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Fins and Canes apparently making nice again

Remember back in 2005 when Nick Saban (sorry, had to say his name) took over the Dolphins and in his first draft he went with a Southeastern Conference player in the first round? And he picked an SEC player in the third round. And another in the fourth round.

Saban said he picked guys from the SEC because he had coached in the conference at Louisiana State and was familiar with the players. Saban also plucked Kevin Vickerson from Michigan State in the seventh round and it was no coincidence he had coached at Michigan State before LSU and was still closely tied to folks at that program.

The point is familiarity was something Saban believed -- right or wrong -- gave him an advantage. It obviously didn't play out that way in 2006 when Saban picked an SEC guy in the first round again, especially when we all saw Jason Allen trying to cover people. But, again, familiarity was important to the coach.

Fast forward to the Bill Parcells era. He had an amazing tie to Montana, for some reason. And the Dolphins drafted Lex Hilliard from Montana. And the Dolphins signed kicker Dan Carpenter from Montana. And the Dolphins added Cory Procter to the roster at different times last year. Procter came from the Dallas Cowboys via, you guessed it, Montana.

I say all that to say this: All NFL teams have programs they feel very comfortable with. They feel they get inside information from those programs. The coaches on the NFL team feel they have a kinship with the coaches on the college team.

Bill Belichick had that with Saban at LSU and with Urban Meyer at Florida most recently. I guess that's the reason he felt comfortable picking TE Aaron Hernandez when other teams were worried about the kid's drug tests.

The Dolphins used to have a program they were pretty comfortable with once upon a time -- the University of Miami. This column in today's Miami Herald outlines the history of the ties between Miami's professional and collegiate football teams.

But the relationship got broken around the middle of the last decade for reasons the column explains. And that wasn't good for either, in my opinion.

It didn't hurt as much as it could because the Hurricanes haven't been championship-caliber in recent years. So the Dolphins haven't exactly missed out on players that were difference-makers -- with the exception of Jimmy Graham last year. (Yes, that's only a projection, but I love that kid's potential and cannot understand why the Dolphins didn't get him). I seriously wonder why it is a kid like Sam Shields, who played at Miami and was available as an undrafted free agent, signed with the Green Bay Packers and not the Miami Dolphins?

That kind of stuff shouldn't be happening. And apparently Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland is working to keep that from happening in the future. At least it looks like he is.

That's good because other teams are apparently working things at UM these days as well. Not the least of those teams is the Patriots, who got themselves a pretty sweet connection to the U in former quarterback Bernie Kosar, who is working for New England as a consultant.

But apparently Ireland has the right idea in making nice with the Canes and making sure the valuable information on players that the college coaches might have goes to the Dolphins also.

The Canes had their Pro Day last week. Bad weather caused a suspension and postponement. They will pick back up March 25. The results of Pro Day are only partial because the event did not conclude. I have shared with you the available results below.

And if you are not impressed with any of the players available from Miami this year, that's OK. This isn't about getting a fast fix. The relationship I hope the Dolphins and Canes are forging is a long-term one that will take advantage of Miami players well into the coming years.

At the very least, the fact the lines of communication are open again is good news.

NamePos.HtWt40 Yd DashVert. JumpBench Press60 yd ShuttlePro-shuttleL Drill
Matt Bosher K/P 6-004 207            
Jared Campbell DB 5-11 200 4.7 31 14      
Richard Gordon TE 6-33 267 4.65 32.5 25      
Patrick Hill FB 5-81 237 5.05 27.5 21      
Ryan Hill DB 5-11 202 4.52 32 17      
Cory Nelms DB 5-11 191 4.39 37 14      
Kylan Robinson LB 5-11 224 4.73 32 17      
Allen Bailey DL 6-33 281            
Damien Berry RB 5-10 206 4.45          
Graig Cooper RB 5-105 197 4.6 32.5        
Orlando Franklin OL 6-57 315   30        
Brandon Harris DB 5-10 190   34.5        
Leonard Hankerson WR 6-2 202            
Colin McCarthy LB 6-013 236            
DeMarcus Van Dyke DB 6-010 174



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Let's get all dressed up and attend a gala ball tonight. Wouldn't that be divine?

What's scary GP, is both political parties in this country are in agreement in all the areas that hurt a majority of citizens equally. That's why nothing was done about the last economic bubbles (housing, tech stocks). The people at the top only care about staying on top, therefore pay ALL politicians to make sure that's where they stay (meaning, politicians shouldn't do anything to change the fundamental way society works).

Local police NEED criminals to account for their budgets, so even though for examples many drug dealers and "open-air" drug markets are known to all, nothing is ever done really to stop criminality (think about what would happen if there was no more money in police budgets for all the extras the "drug war" brought in).

Dept. of defense spends billions on systems that will never work (or be used since they're usually meant to prevent something that happened in the LAST war, not the NEXT).

Bankers believe in capitalism as they are making more and more money, yet believe in socialism when they lose money (and force bailouts).

Localities make concessions to companies, sometimes even selling off their resources (water, gas, oil) only to find private businesses charging exorbitant fees to use those same resources.

Don't think either political party is going to do much to stop any of that. They get campaign contributions from all those interests, and therefore will only go so far to change anything. As long as we sit by and let this all happen, keep looking the other way while we're being pinched from all sides, losing control of our lives (see Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, etc.) they'll keep taking, keep enriching themselves, keep congratulating themselves as the rest of us suffer.

People always say, "I've never been given a job by a poor person." True. But when's the last time you saw a millionaire/billionaire roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work? People need to stop thinking their being GIVEN something by a rich person. You're not GIVEN anything, you EARN a paycheck for SERVICES RENDERED. They need you as much as you need them, you should remember that!

Aahh my ears are ringing how dare u write that name.. lol

All is vanity.

odinseye, here are the facts. Be mad at the players all you want but read this.

As per NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith,

Breakdown of the Issues which prevented a new NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement from being reached:

The NFL demanded a multi-billion dollar giveback and refused to provide any legitimate financial information to justify it.

The NFL’s offer on March 7 to give the NFLPA a single sheet of numbers was NOT financial disclosure. The players’ accountants and bankers advised that the “offered” information was meaningless: only two numbers for each year.

The NFL wanted to turn the clock back on player compensation by four years, moving them back to where they were in 2007.

The NFL offered no proposal at all for long-term share of revenues.

NFL demanded 100% of all revenues which went above unrealistically low projections for the first four years.

The NFL refused to meet the players on significant changes to in-season, off-season or pre-season health and safety rules.

The NFL kept on the table its hypocritical demand for an 18-game season, despite its public claims to be working toward improving the heath and safety of players.

The NFL wanted cutbacks in player workers’ compensation benefits for injured players.

The NFL sought to limit rookie compensation long after they become veterans — into players’ fourth and fifth years


The players offered repeatedly to continue working under the existing CBA, but were rejected by the NFL five times.

Despite publicly admitting no club was losing money, that TV ratings, sponsorship money, etc. were at an all time high, the NFL continued to insist on an 18-percent rollback in the players’ share of revenues and continue to deny the NFLPA’s request for justification.

"Despite publicly admitting no club was losing money, that TV ratings, sponsorship money, etc. were at an all time high, the NFL continued to insist on an 18-percent rollback in the players’ share of revenues and continue to deny the NFLPA’s request for justification."

So the owners are still making money and profited more last season than any season before that. Yet they want to cut player revenue sharing. And are acting as if the economy is effecting them just as bad as the rest of us even after admitting making more money last season. They want you to believe that they're a big corporation just cutting employee salaries like everyone else to offset the losses from a bad economy. BUT THEY ADMITTED THEY HAD NO LOSSES!!! And refuse to show the books because it will blow their case out of the water. Wake up people, the owners are screwing us worse than the players.

"No PRIVATELY OWNED business in the Western Hemisphere, whether it be a sports franchise right on down to a small Towing/Snow Plowing and Automotive Repair Shop should be compelled to open it's books to ANYONE! I don't care if it's an independent investigative committee and/or especially not said entities WORK FORCE!"

Your missing the point Odin. The players aren't as replacable as any joe schmoe in a privately owned business in the western hemisphere. This is a whole different monster. An automotive repair shop isn't making billions of dollars a year. If they want to cut salaries they do it. If the employees dont like it they can quit and there are 500 other grease monkeys waiting to take their place. If NFL players quit who keeps the business alive? Who plays the games? How do the owners make their money?

If you are asking an employee to take a pay cut yet bragging that you made the most money in your companies history you are a moron and should open your books to facilitate an agreement. What do they have to hide? The "books" aren't their personal diaries, just tax statements on earnings or losses. Acting as if this is some kind of injustice to an American business is laughable.

Business do that crap everyday. Look at WALMART, during the recession they made more money than anyone! They don't ask people to take pay cuts but they cut people to part time so they don't have to pay benefits then brag to sharerholders how profitable they are!

ricky retire or no new news? been out of the loop for a few.


Dude could Kaepernick be the next Tom Brady? Same build out of college, so will bulk up just like Brady which will make him stronger. Great accuracy, seems to be a good leader (led a pretty much crappy team to a great season), and he's also not too slow of a runner. Fins should pick this guy. BTW he's a winner.

Wouldn't hurt the Dolphins to have a better looking quarterback. Henne is a dog.

Most of the really good ones are eye candy like Rodgers, Rivers, and Brady. Peyton Manning is pretty ugly, too, but his brother is OK. The only hottie that's pretty bad (so far) is Sanchez.

I'm not defending Sparano but a lot of teams passed on Shields and they all were wrong. Sometimes it's just the way it is. Should we now say we should have drafted Tom Brady because he turned out to be who he is....a lot of teams passed on him too. Oh by the way how many of you wanted Brady Quinn hahaha

The Patriots themselves passed on Brady five times in that draft so it's not like they had superpowers in divining the future, either.

The simple fact with Brady is that NOBODY (including New England) foresaw what he would become. If they had, he obviously would have gone within the first few picks.

As for fans having any real ability to predict anything with college players? Laughable. But every year they delude themselves into thinking otherwise (and, I suspect, try to impress people with their "knowledge" and "insight" which in truth is zero)



@ DAN 4:37 & Bill 5:07

There are always exceptions to any rule,Brady being the most glaring example but this blogg which is supposed to be about the Fins tapping the talent pool at the U is perplexing to me at the very least because all the Fins have done over there history is ignore the players at Coral Gables. I made a point yesterday about the 93 draft and the fact that the fins needing LB`s passed on Darren Smith RD.1, Micheal Barrow in RD.2 and Jesse Armstead in RD.6 who fell there because of injury, now that said anybody who watched these 3 play together new they were can`t miss prospects at the next level.

I remember a game in 91 against the Univ. of Houston which at the time was a top 5 team with David Klingler at Q.B. and the game ended up being a laugher because there slot rec. was being covered and taken out of the game by Armstead, a LB ! To take it a step further Klingler would become a top 5 pick in the following draft by Cin. and anybody that watched him face a pass rush with over all Defensive team speed (The U) knew this kid was all hype.

It doesn`t take a genius to watch tape and see if a player has that passion for the game, then see what a players over all ability is athletically in order to make a sound judgement on his ability to transition to the Pro game. It isn`t flawless and alot do leave you scratching your head but in large part if you have all the info. on the player, failed drug tests, lazy, ect... you`ll be more right than wrong.

It has nothing to do with coming on here to prove your smarter or have greater insight, it`s about having a bigger passion for the sport than your avarege inthusiast. This blogg and others like it exist so that those more intense fans, like myself have a place to exchange there varying points of view and in many cases swaying another blogger`s point of view, which has happened to me from time to time. If you don`t appreciate this fact then I suggest you go on some other sight that better fits your point of view, IMHO.

Too little; Too Late.

Jimmy Graham's gone. So is the then ultra-available Sam Shields.

Pi##-Poor scouting = Dolphins.

Went fishing in the archieves, back to Jan. and Feb, searching for (off blog subject) an exchange of protests concerning the looming CBA delimma. The very thing Armando wrote about the other day.
Speed reading nearly fifteen hundred posts, I did not find the four or five that I sought, but I couldn't help but laugh again when I re-read some of these hillarious jinglings:

Allow me these copy and pasted tricklets.

But first, let me say I spent a couple hours over the weekend logging onto the other NFL cities Newspapers to get an idea of the fan consensus regarding their team loyalty, CBA, etc.

I began with the lowly Panthers, reading from the Charlotte Observer [staff writer, Joe Person], ending with the Packers reading from the Milwaukee Journal [staff writer, Don Walker].

There are alot of angry fans out there, and many are wanting to sign onto the bandwagon CHRIS, Rob in OC, Odinseye, and myself want to ride, drive, shot-gun, etc.

IT's about time the fans voice their exasperation! It is freakin crazy I can't afford to take my son to a game. Give us a 16% reprieve.

The saddest thing is, after it is all said and done (and the lawyers are paid for ironing out a new CBA) the costs will be passed onto us.

Ticket prices are already on the rise, and the bastards aren't even legitimate as of midnight last weekend.

* As the Soprano would say in the heat of the moment, "freakin' BLOODSUCKER!"

Now, on a lighter note:

*Alaco, I laughed harder the second time I read this. Two months ago, and yet again. Kudos.

Poll of the day;
Who is the best comptent at their job ;
1-Ross.............is a billionare'
2-Sparano........ is a millionare
3-armando....... blog guy
4- OX80......................................... HAS a HOT DOG STAND .


Posted by: ALoco | January 07, 2011 at 08:58 AM

*Post, Mark.. . Although he is gifted, he stank in the critical.

Would be nice if Brandon cut down on his drops to about less than 1,000,000 or so per season. WOuld be nice if he went all out for once too instead of just talking about it.
No, I am not the biggest brandon marshall fan.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 28, 2011 at 02:21 PM

.*Mando getting maaaad.

MartinK, I mean, psuphinphan, column 1 confirmed that Ricky's comments after the season will not have a negative effect on his status with the team -- stuff that has been SPECULATED about on the other blog you like to spend your time on.
Column 2 gave you FROM THE MAN INVOLVED HIMSELF a perspective on a topic (Pat White) that the blog you like to spend your day on has SPECULATED back and forth about with no clear answer. I told you clearly what happened. Feel free to re-read the post.
If that is not enough for you, I suggest you go back to the speculation and leave this blog to those wanting to hear directly from the principles involved in various situations.
Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 28, 2011 at 04:00 PM


*DB and crew spent an hour instructing Alaco how he could be richer than Bill Gates, if only he had a few pennies and a yardsale nearby...to double his portfolio.


Posted by: ALoco | February 21, 2011 at 11:09 AM
*Should I share more? Why not...

People never see things right up underneath thier noses. They gamble on stocks and try to bank and make thier money grow.
Aloco, are thier any thrift shops in your town?
If so, it's a gold mine right up underneath your nose. They have plenty of items that you buy for pennies on the dollar and resell for anywhere from 30% to 1000% return on your dollar. Depends what that item is. They dont always know what they have.
Aloco, always remember, rich isnt how much money you have its an attitude. Adopt that attitude for life and sooner or later the money takes care of itself. Many fail by seeking huge amounts of money first. Rich is an attitude!

*tis is the punch-line-

Although you may or may not have ever make more money than Bill Gates. You can still be a heck of a lot more successful than him even for a day.
Say you do a deal and turn a 50% profit for the day and Gates does a deal and turns a 15% profit. Yes he's made more money but you were more truly successful. Keep this mindset and someday you could be on the road to great wealth too.
Few realize its all about positioning in life. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. The super rich prepare themselves for great luck and the super poor dont. They only condition themselves to being poor for the rest of thier lives.
Remember being rich and being poor both take great preparation. What are you preparing for?

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 21, 2011 at 11:31 AM

*DB has heart, he is sincere, but he's typing to Alaco. Maybe not the best idea- Lol.

Just by telling you what I have today has increased your potential future earning power by the ten of thousands in the least. Anyone else that has read what Ive written to you too.
So I'll just consider this as my great philantric contribution to the blog today!

Posted by: DyingBreed | February 21, 2011 at 11:48 AM

Amusing...or is it just me?

@ GulfD,

Talking about gold mines I think DB should write a self help book and go on tour, those guys make a killing, he can call it "The Fabulous Money Attitude" also maybe "The 5 step guide on attitude prjecting Wealth"

I see potential for Gold !!!!!

There are a lot of players on that list I would love to have on my team, not the least of which is Allen Bailey and Leonard hankerson. My problem with the fins completely ignoring the hurricanes is beyond comprehension.


Off topic...is there one now?

I really liked Sparano in the beginning. Why? because he wanted to be here and despite his inexperience, he was putting everything he had into it. Parcells? I knew from jump he didn't have his heart in it. That POS makes Saban look good.

I kept hoping Sparano would learn the ropes. When Parcells left, I'm going good...time for Sparano to be the HC. But it just didn't happen. Too bad, too sad.

Oh, one more thing. NFL wants more money? Fire Goodell. He's cost you $36,000,000 so far and for what?


Let`s not forget while were throwing them out there passing on Calais Campbell and taking notorious slaker P.Merling instead, now we all get to hear what geniuses the Cardinals were on taking him with the 6th pic of round 2 in 08. I could go on for about 2 pages by myself over the Fins lack of interest in Canes.

Look For the fist pumper to be "86ed" Around the bye-week assuming it's after week 8... If there is a season that is.....

Cuban, if there's no season or a shortened one one, it may save Sparano and Ireland's job until 2012. But maybe Ross, if he's smart is still 'shopping'.

@ Cuban Menace,

I gotta feeling he`s already fist pumping and cheering the strike. If there is a happy camper in all of this he`s one.

No way he gets canned in a stirke shortened year, the loosers twice in all this is us the Fins Fans who will be watching him strut his fist pumps in to the 2012 season.

Coco, Even if there is no season, I bet the fist pumperill lose 90% of the home games anyway...., I know what your saying,"But cuban,If there's no games how will he lose???" With the fist pumper it's easy, A team could forefit a game and he'd still sturgle to win... No confidense in these guys......

It`s not about confidence Cubano, it`s about whether Steven "I won`t rock the boat baby" Ross will feel compelled to do anything when they will have the perfect excuse, well we drafted him to fill a need because there was no FA, or we couldn`t get Henne or anybody ready to run a new Offense because we had no training camp. You see were I`m going mi hermano.

Cuban, me too and that's sad. Had high hopes for Sparano but it's become pretty obvious, he's about as good as he's gonna get.

Ireland? I've said it before and I'll say it again, we 'non-experts' could do better. And I really mean that.

I imagine if it were up to us we wouldn`t be rocking the boat we would be tipping that
f!%ker over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ cocoajoe 7:54

AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!

**New Release**

Triple X - Triple Hot!

Jenn Sterger "Puts out" in a blazing rookie performance of "Where's The Beef????"

You won't want to miss this New Blockbuster featuring multiple "Mini Cameo's" by former NFL legend Brett Farve!

Coming soon.................to a theater near YOU!

A big responsibility is definitely involved here.

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