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Cobbs on NFL "slavery," free agency, lockout

Like most NFL players, Patrick Cobbs is spending some time on the golf course, some time in workout sessions, and most of his time waiting for the NFL lockout and current labor strife to be resolved.

Cobbs is expected to be a free agent when the labor agreement is settled, as the Dolphins did not sign him to a contract extension. "I'm nobody's running back," he said during an appearance Tuesday on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo.

And while free agency, by definition, will grant Cobbs the freedom to go to any NFL team that wants him, the running back can understand how fellow running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings could paint his situation as a player as "like modern-day slavery."

"I wouldn't say slave. But we are at the mercy of [owners]," Cobbs said. "This league is a great league or we wouldn't be playing in it. Obviously, we all love to play the game. But I think at times we are slaves. They tell us to jump and we jump. Most of the time we ask them how high. We bend over backwards, we give up our bodies every day to do what we love and also what they pay us to do. So we should do it whenever they tell us to do it. I mean, yeah, I can see where [Peterson] is coming from. So that's like slaves. But we're not slaves because we get paid pretty well to do it."

Cobbs made a distinction between himself, because he is seldom used to carry the ball, and Peterson, who is Minnesota's primary ballcarrier: "The way he runs the ball. he's getting paid to run into a wall every play. I can see where he's coming from."

That doesn't mean Cobbs wouldn't welcome more work with whichever team he plays for next. 

"I had a role this year," Cobbs said. "It wasn't as big a role as I had in 2008. Did I show it? Anything they asked me to do, I was always trying to do best I could. I feel like I could do more. I wanted to do more and hopefully I'll get to showcase that next year."

Having said that, Cobbs said he understood he was behind both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and they needed to get the ball.

 Cobbs was a team leader for the Dolphins in 2010. He was voted special teams captain. So was he surprised the team didn't re-sign him?

"Yeah, a little surprised," he said, "but it's a business and they have the right to do that ... If they don't sign me back, I'll have to find somewhere else to call home.

"I'm working out. I'm doing the things I would be doing normally. I don't have a team right now so if a team were to call me in [after the lockout] I'm doing the things necessary to be in the best shape I can be in. Hopefully that's tomorrow. Right now, I'm doing the things I need to be in the best shape in my life and go from there."

As an NFL player, Cobbs understands why he's not working right now. But he isn't a drone follower of the union line that says all NFL players are underpaid and underappreciated by ownership. In fact, Cobb thinks some players are underpaid, while others, not so much.

"I think the majority of this league is underpaid," Cobbs said. "I don't think everybody is underpaid. I think there are guys that get paid more than they should and there are a bunch of guys that get paid much less than they should."


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please elaborate.

Posted by: zilo | March 29, 2011 at 10:32 PM

LMFAO @ zilo times two. Please stop man you are killing me

There are no underpaid players... every player minimum included make too much money. I'm not with the owners either becuz obviously they're job is to manage their pile of money to put a team on the field for the fans who they ultimately bank on. We are all slaves to capitalism and were all getting fukd just some more so than others. How many of you feel the ticket prices to go to a game are actually worth it? Or paying 80 bucks for a cheap replica jerseey? Owners and players should be thanking the FANS and doing they're part to make this depression and falling economy feel even worse with their infantile dispute over millions of dollars they don't deserve in the first place. It's the fans money and inflation has gotten out of control. 30 dollars to park your car on grass to walk 15 min just to get to the stadium? that is called milking it and it has become GREED

sorry for typos I'm mad tired from actually working my arse off 10 hours on my feet no break 5-6 days a week

I do it becuz I love my job not for the $$$$$$

Derek, I remember the first few years of Bradshaws career and he was a real stinker. I also remember his fanbase screaming for his head the first couple years.

So I just checked out Terry's stats at Profootballreference.com to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything, and felt pity all over again.

He turned out to be a gutsy HOF, but your 9:22 post turns ou to be correct.

Year com. att. comp% TD Int. QB Rating
1970 83 218 38.1 lol 6 24 lol 30.4 lol
1971 203 373 54.4 13 22 59.7
1973 147 308 47.7 12 12 64.1

Bradshaw started off badly, but eventually the light turned on. Coach with patience...

Some say NFL player's job is not as dangerous as others, such as policemen or firefighters. Guess what the average lifespan of a NFL player? It's 57!!



aloco, you are always saying that you sign in only as yourself. but armando has told us now a few times that you sign in with many different names, so you are not honest and can't expect any apologies. when you play games, you create problems.




Jabari Morris,

Recheck your facts. The average life expectancy of an NFL player is 68, and counting.

he average life expectancy of an american male is 75.6

The average life expectancy of a overpaid, over indulging celebrity is less than 69.

The life expectancy of a street corner crackhead is 26.

There, now you have another comparison (and correction) to savor.


Not sure if you're still around or not. I'm a little confused about your previous post. It sounded like you were advocating for Henne to have another chance but then you said something like, your not a fan and you want him to have competition. That's fine, and I agree with you....but you kind of sound like your hedging your bets. You're not a fan, but you do a really good job going into a lot detail explaining how things didn't work out from Bradshaw in his first four years either. Just a little confused what course of action you want management to take. Thanks.

Cobbs is a good all around football player and a good guy
Too bad the media has to take this one little sentence out of context and blow it all up, twist it around and try to bring hate to this player

Sad phucking reporting

Nice Job with the previous blog and Simply The Bess working out in off premise gym

I wish I was a slave; I'd a fvked somebody up... Sheeit. Tell me to play some mothafvkin football? I woulda been on the street and sh*t, he would came up and said "Hey, yo... ...catch this football. I woulda said "Svck my d!ck massa. Svck my motherfvkin' d!ck. That's right! I ain't catchin' a motherfvker! I ain't runnin' wit sh*t! You catch the mothafvkin' ball, Mothafvka!' And then I woulda got in my green Lincoln and drove the fvk off!"

--Eddie Murphy "Delirious" (adapted)


There will never be an end to racism as long as people draw attention to it. They are not slaves for the simple fact that they have a choice. Stop with the silly comments go educate yourself before comparisons are made. The truth is if AP has it so bad then freaking quit. I don't like my job because I'm over worked then I find another one. SHUT UP OR PUT UP. SICK OF PLAYERS WHO CRY ABOUT MONEY AND HAVING TO WORK FOR IT. SICK OF OWNERS WHO WANT MORE MONEY WHEN WE ALL HAVE NO MONEY. SICK OF NEWS REPORTERS WHO REPORT NONSENSE.

Average lifespand 57. Average years in the league 3.5. So 3.5 years did that no. We all make choices and we deal with the outcome. My marines chose to serve underpaid under appreciated overworked. Yet they don't fuss about slavery or working hard they PUT UP AND SHUT UP. SUCK IT UP U OVER PAID WORKERS.

Its not the amount of money even the lowest of these players recieve that's the problem. The proper management of it is for at least 75% of them.

These guys havent a clue what those who have been in the regular force for at least 10yrs have gone through. Wonder what they would call it if they did. Probably a word far worse than slavery. LOL..........

"regular work force"

Those guys make a career choice with high probability to last no longer than 5 years. Yet they spend all of thier money living like the rich and famous.

At that spending rate, as soon as the career is gone. The money's either gone too or soon to follow. Then all that they didnt pay cash for is repossessed. LOL.............

Just as it says in the good book, "a fool and his money shall soon part". LOL.......

If anything many of these players have "slave mentality." They spend and buy like they never owned anything before. Just as you would expect a slave to do once he's been set free. And it has nothing to do with race. LOL.........

"SLAVE SPENDING MENTALITY" is what the majority of these players need to be set free of. The Emancipation Proclamation ended bondage by one human being to another as his property at the end of the Civil War in America! LOL.......

Patrick Cobbs was a captain of the worst special teams squad (arguably) in the NFL last year. And people are wondering why he wasn`t resigned?

what do they think of cobbs ricky ronnie polite when not one was offered a contract and only lex waived practice squad wannabe is left? not much.

Hey Patrick, anyone who has a job is a slave by your logic. I work for myself and I am a slave to my customers and clients....start your own league....become a car salesman...start a business. When you join the rest of us who have to support our families some other way than playing a game then you will know that nfl players are not slaves.

i dont think slaves loved doing what they were FORCED to do....oh and get PAID for it... come on... i wouldnt sign him on that fact alone!

Woe to the slaves. Here's and idea...

Try working in the non-slavery world for Walmart or McDonalds. That should put things in perspective.

NOBODY MAKES YOU MORONS WORK IN THE NFL! You choose to do this! Slaves don't have a choice!

I like Cobbs but can't buy into his thinking at all. By his definition any player who plays sports, professional or amateur, for a coach is a slave since they must do whatever the coach asks if they expect to play. Logic does make sense at all.

But at the same time you make an excellent point and break it down in such away that many will apperciate......

Thats hard to accomplish....

Posted by: kris | March 29, 2011 at 05:44 PM


By Cobb's definition, anyone w/ a job is a "slave" then. When my boss says jump, guess what - I ask "how high" as well. I do what he and the company want me to do, or I won't have a job for long. I'm free to do something else for a living, and so is he. But we both keep doing what we're doing why? Because we like the cash we're making.

Having a job, and being told by a boss what to do isn't slavery .... it's trading my free time for money! I agree to do a job, and in exchange, I am given cash for my time.

Slavery is being forced to do a job w/out any compensation, not to mention, losing pretty much every freedom you can have. How the NFL is like that, or even kinda like that, or how one player can say "at times we are slaves," is beyond me. It's called a job Cobbs, do your job and shut up!!!

Cobbs, Peterson, et al, just keep your mouth shut, dont say anything. The court of public opinion will side with you unless you. Are you trying to turn people off? You're standing on higher ground right now, just stop talking.

Fact is NFL players have short careers. And the ones who do last have shorter life expectancies and a lower quality of life later on. Each year we learn more and more about head injuries and how the result could be a Dave Duerson or Mike Webster situation. Check out the mortality and suicide rates of ex-NFL players, the numbers are staggering. They are constantly in harms way and do not have guaranteed contracts.

The players who drive this multi billion dollar industry have every right to max out their slice of the billion dollar pie. Unfortunately for this generation of players, they are stuck with deals made by Gene Upshaw years ago. Possibly the worst union leader in any field I've ever seen.

I own a small business, I'd laugh if any of my employees told me they wanted me to open up the books. But the NFL is a unique business, this is a whole different animal and until those owners show us that they are in dire financial straights, as usual, I'll side with labor. Ignorant comments and all.

i guess everyone who works is a slave...your boss ask you to jump, you say how high... we are at their mercy for promotions, raises, evaluations....only difference is we don't make millions and we don't cry about it. the owners made the investment, the players negotiated their salary and got it. the owners have a right to reap the rewards of their investment.

As an African American myself - Peterson & Cobbs - get real slavery stfu - these athletes kill me!!

Wow Patrick really, when my boss tells me to jump I jump, and I don't get paid millions of dollars for it, or even hundreds of thousands

Get over yourselves and go back to the tables

Also, when will they start loosing their jobs for criminal behavior. No, they get a free pass and continue to earn top $$, while many of us would be put in jail or fired

Does Patrick Cobbs understand that in all likely cases..he will have many years of slavery ahead of him...since that is what he calls doing the job he is paid by his BOSS to do.

I swear some of these players cannot be more clueless and entitled.

I'm reading some of these comments and I think some of you people are either illiterate or plain stupid. First of all, It was peterson who made the "slave" remark,secondly, Cobb's acknowledged that it's NOTHING as compared to slavery, but understood where some characteristics could be paralleled.
"I wouldn't say slave. But we are at the mercy of [owners]," Cobbs said

Freedom of speech, is in fact a right, but I wish more of you morons would look at it like a priviledge

Like any "employee", you do what your employer wants or your get fired. You signed a contract, you took money, you do what your managers (coach) tells you to do or you lose your job. Just because you play football does not mean that you are any different than any other employee. Quit being a whining little baby and get back to work.

Why are people bashing him for something he did not say. He starts with

"I wouldn't say slave. But we are at the mercy of [owners],"
So that's like slaves. But we're not slaves because we get paid pretty well to do it."

He is right and he is also not complaining because as he said he gets paid pretty well.

Cobbs who???

Mich fin, you're right, he isn't complaining, he is whining!!!! Yeah!!!! Duhh!!!! I'm paying you MILLIONS, when I tell you jump ask me how high! Or, go be a Walmart greeter or get a job in whatever college degree you have! Stop complaining and get to work! There are American soldiers dying in the middle east making much less money. These guys get paid big bucks for PLAYING a GAME to entertain us!!!! Screw Cobbs, and his stupid slavery comment!!!!


This whole topic is BS. What about the top education all these players got for free because their talent happens to bring
more money than a carpenters, for example. What about all the men and women in uniform who get screamed at daily and REALLY put their bodies on the line so that these idiots can whine about their six figure salaries while they play golf and wonder which Mercedes they wanna buy this year. This entire topic makes me sick. It's human greed at it's worst. I wish the owners would cut ALL their salaries back and see how many if these players who "love the game" stick around and actually play like they love the game. It's all BS, and yes I do understand that Cobbs didn't SAY the slavery comment, but he DID say that many players are underpaid. Go see what the average salary is in this league, and then go see what the average American makes working 40-50 hours a week, and then tell me with a straight face that this guy has a point. And that's not taking into consideration the fame and special treatment these guys get for playing pro sports, or the sponsorship opportunities that often make them as much as, or more than their salaries. In fact, maybe that what they should play for. Have the owners reduce the salaries to $100k, and have the players play for only their pride and if they are good enough, they can earn sponsorship money. This entire lockout makes me sick fellas, frickin sick.

Their opinions will change when they get to the real world.

Isn't anyone who works for a company a "slave" one way or another according to Cobbs? We have managers and supervisors telling us what to do and we have to do it. BUT it is called a JOB! I can't understand why he would make a comment like that. I would love to play in the NFL making the MINIMUM salary. Every year the NFL sets record breaking contracts and the players are more then taken care of yet they still find something to complain about, UNBELIEVABLE!!! I never had a problem with Cobbs but after making an ignorant statement like that I will be glad to see him go....what a D-Bag!!!!

Cobbs is an idiot. I lost so much respect for him today. Slavery? wow! Dude, this is a business, and it's a job.. WE all have bosses and we all have our respective duties, and get rewarded for doing them.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in "slavery" you had owners, who did not pay you, and would forced you to do something that you were not in agreement with. Back then, you did not have a choice to pick where you wanted to work.

You're a professional football player; You have a choice, and you're being paid to play a sport that you love. If you picked this profession as your career, then that's your wrong. Personally, I've never seen any sport as a professional career. It's ridiculous to see nowadays how athleates complain for not getting paid more for what they love to do.

And no, you don't make the game. We do. We are the ones who love football, and pay for you to perform on the field. NOt the owners, not your parents, or your desire to play football. So stop crying, because the ones hurting right now, and who've been paying the consequences for all these years have been us, for paying your high salaries.

I'm tired of black players bringing up 'slavery' when most of them are making millions of dollars.

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