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Dolphins to host Newton,Gabbert this weekend

Maybe the Dolphins think they know something. Maybe they actually do know something. Maybe Cam Newton's draft stock will drop like a bear market and he will be available with the 15th overall selection of the first round -- the pick the Dolphins hold in the April 28 draft.

Maybe that is the reason the team is hosting a private workout with Auburn QB Cam Newton this weekend in South Florida, according to NFL.com. I am furthermore reporting Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will also have a visit and work out for the team this weekend.

[Update: These visits-workouts are not at Miami's facility in Davie, FL. The team will fly to meet with the players rather than the other way around.]

Newton and Gabbert are among several quarterbacks this space has reported will share private workouts with the Dolphins. Colin Kaepernick is another. Ricky Stanzi is another. Tyrod Taylor is another.

But unlike those others, Newton and Gabbert are expected to go poof by the time the draft is out of the first 10 picks in the first round. Denver might take one at No. 2, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said this week he loves both and the Bills hold the No. 3 pick. Tennessee (No. 8), Washington (10) and Minnesota (12) all might want a QB.

So what, I wonder, makes the Dolphins think either might be available when they draft at No. 15?

The possibility, my hope, is that maybe all the hype about Newton going early is just that. Hype. And maybe his lack of experience, his need to learn to read defenses and move safeties, his need to learn the pro-style footwork, all the things that make Newton a project, will push him down.

But all the way to the Dolphins?

Maybe they know something. But I get the feeling, more likely they are just covering their bases and when all is done, they will watch helplessly as Newton gets picked before they get a turn.

And while the club is indeed interested in Newton and just about every quarterback possibility out there -- they have studied them all -- coach Tony Sparano continued to do his best earlier this week to talk up incumbent Chad Henne.

That's because he was asked about Henne. Sparano said at the owner's meetings that Henne improved last season. (I am trying to write this with a straight face.)

"He completed a higher percentage of intermediate passes, which doesn’t make the fans happy and doesn’t make evidently a lot of people happy, but it should because it's a sign of progress," Sparano said Tuesday from the annual NFL owners' meeting.

"Other areas I thought he improved on was his ability to move in the pocket and create space. When you look at the number of sacks we had and the number of sacks avoided, the throwaways, those were the areas that he improved on."

Yes, but coach ... Henne stunk on long throws. Think the opener in which he missed Brandon Marshall by a mile. Think the underthrow the following week. Think the missed opportunity to hit a long TD against Cleveland. Think the missed throws of Brian Hartline in the Jets and Patriots games.

"Some of that is on us for the number of opportunities," Sparano said. "There's just a lot of factors, but when you get the green light, you’ve got to make the play, and Chad would tell you that."



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Oh, I think I know...it's one those younger hookers.

forget drafting a 1st round running back;we dont have an oline who can open holes or block at the second level. vernon carey cant even move his feet. running backs are plentiful. oh,i guess sparano will use 2 translators; one for our spanish friends and the other one for us english speaking people.


I read your comments and while I don't agree with them, I get where you're coming from.

Couple of thoughts for you. What did you think of Emmitt Smith? WAs he a 'difference maker'? He's not a guy that many people got excited about when the Cowboys drafted him in the first round. Probably a guy that they said a lot of the same stuff that they are saying about Ingram. Now I'm not saying Ingram is the 'next Emmit Smith' or anything like that, I'm just saying this is a guy he gets compared to a lot. Same build, same type of runner, good work ethic, good attitude etc...Would the Cowboys have been as good a team without Smith? Keep in mind he's a Hall of Famer and the all-time rushing leader? Now you're going to tell me the game has changed and he had a great offensive line to play behind and I'd agree with you on those two points, but just think about the question and answer honestly....would they have been successful if just anybody had been running the ball and would they have won the Championships they did without him? I don't think they would have. I'm not saying he was the MVP of those teams, I'm just saying it's not the same team without him.

My take on it is, we HAVE to find someone to run the ball, someone to get the majority of carries and eat up the yards and the clock. We don't have that guy on the roster right now. If we don't get people to run the ball effectively, under Sparano's model, we're doomed because as much as I can see Henne improving this year, it won't be enough to take us to the next level. The ability to run the ball will keep defenses honest and will also set up the pass. It's the only way under this regime.

Greg, did you catch Sparano saying Carey wasn't fat?

@ DC 2:49

Nice !! agree 100%

So as much as I've always defended Henne on here, I don't think he's ever going to be elite. If he's lucky, at some point, maybe he cracks the top ten. But I also don't ever see Sanchez or Flacco ever being considered elite. The difference between those guys and what we have in Henne?....great running games and great suporting casts. I don't believe our defence is that far removed from either one of their defences but they have far superior run games, better receiving options and better OLs. So to me, the way you make Henne better is by giving him a better run game, a better OL, better weapons to throw to and more creative play-calling. He's never going to carry this team by himself but he can still win games for this franchise.

I think you start by improving the run game in this draft. I'm more partial to taking a guy like Leshoure or Williams in the second in a trade back but if there's a gun to your head I think you pick Ingram at 15. We can't go into next season with an equal to or lesser run game and expect Henne to do better. Just not going to happen.

I'd also be prepared to give up a second or a third next season for a second or a third this year.

I understand this blog is based on the writers opinions but do his opinions have to suck so bad? Besides the fact that if I were Chad Henne I would spit in the writers face next year the first time he tried to talk to me, I can't believe he's acting like Cam Newton is some kind of sure thing. There are so many question marks surrounding this kid. And the biggest one the writer conveniently fails to mention (while he rips CHAD HENNE for the same exact thing) is accuracy. ACCURACY, ACCURACY, ACCURACY!! Newtons accuracy sucks and more than one analyst has pointed that out. The character thing is something else the writer left out. So add those two things on to the already long list of question marks and tell me how picking him is a smart move. Don't forget that to do so will guarantee no trade back for a second round pick. That means if we used a 1st on a potential (high potential) bust we would have wasted this years 1st two picks of the draft. Yes it is only the writers opinion but like I said.


I got another THEORY-LOL! This one's about Andy Dalton.

"IF" Gabbert and Newton go where I think they will(1st and 3rd to Panthers and Bills)then Dalton will end up going early in the 2nd round.

Another "IF" Julio Jones lasts until the 10th(and I think he does)Shanahan grabs him to team up with Anthony Armstrong.

Then in the 2nd round Shanahan raises eveyones eyebrows by making a "small" reach taking Dalton at 41.

I don't have my own mock worked out this far yet, but I've seen this scanario on more than one.

Shanahan can be pretty sharp at times and this makes a lot of sense to me.

Craig not only that but we will lose any chance at getting a second back. I swear this writer has stopped thinking about what he is writing. The blog has gone down hill since the radio show started.

I was referring to this comment ,"Newton and Gabbert will most likely go top ten. We're not players with either of these guys. If Newton somehow falls to 15, do you really want us drafting this guy, when he won't be able to help for 2-3 years. Brilliant strategy!!"

@ Craig M 3:01

While Emmit was the 17th selection of the 89 draft there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration.

1) The Cowboys had 3 #1 picks in that draft Emmit was the 2nd at 17 behind Troy Aikman who was #1 overall, you can gamble a little more if youv`e already drafted the face of the franchise.

2) There was no FA in 1989, it wasn`t instituted until 93, so there was a much higher premium on R.B.`s and Emmit was rated by the so called experts the 2nd best available behind, our guy Sammie Smith who we took with the 9th pick.

3) The rules permitted more hand checking and contact downfield, those were the days of the bump and run corner, in today`s rules so much as a love tap and it`s a spot foul. If you could run efectively and force the S.S. up closer to the line it helped set up the pass, in todays game it`s becoming the opposite.

4) I think Ingram does compare at least from what we`ve seen so far faivorably to what Emmit was coming out of UF but how relavent is the comparison when discussing the era`s they played in ?

Craig M.

I have been watching Mikel Leshoure all year. I really believe of all the running backs in this draft I am most partial to him. I watches at least 5 games he played last year and cannot remember one where he looked out of sorts or over-matched. IF... Big "IF" Miami trades down, and is serious about taking a tail back in the bottom of the 1st or top of the 2nd, I would love to see them take Leshoure.

Also, just real quick like about comparing any Tail Back to Emmit Smith. Emmit was a fine Back. No doubt. But the O-Line he played behind enhanced the ability and made an honest evaluation of every player on that offense tough... I feel that is true from Aikman to Danny White. They were likely one of the best O-lines ever assembled and I believe they would have placed any RB worth a damn in the HOF as long as he stayed healthy.

Your argument is there mobility really ! Flacco ? I think you might be exagerating just a tad, no ?

Posted by: fin4life | March 24, 2011 at 02:56 PM

A tad as in 500k miles?...Airplane anyone?

cocoajoe, i guess sparano has to defend everyone they have made a mistake on. everytime they back up the brinks truck the player declines(vernon being the latest). he was 35 lbs overweight and couldnt move.

Alright guys, thanks for the responses, they have been, for the most part, cordial and adult. I feel that I must say again that I am not an advocate for Cam Newton solely, but I would not mind if the Dolphins picked him in the first round. I like what I have read about his dedication to the game and desire to win.

As I wrote earlier, I would like any of the mobile QBs better than any pure pocket passer.

I am not trying to change anyones mind, i am just stressing my opinion and I believe that everyone has the right to express their feelings as well. We all can agree to disagree, but the conversation has been interesting and I appreciate that.

I am not a Henne hater, I just don't think that he has progressed. He is going into his 4th year and we can make excuses as to why he didn't fair well, but the bottom line is, he didn't. He didn't take charge, he didn't take control, he didn't do the right things and stand up for himself with the coaches, which says to me that he has no nads. He displayed no self assuredness and cockiness and that is something that most very good QBs display. He doesn't have IT.

If this regime tries to wait until next year to address the QB position it will be done by the new Front Office, it doesn't matter how good they think nexts years crop of QBs are, because there is no gaurantee that they will get any of those QBs and just like Jake Locker, who's to say that the ones that are thought of as very good prospects now, don't fall apart next year. they have to think for the present because the future is not promised.

Good posts up above gentlemen. Thank you for your comments.

LouD, I've come to the conclusion that Armando now writes these posts to create discussion and get the fans worked up. I'm not convinced this is how he really feels. To trash Henne the way he does, you're right, if I was Henne I would stop talking to him. The guy doesn't deserve to be treated like that. The Bahamas thing the other day was ridiculous! I lost a lot of respect for Armando over that one. The Newton and Gabbert workouts the team is doing is just so they have done their due dilligence. No point in being sloppy and not checking this stuff out.

fin4life, good points up above. I recognize we're talking about different eras and teams, I just want to mention that a lot of this stuff was said about Smith when he came out too.

Derek4 Dolphins, also good points. I don't think you would have seen Sammie Smith make the Hall of Fame behind that line but you are right, it was one Hell of a line!

@ Derek4 3:27

I disagree there Emmit sometimes doesn`t get his due, he holds FLA. High School record with over 8,900 all purpose yards. He ran for over 2,000 in a season at UF so unless great OL`s were following him around since J.r. High I`d say he was a pretty good player.

LouD, the writer's name is Armando. And you're here often enough -- to often for my taste -- to know that.

I think Aloco could have run behind those 90's Cowboys lines and gained 1k yards... now that's saying something!


Mikel Leshoure has grown on me too. I think he could be a very good back in this league. I would have no problem with the team drafting this guy in the second round. He got the size and quickness I like in a back. Any of the top three would be fine with me. I'm not hearing a lot about the kid Thomas from Kansas State. Are most guys thinking this guy will be a bust?

Still remember Emmit in the 93 playoffs against the Giants running for 178 yards on a busted shoulder to this day the ballsiest performance I`v seen, saw an interview with Jesse Armstead the G-men MLB who said there came a point in the game were everytime they hit Emmit you could hear cracking and he got scared of hitting him anymore, thinking they were going to permanently dammage him.

Ryan Mallett is the no brainer pick at 15. We need an electric QB, Mallett is possibly the best QB in this draft and I seem to remember a Pitt QB who everyone thought was a drug addict about 30 years ago....

Pujo, as a UVa alum (as you know a hated enemy of VTech), I also wouldn't be opposed to looking at Taylor. The guy has game. He's a smart player. WON'T BE PAT WHITE!! With that said, I doubt Miami chances with a guy like that (even though he probably won't go until the 3rd-round, so they could). But not this year, not without a 2nd.


This has all be re-hashed, but to answer your question yes, Emmitt was an exceptional talent. And, he played a big part in the 2-3 SuperBowls the Cowboys won that era.

With all that said, I think that means little to the Ingram conversation. A better comparison would be if the Cowboys didn't have Aiken (instead some younger inconsistent guy), nor Irvin (instead a pretty good possession receiver), nor that mass of an oline (instead 1 LT). With THAT team, do YOU think Emmitt would have done anything for them? My answer to that is no. Even further, I doubt Emmitt would have been a Hall of Famer if he wasn't on THAT team. Don't get me wrong, he was good, but he wasn't THE team.

And the only way I would take an RB 1st-round is if he could be THE team. And to me, Ingram can't be that.

Also, and you said it, this is a MUCH different NFL. Defenders are bigger, faster, don't have as much problem with bigger backs as they used to (don't get me wrong, Peyton Hillis is still menacing). But all the rules favor the passing game. The way other teams play will dictate to us that we need to evolve. We can't play the run game if an Indy will just come back in 1-3 plays and score a TD. We NEED to improve in the way we score points. I don't really see Ingram doing that. I see Ingram being Ricky Williams of a few years ago. How'd Miami do in those years? Well, I don't have a SuperBowl cap, so that tells you.

I agree Craig, we do need a run game. But I think you can get a player better suited to today's NFL than Ingram. I also think if you just love Ingram, that you can get a Ingram-clone for much cheaper way back in the Draft. If we traded back, and he stayed until the 2nd-round, then maybe I'd say take him (his upside would then be worth it). But my problem is 1st-round. We can't miss on anymore of those. And missing included picking the wrong guy, not just the better guy. Ingram (at his position) is the wrong guy.

In a perfect world a trade down Carimi or Pouncey 1st. followed by Leshoure (I really like as well) 2nd. Jernigan or Gates after, followed by either Housler or Williams, like I said in a perfect world.

@ DC

Again agree 100%, are you reading my thoughts ?

Newton is a disaster waiting to happen - just a smoother version of JaMarcus Russell. If the Fins take him, it's going to be a very long couple of years. I hate to say this, but I think of the top four quarterbacks Mallett is probably the best bet. And yet, will anyone ever get the best out of him? Pretty doubtful. I guess it will come down to Kaepernick, Ponder or Dalton, and I just can't see the Fins spending a first rounder on any of them.

Ireland will trade down for 3 kickers. They are too stupid to draft anyone in the first round that they really need. Witness Odrick instead of Dez Bryant. They are the 3 stooges of football.

A little 411 on Mallet when thinking him at our pick 15, by PFT mock draft.

Our job in writing a mock draft is to predict what NFL teams will do this April, not project what we would do with the pick or try and predict a player's NFL success.

We will go on record here to say that Ryan Mallett should not be drafted in Round 1 and probably not even Round 2. Rumors aside, Mallett has poor mobility and does not understand the concept of touch passes. When pressed, he completely falls apart.

But Minnesota needs a quarterback, badly. The strong right arm and imposing size of Ryan Mallett will be too much for this franchise to resist.

On a good note, Minnesota is one city where we believe Mallett can succeed. They have a dominant offensive line, a top running back and enough skill at wide receiver to win right now. If drafted by a less talented team, Mallett would struggle and potentially implode. In Minnesota, he has a chance to be the savior

Newton is garbage and so is Gabbert. The best QB coming out of this draft is Ryan Mallet Hands down. He put up unbelievable stats in the sec and is going to be a franchise QB. Who cares about the rumors about him. The kid has been clean the entire time in college and no one can prove otherwise, just rumors. I remember when rumors were going on about Dan Marino which is what made him fall to the Dolphins. If ANY player has red flags in this draft it is Cam Newton and there is PROOF of his mishaps. Newton is being considered for the #1 pick in the draft so I see no reason why Mallet should not be considered that as well. Mallet has the better arm and vision than any QB in this class and I hope he falls to Miami. If Miami drafts Newton I will drop this team like a bad habit. It won't be because he is this awesome QB it will be because there is so much media hype around this kid and Mr. Ross wants to sell those seats and will do anything he can to get the fans there. I have a bad feeling about this upcoming draft and I can't believe that Armando is endorsing Newton like he is the next Peyton Manning. Armando look at video of Newton & Mallet, then look at there stats, THEN I would love to see you still say that Newton is an all mighty GOD.

If, McShay said, Miami does select Ingram, they’ll get the only running back he grades out high enough to go in the first round. His scouting report:

“I know he isn’t your ideal measurable guy, if you will. He doesn’t have the prototypical body, and he doesn’t run the fast 40 time and all that. But the way he runs, his pad level, his low center of gravity, his ability to create yards after contact, he has such a great sense of the cutback lanes, and more so than anybody else in that class, he feels what’s going to happen ahead of time. He just has that innate sense about him.

“I have no problem with him coming off the board in the first 20 picks; if he falls a little bit, the team that gets him in the last 12 picks of the first round could wind up getting a steal.


I'll respectfully disagree with you on your points. I'd like to propose a homeowrk assignment for you (like you've got any time, right....LOL). Take a look at the backs in this year's draft other than Ingram. Find me 4-5 guys you think can help this offence for the next 4-5 years. I'm already sold on Williams and Leshoure but not sold so far on Kendall Hunter. Look at tape of these guys and figure out what guys can help this team and Henne this year. I don't think there's many guys there but you're basically telling me any guys will be good enough. So tell me who they are, because I'm not convinced of that. Let's keep track of these guys when they make the NFL and then we can say after the fact what the right course of action should have been. I've only targetted 3-4 guys so far. Let's see who else is there because one thing is for sure, this offence and the play of Henne won't get any better without a sustained running attack. We didn't have that last year for whatever reason. The regime knows this needs to improve. Do you think they are likely to invest in a guy or two in the first three rounds or do you think they will take the approach that 'any guy will do'. Just asking....

fin, just read your answer to Craig, and I totally agree with what you said too, so I guess we're one on this opinion.





What makes you smarter than everyobdy else? What us it you see in Mallett that NONE of the experts see? How can you make some of the comments you are making? A lot of guys don't have Mallett in the first round but you think he should be considered first overall? Based on what? So why aren't the Panthers looking at him?

You say 'the kid has been clean the entire tiem in College'. How would you know that? Were you roommates? Your comment is ridiculous! My take on him, where there's smoke, there's fire. I was evasive about those questions at the Combine and if there was nothing to the story then he wouldn't have been evasive. I'm saying you don't win a Championship with a guy like that.

But to be honest, I don't really even care about his alleged drug use. I don't think he's got it between the ears. I think when the pressure is on and the media and the fans are giving it to him, I think he'll implode. I like the kids talent but I don't like his mental makeup and I definitely don't like him at 15. But then again, you're a lot smarter than any of us....I forgot.


Craig, I can do that. I'll get back to you after I check who's out there.

But, to answer your question on the Coaches, I doubt (knowing what I know about the Parcells-idea of drafting) they take Ingram. I think Sparano would tell you to have a great RB, you first need a great line (thus making the RB's talent pretty much secondary). So I believe Ireland might take "any guy", if they improve the line. Also, don't forget the other way around. A better pass game opens things up. No RB is successful (usually) with 9-10 guys in the box. NO TEAM IN THE NFL is worried about Miami's long ball ability. So they press up and force us to beat them long. Sparano FINALLY is seeing this, and now has made that part of the offense a priority (should have been 3 years ago). You throw long to keep them honest. To keep them going backwards and not coming forwards. Also, with PI penalties, it's usually a win/win even if the WR doesn't catch it. So, improve that aspect of the team and you've already done wonders to help your RB (that's probably why an Arian Foster can come in and instantly be a beast in Houston).

There's more than 1 way to skin a cat. Instead of doing the between the tackles tough running style, I suggest loosening up the defense, THEN run. I also think Daboll's system will utilize that philosophy more (from what I'm hearing). Instead of running to pass, let's pass to run. We do that and everyone's happy!!

DMB, your not saying anything all that incorrect at all. Fact is we need better QB play sooner than later.

By the way, good string of comments today... it has been fun.

Read the same or similar evaluation of Mallet. Goes into panic mode when pressed and makes some bad decisions.

I've always been friendly ALoco. I just don't like being attacked. Like a cornered animal, when I'm attacked I lash back with gnarled teeth.

Otherwise I'm a lover, not a fighter.

But you're enjoying me now because I haven't been on here as much as during the season. Many reasons, #1 being I was robbed a month or so ago and the b*sterdz stole my laptop, so I'm limited in when I can get on here and jab with you.


That must have been a good laugh and I may not have put it in the correct context. I was not putting Flacco in the same vein as Vick, I was commenting on his willingness to run the ball to keep the play alive.

For their careers, Manning has over 600 yds rushing while Brady has over 500. in 3 years Flacco has over 300 yds rushing.

My point is a Pure Pocket Passer cannot help the team without other people being on their game. All they can do is throw the ball away or up for grabs, while a mobile QB can affect the game with his legs or his arm. He can keep the offense on the field and put them in better position to score, even if his receivers or backs are not on their game. I prefer that kind of player.


Agree with your points from above. The one thing I would caution though is that this is not Parcells team any more. Yes, Sparano and Ireland are both from the same tree but it's their team now and they are going to do things their way. Who knows, maybe they both wanted Bryant last year and Parcells said now way. We don't know....those are conversations from behind closed doors. But I think Ireland and Sparano will learn from their mistakes and yes they have made a few to date.

I agree with you that they will want to change how things are being done when they look at what defences have done to them. So with all that being said, are you proposing another OL at 15, with no second round pick? Just want to make certain I've got your strategy down for this draft. I think we both agree we need game-changers but how are we going to do that?



This is exactly one of the reasons Sparano should have been fired...ok so he thinks Henne's play improved last year?? I just shot my beer out of my nose reading this story. So the reason Tony pulled Henne all those times was because he was improving right...yeah right, you can't fool me twice captain fist pump. The only reason he said that is because we pick at 15, he probably knows the QB(s) we want in the draft will be gone by 15, or that Tony already knows we are trading our pick to get a second rounder...it's troubling, get ready for another mediocre year..and prolly the same draft position next year so no top 0 QB for us yet again...acorns need not apply please!

Please stop with the "Our O-Line sucks so we should use our 1st round for that" stuff. the fact is, it doesn't matter if you have 5 probowlers on your offensive line, they will still get overwhelmed by numbers when the Defense blitzes all of the time because your QB who is behind this all pro line, can't make quick decisions or accurate throws.

We need a better QB who makes better decisions and I would be willing to take my lumps with a rookie.



Craig, who told you that none of the pundits see Mallet as the best QB in the draft? The front page of espn football last week had an article of a so called expert speculating Mallet is the best in this draft.

BTW, I tend to agree on the Mallet/Newton argument 305 laid out. Mallet, in my opinion, has less risk than Newton & is probably the most accomplished passer of the group. As 305 said, Marino had his share of doubters about his character too.

If he's there at 15, I'd pull the trigger.

I would happily take rookie bumps over Henne again this year...I'm with you bro




I'd be fine at OL at 15, but the mocks don't really show an OL going that high. I'd be better with Julio Jones. I'd be fine with a QB project to develop (like Joe just said). I'd even be fine with a LB or DB (not corner, safety).

Like you said, we need to try to get our 2nd back, so if we weren't going to take a QB, the 2nd best choice to me would be to trade back and get our 2nd, then take like a Pouncey late-1st round, and maybe an RB/WR/TE/OL 2nd round.


I never saw the ESPN thing but most people don't have Mallett going in the first round. If he's such a hot commodity why are Panthers not even looking at him? Where is there no talk of him going to Cincinati or Buffalo?

How can you say there is less risk around this guy than Newton, considering his character concerns? The issue isn't who has less risk, the issue is is this a guy you want to commit to for the next 3-4 years minimum, in a year with no second round pick and other gaping holes. I say no way.

ALoco, I need something a little more powerful (have lots of graphic design software to put on that puppy).


So your preference then is to take a QB at 15? I thought you had said earlier that going with Henne this year made more sense than anything?


DC ,


Also, my draft strategy would be a 2-year lookout, not to win in 2011. I don't think there's a chance in H*ll we go far this year (sorry, just my offseason prediction), so I'd just be looking to get better and fix a few pieces so that we only have a couple of pieces next year to finally play to win (it all).

And just to clarify, going far means deep in the Playoffs and into the SuperBowl. I think we can win more games than last year, and maybe even make a quick Playoff appearance. But I think we'd even surprise ourselves if we saw Miami playing for the Conference Championship.

The simple answer to working Gabbert and Newton out is based on hypothesis scenario of either falling from the top 10.

Should either fall, say to #11, it invites intriguing trade up scenario more manageble or cost efficient for Dolphins to pull off. Mind you its still very slim they would do it. But, still having that card in your pocket does offer increased 1st rd drafting flexibility.

However, even trading up to the #11 position should either fall, personally I wouldnt offer more than a 2012 4th rd pick at best. It has to be avery appealing bargain basement price or nothing at all.

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