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Dolphins to host Newton,Gabbert this weekend

Maybe the Dolphins think they know something. Maybe they actually do know something. Maybe Cam Newton's draft stock will drop like a bear market and he will be available with the 15th overall selection of the first round -- the pick the Dolphins hold in the April 28 draft.

Maybe that is the reason the team is hosting a private workout with Auburn QB Cam Newton this weekend in South Florida, according to NFL.com. I am furthermore reporting Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will also have a visit and work out for the team this weekend.

[Update: These visits-workouts are not at Miami's facility in Davie, FL. The team will fly to meet with the players rather than the other way around.]

Newton and Gabbert are among several quarterbacks this space has reported will share private workouts with the Dolphins. Colin Kaepernick is another. Ricky Stanzi is another. Tyrod Taylor is another.

But unlike those others, Newton and Gabbert are expected to go poof by the time the draft is out of the first 10 picks in the first round. Denver might take one at No. 2, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said this week he loves both and the Bills hold the No. 3 pick. Tennessee (No. 8), Washington (10) and Minnesota (12) all might want a QB.

So what, I wonder, makes the Dolphins think either might be available when they draft at No. 15?

The possibility, my hope, is that maybe all the hype about Newton going early is just that. Hype. And maybe his lack of experience, his need to learn to read defenses and move safeties, his need to learn the pro-style footwork, all the things that make Newton a project, will push him down.

But all the way to the Dolphins?

Maybe they know something. But I get the feeling, more likely they are just covering their bases and when all is done, they will watch helplessly as Newton gets picked before they get a turn.

And while the club is indeed interested in Newton and just about every quarterback possibility out there -- they have studied them all -- coach Tony Sparano continued to do his best earlier this week to talk up incumbent Chad Henne.

That's because he was asked about Henne. Sparano said at the owner's meetings that Henne improved last season. (I am trying to write this with a straight face.)

"He completed a higher percentage of intermediate passes, which doesn’t make the fans happy and doesn’t make evidently a lot of people happy, but it should because it's a sign of progress," Sparano said Tuesday from the annual NFL owners' meeting.

"Other areas I thought he improved on was his ability to move in the pocket and create space. When you look at the number of sacks we had and the number of sacks avoided, the throwaways, those were the areas that he improved on."

Yes, but coach ... Henne stunk on long throws. Think the opener in which he missed Brandon Marshall by a mile. Think the underthrow the following week. Think the missed opportunity to hit a long TD against Cleveland. Think the missed throws of Brian Hartline in the Jets and Patriots games.

"Some of that is on us for the number of opportunities," Sparano said. "There's just a lot of factors, but when you get the green light, you’ve got to make the play, and Chad would tell you that."



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due diligence, if newtons available at 15 and they take him or pass on him without checking him out , we'd gun them either way, what armando wanted to stoke was - let's all talk about henne all day again!!

enough already i still wanna know who's running the ball next year and how we're gonna turn back the trend of the nfl to be pass first by showing them other teams what a great run first team and an awesome defence can do for u as that's what sparano says he's gonna do

while we're at it throwing more bombs and less ints would be nice just to brighten up the odd quarter at least at the home games

If he's there when Dallas picks & he practices well this weekend I'm sensing a trade up before Minnesota picks.

Not a draft that goes by without surprises. Players get picked higher than thought and players get passed over for no apparent reason.

So, anything is possible but somehow, I don't see either one of these guys around at 15

Well we definetly need a QB, I don't think Henne is the answer. I like the Gabbert guy but he will probably gone by 15, besides the dolphins will probably trade back anyways, which means we will have to get a veteran Qb in FA when the dispute is over, hopefully we will get a full 16 game season this year , I love my football.

OK Salguero you're enamored with Newton, but mark my words, he'll be a bust!!!

This regime will draft another LB or DE, can't get enough of them!

Armando, it is amazing to me how stupid you are.

Sparano KNOWS Henne stinks, but he is the only QB he has on the team, He HAS to say those things about him.

sorry Armando, you sir have zero clue about anything.

What do you want Sparano to say? Henne is horrible, we can't wait for the draft or start of free agency so we can draft or trade his replacement? You always talk up the players on your roster, especially qb. They could easily trade Henne too in a package for another qb, since teams like Philly, the Bengals and Broncos will still need a quality back up. As far as the draft and visits go, they're working out Von Miller and Patrick Peterson too, who have no chance of being there at 15. Just doing homework just in case. Not a big deal or news worth considering every team does it every year.

Of course they all say love Newton, have you heard different from ANY team? Of course not,it puts doubts in peoples minds and might get them a better trade up or down if teams think you or the next team is drafting their guy.

If Newton is there at 15, you have to take him, but I doubt that he will be there. When FA comes along you also want to pick up a Veteran that can come in and pick up the offemse quickly. I will not be hard to beat Henne out of the starting lineup even with his ,illegally got, head start.

The QBs coming out of college are more and more adept at running wide open offenses, sooner or later the coaches will have to catch up with their talent and adapt the offenses to the skills of the talented players. Harbaugh may have a leg up in this because he has had to face many spread offenses over his time as a HC.
The game changed from 3 yards and a cloud of dust, to the forward pass, from just the forward pass to the shotgun, to Air Coryell. The coaches will need to adapt because the better players that will be available will spread offense players.

Agile, Mobile, Lethile, Hostile, Explosive, Dynamic, Aggressive, Exciting, That is what I want for a QB, someone who commands the field and makes the defense cover the entire field. Someone who can take a 1st and 10 and make it 2nd and 5 or 4. Someone who can take a 2nd and 6 and make it 3 and 1 or a first down.

To me Tom Brady is not an exciting player. While I like Peyton Manning, he is not a exciting player, to me. Give me Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, Fitzpatrick, Josh Freeman, even Joe Flacco will run the ball. Being able to pass the ball and keeping your head up, looking for an open receiver is important too but mobility is a must, escapability is a must, being able to keep a drive alive when things break down is a must.

Maybe they have no interest in Newton but want a chance to get a sense of who he before he's under contract to another team and doing so would be considered tampering?

As for Gabbert, I'm hearing rumors that he's not the polished gem that everyone thinks he is and that he could drop as well. Still, what it comes down to is that we need to wait another month to find out what's truth and what's smoke.

Hey moron if you read Sporano's entire quote instead of just the parts you need to write your dolphin rag column you would concede that Sporano did call Henne out for his ineffectiveness on long throws. Also, Mr. straight face, Henne did improve in some areas in the coach's eyes. I trust those eyes better than someone that has never coached before!

Who would want Cam Newton anyway? He is not an NFL quarterback. He is at best a Randal Cunningham wanna-be, and probably won't be as successful as Cunningham was, which isn't great.

If you can move up and get Newton, do it. I'd rather see us play him next year and try to develop him than see Henne again. At least it would be interesting.

Draft Johnny White out of NC to run the ball with the 3rd or 4th round pick. White can run and catch. He's really good making people miss in the flat and he's a big physical runner. Get a vet QB after the draft, like Vince Young, by trading a future pick. Sign a veteran running back to help Johnny White and Lex Hillard. If Sheets has healed, he will help out in 3rd down situations.



If the Dolphins dont trade down, which is most likely, they will take the best value at 15. Someone who will start right away. That could be a rush linebacker, offensive linemen, center, etc,etc. It wont be a RB. Might be a QB depending who falls to 15, it wont be Newton, thats almost a given. Running QB's dont fare well in the NFL, ask Mike Vick.

i'm ok with jonny white in 3,4 but you've got us moving up - what's that gonna cost us? then we're gonna trade another pic on vy

so we'll have no way to build for the longterm and 2 potential disasters

we've got to stop trading away picks for unproven big risks, only qb's with better grades than newton are worth trading up for and even then u need some ammo (the pats have plenty)

if the FO go for newton after checking him out
even at 15 they have to be 95% certain he's our future franchise let alone screwing us over for the next 2-4 years by blowing away pics AND TRADING UP FOR HIM

I would want Newton on my time anytime, the kid can play. Odds are he will be long gone by the time we pick, but if he is there, the Dolphins will be crazy not to invest in that kind of talent.

I liked Randall Cunningham and I think Newton has a chance to be an elite QB.

>>Running QB's dont fare well in the NFL, ask Mike Vick.<<

Vick has had a very good career and it is still in progrss, but we could ask Roger the Doger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, John Elway, Steve Young, Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunning ham, Brett Farve, Aaron Rodgers and many others who have the ability to run as well as pass in their arsenal.

Vince Young > Cam Newton. And he would not cost us a 1st round pick we need for another spot on the team...

Its a no brainer...when you buy a house you shop around and check out all the options.
I like the fact our management is holding private workouts with as many college QB's as possible.
The more talent you evaluate, the better you get at finding those diamonds in the rough.
Newton WILL be gone by #15, so please stop having those illusions that he will be a Dolphin.

Newton is a third round pick, and is a Ted Ginn, Pat White type of pick.

He may be able to run the wildcat, but with his lack of experience, I doubt he will be ready, for three years.

Its Gabbert or nothing, until the third round, in my opinion.

hey freezin'
great analogy on newton.

>>Vince Young > Cam Newton. And he would not cost us a 1st round pick we need for another spot on the team...<<

I would take Vince Young and Newton if possible or Young and Kaepernick or Young and Locker and Young and Mallett.

couldn't agree more. why would a team that has a top ten pick in the draft that needs a quarterback draft a guy that is going to be a major project? if they can't use him for two or three years why would they want him? if fitzpatrick isn't the answer in buffalo it means they would still need to use him until newton is ready. no, my take on the situation is the only club that would seriously look at him would be oakland at #48 because al davis would love to have an "entertainer and icon" on his team.

vy would be ok as a vet but only if he costs money not pics, and only on a prove u can pull your finger out contract

HAWK, what in the hell are you talking about? Newton has top ten talent and has been part of 3 National Championships and has talent to burn. He threw for 30 TDs last year and ran for another 20, he is a matchup monster in the Red Zone that got better as the year went on, who played against tough defenses and came out on top everytime, last year.

I would like someone to point out the RED FLAGS please and I dopn't mean the rumors, I mean actual insurmountable issues.

here's the first red flag - wonderlic score c newton 21 as listed by d hyde, nfl qb average 24, (c henne 22)

you'd have to rate his (newtons) athleticism as the upside allowing him more time to make the right decision

his college offensive system was simpler than nfl, and less defensive hocus pocus to read

he'd still be a big risk

even taken at 15 , our next pics in the 3rd round

i agree with the sentiment that he might make a surprise fall in which case a trade down might still pic him up but i doubt it, that would be the only way i'd take the risk, a late first when we've picked up a second rd pic, it aint gonna happen

That's a Red Flag to you? What's his Football IQ? Marinos and Kellys scores were 15s and Jeff George scored a 40. This is a Big Nothing of a red Flag.


newton has top ten talent? top ten teams need a QUARTERBACK. they need someone who they can draft and develop over the short term so they can be ready to play as soon as possible. newton is not that guy. yes, he is a great athlete but the one thing he is not is a quarterback.
look at a team like buffalo. they need a quarterback. they don't feel fitzpatrick is the guy. well, if you feel that way why would you draft a guy that is at least a two year project? kaepernick is a quarterback who has similar physical abilities but is a better "quarterback" than newton but he is projected to go in the 2nd rd. where is the difference? is it just because he played for nevada and newton played for auburn? everyone forgets that kaep is a four year starter at nevada while newton played one year at auburn. talking about a one year wonder. if i'm picking in the top ten i'm not taking a chance on a guy who played one year at a big time college program with no snaps from under center. this guy just has too much "downside" potential. sorry, but i would have to agree with charlie casserly on this one. I wouldn't take this guy in the first round.

I seems that I am constantly put in a position of defending Cam Newton, when my focus is on any of the young mobile QBs, but the more flawed statements I hear about the kid the more I feel that I have to give the opposing view.

All college offenses are more simple that NFL offenses, UF's offense was geared for him and Tebow, Blinn's offense was geared to his talent, Auburns offense helped him get better as the year went on.

The college defenses were not NFL quality but the ACC has some serious defenses and yet he was able to run and pass against them.


Problems with Newton are:

1.Did not play in a pro style offense, He was in spread MOST of the time. In the NFL it is not an offense used, and in the Dolphins run first phiosophy he needs to be under center.

2. Newtons footwork is very raw. He does not set his feat and throw well, he usually is off balance. In college due to the speed of the game he can get away with that a little because the windows are larger because the players are smaller/slower on D. (This olso requires changing mechanics wich few QB's are comfortable/successful in doing.)

3. Due to the point in (2) His arm angles are not consistant so he tends to float passes. His release also slows down when he tries to set his feet and throw, kind of like Byron Leftwich when he was a rookie.

4. Finally, He was not great at reading defenses and looking off safties. When combined with problems 2-3 listed above, that is a crap load of changes to learn in a 2 to 3 year time frame, no less 1 year.

Now there could be a 5, because I hear he is not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but I have know way of evaluating that, never met him.

the X factor with the guy is he is a freak athlete. That is the big attraction with him. So if he could fix all of the above, he could be amazing. But 2 and 3 of the above have really never been conquered by any QB with potential. It is just a lot to change.

Woth the Phins, we as fans would not accept time for this guy, as he may be a 3 year project. 75% of the fans on this forum gave up on henne already and says he stinks and he has only been here for 2 years. And mechanically Henne did not have 10% of the problems Newton has coming out of college.

Those are my points, like them, hate them, disagree with them, thats fins. Just dont blast me for them, they are what I see. I have no crystal ball on the guy, I just want the Phins to win.

Sparano is such a boob, I cant believe we have to endure another season with him. Hennepin didn't progress. He regressed coach. Everyone sees that but you. Nothing has changed at all since last season. Nothing! He recently said that the Oline will be given an opportunity to gel an not be the revolving door it has been for two years. Uh, coach, we all said you should pick your line an stick with it. He basically went through all of training camp last year and then blew the roster up a week before the season. He made like 10 changes, mostly on the Oline just a week before season...And he was surprised the line had no cohesion? McQuistan sucked and he traded for him and cut someone for his roster spot. That guy, flat out cant play. Everyone knows it. Wake up coach. You cause most of this rosters problems. Unbelievable.

good comment on the simplicity of the college offense. gene chizik's offense was a big reason for the success of cam newton and one of the things that has been pointed out time and time again by people at the nfl level is that, if you take someone like newton, you need to change your offense. in other words, you can't expect to take someone like him and just plug him in to your current offensive scheme and expect it to work.

agreed jrljr2. listening to sparano is very hard to do. does he really believe the mumbo-jumbo he speaks? we need a coach who can gather his thoughts and present solutions in an intelligent manner. he is a position coach at best! and i sincerely doubt that!


poizen has it absolutely correct. there is just way too much for newton to learn at the pro level. he needs to learn to read defenses, he needs to learn the three step and five step drops. he's never done play-action. he also needs to learn how to keep his eyes downfield when he is dropping back to pass. that is an awful lot to learn for someone who only has one year of major college football under his belt. it would be a different story if he attended auburn all four years and started at least two of them but going from a jr college to one year at auburn puts his development back to the point where he will need at least two years to do anything in the nfl. if a team uses him early it means they are probably going to utilize him in some form of wildcat. hopefully, they continue to develop his skills at the qb position because we all know what happens once opposing defenses figure out the wildcat.

The Redskins will prevent the dolphins from getting Newton. Redskins love spending money on big names. I see them drafting Newton.



What makes Newton, not a QB? What makes a QB?
Leadership- Newton is a leader on the field and off accoring to the peole who he played with at both Blinn and Auburn.

Passing - Accoring to ESPN, Newton had a QB rating of 182.5, Passed for 2,854 yds, 30 TDs, 7 ints, Ave Yds per 10.9. He never had a game were his rating dropped below 107.0 and had several games were his rating was over 200, including the Alabama game in Alabama. He was also sacked 23 times.

Production - Newton accounted for 50 TDs for his team with 7 ints

Winning ability - Newton lead his team to an undeafted season in one of the , if not the toughest conference in NCAA.

What makes a QB?

there are some qb's who arent very mobile(ie.brady,favre etc) but they move/slide in the pocket while continuing to look downfield for receivers to come open. i never saw that from henne. he was in full panic mode,anxious to kill the play or throwing ball into the stands early. henne never extended plays! i'm not sure where sparano was (mentally/physically) when this was happening.

God bless Poizen for debunking the Cam Newton bandwagon.

Just as you cannot let yourself fall in love with combine numbers -- you also cannot let yourself fall in love with game-tape featuring inferior oppositon.

Beyond the highlight reel -- there are core mechanical fundamentals to playing the QB poisition well. Even at the big-time college level an athletic freak with good talent around him can hide poor fundamentals. That tactic does not fly in the NFL -- where even the 32nd ranked defence has what is -- by college standards -- elite defensive athleticism.

The same is true for coaching. College playbooks are also a fraction of the complexity of the NFL playbook. The Spread -- like the run-and-shoot, triple-option or wishbone before it -- is a offensive philsophy designed to maximize a given school's athletic advantage over it's opponent.

These 'innovative' offences however are also inherently predictable. Not only are the defenses more athletic in the NFL -- NFL players and coaches spend a LOT more time watching tape and studying tendencies. The NFL coaching graveyard is littered with the corpses of June Jones' and Steve Spurriers who thought that their 'innovative' (simplistic) offense schemes could succeed against NFL level talent and preparation.

And this is the problem with Cam Newton (and Tim Tebow... and any other spread/option QB)bdyond the gaudy stats their system actually makes it TOUGHER to evaluate their pro-potential. It leaves me to wonder why -- if I'm a top rated high school QB with pro-dreams, why I would even consider going to a spread offense school...as my system will only make it more difficult to evaluate my true talents when the time comes to be drafted.

Before I address your points, may I ask were you are getting your information?

Newton will be gone at no later than the 3rd pick.... too much hype. Besides he will not be a good fit for our game plan. I also think hes jamarcuss russel in waiting


Greg, did Henne have the same consistant time in the pocket that brady,favre etc had?

I'll answer it, NO WAY.

I agree Henne has not shown us he is close to an elite QB. But really think about this...

If you compare 2 equal cars racing, and one track is clear of obstacles, the other has things laying in front of it.

which car wins? I know it sounds stupid, but if you think that henne had the same opportunity meaning ( Same good coaching, same great strategies, same time from the o-line and the list goes on) as Manning, Brady, Frave ect...
I think your watching a different NFL than I am...

How can people still compare Henne to these guys, if the supporting case is not equal???

all i need to do is look at one game and one game only and that is the national championship. newton struggled against oregon's defense and it showed how opposing defenses can just shut him down completely. if a college team can do that to him i can't imagine what an nfl defense would do. he is not a complete player. he is more of a threat to run than he is to pass. when you look at the offense that was run at auburn it was almost like a modified wildcat or a combination wildcat/spread offense. how many good nfl quarterbacks do you know that came out of college programs that used a wishbone offense? probably none. so, why would anyone be convinced that he could run a pro style offense. college and pro football are two completely different games. in the nfl you are playing against the best talent every week and the game is a lot faster. there is much more speed on every team. how often have you seen players at the college level who seemed to excel at the game but didn't have the same impact in the nfl?

now, look at someone like kaepernick; a four year starter at nevada. much more polished passer with similar ability to run the ball. kaepernick passed for over 10,000 yds at nevada. newton only passed for 2,800 at auburn. that's a big difference. i'm just showing this as a comparison because kaepernick is projected to go in the 2nd rd. so, i ask you, how can that be? how can you honestly look at the these two guys and think that newton is a top ten, or even first round, talent?

it has been reported that the skins are already looking to trade out of their position. don't know if it's a smoke screen or what but shanahan said he is looking for offers.






btw i'm not picking an argument. just looking for a good debate on the subject.

Very biased article, Armando. It's all about how bad Henne is and how great Newton and others are. The reality is Henne isn't that bad and there's no evidence that Newton will be an unmitigated success. So anything else at this point is just speculation.

Newton and Gabbert will most likely go top ten. We're not players with either of these guys. If Newton somehow falls to 15, do you really want us drafting this guy, when he won't be able to help for 2-3 years. Brilliant strategy!!

For all the guys who continue to want to rip Henne, a reminder, he was was 7-8 last year. There were winnable games there against Pitt, Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo. People want to put those losses on Henne, but if anybody else would have stepped up in any of those games we would have won them. You win and lose as a team. Granted QB is the most important position on the team but you guys are putting too much blame on the QB, led by Armando.

Newton looks like a Buffalo Bill or Cincinati Bengal to me. They'll always talk about his guys potential but unquestionably he has bust written all over him. Not only is he going to be expected to play well but he's going to go to a town where he's expected to erase years of incompetence and replace good/great QB's in Kelly and Palmer. Too much pressure on one player and he'll fail because of a lack of supporting cast. Watch and see....


Information is from multiple places.

I do, and I know you hate this do research from the scouts that post their reviews, I also DO listen to "the experts" and use that term loosly, as well as watch the NFL network on the draft preview that goes on 24-7. I am addicted to football.

On top of that I watch a crap load of football, and got to see a lot of Newton on national TV.

I once before here explained that I do know a bit about QB's from past experiece. I was trying to justify my opinion on other evaluations.

I almost refuse to do that again on this forum because of the crap a few people gave me, and then all the nasty comments posted, where someone logged on mimicing my name and posting smack like a 2 year old.

What I will tell you is i am 36 and have been a QB asst coach/coach at lower levels than division one college.

So it is my opinion, It is not gospel, but it is not just me making crap up.

Hope that helps. :)



u asked for red flags, i didn't say this would stop him from being a stud, there are many factors involved but personally i don't think they test them for the fun of it, all the pieces have to be assessed, i agree with the general point that a mobile qb is a good thing but the debate started coz they're assessing newton and most people are talking first round for newton

he's to big a risk for me at 15 or above, personally i'll be relieved to see him gone before we pic,

if u wanna talk more unlikely stuff how about j jones or aj green still available, i'd jump on them and be drooling at the prospects rather than c newton





craig M,
well said. nobody but nobody stepped up for this team when the game was on the line. while the defense played well and was mostly consistent throughout the season there was no one on the offensive side of the ball who would step up his game so we could keep a drive alive. the other thing people seem to forget is how many times henne got the offense down the field and had moment and they killed it with the wildcat. stupidity at its finest. if you look at the fact that our offense will be completely different from what hennning had last year that alone has to give you more hope. at least you know that they won't pull henne out of the game with the offense having momentum and putting a back in to run the wildcat.



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