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Dolphins player workouts continue this week

I got a bit of a chuckle recently when media outlets around the country reported Bill Parcells is no longer with the Dolphins. Um, he hasn't been with the Dolphins since late October.

I also had to smile when I read that Dolphins players began working out today. Um, that's been happening for a couple of weeks as well and, like the Parcells thing, it really isn't news, either.

To that point, check out the video below filmed by Herald reporter Jeff Darlington. It chronicles the work receivers Davone Bess and Roberto Wallace and other NFL and CFL hopefuls are doing to get bigger, stronger, faster, and ultimately, better.

Brandon Marshall has been training for six weeks. Six weeks!

No, none of the work is happening at the Dolphins training facility in Davie, FL. The players are locked out and so they are not welcome at the training facility. But they are working out at various gyms and workout facilities throughout South Florida.

He's been under the guidance of Fit Speed Sports Performance in Fort Lauderdale. He was recently joined for a workout by Mike Sims-Walker, which has led to rumors the free agenct receiver recently cut loose by the Jacksonville Jaguars, might be trying to make a pitch to Miami's top receiver for a good word with Miami's front office.

I get the feeling Marshall would gladly put in that good work for Sims-Walker.

As you check out the video, notice Bess. He's not the skinny undrafted free agent out of Hawaii any more. The kid has some serious bulk on him these days, moreso than he had even at the end of last season.

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Can you please advise Dyingbreed that I am not ALoco.
I am new here and already tired of his trash talking.


bess for rb!


When you go 7-9 2years in a row and haven't won a playoff game in ober a decade......You might not be Numero Uno on the National Media Radar.....jus saying......

Can't see the video at work.....i'm glad they haven't blocked this site.....

I hope DD doesn't mind me re-posting this....its the last post from the previous blog....

Good Morning....This blog has become a clown show. I tried to use the type-pad to get my name in blue. But my postst don't appear, oh well. I posted one time as myself last night. The imposter is very good, even taking parts of my old posts and re-posting them as to sound like me. Until this problem is solved I will no longer post here. So adios amigos. Anything written by Darryl Dunphy for the next few days is an imposter.

I want to ask Armando to get this cleaned up. It is taking down the best source for All thing Dolphins. What was a great forum for debate has turned into nightly circle jerk with a few waiting to eat the bread. Thanks to all the regular bloggers who read and responded to my stuff. I have learned a lot in the past year and a half. One last thing just so you knbow this isn't a fake.

One player that is flying up the radar, and could be a late round steal is Montana saftey Eric Stoll. The Griz have had a saftey drafted, and on a roster 3 of the last 4 years.
(Tuff Haris, Colt Andersen, Shann Shillenger) Stoll is a strong saftey that played the last 2 years behind Andersen, and Shillenger. Stoll would definitley be worthy of a late round pick. Ok, that was a lame plug for a Montana player. But I had to authenticate this post some how.

See you guys around.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | March 28, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/03/earlier-this-week-i-wrote-this-columnstating-the-dolphins-intentions-of-remaining-a-run-first-team-and-telling-you-how-intrig/comments/page/13/#comments#ixzz1HuckwxkX

Marshall's been working out for six weeks? You just got a scoop Mando! LOL.

Can someone freaking clear something up for me? Is Sims-Walker a speed guy or is he another big, lugging possession receiver without much speed?

Which one is it? I'm hearing contradicting things.

You are right about bogus reports of big news. And by the way, I've been shot. Not to worry, I'll probably be alright.

You're right Mando. Bess looks like a beast.

"Brandon Marshall has been training for six weeks. Six weeks"!

This is why he expects better opf his QB....

This is why he chucks the ball to the sidelines in anger....

This is why he pleaded with Henne to throw it up.....

This is why he and Thigpen ran plays designed to get him the ball.....

This guy LOVES football....and he's in his prime....wish we had 22 More just like him....mixed in with a few more Davone Bess's

Glad to see them working hard still - I hope the other players are following suit.


I put a couple of LATE posts in on the last blog guys....I'd appreciate getting some comments back.




@ Kris,(Final thought on last blogg)

Your right on all accounts and I did post that your way just 3 or 4 days ago and trust me for the most part I ignored it but when I answer a post by somebody like yourself and the feedback is negative and insulting, only to find out it was somebody else than the person I thought I was responding to, then read a post like the one Darryl put up at 12:18, there are alot like it over the last few days by the way, then it`s a little harder to ignore, that said you won`t hear a peep about it out of me anymore.




Why did Jacksonville release Mike Sims-Walker ? I thought he was one of there better players, not very familiar with his strengths and weaknesses to make a csae for him. The little I did know was that he was supposed to be a good downfield target but dropped alot of passes.

From Ireland interview parcells may not be with the phins but he's there as a consultant until end of 2011 per his contract.

Agreed on Marshall kris, I laugh at those people who wanted to see him gone after the season. It seems many posters here want a covenant of Boy Scouts and not the best NFL players in the league (which Marshall is one).

But, speaking of Henne, I hope the offense (especially QB and WRs/TE) work together. It's one thing to get yourself in personal shape for the season, but it's another to get on the same page as the other players on the team. And that's the bigger problem with Miami (teammates not on the same page). All this time during the lockout should be spent with the QB learning the receivers' tendencies and vice versa.



DC @1:00

I agree but in order to get each others tendancies down they need to run at least some 7 on 7 drills,tossing it around in a park won`t due, meaning they would have to get alot of guys together that would run the risk of injury which the team wouldn`t be liable for. I know that in limmited contact drills that risk greatly dimminishes but alot of guys seem to be weighing it heavily from what I`ve read and to a certain extent I guess I get it, it`s there lively hoods and injuries happen remember the N.E. player who blew out his knee in a flag game at the Pro Bowl, which ended his career.

Thanks Armando.

This is actually just the firt episode in a truly gripping start to a series of 'what we did during the lockout' Miami Dolphins video specials.

EPISODE 2: Vernon Carey Eating.

EPISODE 3: Channing Crowder identifying new parts of his body to get tatted up.

EPISODE 4: Steve Ross interviewing head coach candidates.

EPISODE 5: Chad Henne attempts to aovid TMZ/Armando stalking him during his vaccation.

EPISODE 6: Tony Sparano wanders his neighborhood providing random fist-pumps whenever he passes a clean car or well-maintained lawn.

EPISODE 7: Riche Incognito fighting bears.

EPISODE 8: Ricky Williams smoking more ganja.

EPISODE 9: Jeff Ireland searches for new ways to insult the families of potential draft picks.

EPISODE 10: Brandon Fields doing deep leg stretches in preparation for what will likely be a very busy 2011 season.

EPISODE 11: Don Shula, crying in the dark, as he contemplates what is happening to the franchise he painstakingly built.

fin, that's not how Peyton did with his receivers (Reggie Wayne, etc.). It was just the 2 of them. There is a need for game-speed (or as close to it as possible) practice, but our offense is NOT that advanced yet. I'm talking just you and me, QB and WR, on a field, lining up, and talking about what we prefer (i.e., on a 5-step route, with the defender in front of me, I prefer to break left). Stuff like that. Things that you can practice on your own, so you develop better chemistry. You don't need 7-on-7 for that, and frankly, all those people will mess that up. I'm talking a few people, seriously, just the QB, one or 2 WRs at a time, maybe the TE. These guys need to be able to "read" each other, so that if Henne gets flustered in the pocket for example, Marshall will know his tendency and know where best to position himself for Henne to pass to him. That's what they need to work on first, before bringing the defenders into it and resolving speed/route issues.

Fin4Life...its all good man....it happens to the best of us.....

Sometimes we get baited....sometimes its a mis-understanding....and sometime personalities just clash....even over a CPU....and sometimes its just a TROLL looking for a good time....

I try to learn peoples writing style and only address those I think I can have a healthy debate with....

sometimes i'm wrong....and its hard to swallow your ego while somebody cures's you up and down...or twist your words ....

Me and Craig M. made up....If we could do it.....then theres hope for everyone.....

But i'm with you....

I love debate...but I hate the DRAMA....

DC Dolfan....another rare appearance....good to see your still around.....

Now for me....i'm out....maybe i'll get back on after i'm home....

Of course i'll be on after I get home...


I agree. We buried the hatchet...others should learn from us too...LOL.

Hope the day is good for ya...I'm sure we'll be clashing down the road sometime.


Hey kris, yeah, working back to becoming a regular poster like before. Good to see you still here though (I see lots of folks fell off, maybe for offseason, or maybe like you guys (or DD) they got sick of all the fighting and false posts by people pretending to be someone else).

DC @1:28

Good point I do remember Manning doing that with Harrison year in and year out and yes they always seemed to know what the other was going to do, come to think of it other great examples were Young/Rice and Aikman/Irvin remember them always coming out on the field hours before games and working on there timing while feeling out the elements. If anybody in the league today could use that work with his rec. it`s definitly Henne and not just from a timing perspective but a chemistry one as well. Good call I jumped to phase 2 !

Excellent video of Simply The Bess working out last week

Great job Jeff & Armando

have a HAARPy day :(

hard to be excited in here everyday when we know there isnt any football this season

glad to see henne away from the coaches and hopefully bonding with his receivers and team-mates. he has to be a team mate first so the players might follow him into battle. it will be a big step for him but a necessary one. he wilted/regressed under all the coaching. ricky was probably right when he said sparano micromanaged to the detriment of the team.

greg in case u havent noticed miami is working out every qb in the draft. henne is done, will never start another game for us

I wonder if marshall is attending these training sessions. I doubt he is. I still am one of those that says if we can get our 2 picks back for marshall he should be traded. He was a cancer here in denver and he's the same in miami. There is a reason he's never been to the playoffs

No Dolphins football this season would really cause one to reminisce on memories of years gone by. Unfortunately, the 90's feel like the good old days compared to the last 10 years, but my 90's memories are marked by:

1) Tom Olivadotti's defensive schemes (written on the back of a cocktail napkin)

2) Gary Stevens' reading glasses.

3) Jeff Cross getting 10 sacks prior to Thanksgiving and .5 sacks after.

4) The Irving Spikes/Bernie Parmalee express.

5) Maddening losses to Buffalo.

6) 1993 - No Marino, what a waste.

7) Jimmy Johnson running the ball over, and over, and over, again, with no success.

8) Passing on drafting Randy Moss.

9) The 1999 meltdown.

2000's started with promise, but Wanny eventually ran the car off the road.

Better days ahead.

henne stinks, you think he is suddenly going to get better? amazing so many want to endlessly blame the coaches for him, nobody never blamed the coaches for Beck and other last 12 stinkbomb qb's we've had.

Glad to see the players working out at least hopefully the work ethic will carry into regular season . As for Henne I'm glad he showed his behind at least it means he has some personality and not a robot . Maybe there is hope for him yet

Parcells is done with the Dolphins. But of course his input is there for this Draft.

I'd rather skip on Parcells opinion of the draft. In fact we would have better luck throwing darts lol

One other thing I get completely tired of hearing is this BS that the Packers won the Super Bowl last year without a running game, therefore you don't need a running game to win in this league. BS!! Guys, the Packers were 8-6 at one point last season, one loss away from having their season being over. They got hot at the right time and won SIX games in a row. Impressive, no question! But they hardly played 'Air Correyel' to win those last 8 games. They won their very last regular season game 10-3, a must win game to make it in to the playoffs. That day, Rodgers threw a 1 yard TD pass late in the fourth quarter to pull out the win. Very impressive aerial attack!! The game was won by the defence. In the playoff game against the Bears, won 21-14 by the Packers, James Starks rushed for 74 yards and a touchdown (good but not great) and Rodgers passed for 244 yards passing (pretty good).

Bottom line, guys....the Packers are a talented team but they were one loss away from being done last year. Yes, they had lots of losses to overcome but how much better might they have been if they had run the ball better. Keep in mind, this was a 6th seed, that finished 10-6 and snuck into the playoffs on the last day of the season. Let's not try to claim they are the Steelers of the 70's or the Cowboys of the early 90's.

There is an article in today`s bleacher report about the Dolphins and ten potential moves that could be made at the Q.B. position, with input on each player, interesting reading, here is the link.




Thanks for the post. I know I'm going to be in the minority on this one but I wouldn't mind seeing the team sign Alex Smith to compete with Henne. Smith is ONLY 26 years old and has had FIVE different offensive co-ordinators since he's come into the league. He needs a chance of scenery. This would be a low risk, inexpensive add and both guys could push each other for the next couple of years to see if a true starter could emerge. There are worse ideas than this.


After reading it I gotta tell you I agree about A.Smith, 5 OC in 5 seasons plus I remember last season when they had some problem relaying plays in and Singeltary fired that guy 5 weeks in, so really it`s 6 OC if you count the fact that the Q.B. Coach finished last year as OC.

If we can`t get any Q.B.`s in the draft then along with a Smith an on the cheap Bulger could be interesting, remember before they fired Martz and the hole thing went south in St. Louis he took over for Warner and ran that O at a high level. We have talked VY to death on here but he is the only other out of the FA group worth mentioning, Hasselback will be hurt before the bye and the rest require trades.

Hey Craig, read a couple of your last posts (from last blog), and wanted to respond from my (our) point of view (the others who think like me probably feel the same as I've heard them mention this before).

When you say things like, (paraphrasing) 'getting a 1st-round QB will create other holes that will be hard to fill...' you may be right, but the end result is exactly the same. Those who think like me have seen a story built over the last decade or two. It's a story of a team trying to find all the right parts and piece them together in such a way as to create a SuperBowl winner. During the Marino-era is where we were the closest, and that team had a great QB, great receivers (pretty much good offense except the run game) and ok-good defense. From there we've tried almost everything. We've been Top 5 in rushing in the league, Top 5 defense, etc. We've tried all different players and coaches. And we've won nothing.

Guys like me don't ever see us acquiring all the guys we need to form a team able to get to (nevermind win) a SuperBowl. Not in today's NFL. Players come and go too quickly for that to happen. It's more like NCAA basketball now, where you have like 1-2 years with a squad, and then everyone moves on, that's how I feel the NFL has become (especially with this coaching staff, that doesn't believe in letting guys gel, they just keep tinkering and moving things until they get what they want, which they obviously haven't gotten in 3 years).

So, the BEST way I (we) see to reaching a SuperBowl is to START (not end, START) with a franchise QB. Best place to find that QB is Round 1. THEN you can work on what else you need. But working on everything else first assumes you'll be able to keep all those guys together long enough to find the franchise QB, develop him, and THEN have him lead your team.

What you keep missing (IMHO), is the length of time it takes to develop a franchise QB. They don't just enter the league that way. As you mention frequently, Manning, Brees, even Rodgers ALL took time to develop into who they are now. So, given that QBs need time to develop, and putting that with the quick turnaround of players in the NFL today, it's only common sense to get your QB of the future FIRST, and amass the rest of your team as that guy is developing, with the hopes that everyone will be ready to go in 1-2-3 years.

Lastly, as far as "we're close now, only a few pieces away, etc." (which is what I hear frequently here, maybe/maybe not from you particularly), that's wishful thinking. If you look at the Playoff teams last few years, MOST of them are regulars (Pats, Jets, Colts, Ravens, Steelers, etc.). Yes, there's a team here and there (like KC) that makes it one year, but they don't go far. You need TIME to learn how to be a Playoff-caliber team and win in the Playoffs.

I say that to say Miami is NOWHERE close to that. We've made the Playoffs twice in a decade, that's not in the same ballpark as being a contender. So, Miami wouldn't be hurting anything by swinging (even missing) on a franchise QB because we're not even in the picture now. And frankly, after the disaster of the beginning of this offseason, I can't say we're going to be much closer this upcoming season.

The way I see it, we can do what some of you guys say, get our RB and other players together, struggle with an inconsistent QB and NOT make the Playoffs (or don't go far in them) or get a potential franchise QB (maybe to the detriment of another fine player we may have been able to get) and do the same thing (THIS YEAR). BUT, in a few years, when/if that QB we acquired develops INTO a franchise QB, we'll be well ahead in ability to be a consistent Playoff-caliber team than if we didn't acquire said player.

But Craig, I think you're getting hung up on these 2 divergent ways to get to a SuperBowl. You can try, but you're not going to persuade me otherwise. My way HAS worked in the near past. But honestly, your way has worked in the not-too-distant past too, so I'm not totally discounting your point-of-view. I'm saying there is no way to satisfy both our ways. My hope is the FO has THEIR way, sticks to it, and gets it done ('cause once we're a Playoff-team, I doubt either of us will care too much who was right in how to get there, we'll both be happy our team has become good).

That's just my 2 cents (to help you understand our P.O.V.). What you should be happy about (like I am when I hear opinions I don't think will lead to the Dolphins getting better), is that I'm not a Coach, I don't have the Coach's ear, and I make ZERO decisions for the Miami Dolphins. I'm speaking as a fan, and those are my own feelings on the matter. But if you don't like them, hopefully you'll like the decisions the FO makes better!


I know it`s old school as hell but I want to throw a comparison your way, in the 70`s the Patriots took Jim Plunkett with the #1 over all selection of the draft and after 4 years they let him go and declared him one of the biggest mistakes in team history. He was signed by the Raiders earned the starting job and won 2 SB titles. I am not saying that Smith will do that in another organization but the few times I`ve seen him, last year Monday night against N.O. being the last, he showed flashes and was very game, you just never know.

I am aware that for every Plunkett there are 5 Jamarcus Russell`s, thought I`d toss it out there before somebody points it out to me.

But, responding to your post @ 2:47 Craig, I do know we need a BALANCED team (off/def/ST). We need a run game as much as a pass game. However, you're using Green Bay to say they were one loss away from sitting on the bench.

Another way to look at it is with Aaron Rodgers, they were ABLE to stay in and compete, AND win when they're usual success wasn't too successful (10-3 win against Philly I think, or whomever it was) BECAUSE they had a capable QB in there to will them to win. Those are the things a franchise QB can do for you. Those are the things a good RB/WR/TE CANNOT do for you (since the QB touches the ball on every play, and those other guys don't).

Actually, using Green Bay, even though you were trying to say something else, I think you made my point of how IMPORTANT it is to have a franchise QB if you want to go anywhere. He can hide or lessen other mistakes on your team. He gives you a few more chances to win, and since the NFL has so much parity as it is, those few extra chances sometimes are all it takes to get it done.



Not only that ALoco, but it was pretty much exactly the same thing I've been saying for months now (so I KNOW you hated it!!!). LOL! But Craig keeps trying to turn us to his POV. And I'm trying to explain to him (as nicely as I can since he's a good guy) that these opinions are deeply felt thus hard to change from posters like me.

Anyway, there's not much going on today, so consider this a happy diversion from nothingness.

DC @3:25

Great post ! I tend to agree about finding the Q.B. to be the face of the franchise and building around him, I just don`t see that swing for the fences guy at the top end of this particular group. I`ve watched everything you can download on this group and I can`t seem to sell myself on any of them, the intriguing one of the group is the immobile but rocket armed Mallet if he fell to us in round 3 but anything higher is very risky, there not talking some youthful pot smoking indescretions that alot are guilty of.


Good post above, bud. You had me chuckling when you said 'good thing I'm not the coach or make any of the decisions'.

Couple of things. I don't think we're that far away. I'm fine with taking the abuse from guys on here for saying that, I really am. When I look at the talent base and I see guys like Marshall, Wake, Dansby, Long, Davis etc...there's a very good core there. I also think guys like Misi and Bess and Smith are getting better. Maybe we get guys like Jerry, Odrick, Jones and Merling to step up too....who knows? But there's a good core there.

I'm fine with bringing in another young QB, DC, I just don't want our 15th pick to be wasted on one. If they want to trade back and get a running back or OL in the first and a guy like Dalton or Kaepernick in the second, that's fine with me too. They can't walk out of this draft with a MAYBE at 15 in Locker or Mallett and nothing else until the third round. That's not good enough and we'll be falling further behind.

You said it takes a while for a QB to develop. Henne has had two years. That's not enough time to write him off. Too many others struggled after their first couple of season and went on to have great careers. Was Brees' considered a franchise QB after two years? Or Favre? It's too early to write him off. Start working on the next guy if they want but I'd rather a guy like Alex Smith be added in FA.


Read your post to CraigM. QB's being rated at the top of thier draft class and "franchise calibre" can be totally different things. You just dont see franchise calibre qb's coming out each and every season.

Therefore, even if we had the top pick in the 2011 draft I would be very hesitant about taking Newton or Gabbert. Clearly they are rated top of this year's draft class. But neither are franchise qb's.

Just because a team needs a franchise calibre qb doesnt mean one is available. History has proven this many times over.

Middle of the pack to bust qb's come out every season. Extremely good qb's maybe 3 in 5-6yrs. "TRUE" franchise calibre qb's may come out 1 in only 5yrs. Every year you'll see guys rated top of thier draft class. That's not a true indication that a guy is a franchise qb.

DC @ 3:25....

you must have been typing that response to Craig M...during my entire ride home (over an hr)...

I started reading it..... but I have decided to wait for the movie.....

In all seriousness...what you said was dead on.....from what I remember....

I complain a lot about Dolphins players -- but Davone Bess is truly a great story -- for player and team.

Through hard work (evident in the video) Bess turned himself from undrafted FA into a top-tier difference-maker WR.

And kudos for the Dolphins brain trust for A) seeing his talent, B) promoting him in the line-up and C) inking him to an extension.

It was good to see the Dolphins learn from the mistake they made with Wes Welker. Don't throw away good young talent. Lock it up.


I dont understand why so many automatically assume that if a qb is rated in the top percentile of his draft class. He's automatically a franchise calibre qb. That's so farfetched from reality.

The next truly franchise qb that will be coming out is Andrew Luck. But he doesnt come out until 2012. I would have been willing to trade our entire draft had he come in 2011. LOL..............


Totally agree with you on your above post. Guys have already annointed Drew Stafford and Sam Bradford as 'franchise' QBs. REALLY? Based on what? I listened to Mike Florio talk about both of these guys today as being 'great'. REALLY? What makes them great? Bradford had numbers very similar to Chad Henne last year, in terms of TDs-INTs, passing yardage and won-loss record. I must have missed something! One guy does it in his rookie season and he's 'great' the other guy does it in his second season and he's a bum. What am I missing here? Biggest game of the year, in Seattle and Bradford lays an egg and his team loses 13-6. I think he threw 3-4 picks that day. Florio actually called Bradford's season 'one of the best for a rookie passer in NFL history'. Amazing!!

In this year's draft, I like Gabbert, DB. He looks to have 'IT' to me. I'm not going to call him a franchise QB at this point but I think he has the best chance to become one. There's not a lot there not to like. His numbers may not have been better than Claussen's in College but I think the Panthers could do worse than picking Gabbert at one.

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