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Dolphins to host Newton,Gabbert this weekend

Maybe the Dolphins think they know something. Maybe they actually do know something. Maybe Cam Newton's draft stock will drop like a bear market and he will be available with the 15th overall selection of the first round -- the pick the Dolphins hold in the April 28 draft.

Maybe that is the reason the team is hosting a private workout with Auburn QB Cam Newton this weekend in South Florida, according to NFL.com. I am furthermore reporting Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will also have a visit and work out for the team this weekend.

[Update: These visits-workouts are not at Miami's facility in Davie, FL. The team will fly to meet with the players rather than the other way around.]

Newton and Gabbert are among several quarterbacks this space has reported will share private workouts with the Dolphins. Colin Kaepernick is another. Ricky Stanzi is another. Tyrod Taylor is another.

But unlike those others, Newton and Gabbert are expected to go poof by the time the draft is out of the first 10 picks in the first round. Denver might take one at No. 2, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said this week he loves both and the Bills hold the No. 3 pick. Tennessee (No. 8), Washington (10) and Minnesota (12) all might want a QB.

So what, I wonder, makes the Dolphins think either might be available when they draft at No. 15?

The possibility, my hope, is that maybe all the hype about Newton going early is just that. Hype. And maybe his lack of experience, his need to learn to read defenses and move safeties, his need to learn the pro-style footwork, all the things that make Newton a project, will push him down.

But all the way to the Dolphins?

Maybe they know something. But I get the feeling, more likely they are just covering their bases and when all is done, they will watch helplessly as Newton gets picked before they get a turn.

And while the club is indeed interested in Newton and just about every quarterback possibility out there -- they have studied them all -- coach Tony Sparano continued to do his best earlier this week to talk up incumbent Chad Henne.

That's because he was asked about Henne. Sparano said at the owner's meetings that Henne improved last season. (I am trying to write this with a straight face.)

"He completed a higher percentage of intermediate passes, which doesn’t make the fans happy and doesn’t make evidently a lot of people happy, but it should because it's a sign of progress," Sparano said Tuesday from the annual NFL owners' meeting.

"Other areas I thought he improved on was his ability to move in the pocket and create space. When you look at the number of sacks we had and the number of sacks avoided, the throwaways, those were the areas that he improved on."

Yes, but coach ... Henne stunk on long throws. Think the opener in which he missed Brandon Marshall by a mile. Think the underthrow the following week. Think the missed opportunity to hit a long TD against Cleveland. Think the missed throws of Brian Hartline in the Jets and Patriots games.

"Some of that is on us for the number of opportunities," Sparano said. "There's just a lot of factors, but when you get the green light, you’ve got to make the play, and Chad would tell you that."



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LOL, ALoco, If I say it, Are you going to be the one who comes on her and calls BSS on all the lies?? that is what happened last time, because I am some compulsive lyer. :)

Actually I know you are not the one who did it... It was a joke.

Division 2 and 3 as an assistant in the New England area. And High School in NY...






No question Henne has to play better. There were games and plays he missed and that falls on the QB. But he was solely responsible for the tream being 7-9 last season. Where were the other guys to step up last year? He has some responsibility for the offences failures, maybe even a large share of it but he wasn't the sole reason for the failure and guys put too much of the onus on him.

craig M,
my sentiments exactly.


HAKEEM NICKS...................... 14 TD'S

Please do not use my opinion as gospel at all, It is still an opinion. I could lead you down a dreaded path. :)

Anyway, I really think we will trade down. that being said I do not have much of a clue on what Ireland and crew will do drafting. I just hope it is better than what we have seen.

Ingram is A LOT of money @ 15, and I am not a true believer that he is a HUGE upgrade of Ronnie or Ricky today. I would rather us see us sign Ronnie, and or get Michael Bush for the RB situtation. but to have that happen, we need a friggin agreement to play some football.

Remember Aloco, I have a day job for a reason, and I m not in the NFL as a coach for a reason. :)

it's a crying shame, isn't it.

Craig M, you know I agree with you.

Anyone bashing Henne is not looking at the factors around him contributed to his poor play.

Yes, Henne, NEEDS to pump fake, he NEEDS to grow a pair and be a leader(this is the hardest thing for him to do), He needs to look safties off better.

But that being said. If Henne consistantly had 4-7 seconds to throw the ball, and a threat of a running game, I think all that MAY pan out.

OH And Brandon Marshall NEEDS to catch over 90% of the balls in his damn hands and chest...

Just sayin.


poizen, i agree with a lot of what u say but not bcoz u were a coach, bcoz it makes sense, we could have a bunch of ex nfl dolphins h coaches talking us through their god awful drafting ideas and we'd shoot em down no problem!

i'm with u boys on our softie qb getting another chance both bcoz he deserves it from last seasons offensive coordinator/o-line/receiver being part of his problem and because he's our best only/option that doesn't mortgage the future

i agree.
marshall didn't exactly play his way into the hearts of fins fans everywhere. there were a lot of plays where he caught the ball and looked like he should have done more after the catch than he did. we all saw what he was capable of doing with the ball after the catch when he played in denver and he just didn't seem to put in that same type of effort on our offense. he needs to step it up this year.

dm 1DOPHAN ,


Maybe hes comparing the qbs to see how big the difference actually is between Kaepernick and the "top2" qbs are

you guys want to see a player that i feel can really help this team take a look at greg little's combine interview. the guy has a great head on his shoulders and is very intelligent. great hands and very powerful. he played both rb and wr while at carolina.

yeah, i can tell by the "alligator arms".

Newton is gonna be horrible in the NFL. Our running game last yr didn't help our passing game at all. Henne had a up hill battle the entire season with no help from his running backs or wide receivers.

here's a link: (greg little combine interview)


Henne still has to improve, but I've seen a lot of young guys stink it up way worse in their first two seasons.

He's set the stage. He's shown flashes and he's laid some eggs.

Now it's time to see if he "Gets it".

Anybody but Henning is definitely an improvement. Find that speed receiver and get him a TE that doesn't run like Fred Flintstone.

A FA and daft pick for the O-line and it's Showtime!

Henne can outplay Sanchez six ways from Sunday, but because of the supporting cast, Sanchez has already been to two Championship games.

Upgrade the rest of this offense if you really want to develop and evaluate Henne/ANY QB here in Miami. The addition by subtraction of Henning was a good start.

But that being said. If Henne consistantly had 4-7 seconds to throw the ball, and a threat of a running game, I think all that MAY pan out.

Posted by: Poizen | March 24, 2011 at 12:03 PM

That's not saying a whole hell of allot. In fact, it's more of a condemnation.

No offense but, who couldn't succeed with 4-7 sec to throw & a running game? Average time to throw in the nfl is 3 sec or less. In the last 2 seasons, for the most part, Henne hasn't been able to succeed in that area.

I defended him last year, like Craig & Poizen, because allot of things went wrong. But let's face it, unless DE's get slower & teams stop blitzing, I just don't think Henne has the processing skills to get the ball out quickly. Proof is in the pudding.

You can't change his stripes. He is what he is. And it seems as if he is a QB that can wing it if everything around him is in order. If it isn't, he's a discombobulated disaster.

I could be wrong, but don't think I am.

if you pick a second round qb...well that is what you get, a second round quality qb at best. Beck, Henne and White...DO they really want to do that again? Until they have the balls to trade up and draft a top 1st round qb we will be stock with 2nd round qb problems!

but maybe if there wasn't so much need vs so little definite elite talent at qb in the draft newton and crew might all be second rounders in another year/ draft

I think Buffalo will win the Cam Newton sweepstakes!

With their improving defense, CJ Spiller and NOW Cam Newton!!!!

They'll be able to beat Soth Carolina EVERY YEAR!

Until they have the balls to trade up and draft a top 1st round qb we will be stock with 2nd round qb problems!

Posted by: aivan | March 24, 2011 at 12:56 PM

That always sucks! Just like New England with all their 6th round QB problems!

Either way you look at it, this just ain't the year to go QB shopping in 1st round. I'd try Stanzi in a later round and see what you can turn him into.

Bring in a vet for this year and let him battle it out with Thigpen and Henne.

ODIN........ SLEPT FROM 3;45 AM TO 12 ;20 PM

Poizen in a nutshell: we need a QB that help us win NOW.

your post is exactly why some people need to think the situation thru more before posting their feelings about potential qb answers for this team. brady quinn and jemarcus russell were drafted in the first rd that year. kolb was taken in the 2nd rd before beck. some people want us to trade for kolb????. thigpen was taken later in that same draft. some people want him to be the starter???? thigpen isn't even a 2nd rd pick.
the 1st rd mentality is there now because of how successful teams have been recently with first rd picks at qb. who's to say that there won't be a year (this year is a good example) where the qb class isn't so deep that you could get a franchise qb in the 2nd rd. ponder is probably going in the 2nd as is kaepernick. both of them have more than enough talent to succeed in this league. if you compare them to a sanchez or a big ben they compare very favorably. why would a team not want either of them as their potential "franchise" guy?

And I'm sure ALoco will calculate, Oscar slept from 1:36AM to 1:22PM. Not quite.

Joe, You have a point, that cut and paste on my statement kind of went back to someone stating to look at QB's like Brady and Favre, meaning the top guys. and they over half the game easily have 4-7 seconds, especially Brady. So the comparison of the 2 cannot be made apples to apples.

To further that point. Look at Brady in the playoffs last year when the Jets put pressure on him. He looked a lot like Henne that game....

it won't matter who we draft or what fa we get, sparano is the plain dumbest coach in the division, and maybe the entire nfl. can't think of a coach less qualified than him. the team goes nowhere with ts as coach, listening to comments from ricky and jt, sounds like he already lost the team and is a lame duck coach.



I broke a guitar string at 2:30. I posted to Beerphin while I was changing it and realized it was getting close to 3:00.

I had this sweet little blues groove going at 5:00 and decided to stay up until time to get the kids on the bus.

I was planning on sleeping ALL DAY LONG! But then a little old lady woke me up at 10:00 with a broken radiator hose(SIGH)!

Anyways, I'm running on about 3 hours sleep and a lot of CAFFEINE!

HAha, oc, you want to provoke the other oc, eh? Were you raised in Miami, Armando?


Ha! This is from Walter Football's "Updated Mock"

Miami Dolphins: Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama
The Dolphins would love to take a quarterback, but both Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton are off the board in this version of my 2011 NFL Mock Draft. Would they be crazy enough to spend this pick on Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett? Maybe, but for the sake of Dolphin fans, I hope not.

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are both free agents, so running back is a big need. Mark Ingram, one of the top players available, would be an enormous upgrade in Miami's backfield.

Other 2011 NFL Draft Possibilities:

1. Mike Pouncey, G - The Dolphins' prime needs don't really match many of the top players available, so this would be a pretty big reach. They could trade down several spots and select Mike Pouncey.

2. Aldon Smith, DE/OLB - Word is that Miami wants to upgrade its pass rush. The Dolphins could make a surprise choice and draft Aldon Smith, and then move Koa Misi inside next to Karlos Dansby.

-The second and third sentences of this so-called update are my favorites:

Would they be crazy enough to spend this pick on Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett? Maybe, but for the sake of Dolphin fans, I hope not.

I will go play my ponies now and leave the serious Football discussion for, In the Evening, YESsir, in the Eveneaing.....

Joe, no one here knows, what's right, we all have opinions. that is why it is fun to be here. As to what you said, I personally do not think we know his stripes because henne has walked into a coaching/play calling disaster, where even the defense knew everything he did in a game.

Oscar: You are correct, I personally am not convinced Henne is not the guy, there is still a chance on that. but this would be his last year to show it.

odinseye @March 24, 2011 at 01:27 PM

Completely agree. I know everyone says all QBs in every draft have flaws. And that's true to a certain extent. But as has been said, everyone of these guys would not be in the 1st round in a halfway strong QB draft.

New England Patriots: Cameron Jordan, DE/DT, California
Bill Belichick will probably move down a couple of times - he's already rumored to be shopping the 28th pick - but I'm not going to predict any trades in this mock.

Cameron Jordan is arguably the best talent available. Jordan had an incredible season with 12.5 TFL and 5.5 sacks. He had a great Combine and was unblockable during the Senior Bowl practices. In fact, Marvin Lewis nearly kicked him out for hitting the quarterback.

Maybe Ireland will pull his usual "keep away from Belicheck" strategy and surprise everyone by drafting Jordan.

I could live with that. It could work out beeter than last years "lets keep Odrick away from Belechek" strategy.

Then again, we could probably give him this years 3rd and 7th and next years 2nd for that 28th!


I went from being the #1 Henne-hater to now not even entertaining any other arguments about him not being the starter in 2011 for one simple reason...L-O-C-K-O-U-T!!!

It's not in the cards this year folks. It's too much to overcome. The Carson Palmer thing could take months to happen (when free agency opens up), so no one should really be putting their eggs in that basket. I'm not willing to give up NEXT YEAR'S 1st-round pick for Kolb, and haven't really heard a serious argument on why/how that makes sense.

We're stuck people. There's no other good solution to this problem. So Henne gets another year to prove himself. God bless him, hope he can put it together, hope the coaches help him instead of hurt him, but the QB situation in my own mind is a done deal. Only thing to consider is a backup (hopefully a vet who can come in late, catch up quick, and if Henne plays like he did end of last year, take over). Then next year spend your 1st-round pick on the best QB available.

That's what I'd do if I was Coach.

Oh, and Odin, I wouldn't in a million years (even if EVERY mock and "expert" says we should) take Ingram in the 1st-round. Never ever ever. I'd rather have a LB or Safety than a RB 1st-round. Bad choice IMO.


Poizen, I wasn't criticizing you LOL As you said, it's all opinions. I do not impose my opinions as fact. But what I can tell you, as bad as Brady played in that game you mentioned, he still looked light years ahead of Henne. Need proof, look how Henne played against the Jets the 2nd time around & compare it to Brady's playoff game. Not even in the same universe!

I'm not going based on speculation, I'm going based on what we see. And what we've seen is an indecisive QB, who cannot go through progressions. At least go through them quickly. I don't know you can teach that.

As many here have said, you either have it or you don't.


I wouldn't in a million years (even if EVERY mock and "expert" says we should) take Ingram in the 1st-round. Never ever ever.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 24, 2011 at 02:06 PM

OK DC, NOW tell us how you REALLY feel!

At first I was thinking Ingram if we couldn't trade back.

Now I'm thinking more of one of the Giant OT's or maybe even reach for ILB Martez Wilson.

Wanst taking at criticsm at all, was just appreciating the forum.

Your alright in my book Joe. I think where I get a little lost in your comment is: Brady's line is and has always been light years better than any of our Miami QB's. And I do contend, that if Brady was brought up to start in New England, with the same O-line Henne had and the same terrible coaching, brady would be in the same exact boat.

Brady's confidence came with success, and the fact that no one that wasnt wearing a teal and orange uniform could put a hand on him. Taylor and Zach beat that poor boy to a pulp.

In most cases in my opinion, the O-Line makes the QB. there are rare cases of this not being true because the QB is THAT good. But it is very rare.


Good day, man!! You've come around to my way of thinking on Henne. I've never said he's all that and more but rather to be changing things up during a lockout season, without a second round pick and other needs on the team, would have made absolutely no sense. Let's focus on what we have and make it better. Let's improve the run game, the OL, and find Henne a weapon at TE. Commit to him and let's stop everyone (fans and Armando included), coming down on him. Like you said, get a vet to push him and don't just hand the job to him. Let's see once and for all what Daboll can get out of him.

DC, I've heard you say a few time you don't want Ingram at 15. Who do you want and what do you want to do about the run game next year?

My point to my lst post is we can compare Henne and Brady from the Jets with the two games we mentioned.

But still in both of those games, Brady had the WAY better line.

So Brady should if they were equal still be bettter.

I posted yesterday that Mike Mayock has Robert Quinn as a top five talent. Would you guys be disappointed if he was still sitting here at 15 and we drafted him. Some discussion as to whether he can play OLB in a 3-4 or whether he's more of a DE in a 4-3. Thoughts guys?

Also, wondering what guys think of Andy Dalton. Good chance he goes in the second but this guy seems to have a lot of good things going on. Thoughts on him?.....


Don't stop now. You've been posting some of the best posts of the day.

I look at other sports blogs every once in awhile. That's how I know this one is tops.

The thing that really puts us over the top, the thing that makes this blog the best, is the one thing that no other blog has, It's YOU ALOCO!

U DA MAN!!!!

I know this wont fly well with the fans in Miami, but as a "Hookie fan" I've watched Tyrod Taylor these past few years do some spectacular things and I believe he will be a great pick in the later rounds. I would love to stash him on the roster and allow him time to develope. Before you stereotype this guy go google his stats, then google some of his highlights. This guy has played QB since he was like 7. Hes smart with great instinks. A freak of an athlete. But make no mistake about it he can throw the ball and throw it well.






aloco,the phins fo said brees had shoulder issues and decided to go after the big dummy and a 2nd rd'r. how did that work out for the phins.?.lol

What's up Craig. Yeah, looks like your argument won in the end. It's just the most realistic to me. Those other option seem much dicier than just going with the guy you have (who knows the playbook NOW).

As far as 15 (assuming there isn't a good QB option to take) and no trade-down scenario, I'm probably with Odin and say take BPA (which probably is a defender). I'm not a big scout-guy, don't propose to know about any college player really (even Ingram), so I'm looking more at historical trends and team need. Pouncey would be an interesting pick, but that's probably too high to take him (but I think if they really think he's the real thing, they should take him). If Julio Jones is there, I'd take him over Ingram.

My reasoning on that is teams should ONLY take a 1st-rd RB if he's a game-changer (difference maker, whatever you want to call it). A dynamic, score from anywhere on the field-type guy. NOT a possession RB (like Ingram is). Also guys, think about this, the RB position is one that does the most damage to the body. You can get Ingram, he gets hurt in year 1 or 2, and is never the same again. Then what? It was a wasted pick. Plus look at the past drafts in the NFL. RB talent is ALL THROUGH THE DRAFT. Even undrafted players can succeed in the NFL. You just don't need to take a 1st-rd RB. Unless his name is Adrian Peterson. And, coming out of college, that dude had all the hype he does now. Or Chris Johnson. But I don't hear the hype with Ingram. I hear, ground-n-pound, good guy, hard worker, your blue-collar get it done type guy. That's all well and good. But FIRST ROUND GOOD? Naw, I'll pass thank you.

So I'd pick up a RB in the later rounds Craig. And who? Who cares. Someone with speed, who can outrun a safety or CB. Someone who can take 25-30 snaps a game. Good hands out of the backfield. I don't need to know him (never heard of Arian Foster before last year). This position is getting less and less relevant in today's NFL. I know Sparano loves to run, wants to run, but believe me, he'll be getting overruled sooner or later. If he wants to win, he'll need to score. If he wants to beat Indy and teams like that, he'll need score-quick ability. That means we need a better pass game. We need the run to keep them on their toes and win the tough games (and inclement weather games), but RB to me isn't biggest position of need. Heck, I'd probably rather we don't have a big name RB, then maybe we'll utilize the other players (WR, TE) that can actually score in one play. That's my take on the matter. Ingram will only give Sparano reason to keep doing the same thing. And the same thing means mediocrity, plain and simple.

The talk is that Bill Parcells is going to return to ESPN for a special the week of the NFL draft. Tentatively titled 'Bill Parcells Draft Confidential', it's believed it will focus on Parcells' draft strategy.

Wonder if includes what the Hell he was thinking when they drafted Pat White and Patrick Turner?



What's a "Hookie"?

To me Tom Brady is not an exciting player. While I like Peyton Manning, he is not a exciting player, to me. Give me Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, Fitzpatrick, Josh Freeman, even Joe Flacco will run the ball. Being able to pass the ball and keeping your head up, looking for an open receiver is important too but mobility is a must, escapability is a must, being able to keep a drive alive when things break down is a must.

Posted by: Dark Matter Bomb | March 24, 2011 at 08:12 AM

Wow !! I understand were your coming from DMB and for the most part I usually agree with your assesments but aside from Freemen who`s upside I love, you mention Fitzpatrick and playoff choke artist Flacco in the same breath with Brady and Manning ? You lost me there Bro. you can`t possibly believe that either one of those two are more adept at running, reading D`s in multiple rec. sets and making the right throws on a level even comparable to those other two future H.O.F`s you mention.

Your argument is there mobility really ! Flacco ? I think you might be exagerating just a tad, no ?

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