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Dolphins to host Newton,Gabbert this weekend

Maybe the Dolphins think they know something. Maybe they actually do know something. Maybe Cam Newton's draft stock will drop like a bear market and he will be available with the 15th overall selection of the first round -- the pick the Dolphins hold in the April 28 draft.

Maybe that is the reason the team is hosting a private workout with Auburn QB Cam Newton this weekend in South Florida, according to NFL.com. I am furthermore reporting Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert will also have a visit and work out for the team this weekend.

[Update: These visits-workouts are not at Miami's facility in Davie, FL. The team will fly to meet with the players rather than the other way around.]

Newton and Gabbert are among several quarterbacks this space has reported will share private workouts with the Dolphins. Colin Kaepernick is another. Ricky Stanzi is another. Tyrod Taylor is another.

But unlike those others, Newton and Gabbert are expected to go poof by the time the draft is out of the first 10 picks in the first round. Denver might take one at No. 2, Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said this week he loves both and the Bills hold the No. 3 pick. Tennessee (No. 8), Washington (10) and Minnesota (12) all might want a QB.

So what, I wonder, makes the Dolphins think either might be available when they draft at No. 15?

The possibility, my hope, is that maybe all the hype about Newton going early is just that. Hype. And maybe his lack of experience, his need to learn to read defenses and move safeties, his need to learn the pro-style footwork, all the things that make Newton a project, will push him down.

But all the way to the Dolphins?

Maybe they know something. But I get the feeling, more likely they are just covering their bases and when all is done, they will watch helplessly as Newton gets picked before they get a turn.

And while the club is indeed interested in Newton and just about every quarterback possibility out there -- they have studied them all -- coach Tony Sparano continued to do his best earlier this week to talk up incumbent Chad Henne.

That's because he was asked about Henne. Sparano said at the owner's meetings that Henne improved last season. (I am trying to write this with a straight face.)

"He completed a higher percentage of intermediate passes, which doesn’t make the fans happy and doesn’t make evidently a lot of people happy, but it should because it's a sign of progress," Sparano said Tuesday from the annual NFL owners' meeting.

"Other areas I thought he improved on was his ability to move in the pocket and create space. When you look at the number of sacks we had and the number of sacks avoided, the throwaways, those were the areas that he improved on."

Yes, but coach ... Henne stunk on long throws. Think the opener in which he missed Brandon Marshall by a mile. Think the underthrow the following week. Think the missed opportunity to hit a long TD against Cleveland. Think the missed throws of Brian Hartline in the Jets and Patriots games.

"Some of that is on us for the number of opportunities," Sparano said. "There's just a lot of factors, but when you get the green light, you’ve got to make the play, and Chad would tell you that."



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GTG, need to get up really early tomorrow for urgent business to care of. Im out. LOL..........

He maybe the best I`ve seen play the position, remember they invented a position for him were he`d line up with his hands on his legs sort of hunched over wide on the Tackle they called it the Elephant position.

He nearly led a mutiney on JJ in 92 when Johnson got drunk on the team charter after a loss to Wash. that season because of a botched hand off late inside there 5 between Aikman and Smith. JJ apparently started raging on the plane and Haley told him to shut up, after JJ left Haley said he couldn`t stand him and eventually JJ would have lost the locker room.

I have as many reservations concerning Henne as anyone invested. However, I do not view his prior NFL performance with a narrow mind.

Looking at the whole picture, it wouldn't surprise me if Henne breaks out this year and throws for 4,000 yards. (Before you Henne haters pound away at the keypad, I do declare that in order for this to happen, several events must occur.)

I understand (and many here refuse to acknowledge this) that Henne was shackled by a number of factors - including his inexperience.

But I remind myself that changes have already taken place in the FO that might aid in Henne's progress. Bye-bye.

I also believe our O-line will not be the merry-go-round it was most of all 2010 season. Sparano even alluded to the O-line concerns.

I also believe the FO is going to try and address priorities that will rebuild, or shore up, this team around Henne's strengths.

To me, that suggests (a) a rock-solid RB that can block and catch; (b) a faster TE that can block and catch; (c) an OLmen that is a bruizer to replace V.Carey, and/or J.Berger.

The return of J.Jerry, and a redundancy of injuries not-with-standing.

Meanwhile, drafting a QB that can start behind the very same refurbished offense (should Henne prove to be the bust) appears to be in the frame of things.

In what order these key posistions are satisfied, largly depends on factors outside the unknown. More specifically, even the FO wont know who to draft until until their bell is rung.

Whatever we lack at that point, we must dip into the all too uncertain FA after the CBA is signed. (And please don't forget, just because a player is a free agent (VY, etc.) does not mean Ross can makes them sign with Miami.

If the FO muffs it up, then Henne, and various others will be cut-bait.

enought with the talk about newton...there are red flags everywhere with him...stealing at florida, cheating on test, and numerous other things rumored...not to mention a shady father that will always be in the backround. they talk and talk about newton's arm strength...when you watch any of his throws during this last season, they are all lobs with safeties being late to the ball...that will not happen in the nfl folks...the ed reeds of the nfl will pick that off every time....and people love to hate henne...perhaps if the ultra conservative henning and sparano would have tried some more deep throws, then maybe henne would have hit more...you can't get into a rythem throwing the deep ball when you rarely get a chance to...they ruin quarterbacks in miami...sparano and his staff were so worried about hennen making a mistake that they ruined the part in him that makes so many other quarterbacks great...the ability to take chances and not always worry about making the mistake...while henne might not be the greatest qb, i blame sparano and his staff.

i just love all these pro henne bloggers. it wasn't his fault, if we surrounded him with a great offensive line, really good running backs, speedy wide outs and a pro bowl tight end, he would do better. duh. so would i!

1st Cameron Jordan/ Ryan Kerrigan
3rd Greg Little/ Andy Dalton
4th Rob Housler/ Ricky Elmore
5th Casey Matthews/ Alex Green
6th Tyrod Taylor/ Byron Maxwell
7th LeStar Jean/ Ryan Hill
7th Mario Fannin/ Ricardo Lockette


I was just trying to be funny lasy night at 2:39 in the morning-LOL. Jimmy Smith is actually a guy that I keep thinking about in a trade down scenario.

Anyway, why would YOU draft Cameron Jordan?

PS: I like Little and Housler, but I think Dalton will go to the Skins early 2nd round. Also, I LOVE Fanin.

Then you get my point. All the great teams are proven to have a solid array of quality players including some that sit the bench.

However, even on a fantacy league, you would utterly destroy the team, because you would be the sole weakest link.

I think Jordan and Kerrigan will be big for whoever picks them up in the 1st... Most people see those guys going to either Pats, TB or NOs 3-4 OLB -TB and NO are going 3-4 now... At 15 I think they are the best players that are still going to be available. with the most chance to make an impact on defense. Misi is good but not great... S. Smith is good not great. both positions need improvement...Misi and S Smith still hold trade value w atleast a 3rd rd grade. Dalton and Kaepernick will probably be picked late 2nd rd but I'm thinking if Dalton is there in the 3rd he'd be a great value.

I really think Housler and Jordan Cameron are both 3rd rd guys now but if one of them were to be available in the 4th I'd jump all over that

not necessarily GulfDolphin. Trent Dilfer won a SB because of an extraordinary cast around him. More often than not though, the onus is on the QB to raise the level of play around him, not have the others bail him out.

if Aj Green, Julio Jones, Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Prince Amukamura or Robert Quinn were to fall to 15 then I'd pick them 1st

LB next year... Jordan Dansby Crowder Wake with Misi Edds Dobbins and Alama-Francis as backups. Misi and Edds could compete for Crowders spot...
I'd like to see Casey Matthews in the mix as well but in order for them to take him 5th rd they'd need to make space and get another pick back in the 5th. Still he's a guy that could end up being a long term starter...doubling up on RB is almost necessary and there will be interesting prospects mid rds
Jordan Todman
Delone Carter
Shane Vereen
Bilal Powell
Taiwan Jones
Alex Green

I agree oswaldo, that it is in fact the QB's job to lead, and inspire. But that is easier said than done, if the whole team is pock-marked with inferior factors.

Again, you have proven my point. With an extrodinary cast, even an average QB can win it all. But name me one SB winner that had the problems Miami faced last year?

Name me one QB (past, present, or future) that could have taken the fins to a divisional title last year?

Other than Marino, I can't think of one...


I was just curious as to how you saw Jordan fitting in.

At 6-4 290 the guy runs a 4.7. He can definitely play Strong Side backer and on passing downs I'd use him as a straight up pass rush specialist opposite Wake.

Then with the possibility of Misi putting Crowder on the bench! It could be an awesome move!

Also agree on Housler and Cameron, either one in the 4th. In a heartbeat!

Craig, why is everything always about being right with you? LOL Honestly, I don't care who's right. You strayed off the original discussion anyway into something I wasn't even talking about.

For the record, the convo was about Newton / Mallet & who'd be the bigger risk. Not about Mallet's risk in general. Not about him not being worth the 15th pick or comparisons to Ryan Leaf.

I gave my preference. And, yes, I would take him at 15. That doesn't make me right, wrong or even care. It's just my thought. :)


It has nothing to do about being right or wrong. I'm expressing my opinion just as your expressing yours. I'm passionate about not wanting a QB in the first round and I think Mallett has bust written all over him. If that comes off any other way then I apologize.

Bigalfy, I just read your comments to me from last night. I'll respectfully disagree with your thinking. Seems like you and other have already given up on Henne after two years of starting. That's fine, but I've we all agree that Henne was handicapped with Henning, a mediocre offensive line and a subpar running game, shouldn't we also agree that he deserves another year to show if he has it or not. So what YOU are saying, let's ignore all the other problems on the team and go draft a first round QB. That the problems of this team can be solved by having a first round QB. Not any one QB in particular, just a first round QB. I imagine this is what the Browns had in mind when they drafted Tim Couch and Brady Quinn, when the Raiders drafted Marinovich and Russell, when the Bengals drafted Palmer and Smith, and when the 49ers drafted Drukenmiller and Smith. We've had first round QB's on this team before, namely Culpepper, McNown and Harrington. Didn't make a bit of a difference! What's that you say? Those weren't the ones you wanted? Who is it you wanted? Leinart, Vince Young and David Carr? Those guys haven't worked out either.

Bigalfy, it takes 11 guys to play offence and 11 guys to play defence. I suggest to you, if you draft a first round QB every 3-4 years until one pans out, the team will be worse than it is right now. It will send a messge to the fans and players that you REALLY don't have a clue what you are doing and you'll be unable to replace the players on the team that need to be replaced. It's been SIX years since we drafted a high round running back. It's time! I've never said Ingram is the next Emmitt Smith, so don't twist my words. What I said is he has the same build and running style. You've said Ingram won't hold up in the NFL because of his size. Seems to be Smith held up just fine. Same with Thurman Thomas. So I don't buy that argument. And there is NO way that Ingram has as many question marks as Mallett or Newton. That's a preposterous idea!! Both QB's have character concerns and concerns if they can play in a pro game. You can ignore that fact if you like but that's what the experts are saying.


One last point. You say we've been doing it this way for the last twenty years? What is it we've been doing? Not drafting a first round QB? Well first of all, Marino didn't retire until '99, so it's really just 10 years not 20. Secondly, it's not the fact we haven't been drafting first round QB's that's killed us, it's the fact the we've blown so many picks. Let's see, it was TWO firsts for Williams. The four guys you mentioned were all busts. We traded two seconds for Marshall. A third for Lamaar Gordon, who didn't even last a season in Miami. A second for Culpepper. A second for AJ Feely. A fifth for Thigpen. A miss on Pat White and Patrick Turner.

The bottom line is you can't keep missing on draft picks and expect to be successful in the NFL. Take a look at the Raiders and Bills. That's been their story for years. Want to know why the Broncos have gone south? Look at their draft record over the last 5-6 years. Pitiful!! And now they are doing a second guess on Tebow after trading up to pick him in the first round last year. It never ends!! The teams like the Colts and Packers just consistently get it right year after year. That's the blueprint for success. Not the hit one out of the park once evry ten picks your proposing, which picking Mallett is this year, by the way. Maybe he's a success and maybe he's not, but none of us know right now and we need to stop being wrong more often than being right. You'll never get any better that way.

If the Dolphins draft Newton or Ingram at 15, I'll throw my remote through my T.V.

Trade down take carimi in first, take stanzi in second. Nobody talks about stanzi he very well could be the best qb suited for the NFL game. You could fix oline and get a talented qb. Newton reminds me of mark Sanchez. He plays one year and teams drool over the possibilities when in reality he could of used another year of growing up in college. Newton is athletic but not a fit for dolphins

I don't care if Cam Newton comes with a pocket full of gold, and free beer for life... don't draft that guy as our top pick. TROUBLE will follow him, and drag the team down with him. Be afraid, be very afraid.

How'bout that, I might have a relative in this blog! Now turning my attention to the Dolphins DL, they seem to be pretty solid there, too. Right DE is overflowing with talent and it is a position where we might trade one of those players to our advantage. If Soliai plays to last year's level we are good there also, but I did not like the performance by R. Starks last year at the position. According to all Draft analysts this is a good year to pick a solid NT. I think we need it. As for LDE Wake is now called Wake in the League but he also has no backup(if ever there would be one!). In all, good future.

Sorry, Wake is LOLB. Kendall Langford I meant. Solid, very solid and underrated but I don't know who his backup is. I think we are in need there.

Trade down
1: carimi
2: leshoure/stanzi
3: demarco Murray
4: Housler
5: hagg
6: thorson
7: lockette
This would be a great draft. You add two linemen, two backs, te, speed demon wr, good way to build an offense

I want Mallet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henne is your answer, wait and see, you 3 year experts don't have a clue. Do some real research and compare.

there not taking either of them, the plan is to bring in those theyre not interested in or have no chance of getting, they want ponder, thats why theyre NOT bringing him. so others cant gage the interest in him to trade up and get him. if teams in the 2nd rd dont think the dolphins will take him he has a greater chance of falling to him

What we need is Matt Flynn. Henne can be #3 Newton is not a good bet. need a good RB for first pick and then hope we get lucky on the #3 pick. If they keep Henne the only noise you will here is the echo off the empty seats on game day.

Its great to see that people are sharing quite profitable information with each other

Wow, whoever posted for me talking to Aloco, thanks, that's what I would've said!

Why do you guys keep talking about Newton or Ingram, neither will be there at 15.....

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