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Sparano: New offense "not similar" to old offense

NEW ORLEANS -- You'll remember that the change in offensive coordinator -- a welcomed one in some circles -- was cast in some places as a move from one attack that evolved from the Ron Earhardt-Ray Perkins system to another attack that evolved from the same system.

Different. Yet similar.

Well, that apparently isn't quite true. Brian Daboll's system, learned primarily during his time in New England, is different than Dan Henning's system which was learned from Earhardt during his days with Bill Parcells and which the Patriots use.

"No, it’s not really similar," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said of the difference while talking in a room full of head coaches during the NFL annual meeting. " I think from a terminology and verbage standpoint it wouldn’t be difficult. I mean, when they tell us it’s time to go, it’s time to go. The difficult part would be how much you can give them. Whenever the ball drops and we’re playing, it’s going to be the same for everybody in here, but there will be new coaching staff or new coordinators in this room and how fast you can get going and give them early, who knows. I think that’s going tobe the key. I think what we’ve tried to do with Brian and with where we are and what we’re in, we’re trying to keep as much terminology consistent as much as we can. So when we do get the players, that part of it is seamless.”

The fact is Miami's offensive line calls this year will be exactly the same as last year. that doesn't suggest the similarities of the system but speaks to their difference because rather than have nearly a dozen players learning new calls and new wording, it was Daboll who learned what the Dolphins called different things last year.

I told you in last post Sparano says his team will continue to run the ball. That is not news. But what I find interesting is that Sparano will do it fully knowing that fans, and indeed, his owner want more passing, more fireworks, more electricity.

"We're going to continue to run the football because that's my nature," Sparano said. "That might not be popular with everybody but that's what I like to do. So we're going to continue to run the football. It might look a little different the way we go about doing it."

That doesn't mean the Dolphins will be Ohio State from 1969. They will pass, also. And do it with more of a desire to get vertical. (Salguero aside: Can we limit the checkdown passes to less than one dozen per game?)

"When it comes time to open some things up, I think we'll be able to do some more things and challenge them," Sparano said. "I think we're going to be a little more vertical. Brian is a really aggressive guy by nature. And with some of the parts he has right now, I'm excited with Brian and some of the parts that we have."


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Blah blah blah blah

you cant teach an old dog new tricks and you can't bring sparano up to nfl speed. nothings changed from last year.

Every time I read Sparano's words my faith in his competency drops three more notches.

sparano doesn't seem like a guy that knows what he's talking about anymore. I think this year the phins will be similar to the panthers last year. Sparano will be coaching o-line for a college team by 2012

He isn`t saying anything he hasn`t said in the past with the exception of saying that the new O is different but different how ? In terms of termanology, blocking scheme in the run game the use of the T.E. more effectively in the pass game or maybe some h-back, different how, cause all I heard was different termanology which in lamens terms means fundamentally the same.

0x80 @2:25

I`ve run out of notches, suprised you had any left


I was surprised too, but I just felt them drop even further.

sparano is old school;he should be an oline coach in division III where he started. none of the players really relate to old school but only a few dare to speak their mind. i think bellichek has the right philosophy; he will gut you with his offense and doesnt play scared!!!! ditto rex;doesnt play for field goals. we got the 4th best coach in our div.


So were going to have fundamentally the same Offense but the termanology (the way we call it out at the line) will be different, huhh ? ahhhh !!!!!!

Sparano's brain < hard boiled egg


I actually ate a hard boiled egg this morning and at least there good for something (Protien based, delicious, nutricious ect..)

Sparano`s brain = Homer Simpson, Al Bundy


Where Sparano looked up to Henning for guidance, now he is going to be looking down to Dabol to be his puppet. I really don't know which is scarier.

OK - Here's the solution. Read it here first. Take credit for it later.

1. Trade completely out of the the 1st rd.
2. In exchange receive a 2nd rd. pick and NEXT year's 1st rd. pick. Throw in whatever else it takes.
3. Trade up for the 1st pick overall (which we might have anyway).
4. Select Andrew Luck as our next Dan Marino.


There both equally terrifing but the crazy old coot (Henning) wins out, he`s like some crazy preacher spouting judgement day prophecy type scary, the last guy you want with his finger on the red button scary ! remember the short fuse he always had can you imagine him with the fate of the world in the balance, you wanna talk mass hysteria ! That said let the year of the puppet master begin, my crystal ball says it`s gonna be a killer for all dressed in aqua and orange parading up and down our sideline.

4-12 and hopefully a pick in the top 5 for the new staff and hopefully new owner. WOW do we have a set of baboons running this place or what.

@ 0x80, odin

From previous blogg

I noticed in yesterday`s long winded evening blogg that everybody was jumping on Ross for his anti-union rants and with good reason but I imagine that Ross`s no love for unions is based out of personal experience more than anything else. It`s been very well documented that he made his money in N.Y. real estate (Manhattan) in the 80`s and 90`s and I can only imagine the monumental pain in the as s it must have been dealing with those unions and there demands.

If you read carefully at his statements he alludes alot to negotiating pay by the hour, I`d imagine concessions, overtime and benefits must have been other aspects of keeping the day to day going without going over budget, not that I personally see anything wrong with that but N.Y. ironman syndicates are notorious for being some what difficult.

All of that without taking into account the Garbage companies he would have had to contract to pick up at his job sites having to negotiate with there unions the overtime that would have required, aside from the fact that almost all of the garbage companies in Manhattan in those days were Gambino front companies (Gotti) his contractors buying supplies from other fronts owned and oporated by Sam Gravano, all of it mixed in a dicey pot of stew. I think for Ross union`s are akin to everything that`s wrong with America, not excusing him but well before I read his rants yesterday this would always come to mind when the talk of how he made his money would come around.

sparano sure aint no crowd pleaser, he knows how to depress the entire fin nation with just a few words/fist pumps, i guess that's just his nature, what I wanna know is can he really coach?? like even an o-line,

we'd better hope so, coz if we do get a 11-5+ season, he can talk old/school, ground and pound, that's just my nature all he likes IF we're winning

If not, ground and pound losing is the what makes people attach exhausts to their windows (vintage vehicles only)

I Who the running backs will be?????

Run the ball and good things will happen.

Passing teams are one hit wonders, and rarely compete over a decade.

i've got it now, when he says it's going to look a little different the way we're going to go aboout doing it he means he's going to draft kaepernick and he's gonna run the ball

(well i hope he means that and not in the other direction altogether)

or does he mean the new wilddog formation average 2.9 yds to be unleashed on b beli's 25 new draft pics

to be run by our 7 new darft pics (sorry mr ireland but tony's put me on a downer)

Same bleep, different season. More than likely, same result.

My Official Mock (no changes from previous mock)

1. Trade for a pick next year
3. Trade for a pick next year
4. Trade for a pick next year
5. Trade for a pick next year
6. Trade for a pick next year
7. Trade for a pick next year

Does anyone trust this FO? It's going to be a wash season anyway for both the NFL and TS. Let's do what we can in FA and go into next years draft loaded with a new FO.


think anyone will trade pics for our FO?

wolf, maybe if we throw in some cheerleaders. Bellichek for one needs to learn how to smile more.

cheerleaders is our franchise!

the writing is on the wall, see ya Sparano!

Last year's game between the Dolphins and the Browns was a display of offensive ineptitude. So why should we believe that landing the Brown's offensive coordinator will represent something new and different in Miami?

Barring something outstanding happening in the draft, I can't think of a single reason to look forward to next season.

Well, Hopefully who ever the QB is, he does not have to worry about throwing a INt and getting his head ripped off on the sidelines.

Truth is, If you take more chances, there are more risks, which should mean more mistakes.

If they are going to threaten QB's not to make mistakes, then NO QB will throw down field in double coverage or "try an fit one in". Which is what you need to do with this philosophy.

Semms kind of Bass Ackwards really for this coaching style!

it doesn't sound like sparano is changing his attitude. Get ready for lots of fiel goals and mike nolan as interim coach by game 8 next year

Mando, how can you keep a straight face listening to this guy? I have no idea what he's trying to say.

I used to think he was talking this way deliberately, his way of not giving info away. But after 3 years, I'm convinced he really talks this way.

If he's ever a head coach again, he really needs to brush up on his communication skills.

This team isn't as bad as some make it out to be. Or at least that was the case last year.

7-9, (agreed, a losing season) but merely a game away from .500. If the team had capitalized on some of the many opportunities that were squandered, we would have been a winner.

Alot of negative factors hampered Miami's chances. ALOT-

Poor Oline - run blockng, pocket protection;

WR's dropping balls - route issues;

RB's stuffed behind the line on 3rd down and long;

OC so predictable I grew suspicious of some form of sabatoge;

A QB with spurts of greatness, but limited talent,(and thoroughly plauged by the other liabilities surrounding him).

Then the defence added it's ample share of corrosion.

It was maddening to watch the opposing offense pick our defense apart on 3rd and long for chain moving 1st downs, at will, when the game was close. Defenders wallowing on the field, or couldn't intercept a pass when hit in the bread-basket.

Officials killing us with bad calls. Taking R. Browns first down away from him, and giving the Steelers the go ahead field goal further exemplifies our losing season.

I hope the coaching staff shake-up does something more than last years, but I just can't see that given the replacements. Hope I am wrong.

But more importantly, the players we currently have need to need to improve, and stay healthy beyond preseason for gosh sakes.

I stand behind this team 100%, but I have doubts as to this teams ability to learn from obvious mistakes. Not only their own, but wisely looking at the entire league as a whole. Go back a dozon years while at it.

Since the FO ain't got much to do lately, or in the near future...

We don't need offense, just a good punter and another LB!! BILL PARCELLS

GulfDolphin....let the Steelers game DIE...we LOST...PERIOD...End of Story!

We got the ball back with 2 Min and only needed a FIST PUMP to win.....we didn't get it done...

The main problem with your argument is that we could just as easily have been 2-14 last year.....heck maybe we could have gone 14-2 with the right bounce of the ball....

We play a style of football that leaves ZERO room for error...NONE....

if it was 1990....I would be more optimistic...but its 2011....and that puts us 21 YEARS behind the rest of the NFL.....

We have to do better....

Wow, the Dolphins have a busload of experts as fans. It's funny how, when a team loses, everybody knows just how to fix them. It looks to me like Ross is trying, although not always looking good at it. Sparano talks to the media, allowing all us chumps to attack what he says. Would you prefer the Belechik style? He either lies outright or wouldn't say SH^$ if he had a mouthful. Bottom line is, somebody has to be in charge, unless any of you "blah blah blah" pretenders has professional football credentials, we should all back off and root for our team. Or, if you don't believe get your butts over to some other team and offer your vast expertise.

Yeah....all of you SHUT UP and QUESTION NOTHING....

Alll you do is pay your HARD EARNED money and ROOT for this team with your heat and soul....even to the point that you come on a MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL BLOG to post YOUR THOUGHTS....


But yeah...like ADB said....SHUT UP AND BE A GOOD FAN!!!!! "experts"...pshhh

A mediocre team is no closer to being a playoff team than it is a rock bottom team. Every team makes mistakes with play calling, clock management, turnovers, missed opportunities and gets some bad calls from the refs during the season. The good teams however, the playoff teams, get there by making plays when they count, not by making excuses when they don't count.


I was waiting to see how long it would take for a positive post to come in. 5:06.

Actually the offense, for all it's shortcomings last season, wasn't as bad as it seemed.

We moved the ball almost effortlessly. At least up until what I call the "Henning Zone". As soon as we neared the opponents 30 yard line, our predictable play calling predictably became more predictable.

That sounds pitifully funny, but it's true. It was almost like Henning forgot that there's such a thing as a TD. Come hell or high water, he was going to get that field goal though.

He routinely reached the "Henning Zone" only to call some sort of reverse for a loss. Predictably of course, this was followed by a wildcat for no gain. Finally lining up the ball for a field goal with a run on third and long.

I think if we get the speed guy and a LEGITIMATE pass catching TE, a lot of our problems go away. REGARDLESS of whether Henne's the QB or it's someone else.

If Daboll can remember something that Henning must have forgotten years ago, I see our offense doing a complete 180 this year.

Daboll, if you got the hot hand, play it! If you got a horse that's working, ride that horse. When you get into field goal range don't go away from what got you there. Don't go getting cutesy and don't outsmart yourself. When you get close to the Red Zone, that's when you punch somebody in the fuking face and go for the jugular!!!!

It's pretty simple I think. Don't EVER underestimate Addition by Subtraction!

So does this mean Sparano wants Ingram at #15?

Ross can assure Sparano publicly that his job is safe all he wants, but if this team goes under .500 next season, then...buh-bye Sparano.

You know the funniest part of what I have read in this string, is all of those people who think Sparano is suck a fool and has no clue what he is talking about, Yet all of you are hanging on and believing every word that the man say's!

No one, has as a clue what this team will look like come game 1. No idea what the draft will bring, no idea what FA will bring and no idea what the new offense will look like... who will the back field have, who will be under center... will that person have a better season or be completely different? So I suppose I missed out when they passed out the "Time Machines" so I can't go see the future like you guys. I'm jealous.

But I guess the good thing is, either you are all right and Miami will have a whole new Coaching staff next year... or, you'll be hiding behind different screen names in shame because Miami does much better then you have said for 8 months (by then)... It will be fun to see either way. If they are a better team then last year... It will be fun to see how many have the nuts to say they were wrong!


"So we're going to continue to run the football. It might look a little different the way we go about doing it."

I have absolutely no problem with this. Call me crazy, but if "a little different" means I never have to see Dan Henning call a Ricky Williams run up the gut on 3rd and 15 (for no gain) from inside our own 20 again I just may be the happiest guy this side of the Mississippi!!


I think you miss the point of many poster.....so have lost faith in this FO and thats their right....and you don't need a "time machine" to see who will be under center, who the RBs will be etc if you have little to no faith in who is coaching them.....So i'm not sure what good that would do you....

While I am way to lazy to go back and look thru your post...I will ask you on the honor system....

Are ALL your post pro FO?

if they are (and I would be very surprised if they are).....it doesn't make you a better fan than anyon else on here....those like 0x80, Greg Z, DC Dolfan, amon others have expressed themselves very intelligently and have been most articulate in stating what they take issue with......(joe schmoe is another one)......

A dissenting voice doesn't mean your ANTI anything...it just means think differently......mutiple opinions provoke thought.....

Like i have writen before....

When EVERYBODY thinks alike.....Then NOBODY is thinking

When EVERYBODY is thinking the same thing.....Then NOBODY is thinking....

or something like that


What we do know is that Sparano struggles to speak coherent English above a sixth grade level. That in itself I find disconcerting. We do know he has not been a leader over his coordinators, because he sat by and let Henning run the same ineffective game plan week in and week out while losing with it. He let the Special Teams fall into disgrace each season worse than the previous. He let Passq?? play a swiss cheese defense that let any QB go pass happy all over us for an entire season. He let this team go into the 2010 season with no viable second string QB, it only took one throw and a love tap for Penne to be history. All of those things are ultimately the HC's responsibility, and he failed. So, we indeed know more than you suggest we know.

As far as hiding behind a different screen name if I'm wrong, that thought is so childish it wouldn't even enter my mind. I have no fear being wrong about my opinion, especially when the so called 'experts' are wrong every year, year in and year out. I remember even Mr. Jimmy Johnson Elite Draft Specialist saying Oakland had to take Jamarcus Russell #1 and anything else would be a mistake. I've given so many opinions here that half have to be wrong....but you will see me back here with this name at 2-14 or 14-2. I've also seen plenty of other regular bloggers here 'pony up' and admit how off they were on certain things.

I almost forgot....No name changing for me......like 0x80 just said....I'm wrong probably way more than I am right any way....

I'll won't get credit for my small victories.....like Marshall comming to Miami....or being the first (i believe) to bring up the possiblity of Palmer to Miami (back in January)......because no one ever remembers any way.....

I take my medicine when I am wrong...I have been wrong about HENNE to this point....I bought into "best QB in Dolphins history"..when Ross was selling that.....

Henne was my boy....until....and Have posted the rest more times than many would care to read again


I would not only have the nuts to admit it if I were wrong I`d probably be willing to wear something expressing it in neon out in public. I was one of the bigger Henne supporters around last season, kept waiting to see the player that broke out against the Jets week 4 of the 09 season. For alot of reasons it didn`t turn out that way, still want to give him the benefit of the doubt but my gut tells me it`s time to bring in somebody else, even though I don`t need a time machine to tell you he more than likely is our starter next year by default given the current state of the NFL.

The only thing I see alot of bloggers including myself doing is debating which would be the best pieces to put around him and the rest of the team to see if they can`t turn the corner. I believe that this team has alot of pieces already in place and just need an infussion of skill players with the ability to score from any were on the field, aside from a Q.B. to start grooming should Henne falter any further.

I would like to point out though that if we got the right players and began making some big plays that swung games in our favor giving us a winning record next season, how much of that you`d be willing to credit Sparano for ? Isn`t it safe to say that in that case you`d have to consider giving the credit to Ireland ? I sincerely hope Sparano begins to show signs himself of the light bulb turning on in his head, he loves using that phrase when refering to some of his players but anybody watching his woeful attempts at managing games would ask the same about him.

I don`t see how you can be see critical of us when it`s really a matter on your part of killing the messenger, we only parrot amongst each other the painfully obvious. In any event I hope I`m wrong and have to apologize and wear my neon sign cause I tell you I`d do it proudly if it meant we were playing meaningful football again, it`s all anybody on here wants at the end of the day.

I said last preseason I was not convinced by Henne's ability....you all disagreed! I still think he is not a top tier QB. May never be, he is poor judgement personified.

I am absolutely STUNNED at what Sparano has said in this interview...its mindboggling...

He is saying quite clearly that he is NOT INTERESTED in listening or adhering to the requirements given to him by his boss, owner Stephen Ross....he has a different "nature"...and therefore it will be same as last year...run the ball..grind out wins with little room for error...make few mistakes ( and this is where he is DESTROYING Henne by handcuffing him), manage the clock for field goals etc...He made no mention at all about MAKING PLAYS...!

And because he has a different "nature" he will do what feels comfortable for him...perish the thought that he has CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS to chnge his philosophy...he is saying..Nope..thats not my "nature"...so thats it..were doing similar to last year...YES he will try and add speed and YES he will look for a deep threat...BUT IF HE ISNT OF A NATURE to MAKE PLAYS...what will it matter?

Look, the squad has holes...its 7-9....but with a more positive frame of mind and with a determination to make plays, this team would have won MORE...can you beleive this guy?

Its NOT HIS NATURE...so we aint doin it...he says "that might not be popular with everybody but thats what I like to do"....is this for real???????????

If I was ROSS I would sack him on the stop...he hasnt understood that he came within a whisker of dismissal and he is coming up with that??....its breathtaking.!

Clearly there is no change in philosophy here or approach...he is headed for the bullet...
maybe it wasnt Henning after all...he has 2 SB's in his pocket and therefore cannot be stupid....what if its TS???...

He should have said..."This year we will back ourselves against the very best...were gonna make plays..we want players who want to win and play to win...were gonna go for it if the play is there"......

Sure, bolster the running game...and anything else, but if its not in your nature to do anything but GRIND and RUN.....this mans a fool.

Im starting to beleive the problem is Sparano and his coaching...he is a woeful clock manager...Rex Ryan has better command of how you win in this league...Sparano takes great pride in pointing out that he himself is a grader, a grinder...kind of tough and low to the ground...he sees that as a badge of honour...he spoke about CHUNK YARDS 2 years ago...what has he done? Bought BM, but proceeded not to use him properly because of the playcalling mindset...Im starting to think that this guy IS NOT the man for the job...his MINDSET is wrong....hes not getting it...

You gotta be DYNAMIC and make plays...and you must TRUST your playmakers and QB to PULL THE TRIGGER when and if they need...he is a PROGRESS STOPPER himself....

Im with you 0x80.....I think Sparano is not a clever man

I love the fact that whenever everyone says "The Fins are gonna suck!", we do better than expected! And, whenever the general consensus is "The Fins are going to the play-offs this year", we tank it! Lol! Keep them negative vibes coming!

Here's what's gonna happen.

Henna will start the season no matter who is brought in because he knows enough of the playbook. He will command some form of respect from the players for showing them the plays. He will start off hot with two games against crap teams and then tank and whom ever we have picked up will take over and that will be the tail of Chad Henne, the only Michigan QB to suck!
You do gotta appreciate his effort with setting up practices.

Maybe(and this is a maybe) Sparano is trying to get fired by Ross. Sure seems like it him making all these nonsensical and ill-adviced statements. Does anyone really think that TS has forgotten his ill treatment by Ross? I believe he remained here only because he had no choice; if he had resigned, he would have economically compromised him and his family. Funny for all of us FinFans, eh?

fire him now and hire Jeff Fisher!

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