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Q&A insights: The salary cut or layoffs

It has been widely reported by other media that the Dolphins plan no salary rollbacks to coaches or furloughs to staffers if the collective bargaining agreement is not resolved.

This is only partially correct.

During my Q&A session with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, the only moment when I believed I was getting the politically correct answer was when I asked if anyone -- including coaches, personnel people and staffers -- would be furloughed, fired or have their salary cut.

And I got the definite no ... followed by the classic escape clause of "for now."

I've been down this road before. Years ago, the team's message was that Don Shula planned to coach in 1996 and that "nothing has changed for now." Shula was done days later. Previous to that, I'd been told by Tim Robbie he didn't plan to sell the team "for now" before Wayne Huizenga bought the team. Then I heard from Jimmy Johnson during the winter of 1998 that he planned on staying with the team "right now" only weeks before he quit the first time.

Those eventual misdirections were not on par with Nick Saban's definitive "I will not be the Alabama coach," but they nonetheless left a taste of misdirection on my palate.

So "right now" is a red flag to me. And that is why I followed up with a search for a categorical answer that could be written in stone. And of course, Dee was not able to provide it. The exchange:

Q. So you cannot state categorically that Dolphins employees, staffers, coaches or others won’t be furloughed, fired or asked to take pay cuts during a work stoppage?

A. “I can say that is our plan for the near term. We’ve communicated openly with our staff that we see it as being business as usual for the moment. We’re taking this one month at a time, one week at a time, even. Clearly, we’ve talked about all of the various scenarios that could play out, but we haven’t made any final plans to move forward with any changes related to the CBA at the present time.”

Dee was being honest. He was being forthright. And he was making it clear that while there are no plans now to cuts jobs or salaries in case of lockout or significant work stoppage -- which as of this writing remains possible despite hopeful signs to the contrary -- those plans can and probably would easily change going forward if labor peace is not achieved within a specified time.

The feeling I got was the Dolphins won't make any cuts until games are threatened. If there were to be a strike of some kind or lockout of some kind that threatened games, I believe the Dolphins would start to trim salaries for their coaches, personnel people and others.

It hopefully will not come to that.

But so much for those definitive reports.


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Rob...Kris asked me how I knew about these smaller school guys. I watch more FCS games, then FBS. Having season tickets to UM helps. Like I said last week. Tawain Jones is the best player I have seen at that level. Somebody is going to get a good player if when the draft him. I think it was 8 plays over 90 yards in 2 seasons...Unbelievable.


They make the point that Stocker, while not possesing elite speed at the position is more in line with the Witten`s of the world, keeping in line with what our FO is. I haven`t seen the kid enough to make that kind of assesment just relaying what I read

Man, there are 2 guys who I don't want to see picked at #15, Ingram is one, the other is Pouncey. RB and G, talk about 2 positions of non-value!!!

Then again, everyone here knows Ryan Mallett has been my pick since 2010.

I don't think any of the QBs this year could have an impact for us. They don't seem ready at all. Maybe Gabbert but no way we get him.

Mark in TO....

I'm with you....100% sold on Mallett....However in the interest of full disclosure......I didn't come around till after the combine....

.but then again I had never seen him throw till then....Not NCAA guy...

I almost forgot....BIGAFLY threw a small shout out my way in the last blog.....

Just wanted to return the favor.....

I'm in-line with your thinking of how me move this thing forward.....and your post don't have the spelling and grammar issues mine do.....do it makes for a more coherent reead.....

Keep posting BIAGAFLY......

@ DD

I don`t see any of this years group being an NFL guy from jump street there are no M.Ryan or Sam Bradford`s in this group. I can however tell you there reporting that our scouts have apparently been spending alot of time with the Q.B. in Idaho, what that meens is anybodies guess.

I for one like the possabilities of grooming a Kaep, remember this was a kid MLB wanted as a pitching prospects threw at around 98 miles an hour, so you know the rocket arm is there.The other prospect I like is Ponder who could be another Pennington, reads D well, smart with the ball but not the big arm.

MarkToronto - all the bloggers are thrilled to know that Mallet was your pick since 2010. And if he turns out half good, we are going to pinch in for a pijama party and a pinata for you. Also, see if you can get Armando to let Ireland know you have been high on him since 2010. Carries a lot of weight, maybe even a scouting gig for you.



Watched both the vids. Thanks for the tip on the new Taiwan Jones vid.

I would love to see that guy as a Fin as he would be what we need, a RB with speed and moves to go the distance. He has a little size to him and can catch.

Very modest guy that comes across as shy or bashful. His handlers/agent should be doing interview skill training like mad. With some coaching he can come across as more confident. I could think of worse traits. The learning disability thing didn't seem to bother any college staffers but, they kinda have a slanted, vested interest. I was fine with their answers and would take him.

If the RB position was more difficult to understand or complex I would worry more about it. He is definitely a hard one to peg round wise. I could see him going in the 3-4 round range unless he has some killer pro days or private workouts. From 5th on would be stealing.


Typical. The billionaire owner is figting with his millionaire players and who is likely to get hurt: the ticket takers and the hot dog vendors. And both sides want to garner our sympathy. Good luck!


As for your man RB Chase Reynolds he is a true try hard guy. In the mold of a Welker or good call on Woodhead.

I don't think he will get drafted and would be more of a get on our roster and earn a spot type guy. Do you know if he plays ST or not? Could he add to a roster as some sort of gunner?

He does seem to take good angles and knows when to explode or change direction to milk a play for yards. He is adept at receiving as I like the Walter Payton leaps into the endzone. Plays tough for a small guy.

The thing that would worry me the most would be could the NFLers make him look bad by catching him too easy. His pure athleticism seems a super fit for that Montana level of comp but, the NFL has crazy athletes. I don't believe he would win a footrace with Woodhead just from what I saw and that is the worry. Many times the outright speed is what gets a guy with his size/weight a chance.

Spiller and Best were both right at 195-200 lbs and were blazing fast in the 40. Spiller had little impact in his 1st year and Best did decent with both feet having turf toe. I don't believe Chase could hang with either so that would be my fear.

It may come down to his ST prowess and the team that takes a chance. If he goes to the Pats in the 7th he would have a much better shot than say Carolina as Brady can put it right on him and they have guys functioning in the offense his size already.

Good luck to Chase! It would be awesome to play in the NFL.




Rob...Thanks for you opinion on Reynolds.. He would be a longshot. One of the reasons these Griz players make it in the NFL is they preach special teams. Bobby Hauck(UNLV now) is a special teams madman. Most of the guys on rosters make it because they know how to play on that unit. Take Mariani(Titans Rookie pro bowl) He is undersized, Didn't run a great 40 time. Had a couple of 90 yard returns(1 for a td) and an 80 plus yard punt return. He is football fast if that makes any sense.

I know that Reynolds has drawn the interest of a few teams. NO, NE, and Indy. That says something. As far as a Phin. He probably doesn't meet the requirments for size. I value your opinions, and knew you would give an honest assesmant. He did break all of Lex' school records for TD's and rushing yards. but he did it in 3 years...

As far a Jones..That you tube video is a good one. How about that tackle. That is some speed. I think if he wasn't injured he would be a 3rd or 4th round guy easy. Even so, he is a good player. He would make a nice return option..




Mark in Toronto. Kris. I think it is great that you both have pegged Mallet as a guy you believe in. The more I look at the first round. If we do take a quarterback. I think you both may get your wish. None of these prospects are perfect. If the Phins are made believers by any of them.

It will be hard to argue the logic of taking one. The reason I think it would be Mallet.
I think that the other top guys will be off the board by 15. You can insert Locker into this spot if you believe he may be around. It just seems like Locker is gaining some speed.

I have gone on record as saying I'm not a Mallet fan. I still hold true to this belief. But when trying to figure out what the team may do. I have to put aside my personal feelings for the reality of what the team may do. And thinking about our situation, if we are to stay at the 15 spot. Quarterback is the position I think we will go with.


As to the Kaep comments. I think one thing that Kaep would have to help make up for the delivery issue is a heater of an arm like fin4life said.

I believe that once he caught up to the NFL speed of the game he would be able to get the ball there prior to the DB with added velocity. This could make up for any jump the DB got by trying to read his arm motion.

I don't believe that Kaep's motion is as bad as Tebow and his infamous windup. Tebow actually seems to be ok after already winning in Denver. He worked on his motion a bunch although he is not out of the woods by any means and new coaching regime seem to favor Orton.

I would say Kaep's delevery is already less problematic then say Mr. Windup Byron Leftwich.

As for contributing year one, barring major injury I have no delusions. He will need to work on drops and reads... a bundle. Love his upside a ton. The two QBs I like most are Mallet and Kaep.

Shoutout to DC, I have been promoting Mallet since 1976!! Lol, I kid, I kid.



I'll agree with your post @5:38 about Pouncy. Now "Fraud" is a tough word... But God bless ya... you did not mince words at all about him. I feel he is an average O-line guy, perhaps he could find motivation in wanting to be like his brother. But a 1st RP??? Hell no....


To your post @5:21 in response to Mark in TO... I'm with you guy's. I have no desire to kick of another tires ass QB rumble on the blog. Just a quick statement that I feel there is some underlying thing that I saw with Mallet that I cannot shake. It not a typical Combine "Man Crush"... I just saw something about the way he threw and the way he responded that pissed off some... but showed me confidence and gun slinger "I got this" thinking. I could be totally wrong... But I feel Mallet is going to be the break out QB who turned out to be the 2011 QB you shoulda taken.


I hate to be the one to say it... But Armando's radio "Personality" has really detracted from this blog and its content. The last 2 Blogs he has thrown up have been his "Interview Piece" cut in two and made Blog Points. I was not overly moved by the interview... the blog info only seems to run a engine that was out of oil and driven too far even farther till it seized up.

Did somebody mention Howard Stern?

Oh man, I love that guy! Of course I'm shallow and morally challenged, but hey, it goes well with my severe ADHD!!!!

Then AGAIN, so does HEINEKEN!!!!

What were talking about anyways????

Bottoms Up!!!!

It is obvious that Chad Henne was not half the QB he was in 2010 as compared to 2009. It also should be obvious that they are going to try and revert Mr. Henne to his good form of two years ago.

*** OFF... not OF another
*** TIRED... not TIRES Ass QB Rumble...

sorry, I did not oil the spell check gadget today....


ALoco..Whats up! What kind of work? I like Danskos for the kitchen. That's what I wear. They run about 120 bucks a pair. Well worth it if you are on your feet 10 hours a day...

Rob..I agree. All of Kaeps mechanical stuff can be worked out. It is just going to take some time. My point about him was that I don't know if he would be ready to go as a starter in year 1. That's ok. If the phins choose him to develop as the future. I'm in. I also think it would give Henne his last shot to prove his worth. This is a win-win for the Phins because 1 of 2 things will happen. 1 we can put it to bed if he doesn't improve. Or, we find ourselves in a position where we would have the proper time to groom a younger player. Hennes value would go up, and we would finally have some leverage, or options at the qb spot.


Is that a "You Tube" Video?... or is it somewhere else...?

Hi guys...thanks to Kris...agree almost verbatim with your views man..keep it up...

Im on the Mallet train now...I love his aggressive nature...I did not see hsi interview issues as a negative at all...means he wont be pushed around and thats what we need...if and when he mature , this guy "may' be the leader we need...he looks like is NOT AFRAID....and thats important to me....also his throwing mechanics are as good as anyones...he will be there at 15 I bet....

I also like Ponder....looks mature and good arm..in FA its a no brainer..VY now that Orton is not an option...

NO to Ingram or POUNCEY.....sorry Rob OC...but POUNCY is not up to it for mine

Mando said: (If there is a lockout, ie. no games), I believe the Dolphins would start to trim salaries for their coaches, personnel people and others. It hopefully will not come to that.

Uh, what planet do you live on? Normal people, if they don't work, don't get paid. Normal people generally can't afford to NOT get paid. Coaches and owners and players not getting paid for a year... boo hoo.

This country is so backwards it isn't even funny. The media celebrates the rich getting richer without ever considering it is on the backs of the working class.

Screw the NFL. Every fan should step back, think about their life and who is concerned about them and then decide they will boycott the NFL for the year. Its time for the haves to recognize they are not entitled to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else.

No fans. No football.



Mallet reminds me of Big Ben R.....very similar




Aloco...I agree the Mike Dee interview was inane...it asid nothing really...

Armando...your awesome but what about an interview with ODRICk or EDDS to see how theyre tracking...what about AMAYA or JONES or some of the lesser lights....

ALoco, we wear flip flops in Florida even at work. Shorts, tee shirt and flip flops.

It's what we do.

But....Mallett throws like Julia Childs once out of the pocket...not talking about taking off and running, just on the move out of the pocket he couldn't hit the pool from a diving board. He is only half a QB, will never be close to Aaron or Ben on the move.

Ryan Mallet came out a true freshman with all the confidence and the gunslinger mentality too boot.

The problem is, he still looks like that same true freshman.

Makes all the same mistakes and hasn't shown "MUCH" progress from day 1 back at Michigan.

Mallett has maxed out. What you see right now, is all you're ever going to see from him.

Go ahead, somebody mention what a Henne homer I WAS, and that I obviously don't know shyt about QB's. It's your right.

But I'm telling you Mallett looks eerily similar to another QB picked in the first round. They have the same first name too.

If you are trying to evaluate a player in the Draft, I strongly advise you not to base your opinion on a You Tube video of that player. These are highly deceiving and not representative of that particular player's future performance in the NFL. Believe me.

Flip flops....thats what they call them in New Zealand....ha ha..

By the way...IRELAND will trade down so Mallet will be gone anyway I fear...look to a second level QB picked which will eventually be a wasted pick....so in fact trading down will be a waste....with the other 2nd they will bolster the OLINE im sure....no faith in John Jerry at this point and that was Sparanos pick...why doesnt that surprise me????


Same right back atcha.... I hear that train whistle blowin!

I am with you on Christian Ponder also. Smart Dude and he put some questions to bed about making the throws. He'll do great in the interview process... But will make it or break it with his workouts in front of the teams in private.

I think Mallet is going to rattle some cages when he starts doing workouts... I just see a guy with all the talent in the world, a "Take Charge" mentality and a guy who will show some fire when it needs to be shown. Will he take sacks...? Yep... bet your ass he will. As long as he has a quality O-line and some open receivers... Mallet is going to throw TD's and big plays like candy. He will make mistakes early on. Perhaps 3 or 4 years he will have his day's. They will IMO be offset with HUGE plays and scores, and once he breaks out... watch out... he has the ability to be a great one. As a fan you will have to settle with yourself that he is really all about as a young QB. You have to decide up front if you are willing to let him grow out of his issues and take command of that natural ability to make throws. It will be interesting to see if this staff is willing to work with what will obviously be a "Loose Cannon" on some days... and a "Gun Slinger" on other days...? No way in hell Parcell would have touched him.

cocoajoe @ 5:00,

"IF" Henne improves his accuracy maybe he could hit womprats with his T-16 back home!" LOL

Agree with you too. Quite the conundrum the FO finds itself in with Henne and no apparent great "other" options.

It is early yet and I am sure they will clear up their intentions after the draft and CBA get sorted out.

Tough sledding on the guessing game of whom they select though.







Yeah Gulf that's what we call them in Florida too. If you were at least a resident, you would know that.

What part of the gulf are you from?

Agree Derek...ODIN...I alway see a lot of logic and good sense in your posts...just with Mallet I can see something special there...I could definitly be wrong....and Ponder looks like he has a BRAIN....and you need that...

Nevertheless I maintain that if Ireland gets his wish and trades down, neither Mallet or Ponder will be there...maybe neither will Kaepernick.....I think maybe Stanzi or another ...but chances are that in time that pick will be a bust pick...so why do it?...chances as Armandos pointed out are way slim of hitting a bullseye at that point in the draft for a QB...your better off not speculating with that pick for a qb....

Either use the No 15 and pick a QB...or forget QB in this draft and go FA....YOUNG...dont waste that 2nd pick that we may have just negotiated...its dumb

Henne will not be traded as long as Ross is the owner or he really proves with a new OC, running game, and a offensive live that is not tinkered with the entire season that, that he can't get the job done.. Michigan grads stick together and that's also why they will never draft Mallet. He Left!!

Rob, the circle is now complete

Henne will be the starter until around game 8.
Sparano will the the coach until around game 12.
Ross will be the owner for another 5 years.

Go to sleep and come back in 2016.


No worries on the Pouncey call. I always respect your opinion bud.

There is quite a bit about him riding his brothers coat tails and not being as good at Center as one would think he should bearing that family name.

I simply think he has the movement, size and ability to play G for a long time at least at an above average level. I believe his ability at G stacks well vs anyone in the draft. Considering how many busts come out of the draft, I feel he would be a solid pick if they traded back.

I never forgot DT McCoy of Tampa Bay stating that the Pouncey twins were the best guys he faced in all his college days.

It will be interesting as I have seen a bunch of mock drafts that have Pitt drafting Mike Pouncey and teaming him up with his bro.

Pitt does a pretty good job evaluating OL, so if that did happen it would be a nice vote for Mike Pouncey's ability.

I am still hot on the we need a QB badly trail. I would be just fine with Mallet, Kaepernick or Locker as a pick-up to add a log on the QB fire.


I'm tired of hoping for Henne and waiting on Thigpen.

You never know though, with a sane and coherent OC, this could be an entirely different beast(did I just use the word beast in reference to Henne and Thiggy?-HA! Told you guys-Heineken is De Shyt!).

I watched Mallett as a true freshman and was instantly smitten. If I had been the Head Coach, right or wrong, I would have started him from day 1.

As the "situation" unfolded, I didn't blame him for tranferring either. I was convinced a star was in the making!

All the intangibles aside, all the measurables and future Pro Days, Malletts skill levels haven't seemed to change since he left the Lone Star State.

Our QB situation sucks and I don't have an answer. But with Mallet, what you see, is ALL you're going to get.


What you said is true. I have had all the respect in the world for Armando and still do. But it would feel a whole lot more like a "Football Team" Blog, and less like a "Lets try and corner a Dolphins Front Office Official" Blog if Armando would start talking with, and actually posting some of the relevant information that OUR FRIGGIN PLAYERS have to talk about.

You don't have to try hard if you are out to prove that the Miami Front office often says one thing and does another. Its been that way for 15 damn years but it seems to Mystify of not fascinate Armando every time.

I picture Armando as being one of those "Charley Brown" types who will keep right on trying to kick the football while Lucy is holding it, Even though every time he ends up busting his ass when she yaks it away...

LISTEN.... To what they are telling us. With their action... not their words. The Local media burned their "Free Parking Pass" with the Dolphins many years ago... it will take them giving Miami a long streak of not printing crap because it makes good print. But the number 1 thing the local media will have to provide the Dolphins is just a small shread of loyalty... something a few other Cities Media guys understand and defend with their last breath, Knowing they could end up on the outs and locked out just like the Miami Media is with the Dolphins... having to take what little crumbs Miami allows to fall off the table to them scurry around and pick up.

They created their own situation and only they can fix it... Too much Ego involved though... Armando would never do anything he feels would be considered "being seen as weak"... even though not swallowing that pride causes his access to be "Limited" at the very best... when it used to be "Unparalleled" by anyone but the most senior of writers and TV guys.

Its hard to imagining these two items together:

Tony Sparano

Wow Derek,

ALoco would call that a "long, long, long" post, but I don't care.

I'm not saying you're wrong, because I don't think you are, but even if you were, I'd still like it.

Awesome post!!!!

Heineken! Heineken! Heineken! Heineken!


Are you related to odinieda?

I got kin folk down around dat way.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

bigalfy, none of those players you mentioned are around these days. In fact, players are currently not allowed to come to Dolphins camp and the team definitely does not make them available to the media if they did.

This is vacation time for most of these guys. Roberto Wallace is in Panama. Vontae Davis is headed to Africa in 10 days but has been back and forth between Washington, LA and Miami.

The point is, the reason you're not hearing from players is because there are no players to hear from these days. It's the offseason, gents. Way it is.

Armando is right you guys, so back off.

About the ONLY interesting thing going on right now are the CBA negotiations(HINT! HINT! ARMANDO!)

PS: How'd that work out do ya Mando?

Made you feel good didn't it?

Prancing around in front of the mirror wasn't ya?

Yeah, I KNOW!!!!


I am not sure by your post if you are saying Mallet is maxed ability wise and won't get better in the Pros or if you want him as a Fin as you have always liked him. Anywho you always have good observations bud.

His stats are pretty impressive (posted below). Mallet is throwing nearly 3 X the TDs to Ints career wise. Two things very apparent are his arm strength and ball handling skills. I believe he is a QB that gets it on "fake handoffs" in actually trying to fool the pass rushers and LBs. Many of his fakes are stellar and that is yet another thing Henne could at least make an attempt at.

Here is a really nice fake:


Marino was terrible with his fakes but at least he had the quick cannon to make up for it.

Steve DeBerg was always one I used to love to watch for his impressive deception with the ball.

2007 COMP 61, ATT 141, YARDS 892, PER 43.3, YPA 6.33, LONG 97, TDs 7, INTs 5, SACKS 12, RATING 105.69

2009 COMP 225, ATT 403, YARDS 3627, PER 55.8, YPA 9.00, LONG 83, TDs 30, INTs 7, SACKS 24, RATING 152.52

2010 COMP 266, ATT 411, YARDS 3869, PER 64.7, YPA 9.41, LONG 89, TDs 32, INTs 12, SACKS 25, RATING 163.65


I sold my trip to Vontae Davis, he's going to Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Sudan, Oman, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.....anyone else wanna go? Lol!

Either use the No 15 and pick a QB...or forget QB in this draft and go FA....YOUNG...dont waste that 2nd pick that we may have just negotiated...its dumb

Posted by: bigalfy | March 07, 2011 at 06:50 PM



All I could do is repeat what you said... There is nothing I could say that will improve it.

I'll Comment on your "Ross/Michigan" Theory however. Interesting thinking... for certain. I suppose you could also look at it like Ross may say "Well... at least Mallet WAS at Michigan, and that's better then nothing"... Now we are both sounding like we need to take a deep breath...
Honestly, I hope to God Ross keeps his opinions to himself concerning football operations. Having Parcells the hell out of Miami and his pal Henning right behind him, gives Tony, Jeff, Mike and Brian an opportunity they have not had to this point in Miami. A chance to run and operate a football team that looks like a 21st century system.

Don't anyone get it twisted. Tony was the coach and Jeff has an office... But Bill Parcells was the man in Miami. There is very little, next to NOTHING that does not have his late 80's 1990's signature on it. And don't get Henning twisted either. At his age with his experience, very few questioned him... even when they knew he was dead ass wrong.

I'm convinced its been the cancer eating this team from within and its now gone.

Its funny how many bloggers are dead certain about how much Parcells role has been each of the three years. They have zero facts about that at their disposal, because none are available, but yet, they are convinced of their supposition. My 'guess' is Ireland was not merely a yes man and indeed had a fair amount of input. Parcells plan was never to stay very long, it was to turn things around and let his two buddies get their feet wet and handle the show to a large extent as well with him as a consultant. Do I know this? Nope, I admit that, just my guess. To think Ireland and Sparano were nothing but yes men is a bit ridiculous to me. Parcells was far more checked out far sooner than any of us realized, that we do know. I'll bet far more final decisions were made by Ireland than most realize though.


Let's hope that the OC and BP casting of to graze in other pastures will help teh FO get r done.

I will look at this draft as to whether Ireland can deviate from his Jolly Green Giant mantra that BP drilled into his head or actually make some moves to add guys that can tear it up chunk yards wise.

Like CJ, Mike Wallace, Leon Washington, Best, Stephan Logan and McCluster have shown... good things do come in small frames as well.

If they ended up getting a RB Taiwan Jones 6'1" or WR Julio Jones 6'2 3/4" at least they have the jets couple with the size.

Julio Jones will most likely go in the top 10 or earlier after his tough guy combine and blazing speed was established.



Marino didn't have to worry about things like mechanics-LOL! He didn't waste time with fakes because defenders already knew. That's just the way it was when you played Marino's Fins.

Your right about DeBerg, I can't think of anyone that was any better with the play action fakes.

Maybe I'm just being jaded when it comes to Mallet. I just thought he would be ALOT better than he is by this time.

Watching him as a true freshman, I expected him to end up being that sure fire, can't miss, somebody trade their entire draft for kind of prospect.

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