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Q&A insights: The salary cut or layoffs

It has been widely reported by other media that the Dolphins plan no salary rollbacks to coaches or furloughs to staffers if the collective bargaining agreement is not resolved.

This is only partially correct.

During my Q&A session with Dolphins CEO Mike Dee, the only moment when I believed I was getting the politically correct answer was when I asked if anyone -- including coaches, personnel people and staffers -- would be furloughed, fired or have their salary cut.

And I got the definite no ... followed by the classic escape clause of "for now."

I've been down this road before. Years ago, the team's message was that Don Shula planned to coach in 1996 and that "nothing has changed for now." Shula was done days later. Previous to that, I'd been told by Tim Robbie he didn't plan to sell the team "for now" before Wayne Huizenga bought the team. Then I heard from Jimmy Johnson during the winter of 1998 that he planned on staying with the team "right now" only weeks before he quit the first time.

Those eventual misdirections were not on par with Nick Saban's definitive "I will not be the Alabama coach," but they nonetheless left a taste of misdirection on my palate.

So "right now" is a red flag to me. And that is why I followed up with a search for a categorical answer that could be written in stone. And of course, Dee was not able to provide it. The exchange:

Q. So you cannot state categorically that Dolphins employees, staffers, coaches or others won’t be furloughed, fired or asked to take pay cuts during a work stoppage?

A. “I can say that is our plan for the near term. We’ve communicated openly with our staff that we see it as being business as usual for the moment. We’re taking this one month at a time, one week at a time, even. Clearly, we’ve talked about all of the various scenarios that could play out, but we haven’t made any final plans to move forward with any changes related to the CBA at the present time.”

Dee was being honest. He was being forthright. And he was making it clear that while there are no plans now to cuts jobs or salaries in case of lockout or significant work stoppage -- which as of this writing remains possible despite hopeful signs to the contrary -- those plans can and probably would easily change going forward if labor peace is not achieved within a specified time.

The feeling I got was the Dolphins won't make any cuts until games are threatened. If there were to be a strike of some kind or lockout of some kind that threatened games, I believe the Dolphins would start to trim salaries for their coaches, personnel people and others.

It hopefully will not come to that.

But so much for those definitive reports.


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My youngest son was IQ tested at the insistence of his psychologist who was treating him for ADHD. He scored 130 while being constantly redirected to the task. Of course, he could never become a baseball player.

The highest possible score on the wonderlink is a 40, I would like to see the link as well were Mallet scored a 9. I mean what is he a talking monkey under 25% on the test, by the way I would personally one day like to see said test because for those of you that don`t know Marino was said to have scored a 16 on his aside from his drug rumors back in 83 and if Dan was a stupid Q.B. then please show the dumbest Q.B. in the draft the way to Davie !!!!!

Oscar, it's just a sample. The real one has 50 questions and you've got 12 minutes. Averages out to 15 seconds per question to finish. Go to phinsider for another sample and you can select the answer and it gives you a score. It has a timer and pretty fun.

But here are some past results if you hadn't seen them.

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Frank Gore - 6

2watt, that's what I was getting at. This wonderlic doesn't sound like it can tell you anything about reading defenses, understanding game situations, etc. Like I said, I aced this thing, but give me a football and a 250lb ironman chasing me and let's see how well I distribute the ball. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense if you ask me.

Randy Moss (from what I hear) wasn't the best student in college. Yet Brady, Bellicheck and others called him the brightest football mind they knew. So, did the Wonderlic tell people that?

@ cocoajoe isn`t the highest possible score a 40 ?

I, personally, don't place much value in such Tests. In regards to Football(as in anything in Life), competitiveness is best.

No, it's 50. The real one is 50 questions and score it 1 point per correct question.

Very, very funny, DC. I think I will distribute taht ball faster than you would.

DC....your wrong....running the ball will get you the 12 pick in the draft....we ran quite well in 2009.....4th best in the league I think.....lol

It's just a tool and probably not a very good one for football players. If I had anything to do with it, they would be wearing full pads and helmets for drills at the combine.

WoW cocoajoe,

the highest scores read a who`s who of journeymen q.b.`s and busts !!!! we should send yur chart to Ireland, I can see it know.

(Ireland) give me the results of this years wonderlink and please have T.S. interview all players as given the dubious nature of my moms history I won`t be able to help but ask the questions I want answers for !!

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Cocoajoe....good point...I wonder why they don't put them in pads....I can see no hitting....but I want to know what your 40 and "10 yard split" times are in pads....

Guess thats why they get paid and we talk about it....

Point in case !! the woderlink seems an absurd way from everything that I have read in judging a players ability, by the way I meant to say In case point !!! I scored a 50 on my wonderlinj

fin4life, I have a feeling that some of these guys know coaches/GMs don't put a lot of stock in the scores and really don't try. I mean, how do you only get 6 out of 50 right?

Kris, I don't know. But it would give a more accurate acessment I think.

I don't know how accurate this is....it's been decribed as 'rough'...but double your score and add 60. It's supposed to be 'roughly' your IQ.

@ cocoajoe

Are you telling me that Frank Gore managed his way through the U with an I.Q. of 72, I mean his score 6 doubling and adding 60 is 72 !!! Isn`t 70 already considered mentally handicapped ? I tell you they got some explaining to do at the U !

fin4life, I just got through saying, I have a feeling that some players don't really try. Because they think coaches/GMs don't put a lot of weight on these scores.

I think the truth is, not many do.

fin4life, if you scored a 50 and supposedly your IQ can be measured(roughly) by doubling your score and adding 60, then, some VIP's will be contacting you pretty soon.

Alrighty then friend I tell you though you just burst my bubble I was getting ready to offer my services to Gore s his money manager.

@ Oscar,

In a money managing post I hope.

No, no, fin4life, usually highly gifted People don't care much for $. But they could have you manage the technology of invisibility of a Platoon in Afghanistan.

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