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Jeremy Shockey tweets decision on free agency

Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey was available to the Dolphins after he took and passed a physical with the team over the weekend. He lives in South Florida -- Miami Beach to be exact -- and I'm told he wanted to play for the Dolphins.

But the Carolina Panthers also were intrigued by the player who was recently cut by the New Orleans Saints.

Today Shockey decided where he will continue his NFL career.


"Looks like I'm signing with Carolina," Shockey tweeted moments ago. "Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to play football. Lets (cq) hope we all have the chance to play this season."

Look, I cannot guarantee Shockey was going to be healthy this year and that's important because to be effective, you have to on the field and he has never started 16 games in any of his 10 NFL seasons.

But I can tell you he would have been an upgrade over what the Dolphins have by way of pass-catching tight ends overall.

Shockey caught 41 passes for 408 yards with three TDs last season. It was arguably the worst season of his career and he played only 13 games. And that was still more catches than Miami starter Anthony Fasano had in 15 games last season. Fasano did account for more yards at 528.

All I'm thinking is this: Perhaps Shockey was not going to beat out Fasano. He obviously is no longer the player that averaged 62 catches per season from 2004-2008. But he would have brought competition to the spot. Isn't that what the Dolphins want?

He would have filled a need that the Dolphins now will probably have to consider filling in the draft -- again. He definitely would have been better than, say, Mickey Shuler.

The details of Shockey's pending deal are not in. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has not returned a text message.

If Carolina paid significant money, I can understand Miami pushing away from this. If Shockey signs, say, a one-year, minimum salary, incentive ladden deal, then I have to wonder what caused the Dolphins to shy away.

I remind you Shockey did pass his physical with Miami. I also remind you signing a player with relatively little signing bonus is a relatively safe thing to do because you can always cut the guy in training camp if things aren't working out.

So I suppose we'll have to reserve judgment on this one until all the facts are in.

But it would have been interesting to have Shockey.


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This further proves that Tony and Jeff are still the same "scared" and weak minded people they have been since they got to Miami...So Ireland...you are telling us that Shockey passed our physical and is probably better at this late stage of his career than any of our current TE's...yet you don't even sign him to find out if he could compete with our TE's???
And some of you guys still trust Ireland and Tony to make the correct personnel moves in FA and the Draft...ppppffffttttt! I don't see anything different from last year with our FO clowns and now even more than ever I am convinced that 2011 will be a carbon copy of this past year...

How in the Hell can you pass up Shockey? The phins' just showed they still don`t want to improve! I can`t handle the frustration anymore! thank god for the lock out! we wont have to watch them lose this year!

Why don't you ask the other 31 teams that had no interest in offering a Shockey a contract the same questions?

Dang, reading these posts you woulda thought we passed up on Antonio Gates. Did all of you go to the U or something? It's just Jeremy Shockey, he of the "Look at me wrong and I get injured" tribe.

Hasn't Channing Crowder taught you guys anything.


You guys are amazing!! The FO decides for whatever reason that Shockey's not the guy and passes on him. As others have said, the other 30 teams in the league did the same thing. If they had signed this guy there would be guys on here complaining that they signed a 30 year old broken down player and the FO knows nothing. I mean, which way is it guys? They get blasted for signing a couple of guys with an injury history in Groves and Smiley but get blasted for passing on a guy with injury problems. It just speaks further to my point that a great many of the Dolphins fan base will criticize the team and whoever is running the show, no matter what. You want to rebutt this point?

yeah injury prone, but still with more talent than anyone in that position on the team!

Ah Jermey Shockey(shugs shoulders). Go break a leg in Carolina! (literally)


The FO is 'scared' and 'weak minded'? How do you figure? Cause they wouldn't sign a broken down 30 year old? Were they scared to go out and sign Dansby or trade for Marshall? Or sign Groves or Smiley? Where are you guys getting this stuff from? Cowkilla, I think you're getting our FO mixed up with the Bills FO.

Ok, what's the World coming to? I"ve sided with CraigM 2 or 3 times today, and got blasted with my supposed partner in crime (Benedict Arnold) Mark from Toronto. Did I miss something? Is the CBA deadline really a total eclipse of the heart?

Hey Craig M, I got news for you. The Bills will probably own miami this year!

By the way Mark, before you blast me again for comparing you to THAT American (Benedict Arnold), that was a joke dude.

What's up man, not enough shorts? Gold losing it's luster? It's ok bro. I promise, we're gonna make it.

And what about the other FA TEs (Bo Scaife, Owen Daniels, etc.)? They would be better than any backup we have now. There's still more options is my point.

Mark's off a bit right now DC. Don't know what's up with that. He's one of the guys I enjoying talking to on here but he's getting into personal attacks for some reason and I don't get that. The name-calling and attacks are completely unnecessary. Might be frustrated with this team, might be some thing else.

We want the old Mark back, not the one that flys off the handle. Come back Mark, it doesn't have to be personal.


Daniels signed a four year contract with the Texans today but Scaife would be interested. I'm still hoping for Zach Miller but I have a funny feeling there will be a lot of demand for his services. Also, the Notre Dame kid this year has the same size and pedigree as Gronkowski. Might be worth as a flyer late first if we can trade back.

I believe in the power of robots and lobsters. Together, they shall erect the Colossal Pancake that will protect the world from evil and Ernest Borgnine.

Please use sanitizing hand gel frequently.

However, what I will say, is without the United States of America, I'm really not too sure where this World would be at right now.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 03, 2011 at 04:07 PM

DC, I'm pretty sure w/o the U.S. there would be a large portion of the world eating sauerkraut and sausages tonight.

Obviously the fo sees enough upside in Epps and Shuler to pass on Shockey. Has anyone given this any consideration?

Im not avocating the move. Im just saying if indeed this is the case, they had better be right.

Signing Shockey may have meant immediately letting one of the young TE's go. Obviously if they are willing to let Joey Haynos walk(no tender offer) it possibly suggests they feel there's upside with the young guns.

If this indeed is the case I hope the young gun dont turn out to be cap guns. Possibly they hedge thier bet drafting Julius Thomas in 6th or 7th rd. He is comparitive to Jimmy Graham in size, stature, and is a former basketball player too.

and on that note. Im out of here!

Not getting Shockey is no big deal, he's 31, and the his number of pass receptions has decline every year since 07. He's gone 57, to 50, to 48, to 41. He hasn't had more than 3 TD receptions since 08 with 0 in o9. Last year Shockey was 41, 408, 3. Fasano was 39, 529, 4. Fasano had 121 more yards and 1 more TD. Fasano has a career 12 yards/reception, Shockey career yards/reception is 11. Not a lot of difference.

Shockey is as dumb as a sack of rocks and a jerk to boot.

The Giants and Saints put up with him when he was still a good player but why bother now? He might not even make it out of camp with the Panthers, the ONLY team that even offered him a contract.


Without America we would all be spaeking German right now. I dont think Europe would have had a chance if Japan could have also entered into the European war theatre in WWII.

Plus the Americans had a superior Navy and Air Force to it European Allies. We were so much more superior in the air that the Allies bombed during the night and we bombed during the day.

Craig, yeah, a bunch of people are in a mood seems like. Oh, well, I'm still jolly 'ole me.

Thanks for the info on Daniels. But I thought Miller already re-signed, he's still on the market? Yeah, he's the one I'd REALLY want, with Scaife a distant 2nd.

But like I said before, I'm cool with finding a guy in the Draft, I'm not as down on Fasano as others.

Schockey is a Panther.No harm, no foul. We move on. You can love it or hate it, doesn't really matter. If we could have signed him to a 1 year deal it may have been a good idea. I want to see the deal the Panthers gave him before I get to riled up. Even if it was on the cheap. There were good reasons we didn't persue him more aggresively.

Think about it. The Fo knows we need tight end help. 41 catches between 2 guys isn't great production.If the FO. really thought Schockey was the right piece to the puzzle he would be a Phin today. Why ignore a player that fits your needs if he is capable? I'm sure some may say that the FO. is just ignoring the problem at tight end, and this another example on a good player we let get away. But how do we know Schockey would have fit into the overall plan of restructuring the offense? Do we want to overpay for a guy, or do we want to save some room to maybe attract other position players? How much money do we want to be on the hook for to a player that has health issues? A lot of things probably came into play that we have no idea about.

So lets calm down. It will be alright. If it comes out that Schockey got a minimal contract, and he ends up tearing it up. Then go ahead fire away. But we cannot just sign high profile players because their names are familiar. We have to do our homework. Perhaps the Fo. studied up. And figured out what 30 other teams already knew.


Fasano is a fine TE, he's just a zero vertical threat(seam) Is footspeed is too slow to beat LB's over the top. He fine getting vertical separation fairly consistently and a really good blocker.

If Fasano had the blazing footspeed he would easily be a top 3 nfl TE right now. His footspeed is adequate not great for a TE.

Of course, you could equally argue that without the French we would be eating bangers and mash and saluting the Union Jack right now.

Americans often seem to have amnesia on this point, but the fact is the Continental Army was flat broke, woefully underarmed, dispirited, beset by mass desertion, and facing certain defeat until the French entered the picture.

France quite literally financed the American Revolution (to the extent they went nearly broke doing it) and the entry of the French Navy into the theater of battle was the decisive factor in the British surrender at Yorktown.

We Americans are great at French-bashing (sometimes with good cause, just as their own criticisms are sometimes valid) but it's curious how we conveniently forget that we owe our original liberty to the efforts of France as much as any other factor.

"horizontal seperation"

No biggy to me. Shockey was a great player and still a good one. But an upgrade of Fasano? Maybe 2 years and 2 injuries ago. While I agree 30 is young but not in football years.

France's point of view at the time was, "An enemy of my enemy is my friend".

France's point of view at the time was, "An enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Posted by: DyingBreed | March 03, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Absolutely. And no different than our own foreign policy decisions have often been.

I think what makes Americans hate the French most is they dont believe in under arm deodorant and thier women dont shave thier armpits. LOL.........

I love free agents. This GM has showed he does not. Thats why he will fail.

The French believe that natural musk is natures own aphrodisiac parfume! LOL............

Cut by the Saint signed with the Panthers am I the only one who can see what could be on Shokey's mind

I think Americans get annoyed with the French because they often talk about how "superior" their culture is. How much better their language, food, cinema, women, you name it is. And it IS an annoying habit.

But we forget that the French get annoyed with Americans for behaving in EXACTLY the same manner.

Humility is not a part of either culture. I think much of the animosity stems from how SIMILAR the people truly are, to be honest.


I'm fine with Fasano too. He just can't get it done by himself. He was better when Martin played with him. So we need to find someone for him to play with. Miller would be outstanding. Would love to see it!

The French believe that natural musk is natures own aphrodisiac parfume! LOL............

Posted by: DyingBreed | March 03, 2011 at 05:17 PM


Sounds like most hipsters in this country as well...including the unshaved women.

Cut by the Saint signed with the Panthers am I the only one who can see what could be on Shokey's mind

Posted by: G | March 03, 2011 at 05:23 PM


Nobody else even offered Shockey a contract. The "revenge" factor would only be in play if he had multiple offers to choose from. There weren't any others, though.

OJ Atogwe a five year $26 million deal with the Redskins today. Would have gone in our secondary but not surewe could have afforded him.

Another overpaid Redskin FA pickup. Dan Snyder behaves the way a LOT of fans would run a team, and it has never, ever worked.

The two franchises historically the LEAST active in free-agency? Try the Steelers and Patriots.

not signing shockey will prove to be a nonevent.

Agreed, dm. Even money he's not even on the Panthers roster by the end of the season.

lance kendricks is THE tight end in this draft.

They got the metric sysytem.
They call it a Royale with Cheese


draft torrey smith you'll forget about dez bryant.
draft ryan williams you'll forget about ronnie brown.
draft dion lewis you'll forget about cobbs and hilliard.
draft lance kendricks and you'll forget about jeremy shockey.

Hank, I love the French (heck, French was my first language, since I was born abroad). And we owe the Dutch a debt of gratitude also since they gave us the money to start this country (anyone see John Adams?). Heck, even the Haitians helped us in the Revolutionary War (helped fight the British in Savannah, GA).

So, we have lots of people to thank for our start. But I think we paid a lot of those people back over the years (especially last Century).

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

The Dolphins could have spent their 2nd or 3rd round pick on the upgraded TE that New Orleans replaced Shockey with---Jimmy Graham. The guy also played at UM. The Dolphins need to do a better a job of scouting talent. Obviously, Graham would have been a better selection than Koa Misi or Jerry.

I am eating almonds and working on my watercolors here in my Ft. Lauderdale condo along the Intercoastal and my thoughts drift back to the amber days when Duriel Harris lept gracefully for the spiraling football and Delvin Williams deftly spun and slashed his way down the green turf in an exhilirating display of athleticism.

Ah, to be young again. To once again breathe in the humid and anticipatory air of the Orange Bowl on a sunlit afternoon. Alas...

shockey would of been a solid signing, tired of the stupidity. fasano has been garbage

I thought Misi had an excellent rookie year on balance and got steadily better as the season progressed, which is actually quite unusual for first-year plaers who tend to hit "the wall" after an initial burst.

He was an excellent pick and has a bright future regardless of how Jimmy Graham is doing.

last years draft was a bust so far

Fasano had better numbers than Shockey last year in EVERY category.

If Fasano is "garbage" then Shockey must be the "dump" itself.

Hey DC, do the French really put mayo on their french fries? I heard that somewhere.

david i dont care about numbers. shockey we all know is better than fasano, much much better hands. great around the goaline. good leader who gets guys fired up.


Shockey WAS better than Fasano but it's not 2006 anymore and now he's a player in very rapid decline who can't even stay on the field regularly.

You think it's a coincidence that there was virtually ZERO interest in him around the league? That only ONE team even offered a contract?

Shockey is just not a top-level player anymore, dude. Those days are long gone. And, yes, Fasano IS a mediocre player but you know what? Shockey is, too.

Hey DC, do the French really put mayo on their french fries? I heard that somewhere.

Posted by: cocoajoe | March 03, 2011 at 05:59 PM


The French do it...so do the British, the Dutch, Belgians, Irish, Germans and nearly every other place I've been where they're served. Plenty of "frites" stands in THIS country offer them that way, too.

Better than ketchup to my palate but to each his own.

never said he was top level. he improved our te situation, period. fasano is garbage

The problem with the french is.... Well there french..

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