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Jeremy Shockey tweets decision on free agency

Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey was available to the Dolphins after he took and passed a physical with the team over the weekend. He lives in South Florida -- Miami Beach to be exact -- and I'm told he wanted to play for the Dolphins.

But the Carolina Panthers also were intrigued by the player who was recently cut by the New Orleans Saints.

Today Shockey decided where he will continue his NFL career.


"Looks like I'm signing with Carolina," Shockey tweeted moments ago. "Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to play football. Lets (cq) hope we all have the chance to play this season."

Look, I cannot guarantee Shockey was going to be healthy this year and that's important because to be effective, you have to on the field and he has never started 16 games in any of his 10 NFL seasons.

But I can tell you he would have been an upgrade over what the Dolphins have by way of pass-catching tight ends overall.

Shockey caught 41 passes for 408 yards with three TDs last season. It was arguably the worst season of his career and he played only 13 games. And that was still more catches than Miami starter Anthony Fasano had in 15 games last season. Fasano did account for more yards at 528.

All I'm thinking is this: Perhaps Shockey was not going to beat out Fasano. He obviously is no longer the player that averaged 62 catches per season from 2004-2008. But he would have brought competition to the spot. Isn't that what the Dolphins want?

He would have filled a need that the Dolphins now will probably have to consider filling in the draft -- again. He definitely would have been better than, say, Mickey Shuler.

The details of Shockey's pending deal are not in. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has not returned a text message.

If Carolina paid significant money, I can understand Miami pushing away from this. If Shockey signs, say, a one-year, minimum salary, incentive ladden deal, then I have to wonder what caused the Dolphins to shy away.

I remind you Shockey did pass his physical with Miami. I also remind you signing a player with relatively little signing bonus is a relatively safe thing to do because you can always cut the guy in training camp if things aren't working out.

So I suppose we'll have to reserve judgment on this one until all the facts are in.

But it would have been interesting to have Shockey.


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you find that puppie on a German website all bet she`s cherry, must be in the hands of one of the German WW11 vets kid. God knows they were handed over quick enough.

I just read re-read that earlier post about the French role in the American Revolution and he had his facts straight. I didn't see where he ever said the French "fought" the war but the fact is they DID largely finance it at a time when the Americans were in desperate need and nearly defeated. That's a historical fact.

It's also true that the French Navy was instrumental in defeating the British at Yorktown. They surrendered to BOTH Washington and Lafayette that day.

You can dislike the French all you want, but you can't re-write history. France played a huge role in the American Revolution and our own Founding Fathers werev eternally grateful for it.

The first country to recognize an independent United Staes? France.

4 and 12 might be wishful thinking, Look what they got, A dud for a QB, A OC that was fired from a team with a worse offense then Miami(If that was possible)A head coach that loves the FG,A GM that insults possible draft picks,A owner that is as brain dead as a comatose victim..... Maybe 2 and 14 is a much better perdiction.......Oh yeah, No running back under contract......

Kris, no one on here can be that dense, could they?

Well if ya want the Revolutionary war was a lot like ww2 where both of us got in on the ass end of the war n we did participate like layfayette by sending troops who volunteered and by sending arms over seas...

Company Guys...i got a question....

Since your mani argument is ....NOBODY ELSE WANTED HIM....which is the equivelent of "if everybody was jumping of a bridge.......argument

how do much interest do you think Fasano will bring on the open market??????

Dishpan.....every time I think there is a no-brainer situation in front of us....they never cease to surprise me......

Although it was more like the middle of the ww2 war not the ass end... But either way we still saved their ass!!! N I do believe we would eventually won with out the french navy.... Cause we had their ground forces cornered... N what would have ships done their not like today's ships that can cause serious damage... Get outta their cannon range their usless

Looks like another Man dough " feed the hate " negative anti Dolphins article ! Some things never change.

France was also the first country that America established diplomatic relations with (with Jefferson as first ambassador) and the love that both he and Ben Franklin had for French culture (and women, for that matter) is very well-documented.

No other country was even remotely as helpful to America in its earliest, struggling days as France. ANY American---regardless of their feelings about the French---should at least be cognizant and grateful for that.

You can say France should be grateful for the Americans efforts in WW2, and it's true. It is the height of hypocrisy, however, to demand that and not be grateful for THEIR contribution to our own liberty years before.

Kris, I know man, it's really disheartening. And when the seasons play out, their poor decision-making is evident. It's ridiculous and it has to change


I know your earlier post was partly directed at me. That's fine. Can we wait to see what the FO does with the TE position before we blast them on this one please. I respect Sean Payton and what he has to say and it's pretty obvious that his close friend Tony Sparno does too. Let's remember that this is the Jeremy Shockey from 5-6 years ago we're talking about, it's a beat up guy who's coming off the worst season of his career with a guy we would all say is one of the best in the game. The reason for his declined numbers? He can't stay on the field any more, he's not good enough and he got outplayed by a rook. If he was still good enough his numbers would have been better.

If he was healthy his numbers would've been better

No doubt Dishpan......

I believe we are watching the end of the FO......and the end starts even before the lockout begins.....

Ross: Jeffery! Why didn't we sign Shockey?

Ireland: Well Mr. Ross, we signed gerbil Wilson, Smiley and Jake Grove for Millions and it just didn't work out. Once bitten, twice shy, sir.

Ross: OK? Let me see if I'm getting this. We do sign old and oft injured players that can't block and give up touchdowns regularly, BUT, we don't sign aging players that can make catches and score touch downs?

Ireland: EXACTLY sir!

Not sure how not wanting Shockey makes anyone a "Company Man."

I disagree with the current regime all the time. Just happen to think in THIS case that Shockey is a washed-up, chronically injured guy that would have added nothing.

The French have given us many things we take for granted, A couple things off the top of my head, The Mercenary Position,Crapes,Corrsants, Just to name a few......


I don`t dispute the fact that the French Navy took the British apart in the bay at Yorktown but I will argue with you as to there financial involvment, aside from them training our troops something we had to pay Lafayette to due given the financial constraints Louis the 16th Monarchy put on the French people.

I am in no way belittling them but the facts of there fnancial involvement and actual troop activity on land I will argue. If we are going into specifics France only stood to gain from agnolodging us as a Nation given she was historically Britain`s enemy but you also have to admit that given the distance across the Atlantic and Napoleon`s need for Capital to finance his wars (Louisiana purchase), plus Britain`s lose of our tax money they were not a threat to us, so while they did recognize us please tell me at that point in history who we had to fear really, the Native Amercans ?

I agree man. It's definitely not rocket science, and it's clear that arrogance (or the inability by Parcells to adapt to the changing game) has destroyed this team, 7 wins in 2011 notwithstanding

I meant 2010

Missionary Position... Sorry...


Are you new to the blog? Your posts make a lot of sense. Keep it up man!!

Lol Cuban...

Craig M....it was directed at you, Orando.....and the rest of the guys towing the company line.....

My frustration is that Shockey adds depth to a postion of need....even Ireland is on record saying as much (TE was a need)....

He could have been a 1-2 year stop gap.....

Orlando told me all day how WEAK the QB class for this year is....

Well the TE class is equally as weak if not weaker......

Its hard to understand this....

kris, we saw the end of the FO after 1-7 at home, 0-3 against the worst teams, entering the 2010 season without realizing they had no viable second string QB, ect ect ect. Problem was Ross scared all the potential replacements away.

Lets not forget what america gave the french,taco's,Pizza's,Chinese food, and the reverse cowgirl position.......

Although it was more like the middle of the ww2 war not the ass end... But either way we still saved their ass!!! N I do believe we would eventually won with out the french navy.... Cause we had their ground forces cornered... N what would have ships done their not like today's ships that can cause serious damage... Get outta their cannon range their usless

Posted by: grrreatdane | March 03, 2011 at 07:38 PM


They MIGHT have eventually won, they may also have found themselves in a much longer stalemate.

The important thing to remember is that the French literally bailed out the Americans at a time the Continental Army was broke and dealing with everything from rampant disease to mass desertion of troops (who weren't being paid or adequately fed and clothed).

Had the French not brough their Navy to bear on the British, they may well have simply regrouped and assaulted again elsewhere...rather than making their decision not to take on another "superpower" of the time for strategic and financial reasons.

Remember, too, that unlike the popular perception that we "won" the next war with the British (1812) the historic fact is that we did NOT. That war ended with a truce with the Americans giving up many concessions.

Dishpan and 0x80...agreed....1 thousand %

0x80, great point. Interesting stat. So we were already porous at home? Wow. So telling of the FO's inability to promote growth or improvement

Shockey is washed up??? Who in the HELL on our offense is not washed up? He'd be a perfect , large target for Henne to throw to!! That's right we all ready have one of those ( marshall ) and Henne can't complete a pass to him!!

Kris, I agree but there's people out there who think we will solve our offensive problems via the draft. Hell, we don't even have a second round pick. And by all means lets trade down!

David... I can't argue that fact I'm just trying to say in a way the countries are alike we both helped out when the other was in need... Which makes me wonder why all the hostility now... I guess it's like dating someone like ur self... Ur so alike that u end up butting heads for the silliest of reasons...

By the way our discussion on there involvement in the Rev. war was had in the afternoon.What I will disput is someone coming in on any blog were we as Americans hold our coversations about sports to get a couple of jerks coming on here and making light and fun of us and our Country and by the way our helping them in WW11 was a bigger deal, last I checked there weren`t 38,000 French men buried at Arlington like our troops at Normandy or the counless others all over that Country, which by the way was as good as a German Colony and probably still would be and lets not get in on the fact of our financing about 90% of that war

Lets trade down....lol

I hear you Fins Armegedon.....

Miami is the Walmart of the NFL.....always a bargain

Wait a minute! We don't need Shockey and we don't need to draft a TE.

My inside sources have informed me that Ireland is working a trade offer for a TE on Dallas's practice squad.

Jerry Jones is reported to have commented, "Heck, we were just going to waive the guy, but if Jeffy wants to pay us, why not!"


But after saying that I will also say it took like what 6 months to cross the Atlantic at that time... So reinforcements where along time coming and we would have been able to regroup also... But just a thought

Fin4lifealso has a good point although we weren't officially involved we sent money and any American willing to volunteer!


I don't believe TE is as weak as some have indicated for this draft. There only looks like one legitimate first round TE, in the form of the kid from Notre Dame but I think there's good depth in guys like Green, and Willians and Housler. I know I'm missing some others but don't forget a guy like Gronkowski was a second round pick last year, Hernandez was a fourth round pick last year, the kid from KC Moekler was a third round pick and I think Jimmy Graham was a third as well. There are kids like that this year too. The brass is obviously evaluating them. On top of that you may have guys like Zach Miller, Bo Scaiffe and Daniel Graham. Keep in mind, Fasano's not a bad tight end. He becomes better with one of these guys beside him.

At least they put a second-round tender on Thiggy


You must be a closet Frenchy or is it that your Victor Hugo in any event lets bury the hachett, tell you what I`ll send you a baret and stripped shirt for xmas

Piss poor owner...Piss poor GM....Piss poor Coach....Dolphins SUCK!!!!

Arpril 28th NFL draft day 1

Time 9:30 PM

NFL Commish: "The Miami Dilphins trade the 15th pick in the 2011 draft to the Green bay packers....for the 32nd pick in the NFL draft and the 64th pick in the 2nd rd"

Time: 12:30 AM April 29th

NFL Commish: with the 32 Pick in the 2011 NFL draft...the Miami Dolphins choose Defensive End out of North Western.....

Time 12:32 AM 29 April 2011

Ross fires Ireland and Sporano....Nolan named Intermin Head Coach....

David... I can't argue that fact I'm just trying to say in a way the countries are alike we both helped out when the other was in need... Which makes me wonder why all the hostility now... I guess it's like dating someone like ur self... Ur so alike that u end up butting heads for the silliest of reasons...

Posted by: grrreatdane | March 03, 2011 at 07:56 PM

I think there's a LOT of truth in that!

Living proof that Ross and this FO have seriously screwed the pooch.

Armando has changed the format of the blog to political sciences.


PS: Jeff Ireland can suck a potato or a pa-tah-to!

Get it? Huh? The Irish-the potato famin.......

Ah never mind.......................


You just gave me a good laugh....OK boys, I'm out....enjoy the night!!

For those of you that were old enough to see him play on the Giants, he was a nightmare for the coach and team. A BIG mouth and derelict player. He would tear up the dismal locker room for the dismal Fins.

Happy to see him elsewhere.

No its just that mondo hasn't given us any new topics to discuss and it's getting tiring saying the same things over n over that's why I hardly ever post cause someone has pretty much already said what I want to say... So it seems to me like a waste of time to repost what someone has already said in my own words n I have been coming here every day for bout a year now...

Craig M.....Fasano is a servicable TE...but he is of back up caliber...not starting grade.....


I didn't think we were arguing at all. I'm just pretty obsessive about history and wanted to get the facts straight. It's all good.

By the way, the French military involvement went back a long way before Yorktown. 6000 French troops landed at Newport, Rhode Island in 1780 to secure a base for the Americans there.

Later in the war, 3000 French troops joined 2000 Americans at the Battle of Savannah.

And at Yorktown, not only was Cornwallis faced with the French Navy preventing escape by sea but by a joint French-American army advancing from the west.

Their contribution to the American Revolution was huge...both financially and in blood spilled.

(and I'm Irish, btw!)

Anyway, gotta run and do semi-productive stuff. Nice talking with 'ya!

So even when we get off topic I don't mind so much cause there is only so much to say... N that was an interesting topic...

Craig....good to see you still got your sense of humor...lol

Ireland doesn't sign Shockey.

Ireland makes SURE nobody signs Thigpen.

Great off season so far. We pass on a guy that can catch TD's and we tender a guy that can't throw TD's.

We wouldn't want Thiggy to get away, he's dam near as good as Henne!


David... If ur still their it was a poor choice of words wasn't arguing either discussion would have been a better word have a good night!


Don't explain. I think we're all feelin it on one level or another.

Viva Le France!!!!

I hate to say it.....

I don't want to say it......

I won't say it yet......

Craig has a sense of humor?

shockey was low risk high reward upgrade

Is it just me or is the fact that the league and players are willing to extend and not lock out a fact that NFL.Com has been discussing non stop since about 6:30 and Mando posting nothing just upsetting

and by the way grreatdane your right on bro I wasn`t arguing I was discusing big difference but I put that puppy to bed all ready it was fun though

We need young studs, not old retreads. Shockey's best days are behind him. The Carolina trainers have their work cut out for them.

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