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Q&A insights: The salary cut or layoffs

It has been widely reported by other media that the Dolphins plan no salary rollbacks to coaches or furloughs to staffers if the collective bargaining agreement is not resolved.

This is only partially correct.

During my Q&A session with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, the only moment when I believed I was getting the politically correct answer was when I asked if anyone -- including coaches, personnel people and staffers -- would be furloughed, fired or have their salary cut.

And I got the definite no ... followed by the classic escape clause of "for now."

I've been down this road before. Years ago, the team's message was that Don Shula planned to coach in 1996 and that "nothing has changed for now." Shula was done days later. Previous to that, I'd been told by Tim Robbie he didn't plan to sell the team "for now" before Wayne Huizenga bought the team. Then I heard from Jimmy Johnson during the winter of 1998 that he planned on staying with the team "right now" only weeks before he quit the first time.

Those eventual misdirections were not on par with Nick Saban's definitive "I will not be the Alabama coach," but they nonetheless left a taste of misdirection on my palate.

So "right now" is a red flag to me. And that is why I followed up with a search for a categorical answer that could be written in stone. And of course, Dee was not able to provide it. The exchange:

Q. So you cannot state categorically that Dolphins employees, staffers, coaches or others won’t be furloughed, fired or asked to take pay cuts during a work stoppage?

A. “I can say that is our plan for the near term. We’ve communicated openly with our staff that we see it as being business as usual for the moment. We’re taking this one month at a time, one week at a time, even. Clearly, we’ve talked about all of the various scenarios that could play out, but we haven’t made any final plans to move forward with any changes related to the CBA at the present time.”

Dee was being honest. He was being forthright. And he was making it clear that while there are no plans now to cuts jobs or salaries in case of lockout or significant work stoppage -- which as of this writing remains possible despite hopeful signs to the contrary -- those plans can and probably would easily change going forward if labor peace is not achieved within a specified time.

The feeling I got was the Dolphins won't make any cuts until games are threatened. If there were to be a strike of some kind or lockout of some kind that threatened games, I believe the Dolphins would start to trim salaries for their coaches, personnel people and others.

It hopefully will not come to that.

But so much for those definitive reports.


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redsky................. Admit to nothing...

Best advise that tat man can hear from anyone... The more you say... the worse things will get. I'm certain as a ex-cop you have seen more people go to jail for running their mouth then any other single thing.

I will look for it, redsky. Yuengling beer.

Derek, yes sir, as I said, admit to nothing and be well represented.....in the meantime, drink no beer except Yuengling!!

Oscar, enjoy, let me know what you think. Costco carries it, in case you have one around you.....$18-19 a case of 24. That's less that a buck a bottle!!!!

Thankyou, redsky. I do have a Costco near me.

In any case, in the first Days, some of us teens had to finish growing up in the streets of Miami. No money, no fame. But there was always Alberto, who when he came back, always said, - that que-r had a delicious a--! And we laughed and laughed, eating our sandwiches.

Redsky, first I've heard anyone outside my family praise yuengling! I love the stuff

Dishpan, Oscar, Yuengling has been my favorite for years, I have introduced so many people to it because they don't advertise, people recommend it to others. I recently hosted a baby shower for my youngest daughter, yes, I'm going to be a grandfather for the 6th time. Anyway, my son-in-law, also a cop, asked for Heineken for him and his squad. I picked up a case (24) of Heineken and a case of Yuengling.....the Yuengling was gone in 45 minutes, I still have Heineken left over

I will try it, dishpan. No harm in it, is there? I will either like it, or not. And I will tell you.

Really, Mrs. Riley!

Oscar, I will come over and help you drink it!!

I am afraid that will not be possible, redsky. But I shall certainly inform you(whether I liked it or not).

Ok Oscar, I'd buy....but ok....I've been kicked out of better places. I'm kidding Oscar!

Ok, I keep seeing guys saying draft Ingram, draft Pouncey, draft Amukamara, draft Julio Johnson, what you have to ask yourself is are any of these guys gonna lead the offense and the answer is NO!!

I supported Henne to a point until it was plainly obvious he does not have IT, give him a new system, new coach, he still has yet to show leadership on the field, emotion would be good, the ability to connect deep in stride just once in awhile oh and the ability to throw the fade.

We need a QB, high priority, with Garner coming back, Incognito resigned, we have an O line already better than last year, RB will be answered later in the draft, Kendall Hunter, Demarco Murray, Dion Lewis and others.
Without a good QB we have nothing, this has been obvious since 2000, we should be drafting one 1st round every year till we solve the problem, not 2nd rounders we've proven that doesn't work.
If Gabbert is in range trade up, more likely trade down to later 1st round get the 2nd round pick and take Ryan Mallet with the late 1st rounder, he can make all the throws, doesnt check down every chance he gets and throws the fade well too and as far the off field issues, still yet to hear any proof, just lots of noise at the mo, how do we know the Newton camp isn't trying to discredit him.

And......I do strongly believe Henne will start the season and be replaced by Mallet by midseason if he is drafted.

However I refuse to get my hopes up this season, year in, year out the FO has consistantly dissapointed me on draft day with the 1st round selection, I was happy with the trade down last year until they took Odrick.
Hell next year they'll probably pass on Luck if they had the no 1 overall again..lol

the drafts the past 2 years have been a disaster. because we had thr trifecta th fans didnt know who in particular to blame for the blown picks. thats the way the trifecta wanted it because it kept each guy protected. tony said we needed to change the culture;i agree. when are they going to start taking responsibility for their own actions? lets clean up the leadership before we start evaluating the players. ireland will step over real talent to scrounge for "acorns" thinking he's smarter than everyone else. we passed over alot of real talent the past 2 years in the drafts and FA. i pray it changes but am not optimistic it will.

Thinking about the strategy behind Drafting players(very interesting, by the way, just like handicapping horseraces(predicting the Future)). How sure can any GM be before commiting on a player? Of course, not 100% as that is voided by the Future. And at some point, you have to commit. I'll say between 70-80% sure.

Anybody knows what's going on in the negotiations between Owners and Players?

What will happen to the Cheerleaders???????????

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Better off w Ronnie Brown & "The Hill"
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Don't know why people are so down on Mark Ingram. I actually hope we trade down and get a second but Ingram will get you the hard 3 yards you need for a first down. He can also get you the same 3 yards for a touchdown. Patience in the running game will pay big dividends. Scatbacks look great but are easy to bring down. There was no finer football machine than the Dolphins back in the day of Csonka, Kiick, Morris, Larry Little, Paul Warfield, Bob Griese and The No Name Gang.

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seems your blogger buddy has been onto something fro quite some time now

Mallett is rumored to have scored a 9 on the wonderlic. He has a very gifted arm....but I think that score just reinforces what many have said in RE to his poor decision making ability. If the Phins are going to reach for one of these project QBs I would rather see locker.

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Wolfman 1313...

Please site the LINK...to this rumor.....I think its only fair....if your defame the man's intelligence....

Wolfy, My Girlfriend (The Empress of Pineapples) Scored high on the "Wonderlic" too, But she doesnt complete the test if you know what I mean.... And I think you do..


My intelligence scores are off the charts, far higher than any of you moronic simpletons who tremble in fear at my feet.

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I doubt that most HS graduates in the USA will do well on that Test, cocoajoe.

So, how many did you get right? Multiply the number you answered correctly by 2.5 to get your real Wonderlic score.

Oscar, you are probably right. #6 was 5 geometric figures. Four of them had 4 sides and one had 5....easy but it didn't print on this end.

I scored 40 on this one and strangely enough 40 on the one Phinsider had.

Everybody knows that the real Education in this Country starts probably at the Masters level, but then, it is somewhat specialized.

Hey Bob Huff, sounds good. Actually, why don't we dig up Knute Rockne and dust off Frank Giffords' playbook, lol?

Again, this is 2011. Anyone who thinks this is a running league (even 3 yards worth) ought to go back and check out the games vs. the Saints and Colts in 2009 before they embarrass themselves by trying to claim running the football will get you anywhere but the 15th overall pick in the Draft. Smart thinking Bob!

cocoajoe, do you know what the mean score is on this Test?

To my eyes, the dumbest athletes are baseball Players. Why, because the hardest feat in Sports is trying to hit a ball coming at you at 90-100 mph. You must not be able to think. Pure reflexes and eagle-eye vision.

I got all of them right but one in 4min. Damn, I wish I was 6'2", 220 and could run a 4.3 forty. Same thing on the test they gave you in high school for the armed services. I was off the charts on that thing. If life were taking aptitude tests, I'd be a King! Too bad book smarts doesn't translate into vast wealth.

marino scored a 13 fyi. who cares if he can't tie his shoes just play qb.lol

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