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Jeremy Shockey tweets decision on free agency

Free agent tight end Jeremy Shockey was available to the Dolphins after he took and passed a physical with the team over the weekend. He lives in South Florida -- Miami Beach to be exact -- and I'm told he wanted to play for the Dolphins.

But the Carolina Panthers also were intrigued by the player who was recently cut by the New Orleans Saints.

Today Shockey decided where he will continue his NFL career.


"Looks like I'm signing with Carolina," Shockey tweeted moments ago. "Time for the Next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me, and I am excited to play football. Lets (cq) hope we all have the chance to play this season."

Look, I cannot guarantee Shockey was going to be healthy this year and that's important because to be effective, you have to on the field and he has never started 16 games in any of his 10 NFL seasons.

But I can tell you he would have been an upgrade over what the Dolphins have by way of pass-catching tight ends overall.

Shockey caught 41 passes for 408 yards with three TDs last season. It was arguably the worst season of his career and he played only 13 games. And that was still more catches than Miami starter Anthony Fasano had in 15 games last season. Fasano did account for more yards at 528.

All I'm thinking is this: Perhaps Shockey was not going to beat out Fasano. He obviously is no longer the player that averaged 62 catches per season from 2004-2008. But he would have brought competition to the spot. Isn't that what the Dolphins want?

He would have filled a need that the Dolphins now will probably have to consider filling in the draft -- again. He definitely would have been better than, say, Mickey Shuler.

The details of Shockey's pending deal are not in. Agent Drew Rosenhaus has not returned a text message.

If Carolina paid significant money, I can understand Miami pushing away from this. If Shockey signs, say, a one-year, minimum salary, incentive ladden deal, then I have to wonder what caused the Dolphins to shy away.

I remind you Shockey did pass his physical with Miami. I also remind you signing a player with relatively little signing bonus is a relatively safe thing to do because you can always cut the guy in training camp if things aren't working out.

So I suppose we'll have to reserve judgment on this one until all the facts are in.

But it would have been interesting to have Shockey.


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You need a mix of vets (mountain top guys) and youngsters (home grown guys)......

But we have seen this story before...ad we will see it again....unfortunatley

Our first hurdle to overcome is the the fact the FO's inability to evaluate talent. At the rate they hit on the draft picks we might get two decent players this year. Unfortunately we have more then two glaring needs. We need to remember this when everyone(Mando)is wanting us to spend(waste) our first round pick on a QB class that can best be discribed as one big question mark. Our weakest links...the GM and Head Coach.

rusty J...

Old retreads = AFC championship game 2 years in a row......

Reading between the line of the Ricky Williams statement that "Sparano wastes too much time on details", I realized that Ricky does not like those tough, long practices that TS conducts. Probably Shockey doesn't either. Channing Crowder =. And the Roth incident was probably caused by the same factor. Well, in these days, if they don't like the regime, they can certainly choose another of their liking.

You need both.....retreads and young lions...

I really don`t care about this Shockey thing anymore the more I think about it the more it reminds of him an Plax just detroying the Giants locker room, can just imagine what him and Marshall would have been like throw in a head case Q.B. and forget about it. I would have liked Shaun Rodgers though to back up Soliai could have kept them both fresh and really clogged up that middle in the 4th qt. when it counts and Soliai was getting spent to much

God, I love wearing diapers and crapping in them. I could sit here for hours feeling it all "squishy" in there!


Its not just a Shockey thing.....its a pattern of bad decision making thing......


I will tell you the eneptitud of this front office is down right disturbing,if you made a movie you could have called it the gang that can`t shoot straight and started with the Parcells thing in august all the way thru and how about the balls on that fatboy going on ESPN and telling them he recommended Rex for the Jets job while still working for us on thru to the Harbaugh thing you couldn`t write fiction this good

I agree Fin4life....

I drank the Parcells cool-aid........

I htought everything he touched was gold.....but the truth his he is a WAY better coach than a personnel guy.....

and even tho the NFL network never wants to admit it....Bill NEVER WON ANYTHING WITHOUT BELICHEAT


Its getting to the point that we need to wash the PARCELLS stink off of this organization....ALL OF IT

Odinseye im feelin it I am... By the way does ur name mean anything?

What's your beef with Parcells, kris?

Oscar canosa,

About Ricky, I recall every coach to have worked with Ricky saying that he is one of the hardest working players in practice, that he goes 100% every minute of every practice and is/was a excellent example for the rest of the team.

I thought Ricky was saying that TS was too much of a micro manager and that the comment was directed towards how Tony deals with his QB.

Your idea could be right on about the Roth thing. I'd love to know what happened with Roth. Seems like a wasted player by the organization.

If Roth were to have stayed would he be playing the position Misi was drafted for?

If you erase all of Parcells work here, then you would have to erase the whole Defence except for Bell. I assume you must be exaggerating, yes?

The trifecta has brought more of a focus on the trenches I'll give them that.

But I do wonder if you can become a dominant team by always passing over the potential bad character guys and only drafting college team captains.

No doubt about it(Roth), Oregon; he is like 6'7" and 270 lbs. and when he hit those TE's at the line, they never recovered, and he is a fairly decent pass rusher.

I believe Jeremy is a fine TE. No doubt he would have made some plays for Miami. But keep it real...Okay? Miami is a team that injuries really disrupt what they want to do. It's simple why, the average Dolphin player is in his mid 20's and his 3rd season. Their young man. The only depth they have is the D-line and stationary bike rider... ;^[>
Withe Shockey, It was not a question of ..."IF"... he was going to have injuries and be unavailable for games... The question Ireland faced was how many games Jeremy would miss, OR... if he would end up on IR.
Before ripping Ireland's ass... Think about what he was looking at. A player who had NEVER!... not one single year of his entire career!... finished a season without missing games because of injury. A player with a reputation for being very outspoken and at times critical of his coaches and teammates. Maybe they had it coming? Who knows? I know Miami just finished a season that left the fan's pissed... and a few of it key players scratching their heads. If I'm Ireland in this situation... I'm not placing my team in a bad situation that will test is they are mature enough as a team age wise and playing time together wise to have a guys who may cause issues they do not need. No way in hell after that season last year I do that. That is calling down the thunder when your not even ready for the rain.
I really would have loved to see Jeremy play for the Dolphins. I hated it when the G-men ripped him out of the draft. But I have seen trouble in his career. And when a damn good coaching staff like they have in New Orleans lets him go... without even trying to re-neg his deal? I think this was a good move by Jeff, not what he wanted to do I'll bet. But he did what he thought was best. I respect that.

Regarding Ricky's statement, I might have misinterpreted his remark(I hate those that bite the hand that fed you), I don't know, but if you watch him closely during games, many times he seems like he wants to go home.

Effing dolphins, letting Shockey go! They continue to make foolish decisions...why, Shockey, lives down here, went to the U of M, this is home, playing for the Fins would be a motivating factor, he would have added depth and experience to one of our weakest positions.....stupid!!!! Again!!!!!

Zach Miller, Boss Bailey, Donald Lee, Daniel Grahm. All F/A's who are available. Let's not jump off the over pass yet guys.

About drafting honourable boys, that was the FO's philosophy last year and it might work and it might not. But lots of good players have been drafted that were not encased in shining armors. We'll see.

The handling of the Roth situation has to be one of the worst for this organization.

It seemed ego driven on the trifecta's part.

Didnt Roth play for most of a season with a groin tear?

They dump him for nothing and he immediately plugs in at Cleveland and produces for the next two years?

Then the team has to spend a 2nd round pick at his position?

Do I have any of this wrong?

I think Roth did not want to be here, Oregon, and in some ways he forced the Dolphins hand to release him.

It would not surprise me that players did not want to play for Sparano.

I look at him fist pumping after FG's and the way he coaches scared, never taking a chance yet ready to scream at his QB for any mistake.

Tony appears to me to be way over his head.

Now, take Phillip Merling, a notorious poor practice player but produces in games. What will happen to him? There is an overabundance of RDE's(Odrick, Starks, T. McDaniels who played very well last year). Hmm..


Oregon, I think even TS does not want to be here.

To my mind, it is next to impossible for this Team to recover from Ross's meddling and handling of football issues. But, I am a Dolphins Fan and will continue to support them as long as they remain in Miami.

no thanks to Shockey!

get over it Amanda

Yeah DE, with so many holes on this team for Ireland to draft DE does not make a lot of sense to me.

I think we are going to differ on Ross. I like that Ross wants a aggressive offense.

I like that he tried to get Harbaugh. I just wish he had not kept Tony and Ireland.

IMO the team is going no where with Mr FG.

Aloco, I disagree about Shockey! But it's a moot point now, so it doesn't matter....

The way the Dolphins handled Shockey is why they are one of the 2nd tier teams in the NFL. Drew Brees was also not good enough for the Dolphins to acquire him...and so it goes with the Dolphins.

Promichael, the missed on Brees, Matt Ryan, Flacco, so many others....it's sad!!!!!

Thank god I can't believe we even thought about it , just shows what morons we have in charge. Shockey is a d bag and an under achiever. Carolina got suckered . Ne got two starters at te last year in the draft. Wake uP

Doesn't matter how good the TE is if he's not in the game plan. Which was the case last season for any of Miami's TE's. Fasano is just fine and healthy. We have worst issues.

It's just like the Dolphins to pass up on Shockey. What would the harm have been to have this guy on this team? We're probably going to look back next year and see that Shockey had a very good season. New place, new focus.

It's just another one of those WTF moments for this organization.

By "interesting" (to have Shockey), you mean it would have been "great." Is this just another sign Miami will play it safe in the off-season? Because if it is, we all know it'll mean Chand Henne leads an insepid offense to a total of just under 1,000 yards passing and the team goes 7-9 once again.

I supported Sparano, but he's not doing much to save his job after this season. The only way he'll be here for two years is if there's a lockout. Enjoy your employment now, because the way things are going, he's not doing much save it.

Damn this is what NFL talks have come down too, losing Jeremy Shockey to the Panthers..lol

While Shockey is still a good player and has a few years left in him I have to agree that with a few of the other comments, we DO need a physical freak at TE and a young fast one to compete in the AFC East. And while I am still looking at the decision, Do we really need another injury problem to a key player going down the stretch again? Talk about status quo! I applaud Ireland and Sparano on not throwing tons of money at this guy to just keep the fans happy. Holding out for a stud like DJ Williams out of Arkansas or Even Kyle Rudolph if his hami is all healed up. Both who should still be on the board at #15 would be a much better decision and better long term fixes to that position. Shockey would have been just another almost spent name that would hav been marginally productive for a year or two then gone just like others in the past.

The odds are that the Dolphins will pick the wrong guy at # 15, it's been their history since picking Sammy Smith instead of Emmit Smith!

Shockey was always an average player. The more he opened his mouth the less substance we got on the field. ALWAYS injured. Thought so highly of himself in NY but when he got hurt they won the superbowl without him (get rid of the crap and the team performs better). Tatood himself all up to look tough- tough guys don't get injured every year. We didn't want him in Miami- he's now just headed out the door looking for a sucker team to give him some money to once again get injured and get paid for watching games. WORTHLESS!. This is your last stop Shockey before heading into the real world. I hope you saved some money, because jobs are hard to come by and workers comp really doesn't pay all that well.

Girls! Girls!

Y'all sound like the Brady Bunch. Carolina is welcome to have Shockey. Overrated, old, white, injury-prone and slow are qualities not much in demand for the position of tight end in the NFL. He's not a Dolphin, so to Hell with him anyway. Maybe all this hand-wringing should be directed at the labor situation, because after all, if there's no 2011 season it won't matter much who our tight end is.

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