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Jeremy Shockey tweets decision on free agency

Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey was available to the Dolphins after he took and passed a physical with the team over the weekend. He lives in South Florida -- Miami Beach to be exact -- and I'm told he wanted to play for the Dolphins.

But the Carolina Panthers also were intrigued by the player who was recently cut by the New Orleans Saints.

Today Shockey decided where he will continue his NFL career.


"Looks like I'm signing with Carolina," Shockey tweeted moments ago. "Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to play football. Lets (cq) hope we all have the chance to play this season."

Look, I cannot guarantee Shockey was going to be healthy this year and that's important because to be effective, you have to on the field and he has never started 16 games in any of his 10 NFL seasons.

But I can tell you he would have been an upgrade over what the Dolphins have by way of pass-catching tight ends overall.

Shockey caught 41 passes for 408 yards with three TDs last season. It was arguably the worst season of his career and he played only 13 games. And that was still more catches than Miami starter Anthony Fasano had in 15 games last season. Fasano did account for more yards at 528.

All I'm thinking is this: Perhaps Shockey was not going to beat out Fasano. He obviously is no longer the player that averaged 62 catches per season from 2004-2008. But he would have brought competition to the spot. Isn't that what the Dolphins want?

He would have filled a need that the Dolphins now will probably have to consider filling in the draft -- again. He definitely would have been better than, say, Mickey Shuler.

The details of Shockey's pending deal are not in. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has not returned a text message.

If Carolina paid significant money, I can understand Miami pushing away from this. If Shockey signs, say, a one-year, minimum salary, incentive ladden deal, then I have to wonder what caused the Dolphins to shy away.

I remind you Shockey did pass his physical with Miami. I also remind you signing a player with relatively little signing bonus is a relatively safe thing to do because you can always cut the guy in training camp if things aren't working out.

So I suppose we'll have to reserve judgment on this one until all the facts are in.

But it would have been interesting to have Shockey.


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Par for the course for miami passing up on yet another chance to upgrade

Thanks god!


We have a holier than thou fo. When have they ever passed on anyone with injury issues. Shockey's still just as good numbers wise as Fasano even if he plays half a season.

Also wouldnt be surprised if they drafted Cam Newton should he slip to #15. Because I dont think Ireland has any bigotry towards fathers who p*rostituting thier sons out.

I guess Sparano's phone call to Sean Payton revealed some red flags that made Sparano/Ireland decide to skip on Shockey. Guess we'll be looking for TEs in the draft.

These clowns say they're in "win now mode" yet, fail to help them upgrade a position of need to help them achieve that goal. Shockey would be an upgrade AND help!

I don't care if he has an injury history. He's tough as nails & plays hurt. At 70% he is still faster & better thn Fasano. While splitting time his body wouldn't be so banged up either.

In a FA & draft class filled with sub-par TE's, Miami fails yet again. Add that up to having 0 rb's signed on the roster & looking more and more like we'll have the same QB crew we bombed with last season.

It's pretty clear these guys don't get it.

Miami needs to get younger and faster to compete in the AFC-East. They need to stay away from veterans with health issues. So maybe it wasn't a bad thing for them to pass on Shockey. My main concern is that the combo of Ireland/Sparano will do in the draft and free agency.

This is just another example of a team that feels no sense of urgency to improve its offense. Status quo, here we go!

I am beginning to believe that no free agent want to sign with the Dolphins. There was a cincinnati linebacker that also decide it to sign with another team.

Not signing Shockey doesnt throw me into complete outrage. But what would do it is if by season's start not having an adequate answer as a seam threat.

We all undoubtedly know it isnt Fasano.

Injuries are such a cop-out. What was Smiley & Grove? They gave them LOTS of money. Shockey is CLEARLY an upgrade & still relatively young. And playing a split role with Fasano would spare him the beating & blocking.

Tony G. isn't fast anymore but he is still playing at a high level and he is closer to 40 than 30. The Falcons wanted to win & EVEN TRADED for a 30 something TE. Miami passes.

The kicker is this is a weak FA & draft for TE's and Miami has a need. Instead, we'll draft one in the 6th round & cut him in training camp.

Ireland & Sparano simply do not get it.

I hope they don't ignore TE in the draft atleast

It's good. This league is not well suited for aging crippled TE's.

What the team needs is a physical freak at the TE position.

That guy has to be found in the draft.

perhaps the Dolphins take a flyier on Virgil Green – TE – Nevada 4th round

Fassano is a good #2.

Tough to tell if the FO knows something I don't.
I get the sense that they waited and it may have cost us.
I'll wait to pass judgement completely until I know more, but i wouldn't have signed him for a large gauranteed salary either, but like you say an incentive laiden deal would have made sense.
I see Owen Daniels has been signed as well - so the FA TE market is getting thinner.

I am beginning to believe that no free agent want to sign with the Dolphins. There was a cincinnati linebacker that also decide it to sign with another team.

Posted by: David Lajes | March 03, 2011 at 03:00 PM

Agreed. When Ross hung Sparano out to dry I was 1 of the first to state those actions would impact FA's & coaches wanting to play here. So far, nothing to dispute those claims.

Wow, we're starting to look like Parcells is still here!!! Passing on an upgrade is just the writing on the wall!! Time to start our "Coaching/GM" search!!

It's good. This league is not well suited for aging crippled TE's.

Posted by: Oregon Dolphin fan | March 03, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Yea, you're right. Gates & Gonzalez don't belong in today's NFL. One aged, one crippled yet BOTH are unstoppable & cannot be defended.

Soliai is getting paid this year but if he doesn't sign a long term contract around 6 mil a year then he may be gone. Stephen Paea & Phil Taylor look beast at NT possible to have in the 2nd rd if we trade back. I don't see the FO keeping him on at 10 + mil a year

I hate to say it but if money wasn't an issue, we should have got him. I say hate because if the FO had picked just one of either Gronk, Hernandez or Graham, we wouldn't be talking about this now.

So, here we are in very weak TE class and we're going to pic a TE? Jeeze, give me stength.

Fasano is better than Shockey no point paying the guy like a starter when he'd only be a backup TE anyways

at this point in their careers... Overall of course Shockey but not anymore

At this point Who really cares what the Dolphins do. There still gonna suck for the next few yrs maybe longer

Until you know the details of the deal I think you should just keep quiet regarding what the phins should have done.

BTW who needs shockey when we have shuler

If Shockey is such a great signing, why was Carolina ( the worst record in the league) the only other team to make an offer to him??

TE in draft:
Virgil Green
Rob Housler
Jordan Cameron
Julius Thomas

As well, sparano has a close relationship with NO coach peyton. Maybe he told him some things about shockey that weren't good. You just don't know.

I'd rather Have Fasano & Shockey for one year rather than Fasano & Shuler/Epps whoever.

They could have signed him to a long term deal & cut him after 1 season. At least to hold us over til next year in a better FA Pool / draft class.

Ireland & Sparano don't want to win now. Don't believe the hype.

I think it's important for us to get the "right" players and not nec the "best" players sometimes.

This is no big loss. He probably would have caught 300-400 yards and injured 4-5 games.

He'll have a better opportunity in Carolina to be the guy there.

Fasano is better than Shockey no point paying the guy like a starter when he'd only be a backup TE anyways

Posted by: beerphin | March 03, 2011 at 03:15 PM

Really? Funny how Shockey wound up with more catches in fewer games last season. Things that make you go hmmmm.

what a bunch of clowns in the phins front office!

I am not broken up by this... Maybe the Fins LEARNED after trying the old and injured routine after dealing with Smiley and Grove? It could be that they are getting smarter, and not falling for castoffs from other teams... The Fins need young and able, they need more picks, need to trade down unless they are going for QB and get more players, they have several holes to fill.

Yeah, Joe

Gates and Gonzolaz are the type of physical freaks I am talking about.

Revolutionized the position yet getting older. So what?

You group Shocky with those two?

I dont see that at all.

It would be nice to upgrade the TE position but didn't they extend Fasano last year, besides our season if it starts will not matter without a quality QB and we don't have one!


Shocky played in a passing oriented team and got catches.

Fassano played for the Dolphins and was required to block most of the year because the O-line was so bad.

Big difference.


Shockey, for his size IS a beast. Did you miss him dragging Gerbil 30 yards? Gonzalez has been slow for years & still productive. He isn't the physical freak he was in his 20's. gates isn't anymore either but still darned good.

Shockey still has speed. He has the hands. Carries defenders on his back. Gets open. Plays hurts. What more could you want? FYI, 30 isn't even old!

I could care less about physical freaks. I want football players. Shockey IS a football player. Just like Zack was a football player. Gholston was a physical freak. Where'd that get him? Unemployed.

Time to put more emphasis on football players than physical gifts.

I dream of being a 1950's TV housewife. Baking hams and pineapple upside-down cake in my pretty sun dress and kissing my husband Ed goodbye every morning as he gets into his Plymouth to ride to his advertising job in the city.

Oh, it would be bliss...

Was he not catching 62 a year on average on the Giants on running based offense? Rebutted.


cry over it all you like he's gone.

The team already has one over-payed TE, does not need 2.

Glad you are not in the front office overpaying aging players.

shockey = meh

Guys chill!! If you think Jeremy Shockey was going to lad us to the promised land you're kidding yourself. Could he have helped? Sure. But he's been injured a lot the last few years and he caused problems in New York and to a lesser extent in NO. With Marshall already showing signs of being a trouble maker, we don't need another one. As someone said, Sparano has probably talked a lot to his good friend Sean Payton and Payton gave Shockey the thumbs down. Can we wait until all this plays out before we blast these guys. If we end up with Zach Miller on this team through FA will be still be complaining about not adding Shockey?

With guys taking shots at this regime for signing guys like Smiley and Groves with an injury history, why would signing Shockey be any different?


Speaking as if you know more than me or anyone here is the most lauughable thing here.

I'm sure glad your on board though with the Morono & Jeffy method to keep the same lousy players that have yielded ZERO results. Especially when you're trying to win now!

Aging? If 30 is old, better get ready to can Dansby & Wake too. They are 1 year away & are both about to make MEGA millions.

When I rebutt your statements, be humble. Don't act or speak in a condescending manner.

You said Shockey is a product of a passing system, yet no rebutt to him averaging 62 a game in NY, sin a run offense.

Don't settle to petty & childish remarks. If you can't articulate a retort, then don't.

"Was" is the operative word with Shockey. He's faded badly as a relevant player the past couple of years and can no longer stay on the field regularly.

Didn't anyone notice how very little interest there was around the league in signing him? Only two teams showed the slightest interest, and only Carolina (who is godawful) offered a contract.

Not exactly a bidding war for his services.

Miami DOES need to imprve at TE, but chasing after a fading, chronically injured guy whose best days are in the rearview mirror is not a wise investment.

As 31 teams saying "no" attests.

With guys taking shots at this regime for signing guys like Smiley and Groves with an injury history, why would signing Shockey be any different?

Posted by: Craig M | March 03, 2011 at 03:48 PM

I for one do not advocate bringing him in to be an answer long term. He was the best option for a 1 year stop gap. There are no legit TE threats in FA or the draft with his abilities. For one year, he would have helped. Use him for a year & then address it next year.

Regarding his injuries, playing in a split role with less blocking responsibilities would have taken alot of the injury factor out of the equation.

To anyone who thinks this team would be better with Shuler/Epps or some other scrub instead of Shockey is absurd to me. This is why struggle & will continue to.

MIAMI sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks this regime of clowns sparano and ireland dont know how to addres this sinking ship and mr. ross should be shame for not pesuing hard enough for harbaugh damit miami im getting numb.

I'm just saying to perhaps see the bigger picture here.

If Shockey was still deemed to be a real difference-maker, even as simply a "stopgap" you can be assured there would have been more interest in signing him around the league.

The fact is there was virtually none, including by teams with just as bad (or worse) TE situations as Miami.

You have every right to be critical, but when Miami is just one of 31 other teams to have no interest in signing Shockey it doesn't exactly make them look clueless and certainly not alone in their reasoning.

Shockey wouldn't have been any better than Fasano on the phins. Fasano had a good year last year why so much negativity? Of course Shuler and whoever else they rotate on and off the roster need to be upgraded but there might be better options via draft to fill that backup seam TE position. Shockey = aging and on the downhill of his career. Especially after signing with the Panthers...


I have little idea what you are talking about.

You wanted Shocky bad. He's gone. So what?

How much would you pay him? Has he not been injured?

Football is a young mans game.

Typically once the injuries start coming players tend to go down hill quick.

You sound as if you would bash the front office no matter what they did.

And I dont know what you THINK you rebutted. You brought up Shocky's statistic from last year then jump to his Giants days.

Baby please.

Apparently you are fixated on him but Shocky is gone.

There are some pretty good prospects in the draft... you just aren't looking hard enough or are obsessed with Shockey

Child Please.

The guy probably got a nice 2 year deal with a decent bonus which he would be smart to take. He is at the end of his career, has a ring, and wants to make some $$$.

Plus if Shocky is still so great why did the Saints release him?

Hell, he could play good for Carolina this year.

If so good for him!

oregon, play dumb all you like. You credited shockeys stats in NO last year to him simply being in a pass offense. When told he averaged 62 in a run offense, you ignore it and brush it off. You have 0 credibility if you can't accept facts that rebutt what you say.

Night night lil one.


Your not being reasonable. Is there the same wear and tear on Dansby and Wake as there is on Shockey? Of course not. So let's not try and compare apples and oranges.

I would have signed Shockey for a year, like you said but the FO chose not to. I for one would be much happier if Zach Miller or one of the young kids like Rudolph or Green end up on the team. Can we see how this plays out before we rip them please. Usually you guys wait until guys like Smiley and Groves are released before you rip them. Can we be consistent here?

There are some pretty good prospects in the draft... you just aren't looking hard enough or are obsessed with Shockey

Posted by: beerphin | March 03, 2011 at 04:01 PM

Oh yea, which one helps you win now? You want to keep trying to address needs late in drafts and hope every few years you find one? Sometimes you have to go pay.

Also, to all those saying no teams showed interest. How many FA's are getting interest right now with the labor situation? Not many. No teams will go out on a limb until they know whats going to happen.

It's like people put blinders on & ignore reality.

Mark, from last blog, but important enough you need to hear twice:

When someone says, "you Americans" like we're all the same, that's when I get ignorant with the, "we're better than you are" speech.

So you're really talking to the wrong guy when it comes to American exceptionalism.

However, what I will say, is without the United States of America, I'm really not too sure where this World would be at right now. Like Churchill said, Americans always do the right thing, after they've explored all other options (something like that). That's one thing I am proud of this country for. Sure, we're not perfect (slavery comes to mind, treatment of Native Americans comes to mind) but we try to fix our mistakes and do the right thing in the end (usually).

Don't get me wrong, I love Canada, but c'mon, let's be serious, democracy and freedom in the 20th-Century has been furthered by the U.S. being a Superpower (and no other country would have been willing to sacrifice to make that happen). We are an arrogant country at times, true, but we're also principled and UNLIKE European countries, we don't (usually) believe in colonization.

Another thing we're barely mentioning is that Shockey will never win any popularity contests among teammates and coaches.

You can overlook that when a guy is healthy and highly productive, but when they are fading and often injured it becomes an unnecessary burden.

You can take it to the bank that's part of the reason there was so little interest in Shockey around the league.

Joe, what are you 12 years old?

Fixated and angry it sounds like you have some other things going on in your life.

He was decent for the Giants. So what?

Maybe he will have some success for the Panthers. Good for him.

Shocky is not here. That's OK.

Move along.

BTW The way you carry on credibility from you is of zero importance to me.

Craig, this team says they are in win now mode. I don't expect rookies come in & contribute to every need area. They need time to develop.

Signing a guy like Shockey had low risk high reward potential. Like I said earlier, they'll draft a kid in the 5th or 6th round & waste another pick like they did on Nalbone.

YAY Miami!

Also, to all those saying no teams showed interest. How many FA's are getting interest right now with the labor situation? Not many. No teams will go out on a limb until they know whats going to happen.

It's like people put blinders on & ignore reality.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | March 03, 2011 at 04:07 PM


That's actually irrelevant to this discussion.

We're talking specifically about Jeremy Shockey, right?

Well, if anybody wanted Jeremy Shockey on their roster then NOW was the time to do it, after his release and BEFORE the labor situation made signing a FA an impossibility.

Other players have been signed by various teams recently, and whatever develops with the labor situation has absolutely no bearing on those signings. Nor did it affect Shockey's situation in any way.

The simple truth is that there was little to no interest in the guy around the NFL. If there had been, the offers would have been there for him. They weren't.

Here's how you get improvement from the TE position (try and follow me here):


How many times was Fasano out on pass plays, and how many times was he kept in to block? I'd hazard a guess to say it was more that 50% of the time (that he was kept in). So to have more yards on fewer receptions than Shockey with a worse QB, OC, tells me he's not much of a downgrade from Shockey.

I don't think Fasano is Gonzalez, but he's not all that bad (consider the team he's been on last 3 years).

I rebutted something you claimed. GET OVER IT ALREAY. Sheesh!

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