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Q&A insights: The fight song

I sat down with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee last week and discussed everything from how the NFL's uncertain labor situation has affected season ticket sales, to the team's uniform, to the club's uniform and fight song.

The full interview is here so please check it out.

As you know, print space is at a premium. So there are things I would have loved to say about the Q&A in print that simply didn't fit. As it is, I took up nearly three-quarters of a page in today's sports section. But cyberspace is free. Cyberspace has a way to go before it's full.

So today I will share insights on different topics handled within the Q&A that could not be addressed in print. This is the first installment of that:

Dee told me the club is very cognizant of what fans like and dislike. To that end, the club is actually seating focus groups to get opinions about fan likes and dislikes. The opinions, however, sometimes run afoul of what the Dolphins like or dislike.

And the club's fight song is one such example of that disagreement. I've been told in no uncertain terms that club owner Stephen Ross does not like the old fight song.

He tried to replace it altogether when he took over ownership of the team. And when there was a backlash to that, he brought back the old fight song but only coming off the bench as it is no longer played after every score but only once per game -- that at the end of the third quarter.

Dee refutes the idea Ross hates the fight song. He says the owner, ahem, simply likes it more in a different way.

But because the Dolphins conduct those focus groups on everything -- including the fight song -- they know the song is popular. "One man told us, it's a terrible song, but it's our terrible song," Dee told me.

And so Dee suggests there is a compromise coming on the use of the song. I expect that compromise will mean a greater use of that song -- even if the owner isn't a fan.

Come back later, and I'll give you more insight on topics covered within the Q&A with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee.


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If we sign McNabb the team will all get a "Super Bowl" filled with momma McNabbs hot soup. Roof over the stadium or not! LOL...........

DB, I think you might want to check your dictionary on that...


Tony Jr. you say?

Yeah, I must of missed that one.

Great, we had a big NEED there for an assistant offensive line guru. I'm sure he'll be a chip of the ole Fist Pump!

Hey if you guys are gonna re-name the team the meatballs then they should make a big meatball suit for Sparano were his arms and legs stick out for him to wear during games and for the other coaches headsets were each ear piece is a giant meatball. For entertainment we get topless girls in g-strings carring big meatball trays and passing them out during games.

Hey maybe while were at it our celeb owner can get Vanilla Ice to make him a fist pump song with video included for the jumbo trons after field goals, "Vanilla fist pumps baby"


Dont you get it? I using ALoco's dictionary on that! LOL................

Last year the stadium could have been sponsered by Price Phister Pumps!


After every field goal we put a gigantic picture of one of those old fashioned water pumps up on the jumbo-tron!

Yeah, I can see it now.

The Miami Heynas taking on the Ape City Gorillas for the Lombardi Trophy!

Of course the game would be played in the back yard of Cower and Oprah's mansion in the Bahamas.

Free Rum for EVERYONE!!!!

Everytime we miss a fg then we show mud and rust coming out of the old fashioned water pump up on the jumbo-tron.


Free rum for everybody with Mr Ross money! LOL...

Our fight song would be "EAT IT" by Weird Al Yankovich.

Who's FAT!?!?

And ALoco would star in the video version of the fight son "Eat It"! Wearing his dishwash apron and paper chef hat. LOL...........

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give it up Mr. Phin... without direct access to coaches players FO... you have no edge over the local papers or SI/ESPN

Hi guys...the fight song is soooooo lame its hideous....we really need to do something different here....I like the idea of the Miami Vice theme every time we score...its dated but has POWER....!!!!

I would also like to see a new jersey for away games...what about a FULL BLACK with orange and aqua piping?....look mean..????

We have to make this a year 2011 type uniform....update it...make it look NASTY..!!!

The white one also could be updated but its basically FINE...

CraigM...I love your posts but you certainly are the portent of mediocrity in your thinking...I prefer Kris and Rob OC...I also like Dyings views but whatever we do...we must NOT do as per usual...we must make a move one way or another...another FLAT, MEDIOCRE, unimaginative draft will get us NOWHERE...again

Problem with the Miaimi Heat is that they have 2 Robins(Wade/James) and a Batgirl(Bosh(.

Dwyane Wade afraid to tell his friend James to step the f*uck off. Because Wade should be Batman, James "Robin", and Crissy Bosh is Batgirl.

Also bting Pat Roley backm Spoelstra's much to young to play Alfred.

"Also bring Pat Riley back, Spoelstra's much to young to play Alfred."

Dear Lord,

We pray and ask that you bestow the wisdom needed in these dire times.

Lord, it's a travesty the way these poor Billionaires and Millionaires are getting a raw deal.

Lord, we just need a good and fair way to divide up these trillions and trillions of dollars.

So please Lord, impart some universal wisdom on these poor, poor Billionaires and Millionaires.

If there's no season Lord, there's just no telling what might happen to these POOR, POOR Billionaires and Millionaires.




Dying Breed..You work at a Pharmacy.....SWEET!


Im retired and ALoco only uses the Paharmacy reference to say Im a drug dealer. I guess he's even more pissed it doesnt bother me.

ALoco has no zero credibility here so it doesnt bother me. If he didnt he wouldnt make the downright stupid remarks he makes and even if he did have cred here it still wouldnt bother me because he has no clue of my personal life.

It irks him more I wont tell him! LOL.........


Hopefully the 2 parties figure out a way to settle their differences this week. Does anyone think that the owners proposal of an 18 game schedule was a bargaining ploy?

I mean there is no way that the players were going to except this change under the circumsatances the owners has set forth. Could it be the owners know this, and are using this as a card to play to get something that they really want?

The owners are going to get a bigger piece of the pie. But they can concede the 18 games knowing they weren't going to get it(in the new CBA)So it was kind of like a sacrificial lamb in their negotaition. Just a thought.


Also I know that ALoco's one of those guys if weren't for the internet he would have no life. Still the difference between the two is very comfusing for him.

Thank God I was born well before the internet. Back in the time when we actually had to have face to face people skills. All we have now are bunch of keyboard cowards of the county.

You know they never had time to learn to fight by the amount of time they spend tweeting, blogging, and text messaging. Any other extra time is spent jerking off. LOL.............

Lol Dyingbreed. While true, that's perhaps a bit harsh...this blog is, after all, the only relatively meaningful human contact aloco enjoys...ever

Dying...I know it is none of my buisness what you do. I know you have given sound advice to folks in the past(especially about financial stuff) We have spoken a little about being able to have free time to participate on this blog, and I know that you are retired. I was just making a little crack because you always take little jabs well. It was also a little jab at myself because in the past. I had been known to frequent the services of my local "Pharamcist"


My take of the even greater big picture issue is I dont have quite have even 50% faith this fo will make the proper moves to bring about a complete turn around from the 2010 woeful offense. Therefore I really kind of careless if theres a 2011 season or not.

That's why I dont have a vested interest in the cba negotiating. IMO even if a deal is reached odds on favorites may suggest it'll be just another in the long line of Dolphin disappoints.

I know what offseason directions I would like to see the team go. But its about a snowball's chance in hell those things will happen. Ireland only follows his ego.


My pharmacy visiting days are way in the rearview mirrors. Hell I dont even like "legally" making pharmacy visits these days. LOL.........






I know you better than you think I do. I have a detective parked right outside your basement window as we speak. LOL............


Just think if I didnt like you. It would be sniper instead of Dick Tracy. LOL............


Dont get scurred, I was only kidding! LOL............



to go to a pharmacy today is very normal thing and to to go take a FLUE shot from DB IS A SURE THING .

Dying Breed..You work at a Pharmacy.....SWEET!

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | March 07, 2011 at 12:04 AM

What Darryl said!

I use to rob pharmacies when I was younger, but only a couple times.

Yeah, I only robbed a couple because I realized the pharmaceutical **WAREHOUSES** were MUCH more easier and "REWARDING" targets.

Not only that, the larceny penalties are a lot less harsh than those damn robbery charges!

Truth can be stranger than fiction, but hey, these are the things that made me the Man I Am!

wow a half hour of crap.....T.V?



Night All

The old fight song represents tradition and memories of the dynasty of the early '70's. It must be played at least once every game. The younger crowd may not like it but that's only because they were brought up on the other garbage played there over the years. What has to go is the announcement of "another Miami Dolphins first down". We need to celebrate TOUCHDOWNS, not first downs. Also we need to revert back to our original colors, AQUA BLUE, CORAL ORANGE & WHITE. I think it was sometime in the late '80's we changed to AQUA GREEN. I don't care if they do resemble the Howard Johnson colors, they were winning colors.

lol @ DB @ 12:15 AM

Kris , do you have a job ?you r here 24/7 .i am just saying ,

Where did this song come from? This song has more of a Tennessee Titan flavor to it. It is absolutely horrible and should be replaced. I am so glad that TV mutes it and goes to a commericial. Never heard it before today and don't want to hear it anymore. Bump what the fans say. Get Gloria to come up with something. It would be more appropriate. Next I would introduce a logo depicting an angry dolphin showing teeth to go with a mean mug.

Nope...ud456...I HAVE NO LIFE BUT THIS BLOG.....

Does that make you feel better about yourself?

Like your opinion of me matters......

man. you bytches r full of vinegar and pixx today huh?.lol


For you to know i'm here 24/7....woudn't you have to be here 24/7....

You get hou DUMB you sound and LOOK....

ypu get that?

Just Saying.....

Dolphins have not been good since they changed to the stupid smiling dolphin.

Craig M....

I apperciate your Honest answer @ *:49 PM....

I can't argue with honesty.....


That Dying breed sure is stupid!!!

DyingBreed sure is stupid ,how can he meet people when he's 24/7 on this blog ? i am just saying

Let's Go Hokies!


Im not from Miami, but I'm a lifelong fan and everytime I hear that finsup! song I am thoroughly embarrassed! Its awful! "fins to the left", "fins to the right" Aaaah! I cant get it out of head! Its terrible!

what every fan should do is just sing the d@mn old fight song after every score and stop complaining... forget about the stadium playing the new song, just sing the old song and send the owner a message..

Now bring back the all white uniforms and the Orange bowl. Those were the good ole days...Although I do like the Orange Jerseys as a new look. These are my favorite two uniforms. Orange at home and use the white as our road warrior uniforms OR vice versa!

Someone mentioned using the "Miami Vice" song after each score. I think thats a GREAT idea.

the phins were 1-7 at home.and pittsburgh has more wins at the joe then the phins have had in their last 10 home games.lol

Why is there a picture of a Jag's player in this video; the player leaping and surrounded by smoke?

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