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Q&A insights: The fight song

I sat down with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee last week and discussed everything from how the NFL's uncertain labor situation has affected season ticket sales, to the team's uniform, to the club's uniform and fight song.

The full interview is here so please check it out.

As you know, print space is at a premium. So there are things I would have loved to say about the Q&A in print that simply didn't fit. As it is, I took up nearly three-quarters of a page in today's sports section. But cyberspace is free. Cyberspace has a way to go before it's full.

So today I will share insights on different topics handled within the Q&A that could not be addressed in print. This is the first installment of that:

Dee told me the club is very cognizant of what fans like and dislike. To that end, the club is actually seating focus groups to get opinions about fan likes and dislikes. The opinions, however, sometimes run afoul of what the Dolphins like or dislike.

And the club's fight song is one such example of that disagreement. I've been told in no uncertain terms that club owner Stephen Ross does not like the old fight song.

He tried to replace it altogether when he took over ownership of the team. And when there was a backlash to that, he brought back the old fight song but only coming off the bench as it is no longer played after every score but only once per game -- that at the end of the third quarter.

Dee refutes the idea Ross hates the fight song. He says the owner, ahem, simply likes it more in a different way.

But because the Dolphins conduct those focus groups on everything -- including the fight song -- they know the song is popular. "One man told us, it's a terrible song, but it's our terrible song," Dee told me.

And so Dee suggests there is a compromise coming on the use of the song. I expect that compromise will mean a greater use of that song -- even if the owner isn't a fan.

Come back later, and I'll give you more insight on topics covered within the Q&A with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee.


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Change the uniforms they are cursed.

But u don't play it when ur losing just because u scored a meaningless TD or FG.

I sure hope the rest of the insights are a bit more interesting than this one. Can't think of anything more meaningless. What's next, the color of the cheerleaders nailpolish?

Give me a beer!!

Play anything but that terrible Buffett song after they score, it's beyond bad

WTF....This has nothing to do with the play of the team. But does that Hillbilly Everly brothers sounding fight song have a sound that makes you think Miami? That was very disturbing. They should figure out a song that is a little more modern, that represents the flavor of Miami. That Ma & PA Kettle jingle has got to go.

Aldo, just because this doesn't interest you doesn't mean it is not interesting. I attend games and it drives me nuts when they play estefan or mark anthony, songs from 1985, but they refuse to play the song that means most to the franchise. This is good news to me.

bring back the terrible towel..that fans wave at the games.

Keep the old Dolphin Fight Song..and play it at every game..

I agree it may be a bad song but it is our bad song and ma and pa kettle would be proud of it.

this song is light years better than "fins up" by Jimmy Buffet. That song is awe full just like Jim Buffets' restaurants

If you are going to commission somebody to write a fight song for the Miami Dolphins, don't give it some hick who spends his time sipping Margaritas and who probably doesn't give a rats-ass about the song. Give it to some Fins Fan composer from down here, where it is definitely more Cosmopolitan.

It's not the song, it's the People.

The only thing the the Dolphins need to change is the play on the field.

Focus group...What a bunch of crap!

I was watching the new Japanese bullet train and, man, is it beautiful, and so so fast. We can dream, can we?

Yeah a regional flavor. Your region sucks so whats the difference? You people are the worst fans in all of pro sports. The Dolphins fans don't show up to games as opposing teams fans seem to outnumber your own and you know it. There is no home field advantage.

So then I'm told that's because the Dolphins suck and it's too hot to sit through that. Fair enough.

But what about the Heat? You know the Miami Heat who signed three of the top ten players in the league as fans rejoiced exclaiming they were going to win a championship? Yeah, they're begging fans to show up on time because you're robbing them of home court advantage. The players have actually had to ask fans to come to the games and they have the second best record in the league. Amazing.

And then you have the Orlando Magic. During the Magic/Bulls game the other night the place was half empty until the third qtr was almost over. Stupid Floridians were walking around as Dwight Howard was slamming a monster dunk down looking up into the rafters and staring at the mascot. The announcers were amazed at the lack of interest and one said that the concourse was so nice that people hang out there talking while the game is being played.

So yes, please change the fight song and give it more of a regional flavor. Something that obviously represents how lazy and disconnected you all are from your sports franchises. Something that shows how little you care about anything including getting a proper education or leading the country in every crime statistic imaginable. What a pathetic mess you people are.

Uniforms- we should wear the classic "all white" more often and ditch the cursed white tops/aqua pants combo.

The fight song might be terrible but I still hate it even if it is "our" terrible fight song!

Errr, FLASUCKS, it used to work for us down here in Dade County. Yes?

I'd agree that Armando is a piece of garbage. A piece of dog sh it, really.

I know exactly what fight song to play for the IDIOT ROSS, Na,Na,Na,Na, Hey,Hey goodbye. Who gives a damn what he likes he should be worried about putting a product on the field that people will buy tickets to see.Only the Fins could have Sandra Dee for a CEO. We are way more embarrassing than Detroit ever was.By the way "ffffff" Parcells. We bring in a guy to fix us who also worked for the Pats and Jets. I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you too!

Not only is the old fight song awful, but it was a bite off the Houston Oilers fight song as well.

The new fight songs aren't much better, if at all.

So, Steve Ross just needs to keep making new songs until he can find one that everyone likes. He would be wise to contact @solod305

Maybe the karmic effect of only playing it once per game instead of after every score is why they have so much trouble putting points on the board??

On a ore serious note why not have some of the celebrity owners try to do updated versions of the song? or simply other artists that are fans of the team until somebody comes up with something that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

True. It is a terrible song, but it's a great song when we got a reason to sing it.

And change uniforms, the way we play we should be wearing Tu-TUs and ballet slippers!!

If they're gonna change the lyrics I'd humbly ask them to find something that rhymes with "the Jets suck" in any new versions. Thanks.

Many People still don't realize(they must be hicks), that Internet is a wonderful vehicle to detect Fear in others.

You know Monday Night Football did'nt change their song because it works, just different people sing it some times. They did'nt change "Take me out to the Ball Game'. YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED TO CHANGE - THE OWNER!!!

You sat down with Dolphins CEO Sandra Dee. How did it feel to waste your time???

FLASUCKS feel better now? so bored you have nothing better to do than tell people they suck? do you suck? do you really think anyone cares about your post?

Most sports fans are men. Most men like scantilly clad women more than sports. Here in Florida, lots of hot weather and women showing flesh. Think about that while you are watching the West Virginia sweat hogs while drinking light beer.

Don't make fun of FLASUCKS because he's from W.VA. We need those people to reproduce so the companies that build the short yellow buses that carry their inbred children to school will have jobs. Also who in the hell will eat the road kill and marry their sisters!

Longtime readers of this outstanding blog know Nathaniel Dodsworth to be a whimsical, self-effacing chap, with a happy-go-lucky attitude and a love for all things Miami Dolphins.

Do not be fooled. I have my limits.

If there is any more messing with the Miami Dolphins uniform, helmet and logo (other than bringing them back to their more traditional appearances), there is going to be Hell to pay!

You don't mess with tradition! Have the Steelers changed their uniform or helmet? Packers? Cowboys? Raiders? The Jets, Giants and Chargers went back to their old, superior look, to universal appreciation. New uniforms SUCK! The Buffalo Bills look great in their O.J. Simpsons-murdering 1973 throwback uniform and helmet - their new uniforms SUCK!

If you're going to change Miami, bring back the uniform and helmet they wore to their last Super Bowl appearance (Super Bowl XIX). Get rid of the stupid green pants. Make the Dolphin on the helmet look the way it used to. The same helmet that filled me with awe as a child - as did the helmets of the Cowboys, Raiders, Vikings and Rams. Those helmets haven't changed. And for good reason.

Don't push me, Dolphins management.

Don't push me.

From the phin phanatic site:

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas 6’7, 233 lbs

Honestly, by the end of the season, I was absolutely in love with Ryan Mallett. I said to myself on numerous occasions, “that is who the Dolphins need to have in 2011″. However, my mind has changed since then. Mallett has a huge arm (probably the best of any of the QB’s) and he isn’t afraid to use it. That works great when he is in the pocket, but unfortunately, Mallett has no ability outside of the pocket. He cannot lead his receivers on the run and cannot make the throws he needs to outside of the pocket. That might work against college level talent, but it won’t fly in the NFL. Mallett also has serious character issues, evidenced by the frustration he showed during his combine media session, and just by word-of-mouth that have people saying he rates his ability too high. Mallett has as much upside as any of these guys, but I also think he has the best chance of being a bust.

Mr. Dodsworth speaks about himself in the 3rd person, much the same as most egomaniac athletes do. Hmmm, what can we deduce from this?

I deduce dodsworth is distant and dastardly diabolical

Salinger, Nathaniel Dodsworth will not rise to your bait.

One more "move" and Dodsworth gets it! "who's dodsworth?.....exactly"

shmallet...none of the QBs are perferct...they never are....its all about development....surely you aren't the same person you were 5 years ago.....even 10 years ago.....you grew and you learned......athletes are no differnt.....some learn and some don't.....

BTW....Mallett owes the general public nothing.....only the people who will sign his pay check.....

BTW....god of all QB...Dan Marino himself came under the sam accusations....I think he grew up and had a pretty good carreer for the fins......

BTW....College kids due dumb sh*t.....

Like most kids of that age.....

Marino should have kept having children until he squirted out a clone of himself..then we would be able to scoop him up and say...now we've got our QB back....strange you say...well dr dodsworth is heading that up, he is testing and studying Marino's nootsack to find the answers


Good day, bud!! Drafting a guy like Mallett is what gets coaches and GM's fired. Sure the guy has upside but all the signs are there that guy looks like a bust. That he reminds me of the most is Ryan Leaf. Go ahead and blast me for it guys, I don't care. Mallett has off the field issuse and I'm not talking about his drug use....of that, I don't really care. More to the point, I like Mallett is one of those guys who is going to crack under intense media and fan pressure, the way Leaf went off on reporters.

Go ahead and take shots at me for saying it guys but my gut feeling says this is what this guy is. I don't expect to get an apology from anyone on here in five years time but if I'm wrong on this guy, if he turns into the next Matt Ryan, I will be the first to apologize and say I was wrong.

ND...I agree with you about the Uniforms. The uniform is the only iconic element to this team right now. To change it to a modern "spaceman" look would be a shame.

And kris, I'm not talking about the allegeded drug use. That's the least of my worries with this guy. I don't see this guy as leader of men and I don't think he's going to be a guy to stand up and turn things around when things are going bad.

I know Mark in Toronto is in love this guy and he'll take shots at me for saying it but that's how I feel about Mallett. He strikes me as a guy who controversy is going to folow every where he goes. Is that who you want as your starting QB?

Who is Dodsworth?

I see it's time to dust off the Dodsworth family tree.

My great-grandparents, Hortence and Selma Dodsworth settled in Moose Jaw, Saskatachewan in 1887, where they were successful fur trappers. In 1905 they welcomed the third of eight children, Carruthers Dodsworth, who came to own the town's smelting plant and who married in 1926 Felicity Pumblechook. In 1928, Carruthers and Felicity welcomed into the world Carter Dodsworth, who moved from Moose Jaw to Toronto and made a fortune in the ladies undergarment industry. In 1956, Carter married Elmira Dusenberry, and in 1967 they welcomed into the world their fourth son, Nathaniel Dodsworth, who in 2005 moved from Toronto to the United States of America, thus fulfilling the long-held dream of all Dodsworths, to become a citizen of the greatest country in the world.

Oh, by the way, Nathaniel Dodsworth is married to Rose of Sharon Dodsworth. They have two children. I won't name them because some of you people are kinda weird.

Maybe your family can make some ladies undergarments for our sorry a** team!

For the record men.....


Not this year...not last year...and not the next year......

They all have warts...and they will all need to develop.....

Thats were our coaching staff comes in...

Sadly, "The Greatest Country In The World" was probably
even better 50 years ago...

Good Day to you Craig M.....

We already have a choir boy (Henne) and he already got his coach fired.....so I don't see Mallett doing any worse than that.....

and you stick up for Henne all day long......

Mallett is the latest whipping boy in the press's eyes.....after Newton had a bad throwing day there was nothing left for the paper boys to write...

So they begin to tear down the QB whose stock rose the most at the Combine.....

I don't care if he never speaks to the press to be quite honest....

and I keep hearing about his bad interviews....can somebody post some quotes of what is so terrible....

The difference is that Henne wasn't picked up at 15 kris. You miss at 15 and it can set you back a long time. Henne was the 57th pick in the draft the year he was picked....big difference!

By the way, as an aside, did anyone realize that Brian Brohm was picked one pick ahead of Henne, I think by the Packers. We always talk about how good the Packers do in the draft and what a smart organization they are etc....How did that Brian Brohm pick work out for them and how's the pickup worked out for the Bills? I was looking at some thing this morning and completely forgot that he went ahead of Henne.

All the signs are there, kris, that Mallett is going to be a bust. If GM's and coaches want to ignore that and take him, then it's the kind of thing they should be held accountable for. It's the same with Newton. Everyone has questions on these guys and management wants to ignore them and think they are smarter then they should be held accountable.

And I'll disagree with you about this year's QBs. There are more questions on these guys than any year I can remember with QB's coming out. None of them are seen as sure things. There wasn't this same talk around Ryan or Stafford or even Bradford. It's telling that NONE of these teams are seen as consensus top pick in the draft, despite the fact that the team picking first has a strong need for a QB.

Gotta go fellas....good to talk this morning....

Craig....in my book a MIS IS A MISS.....especially at QB....

and any misses between rd 1-3 really hurt...only the QB postion magnifies your loss 100 TIMES

Why do I feel like Craig M just kicked me in the NIUTS then ran....

One thing about drafting a quarterback at number 15 is economicaly you don't get killed by an inflated salary. I would imagine that the new CBA will include a rookie salary cap. So taking a quarterback in the first round isn't such a huge risk.

I don't know how the rookie cap will be structured. But a quarterback selected at fifteen recieves nowhere near the salary of a top 5 guy. This may sway the orginiaztion to take a chance, knowing if this player doesn't pan out. The salary hit will not set the franchise so far back that they would not select another one if the opportunity presented itself.

I don't know if Mallet is the answer. Personally I would pass. This means nothing as I don't get to make the pick. If the Phins decide to go the route of quarterback, it would be hard to argue the reasoning. With so many holes that need filling. The Fo must be totaly sold on any quarterback we may take in round 1.

Last question.....Craig

What are pro's and cons of Next years QB class....

Give me your insight before Mayock, Kiper, and Lombardi do......

Who are the top prospects.....

Since you don't want to draft one this year...because you are TOLD of all the question marks.....

Tell me now...who you would draft in 2012.....

Patiently waiting your response......

FINS UP! Who ever came up with that should be shot. Every thing about this team is Gay

Pumblechook huh...interesting dod's, what book did you get that out of because I've seen that before...your family tree is a couple oumblechook's away from a dodsworth

I am right with Dodsworth, return to the classic uniform.

What stands out to me from this interview is that losing the BCS and SB is imminent barring stadium renovation.

That is a major issue sitting out there for the organization and the community.

If the organization wants to see more people at the games then they ought to lower ticket prices and score more TD's.


They get more fans at the game if they'd figure out how to win!!!

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