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Dolphins to conduct private workout with Newton

Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton has a private workout scheduled with the Dolphins, a source is telling the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora.

Newton, perhaps the most scrutinized and talked-about player in the draft, also has workouts scheduled with Carolina, Washington, Buffalo, Minnesota, Tennessee, Cincinnati and Cleveland, according to the report.

What does that all mean?

It means Newton is such a compelling and imposing quarterback talent that teams at the very top of the draft are going to give him serious consideration. And it also means there is no clear consensus on Newton as a franchise quarterback type because teams slated to select well into the first round are looking very closely because he might be around when they select.

The Dolphins?

General Manager Jeff Ireland has promised to do all his homework on quarterbacks. Thank God! The Dolphins need a game-changer at the position so they are apparently leaving no pebble unturned and dismissing no possibility in an effort to upgrade.

Picking Newton, assuming he is available when the Dolphins select at No. 15, isn't necessarily an instant upgrade. Wherever he is selected, the chances of him starting immediately are slim. The kid is a physical speciman at 6-foot-5 and 248 pounds. He runs like the wind. He has a bazooka for an arm.

And having said that, there are questions about his footwork, accuracy, technique, ability to adjust to a pro-style attack after playing in the spread offense at Auburn, and there are questions about how quickly he'll learn to recognize coverages and be able to manipulate safeties.

So there's a lot to investigate on Newton.

If you ask me, I am thrilled the Dolphins are doing the work.

And yes, despite all the questions, I'd love for Miami to take him if he's available at No. 15. I don't think he'll be there.

But I have a dream.


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Anybody knows what Cam Newton's Wonderlic score is?



aloco is gone long ago,this is a fake aloco .


There is nothing wrong with dreaming. But the reality is, there are 7 teams drafting ahead of us that are desperately in need of a QB. If they ALL passed on Newton, and he fell to #15, I would'nt want to be the one making that hellish decision. Needn't worry though. He'll be drafted prior to #15, and will not be a starter.

IMO, our best hope at the QB position is when the CBA gets resolved, we work with USC Heisman QB Carlson Palmer - who adamently refuses to sign with the Bengals. He threw for 3970 yards last year.

That would instantly improve the QB situation for several years; a cushion we can deal with, and foster. Keep Henne and draft towards our other needs.

That is dreaming too, as it all depends upon whether or not we can lure Palmer here.

I doubt very seriously Mike Brown will behave like a child, and let Palmer rot. That doesn't make any sense. Except once, with Al Davis, and the rare times when a player sits out for more money.

no way,aloco doesn't sound like you .

C'mon, Man, do you seriously believe that Cam Newton will cut in the NFL? I HAVE Kaepernick's Wonderlic score.


Yes, but can Newton kick field goals? That's all Sparano wants to know.

gulf palmer is going to want 80 billion...he's done, too many injuries, looked a lot like hennebrain last year.

My wine is French and my beer German.

Agree with you about Palmer, GulfDolphin. Let's see.


When you sit back and just read you can really start to figure out the poster's with mutiple names.....its really not that hard....

Even for those of us "intellectually less favored"....

That has had me rolling all day........

I say trade down. Pick up Mallet. The guy can throw a football. The ball jumps out of his hands. And Marino couldn't run away from a gang of kindergartners.

Newton reminds me a lot of Culpepper.


If I were Dolphins GM I would do what it takes to land VY then draft Ricky Stanzi 4th-5th rd. I like Kaepernick too but think he'll be gone before the end of 2nd rd.

Cam Newton is a bigger version of Pat White with an extra helping of arrogancy to boot!


Newton is going to make a nice RB for somebody, but will be a QB bust. The NFL where Heisman QB's go to die!


Wow, Ireland will undertake his due dilligence for still another quarterback in the wake of Chad Henne not living up to expectations. Well what happenened when he was evaluating Chad. Did he have his eyes closed to the Henne obvious flaws?

Watch us trade next years #1 to trade up and get Newton.

I would poop my pants!

ALoco good point.

Newton will be worth selecting if he gets to our level. But I would not hold my breath on that. The idea of having him running as a big part of the offense would just be a disaster. QBs who run a lot have short careers. Key issue is how much he can learn to read defenses and find secondary and tertiary receivers in real time then use that bazooka arm to deliver the ball accurately. Henne has a bazooka arm as well - but the combination of missing open receivers and throwing inaccurately has been his nemesis so far.

Wow - now I feel truly honored.

I got fake posted!

someone thought enough of me to copy my name.


If we were to get a qb I would want ponder

Paul Allen is more than $10 billion richer than the second-richest owner, Stephen Ross of the Dolphins, who checks in at $3.4 billion.


Michael Vick is NOT a proven player.(yeah, those that win SB's and those that are inducted into the HOF even if they hadn't).

Oscar, I figured you'd find that post amusing. Throw in a pacifier. His signing bonus...

And to marooned,(I do not recall anyone here but me that uses that name, albeit abreviated)

I say, 80 billion is an exaggeration, and what injuries do you speak of that renders Palmer, "done"? The Hennebrained tag was the topper. No, the 80 billion logic was the funniest.

Go drool on your pillow, and pleasant dreams.

Marooned on a Deserted Island & GulfDolphin

Man, still, People do not understand Internet. The more you manipulate, the deeper you will sink(in this Space, of course). What can we do? Keepontryingkeepontrying

T-E-S-T Cam Newton !?????????

Here is how they should 'TEST' Cam Newton...

They should stick him in a dark holographic room...

and Have 80 THOUSAND PEOPLE Boo him. Then..they should have 15 imaginary Defensive Backs INTERCEPT ALL HIS PASSES and run them back for scores.

Lastly a nasty DRILL SERGENT should
walk up in his face and tell him that he'll NEVER BE ABLE TO READ PRO DEFENSES.
If...after that, he stays Cool...then draft him.


The Fins will trade places with ATL and make their pick for a franchise QB in that spot. Marino's replacement will be taken in the same spot he was taken! Looking forward toward this draft, no more Ginn family or Pat white picks PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

HAHA!, Yazzi.

A bit off the subject, but why are some of the posters name's lettered in blue, while the majority are black?

I thought maybe it meant you were affliated with the Herald, as Amando's name is blue, but I noticed that a regular here suddenly has a blue name.

Just curious.

That means a link to another website, GulfDolphin. Neverever press that type of link if you don't trust the site involved.

If we do take Newton somehow...and Im NOT advocating that...it will mean that the FO is 100% fully convicted about his ablity ( maybe they should actually be convicted criminally..lol )...I doubt they do it at this stage...

My best guess would be they trade up to No1 next year and pick up Andrew Luck if they are 100% certain...and that could mean that ALL or ANY players are tradeable...including LONG...

For this year, they will trade down and if they wait till the 3rd or 4th for a QB , it will be wasted....sorry Dying but Stanzi probably wont make it at the NFL level although I could be wrong...

For mine, id trade down...pick up Mallet and the best R Gaurd available in the draft at that point....running back much later...

FA has to be either VY or Matt Flynn or the unlikely Carson Palmer.
Chad Ocho is also interseting if he comes cheap...

Did you know that Larry Csonka ran in the 4.5-4.7 range? Have you watched Paul Soliai run down people 20-30 yds. down Field? Amazing athletes.

You guys know I don't write long posts....I don't need to 'cause I've been around, know things and don't have to explain myself. That being said, if Newton is available at 15 and the Dolphins don't take him, they are missing out on the opportunity to develop someone bigger and stronger than Michael Vick....and just as talented. What he is missing can be taught.

That Lager was excellent, redsky(I tried the amber one). Thankyou. And I will definitely keep it on top of my arsenal when I feel like having a good American beer.


No way in God's green earth we give up a second for VY, be it next year or any other year. And to everybody else, no way we trade up to 6th or whatever place we're supposed to be trading up to for Cam Newton. This is crazy talk!

It's the same loser crap we've been doig for years. I'm tired of being the franchise that throws picks around like they're candy and tired of watching guys like Bellichik stock pilie his picks year after year. There's a reason why they are consistently 14-2 and 12-4 and we struggle to be 7-9. We overpay for guys (see Lamar Gordon, AJ Feely, Daunte Culpepper and even Brandon Marshall) and Bellichik can ship a guy like Moss off for a third. Stop the insanity, stop the band aids and stop throwing picks around thinking there's no consequences for moving them.

can you see buffalo taking Newton
he could be the next brady problem

Yeah, yeah(off topic), I remember Pat Riley saying, "I can get any five guys and turn them into a Championship Team". Ahh, the Foibles of Youth(and not so young). Happens to everyone of us, sooner or later.

We competitive People, love Problems.

yeah yeah, sounds like a drafting attempt

That Irish Guinness stout is , sometimes, too stout for me.

"there are questions about his footwork, accuracy, technique, ability to adjust to a pro-style attack"

...and I'm quite sure that WR coach Dorrell - oh, sorry, QB coach Dorrell, with all his experience as a QB and a QB coach can fix all those things, just like he can with Henne.

VY is the best bet but if the only way they get him is to trade for him (they won't) as no way he chooses to come to the Fins with this staff over pretty much any other team who might want him. Watch - there will be very few big name FAs who will want to be here. They all know Sparano won't make it past this year when the team goes 7-9 or worse and every player knows that what Ricky and JT have said is true - and nobody (except washed up players that nobody else would have) wants anything to do with him. And, by extension, the Dolphins.

You seem to know even more than the players do, Jimmy Jam. Tell us more, we are craving for information.

I guess nobody wants to partake with their information. I do, like I stated on my Tweeter page, "Gaddafi is done, leave the People be", some days ago.

Do you not think that the rest of the players will listen to Ricky and JT? Why would they want to come here as FAs? Ireland is cheap and it's not like Miami is competitive anymore. Plus we have a lame duck coach (extension? Means nothing), the second worst OC in football last year (yes, worse than Henning), a QB coach who has never coached QBs or played QB... do I need to go on? If you were a player and had a viable offer from another team, what would you do? Even the Browns and Lions are headed in a more promising direction than we are.

I'd love to buy into the draft magic and be hopeful but this team and its staff have shown me nothing. N O T H I N G. Well, except for Nolan. It's pitiful. Growing up with the Fins of the 80s, and laughing at the pitiful Bengals and Lions, I have to say I now feel badly about how I laughed at those poor fans of theirs. Why? Because I am now in the same boat while their teams are finally showing promise.

The Bills might even be better than us next year. The Bills!

You can smoke the pipe if you want Oscar and I am happy for you to be blissful, but the cold, hard reality is that we will not be better next year. It doesn't matter who they draft or if some FA makes the mistake of coming here, these (offensive) coaches are unable to make anything of a player (except maybe to ruin him).

At best 7-9 with five of those games being won by the defense. My prediction: 5-11 and we can finally let the door hit Sparano in the patoot.

Okay, so the Bungles aren't showing promise, but they'll probably be as good as we are next year.

Ahh, I appreciate your answer, Jimmy Jam(one of the few!). For that, even if I'm half-drunk(and I have to work tomorrow), I will answer you, by your parts. First, I do not believe that the majority of the players on the current Miami Dolphins roster will listen to Ricky and JT. Because? Those two, for all practical purposes are not Miami Dolphins anymore. Second, Ireland is not cheap, it's not his property, its Ross's. And he was anything but cheap last year, acquiring BM and Dansby. Now, about TS and Co., I too have my doubts. But, will that prevent prominent free agents from coming to Miami? I don't think so, for as we Cubans say, the monkey dances because of the Money. Allright.

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Question answered, thanks O canosa.

I don't trust any of those posters dressed in blue. Not enough to click on their link.

Just my luck, I'd hit one so full of viruses, I'd be typing atop a plauge in a nano-second.

Just don't hit Jimmy Jam's link to get more info. I smell an epidemc.

oscar...think about it...the players don't have to listen to ricky or jt...they are there! they see the same thing! ts is a micromanager silly man with no brains, period. all the players see it....not all will speak out, but if rw and jt saw the same thing, they all did!


I think you whipped some logic on Jimmy.

I wonder if he can answer THAT?

....the monkey dances because of the money.



Oscar, glad you tried a GREAT AMERICAN BEER, Yuengling, the oldest brewery in America guys!!!! Buy American!

The Bills WILL be better next year, we will as well....I would like to get Newton at 15, would not trade up for him


click on TypePad and sign in.

You will be in blue too-no virus's


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