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Cobbs on NFL "slavery," free agency, lockout

Like most NFL players, Patrick Cobbs is spending some time on the golf course, some time in workout sessions, and most of his time waiting for the NFL lockout and current labor strife to be resolved.

Cobbs is expected to be a free agent when the labor agreement is settled, as the Dolphins did not sign him to a contract extension. "I'm nobody's running back," he said during an appearance Tuesday on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo.

And while free agency, by definition, will grant Cobbs the freedom to go to any NFL team that wants him, the running back can understand how fellow running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings could paint his situation as a player as "like modern-day slavery."

"I wouldn't say slave. But we are at the mercy of [owners]," Cobbs said. "This league is a great league or we wouldn't be playing in it. Obviously, we all love to play the game. But I think at times we are slaves. They tell us to jump and we jump. Most of the time we ask them how high. We bend over backwards, we give up our bodies every day to do what we love and also what they pay us to do. So we should do it whenever they tell us to do it. I mean, yeah, I can see where [Peterson] is coming from. So that's like slaves. But we're not slaves because we get paid pretty well to do it."

Cobbs made a distinction between himself, because he is seldom used to carry the ball, and Peterson, who is Minnesota's primary ballcarrier: "The way he runs the ball. he's getting paid to run into a wall every play. I can see where he's coming from."

That doesn't mean Cobbs wouldn't welcome more work with whichever team he plays for next. 

"I had a role this year," Cobbs said. "It wasn't as big a role as I had in 2008. Did I show it? Anything they asked me to do, I was always trying to do best I could. I feel like I could do more. I wanted to do more and hopefully I'll get to showcase that next year."

Having said that, Cobbs said he understood he was behind both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and they needed to get the ball.

 Cobbs was a team leader for the Dolphins in 2010. He was voted special teams captain. So was he surprised the team didn't re-sign him?

"Yeah, a little surprised," he said, "but it's a business and they have the right to do that ... If they don't sign me back, I'll have to find somewhere else to call home.

"I'm working out. I'm doing the things I would be doing normally. I don't have a team right now so if a team were to call me in [after the lockout] I'm doing the things necessary to be in the best shape I can be in. Hopefully that's tomorrow. Right now, I'm doing the things I need to be in the best shape in my life and go from there."

As an NFL player, Cobbs understands why he's not working right now. But he isn't a drone follower of the union line that says all NFL players are underpaid and underappreciated by ownership. In fact, Cobb thinks some players are underpaid, while others, not so much.

"I think the majority of this league is underpaid," Cobbs said. "I don't think everybody is underpaid. I think there are guys that get paid more than they should and there are a bunch of guys that get paid much less than they should."


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Come on Cobbs...like slavery get real!

Patrick Cobbs realizes we are all New World Order Slaves to the Elite Illuminati Rodger Goodell, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones

Cobbs could be an absolute stud of a player on ...
... The New England Patriots

....Hopefully with a rookie salary cap. The money can be distributed among proven players better. I understand that football is a brutal unforgiving game.

I get what Cobbs is saying I think. Take a guy like him that is a special temas specialist. These guys are just cannon fodder and probably deserve more money. But that isn't the way things work. Those guys aren't directly filling the seats and moving the merchandise. So bottom feeders they will remain.

All of this said. Nobody forced these guys to be professional football players. To imply that they are underpaid is insulting. Even though pro sports are a buisness. They are still to the core, a game. These guys, skilled as they may be get paid a whole lot of cabbage to suit up. Is it anymore dangerous then a cop, or firefighter, soldier, or miner. Nope. Is the compensation a heck of a lot better. Yep.

Worked like a slave all my life in construction.
Now no work and got lung cancer from the dust.
Quit bitcin and get back to work.
Give the extra monies to the fans in reduced ticket prices that's what the Judge should do.

that is a disgrace. Cobbs, it is nothing like slavery at all. Do you know how many people dream about playing in the NFL NFL and NBA players make more money in general even the lowest paid players make more than upper class. There is always a choice... I was a fan up until that statement. Good riddance

So which one is it, Pat? Do you think you're a slave or not. Way to say you're not and then say you are. Sheesh!

Sigh...I was expecting to read the intelligent response from Cobbs that would have been the polar opposite of the ignorant comment made by Peterson. Instead he just toned down the comment but embodied the same sentiment.

Being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (minimum) for the job you do and being expected to jump when the boss says jump is in no way akin to slavery. It belittles the real truth of what slavery was and is just a flat out ignorant comparison.

anyone would look good with Brady as the QB

...I want to add to this point. I have a good friend that played in the league for 5 years. He was never a big time player, started for a few games in a few different seasons. But was basically a special teams player, or backup.

He was a member of the Saints Super Bowl team, and this past summer before camp we went fishing. I don't ask him much about football, because I'm sure he gets it all of the time. This day, I did ask him if he thought of retiring after wininnig the cup? You have your health, and won a Super Bowl. What more do you want?

His response was this. I get paid a good amount of money to not do much. Football got me an education, and a good amount of money in the bank. I would play forever if I was just a special teamer, or a backup. My body isn't in as much jeapardy as the guys that play every down. I am super lucky. Later last offseason he was cut. Still looking for a job. But has come to the realization that his time has come and gone. He said. I get paid for playing football. Isn't that insane? This is from him

Go be a slave working at Publix if ya don't like it, Pal. Or join the Army, we could use you - just hope you don't get shot and killed while you work for 30K a year.

Your application for a Social Insurance/Security Number is your acceptance of the terms of this agreement when you come of age. This acceptance validates the whole Ponzi scheme and cements your servitude / slavery in the federal corporation. You lose your inalienable right to true freedom given to you from the creator and become a slave of the corporation. The SIN/SSN # is used to force your compliance as you are deceived into believing that you cannot transact commerce in society without this number. Does this sound like a free society to you?

The slaves did'nt have a choice. If these players want to leave and go work elsewhere they can. They do have to stay with a team for a specified time , it's called a "CONTRACT'. I guess they didn't study the part in history where the slaves were made to work against their will and beaten if they didn't. When did a slave own a Bentley, their own houses and bang HO'S. Sign me up for NFL slavery!

Cobbs seems to be a good person and is an excellent team player so this isn't directed at him alone.

If NFL players think they don't get paid enough or that the sport is too brutal they can always use that college degree (the one they got for free) to start a new career.

It always amazes me that players act as if this is all they can do to make a living. Come join us in the workforce, we will welcome you with open arms.

Cobbs I thought you were a cool guy up until now. "Slave" do you realize people in the real world have to everything there boss tells them when and how just like you...? Except they eran 30-50k not 330k to play 10-20 plays a game. That just shows much of the NFL players come out of college with little or no education. Go cry to some one who gives a sh...

It's not like slaves could walk to the end of the driveway and say "that's it, f**k this job I'm outta here" and then just walk away. But NFL players can. AND they won't have an entire posse hunting them down while they're running through multiple states, eating insects and leaves, and sleeping in ditches.

Dude, Office Max is hiring.

You know, back in 1840 I was sittin' on the front porch of this slaves house. In his front yard he had a nice horse and carraige, he was getting ready to go to the market. I said George, " what are you up to these days since the plantation owners locked out all you slaves." George replied, " ya, know I'm just workin' out every day so I can be in the best shape when one of them owners call me to sign me to a big fat new contract." " But don't you worry none 'cause my new contract won't make the price of that cotton go up -oh know, the owners will pay for that out of their own pockets." " meanwhile I'm gonna ride up here to Walgreens and pick up some condoms and Cristal and go bang one of them owners daughters."

Moses I want to add to that post.

Not only do most workers have to do everything their bosses tell them but a lot aren't in any kind of union. That means your employer tells you how much you will make before you're hired. If that company makes more money the employees don't see one extra dime unless the owner decides to hand out raises. You then have the choice of staying or finding another job.

The reason this is happening is because the union sees how much the owners are making and tell the players they should be making a better percentage. If there were no union in football we wouldn't have strikes. Nor would we have people living in million dollar homes (driving million dollar cars wearing million dollar necklaces) who's only skill is throwing or catching a leather ball.


Outstanding post @5:32......

It works on 2 levels....

First its funny...very funny....

But at the same time you make an excellent point and break it down in such away that many will apperciate......

Thats hard to accomplish....

patrick cobbs and all of these other guys need to go to work for a living and see what "slavery" is really like. my mother worked for years in a dress factory and her boss told her how high to jump just like you cobbs. i know pleny of other hard-working people who hated their jobs and were treated poorly by their bosses but worked hard to provide for their families. these guys need to get a taste of reality. they are living a life that would be a dream to many nfl fans and they are crying about it. if you don't like it, get out.

I side with the players in the CBA deal. But this 'slave' talk won't get much sympathy from the average person. Kind of surprised he was say something so asinine.

Patrick Cobbs: "I woudn't say slave.......But I think at times we are slaves".

Thats a fine North Texas education.....I woudn't recommend a carreer in politics....

But I do like candor.....now matter how politically incorrect it is....

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/03/im-nobodys-running-back-yeah-a-little-surprised-but-its-a-business-and-they-have-the-right-to-do-that-if-they-dont.html#ixzz1I1phPXGf

Cobb can leave the plantation anytime he wants. Good riddance.

Agree with everything you said dm1dolphan. What Cobbs said is just plain pathetic...

FYI, there are different meanings (contextually) of "slavery". In another life I was a musician. We used to use keyboards together (where one keyboard controlled the other one). In that context, there was a master and a slave.

I just use that to say you guys are getting too hung up on the term "slave." As if these guys think they're Kunta Kinte in Mississippi picking cotton or something. I don't think that's what these guys think. I think they are the Top 1% (in wealth), therefore used to controlling their own destiny, and have come up against the Top 1/10% who actually call the shots, and that's a feeling the 1% haven't felt much of (even though they usually come up from humble roots).

Patrick Cobbs has ALWAYS been nothing but a professional. Great attitude, great work ethic, great heart. I really hate to hear people turning their back on this guy just because he said he feels like a "slave."

Also, I'm pretty sure no one I'm talking to (on this site) knows what it's like to be a slave either. Even if you make $20K, you're not a slave. So let's not be holier-than-thou, I've heard stuff on here that's pretty despicable too, I've even said things myself I didn't mean or came out wrong. I'm just suggesting you don't take the term too literal.

Apperently Patrick(Bench warmer)Cobbs did'nt attend history classes otherwise he would'nt have stated "Sometimes I feel like a slave",Maybe mister Cobbs should invest his 899gs he made last year and buy a time-machine and Teleport himself to the south Circa 1850 and actually work like a slave..., I wonder if he's related to Joey(IQ 38)Porter or Channing(Stationary bike rider)Crowder???, This is something these two buffoons would say..

Last thing I'll say folks is actions speak so much louder than words. Talk is very cheap, means absolutely nothing. People will say something, and a second later contradict themselves or say something totally opposite what they just said.

It's funny that these two guys are getting heat from the "slave" statement (Peterson and Cobbs) because I can't think of 2 more impressive "football" human beings out there. These are not the flashy loudmouths, talking sh*t all the time-type guys, they are good men. I always take stock of a person's actions when judging them (let's be honest, we all judge). People who are generally stand-up people get more flexibility with me. Not that they can't mess up like everyone else, but I tend to give those people the benefit of the doubt if they've shown themselves to be decent and honorable. And both these guys have shown that. I don't think this one statement takes away all that and makes them dishonorable.

you're like the teacher who came in and caught the class screwing around. we were having fun reading fin's post about 1840 and you had to put up the "downer" post. can't we just have some fun.

...Here is a thought. For all those searching for a trade down scenario here is one. The Patriots have the firepower to aquire any player they deisire in the first round. Say they swap theit 28th to Arizona for their 5th. In return Arizona gets the 33rd pick(first in the second round) They would also hold the 38th pick in round 2.

The Pats take Von Miller. The Cards swap the 28th pick, and the 38th pick to the Dolphins #15. The Cards can take a Quarterback, or a guy like Akeem Ayers. We fall to 28 and can get good value at lineman, or even at this spot Ingram who may still be on the board. It would also give us a chance to take qb. Ponder, or Kaepernick in round 2. Both players who will not be around in the third.

This is just mad chemist jibber jabber. And can easily be debated. But my point is that if we are going to get into the second round. i think it will take a combination of other teams making deals to get us into the round. If we do not get into round 2. Look for us to make a deal that will give us multiple 3rd, even 4th round picks, by moving down 1 or 2 spots in round 1

The comment was in regards to the Peterson quote in which he indeed was making a reference to "slavery". They were being "controlled" by the owners. Once again they have a contract they have to abide by. That being said they absolutly are not slaves in any form. As afr as the 2 definitions discussed what other meaning can slavery have?

DC, Like I said before,These players need to think before they talk, I mean I can understand Joey(Duhh)Porter saying something stupid, He is stupid, but I hope Cobbs just said something with out thinking what he was saying He seems to be a stand up guy, Though I might be wrong./.

In my little story I was just trying to show the absurdity of these guys even attempting a comparrison!

DC the comment does not make them dishonorable, just makes them sound like buffoons.. come on dude

Menace how have you been? Long time no talk.

Doing well Ace, What About you??????????

Just hanging in there my friend. You know our plumbing friend must have been very bad because I heard he has been suspended for weeks now. Go figure.

...Slavery is a person that is working a low paying wage because it is the only opportunity that person has. Slavery is a person that has a college degree, worked hard to earn this degree. But the reality of todays world only offers minumum opprtunities. What these proffesional athletes classify as slavery is like I said before. Insulting. Wake up. Everyday dreamers would love to be able to make the kind of money these players do. Even if it meant all the risks involved.

There is a huge seperation of reality between the priveleged, and those who are everyday people. I will not take anything away from any of Cobbs achievemnets. He has rightfully earned what is his. He has a skill that not many posses, and for him that is great. I wish him the best. But do not whine, and call slavery to a situation that you can control. Go wash dishes for 7 bucks an hour for a week. See how that equates.

LOL At Armegeddons 5:32 post Kinda Raciest but in a Dave Chappelle sort of way...........


The Federal Minimum Wage is currently at $7.25 an hour, just saying

It wont be long now before it is politically incorrect to utter the noun, "slave". Another word destined to be abbreviated with a letter.

Unless of course, you are a 150 year old decendant of a slave.

I'll leave the Cobbs Peterson comments alone. One thing holds true of nothing else does, this being a football (Miami Dolphins) blog. You are going to have a bunch of Dolphins fans with all manner of background and beliefs. Every one of then 100% convinced that their way of thinking or political "Agenda" is the correct one. Once you stir up that nest, you have taken the anonymity we have in our political belief and stir it up with our football.... BAD IDEA. It may not happen right away, but in the end, it will lead to resentment and animosity. I have already seen a couple of guys go back and forth because of it.

It’s an open blog... I would just be very careful with word like "Racist" and "Slavery"... it brings out strong emotion and even stronger political belief.

Go Miami!!!

Man, I want to talk Football, present, past, and future. I read somewhere today that the As- is the most democratic of all. So, I will abide.

oscar canosa digame otra cosa.
Sorry I had to say that.

I did not realize how much of boob coobs was , that is a shame for anyone to make slavery comparision to anything , slavery is where you are held against your will with no pay right, this really just makes me more in the onwers corner, these guys should just shut up and be glad to be makin the money they are and the chance they have . I hope they do not bring back cobbs what an Ahole same with AP.

Fuc- you. Most People get a wrong idea of me because I have always been very blunt in my sayings. OK. I am an Altruist and, being so, I am incapable of harming another Human being even if I wanted to. OK?!

cobbs won't be back next year.

Fuc- you. Most People get a wrong idea of me because I have always been very blunt in my sayings. OK. I am an Altruist and, being so, I am incapable of harming another Human being even if I wanted to. OK?!

Posted by: oscar canosa | March 29, 2011 at 08:27 PM

Oscar were you talking to me??

cobbs is just another example of selfish greedy moronic athletes that are way out of touch with reality, i hope the owners bury these ungrateful clowns let em all get a real jobs, if pro sports had a 300 thousand dollar a year limit these guys would still play because its better than working in the real world, the owners that made their billions shouldnt be obligated to take care of players for their whole lives, try saving some money you overpaid thugs

Until you are the boss everyone is at the mercy of their boss. Thats reality!

I was watching a late night NFL channel program a few days ago (I have battled insomnia for years). They were talking about Terry Bradshaw. After being selected 1st in the 1970 draft, he walked around Pittsburgh with a "Bull’s-eye" painted on his chest. I can remember some of it, like from 72 on... but the early years for him were hell. Not playing worth a damn did not help his cause either. But what really shocked me was when for fun I compared Terry Bradshaw (the 4 time SB champion QB in Pittsburgh) with what we have seen of Chad Henne.

The most passes Terry Bradshaw ever threw in a season was 472. That was in 1979. His completion stats in 1979 were 259 of 472 for a 54.9 average. His best completion average came the year before (78) with 207 of 368 for an average of 56.3.
Terry's averaged between 300 and 330 passes thrown per year. His Int's from 1970 on were (per year)... 24, 22, 12, 15, 8(injury year), 9, 9.... then they started back up.... 28,26,24,22,17... and the one game he played in 83 he had 2.

My stats all came off of Pro Footballstats.com, just to let you know.

NFL Network talked about just how much hell Bradshaw was given by the Pitt. Media, Fans and some of the coaching. However, they did not waiver, they did bring in some help, but they never saw the field. Terry just kept improving. It took 3 full years to see the pay off.

Look. I saw what Henne was all about last year. I saw the bad long ball, I saw in Int’s; I saw the check downs and bad decisions. Truth is however. Terry Bradshaw in his first 3 years made Henne's first 1 3/4 season look like an all pro.

I am no "Henne Hawker here to sell anyone on the guy. Miami had damned sure better get someone to compete with Henne in case what many of us believe to be true turns out to be just that... What I am saying is a point that is very easy to argue... There are far more QB's who struggled far worse early on then Henne.

I'm just saying this.... We have his one remaining year left on his rookie deal. He has every motivation that could exist and has many of the things that many felt worked against him last year done away with... I for one... would be delighted to see the young man tear the shyt up... I would love to see him come in motivated and ready to redeem. I would say or at least suggest that we as fans have NOTHING to loose to root the guy on to his best. It beats watching yet another draft pick wasted and down the drain... and it allows a guy who really did work hard to make his stand.

I for one am wishing him the best. Unfortunately until he shows me different I am expecting the worst.

Just a thought....

derek i only have a 32" monitor. your posts go off the screen. i'll bet to go from boston to to new york you go through los angeles. make your point fine, but you constantly use so many words to say so little. you could have said the same thing in 3 to 5 sentences.

Derek4, I saw Terry Bradshaw playing in his first years and he was as far away from Henne as you could want. Mr. Bradshaw was(or is) a tremendous athlete. At that time the Pitt team was lousy, specially the offensive line, and Bradshaw was always running for his life, but he was a great scrambler and completing passes. That I remember, he had us on the ropes(the great Miami SB Teams) at least one time.

LMFAO @ zilo

Slaves??? Shut up. It's called corporate America, they can join it if they don't like what's taking place in the NFL. People do what their bosses ask of them, that's doesn't make somebody a slave. You don't like where you work, change it or start your own business. It's America, nothing is stopping you. Football is a privilege, not a right.

ssssssssssssss, sssssssssssss.

it's funny how the athlete says something and everyone jumps on him... they sacrifice their bodies for the sport they grew up dreaming to play for a living. Yes they get paid really good money. But they put in work, play through all kind of pain and injuries (a get call sissies/pansies wateva) from the media is they don't suck up the pain. IF THERE IS ANYONE TO GET UPSET WITH HERE BLAME THE OWNERS WHO ARE BEING EXCEEDINGLY GREEDY!

Boner please. Stop talking

I watched him also... and I disagree. While it is true Pitt. May have had its struggles on O-line... are you saying Miami doesn't?

I you believe I am attempting to make a case for Henne... don't... because I'm not. You cannot just Explain away the fact the Henne's stats are better then Terry's were in his first couple of years by saying his team sucked... Not when posting on a blog that many of the posts are about how bad Miami has sucked for the last 10 years... It holds no water...

ZILO.... Hint... same hint I have given others... NO ONE has a gun to your head... DON'T read the Phucken post if you are not in the mood. I will not care one way or the other... Did I make that point fast enough and with few enough words to hold your attention...?


please elaborate.

Derek you sound tough. This is how the trolls push your buttons. The way you cannot help yourself by responding. Come to think of it, I dont see aloco around tonight. Maybe Armando scared him straight. LOL

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