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News, thoughts on Miami quarterback chase

First to the news: The Dolphins have scheduled a private workout and visit with Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick for later this month, something that should come as no surprise to readers of this blog.

Kaepernick is a second-day pick but he's been very exciting to scouts following a promising college career and a simply outstanding spring in which he practiced well at the Senior Bowl and has shown well at the Combine and other workouts.

Contrary to a published report, the Dolphins have not yet scheduled a private workout with Jake Locker, according to a league source.

The Dolphins have every intention of trying to acquire a quarterback through the draft so keep Kaepernick in mind. But lately, I've perceived disappointment from Miami fans on this blog and my radio show in that the current NFL labor impasse might damage Miami's opportunity to find a veteran quarterback to offer a short-term answer to Miami's issues at the spot

Oh, you see the long-term possibilities in the draft, but you think Miami's short-term possibilities are diminishing.

Well, I understand the thinking.

Because the current labor situation is one of union decertification and ownership lockout, nothing is going on in free agency or in the trade market. We're at a stand-still at least until April 6 when litigation between the sides is scheduled to be heard in court.

That means Miami cannot trade for Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb. It also means Miami cannot possibly pick up or trade for Vince Young, either as a free agent if he's released or when he's made available in trade.

And that all but guarantees that incumbent Chad Henne would be Miami's starter again in 2011.

Well, I have a different view of this labor strife, one that might be a benefit to the Dolphins. It goes like this:

If the labor problems last past the April 28-30 draft, you should rejoice! But only as long as those labor issues get resolved between April 30th and June or early July sometime.

If that happens, and the NFL re-opens for business with a full-tilt free agency and open trading period, the veteran quarterbacks I mentioned above will still likely be on the market in some fashion or another. Except, much to Miami's benefit, the asking price will not possibly be a 2011 draft pick because the draft this year will have already passed.

So if the Dolphins have interest in going after a Palmer or a Kolb, they can do it with the idea of investing 2012 draft picks rather than picks this year. This year the Dolphins are hamstrung in that they don't have a second round pick because they used it in the Brandon Marshall trade last year.

But Miami has a full complement of picks for 2012. And I remind you of Jimmy Johnson's old theory that a first round pick next year is equivalent to a second-rounder this year based on the fact the player this year will come in and be more ready to contribute at a higher level by next year when that rookie next year is still getting his NFL footing. I'm not saying I agree with that, but that was his theory and it worked with players such as Patrick Surtain.

I don't believe the Dolphins can afford to use their first round pick this year on obtaining a veteran quarterback. They obviously don't have a second round pick so they are definitely pondering a trade-down option to recover that second pick. So right now, they probably can't go get either Palmer or Kolb because other teams will have more 2011 picks to haggle with than Miami.

But once this draft comes and goes, the Dolphins will be on a more even footing with other QB needy teams.

And then the idea of trading for a vetern QB such as Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb might be more palatable. I don't know that Miami would do it, but it would be more possible as well.


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what if the 2nd round went something like this?:

33 new england - ryan williams
34 buffalo - kyle rudolph
36 denver - mikel leshoure
38 arizona - christan ponder
39 tennesse - ryan mallet
40 dallas - marcus cannon
45 san francisco- rodney hudson
46 denver - dj williams
47 st louis - jon baldwin
48 oakland - cam newton
49 jacksonville - jake locker
50 san diego - randall cobb
51 tampa bay - leonard hankerson
55 kansas city - luke stocker
56 new orleans - kendall hunter
58 baltimore - orlando franklin
60 new england - ben ijalana
62 chicago - jerrell jernigan

it's kind of scary to think that, if these teams draft these players on offense who could be the bpa at those points but also fill their needs the majority of the talent on the offensive side of the ball could be gone by the time we pick in the third round. this exemplifies the reason why we must secure a 2nd round pick. if we don't get a 2nd i have demarco murray as the one back that could be available for us to take at that time based on teams picking for their needs in the third round. scarey situation.

DD....i'm not IN LOVE with Ingram at #15.....but I would understand it if the QB they target is off of the board.....but for me...thats a BIG IF...

@ Darrly D,

Agree 100%, one of the things that made R.Brown without a doubt has been his blocking which steadily improved after his rookie season. I do find the idea of getting M.Tolbert with say 4th rd. pick as compensation for swaping 1st. rounders with S.D. an attractive scenario for us, good call Aloco.

Kris...What up!!!

I would skip quarterback as well.

Personaly if I had my choice I would go defense round one just because I think the best players in this round are on the defensive side. We cannot make the mistake we did last year, and ignore good players because we feel we have to address one particular side of the ball.

Back to quarterback. Realisticaly. At fifteen our choices of quarterback would be Locker, Mallet, Kaepernick, Stanzi, Ponder... None of these guys make me think we should buck up at fifteen? Locker maybe.. So where do we go at fifteen? I would understand Ingram, I just don't agree. The more I think about, I think our best play at fifteen is a defensive player.

@ Kris,

Your right no need in dealing in what if`s, it solves nothing. It is worth noting though that Flacco`s coaching staff does seem to get what he is and puts him in best position to succeed, having Ray Rice to check down to is an absolute luxury. I do wonder as you pointed out though about Flacco in the crunch tough, watching him unravel against Pitt. in 3rd. quarter of play-offs was unbelievable. The Dez Bryant thing hurts alot of fans feel you on that one, yours truely included and when you couple it with passing on Jahvid Best as well it becomes mind blowing stuff!!!


There are alot of good OL in the top half of this draft as well, more than I`ve seen with a 1st. round grade in a while you could trade down and get either Pouncy, Carimi or Tyson Smith. All 3 would immediatly up grade the line and would bring some needed attitude up front. If we trade down of the 3 if he`s there I would grag Carimi a real mauler in the run game with a nasty attitude and it would permit us to slide Carey into the RG spot. The position he played in College at the U, remember he was moved to RT his Sr. year by Cocker out of necessaty, he`s better suited inside.


I was at the Dolphins last home game. It was painful to watch. However, if we are looking for a role model of a QB, if we want a winning QB, we are not going to get this from a bunch of has-been QB's and we are not going to get a QB through the draft to start winning on day one. I want to see Henne take this team and win. Actually, I think he can do it. Let's see how patience can persist.

Henne will be the only QB there, if he can't win against himself he is more useless than previously thought.

Being the winner against himself won't help him make better decisions on the field.

Ireland and Sporano have a choice to make. they can stand pat and hope that Henne becomes dazzling and yes he has to be dazzling and not just a little better because this is his 4th and contract year.
They can get aggressive and take a risk but getting a few young exciting dynamic playmakers who add speed and excitement, including a QB who is mobile, makes plays with his arm and legs. People will except high risk, if there is a chance for high reward, why do you think the lottery and Vegas does so well.

Well said Dark Matter B. well said indeed !!!

I give up with this team. I'm basically just going to go through the motions this season, collect my check, let Ross find a new staff in 2012.

fin4life...I have to disagree that Carey would be better served inside at guard. There was a reson the Phins paid him a bunch of lute. Last year because of injury, or lack of motivation, or who knows what Carey played poorly. But at his best he is a commodity at right tackle. I would say his size doesn't fit inside where I would like to see a more mobile player. Think about what Sparano said about second level blocking.

Our line is slow as is. We definitley need players who are a little more active. If one of these tackles can be moved to guard(smith from USC seems like the obvious choice) I would be for a player like this being selected at 15. For my money, I think we need to address center. If Incognito is the choice fine. But any success on the line is dependant on a competant center. Start from the middle, and move outward.

Back to Carey. It is hard to side with him, or project him to be anything more than he was last year. I understand this. But I think he should get the benefit of the doubt. He is making to much cabbage to ignore him, or dismiss him.

Can Carey throw the ball? We need a QB. I don't mind having half of our players playing out of their natural position.

Power Rankings for Coaches.

Lets do this together. Pick a slot and fill in the appropriate coach:

1. Belicheck
2. Payton
3. Ryan
17. Gailey
32. Tony Sparano

Ireland...Don't you think that list is a little harsh? Remember you are on the same ship as Sparano. So when it hits the iceberg, and goes down. There won't be any room in the lifeboats for either of you. To be fair I would put Sparano at 30. I'm not sure who is below him. But the mastery of the fist pump, and field goal formation earns him a few spots in my book.

The only hope we've got to beat out teams like the Jets and Pats is to make everyone start over with scab players. Maybe we can have instance success getting better scrubs than the rest of the NFL. I'd route for anyone wearing a Dolphins jersey. Hell, scabs can't be much worse than we've had the last decade. Just saying..........


shoulda started last year.

@ Darryl,

I don`t think Carey is as slow getting to the next level as you might think, his lateral foot speed in dealing with outside speed rushers is were he suffers and always has. Go ask Willis Mcgahee what he thinks of Carey over RG it`s were he made his living running behind Carey and Gonzalez over right side at the U. Go youtube the 02 season, watch tape of Mcgahee against UF,FSU and VT, and watch Carey plow everything keeping Mcgahee untouched on a lot of long runs.

In contrast watch tape of the VT game in 03 were he`s at RT and you see his inability in dealing with a speed rusher, to name a game that comes to mind. There is a difference in being able to run well and having quick feet, ability to move laterally. He has been a stout run blocking RT but if your paying attention when faced by the likes of C.Pace his game suffers, with all do respect he`s better suited inside with a better pass blocker to his right.

Remember Darryl while Carey was one of six Canes drafted in rd.1 of 04 draft everybody from mock drafts to the ESPN pannel that day had him rd.2 moving back to RG. It was Wannstadt out of shear desperation when the Eagles moved up and grabbed his pick (Andrews) that he reaches on Carey, passing up V.Wilfork by the way, in an attempt to make a LT out of him, big mistake by the way. Since then Saban and Cam bounced him from right to left until we drafted Long in this present regime.

fin4life...good post. I cannot remember 1 snap that Carey took in college. In fact I didn't realize that guard was a position he played in college. I guess my question now is what is his size difference today compaired to what he was in college? Actually to be fair. What is the difference between Carey in 2009, and Carey in College. This is a more accurate comparison to the player I'm thinking of, then the what appeared to be heavy, slower player from last year.
All of our lineman from last years squad(take away Jerry because of the unknown, and Jake Long who is good at everything..even holding)All of the guys were good run blockers. That was supposed to be a strength of our team. It was pass blocking that was the big question.

To me the pass blocking was very good up until the Chicago game. Even still, a lot of the problems IMO were 1 Hennes inability to recognize the rush, and deliver balls on time with accuracy. and 2.. The problems with musical chairs on the line. Injuries never allowed this unit to properly gel. As bad as people think the line was. To me it is a unit that should be greatly improved. Even if we do not address the spot in the draft. The 2 spots that concern me the most are center, and left right guard. Will John Jerry come into his own, and who is going to play center?


Are you aware of the fact that Incognito was a Center in College at Neb. before the Rams who drafted him in rd.3 06 moved him out of need to LG. If you analyze his game you undoubtedly see his inability to pull because he`s to slow but when matched up over Def. he more than holds his own, down and dirty brute in the trenches, moving him back to Center plays to his strengths and I don`t worry about him calling out blocking assignments at the line I can`t imagine he could do worse than Berger.

Your point on Carey is right on in the sense that he played in College at 310 pds. he`s been a Tackle in the league at around 330 but isn`t that why Sparano gets paid to whip him back into shape and get his weight down. If we drafted a Carimi and slide him in with Garner and Incognito at LG and C. respectively, we can again IMHO field a very strong group, especially with Berger and Jerry pushing everbody for playing time.

Darryl and fin4life,

You guys keep reminding me of something that keeps bugging the heck out of me.

Our run game suffered last year for a multitude of reasons. The one glaring thing that keeps jumping out at me has more to do with coaching, player acquisition and strategy as opposed to the players themselves.

Since the Trifecta arrived we have been getting the bigger(slower)road grading maulers. All have to fit Parcell's prototypical requirements.

The problem is, we draft and sign offensive lineman that are better suited to a zone blocking scheme. The smaller quicker offensive lineman are better suited for traps, misdirection/seal blocking schemes. Of course, then Hennings and SpOrano ram the square peg into the round hole. They get the big jumbo's and then expect them to pull and trap all day long.

This is the MAIN REASON that all last season our running plays were slow developing. A Lot of times our pulling guards(or on certain plays our pulling tackles)wouldn't even get over in time to make their seal or trap block, let alone anything at the second level.

Then, to top it all of, when your O-line has a lot of injuries, as ours did, there is a need to simplify the schemes by reverting back to zone blocking schemes.

Hennings and that offensive line guru Sporano seem to be completely oblivious to all of this. They have a system and come hell or high water the player has to adapt or else. I don't think either one of them can even comprehend the notion of playing to your players strengths.

Hopefully things will be different with Daboll. The O-line, AS IT IS, could be head and shoulders above where it was last year just by tailoring our schemes to fit our players.

I know I'm just sort of ranting and venting, so just let me finish with a "Un-F-cking-Believable"!!!!

Odin...Great post. I have nothing more to add, as you have it covered.

The problem with this team, and what makes this draft so difficult. You can argue, or make a point that the team ian't to far off. Just a few tweeks here and there and we could be in the hunt.

But you could also argue that we are so far away, sucking the wind of real contenders. That only a miracle would land us in the post season, and that we are destined to again SUCK.

Both arguments would be rational points of view. You start looking at potential draft picks at our spot 15. And you can apply the same thinking. I think all the quarterbacks in the first round(all rounds to be honest) are poor. But if we took one, hard to argue. Same with offensive line. I think we will be a better unit without drafting a guy. But if we did, again hard to fuss.

This sounds like fence sitting. But I'm not. I'm just totaly up in the air about what direction is the right way to go. I would make it real easy and draft a defensive player. That way we aould be forced into looking at skill position playes later in the draft when the value seems to match the talent.



How about this one FINS....


What did Tom Tom and Billy Boy do to this guy.....

in all he said he would play for the Browns or Vikes among others....but his heart seems to be with the Pats...WTF MOSS???

In all fairness....

right now if Ingram is not there at 15 trade down & get a low #1 & #2 back!!! QB would be a wasted pick @ 15 we need RB help right now, then O line!!! Henne will be fine!!!


If you read the multiple posts I`ve put up in the last hour you`ll see that if anything your making an argument for exactly the point I`ve been stressing. Moving Incognito from Center to LG worked for the Rams because of there more straight ahead style, it helps if your back is S.Jackson. The Fins pick him up and get cute trying to make him into more of a pulling Guard were a blind man can see he`s to slow. There is no excuse it`s not like they didn`t see him everyday and didn`t know what he was.

Carey all thru out College with the exception of his Sr. year when he moved to RT out of necessity was a Guard. It was Wanny outta desperation that moves the slow footed laterally challenged Carey over to LT, were he would bounce from L to R till we drafted Long. If you get Carey down to 310 again I tell you he`s one hell of a RG. It`s why I want Carimi at RT, better suited to handle the outside rush and a real mauler in the run game as well solidifing the Right side.

I only disagree in changing the scheme it`s not the scheme it`s about not putting the right athletes in position to execute. If you put a healthy Garner in at LG his ability to pull efectively makes scheme more effective. The absolute brute strength of Richie make him ideal for a move back to Center and I think an upgrade in ability to change block assignments at the line as well, Berger struggled making those adjustments. Then here is Carey freed from his responsability to worry about outside rush and just concentrating on making the right reads and reacting at RG immediatly makes us better as well. I think it`s a matter of tweaking what we have, while adding a RT. The disturbing thing is Sparano the OL GURU should know this without some novice blogger calling it out.


Fair enough!

I did read your post(s)and as I stated, you guys reminded me of a "pet peeve" I've been repressing-lol.

Thing only point I would make in regards to your post to me is that I agree with everything you said. The one exception being Garner. I'm not sold on him at LG. I hope he can prove me wrong and become a Pro Bowl LG. However, judging from what I've already saw from him, I would hope Jerry or someone much better fills the bill.

As far as Carey, I wouldn't EVER put him at RT again. If he can pull it off at RG I'm all for it. In that case, he could serve as a decent emergency tackle as well. The weight loss for me isn't that big of a concern either(as long as it's not a weight gain-lol). I think more importantly, whatever weight he comes in at, he just needs to be in great shape. If he can play guard at 330 without sucking wind by halftime, RUN IT!!!!

Forget the scabs, they are blood suckers of low life form. Bill

The idea to trade a `2012 1st or 2nd rd'er for Kolb is one I dont like at all. We've spent a 2nd drafting Henne and to date havent a clue if Kolb is any better.

Heck, in his only oportunity to start Kolb lost his job to a resurgent Michael Vick. Plus a 2nd rd pick is too much to invest on qb's clearly beginning the backend of thier careers like Palmer or McNabb.

At least VY is a former top 3 overall pick, so investing a 2nd rd'er in him, if required, makes the most sense. He's still young, has the most upside, and is a proven winner in the nfl already.


How are you going to tell us to get a life for being here and, ah, well you're here too?

Just keep posting those nuggets from other sites and everything will be JUST FINE!

PS: Tell Adrian Peterson his Great Grandfather said he can kiss his A S S! He don't never remember no slaves making 5 million a season!

What a Greedy punk! He makes 5 million a year and he can't even utter a coherent sound bite to back up his position. In what other country can you be stump dumb and stupid too, yet still make million of dollars a year? Freaking Dumb A S S doesn't know how good he's got it.

Excuse me now, I have to go PUKE!

No one's ever seen Carey play any of the guard positions. So why does everyone assumes he can successfully pull it off?

I see Carey playing RT again this season if his skills havent seriously eroded due to age and injury. Otherwise, I can seriously see Carey ending up on the "unkindest cuts" list.

Also with the salary Carey's making why would they want to "experiment" when he may not even play the position as well as a much cheaper player?



Carey would have to show the ability to be dominant at the guard position in camp. At what he's being paid he cant just be average.

The guy's been playing the tackle position his entire nfl career. So it's extremely unlikely he'll show a propensity of dominance playing at guard rightaway. The huge contract he's now under may make it extremely difficult to retain him if he cant sufficiently play the RT position this season.

Especially if he cant "clearly" outperform one of the much lesser paid guards. You guys are way ahead of the ball in ASSUMING Carey can be dominant at guard. He'll have to be at his current salary.

New BLOGG up !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would hesitate to put any price tags on anybody at the moment, but I do agree with you about VY probably being OUR best option for bringing in competition.

I wonder if we could circumvent the current lack of a CBA by offering the Titans a 3rd rounder next year and a "future consideration"?

Like maybe a player to kick in with the 3rd rounder. We could use an agent or two close to both teams and the hypothetical player "involved". I know technically it would be a violation. But, if we kept it on the DL and just called it a "future consideration", what could they do?

Think it would fly????


That means its been about 10yrs since he last played a position he didnt play at the nfl level. Plus his body is much older and more banged up.

Not to mention playing tackle and guard are entirely different techniques. Not to mention his brai and body have become so accustomed to playing on the outside.

There are so many things he'll have to readjust and overcome, not to mention he'll have to show the ability to be dominant rightaway to justify the current salary structure he's now under. If Carey cant play RT at a sufficient level and isnt "CLEARLY" better than his competition. Then he will CLEARLY be out of Miami this season.

I Guarantee It!

DB, 5:06

That we can agree on even though alot of players have moved inside and trasitioned nicely in there careers, think Larry Allen and Leonard Davis both moved inside when they no longer had the speed to contain outside. They both by the way would make it to the Pro Bowl as Guards, it`s a fair assesment that it`s easier to go from T to G than the other way around.


Making an offer of any jesture can be constituted as making a "trade". Draft picks cant be swapped for anything, players cant move in any capacity, and "future considerations" is the same thing as trading.

Gotta be careful about "down low". The team you contact about a "down low" deal can also be the team that blows the whistle on you. Say you offer them a 3rd rd'er on the "down low". Hell, because you "illegally" contacted them they can blackmail you for a 1st rd'er.]

Then it's either over pay and pay up. Or they blow the whistle and you end up with nothing and the league may have you forfeit a 1st rd pick as punitive action. "Down low" could really blow up in your face. It aint worth it!


There are probably players that didnt succefully make the transition too. Just saying we cant automatically assume that Carey can successfully make the transition. Some here have already "penciled" Carey in as a starting guard.

Im just saying everyone should hold thier horses because the odds maybe "slightly" higher that he doesnt successfully make the transtion than he does. You cant just pencil him in as a starter this far away from it's actuality.

I'm still saying QB in first round...take a chance on Stanzi so no one else grabs him. You know a winning and bright franchise will make him the next Aaron Rodgers. Run with Henne another year and break the guy in slowly and when Henne throws another stupid pick in a must win game against a bad team bring him in and send Henne packing. Done deal. We have the future in our hands.


Us experienced horseracing handicappers many times are astounded at the predictions of the "experts"(good for us). I believe is the same in Football, that all those experts know as much (or probably less) than us Fans. You People keep on predicting. I don't participate because I don't like to lose.


Are you saying take Stanzi 1st rd? Stanzi is projected 4th-5th rd. Why waste a 1st rd'er when he could be had much more cheaply. LOL........

"Kill them all, let God sort them out!" Millionaires and Billionaires whining about more money....don't feel sorry for them!!!!

DyingBreed..or trade down to a second at most and secure him along with another pick. I don't care about projections, he seems like a good risk, not worth waiting for a late round. "Cheaply" will mean someone else grabs him and succeeds with him and we look like chumps as usual.

DyingBreed...this article is a good one about Stanzi and explains my position. I know it seems a little crazy. http://fantasyfootballmetrics.com/Player_News/Content/NFL-Draft_2011_Stanzi_2-23-2011.htm

There is also a la

I don't agree that stanzi is going to be a good qb in the NFL. Neither is gabbert though.
But locker, mallet, ponder, they will be. Newton could be. I hope we go first round with qb.

Put the list of possible FA QB's in this article next to the list of QB's we have had on our roster since the Marino retirement and what do you see...the same ol retread crap. All you have to do is look at the Redskins to see that spending money on free agents on the down side of their careers is not the way to build a winning team.

Young STUDS please !!!

Once again...Penith Lamb Sausages...

Absolutely no way do we want Donovan McScabb. Watched his whole career up here in Philly, and he's a pouter, whiner, not even close to clutch....you think Chad is bad? You haven't seen anything till you've seen McNabb attempt to run a 2 minute offense....

I was listening to a general manager of a former super bowl team talk about lessons he had learned from past NFL drafts. The one that sticks out in my mind is that he all ways got burned when he drafted for need. Never reach for a player. Take the best player available. With that said what should we do with our first pick? I say we trade down if possible. Accumulate some picks and then draft the best players available.

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