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Q&A insights: The salary cut or layoffs

It has been widely reported by other media that the Dolphins plan no salary rollbacks to coaches or furloughs to staffers if the collective bargaining agreement is not resolved.

This is only partially correct.

During my Q&A session with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, the only moment when I believed I was getting the politically correct answer was when I asked if anyone -- including coaches, personnel people and staffers -- would be furloughed, fired or have their salary cut.

And I got the definite no ... followed by the classic escape clause of "for now."

I've been down this road before. Years ago, the team's message was that Don Shula planned to coach in 1996 and that "nothing has changed for now." Shula was done days later. Previous to that, I'd been told by Tim Robbie he didn't plan to sell the team "for now" before Wayne Huizenga bought the team. Then I heard from Jimmy Johnson during the winter of 1998 that he planned on staying with the team "right now" only weeks before he quit the first time.

Those eventual misdirections were not on par with Nick Saban's definitive "I will not be the Alabama coach," but they nonetheless left a taste of misdirection on my palate.

So "right now" is a red flag to me. And that is why I followed up with a search for a categorical answer that could be written in stone. And of course, Dee was not able to provide it. The exchange:

Q. So you cannot state categorically that Dolphins employees, staffers, coaches or others won’t be furloughed, fired or asked to take pay cuts during a work stoppage?

A. “I can say that is our plan for the near term. We’ve communicated openly with our staff that we see it as being business as usual for the moment. We’re taking this one month at a time, one week at a time, even. Clearly, we’ve talked about all of the various scenarios that could play out, but we haven’t made any final plans to move forward with any changes related to the CBA at the present time.”

Dee was being honest. He was being forthright. And he was making it clear that while there are no plans now to cuts jobs or salaries in case of lockout or significant work stoppage -- which as of this writing remains possible despite hopeful signs to the contrary -- those plans can and probably would easily change going forward if labor peace is not achieved within a specified time.

The feeling I got was the Dolphins won't make any cuts until games are threatened. If there were to be a strike of some kind or lockout of some kind that threatened games, I believe the Dolphins would start to trim salaries for their coaches, personnel people and others.

It hopefully will not come to that.

But so much for those definitive reports.


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So given those parameters and the unsure nature of how the labor situation will play out, Dee's response of "for now" would actually be the only sensible response any intelligent person would make.

Not sure what your point is here, Armando.

Great reporting!

Another article about nothing. Fight songs and indefinite statements about whether there will be salary cuts are considered insight? What did we learn here that we didn't know yesterday? Basically no salary cuts are planned as of the final second of your interview, we think, so it seems, at least for now, although that is subject to change, at any given second.

Great stuff Mando!!!!

i can tell you as a season ticket holder from the first game in the bowl, that the fins are calling and collecting money like there is not going to be any problem, had 4 calls this year

and the stand they have is they will return the money if they dont play, but for now its game on


Don't tell Armando I told you this, but I think I know exactly what his point is.

People have been getting on Armando for not asking the tough questions, for being a cuddly little puppy during interviews.

This was Armando's way of saying, SEE, I boxed him into a corner and forced an answer out of him!

That's a good start Armando, now do some push ups and get ready for your next interview!!!!


odin.... Hard for me to see any tough questions here. The answers were painfully obvious its nothing but spin, no real insight. Dee doesn't say well if a, b or c, happens, we will think about salary cuts. Nope. Just says well as of this second in time, its not in our plans. Gee. No real information here, nothing that wasn't already easily speculated. Armando could have pressed specifically what specifically would make you consider salary cuts...but instead of challenging the spin, he is merely accepting it. In general, the idea of salary cuts during a lockout isn't even in itself insightful, it would be expected on some level.

There is a place for Business.

If I see another mock draft by the so called experts that have miami take ingram with the first pick I'm gonna explode.
I don't think anyone has us taking anybody but Ingram for some reason.

Hate the Ingram pick

Ronnie Brown and McDaniels should be resigned immediately

Don't worry BouderPhinFan...

Jeff and Coach Tony will select somebody you never heard of.....

Boulder, could be because Miami does not currently have a starting RB on its roster. I say slim chance Ireland drafts anybody anyone's expecting him to draft.

I also would get Burress becuz if he turns out to be Vick and we pass on him then It will be another FA flop by the FO I'd rather scoop him and give him a chance and if it doesn't work then fine release him

Cam Newton or Jake Locker

I would rather take ponder with 15 that ingram.

Another ignorant post from 0x80. If the words smart and Cuban used together weren't an oxymoron, Armando Salguero would be the smartest Cuban on the planet. How dare you question the salamander !


I don't think Armando Salguero is Cuban.





I see my fan at @ 3:25, can resist me, keeps coming back with more flattering comments. Very touching. Obviously he is a regular blogger here who is afraid to use his regular blogging identity when criticizing me. In a way, that is even more flattering. I never knew I was so intimidating.

Thanks at keep it up. All my comments are dumb and stupid, so I look foward to seeing more of you. Forgive me if I don't always take the time to thank you for all your praises, but I am certainly pleased to know my comments stimulate so vigorously your attention.


With the advent of Internet, we have confirmed that the average IQ of the general population is ~100(average); but what we didn't know was that there were so many brilliant People around the World, that makes that average, look mediocre now.

Nah, nah, ALoco, part Haitian, part Dominican.


Armando WOW!

We are digging into the meat of Fins issues now... "Are there going to be furloughs or layoffs?"

I know we fans are a Care Bear bunch but we have our own financial houses to keep in order. I am not sure if many give a hoot whether Joe Lunchbucket has a job sweeping up the stadium or if Irelands steaks will remain as fat as they currently are.

Armando can you please dig and dig until you find news items that involve the actual pigskin jockeys themselves, aka our Fins squad. If there is nothing just present different draft choice scenarios, injury updates, por day scuttlebutt, rumors, "enemy team" plans etc.

All these items can stir meaningful (or meaningless depending on who you ask) debate about the Fins.

These last two topics have been beneath you man.


Why don't you stay on and answer questions and chat some like you use to?

Now, now...




Just checking in on the reactions today and I'd like to address some things:

1. What is my point? I stated my point in the blog. The definitive reports of no Dolphins furloughs or staff cuts or even salary cuts to folks like Ireland and Sparano dismiss the possibility the situation will change. I think that speaks clearly for itself.

2. Am I trying to ask tougher questions? I'm asking questions that I believe are pertinent. That's how it is and always has been. Half of you guys think I'm too friendly with the team. Half of you think I hate the team. I am neither. I want them to win. And when I lose, I want answers for you. Period.

3. If this topic doesn't excite, I totally understand. Guess what? It is February guys. There are no signings on the horizon. The draft is in April. If you want a fake depth chart that doesn't currently exist, I'm not your guy. If you want me to present a topic and then order you to discuss so I can increase traffic, then here you go ...

Chad Henne is your starter again in 2011? Might happen ... Discuss.

Oh, one more thing. I got a ton of emails about the fight song ... and the possible uniform change.

I know that doesnt excite a lot of you. But it is important to a lot of people.

It is important enough to the team that they are conducting focus groups on those issues.

Many of you are not in South Florida. You have no idea how ridiculous it sounds when the folks on the scoreboard yell, "Fins up!"

You have no idea how crazy it gets when the fight song actually plays. I believe it's important. You are free to disagree.

But I think many people care.




Gotta go do pushups now so Odinseye stays happy.

Hey Armando, things are a little Sloooooow this time of year eh ?

Why don't you go on another vacation ? say until
the first week of sept.



I hear you man. I would take a ton of players before taking Ingram.

If I was going to take a RB it would be later as I think there are players to be had deeper in the draft. The RB position is the most plug and play in the NFL.

There will eventually be some FAs to choose from. I know that while Ronnie Brown isnt the next coming he runs hard and will hit the hole if there is one to be hit. He has really only seen 11-18 carries a game anyways. Using a number one to replace those few carries is not worth it. Especially when you can draft a guy later to take those carries.

We need a RB with speed that can catch and grab chunk yardage which Ronnie and Ricky both can't really do anymore.

I firmly believe Ricky will be elsewhere.

RBs not named Ingram I would look to add in a heartbeat later in the draft...

Taiwan Jones Eastern Washington
Alex Green Hawaii
Noel Devine WVU
Kendall Hunter OSU
Derrick Locke Kentucky


Good stuff Rob in OC @ 3:44 I was thinking about posting just about the same thing, so i`ll leave it at that cause I couldn`t have said it better. I would like to address the growing # of people posting about us grabbing Plex just in case he`s the next Vick coming outta the big house.

To them I say Vick is a Q.B.(most important position) like no other on our roster, while Plex is an older version of Marshall. In other words we already have our Plex, I and I`m not being some bandwagon jumper was screaming for Vick cause of all the P.White pre draft talk. I figured that even 2 years removed he was a better option if for nothing else then to run the WC but the Plex scenario is not the same not even close, if you wanna go the FA route then Ocho is a better fit opposite the beast because of his speed not to mention he already said he would love to play for his hometown fins !!!!


Where you been?

You had the furlough days so I thought you would be hanging out a lot on the blog mixing it up with us Q&A style?

Can't bring yourself to slum with us anymore? LOL.

Seriously though, you have to know you would take heat over the last two topics...right?

What gives? Enquiring minds wanna know...


Well, an IQ of 3, is drastic.

@ Mando

I think the fight song while somewhat corny is important on one issue and that is tradition I have been going to games since my dad use to take me way back in the late 70`s as a boy and can appreciate how the song is embedded in our tradition and how Ross doesn`t seem to understand or respect.

Pushups? What does that have to do with the eye of odin?

Guys, I'm not being a homer but I think you should cut Armando some slack these days. I've been a bigger Peter King for years now and read his MMQB religiously (don't think I've missed one in like 10 years) but I found what he wrote today to be boring and lacking of much of any content. Armando is in the same boat right now. There's very little news out there and to be honest it's hard to find anything exciting about football right now. I for one am willing to cut Armando some slack, realizing what he and others are facing right now.

Missed those few posts you laid out Armando...

Welcome back!

As to the Henne situation you proposed it is a very real possibility for sure.

Once Orton was sorta taken out of the mix and Kolb will be too pricey to acquire as Phili looks at him as starter material it leaves more limited options.

I say if they go FA QB gotta go with VY as he has the dynamic upside potential and is still young enough to overcome his shortcomings. You don't often see a QB drafted that high, that is 30-17 available...period. Usually they have to go all NYJ LB Golston and be a TOTAL buster to be on the market.

Despite most not thinking this draft has QB talent there are a couple that could turn out better than people think... Locker, Mallet, Kaepernick, Ponder to name a couple. While they may take some time to develop (which more ensures Henne gets more of a shot) they all have the skills to possibly supplant Henne as the starter as well.

Because we don't know when other teams will choose their QBs we may have to grab one at 15 just to make sure they get the one they want that makes it that far. If all their choices are gone go with a different position.

That's my nikels worth.


Thanks fin4life @ 4:13!

I'll answer you Armando.

Chad Henne seems to be the incumbent starter, for now.
Should we be happy about it? No.

Could it be worse? Yes. Look at the Raiders.

Will the trade up for someone? Probably not.

However I hope that they hold out for Luck next year and trade up.

Regarding Henne being the starter, if you think about it Sparano knows he has one year. Unless he can find a clone of chad pennington which veteran QB that we don't have to give up draft picks for would come in and be better than chad henne?
Young? Mcnabb? Haselback? I mean their thinking about bringing thigpen back and draft a QB. I just don't see anyone else being the starter on day 1 next year other than henne.

Sparano and Irelnad are gonna sink or swim with henne and seeing Henne in Ross's golf cart means that's probably ok with Ross. They're both michigan guys

Rob, I know. There is good talent for RB in the second round or later. No way we draft a RB in the first round this year.

If we can't move the 15th pick we might go defense again.

I saw a mock draft on yahoo sports that says that if Ingram is available we will swap picks with the Chiefs who wanna pair him with Charles, which by the way, wow !!

Miami takes their #22 pick and grabs Pouncey to man either Gaurd spot depending on comp. and then grag Ten. T.E. Stocker, R.B. K.Hunter in round 3 which is the only thing anybody is willing to give at this point to move up in this draft a 3.

I like the scenario and can accept it but it still leaves us wanting at W.R. cause they don`t have us addressing it till the 4th with some kid outta Abalien Texas, who can fly 4.37 speed but is an unknown commodity translating to the NFL. Still scenario is a breath of fresh air given it`s not the Ingram thing non stop.

Rob in OC...Have you seen Tawain Jones new You Tube video? It is was released on Sunday. It is a mix of highlights-interviews with coaches, proffesors, and most important his doctor who explains his injury, and recovery. One of the highlights of the video is Jones tracking down a Cal player from behind. You can see how fast he is as he blows past 4 guys to make a tackle.(I know this isn't a running play but you get a good idea of how fast he is)Check it out.

If you can. Check out Chase Reynolds(You tube Chase Reynolds it is 13 minutes). For a guy that will be available in round seven he would be a good pick. If you like D Woodhead Reynolds fits that mold. Watch how he catches the ball, and how many times he changes direction. He is very powerful for a smaller back. Always finishing with positive yards. I would really value your opinion if you have the time.

Mando is telling you the way it is. To hear some of you talk, you sound like you''ve never been thru the offseason before.

Let me break it down for you. After the season, players get scattered. They travel and get away from football. In other words, there ain't much news.

After the draft, it gets even worse until camps.

This year, it may be even worse depending on CBA.

I hate it but it's just the way it is.

Good points @ 4:28 Boulder.

The Michigan connection is strong with this one.

These aren't the droids we are looking for... lol.

I think the Bifecta's planning will be directly tied to how solid they feel their jobs are for the two years they signed for.

Meaning if they think they will get canned from going through a rough patch of games in 2011 then they will grab vets and take rooks that can come in right away.

If they feel they have properly laid out a master plan to Boss Ross that involves long term thinking and developing choices then they may be ok with getting some groomer choices.

I simply hope that they don't deal from a position of panic. (The non signing of Shockey, or making offers to others thus far seems to show patience and a level of security.)

The last thing I want this regime to be saying is that "So and so is a total stud and could go to the Pro Bowl BUT, I may not be here so I can't draft to set the plate for the next coach".


The draft will tell you if Henne is the unquestioned starter or not, if we draft a Q.B. then it`s a done deal. He will be our guy cause I don`t see Thiggy laying down any serious challenges. While when given a chance he has taken more chances with it, he`s also proven more irratic with the rock in his hands.

If we don`t draft one and gow the ballsy route (I would be all for it) then go the VY route why the hell not and let the chips fall were they may, hey it would make for an interesting season at least and who knows maybe Young blows it up after getting a 2nd shot with us, God knows were do a little in the luck department.

Armando, quick question

Is there any truth to the rumour that -- in pre emptive cost-cutting measure -- the entire Dolphins offensive coaching staff were on furlough during the second half of the 2010 season?

Armando..If you are still around. Can I give you a hypothetic question? Say the CBA gets done. What player(or players) on the roster now do you see as untouchable as trade bait? Could you see the Phins using BM as a potential piece? I am not advocating this, I'm just wondering who may make sense as far as possible trade potential?

DD Wasssup man! I will go do some checking right now on Taiwan and Chase.

Thanks for the heads up... keep snouting out the FCS players bro.

fin4life, You got that right. Every mock on the planet seems to go with the same thoughtless "Ugh, the need a RB, Ugh, plug in the RB guy that most #1". It's like they have never even given thought to a possible resigning of Ronnie or Ricky.

The speedy WR you are thinking of is Edmond Gates. He is a good track guy but I was amazed at how slow he ran in the drills at the combine. Seemed like he was so unsure or lacked confidence. Stocker at TE doesn't seem to be fast enough for the seam stretcher that we need. Mayock said he caught the ball better than he thought which means he thought more blocking TE.

Lotta different directions but at least they offered something else.

If they traded back a QB, Pouncey or Titus Young would be my 1st round choice.


Rob, like the Star Wars reference. If only they had the force.

To me, I have no idea how Ireland/Sparano solve the puzzle. They have to win to stay employed. In order to do that, they have to find a QB that can win. Not 2 or 3 years from now but in Sept.

It's likely one of these rook QBs will succeed and be the next big thing. But which one and how long is it going to take?

Too bad they put all their eggs in one basket with Henne. But they did and now we're all paying for it.

@ Rob in OC,

You think in the golf cart Ross was telling Henne, "The physical intangibles are strong with you young one but your not mentally a Q.B. yet I have put forth the recourses to ensure this year your training will be complete, then and only then by combining our forces can we destroy the Patriots and bring peace to the East, Bellicheat knows this to be true !!

Fin4Life...@4:50. In your scenario. Are you saying a first round quarterback. Or a quarterback in any round?

Say we draft a guy like Kaepernick. He may turn out to be a very good player. But he is not ready to play now. He needs a lot of tweeking before he would be seriously ready to challenge for a starting spot. Remember he has a lot of questions to answer. His throwing motion needs improvement. NFL DB's will feast on that long release. He could get away with it in college. But in the NFL he is going to get eaten up if he can't learn to get rid of the ball faster.

2 he played in an offense that did not require him to make reads on the fly. He has in shotgun, and everything was one or two options. If it wasn't there take off. You saw at the senior bowl how he struggled against faster linebackers getting to the edge. Those were plays he could rely on because his atheletic ability. The playing field will be equaled. Learning to keep your eyes down the field, instead of tucking it and running every time takes some getting used too.

The level of competition doesn't bother me. If you can play, you can play. And it is obvious he can. My thinking is if you dominate at any level it proves that you are a good player. How it translates into the NFL depends on how a player can be coached up or not. And that is why I think Kaep wouldn't come in and immedietly be a starting guy. All of the above things can be fixed. But it will take some time.

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