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Dolphins to conduct private workout with Newton

Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton has a private workout scheduled with the Dolphins, a source is telling the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora.

Newton, perhaps the most scrutinized and talked-about player in the draft, also has workouts scheduled with Carolina, Washington, Buffalo, Minnesota, Tennessee, Cincinnati and Cleveland, according to the report.

What does that all mean?

It means Newton is such a compelling and imposing quarterback talent that teams at the very top of the draft are going to give him serious consideration. And it also means there is no clear consensus on Newton as a franchise quarterback type because teams slated to select well into the first round are looking very closely because he might be around when they select.

The Dolphins?

General Manager Jeff Ireland has promised to do all his homework on quarterbacks. Thank God! The Dolphins need a game-changer at the position so they are apparently leaving no pebble unturned and dismissing no possibility in an effort to upgrade.

Picking Newton, assuming he is available when the Dolphins select at No. 15, isn't necessarily an instant upgrade. Wherever he is selected, the chances of him starting immediately are slim. The kid is a physical speciman at 6-foot-5 and 248 pounds. He runs like the wind. He has a bazooka for an arm.

And having said that, there are questions about his footwork, accuracy, technique, ability to adjust to a pro-style attack after playing in the spread offense at Auburn, and there are questions about how quickly he'll learn to recognize coverages and be able to manipulate safeties.

So there's a lot to investigate on Newton.

If you ask me, I am thrilled the Dolphins are doing the work.

And yes, despite all the questions, I'd love for Miami to take him if he's available at No. 15. I don't think he'll be there.

But I have a dream.


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I don't think he will be there. Too many teams above us need a qb bad. But I'm glad that we aren't overlooking him. I think he fits Good with us, and it will give Chad henne the final understanding that if he doesn't perform to the level he should, there is a younger bigger qb behind him with more of an upside. Win win.

While Mando`s article made for an entire day of interesting what if`s, the fact is I would be shocked if Cam I am the Icon Newton is there at 15, look at the hype machine sorrounding this guy, it isn`t every year you see a player polarize opinions the way he has, some love, some hate, I believe he will get his love in the top 10

Life, Just hate the dad thing with Newton, The fins went down the "Family" Road with Ted(Sideline)Ginn one time, Gotta feeling cam could be the Jamarcus Russel of this draft...IMHO..

I don't see how drafting another quarterback that appears to need considerable development in the same ares that Henne is lacking is beneficial to this team. Let's look for someone more polished or we will have another terrible season.

Vince Young should still be an option - you'd like to think he has "grown up" a bit and matured. Maybe not though.

If the Fins want to "win now" Young is a better option than Cam.

Delugh,Two 7 and 9 seasons are a terrible season,Keeping Tony(Fist pump) Sporono is terrible,Keeping Jeff Ireland is terrible,Hiring Dabol is terrible,Having Steven(Hollywood)Ross as a owner is terrible, If they're 4 and 12 next season that will NOT be terrible(1 and 9 in a strike shorten season)

Hmm...if they do draft the kid at #15, will they be selling Fig Newtons at the games?

The thing about Cam is he hasn`t played a down and already his hype machine is in full blown acceleration signing endoresment deals. I wonder how serious he really will be about breaking down film, working on his mechanics ect.. or like Cuban Menace said are we looking at purple drank Russell again, all the talent in the world but not real about the game just the bank.

I think VY will be hungry I read that you don`t even need to worry about trade scenarios with him on NFL.Com because 10 days after the new CBA Tenn. has to pay him his 4.5 mil roster bonus or cut him and I can`t see them wanting to eat 4.5 in just his roster bonus because his base next season will be 8.8, on a guy that there new Coach has all but said he wants to move on from. The more I think about it the more I understand that he isn`t gonna get that money from anyone he needs to win games and fans back before he can dream of that kind of payday again, this fact makes him interesting to me.

fin4life is a good gay .

@ Menace 11:46

Amen brother I couldn`t agree more and you forgot w.r. I mean q.b. coach Dorall, do you really want to hand a rookie over to this guy this lame duck regime. I have a feeling that if we were to break out to one of our customary 1-4 starts under Sparano that the mob will begin to circle. This is a desperate group you think Boss Ross won`t cave when he sees an empty stadium like he did at the end of last season, while getting blasted on talk radio. It may even work to our advantage if there is no FA because I can`t picture them talking anybody into coming here not with the uncertainty sorrounding everything.

4life, Kinda reminds me of a carnival barker(Cams Dad) yelling through a Bull horn "Come and see the bearded Lady from Dayton" , A lot of hype(Mostly from his father and ESPN)(BTW I think ESPN has adopted him as "THE NEXT BIG THING" I hope he fails, I Hate ESPN......

Dr. Evil,

I am not the one who walks around carrying a midget like I was stroking an infant or something, how does that little man mount you anyway ?

It`s definitly a three ring circus Menace, by the way the last time I saw a dad pimp his kid that hard it was Todd Marinovich with the Raiders and he ended up some drug addicted head case, in case you didn`t know

Yeah Life I remember that..

The Akili Smith Newton comparisons are pretty weak. Like him of not Newton is in another class of athlete.

I suspect he will be the most dominant QB to come out of this draft and that he will not be there at 15.

Ireland is simply compiling information on a player the Dolphins will face in the future.

Just like I have been saying for the last couple of months IMO, VY remains the biggest potential upgrade for the Dolphins.

A 2012 2nd round pick would be a pretty good deal. He probably has to be traded for as he will not slide to the Dolphins if released.

I doubt Ireland/Tony have the vision to go after VY though. We will see.

Oregon, The biggest upgrade for the phins will come during the Bye-week when the fist pumper and Ireland will be "86ed", though that's only 2/3erds of the problem.........


Even if Newton is there this has to be a ploy to see if they can`t pry away somebodies 2nd. rounder, no way they take him because he can`t help them right now, all long term thinking is out the window with this group, they either win now or get canned, contract extensions aside, think about it are they really gonna draft for the next regime ?


If they break out as usual with the fist pumper to anything like 1-4 they may not get to the 2nd half of the season before you might see interim H.C. Nolan, just a thought

The reality is if we pick Newton at 15 and he flops everyone will say 'Geez, couldn't this regime see all the red flags with this guy. People knew he wasn't a NFL QB etc...'. It's the Pat White thing all over again. It's SO easy to be an arm chair QB but the reality is it's hard to be a decision maker. If he flops everyone will say 'they should have taken Locker' or 'they should have taken Mallett'. Very easy to be a second guesser and critique....very difficult to be on the front line making the big decisions. That's why they're there and we are here.



The Bifecta is simply trying to save their skin.

It is a shame Ross did not dump Tony last season IMO. I just do not like the smashmouth approach to offense and I believe Tony is over his head as a HC.

I'm not so sure that Ross will be willing to pull the plug on these guys mid season. In fact I wonder if we will not be watching Mr FG for the next couple of years.

One thing Parcells instilled when he came to Miami was a clear distinction between football people and operations people.

I think because Ross is a new owner that he is a bit tentative about wholesale clearing house.

It appears Ross has a lot of trust in Ireland and Ireland is of the Parcells/smashmouth perspective.

And look at the flack Ross received for even taking a look at Harbaugh. I was glad he was looking around, but he routinely receives hatred over it from fans on this blog.

Craig M,

Whats up bro, I hear what your saying but I gotta tell you signing endoresments while I don`t blame the hype machine is a bad way right of the bat to start him. I would have rather he came up paid his dues and earned it, they are running the risk of making him self entitled and lazy, contrary to popular belief he has tons of work to do before he is anywhere ready, I wonder will he put in the work in the film room were the really good Q.B.`s go to get better to learn there oppositions tendancies, Manning doesn`t know were the hot reads are because he is so brilliant, he has an understanding of what he sees cause he`s broken it down. It`s for this that I would recommend caution with him and just as strongly advocate VY who as the same player at the opposite spectrum, by the way you were right they have to let him go 10 days after the new CBA or give him his 4.5 mil roster bonus, is there a danger yes the same one with Cam the icon and all the others in this rookie group.

Some observations:

1) It's been 10 years since the Dolphins last won a playoff game. (The Dolphins defeated the Colts in OT in January, 2001, as Lamar Smith set a record for yards rushing in a playoff game.) Since that time:

a) I've gotten married
b) I've moved from Canada to the United States
c) The New England Patriots have won 3 Super Bowls.
d) There have been 3 Presidents of the United States (two of whom were born in the United States).
e) We've had September 11th and two wars.
f) I've transferred from videocassettes to DVDs.

Ten years is a long time. A long time to wait. A long time to suffer. A long time to contemplate.

2) I am a thoroughly monogamous male. I could no more betray my wife than I could betray my fidelity to the Miami Dolphins. Yet, I am enamored of female beauty. Be it Veronica Hamel, Veronica Lake or Veronica from Archie's Comics. A thought occurred to me. I'm a live and let live kind of guy. While I think homosexual marriage would be harmful for society, I am never anything but friendly to gays. Here's my point: I can't help but feel that there is something intrinsically lacking in homosexual unions. Yes, they're capable of love. But the uniquely complementary nature of the male-female relationship is forever missing. Males and females are so blessedly different. That makes the attraction unique and beautiful. That complementary nature is forever lacking in same sex couples.

3) It's hard to believe Chad Pennington played with Randy Moss at Marshall. They're such incredibly different people. Sometimes I think Pennington is too good for the NFL.

4) Can we really expect fairness from the NFL Network in how they cover the looming lockout? Isn't the NFL Network an arm of the league?

5) If you don't believe in God, how do you then account for:

a) A Mozart symphony
b) A Hemingway novel
c) Sexual fulfillment with your wife
d) The love and devotion of a dog

6) The best of all the Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) songs, in my opinion, is "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet."

7) My usual choice of reading during bowel movements is an old football encyclopedia I have that stops in 1974. It's funny, but no matter how many bowel movements I make (and I make ALOT), I always find something new to discover in the football encyclopedia.

8) Peter Finch was a great actor, yet I believe most of the people reading this entry right now have never heard of the man.


I know....Mr FG. He's not playing to win, he's playing not to lose....YADA, YADA, YADA.

Ever think he coaches based on the hand he's dealt? How many high-impact offensive guys has the team added in the last three years (under his regime)? Henne, Hartline, Bess, Fasano, Marshall. I can't think of anyone else. Marshall's top ten. Fasano is very mediocre. Hartline is average at best. Bess, slightly above average. Henne, the jury is still out. Two broken down running backs. I'm not sure what, if anything Henning (it actually was him calling the plays, not your beloved Mr FG) was supposed to do. Where are the high impact playmakers on this offence? Every other tea has them but us. You play the best way you can to try and win. We, unfortunately haven't had those playmakers and I'm not sure how that becomes Sparano's fault.


We just need to say no to Cam....that's all there is to it. When both Casserly and Lombardi don't even have this guy going in the first round and Mike Mayock has him at 21, why do we automatically have to think we are smarter than everyone else. There's a reason why these guys don't rate him very highly and they know more about these type of things than you and me put together.

Let someone else make a mistake on Cam Newton. I'm fine with that. They said a lot of thse same things about Jason Campbell coming out and I don't see any NFL Championships to his name yet.

I must have missed it too....how many championships did Daunte Culpepper win in Minesota? EXACTLY!! It's about winning championships guys and Cam Newton won't have what it takes to be a winner at the next level. Let him go sell as many Madden games and Under Armour shirts as he can. It's only going to end in heartbreak with this guy on our team.

Well Craig you want to continue to give Tony the benefit of the doubt, that's cool.

I guess you believe the team is structured and populated with people that Tony does not sign off on or agree with?

I think Henning was Tony's guy as much as he was Parcells guy.

You don't think it all starts and stops with the HC? Really? Because I do.

This is Tony's team, Tony's players and Tony's approach to offense.

We will see if things suddenly change, if the QB is unhandcuffed, if the Dolphins actually try to throw the ball down field, if Tony suddenly has the balls to want aggressive playcalling inside the opponents 30 yard line instead of obviously setting up for FG's.

We will see and I will be pleasantly surprised if any of that happens.

Dods, sexual fulfillment with your wife was great...for her...I never got off though. Seems like you really just wanted to have a reason to write about your bowel movements, maybe you'll go where they go...

The cba talks are most likely going to be over and done today. Most likely there will be no football in 2011.

Quaker, you may like Nathaniel Dodsworth, you may hate Nathaniel Dodsworth, but you can never be indifferent about Nathaniel Dodsworth.

Thank you.

@ Oregon 12:38,

I think that while it`s definitly been ammeture hour running the organization with Ross thus far at the end of the day he`s a business man. Do you really believe that if he fields a stadium with 20 to 30,000 spectators it won`t affect his line of thinking cause that is precisely what happened at the end of last season causing the great search for the replacement.

If his billion dollar investment takes hits at home from a disenchanted fan base I think he reacts quickly and boldly, remember contrary to popular belief his stake in the 9 bil. squabble is basically salary cap filler. His revenue comes from filling his stadium, selling sky boxes, merchandising and everything and anything else he could do to squeeze every lemon drop out of his investment, like a proposed water and theme park with hotel on stadium grounds. I suppose you could look at this from many diff. points of view but I lean on the all mighty dollar to make my argument for me.

And Craig about Newton, so you can tell unequivocally that Newton does not have IT and wont have what it takes to be a winner in the NFL?

You should give your crystal ball to Ireland so he can take the guess work out of drafting.

Now I have not been a big Newton supporter by any means.

I have been pushing Julio Jones till it appeared he has no chance of sliding to the Dolphins then wanting to see the Dolphins draft a offensive lineman.

However, you don't know Newton will not be successful. You ought to add that this is simply your opinion.

fin4life is a nice gay .

And to the debate about not having the adequate personel to play, I say it`s a half truth like alot of things in life it paints a picture but doesn`t tell the whole story, like 2 straight drives of turn overs inside the opponents 25 yard line, you remember the Pitt. game we put on the refs. I gotta tell you I felt we lost on those 2 drives at the beginning, we were as agressive as a mormon quacker in a room full of strippers never took a shot just settled and if I were a player I would have remembered that play calling as well there is a reason that after that game Marshall`s head just didn`t seem focused anymore while blowing up into his tirades

Dr. Evil,

Go stroke your little man thing midget !!!!


Hopefully you are right and he will aggressively supplant the FG approach to install a more offensively aggressive mind at HC and put fans back in the seats.

Ross would have to buy out the staff though now that Mr FG is signed for the next 2 years.

I am real curious to see how it all shakes out.

Minnie me has a special cattle prod he uses to mount Dr. Evil in his gay birdman s&m leather mask

Craig/Oregon, how goes it? I think we shouldn't compartmentalize this tsunami of mediocrity that's swept across Miami the past few decades. It all starts with past drafts (before the Trifecta took over). Failure after failure after failure finally broke the team down to maybe 2-3 players (JT, Zach and Ricky Williams). A handful of others came in and out of the organization and helped, otherwise all the money spent on every other player who played for Miami was wasted.

Under this regime, I can excuse years 1 & 2 (even if we won the division Year 1, it was more of a mirage than anything), because we were so devastated from prior FO's. Year 3 is what really put a bad taste in my mouth. That's because the FO AND the coaches not only didn't help the team, they were actually detrimental from their philosophy to their schemes to not pulling the gun on Henning sooner to calling timeouts at the wrong times and on and on. I put that on everyone's head from Ross to Ireland to Sparano to the Coordinators to the position coaches to the players. They ALL failed (some more than others, defense was obviously doing everything to help the team).

Lots of things need to happen to improve things around here. More talent is needed. Better coaching is needed, and better playing is needed. The first test of learning from their mistakes will come with the 15th pick in the Draft. If they pick Ingram, then Ireland will have told us that he learned nothing, and the failure will continue (mark my words). Not necessarily because of Ingram, but because that will mean Miami doesn't see anything wrong in it's dated, conservative approach to offense and football in general, which have been proven past few years not to work in today's NFL.

Then, we'll have to see if Miami drafts/acquired in FA (whenever that starts) a QB to compete against Henne. Again, without highlighting Henne specifically, but the most important position on the team NEEDS stability, and NEEDS the best available player. And if Henne's the only (serious) QB available, it will mean Miami isn't serious about competing this year if they don't force Henne to WIN the starting job from someone else.

Then we'll have to see during the season if Daboll and Sparano have upgraded the system so knucklehead CBs can't jump routes because they know exactly where the WR will be due to a vanilla system.

Frankly, those are the 3 areas I will be watching very carefully to see if this FO learned it's lesson. If they do the right thing in all those areas, I won't be too hard on them if the players can't do their part (and play good enough football to win). I'll say the FO did everything they could to help the team win, the players just aren't good enough.

But, if the FO continues to think there way is the right way, will lead to success and doesn't change in the ways I described above, I will be one who will be critical and screaming for their heads at the end of the season.

Oregon it`s just my opinion but I can`t see how he made 3.4 billion dollars in N.Y. real estate of all places without being pro active and understanding his business model, while he has definitly paid thru the teeth for being so green in the game you gotta figure he`s learned and wants to turn a profit, God forbid we start to win in the process.

Mallett, Mallett, Mallett. This is the QB for the Dolphins. A pocket passer who can see the field and over the O-line. Look who wins the super bowls. Pocket passers! When was the last time any scrambling QB won a super bowl? Last year Vick was tearing up his opponents. But couldn't get the job done when it counted. Lets get Ryan Mallett. Accurate. Strong arm. Quick release. Doesn't think about running. Sounds a lot like the days us Dolfans wish we still had.

dbmfins - ever hear of Aaron Rodgers?


Yeah he can run. But pass first he is. And he is a great pocket passer. Mick Vick, Vince Young, Randall Cunningham. All guys who want(ed) to run more than they throw. Don't confuse good scramblers (Steve Young, John Elway, Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers) with running QB. Cam Newton will be the Mick Vick type.


I'd call that a pretty fair assessment and I will be looking for those changes as well.

I just have my doubts though. Tony and Ireland seem like they are the type of guys who think they are the smartest people in the room.

I have a hard time believing Tony will change his stripes and suddenly install a dynamic aggressive offense.

I believe they could have done a whole lot more with what they had last year.


Great post by the way, I`m not worried about a Q.B. in the 1st.rd. whether we stay at 15 or trade down I think it`s a for gone conclusion that this group is in win now mode and a Q.B. doesn`t help there cause. I do worry about the point you bring accross were it relates to being set in ther ways and drafting Ingram, whom while very accomplished brings no game breaking ability to the table just another stout player with mediocre speed to add to a dynamic all ready saturated with them.

I feel that if this happens and we break out to another one of our notorious slow starts Ross will see his hand forced in the shape of an empty stadium, drops in merchandise revenue ect.. Then what does he do ? Does he fire Sparano before the end of the season and name Nolan interim H.C. ? If he does then will he retain him at the end of the year (bad move proved better DC than HC) ? If not then who does he bring in to right the ship that will have the constitution to see it thru, without it feeling like a reach.

These along with the points you brought up are all worth noting were it relates to the direction of the team. I can`t recall in all the years I`ve followed this team feeling so strongly about a complete organizational overhaul yet not quite sure were to start or whom with. I actually hope that FA gets squeezed because given the state of flux were in I don`t see how we talk anybody worth there salt into playing for us.

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