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Q&A insights: The fight song

I sat down with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee last week and discussed everything from how the NFL's uncertain labor situation has affected season ticket sales, to the team's uniform, to the club's uniform and fight song.

The full interview is here so please check it out.

As you know, print space is at a premium. So there are things I would have loved to say about the Q&A in print that simply didn't fit. As it is, I took up nearly three-quarters of a page in today's sports section. But cyberspace is free. Cyberspace has a way to go before it's full.

So today I will share insights on different topics handled within the Q&A that could not be addressed in print. This is the first installment of that:

Dee told me the club is very cognizant of what fans like and dislike. To that end, the club is actually seating focus groups to get opinions about fan likes and dislikes. The opinions, however, sometimes run afoul of what the Dolphins like or dislike.

And the club's fight song is one such example of that disagreement. I've been told in no uncertain terms that club owner Stephen Ross does not like the old fight song.

He tried to replace it altogether when he took over ownership of the team. And when there was a backlash to that, he brought back the old fight song but only coming off the bench as it is no longer played after every score but only once per game -- that at the end of the third quarter.

Dee refutes the idea Ross hates the fight song. He says the owner, ahem, simply likes it more in a different way.

But because the Dolphins conduct those focus groups on everything -- including the fight song -- they know the song is popular. "One man told us, it's a terrible song, but it's our terrible song," Dee told me.

And so Dee suggests there is a compromise coming on the use of the song. I expect that compromise will mean a greater use of that song -- even if the owner isn't a fan.

Come back later, and I'll give you more insight on topics covered within the Q&A with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee.