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Jeremy Shockey tweets decision on free agency

Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey was available to the Dolphins after he took and passed a physical with the team over the weekend. He lives in South Florida -- Miami Beach to be exact -- and I'm told he wanted to play for the Dolphins.

But the Carolina Panthers also were intrigued by the player who was recently cut by the New Orleans Saints.

Today Shockey decided where he will continue his NFL career.


"Looks like I'm signing with Carolina," Shockey tweeted moments ago. "Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to play football. Lets (cq) hope we all have the chance to play this season."

Look, I cannot guarantee Shockey was going to be healthy this year and that's important because to be effective, you have to on the field and he has never started 16 games in any of his 10 NFL seasons.

But I can tell you he would have been an upgrade over what the Dolphins have by way of pass-catching tight ends overall.

Shockey caught 41 passes for 408 yards with three TDs last season. It was arguably the worst season of his career and he played only 13 games. And that was still more catches than Miami starter Anthony Fasano had in 15 games last season. Fasano did account for more yards at 528.

All I'm thinking is this: Perhaps Shockey was not going to beat out Fasano. He obviously is no longer the player that averaged 62 catches per season from 2004-2008. But he would have brought competition to the spot. Isn't that what the Dolphins want?

He would have filled a need that the Dolphins now will probably have to consider filling in the draft -- again. He definitely would have been better than, say, Mickey Shuler.

The details of Shockey's pending deal are not in. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has not returned a text message.

If Carolina paid significant money, I can understand Miami pushing away from this. If Shockey signs, say, a one-year, minimum salary, incentive ladden deal, then I have to wonder what caused the Dolphins to shy away.

I remind you Shockey did pass his physical with Miami. I also remind you signing a player with relatively little signing bonus is a relatively safe thing to do because you can always cut the guy in training camp if things aren't working out.

So I suppose we'll have to reserve judgment on this one until all the facts are in.

But it would have been interesting to have Shockey.


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Shockey would have been an upgrade over Fasano. Naturally, the Dolphins front office doesn't believe in upgrading talent, as history has shown.

Disagree. The Dolphins need improvement there but you don't get that with a guy who is chronically hurt and nowhere near as effective as he was even a couple of years ago.

You seem to be willfully ignoring the fact that there was no interest in signing him around the league. None. That says a lot more about Shockey at this point than it does about the Dolphins.

LOL @ Cuban 6:13

I like shockey an excellent player but I have to agree his play is on the decline and I would be much happier with an up and coming player that we draft... With that said we will have to see what these nuts in the front office do the rest of this off season before I call them out on shockey.. That and how well shockey does this up coming season!!!

Shockey WAS all those things some of you guys are saying about him (with the exception of being a "leader"---he was often a jerk and unliked by teammates) but he no longer IS those things.

Can't live in the past with these guys. Careers often decline very rapidly and that's where Shockey is now. Near the end with little to nothing left in the tank.

Amazing to me that some of you focus on Miami being "stupid" in not signing him but conveniently ignore the fact that there's 31 OTHER teams (including PLENTY with TE needs) that also had no interest in signing Shockey. What about that part?

Apperntly Shockeys not looking for another ring signng with Carolina and visiting Miami......

david keep worrying about other teams, that will get us far. nobody else wanted bess or wake either.

yeah going to carolina was dumb, but miami was dragging its feet and tenn offered but he would of been a backup.

"Worrying" about other teams? Hows that, bill? I'm simply asking why there was ZERO interest (aside from the ONE contract offered by a godawful team) in Shockey around the NFL.

Surely, such a great addition and "leader" would have garnered more interest than that, no?

He would have likely been a backup in Miami as well.

You may not "care about numbers" but when those numbers state in plain English that your CURRENT starter---as mediocre as he is---put up BETTER stats across the board than Shockey then I doubt many coaches with replace that starter with a guy whose production is even worse.

And worse on a FAR better offense, I might add.

again i dont worry about what other teams want to do or not to do. was an upgrade,simple fact. low risk high reward. but we have come to expect this garbage,sad

exactly!! far better offense with a ton of more options

I'am shocked that they did'nt sign him.., I mean they've(The FO) been Bumbling around for the past couple years Id figured they would have signed this has been..... JMHO

NFL extends CBA 24 hrs.. Wonder what they can get done in 24 hrs....

not gonna worry about it though, cause he prob had one solid year left and we wont be playing this year anyways

Espn reports...

"Low risk?" Shockey has ALWAYS been a Diva and never particularly popular among teammates or (especially) coaches.

Absolutely, you put up with that crap when a guy is highly productive but when he no longer is (and that's where Shockey is now) it's not worth the bother and maintenance.

I think you're confusing his popularity with fans (which many other Divas enjoy, too) with him being viewed favorably in his own locker room...which he wasn't all the way back to UM days, despite how good he once was.

I guess their trying to agree on what to eat for dinner and need some more time... Lol

NEWS !! NEWS !! NEWS !!!

The deadline for a lockout has been extended the ownwers in view of loosing the judgement on the t.v. dollars which will be placed in escro have extended 24 hours and are looking to extend by one week. The players not wanting to loose theirs and there families health benefits plus monies deFfered from sIgning bonuses ect... have conceeded as well, this news breaking on NFL.COM

not gonna worry about it though, cause he prob had one solid year left and we wont be playing this year anyways

Posted by: bill connors | March 03, 2011 at 06:36 PM


That could be true...even if I think his "solid" years have run out.

Dane, I hear that LIL Aloco is catering the affair.., On the Menu tonight?????, Meat ball subs of course...

Espn had players rep vonnie holiday (former dolphin) on interviewing him n he says it's only 24 hr extention...



Cuban... Lol I heard it was chicken Parmesan ... I wonder who wanted what... Oh by the way yes my name is Dane but I kinda liked the nickname marmaduke... Lol

parcells is gay

Actually, Parcells sexual preference has long been rumored but I think it may be less of a closet case like, say, J. Edgar Hoover and more of just a kind of weird, sexless life he's had seemingly devoid of relationships. By all appearances, football has BEEN his life's only obsession and only "love."

As an aside, Shockey has said some astoundingly stupid things in the past. He's no rocket scientist, for sure!

Think I might Change my screen name to that if mando will let me

Gotta you GD........

shockey was the man at the U 2001 team best ever

Well he wouldn't need sex he probably just jerks it watching the boys in the locker room lol!!


Go to the website on NFL.COM and download all the interviews, you`ll see that the owners want one extra week the players feeling empowered by getting the upperhand are the ones forcing the issue but that wont hold with all 1,900 players those that were just signed fo exaple wont get there bonuses until the owners can get the t.v. money and alot of other players that don`t get those huge contracts are worried cause if they lockout they and there families loose all benefits, in other words everybody is really feeing the pressure now, playing field is even owners cannot survive either without t.v. money

I Hear that Shockey was'nt signed due to his affillation to the french..., Though I can't confirm this...

Fin4life will do... N now I get parcels want for big men they turn him on lol!!!

I Hear that Shockey was'nt signed due to his affillation to the french..., Though I can't confirm this...

Posted by: Cuban Menace | March 03, 2011 at 06:52 PM


He's friends with A.J. Duhe?

Kevin Smith releaed by the Lions today. I would bring this guy in as our number 2 or 3 back, as a change of pace back. He's not great but he played on some bad Lions teams and he doesn't have a lot of miles on him, depsite having an ACL injury back in 2009. I'd like to see this guy as a Dolphin next year.

kevin smith is better than ricky or ronnie. im onboard craig

My French is pretty rusty but even so, lol @ Victor Hugo.

(liked your books, too, dude)

This is going to be failure all over again.
Another loose opportunity to upgrade at TE let us know that we are heading to another poor draft.

Cheers Bill!!

Hey, we don't speak that frog on here.

Thiggy got a second-round tender

A big problem with the current regime is they do not understand the value of having veterans like Shockey or a Jason Taylor.

No shock.

Kevin Smith said publicly that he wanted to be a Dolphin

I Love Kevin Smith, I mean he played silent Bob so well,. Though is'nt he over weight??, I mean he had to Buy two airline tickets cause he's sooooo Fat...... What???, Wrong Kevin Smith???, Never mind.........

I'm not THAT ugly, Victor, lol.

Q What's the shortest French book ever written?

A French war heroes

The argument about no interest around the league is lame.

I'll tell you about no interest, Fasano might be a second stringer anywhere else around the league and Shuler would be lucky to make anybody elses practice squad.

If that's good emough for you, you're a loser. Don't even bring up the draft argument either you (*&^%^%$*!!!! We need a QB, at least one RB, a speed reciever and at least two more offensive lineman. We're missing a 2nd rounder but yeah, well find that gem of an acorn TE in the later rounds. Ah ha ha, that's how we got shuler, you remember him, the guy that wouldn't even make anyone elses practice squad.

I bet you Belichek finds this especially hiliarious, even for Miami's "handicapped" F.O.

Ireland: What? Shockey wants a whole one year deal? No, forget it, tell him we're good with our backup and wanna be practice squadder-ROTFLMFAO!!!!

Fasano has a lucky game about 2-4 a season at best, but that's good enough for us! He's never even had back to back decent games, let alone good a great ones.

Shockey could show up on Sundays with a cast on his arm and speed ballin cocaine and heroin and still outplay Fasano and Shuler put together.

Fasano and Shuler, Ah bHa ha ha!!!!!

Q Why does the French navy have glass bottom ships?

A So they can see the rest of their navy

The argument about no interest around the league is lame.

It also happens to be true.

Victor Hugo,

You and that idiot Scottsman we were arguing with all afternoon need to get a grip, you would be wearing a swastika and saluting statues of Hitler if not for us, I meen you guys surrendered your Country without even firing a shot and then worked for the Nazi`s in the VICHI Gov. they so kindly set up for you (like my hommie DC says your welcome by the way)

Please don`t post like that idiot Scott on here about how the French funded and fought the Revolutionary war for us, because that is just ignorant. Anybody whose studied knows that we had to pay Lafayette like some mercenary to train our troops, and then we fought our own war, pushing Cornwallis all the way into the Atantic at Yorktown. We had to pay because your Queen Mary Antionette bled your Country dry it`s what caused the French Rev.

French rifle for sale on ebay. Never been fired and dropped only once.

I Always say A man needs a Great Tight end.......... And I'am not talking about football here guys......

Q How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?

A Nobody knows, it's never been tried before

Dead on bj, and the concept isn't shocking given the straight jacket approach the coaching staff appeared to favor last year. That is, like Ricky said, the coaches were far imposing of their 'ways'...yeah, it's their team, but look at the mess made by that backwards thinking

Ross ( the king of idiots ) said he wanted to upgrade the offense immediately. Does anyone know when immediately begins???

Also a great point Armageddon

I guess everone here believe's the Mighty air-breathers are the Raiders of the east coast huh??


I think(for whaever reasons-hint:DUH!)you're missing duh point!

Nobody else around the leadue wants Shockey, so Fasano, Shuler and another late round gem of a shuler will be fine for us.

Duh, duh, dip de dip de doo!!!!

That sounds about as ignorant as Jeffy himself.

Just saying.........

PS: Fasano and Shuler-Bwhaa ha ha ha!!!!

Oh it's going to be another great season, I can tell................

Some of you "company guys" are gonna have to get a back bone.....

Out of one side of your keyboard you type that Henne needs more weapons....and openly admit that TE was a weak spot....

Enter Jerermy Shockey......

Now that he has decided to take his talents to south....i mean Carolina.....


and the Company guys are towing the Company line.....

"great move FO"

Fasano is our guy"


You tell me about all the holes this team needs to fill before we can ADDRESS the QB situation....

Then you praise the FO for not filling one of the VERY NEEDS YOU COMPANY GUYS POST ENDLESSLY ABOUT....

and for the record....

Shockey is good.....debate all you want if he was an upgrade.....no one can argue that he aded depth to a postion of NEED...,,


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