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Dolphins to conduct private workout with Newton

Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton has a private workout scheduled with the Dolphins, a source is telling the NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora.

Newton, perhaps the most scrutinized and talked-about player in the draft, also has workouts scheduled with Carolina, Washington, Buffalo, Minnesota, Tennessee, Cincinnati and Cleveland, according to the report.

What does that all mean?

It means Newton is such a compelling and imposing quarterback talent that teams at the very top of the draft are going to give him serious consideration. And it also means there is no clear consensus on Newton as a franchise quarterback type because teams slated to select well into the first round are looking very closely because he might be around when they select.

The Dolphins?

General Manager Jeff Ireland has promised to do all his homework on quarterbacks. Thank God! The Dolphins need a game-changer at the position so they are apparently leaving no pebble unturned and dismissing no possibility in an effort to upgrade.

Picking Newton, assuming he is available when the Dolphins select at No. 15, isn't necessarily an instant upgrade. Wherever he is selected, the chances of him starting immediately are slim. The kid is a physical speciman at 6-foot-5 and 248 pounds. He runs like the wind. He has a bazooka for an arm.

And having said that, there are questions about his footwork, accuracy, technique, ability to adjust to a pro-style attack after playing in the spread offense at Auburn, and there are questions about how quickly he'll learn to recognize coverages and be able to manipulate safeties.

So there's a lot to investigate on Newton.

If you ask me, I am thrilled the Dolphins are doing the work.

And yes, despite all the questions, I'd love for Miami to take him if he's available at No. 15. I don't think he'll be there.

But I have a dream.


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Two things....I believe this is Sparano and Ireland's team NOW!....Previously it was Parcell's team. The guy's a control freak....always has been. Sparano was nothing more than a puppet, learning the ropes and improving, as was Ireland. The personnel decisions all smart of Parcells, including passing on Bryant last year. The clock begins on Ireland and Sparano once Parcells left. Parcells even announced when he left that Ireland was NOW in charge....which tells you it was Parcells' team prior to that.

And yes I am confident that Newton won't be the guy at the next level. Where there's smoke there's fire. You can't have a guy with this many people questioning and just KNOW he's going to pan out. If this was an organization that is very rarely wrong and has a strong talent base, I would say go ahead and pick him but we've been wrong so many times we need to start getting it right. Way too much risk picking this guy.

Craig M,

We hope it was all on Parcells remember last season he said he gave Ireland a freed up hand in the draft, alluding directly to P.White and P.Turner and that this year (2010) Miami would once again be drafting players who can play in pads not work out guys. I wonder how much of that is true or was simply the ego driven maniac in him throwing his prodigy under a bus for the 09 reaches. I guess were gonna find out real soon. I know while we all lack faith in the FO were hoping it`s the latter and Jeff proves us wrong, with bold aggressive moves that land him a strong class.


The common consensus is that Pat White was a Parcells pick. Not sure if he's ever admitted to that or not but there's a lot of people that said Parcells was smitten on White. Turner I don't know about. I have a funny feeling they wanted somebody else (Ramses Barden, maybe?) but there guy or guys were taken and they saw a need for a wide receiver. In hindsight, it sure would have been good to have a guy like Bryant on this team last year. He has the look of the next Randy Moss if he can stay healthy.

Why won earth would Miami want to trade up to get one of these questionable QB? Either with this years picks or next years? Especially for Newton who is 1-2 years away from being ready to play. This team needs to trade away picks this year & stock up next year where better talent might be available, especially at QB.

This regime has this year to get something done. Marino was a HOF player who could never win cause the team around him was never good enough. This team is exactly the same. Not only does Cam newton not improve the team sitting on the bench, he probably makes them worse.

I'd rather have any starter along the o-line, a RB, a speedy WR or a FS ahead of Newton. The ONLY QB I'd consider in Rd 1 is Gabbert. This team is not a QB away, especially a QB not ready to play.


You're right on with your post!! It's amazing to me that guys like Armando or Mark in Toronto woould be fine with these moves. If I was the owner and my GM made a move like that I'd fire him on the spot. It's irresponsible and incompetent to think our talent base is anything close to being what we want it to be and now we're going to trade picks to move up and take guys who have as many questions aas these guys have. For those that want Ireland and company gone you can only PRAY that this is the type of bone-headed move he would make. It would be his sure fire ticket out of town.

Howdy Gents,

It always amazes me when us as fans can sooooo much insider information from our computer chairs.

How can any of us talk in absolutes about who picked who, if it's now Irelands team, what choices were made by whom, If Tony Sparano gtes to do any grocery shopping etc.

There is no printed material about internal conversations is there?

Sure you get a sound bite or a quip here or there from BP or Ireland but it doesn't seem to reveal a whole heck of a lot.

I am not calling anyone out as I see it happens quite a bit in general from lot's of bloggers. I just know that when BP left and he and Ireland go way back, you don't think for a second that he and BP don't still talk a ton of football?

You really think the guru, maven, forgotten more about football than you will ever know BP, the guy that people like Rex Ryan call and ask stuff of him is not going to get pinged by Ireland for plenty of input?

That would not add up to me. Unless Ireland really believes that BP has serious holes in his talent eval game that he believes he can rectify.

When you ask the son of a mother whom your homework has probably lead you to believe was a hooker if she infact was...you are not looking to draft that person. What was his next question "What's the price of tea in China?"

Maybe he should have been asking how many glasses of milk Odrick drank as a child instead?

Again, these are general musings about all kinds of postings/posters.



I got a shout out prayer to ALL of those affected by the Earthquakes.

When all you can see is doom and gloom, look inside yourselves and draw upon that inner strength!

May God be with you!

In other news:

My weekend is just about to start. Getting ready to tap a Mini Keg of Heineken and tune up the Stratocaster!!!!


Craig, I'm not opposed to trading up for a guy at all. But no way would I do it with Newton.

MAYBE Gabbert if it's into the low teens as the asking price won't be as high. But I would not trade picks that this regime has been so hit & miss on, I don't care who drafted him, for a guy with such a high bust potential as Cam.

Best case scenario for this team would be to try to trade all the way down to the bottom of the 1st round. Acquire a 2 & late round pick this year & a #1 next year. Throw them a 4th or 5th this year or next year if you have to get it done.

In this scenario, we keep a 1st this year, get a 2nd back w/a later pick this year & get a 1 next year. THEN YOU HAVE AMMO to really move in the draft. Just like the Pats.

You don't think they just get lucky every year in the draft do ya? They have so many picks acquired, their draft strategy is an art form. It's time Miami caught up with the times.

Your perspective that Ireland and Mr FG had nothing to do with personnel and philosophy till this year is, shall I say, one way of looking at it and a view I do not share.

Time will tell the tale. Hopefully we will a much more aggressive and dynamic offense this year.

If you have NFL Network the Dolphins will be winning the Super Bowl for the next hour (showing SB 7 and 8 highlight films)

The question is "How prepared will this regime be at QB when (Big IF) 2011 starts" vs "How prepared this regime will be as time moves from 2011 forward"

Because of the lack of a 2nd round pick, there strategy may have to include a reach of sorts to be best prepared if Henne doesn't win games and improve early in the season. They may have to take a flyer on a guy they would normally draft later just to ensure that they have some clay to mold into a QB. Mallet, Locker, Kaepernick, Ponder will all be gone before our choice in the 3rd round. (My guess)

If Henne flops (and by flops I mean what he did in 2010 or less stat wise) all or part of 2011, they have to be able to plug in an answer in 2012.

If you have not groomed a guy you have drafted in 2011 for a year then your ONLY other proposition is trades (prying a guy for stupid amounts of picks) or street FA. (I'm not going the give Henne a 5th year "better pieces around him" route)

Teams are wise, they realize that it is a QB driven league, that is why Elway is pulling Orton back into the fold. His stats were decent at the very worst.

VY represents the only FA QB that has superior athletic talent, has won about twice as many games as he has lost, is still young, and has lots of actual NFL game experience. If he didn't have his mental warts he wouldn;t be on the market. Remember problem guys like Vontae Davis, Incognoto, Brandon Marshall is this regimes true forte.

Kolb or Flynn very small actual game sampling and may be too expensive draft pick wise.

McNabb could be a stop gap guy. West Coast background bad fit but, all he has to be is better than Henne to be a decent stop gap. He is way long in the tooth and may be declining looking at recent results.

I believe Hasselbeck will be retained by Seattle.

Palmer will cost bucks and Paul Brown doesn't want Palmer to steer his ship.

Besides waiting and taking a flyer on a Stanzi in the 5th are there aren't a ton of options.

Tough option to pull off is trade back and get a 2nd and take Kaep, Mallet or Ponder in the 2nd. Not holding my breath on that happening.



I got a shout out prayer to ALL of those affected by the Earthquakes.

When all you can see is doom and gloom, look inside yourselves and draw upon that inner strength!

May God be with you!

In other news:

My weekend is just about to start. Getting ready to tap a Mini Keg of Heineken and tune up the Stratocaster!!!!


That's better!

Thinking About Becoming Oscars Fan | March 11, 2011 at 02:58 PM

I second that motion on the prayers going out to Japan. That's a scary thing to go through.

I have been through tons of mini earthquakes in SoCal. The small ones are alarming so the big ones have to be really scary.

odin, were you talking about "becoming a fan of the Oscars?" Those shiny gold statues are something else eh? I know the Oscars have many fans.

Yarrrrr Har Har! Lil, Viking humor.



I know your last post was directed at me. What makes you think anyone BUT Parcells was calling the shots when he was here? They guy has ALWAYS been a control freak. When he left New England it's because Kraft starting having input on who to draft. When he left Dallas it was because Jones was getting too involved. SParano and Ireland were brought here with a purpose....to learn life in the NFL and then Parcells was going to turn things over to them both. Not a bad blueprint. Has everything turned out? Of course not. Was there input from them all the way through. For sure. But I think it's very safe to say that Parcells had final say on personnel decisions. I have no evidence pointing to anything other than that.


I like Gabbert too but no way we trade up to pick this guy. Under that scenario we'd likely have to give up a third this year or a pick next year. Still too much uncertainty with this guy. If we have learned anything from our recent history that giving up picks is part of the reason we're in this predicament then we're in trouble. No more giving away the future!

NFLPA says it will decertify...

Let's see if the NFL blinks.

Come on NFL, open the freakin books so we can have progress and keep the worlds greatest sport and ALL it's employees and businesses that feed of them around.


Last night Oscar very uncharacteristically took it too Jimmy Jam.

I wanted to comment, but I didn't want to get in the middle of a fight. It was late.

Hence: Thinking of becoming an Oscar Fan.

Valhalla Bro!

It's the weekend!!!!

Well we definetly need a QB that is for sure, but I think they will probably bring in a vet, instead because even though they are not that bright, they know another 7-9 season and someone's ass is going out the door if not the both of them. I would like to see them pick up Orton when of course they can get free agents again after the dispute is over.There may be a good QB in this draft but do you think they can pick him out? I doubt it!, work on improving the oline and get a vet qb when we can.

There are lots of mixed views of Newton and I see both sides. But I just got a transcript of a conference call that ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. did with the national media. In just a few sentences, I think Newton summarized the entire Newton debate as well as anyone I’ve seen or heard.

"He's the one player in this draft that presents the biggest upside and he's the one player in this draft that presents the biggest risk, and that's Cam Newton,’’ Kiper said. “If you hit with Newton, you're going to have a sensational NFL quarterback down the road. But if you miss, it sets you back three, four or five years. That's what it does to any quarterback you miss on that you take in the first round. Not in the second round, but if you miss in the first round and you take a quarterback in the top 10 it will set you back three, four or five years. That is where the big risk and upside is with Newton. Newton is a one-year wonder. Akili Smith was a one-hit wonder out of Oregon and look what happened to him with the Cincinnati Bengals. So that's the issue."

NFL Network reporting now that the labor situation looks bleak and the players union is likely to decertify (perhaps as soon as 10 minutes from now)

Say goodbye to football for awhile, fellas.


First of all I made a references to NOT calling anyone out on the whole "This is exactly the way things run behind closed doors" thing. I said "it gets tossed around rather frequently by many bloggers".

If you feel cornered or called out that is on you. I hung my caveats on my post so you could have plenty of out not to feel that way.

In your scenario are you are giving culpability to the "underlings" or not?

They either have input, give it and then share in the blame...

OR they are total know nothing yes men and Parcells gets all the blame.

Your posts sound more like the latter.

Again, I am not trying to get into a knock down drag out over it, I just want to know where you stand?

If Ireland takes smaller, scrappy and fast WR Jerrel Jernigan and/or a short, blazer RB like Noel Devine I would say you were a hell of a lot more right than me. I think Ireland is giving lip service to the whole "We recognize that we need speed in our 4rth year" statement.

BP has the size mantra that he has drilled and preached not to deviate from. Lets see if Ireland chooses any smaller, players with moves and speed.

We are still both aligned on the bring in VY to compete tip so I am with you on some issues. I enjoy your posts and look forward to reading your response.



There's guys on this blog that just want us to KEEP drafting QB's in the first round every three years, with the thinking that if it doesn't work out we'll keep re-drafting them. What they don't realize is if you're wrong about these guys you don't win in the NFL and when you don't win in the NFL, coaches and GM's get fired. When coaching and GM's get fired in the NFL, it represents change....new staffs, new philosophies, new players and basically more years to try and rebuild. There's not ONE franchise in the NFL that has had success constantly changing things up. If you want to look at the successful frachises, the Steelers, the Colts, the Pats, the Packers....it's all about stability and staying the course. Pittsburgh has had THREE head coaches in their long and successful history.....and yet the guys on here want to just keep drafting first round QBs every three years. Brilliant strategy!!

Craig M @ 3:36

I agree 1000% with you!

Let the draft come to you as most of the good teams do. Mortgage the future picks because you fall for one guy or another is bad biz.

The perils are two fold...

Injury ala Odrick and a billion others...

Or just the fact that ANY guy can be a bust. The "sure fire, can't miss" busts are the hardest for any franchise to live down.

Ryan Leaf, Vernon Gholston, Tony Mandarich, Brian Bosworth, Blair Thomas, Mike Mamula and on and on.

It's like having a gut feeling and betting on it Vegas, only to see another number come up.
Then you say "Oh damn, that number is significant for this or that reason, I should have chosen that one".

In a trade up scenario, sometimes you have to watch what you wish for, you just might get it.

Craig you and I are squarely on the same side in not trading up. Say no to draft pick charge cards!



Another factor with those successful franchises (in addition to their stability) is that all of them are traditionally among the LEAST active in free-agency, yet year after year a lot of fans want to do things Redskins-style and chase after seemingly every name that appears. How many times do they need to see that it DOES NOT WORK?

Not that any of that matters now, of course. We're an hour away from there not being any football at all.


So many imposter's blogging all the time, how can you be sure that it was the Oscar and the JJ?

Weekend is right. Time to pop the cork on the old wooden barrel... let the grog flow! LOL

Cheers my stout and hearty looter friend.


I'm just saying that BP was the one running the show, so isn't that where the blame should go? I'm not saying that Ireland and Sparano didn't have input but he didn't bring them there because of their strong knowledge of the game or YEARS of experience. He also didn't bring them there for their strong wills and opinions. He brought them there to be songes to learn from him and to develop. Have they? Time will tell. For me, they mostly get a pass for the last three year. Guys ride Sparano and call him Mr FG and stuff but I'm not sure what he's supposed to be doing under the circumstances. The talent level was weak before he got there and the guys have had lots of missing in their three years there. You can't coach the team to have an expolisive offence without the horses. Hence, the more conservative, control the clock approach. We can only hope that things will open up more now that Parcells and Henning are gone but it's going to take time to make up for the misses.


I'm of the opinion that while Parcells was here, he was basically the GM (Ireland was just his Capo). Sure, supposedly there was disagreement (for example I heard as much over Pat White), but I don't think Parcells (a la Craig's point) is/was the type of guy to take someone else's answer if he didn't agree with it. Also, Parcells was the Enforcer (to help Sparano control the players). He was the one who kicked guys out of the training room, he was the one who would give "motivational talks" to push players at practice, etc. However, as far as game management, I think that was Sparano (maybe Parcells would comment post-game, but I think he let Sparano coach).

But, taking Rob's point, for Ireland/Sparano to grow ON THEIR OWN, out of Parcells' shadow, they need to be flexible enough to change with the times. Parcells SAID he liked "character guys", but look at his teams, and they ALWAYS had troublemakers (L Taylor, T Glenn, Keyshaun, etc.). Ireland says we need speed, let's see how he does drafting some. Sparano SAYS we need a more dynamic offense, let's see if he and Daboll upgrade the system and game plans.

I don't think Ireland/Sparano are know-nothing yes men, but they also might not be ready to lead a team (that needs as much work as Miami). I hope to see them in a better light this season (from last).

Just in:

The players union has decertified. That's it.

Hold on---now NFL Network is saying they hit the "pause" button on decertification. Probably still likely by 5, though.

whether they draft light speedy guys or big tough guys will shed no light on what the balance of power was behind close doors. they have publically stated they now recognize they are lacking speed in too many areas. the debate over how much each had a role is moot, nobody really knows outside those three, one can supose it was all parcells or suppose there was some balance, but its nothing but guess work on a feeling based on nothing factual.

Rob in OC,

Real good post at 3:58pm. Totally agree. I notice you left Brandon Graham off your lists of busts though....LOL....just kidding!!

pete, excellent post at 4:01 pm. Totally agree. Interesting a team like the Packers very rarely do anything risky or crazy in FA. Must be a coincidence that both they and the Steelers are successful, right....LOL.


Good post at 4:03 pm. I'm of the same opinion as you.

Gotta run guys....it's been fun!!

DC Dolfan,

Pretty damn good assessment DC.

I would say that, just like your post states, that the real truth is a mix of what Craig is saying as well as my post.

Well laid out like many of your posts bro.


I found unusual stains today. Tonight, I shall drink vodka with an owl and place 19 salt robots in my neighbors yard. Glowing amber wombats fill my cereal boxes and Ethel Merman crashes into the moon at great velocity. All the drippings are real but only two are preparing Sichuan Beef for Dr. Mu.

Your bear eats pyramids.

Hey Armando,

Did you know that Cam Newton is going to have a private workout for the Fins???

This happened a few days back bud.

The draft will happen whether there is a lockout or not. There is newsy type things out there...

Do you need any topic starter help?

Cheat sheet,

ANYTHING CBA related that would be insiderish from your contacts.

What about your scout friend that went to the combine last year? Did he fizzle? Is he still at it? If he is, his reports?

Anything tipping a hand indicator wise about players, rounds, dirt etc?

How are our own walking wounded doing in rehab? Odrick, Sheets, Merling, Allen any others.

Who can make the biggest leap from year two to three or year one to two?

Is there anyone on the practice squad the Fins more than casually believe will be somebody?

You own take or retake on the draft, players, the tsunami?

Cobble something together bro, we will meet you half way.


Gonna flip on the telly awhile and see if I can catch CBA drama unfold.

Be back in a while my fellow Fin bloggers.


Rob, all might be for naught bro. If this damned CBA continues into the summer, and they come to an agreement in Aug sometime, then I think we'll pretty much just have to wing it first few weeks. Henne will definitely be QB (even if they get a FA, he won't be up to speed in a few weeks IMHO), the veterans will have to hold the fort down, and the playbook will have to be dumbed down a bit.

Therefore, we won't get the full taste of the new FO (other than how they draft). I'm really hoping they get it signed by June, at least give teams the summer to work together and get ready for the season.

I don't know man, greed is gonna mess up the best thing on TV (on the east OR west coast). By the way dude, how's the swells over there? Surfers must be loving it right now!



Draft Julio Jones if he happens to be there or a LB to replace Crowder. Then lose every game except one so we get the #1 pick in next years draft and get Andrew Luck.

That is if we even have a season this year.

Craig M @ 5:34...you made many reference's to "US Bloggers's" who want to draft a QB in the 1st rd every three years"....

by my count we haven't drafted a QB in the 1st rd in 27....count them....27 years.....

math has never been my stong suit.....so I may be off a year or two.....but surely even I can't be off by 25 years of more.....no matter how many I forget to carry the 1.....

27 years.....
3 years.....

Huge difference my man.....Can you cut us QB starved posters some slack....we haven't been fed in 27 years.....I think....

The NFL Has Taken The Doty-Doty-Doe Route. Finally Stooping To The Intelligence Level Of Many Of Its Fans.

Judge Doty-Doty-Doe rules over it's future fate. How fitting! LOL..............

DOTY-DOTY-DOE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL..............

How ironic, doty-doty-doe has never been synonymous with opening books of any kind. Now it will take Doty-Doty-Doe too force owners to open thier financial "books".

This is just to hilarious. Doty-Doty-Doe......... LOL................

I have a strange feeling it'll be another strike shortened season. I predict 9-11 regular season games.

The good news is that the last time there was a strike shortened season(9gms 1982). The Miami Dolphins made the SB with David Woodley as our starting qb. Can lightning strike twice, this time with Chad Henne?

Stay tuned folks, it's going to be a very strange NFL year! LOL.............


A sad case of human greed. Billionaires fighting with millionaires over a game that only exists due to the contributions and support of the not-so-rich fans. Its plain disrespectful to the very fan base that keeps their game going. I won't be upset if they permanently lose the fans interest and they no longer have a football team to own. On the bright side, I get to catch up on my reading now and get a little more sunshine on Sundays.


Some recent Dolphins HISTORY......

The Miami Dolphins have had 6 winning seasons since 2000....

That means they have also had 5 losing seasons.....

Thank God for Jay Feidler.....he has 4 of the 6 winning season's under his belt.....

4 of the 6 winning season's happened between 2000 and 2003

so from 2004-2010 we have had 2 winning season's.....

credit Gus Ferotte and Chad Pennington for our 2 winning season's since 2004.....Gus Ferrotte....

But....you crazy bloggers asking for a 1st RD QB to fix this mess every 27 years.....that's not the way to do it.......

posted by,
Stay the course.......

0x80....if EVEN one game s missed....i'm cancelling my Direct TV package...and will become only a casual fan....

I will not support the NFL if the miss EVEN one game.....


Unfortunately it seems that the very owners of this team have that same 'stay the course' outlook. They buy these teams as an investement, looking to turn it over in 5 to 10 years for a 500% ROI. If they happen to actually win along the way, its just icing on the cake to them. A few owners are more dedicated to winning, Jones, Kraft, Rooney, but ours after Robbie.

* but not ours


Canadian football?

C'mon MAN! I assumed you'd be a fan of MY team now that I have been named head coach of the Ape City Gorillas.

Keep and eye on my new TE. I just signed her out of the Lingerie Football League! She's got GREAT hands and can really take it..............to the HOUSE!

Bottoms Up!!!!

4 of the 6 winning season's happened between 2000 and 2003

Posted by: Kris | March 11, 2011 at 05:47 PM


I'm no expert in math.........so.........could you help me out on this one?

2000 to 2003 = 3 seasons.

How did we have 4 out of 6 winning seasons in 3 seasons?

Odinseye....cout on your fingers...start at 2000....

2000 =1
2001 =2
2002 =3
2003 =4

you with me...

I had to check that myself a few times....even had to check and double check the coputer screen mutiple times.....then I did it in slow motion......



1-2-3-4-I'll be damned, I think I got it!

Still doesn't add up to 6-HA!

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