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Williams thinks about playing in different uniform

It seems Ricky Williams, a free agent running back whenever a new labor agreement is signed between NFL players and owners, has been thinking about his future lately.

And his thoughts seem to center around the idea his days with the Dolphins are over.

Around 2:45 p.m. today Williams tweeted: "I wonder which teams (CQ) jersey I'll be wearing next season? It's exciting to finally be a free agent."

No mention of a possibility of a Dolphins return.

That obviously prompted followers, of which Williams has 47,000, to ask the player about the possibility of another go-around in Miami. And so Williams followed this way:

"In case you don't understand, free agency works two ways. The team has to want the player."

Well, it is true the Dolphins haven't exactly been banging down Williams' door. They didn't make any significant attempt to re-sign him following the season and up until recently, while the window was still open to them to do so.

This despite the fact the team talked to Williams' agent about a contract restructure for Will Allen, set up a physical for Jeremy Shockey and conducted other business with him as well. Conversation about Williams was a back-burner issue for the Dolphins.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins have totally closed the door to Williams. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said he's open to re-signing either Ronnie Brown or Williams at some point, assuming all things are to the club's liking.

My guess, however, is the Dolphins simply want to upgrade from both Brown and Williams. Brown has endured injuries to his knees and a foot and doesn't seem to have the explosion he had earlier in his career. Williams, after all, turns 34 years old in May. He didn't seem to make to many defenders miss on first contact last season.

I must share that Williams later tweeted, "I will always be a fin."

But that seems more a statement about his heart or mind. Clearly, he will not always be a fin. Clearly, if the Dolphins have given him the cold shoulder -- something they've been known to do with declining veterans -- the matter is out of his hands anyway.

One can understand the Dolphins, always looking for a younger, better player, would be looking elsewhere to upgrade at running back. And I get the feeling they are treating Williams pretty much the way they treated Jason Taylor last year. I believe the Dolphins will look to upgrade the position in the draft and free agency, and only if they fail there, they would consider bringing Williams back.

And if Williams goes to another team in the interim ... oh well, that's life.

And Williams, looking at his tweets, is apparently getting the message. And he's casting his gaze elsewhere as well.

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I think it's also worth noting that Ricky tweeted at 3:05PM stating "I will always be a Fin".

Moral of the story, don't count him out just yet.

Any idiot can read tweets on twitter, why don't you report on some sports NEEEEEEEEEWS, LIKE A SCOOP ON THE LABOR TALKS OR WHY THE FINS ARE'NT LOOKING AT ANY OF THE HUNDREDS OF FREE AGENTS?

While I love Rick's heart and will miss his dedication to the game, I think its time to move on and get some fresh new blood.

All the years off did nothing for his tires, he still did nothing last year, which was obviously a contract year.

Time for everyone to move on.

Good luck Ricky, hope your next stop is a good one!

ridiculous... Ronnie and Ricky go from two of the best RBs to an afterthought becuz the coaching staff and FO have messed up in so many ways tsince they got there switching up the Oline and failing when it came down to getting the right guys to fix it. We have one pro bowler in Jake Long and soon his talents are going to go to waste becuz they can't figure out how to build an Oline. The best acquisition to date was smiley for half a year then Incognito? wtf

everyone is going to love it when he plays for the Jets or Patriots

If I'm the GM and I end up having to keep Ronnie or Ricky, I stick with Ricky hands down.

Even in Ronnie's near breakout year, injuries took him out. Ronnie has less productive time left than Ricky, advanced age and all.

With all that being said and considering Ricky's diminishing skills, I think Lex Hilliard can do everything and probably more than Ricky did last year.

So I'm all for waiting to see what shakes out with the draft and free agency.

Before you get all impatient and greedy Ricky, take a look at how things turned out for JT.

Either way, LOVED having you here!!!!

speedy gonzales,flash gordon ,forrest gump or whoever they draft couldn't run for yards with that sorry assemblement of a line.much less to former all pros. sorry it was the rb's fault no holes to run thru.no practice time for the wildcat,hence ronnie dancing in the backfiled.too much time trying to make marshall happy.this team was meant to run first.

I really think that if you were to resign one of our R.B.`s it would be Williams over Brown, for me. In the open field as a 3rd down checkdown option (lets face it with Henne you will need a checkdown option who can make something happen in the open field) he could still be worth 10 touches a game, if you give Ricky some daylight he can still take it to the house, I remember in last years Minn. game when Ronnie got threw the hole pinned back inside our 5 yardline and got caught from behind on an angle. If it`s Ricky I tell you it`s 6 !

Kind of sad that a lot of the guys my own age are now declining veterans. Time stops for nobody. Always loved Ricky. He didn;t always love football but when he decided to play, he always left it out there

I think the O-line problems started at the top and ran all the way down to SpOrano.

The age old story, it was always the same with the trifecta. They were smugly convinced they were smarter than everyone else and got too cute for their own good.

The roster "CHURNS". The Dallas cast offs. Putting a premium on guys playing both sides and multiple positions, rather than finding 5 road graders that could play their OWN position.

They signed Cognito and drafted Jerry then pigeon holed them both by not letting them play their natural positions. Astoundingly ignorant and the proofs in the pudding.

I'm surprised they didn't ruin Jake Long. Oh wait, Tony came close by getting him injured in a completely meaningless pre season game-DuuuuuuH!!!!

I agree odin, these guys didn`t set a starting five until the week before the season and it snowballed throughout the year. I am not even going to get into their insesint need to constantly look to fix something that aint broke or try to compete with Bellicheck as to who can find the most versatile players, something I think had more to do with the fat tuna`s ego more than anything, given he has been upstaged by his once desciple time and again.

We are counting on the very same guys who ruined the oline by trying to fix it, to try and fix it again.

I wonder how that rates on the Wonderlic test.

Ricky Williams is a douche. Good riddance. You guys may be willing to forget all the harm he did this franchise because he had a couple of very good years. I am not willing to forget.

I look at this as a straight business decision without any emotional attachment.

The guy was an idiot. But he was a tackle-breaking idiot. So I wanted him on the team and rooted for him.

Now he's a no-tackle-breaking idiot. So I want an upgrade.

Bye. Bye.

He should have never been in trouble... I'd rather him be a pot head then like all these other idiot players that go out n get drunk then drive and possibly kill someone... Oh wait a player did that... Can't remember who... At least rickey didn't kill anyone...

Remember when he quit and owed the Fins money.

Or get drunk and shoot him self in the leg...

Or punch his preggo wife in the belly...

Bet u Rickey didn't even get off the couch when he was stoned...

Tiki Barber is coming outta retirement we could sign him and rickey and have the oldest running back tandem in the league...

To those who say Ricky is an idiot, I'll bet he is far more interesting to talk to and would have a far better chance of teaching me something I didn't know than you would. Chances are the players you do admire are not half the person he is.

I think the Patsies look to the draft for some fresh legs versus Ricky or Ronnie. The Jets may consider but they've recently committed to the other old guy they got from San Diego last year. Ricky probably should have kept his mouth shut about the Dolphins coaches...we're his best option..who wants an aging RB with a high price tag, no S.Team capability, and one puff away from NFL suspension for life...I'm still pissed at him for leaving us one-week prior to camp and running off to Australia to smoke bowls and find himself. This guy was suppose to be in Med School by now...realized that takes real hard work and brains and now just wants to run the rock instead. He wonders what "logo" will be on his melon next year..try a big L this dipshit will be on the news in the three years broke and a dead beat dad for lack of child support to the village he's spawned.

You can say what you want about Ricky. It's all good. The fact is, much like Marino, Ricky almost singlehandedly made our offense competitive.

I would've hated to see Wanny's offense without Ricky Williams carrying it on his back 40 and 50 times a game.

Wait a sec, come to think of it, I did see it. Funny how the brain can block out trumatic memories.

Anyway, whether we keep Ricky or not, I want to see a major upgrade. Still, I gotta say, I loved seeing a young Ricky in a Dolphins uniform.

Good luck Ricky and burn a fatty for me!!!!

You gotta hand it to Ricky -- at least he is interesting.

It's too bad he spent so much of his prime smoking ganja and walking barefoot accross Cambodia(or whereever the hell he went). The phins would have been a better team for it -- and Ricky could retire into a sweet pot-smoke filled haze of esoteric medicene and backyard camping.

Your more likely to spawn a village drunk... Cause ur around drunk women... Which leads to drunk sex... Lol... Weed lowers ur sperm count and your libido... Learn ur facts man...

I take Ricky over Ronnie every time. Ricky can still break tackles although I never remember him making people miss he usually just pounded the defense.

Ronnie while great at times often ran into a wall instead of looking for a hole. And he did get caught from behind. He is just not as good as Ricky but TS knows better than I.

Well to the dumb ass that ask why we arent looking for other free agents. Well its called a lock out and we cant sign talk to or even wink at with out being fined..Dont complain in less you no what the F@#K you are talking about..Dont worry FINS ARMEGEDDON i wont mention your anme..

I'm amazed at how popular Ricky Williams is in Miami after he destroyed at least two seasons with his multiple suspensions and other in-season vacations.

We gave up picks to get him, he signed a huge contract and then he bailed on us twice.

I don't care what people do to get by, but screwing over a franchise and millions of fans so you can get high doesn't make you a hero. It makes you an idiot.

Will the new CBA be consistent with the recent CBA's compensatory pick guidelines? I wonder what round compensatory picks Phins would get if they lose two former first rounders via free agency.

I think that they should re-sign Williams at least for another year. Full turnover of the backfield will present a challenge and, his truthful criticism of Sparano aside, Ricky has been a solid citizen for the Dolphins in the last two seasons. In addition, he is a veteran who can set an example in some ways for the younger guys. We need guys that want to be in Miami and that are wiling to lead by example, Ricky (circa 2010) fits that description, and we can get him at a good rate....sign him up!

this is exactly why the dolphins should draft mark ingram at 15. a good qb can be had later, this is a deep qb draft.

Um... Earl I want some of what ur smoking this is the worst qb class in a long time.... Their isn't really a clear cut #1 their all bunched together with questions about all of them...



People sure do have a short memory about Ricky.

I'm glad we're talking about Ricky Williams and the run game. While we're at it, let's discuss other vestiges of an earlier time that now has no purpose, like the appendix, or tonsils, or pay phones.

Neither of the SuperBowl teams were in the TOP 10 run offenses. Actually, browse that list, and you'll see such elite teams as the Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars. Real heavyweights there.

So, yeah, let's put all our time and effort to get just the right backfield we need. Let's waste a 1st-round pick, let's revolve our ENTIRE offense around the human equivalent to the beeper.

I know, the football-smart guys are gonna say, "yeah, but, but, Henne can't do it by himself. We NEED a run game in Miami." To which I say, "yeah, if you want to be 8-8 every year." The truth that many seem NOT to want to hear is the only reason you need a run game is to have 2 extra blockers to pick-up blitz packages, and have someone to hand off to if the QB injures his arm or fumbles the snap. That's really it.

I suggest we take ALL that time and energy worrying about a meaningless position, and transfer it to fixing a position that actually MATTERS in the NFL of 2011, the Quarterback position. Or the WR position, or the TE position, or the oline. But all this talk of running backs makes me miss my BETA VCR. And my 8-track cassette library.

DC, all I can say is, lets see how you feel mid season when the team does not have one starting calibur rb. Lex ain't going to cut it.

Ricky just don't go to anyone in AFC east. JT has ruined his legacy as far as I'm concerned by going to the Jets. Zach Thomas will always be a phin and so will you if you go anywhere but AFC east

DC, well fine, you've stated your opinion on RB's. Now, how many current HC's in this league would agree with you that RB's are of such little importance in 2011? Considering every single year RB's are drafted in the 1st round, and RB's are always on every single 1st round mock draft, I'd say you're a little be alone in your assessment. Maybe you were exagerrating for kicks? Don't know.

You can find some weakness on every SB winner, its a question of how well they compensate with other strengths. Now to say this years SB teams didn't need a top RB, so therefore that proves they are not needed, well, that proves nothing really...you conveniently overlook that they both have very likely two future HOF QB's, excellent D's, excellent coaches and FO's. The Miami Dolphins have only a QB that has about 8 games to prove he is not a bust, a back up QB who has not ever won a game, no 1st string RB and an amatuer FO who has yet to prove they are competent.

We have only a few stones to kill a lot of birds, I'll be happy if they can nail two starters in this draft for any one of our serious needs, including RB, and at what ever round they get them in.


I understand what you're saying and I even agree with a little bit of it. Ok, more like a tiny bit of it.

I always feel a little better when I go way overboard. How about you, are you feeling a little better-LOL?

I just got back from sighting in a scope on my neighbors new .223.

Nice rifle. Quiet and deadly accurate.

I sighted it in and handed it back to him. By the time I turned around and picked up a new gauge I just got, he blew a hole in one of my acetylene torch tanks. Nice!

Why does my life always feel like a Dumb and Dumber sequel?

Williams most definitely should be brought back!
Brown should be let go.

Steel jacket?

@ DC,

Funny. I like your rant and unlike most of the rest of this blog I agree 100%.

This is a passing league people. The problem for the Dolphins is the team is coached by Mr FG.

Plus now the OC is Mr FG's little buddy who will look to Tony for offensive philosophy direction. Great!

I'm hoping the Dolphins draft a stud O-lineman or elite WR, and address the TE position.

But it will be all for naught as long as the Dolphins insist on imposing a predictable conservative offense.

In all likelihood the team will draft Ingram and stand pat with the WR's.

Meanwhile the watching the offense will be like watching paint dry.


I'm a Fairly avid shooter and gun collector myself. I have had the misfortune on 2 occasions to have been near someone who had no business whatsoever with a firearm in their hands. The first was an ex-Girlfriend who dropped my pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 in .270 onto the concrete floor inside an air conditioned indoor rifle range. When she fired it the recoil... "Made her think it was broke"... It cost a set of $130.00 scope rings and a trip to the gunsmith to reset the stock/receiver attachment. The stock is not supposed to make contact with the barrel of that gun, that was no longer the case and took yet another $230.00 to correct. The next time was out shooting in the woods with a friend who had brought a "Friend"... when he picked up my 1911 Colt I had explained the safety and the gun what I thought to be well. He turned around with the gun in his hand and simultaneously asked "What the thing on the back strap of the grip was" what that "Thing" he spoke of was is the grip safety that you squeeze just by holding the gun correctly, as he turned he fired 2 shots in quick succession, one hit in the dirt just in front of my feet, the other went through the side of my friends 2006 Chevy Silverado bed box and stopped inside the polished aluminum tool box against the cab after puncturing the front panel.
Like I said... there is a certain group who should just forget firearms all together, then there are some who should never try to help those who cannot help themselves.

Just like Jason Taylor, Ricky and Ronnie have had their days, it's over. Ricky is old and Ronnie can't stay healthy. Time to move on.

Earl...this is not a deep QB draft. Didn't you see the stats on QB success rates after the first and second rounds??? Well in case you didn't..they stink man! There is only a handful of QB's that did really well after being selected after the first two rounds...
So Earl, I'm glad you don't have any power to draft players because l would fire you lol

And we need to go QB first and foremost...period! Ther is no keeper QB's after the first round at all man

1st. it`s spaceman with his rediculous notion that nobody can be signed right now cause there is no CBA. Earth to spaceman the CBA expires on Friday if there is no deal, that`s why Shockey signed with Carolina, B.Sanders with the Bolts ect....
Then there is Earl wh seems to believe that a Q.B. can be had in this very deep class, grrreatdane you and me both want whatever Earl is smoking, nice to see you grreatdane, orin,dc and some others that know what there talking about. I would also bring Ricky back over Ronnie, am I the only one who believes that the draw play inside our 5 against Minn. with Ricky running instead, who by the way can still motor in the open field is the longest t.d. in team history.

I believe until Tony has an a chance with a different offensive coordinator that does not call head scratching plays on 1st and 10 or 3rd and 3 its unfair to label him the "FG" coach. I believe Tony would have GLADLY taken a TD over a field goal had his offense not raced down the field until hitting the 30 yard line... that is where Henning usually lost his mind and started running plays that would male Al Davis shake his head. Had Dan Henning not had the years and respect that those years had earned him in the NFL... I believe he would have been replaced in a New York Minute.

I ask... How many times did Miami get to within 10 yards of the Red Zone only to be stalled by some ridiculous series of play calling that required a FG just to score?

If 3 is what you can get.... You take it!

Stats, Stats, Stats blahhhhhh. They can be worked to your argument. 53% of winning SB QBs were picked in the 1st or 2nd Rd, 47 % later rounds. So to be a SuperBowl winning QB, your odds are about 50/50 between Rds 1 and 2 or being picked later. Mando found a stat to bolster his argument, I picked one to bolster mine, means nothing.

Wha`s up dc, LMAO reading your post especially comparing r.b.`s to beepers, classic. Now that said we aren`t the type of team that can overcome not having some semblance of a running game and were not the only team that understands it`s importance were it relates to their q.b.`s play, remember without it the Jets don`t smell the AFC Champ. game or for that matter the Ravens getting in at all, just a thought bro.

I now you want the new type of O. you see in N.O., Indy, S.D. and Philly, we could have maybe gone about it the way you say had it not been for the fact that P.White is a better player than Vick. I think you know were I`m going with this, so I`ll leave it at that.

True that stats can be used to justify ones position on a matter... as a matter of fact, there are several places that you can just search "First Round Quarterbacks" and be shown a very long list of of busts running parallel to the "Great Picks"....

What you CANNOT do however... is find a bunch of "Great Picks" running parallel with Mid and late round choices.

What it all shows is what most of us already know... Drafting a QB is NEVER a guaranteed proposition. But once you get away from first round talent... the odds of finding a franchise QB plummet. I'm not talking stats... I'm talking Odds... and the Odds are that the Odds are usually correct. Statistical anomalies aside.....


Talking about f.g. and fist pumps I caught how you followed up my Vanilla fist pumps idea later with your old fashioned pumps being shown on the jumbo trons instead and have an idea for you. I think we should pattent the idea and come up with baseball caps that instead of having the team logo on the front have an old fashion pump, I think most would get it and we would make a killing.

I also have an idea of how we can have some fun with this whole fist pump phenomena that Tony`s inspired. Do you remember that old stadium celebration the wave, if you do then I say we need to get it going again only this time with just one fist pumped arm in the air and take it around the stadium a couple of times after f.g.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Players change teams all the time, no big whup...but when Ricky Williams went from JOKER brand rolling papers to BlueBerry Blunt wraps...now that was a story

Soiled :)


This sentence brought back a very painful memory:

He turned around with the gun in his hand and simultaneously asked "What the thing on the back strap of the grip was"

Years ago I bought a girlfriend a pea shooter .25 semi auto for personal protection(lived in the city and I was on the road all the time).
We took it out for a "lesson" and some practice. As she ratcheted the first one in the chamber she was turning towards me with her finger on the trigger.
She got off the first shot into the ground at my feet and the second shot took out a tiny piece of my knee cap. It grazed me just enough to hurt-ALOT!

Another hard learned lesson.

I'm all for firearms, as long as it's MY ARMS they're in!

Derek, frightful gun story, which is why no one touches my guns!!!!

@ DC before you get to asking yourself what the hell is this crazy f%&$er is talking about my last post was for DB.

Odin, I'm a firearms instructor, you have to be all over your trainee, girlfriend or not!!! My wife is a firearms instructor, she does not use my guns and I do not use hers!!!!


Had to take some time and digest that post of your at 6:04...

You certainly put it out there with this one. First, I agree that the running back position has changed. Most teams do not have a "Featured" back any longer. They have turned instead to a tandem back attack. And it is a certainty that the league has made rule changes that favor the receiver and passing game so not taking advantage of that would be like not taken a advantage that every other team has.

But I ask this. Are you saying to completely ignore the running game? Are you advocating a 100% resource allocation to the passing game and allow the running game to just... "Go away?" I cannot imagine someone like yourself who has always had very sound idea about football would believe this to be a good idea. I know you were around for the Marino days when Miami would score within 2 or 3 minutes of taking possession... then have to hand the ball to the other offense every time.

I saw Miami lose so many games in those days (particularly to Buffalo) because they were unable to control the clock and Buffalo with Thurman Thomas could. Dan could get away with no play action because he had the ability and release to freeze a safety with an arm pump... MOST QB's don't. I would also imagine that with no "Decent" running game... you end up throwing in a 2nd and 7 or 8 situation, then you have an incomplete pass that leads to a 3rd and long instead of a 3rd and 1 or 2.

Your thinking about raising the level of our passing game is sound... But considering what purpose... What "Football strategy" purpose a running game has in the game... Not having at least an adequate Running game would certainly lead to Blitz packages that would make a Good mans knee's buckle and Umbrella coverages that would make 3rd and long a every possession event.

Just my thoughts... That's all.. No argument or hate implied....

Sorry for the long post... (that means you aloco):)

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