Bradford and we have Henne. Henne, who even the pros at the NFL Network say isn't a franchise QB. If Henne is not a franchise QB and they ride his coat tails with a serious attempt to address the problem, Ireland and Sporano will be gone next year. If they get a aggressive and attempt to get a player who has serious playmaking ability but is a little raw, they may be afforded a little more time because the fan will have hope and hope can be a great marketing tool.

Agreed Jefferson, if Henne can't win the starting position THIS year, and excel, then he's worthless and shouldn't be given any other chances.


Posted by: payuengsnwings | March 16, 2011 at 06:26 AM

Yuengling hasn't been a regional/Pennsylvania beer in well over a decade. It's available all over the country and one of their breweries, in fact, is in Tampa.

There's nothing remarkable about it at all. It's a typical mass-produced and bland lager. I also live in Pennsylvania (Philly) and there are MUCH better regional brews such as Sly Fox, Dogfish Head, Stoudt's, Yards, Lancaster Brewing Co., and Nodding Head...all of them putting out far more creative (and fresher) product.

Yuengling is a step up from complete crap like Budweiser or Coors, but a loooong way from this regions better craft beers.

The logic of trading a draft pick for an every day player is unwavering.

Take BM for instance. We lose a second rounder but have BM for at least 4 years. There is no guarantee that the second rounder would even make the team. He is a proven player.

The only generally accepted guarantees out of the draft would be in the top 4 or 5. After that (at least in the case of the Phins) it is at best a crap shoot.

Yet this year it seems that a lot of fans are freaking because we don't have a second rounder. We do have a second rounder and he is on the field and playing like a second rounder.

Trade down they scream. Nobody worth it at 15. Get a late first and a second or 2 seconds. That is just dumb. If my odds increase to get a starting player at 15, I keep 15.

Dark Matter not sure I get your point. This isn't the best draft anyone will tell you that and we are missing a second round pick. You don't become a dynamic explosive team being short picks because you trade picks away and half the time for garbage players. FA is mostly run down players this year if there is even a FA.


FAKE ALoco ,


We will swap 1st. round picks with Tampa or K.C. for there 3rd. round selection. Tampa wants to pair Ingram with Blount, K.C. wants to pair him with Charles, they have the 20 and 22nd. picks repectfully but at this point from what I gather from Mike Silver, Yahoo sports is they are not willing to give up more than a 3. If this scenario holds then we will draft best OL available.

With our two #3`s we will take best w.r. r.b. or t.e. available, I would address w.r. and t.e. in that scenario preferably as we can always get a slasher like a Taiwan Jones or Derek Locke in rounds 4 thru 5, while adding a big back like Bush from Oak. in FA. It doesn`t bother me bringing in a r.b. late, that`s not a position were players take long in picking up the O. plus I`d rather let a vet handle it as opposed to a rook who would be in the same boat due to no CBA.

This is just one out of many possible scenario`s, for all we know Ireland is thinking about staying at 15 and drafting one of the Q.B.`s or even a Def. player but out of everything that I`ve read this one makes the most sense to me or maybe it`s just at the top of my wish list scenario`s. In any event Silver tends to be a pretty reliable source, so I put a little more stock in what he says as opposed to others.


Fin4life...I do agree that if a draft day trade is made it will see us getting extra 3rd, or even 4th round picks. But getting into the second round looks bleak.

Just look at the teams behind us. They don't have to trade to get the players they may be targeting. Lets use Mark Ingram for a minute. No way does a team with one second round choice give that up to move up to nab Ingram at 15. It makes no sense. I use Ingram because he is the 1 offensive player(skill position)that may draw some interest.

The Chargers, and Pats have multiple second and third round picks. To me trading down in the first with San Diego to aquire one of their 3rds makes more sense. Looking at past draft day trades. Teams that move down less then 5 spots in the first round are never compensated with a second round pick. I think San Diego picks at 17. So dropping 2 spots to get an extra second would be a good deal. Plus it makes sense because SD may be looking for a guy like Kerrigan, or Watt. A good reason for them to trade up a few spots to secure one of the 2.

@ 11:22...Dropping back a few spots to get an extra third. Not a second, that will never happen only moving to spots. I wanted to clarify.

@ Darryl D,

I`m basing my scenario on what I read at Yahoo from Silver about teams that are really high on Ingram. Your scenario makes perfect sense as well though given that if S.D. wants Watt or Kerrigan they will have to leap frog the Pats. Also if Ingram gets past picks 15 to 18 he drops to Tampa at 20 by default anyway and if everybody is wrong and he gets past K.C. because they decide to address they`re bad O-Line, then it will be interesting to see how far he falls.

Jeff Ireland.....I step away from my desk and come back to find you hurling childish banter at me....

I knew I shoudn't have engaged a Troll who would post under the GM's name....but yeah....stupid me....

Anyway....please post some links...pictures....recorded converstions....any INSIDE INFO that your delusional behind has stating Flacco was on the radar....news paper clippings will be fine....

but it had better be more than a "attended a work out session".....

The floor is your Mr. Ireland.....since I need to "wipe"....whatever the Hell that means....

I guess one can only imagine....

Anyway....awaiting your PROOF.....

One last thing Mr. Ireland.....since your reading and comprehension skills are so POOR....I stated (I WILL CUT AND PASTE IT FOR YOU WITH ALL THE EXTRA CRAP THAT COMES WITH CUT AND PASTE)....

I said the following in my post:
"who in the heck predicted Joe Flacco to be what he is.....NOBODY ON HERE...thats for sure....

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/03/first-to-the-news-the-dolphins-have-scheduled-a-private-workout-and-visit-with-nevada-qb-colin-kaepernick-for-later-this-mon/comments/page/3/#comments#ixzz1GmDfKsIF

So.....at what point did I make reference to the DOLPHINS STAFF....OR EVEN THE NFL IN GENERAL...

When you respond to me with your petty childish crap....Please ensure you have FULLY UNDERSTOOD what you read (WE CALL THAT READING COMPREHENSION)

And clearly you lack that most basic skill....

You can't fully comprehend a 2 sentence post from me without SCREWING IT UP in your head....

I'd love to know what's going thu your mind having to digest a few paragraphs.....lol



He won`t make it out of the 1st. round though (Ingram) he won`t make it past Balt. OR G.B. if he were to fall to the bottom of round 1

Aloco....is that true....we only had 11 Touchdowns last year?

@ Kris,

It`s a well known fact that Baltimore was thinking either Henne or Flacco and much to our luck they went with the small school kid and let Henne slide, cause our mindset was to draft the one that fell to us in rd.2, even though I wonder if it had been Flacco in Miami if we wouldn`t be talking about the absolute bust he seems to be in our Offense or for that matter taking Roddy White away from M.Ryan and dropping him in Henning`s vanilla system, how would that have turned out ? think about it, "the q.b. doesnt need to win just not loose" mentality could have wrecked either one of them as well, just a thought ?


I would absolutly love the idea of swaping 1st. rounders with S.D. and taking M.Tolbert and say a 4th. rounder as compensation.

My robot eats pastries.

Folks that want Ingram, that's fine. I happen to disagree. This is no longer a running league. Look at the top running teams last year, and tell me how many made the playoffs? We only need to be a good situational running team. Be able to run it in the red zone. Have the ability to run it in the fourth quarter. We should be using the pass to set up the run, that is what modern, effective offenses do.

Secondly, do we know if Ingram can block? According to his scouting report...Not so much. I know supporters are going to say he's a freakin running back why does it matter if Ingram can block? Well ask Buffalo, and CJ Spiller why it's important. Also, I think Ingram would be better suited to running for a zone team. Finding that cut back seam behind smaller, quicker lineman that move around more then our big bruising sraight ahead blockers.







Those are very valid questions...and I am sure one could argue both sides very well depending on what side of the fence you fall on....as for me I try not to deal in "what if's"....but prefer to only deal in the present and the hand we are currently dealt.....the only player I will boo hoo about is not getting DEZ BRYANT....and I think I only did that once on here.....

As far as your comments on the poor coaching...you will get no argument from me....

What I will tell you is this....I live in Baltimore and Flacco might as well be Henne in Baltimore....for a team that won 12 games this year he is tourted bu the fans almost as much as Henne is by those of us on here....

Same defecinecies...

Holds the ball to long
takes sacks
can't read defence's
checks down to much

My reaction while I listen is that they have no idea how good they got it.

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