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Dolphins to host Newton,Gabbert this weekend

Maybe the Dolphins think they know something. Maybe they actually do know something. Maybe Cam Newton's draft stock will drop like a bear market and he will be available with the 15th overall selection of the first round -- the pick the Dolphins hold in the April 28 draft.

Maybe that is the reason the team is hosting a private workout with Auburn QB Cam Newton this weekend in South Florida, according to NFL.com. I am furthermore reporting Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will also have a visit and work out for the team this weekend.

[Update: These visits-workouts are not at Miami's facility in Davie, FL. The team will fly to meet with the players rather than the other way around.]

Newton and Gabbert are among several quarterbacks this space has reported will share private workouts with the Dolphins. Colin Kaepernick is another. Ricky Stanzi is another. Tyrod Taylor is another.

But unlike those others, Newton and Gabbert are expected to go poof by the time the draft is out of the first 10 picks in the first round. Denver might take one at No. 2, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said this week he loves both and the Bills hold the No. 3 pick. Tennessee (No. 8), Washington (10) and Minnesota (12) all might want a QB.

So what, I wonder, makes the Dolphins think either might be available when they draft at No. 15?

The possibility, my hope, is that maybe all the hype about Newton going early is just that. Hype. And maybe his lack of experience, his need to learn to read defenses and move safeties, his need to learn the pro-style footwork, all the things that make Newton a project, will push him down.

But all the way to the Dolphins?

Maybe they know something. But I get the feeling, more likely they are just covering their bases and when all is done, they will watch helplessly as Newton gets picked before they get a turn.

And while the club is indeed interested in Newton and just about every quarterback possibility out there -- they have studied them all -- coach Tony Sparano continued to do his best earlier this week to talk up incumbent Chad Henne.

That's because he was asked about Henne. Sparano said at the owner's meetings that Henne improved last season. (I am trying to write this with a straight face.)

"He completed a higher percentage of intermediate passes, which doesn’t make the fans happy and doesn’t make evidently a lot of people happy, but it should because it's a sign of progress," Sparano said Tuesday from the annual NFL owners' meeting.

"Other areas I thought he improved on was his ability to move in the pocket and create space. When you look at the number of sacks we had and the number of sacks avoided, the throwaways, those were the areas that he improved on."

Yes, but coach ... Henne stunk on long throws. Think the opener in which he missed Brandon Marshall by a mile. Think the underthrow the following week. Think the missed opportunity to hit a long TD against Cleveland. Think the missed throws of Brian Hartline in the Jets and Patriots games.

"Some of that is on us for the number of opportunities," Sparano said. "There's just a lot of factors, but when you get the green light, you’ve got to make the play, and Chad would tell you that."



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why would we want newton? i think there are 6 better QB's


Craig, yes, I think Henne will end up being the starter, but that's not an endorsement of him. It's a realistic look at our situation right now. However, we need a QB on the roster that can potentially take the reins if Henne falters (I mean long-term). Henne's not even close to being a sure thing, so why wait until next year if the QB we want is there at 15 this year (not saying he is).

Waiting until next year assumes we'll do worse this year than next (thereby getting a better draft pick). But I don't really see that. If anything I think we'll be better this year than last. So if we need a long-term QB option, I don't really want to wait. But thankfully that's not my choice to make, it's Ireland's. He watches the tape, he talks to the scouts, he'll know better than any of us if Mallett or any of the other projected 1st-round QBs are worth it.

Yes, yes, before you say it, I will. That's high-risk/high-reward. I know. Could set the team back years if we mess it up. That's why I'm glad I'm not making that decision. At the same time, you could get Ingram, and he tears his MCL 1st-game, and that would be devastating too. So it's all about which chance are you willing to live with. I'm willing to take a chance on a franchise QB (that means years of stability and winning). I'm not willing to chance on a possession RB.


Sorry, clarification, worse this year than last. I'm talking draft order. We're 15 this year. I think we'll be better in 2011, therefore getting a higher (in number) draft pick, and maybe eliminating us from getting a higher-rated/caliber QB 1st-round next year.

A QB with pro bowlers on the O-line will always be good. If a D sends the farm it is because they can't get to the QB. those line men stay with their assignments and the only people that can get there have to take long angles to get to the QB.

When the D sends the farm, players are wide open, if they are decent because they cut routes.

Henne did not have a problem with this in Michigan, nor here in a Phins uni, even with a sub par line. This is why Bess had most of his catches.


But I loved my Sony Vaio, it's was a great machine.


Really tired of this regime thinking they are smarter than everybody else and uncovering that 'accorn' that nobody else has thought of. If you look at the teams that has success last year from the year before....KC and Tampa, it's because they hit on all of their draft picks. Take a look at their drafts from last year and compare them to what we've done the last couple of years. Not even close.

You don't succeed in the NFL by hit one out of the park once every ten picks, you win by being successful by drafting 6-7 good players out of ten. It's how the Steelers have done it. It's how the Colts have done it and it's how the Packers have done it. No to a QB at 15 and yes to a tradeback if possible. If we're faced with a scenario of taking an OL or Inram you take Ingram. The line isn't nearly as bad as people say and will get better with improvements from Jerry and Garner, good health for Incognito and Carey and better depth than McQuistan and Proctor.

Ha ha ha!

We need a quarterback that makes better decisions, SO, lets draft a guy that's only played 1 year of Div. 1 Football.

The guy that has no experience in a pro style offense. The guy that hasn't taken snaps under center.

You know the guy, the guy that can only read half the field at a time.

Don't worry about that though, cause he's got a secret weapon. If his first read ain't there he just tucks it away and runs like a deer. I hope he can run in a cast cause that's what he'll be wearing after he tries that enough times in the NFL.

So lets review. Can't read, no pro style experience, shotgun only, 1 year of Div. 1 play. Lets see, am I leaving anything out? Oh yeah! He sho can RUN!

Yeah, great, sounds like a 1st round pick to me.

Just for the record, I'm not going to worry about the QB making better decisions right now. I'm just going to worry about the GM making a BETTER decision!



Craig, like 305 said, Marino had character concerns and he worked out pretty well. As far as less risk from a skill standpoint? Yes, without a doubt. I think Mallet is much less risk from a skill standpoint than Newton. I think most would agree with that as well.


Tanking 2011 is a horrible idea. There is no truly dominant nfl team reigning today. If we can add the right pieces and get the right breaks, we could easily be one of up to 10 nfl teams with "fairly legit chances to appear in the "big dance".

I love our nucleus. Should we add the right pieces on offense and get into the playoffs. Anything can happen!

I like our defense, very good but not dominant. With a little more speed in key areas on the offense we wont be an "easy" out for anyone in the playoffs.

With a good draft and couple fa pieces the new look 2011 Dolphins could be a playoff force.


I really think we will have over 7 wins next year... if they play... I am thinking 9 maybe 10.

IF the O-line is improved. The good news is, there will be a better QB at pick 28 next year than there is at pick 1 this year...

So we have a winning season, and we can draft a QB for all of those who still want one... :)

DB, I never said tank the season. I said I don't think we'll be SuperBowl bound. I think we have too many pieces to put in, plus with the new coaching we'll need a year or so to get everyone on the same page and comfortable. We're changing our oline (again), new RBs, Henne's gotta progress, Sparano will be nervous this year, I just don't see us being dominant. I'm not saying we should lose, just that we still have a couple (few) years to go to be where we want to be (IMO).

As a fan, I hope you're right. As a realist and longtime observer of this particular team, I think I'm more right.


You're waffling a little bit....LOL. Are you commiting to Henne for this year or are you taking a Mallett or Locker at 15? That's what you've got to weigh. Personally, I don't know why anyone would take QB at 15 on this team, with everything that's wrong with the team and with the fact that God knows when the rookies will get to work with the coaches.

The other thing that nobody talks about, if most of you guys are right and Sparano is gone after this year why would you want to draft a QB THIS year? The new guy is going to want his own QB in there which means you're going to be looking for another QB next year. Think I'm kidding? Take a look at what's happening in Denver right now. John Fox and John Elway in, Josh McDaniels out. Have you heard anything out of Denver that makes you think they are commiting to Tebow right now? Are you telling me they are doing their due dilligence on Newton and Gabbert just to act as a smokescreen to another teams? I don't believe it. More likely that Elway and more specifically Fox don't see Tebow as being the guy to lead this team to a Championship.

Bottom Line

Mallett may be the most NFL ready quarterback in this class based on ability alone, but it’s not just based on ability. I have questions about his ability to make throws under duress. His footwork becomes very sloppy when the pocket is collapsing, and his decision making skills become worse as the pressure gets worse. In his two biggest games at Arkansas (Alabama and Ohio State) he threw game-ending interceptions.

NFL Mocks

Nice conversation all, I am out.

Craig, not waffling. Not sure why you can see both. I'm committing to Henne for this year (I don't think anyone thinks a Mallet or Locker will be able to come in and play day 1), but want a QB on the bench studying to be the guy if Henne isn't. I think best situation is we grab a QB, coach them up a few years, Henne becomes viable (and even good) and now we have a QB for sale (if he's good enough) or else our backup.

I don't think the rookie QB will be a 2nd-string, I think 3rd. Either Thigpen or some other vet will/should be 2nd string. The rookie QB is insurance (against Hurricane Horrible Henne). If Henne screws up in 2011, we've got insurance. If not, we've got trade bait. Guys, even a horrible QB like Brady Quinn got his trading team players (see Peyton Hillis), so a QB has value usually no matter what.


My Mock Drafting @ #15

1. Mark Ingram
3. Titus Young/Jernigan (Availability)
4. Ricky Stanzi
5. Kendrick Burney/DJ Williams/Rob Housler(Availabilty)
6. Emmanuel Moody
7. Phillip Livas

Trade Down Scenario: 2 3rd Rd'ers

1. Mike Pouncey
3. Titus Young/Jernigan
3. Kendall Hunter
4. Ricky Stanzi
5. Kendric Burney/DJ Williams/Rob Housler (Availabilty)
6. Emmanuel Moody
7. Phillip Livas

Also in the trade back scenario I would consider taking Ryan Williams 1st rd. Doing this, I would take cb Jimmy Smith over Kendall Hunter 3rd rd is Smith is still there.

Anyway, ALoco went from praising me to saying I'm repeating myself. So that's my cue.

Craig, good talk. I'm sure we'll continue the debate again next time.

You guys watch your back, it's a jungle out there.

Have a good one!


We're going to agree to disagree on Mallett at 15. There's nothing about this guy that leads me to believe he's going to be a top-tier NFL QB. I like his physical skills but I don't like anything else about his game and to be successful in the NFL it takes a lot more than that. Let's leave it at that. I see a lot of Ryan Leaf in this guy you think he'd be worth the risk. Let's wait and see who's right.

DB and DC (you in a better mood today DB?), I've been harping for a while that I expect the Jets to slip this year. Just too much going against them to get back to where they've been the last couple of years. They are going to lose people through FA, they are getting older (guys like LT) and they've given up some of their draft picks to win now. On top of that I don't think Sanchez is anything special and I think Fat Rex game will grow old really soon. With that being said and teams like the Ravens and Colts also being teams that may slide, I think there's a chance we could move up. DC, one thing I would add, think about the Steelers at this point last year, with Big Ben facing a four game suspension and everything else about that team. Did people really expect them to go to the Super Bowl this year? That could be us this year (dreaming....LOL.....but it's a nice dream!!)

What up fellas???

I just listened to a cool interview with Kaepernick on the SVP show. He talked a lot about what he did in college, and the relationship to the professional game.

He talked about taking snaps under center, and how comfterable he is with this. Adding that at Nevada they did a lot of practicing under center. The biggest difference in his mind was the timing of the drops in college as opposed to the nfl. In college the drops take a little more time(by design) In the pros, the drops are more deliberate, and you have to have some purpose. This isn't breaking news to anyone but I found it interesting.

The last question he answered was where he thought he sat in relation to his draft status. He wouldn't mention any teams(smart) But he said that he has had feedback that he could go anywhere from the end of the first round, or even round 7. Some teams do not see any potential, that's part of the proccess.
Realistically he thought, or his agent thinks that he will be taken at best late first round, most likely round 2. How this translates to Miami I don't know. But it was a good interview. It isn't like listening to Mallet speak ebonics. His handlers would be smart to limit his public interviews.


I think the greatest steal in this draft may be for any team that gets Ricky Stanzi 4th rd. Thats why Stanzi is my 4th rd pick on any mock you'll see me implement.

If Kaepernick fell to 4th rd, which I extremely doubt, I would take him there too. Though its extremely difficult to pass on Stanzi.


OK, I understand you better now. Only thing I'm against is drafting a QB at 15, with no second round pick. I just don't see where the help is going to come for Henne and the offence if we go that route. I'd be more interested in a gu like Kaepernick, Dalton or Stanzi later and let them develop for 2-3 years. I don't see it in the 1st round guys this year and I like Gabbert the best of all of them.

DB, I like Stanzi too but what are your thoughts on Dalton. He may go second round.


Posted by: ALoco | March 24, 2011 at 05:14 PM

And don't forget! I install indoor outdoor carpeting for $19.95 a room!!!!


Kaepernick in the fourth would be great. I highly doubt it. That's why I'd be fine with giving up next year's second for this kid. He's raw but I think given a couple of years to develop I think he'd be great!


My thoughts on Dalton are absolutely nil. Our greatest obstacle is there wont be an impact player available in a trade back scenario worthy of us commanding a 2nd rd pick.

We would be extremely fortunate to get an extra 3rd rd pick from a team willing to move to #15. Therefore Dalton is totally out of the question.

Have you noticed we arent inviting the 2nd rd status qb's for a workout? Tells me Ireland isnt realistically believing he'll get a 2nd rd pick in a tradeback scenario at #15.

There's great likelihood that kind of player wont be available that any team would be willing to give up their 2nd rd pick to move up and get.


This try and retrieve the 2nd rd pick merry-go-around has to end somewhere. This is the year to end it. If not, it'll be rob Peter to repay Paul every draft season.

You tell me where it should end?

Dying...I think that it is much more likely that we get an additional 3rd, then adding a second. I know your mock said availability. But with Titus Young, I don't think he would drop into the third round. Maybe.

As far as Rob Housler. I know that he is a hybrid guy. But I think he is a little over-rated as a 5th round prospect. He reminds me of Dorin Dickerson. a player that slid into round seven last year. Dickerson was about the same size, faster, and could jump higher yet fell almost undrafted. Housler is a speedy guy, but what else? I don't see him taken before round 6.

To keep borrowing the future 2nd rd pick to appease the present is pure insanity and must end now.

when the nfl resumes in 2012 henne will not be our starter. gabbert wouldnt be bad but newton is garbage


I believe Kaeprnick and Stanzi have been invited to work out privately. Not sure about Dalton. So what you are saying about Dalton is that you don't rate him?


Like I posted, I believe Ireland see's he more likely to get and extra 3rd than a 2nd rd pick.

As far as my 5th rd pick scenarios I would be happy with any of those 3 guys I listed. You have to remember that by 5th rd the pickings get really slim.

Gators speedy rb Emmanuel Moody should be a 6th rd steal as far as change of pace homerun ability. You could run him 15-18 times a game max if needed. Thats why I also added Kendall Hunter in that scenario too.



I disagree with you on borrowing next year's pick for this year. If there's a player we want then we go and get him. As long as we're not doing something stupid to get him. What's your problem with doing it? And when have we done in before? We traded two seconds for Marshall....that's been it.


Dalton's rated definite 2nd rd'er. Meaning extremely great possibility we dont even get a sniff. I think there's 98% probabilty we wont get a 2nd rd'er in trading back.

So thats most likely why Ireland hasnt even offered an invite. Its a total waste of time when he can be evaluating players more likely to be within the realms of "OUR" drafting status.

Let's see how it plays out DB. I'm not so down on the possibility of getting a second back. When it happens I'll tell you you ssai there was a 98 per cent chanc eit wouldn't happen. You're starting to sound like Bill Connors....LOL.

Dying..I understand...It's all relative. More about finding the best player at this point. Finding starters in the later rounds gets more challenging. I think you just have to find the best players you can. Hope they can add some depth, and go from there.


The two 2nd's for Marshall are why we dont have a 2nd this year. Mortgaging next year's 2nd rd pick will only lead to mortgaing 2013's 2nd rd pick in 2012.

To get out of the "endless loop" at some point we've gotta "sit on our hands". Where the hell does that point kick in for you?

Drafting a qb 2nd rd doesnt guarantee stardomship. What if we wasted another 2nd rd pick for another Chad Henne? Gotta heavily weigh all of those concerns before pulling the trigger.

If we had a current 2nd rd pick, hell yeah I would be more willing to pull that trigger. But to pull the trigger and it doesnt work out means again in 2012 we still dont have a 2nd rd pick yet again. I would much rather go after VY when a cba is reached.

we have 2 drafts before we play again. better make them count

Craig M...I don't want to but in. And I understand there are a million scenarios that could land us in the second round. I just don't see it. What player out there is so dynamic that a team is going to give away one of their only second round picks to move up to 15?

The one team, and call me crazy that may hold that key is the Patriots. I think they have TOO many picks. They are already very young. How many more prospects can you expect to make a difference? At some point I think they hold the cards as far as moving up to get a difference maker. Think about this. They could make a push for a player like Vonn Miller, or AJ Green. Or anyone they like. They have the firepower. Foks may say no way New England moves up, or gives away picks. I think it is more likely they do this, then us aquiring a second round pick.


In my 3rd rd scenario, Titus young is starter ready because of his advanced route running skills. Kendall Hunter is starter ready, but I think he gives better usuage as a 18-22 cpg rb.

In the Senior Bowl, Kendric Burney prooved he could have very good nickel corner skills. The two TE's I listed dont have to be starters, but we do need thier speed and could use them in certain passing packages.

So none of these 3 potenial 5th rd picks has to have a definite starter label attached to them. Burney even showed great special teams ability in the Senior Bowl.


Your response to CraigM, I posted the same last night. There are teams with more fire power to move up than we do.

I was trying to warn those thinking its easy for us to move up that the competition has far more to offer if other teams are targeting moving up for that same player too.

At least I see now that you get it too. LOL.........





DC....back on the fence,,,,,,whats up with that..

Dying..Burney is a player that I hope is on our draft board. I would love it if we took him in round 3. But I know he is rated higher then this. The only knock on Titus Young is his hand size. This sound nuts, but I think that teams are worried that he may struggle in traffic catching the ball. People need to realize that route running is more important than speed. Take a look at Torrey Smith. Fast guy, limited route runner. You can be quick as lightning. But if you can't get open, you end up a non factor.

Is it me or does Mando hate Chad(Fat neck)Henne more then us????, It's almost Like A reverse of his man love for jason Taylor...Mando makes me LOL...

Folks, we have a pretty good nucleus, therefore the cake has been baked. There is enough available in 2011's draft to place the icing on the cake.

That's why mortgaging yet another 2nd rd'er isnt a solid idea. We have the cake, we can get the frosting this year. If that isnt enough, by keeping all of our picks this year, we can add the candles in 2012 and have a big party.

All thats required is that we dont do anything stupid or overly rash with this 2011 draft. Just look to add speed at certain offensive positions and look to make solid selections. Not reaching for the pie in the sky.

Alright fellas...Gotta go entertain. 2 more days....2 more days and I'm back to being free!!!

if we have cake then its sara lee and new england has french pastry. they are 3 years ahead of us, maybe 5 years ahead. this team is going nowhere in 2011. buffalo may already be better than us by start of 2011.


Burney's going 5th rd range. He doesnt have the speed required to go any higher. No one's wasting a 3rd rd pick for a nickel corner. Its not only unsound drafting, but also borders along the ridiculous.

Its totally outside the guidelines of player position value. A nickel corner's not a 3rd value in any gm's book. However if Matt Millen were still a gm he could be a 1st rd pick. LOL.........

Dalton strengths

Intelligent player and team leader
Enough zip for intermediate throws
Nice touch on fade routes

Upside can be found elsewhere
Mobile in the pocket, capable thrower on the run
Wins games - only one loss in last 22 games
Smart with the football
Four-year starter

Lacks velocity beyond 15 yards
Three-quarters release point
Transferring from a spread offense to the NFL
Not physically gifted
Limited upside
Lacks velocity beyond 15 yards
Three-quarters release point
Transferring from a spread offense to the NFL
Not physically gifted
Limited upside

3/4 release and velocity is a deal breaker for me.

Robert Quinn

Da'Quan Bowers

Tyron Smith

Aldon Smith

Caneron Jordan

Jimmy Smith

Without going through all the possible scenarios and regardless of however likely or unlikely it is.

Whether it's from sliding or their stock rising anyone of these 6 guys could land us in a position to garner a 2nd rounder in a trade down.

Longshot or not, I would think Robert Quinn has the best chance of sliding a little.

Jimmy Smith probably the riser.

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