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Williams thinks about playing in different uniform

It seems Ricky Williams, a free agent running back whenever a new labor agreement is signed between NFL players and owners, has been thinking about his future lately.

And his thoughts seem to center around the idea his days with the Dolphins are over.

Around 2:45 p.m. today Williams tweeted: "I wonder which teams (CQ) jersey I'll be wearing next season? It's exciting to finally be a free agent."

No mention of a possibility of a Dolphins return.

That obviously prompted followers, of which Williams has 47,000, to ask the player about the possibility of another go-around in Miami. And so Williams followed this way:

"In case you don't understand, free agency works two ways. The team has to want the player."

Well, it is true the Dolphins haven't exactly been banging down Williams' door. They didn't make any significant attempt to re-sign him following the season and up until recently, while the window was still open to them to do so.

This despite the fact the team talked to Williams' agent about a contract restructure for Will Allen, set up a physical for Jeremy Shockey and conducted other business with him as well. Conversation about Williams was a back-burner issue for the Dolphins.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins have totally closed the door to Williams. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said he's open to re-signing either Ronnie Brown or Williams at some point, assuming all things are to the club's liking.

My guess, however, is the Dolphins simply want to upgrade from both Brown and Williams. Brown has endured injuries to his knees and a foot and doesn't seem to have the explosion he had earlier in his career. Williams, after all, turns 34 years old in May. He didn't seem to make to many defenders miss on first contact last season.

I must share that Williams later tweeted, "I will always be a fin."

But that seems more a statement about his heart or mind. Clearly, he will not always be a fin. Clearly, if the Dolphins have given him the cold shoulder -- something they've been known to do with declining veterans -- the matter is out of his hands anyway.

One can understand the Dolphins, always looking for a younger, better player, would be looking elsewhere to upgrade at running back. And I get the feeling they are treating Williams pretty much the way they treated Jason Taylor last year. I believe the Dolphins will look to upgrade the position in the draft and free agency, and only if they fail there, they would consider bringing Williams back.

And if Williams goes to another team in the interim ... oh well, that's life.

And Williams, looking at his tweets, is apparently getting the message. And he's casting his gaze elsewhere as well.

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I thought you left I`m in Miami

As for Ricky,

The guy kinda made his bed when he ran his mouth about Sparano.

To talk bad about any boss you better be ultra valuable to your team or jobsite or have a plan B to jump to.

I don't harbor any ill will towards Ricky. We all have to make our own lives and be accountable for the things we did or did not do. He had Universe class talent coming out of college causing Mike Ditka to lose his mind and trade his whole draft class for him.

Ricky had the social anxiety stuff that held him back and geeked him out. He turned to weed as a way to cope. He was traded over to the Fins and Wanny started running the guy like crazy into the line. I am sure his record amount of carries for that two year period will never be broken.

Ricky snapped and said I don't need this and bolted. I am sure he felt like hammered crap every Monday morning under Wanny. Was it dad timing, yeah... terrible. Was he acting in his own best interest, yeah, who doesn't? Did he lose valuable, income earning years? Yup. Would he have gotten used up or washed out? Ya never know.

Ricky may still be a scosh better than Ronnie but he won't fight father time much longer. Better to go in a different direction a year early than a year late.

I liked him as a Fin overall. I wish he was perfect too but alas, he's human.

Happy trails to ya Rickster. RunRickyRun



I haven't watched all of them yet, but thanks.

I really just started checking out Jones last night, but the more I see, the more I like.

Thanks again.

Odin, true about that I have been impostered recently... Who's your #1 selection if he is there?

I'm a Ricky fan... Don't want to see him playing for division rivals that's all. That being said fresh legs is what the dr. ordered. Ronnie Brown is better IMO at this point in both their careers. So I'd Resign Ronnie draft a mid rd RB and keep Lex around in case. I wouldn't mind seeing Hilliard have more of a role


I haven't checked out the last 4 guys on your list. My rankings are pretty close to yours, but man, it wasn't an easy task.

I have/had(LOL)Mallet and Stanzi ranked a good bit higher than you. After looking at your list, I'm going to have to take ANOTHER look at mine, THANKS-LOL.

Are you saying that you think Mallet will be a late 2nd/ early 3rd? I have him as an early 2nd, maybe even sneaking into the first.

Also, depending on how the higher ranked QB's go, I got Stanzi going as high as a early to no later than a mid 3rd.


I think the guy is legit! I would take him over any back in the draft at the moment as I think he fits exactly what we need. A RB that has nice hands that can score from anywhere at anytime.

Taiwan Jones is the best at it in this draft to my research and eyes.


wake up:What abuse from wanny?RB's want the ball in there hands all the time or am I missing something with ricky?Just askin


To be honest, I haven't really figured it out yet.

I always approach just like I'm the GM and this years situation has me almost pulling my hair out.

I'm holding out on the QB's pending more pro days and workouts.

I keep going back and forth over the "if we can't trade down" settle for Ingram deal.

Then, in the back of my mind I'm thinking if we can't trade down, let's trade up and get one of my favorites of the entire draft-Julio Jones. I know that's a pipe dream, but it wouldn't bother me at all.

Then with the lack of a CBA making it uncertain whether we can trade players as well as picks, it's just aggravating the hell out of me.

So there, hows that for a non answer?

I honestly think Mallet is a drug user... not just pot but cocaine. From what I've read and seen of the guy not personal but I have a feeling this isn't one of those Marino circumstances. Does he have 1st rd talent? yes. Is he too much of a risk in the 1st rd? yes. I would take a shot on him if he were to pass a hair follicle test and grew up from a mature standpoint. Just way too immature in my opinion. Plus he is slow and stiff


Reshad Jones is a pretty kool football name but Taiwan Jones one ups him.

If we could trade some future pick(S) to move up and get Julio Jones in the first and Taiwan Jones in the 3rd, I'd be one happy camper!

Cheers back at Ya!

Portis and Johnson would be great pickups not for the conventional QB but look at what type of impact Joe Webb has had for Vikings. Now Webb is worth atleast a 3rd rd pick. So picking up value late can pay off with these type of players more often than going a safe route like we always seem to do...that philosophy equates to perenial practice squad players. These are guys that may translate better to the NFL and have definite things to work on but are raw in talent. Taylor Potts is a 6th rd guy probably but he has obvious talent just had to ride the bench at Texas Tech for Graham Harrell. I think they'd give great competition and could be late rd steals. I'm still not sure how they passed on LeGarrette Blount

Rob, I have to disagree with Taiwan Jones assessment. Eastern Washinton... injury prone... immaturity/naive character issues, he is weak for 6-0 at 190. While yes he is definitely explosive (heard comparison to Chris Johnson), I'm hard pressed to give him better than a 4th rd grade becuz of the reasons above. Just too many other guys I'd take before

Jones only put 225# up 13 times

he is fast though. Mayock has him higher than most cuz of his speed... I'd definitely be interested to hear what his 40 time is first. If he's sub 4.40 than a 2nd rd grade makes sense I guess

IMO RBs in order that I like:
Mikel LeShoure
Ryan Williams
Mark Ingram
DeMarco Murray
Daniel Thomas
Jordan Todman
Kendall Hunter
Shane Vereen
Delone Carter
Jamie Harper
Taiwan Jones
Quizz Rodgers
Bilal Powell
Noel Devine
Derrick Locke


Jones only put up 225lbs 13 times? I couldn't find anywhere that shows that he lifted at all, do you have a link?

As to if he did 13 reps that is matches exactly what 3 X Pro Bowl DE Jared Allen put up at his combine. DE's fight every down in the trenches so strength would be ultra important to them as well.

If Mayock can say things like "with Ingram and Jaquizz Rodgers you have to throw out the their testing numbers" I believe concessions can be made when watching actual game tapes of a player and what he can do.

I do acknowledge that your concerns are very real. Smaller school, not the most confident sounding guy on tape, lacks strength, injury prone. But, there are concerns with most any draftee.

Mark Ingram is coming off injury and is the only guy anyone mentions in the 1st round besides possibly Leshoure. Taiwan Jones is much more of a home run type back and could be had later, which is not only what the Fins lack but allows us to get other positions filled early, like QB, OL or WR.

I like your list and can easily see that we have some similar choices and some not as much.


This jones guy is freaky fast. He was makin guys look down right stupid in those video clips. Put a fins jersey on his back ASAP!!

This list has most up to date after combine results I know he participated in bench and had interviews so I'm guessing this is accurate enough


talking about speed Jerrell Jernigan ran low 4.3 at his pro day... he'd be a steal if he fell into the 3rd


RB comparison...

Your RBs List: How I have them ranked:
Mikel LeShoure Taiwan Jones
Ryan Williams Mikel LeShoure
Mark Ingram Kendall Hunter
DeMarco Murray Alex Green
Daniel Thomas DeMarco Murray
Jordan Todman Ryan Williams
Kendall Hunter Daniel Thomas
Shane Vereen Noel Devine
Delone Carter Mark Ingram
Jamie Harper Delone Carter
Taiwan Jones Jordan Todman
Quizz Rodgers Bilal Powell
Bilal Powell Derrick Locke
Noel Devine Johnny White
Derrick Locke Dion Lewis

Some differences but some similar as well.

Should be interesting to see how the dominoes fall on draft and hopefully we get to see these guys perform in 2011.


Thanks for the link beerphin!

I am wary of this list as I know for a fact he didn't run the 40 as he had just gotten his walking boot off. Yet the list has a 40 listed by his name? I am thinking maybe they pulled some info from who knows???

He will run in California at Hawaii's Pro Day on March 31st. I would imagine he will create a buzz with his time then.

I am telling you I think he goes much higher than the 4rth that you had him or that CBS website has him.

Just one mans opinion.

Thanks for hooking me up with where you found it. I Googled it and nothing was coming up as to him running due to the injury.

The youtube vid I put up shows him working out doing one legged squats with the boot on.


ricky brown,

That is my hope my friend, that RB Taiwan Jones becomes a Fin. I feel Taiwan Jones is exactly what the Fins need. A guy that can strike fear and one that you have to account for or he will score. Nice hands is huge as well.

I look at it like how much damage would TJ have done behind Alabama's line like Ingram was able to?


Surprised about Hawaii and Eastern Washington not scaring you but your right about being home runs. Noel Devine definitely is moving up in my opinion and Ingram is moving down. I honestly wouldn't consider MI in the 1st rd. How many teams have him as their top RB on the board? Big RBs to consider
in the 6th-7th rd or UFA
Henry Hynoski
Evan Royster
John Clay
Anthony Sherman
Allen Bradford
Mario Fannin


The sad thing is, WR Jerrel Jernigan was being touted as a 2nd rounder by Mike Mayock before that 40.

I don't think he escapes the 2nd round and that is exactly who I would target as a WR. He is tough as nails playing in endless games in college. He has killer lateral movement and moves. He can return punts but is just a flat out superior type WR that will do damage with the ball in his hands.

Jernigan and Taiwan Jones are the reason why I would love to trade back.

My current dream mock goes:

QB Ryan Mallet (after trading back in the first)
WR Jerrel Jernigan 2nd
RB Taiwan Jones
OT Ben Ijalana
TE Julius Thomas
S Shilo Keo
RB Johnny White

That would be ideal. One of my fav players to also workin there somehow would be DT Phil Taylor from Baylor. The guy is a load and anchors well. Has some penentration for a big guy too.



I like RB Evan Royster and RB John Clay off your big back list. Royster is a sneaky good back that posted nice numbers but no one talks about him. I think he will suprise after he gets drafted low.

Clay is just a nice power back that seems adept at getting a head of steam and punching in TDs and 1st downs.


I am with you beerphin,

I wouldn't take MI in round 1 either. I don't give a rats rip how many lists have him going as their #1 RB or mocks having him as our #15 pick.

Bad value to take a Non-Adrian Peterson like RB in round one imho. No way people can debate MI being anything like AP.

Watch Alex Green produce as an NFL RB. Out of all the backs that were at the Senior Bowl he was the guy they kept feeding. He needs to be mindful of the ball and not put it on the ground. For a 225 lbs back he ran a 4.53 which is moving well at that size. He has some nice cutback ability for a guy his size too.

We are both more on the same wavelength than not my friend.


No point of criticizing ricky, best years are gone, wish him good life after dolphins, I'd take ronnie but need to find future in draft

Who gives a cra$? So a 34 year old rb who can't hold onto the ball isn't in the team's plans. Big freakin surprise. Just one of about every position on offence that needs upgrading before they can compete in the east. Detroit south.

A running game is nice but definitely not essential in the NFL right now. Look at the two NFC championship contestants - GB and CHI ranked 22 and 24 in the league in rypg. Pit and Ny were 11 and 4 respectively. Three of the five worst rushing teams were in the playoffs. Nice to have but not the be all and end all. Marino would have thrived in this era even more so than he did in the 80s 90s.





my ideal draft although I doubt they will all be there when we pick
w/ trade back n assuming Cam Newton is off
offense / defense
1st Jake Locker QB Stephen Paea NT
2nd Greg Little WR Brooks Reed OLB
3rd DeMarco Murray RB Quinton Carter FS
4th Stephen Schilling OG Colin McCarthy ILB
5th Henry Hynoski FB Cliff Matthews DE/OLB
5th Tori Gurley WR Byron Maxwell DB
6th Noel Devine RB Brandon Bair DE
7th Ryan Bartholomew C Thomas Keiser OLB

Cannot blame any running back for being disenchanted w the Miami Dolphins dismal O-line and poor offensive coaching last season

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God these players are desperate for attention, only positive of course. Then to put the onus on the team, incrediable. I wonder what the color of the sky is in their world? Honestly if Ricky hadn't been a sniveling spineless puck with his comments after the season I'd have wanted to give him a shot at the right price, he preformed well last season. He'd be a nice backup, emergency back but he seemed to not want that role this coming year.

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not for nothing, but ricky retiring started the decline

Damn app!! Quite often doesn't show me the comments... WTF is wrong...

everything is going up in price... it's called capitalism. It has been like this for years and we are bound to keep having to bail companies out until the American dollar is as valuable as a peso ...this isn't news

more reasonable draft no trade back though all could go a round earlier best possible falling
#15 Tyron Smith OL
3rd Greg Little WR
4th Taiwan Jones RB
5th Julius Thomas TE
6th Henry Hynoski FB
7th Ryan Bartholomew C

Hope the Dolphins can collect the money Ricky owes them. Thanks for the memories there Ricky...

I would like to see ricky and ronnie back next year porviding the price is right , and I think they both can still play there just wasn't many holes to run through last year, and they need holes because they are not Barry Sanders type runners. Our O line was below average nd our QB sucked this definetly had something to do with both backs performance for sure, I don't who we put back there unless its Barry Sanders without a good run blocking line and at least above average QB, which Henne is not then we get the same results, not trying to be negative here just my take on it after watching the fins for past 38 0r 39 years we need lots of help!

Odin, what's up bro? To your question, yes, I felt better with my (intended) exaggeration.

I knew some would respond with the necessity of at least an inkling of a run game (and 0x80 and Derek did not disappoint). And, the truth is tucked in the middle there somewhere (so I'm not disputing what they say).

All I'm saying is this is comparable to warfare. Ever read about the Zulu Wars in South Africa? The Zulus, being a well-trained tribe, with many experienced and fierce warriors, were decimated by the British, because the British were using firearms while the Zulus were using arrows.

A great run game usually still means long drives down the field, meaning scores take time to produce. A team gets deflated when they complete on of those, only to see the opposing team drive down the field quickly (via the passing game) and produce a score themselves.

It's like darts. You can hit on the outside all you want. Aim all your darts for the outer ring, and even if you hit on all of them, all I need to do is hit one dart in the center and I'll win (because there are more points in the center circle than the outer). And that's what the run game has become. Sure, it's needed at times (more than what I said). Especially in cold weather/inclement weather games, 4th quarters, games where you hold a lead and want to run time off the clock, of course there are times it's nice to have an effective run game.

But that in and of itself isn't going to get you anywhere in today's NFL. The way we as a team can help ourselves the most is to establish a dominant pass offense. And, that's not very far away. If you think about this past season, our pass offense was way better than our run offense. So it's not like we're starting from scratch. Yes, we still have answers at QB, but are quietly solidifying the other parts of that.

Also, I see a role for our RBs catching balls out of the backfield. That should be a much bigger part of the offense.

So, I'm not excluding the RBs from participating. They need to run more effectively for us to become a better team. But everyone needs to realize the run game is now the side dish to an offense. The entree now is the pass game. And much like the Zulus, a strong run team will not be able to compete with a strong pass team, they will realize that their strategy is too outdated to produce success.

fin4life @ 1:36 am

See what I mean? Ricky never called Sparano an 'incompetent douch' as you suggest. What I read was far more tactful. Again, fans feeding off Armandos opinion and wildy exaggerating what was really said rather than thinking about it for themselves.

Also, you can not compare walking into your bosses office and calling him an offensive name with this situation, since TS is no longer Rickey's boss, and neither did I see anything offensive, simply constructive criticism, and corroborated by JT.

Wake Up, it's pretty evident that Mando hates Ricky Williams. It's hard for many to accept someone who doesn't fit a mold and is true to themselves above all others. Some call that selfish, but that's funny in the wake of dispute over 9 billion dollars where billionaire owners are crying poverty and demanding more money or they will take their ball and shut the game we love down.

I think the Pope would have criticized Sparano last season (if he was being true to himself and the team). Tony deserved a lot more than criticism (he should be lucky he still has a job). Ricky could have handled it better, but I don't hold any ill will towards him for speaking out. I'm glad someone did!

aloco. with the heat suxing now. it put's the phins suxing on the back burner for now.lol

The Dolphins bascially saved Williams's life, after he ran out on the team. Remember he has several kids and he owed a bunch of money. He played for the minumun and that was a great value for the Dolphins He played hard and I am a fan.
I hope he goes somewhere and has a good season but we need speed and game breakers.

I think the Dolphins should stick with Ricky. Ricky has been a Dolphin for life and i have been a huge fan of his during all his time. I think if it came down to him or Ronnie, i say Ricky. Especially if we draft Ingram. Ricky can definitely help and be a mentor towards Ingram. What can Ronnie do? Teach him how to have one good season, how to dance, and how to be an outspoken jerk. Yea ill take Ricky.


Yeah, I almost felt like you were 'baiting' me to respond to your post on RB's.

Anyway, you said above:

"Also, I see a role for our RBs catching balls out of the backfield. That should be a much bigger part of the offense."

Well, for what its worth, Ingram has great hands and is excellent catching balls out of the backfield.

I hear what your saying, but at times I think you are overstating your case to the point that it seems like your idea is that a team in 2011 should have 80/20 ratio of pass to run. Keep in mind, having a great RB does not mean your game plan HAS to be long endless drives. It means you have a better chance of building a drive like that when NEEDED. I don't think anybody here is advocating 17 play 80 yard drives as the base offense. Being up by 2 with 3 minutes on the clock on your own 20, having that ability then becomes a major asset to close out the game. Thats all.

As far as Ingram goes, I really don't expect them to pick him if he is available at 15, but unless Julio Jones was there, I'd be ok with it. (I understand some say he will be a bust, and to that I admit it is somewhat of a gamble, but no more so than 95% of the other picks in the draft). I'm intentionally not even commenting on QB because a lot of teams before us need a QB and not sure anyone significanlty better than Henne will be there at 15.

you all wrote incognito would be gone this season, then he was signed the next day. why read this stuff???????

dan, why do you read it?

I bet either mallet or ponder or both will go in the 1st round. There are too many teams with a need for QB that are picking early in second. So if we want either one of these guys we either have to take him at 15 or trade back to 20-30 range and take them there.

0x80, always baiting you bud (you're one of the few people on here who regularly have great insight), and plus I like to bounce things off others and see how they take it (helps me polish my position).

More balance is all I'm asking for (like you said). No, not 80/20, but excluding last year we might have been 80/20 in the other direction (run first offense). We all know we can never go back to that. 50/50, 60/40, even 70/30, somewhere around there is where I'd like to see the team. And honestly, I could care less about the split, I'm concerned more with taking more shots downfield (since all the rules favor the offense and particularly the pass game). If we took more shots I think that would go a long way to improving the offense.

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