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Williams thinks about playing in different uniform

It seems Ricky Williams, a free agent running back whenever a new labor agreement is signed between NFL players and owners, has been thinking about his future lately.

And his thoughts seem to center around the idea his days with the Dolphins are over.

Around 2:45 p.m. today Williams tweeted: "I wonder which teams (CQ) jersey I'll be wearing next season? It's exciting to finally be a free agent."

No mention of a possibility of a Dolphins return.

That obviously prompted followers, of which Williams has 47,000, to ask the player about the possibility of another go-around in Miami. And so Williams followed this way:

"In case you don't understand, free agency works two ways. The team has to want the player."

Well, it is true the Dolphins haven't exactly been banging down Williams' door. They didn't make any significant attempt to re-sign him following the season and up until recently, while the window was still open to them to do so.

This despite the fact the team talked to Williams' agent about a contract restructure for Will Allen, set up a physical for Jeremy Shockey and conducted other business with him as well. Conversation about Williams was a back-burner issue for the Dolphins.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins have totally closed the door to Williams. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said he's open to re-signing either Ronnie Brown or Williams at some point, assuming all things are to the club's liking.

My guess, however, is the Dolphins simply want to upgrade from both Brown and Williams. Brown has endured injuries to his knees and a foot and doesn't seem to have the explosion he had earlier in his career. Williams, after all, turns 34 years old in May. He didn't seem to make to many defenders miss on first contact last season.

I must share that Williams later tweeted, "I will always be a fin."

But that seems more a statement about his heart or mind. Clearly, he will not always be a fin. Clearly, if the Dolphins have given him the cold shoulder -- something they've been known to do with declining veterans -- the matter is out of his hands anyway.

One can understand the Dolphins, always looking for a younger, better player, would be looking elsewhere to upgrade at running back. And I get the feeling they are treating Williams pretty much the way they treated Jason Taylor last year. I believe the Dolphins will look to upgrade the position in the draft and free agency, and only if they fail there, they would consider bringing Williams back.

And if Williams goes to another team in the interim ... oh well, that's life.

And Williams, looking at his tweets, is apparently getting the message. And he's casting his gaze elsewhere as well.

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Ricky will be a Jet next season. Just like Taylor will be. I predict they (Jets) bring Taylor back and will offer Williams a similar offer.
They did bring in Tomlinson when everyone thought he was done, so why not Ricky?

Rob in OC,

Like the mock you posted early this morning.

Info on Ryan Mallet's Pro Day....

Today’s Arkansas Pro Day confirmed what everyone already knew about Ryan Mallett: He runs like an offensive lineman, and he throws like Nolan Ryan.

Bucky Brooks of NFL Network described Mallett as “absolutely sensational” during today’s workout, saying he easily makes every throw. According to Brooks, scouts and coaches in attendance were comparing Mallett to a couple of Hall of Fame pocket passers, Dan Fouts and Dan Marino.

And unlike many of this year’s other quarterback prospects, Mallett has experience making three-, five- and seven-step drops in a pro-style offense in college. That’s why NFL Network’s Mike Mayock calls Mallett the most pro-ready quarterback in the draft.

There are character questions about Mallett, and his plodding 40-yard dash time may have some teams wondering whether his lack of athleticism could hold him back in the NFL. But there’s no question that his arm is incredible

I think the PHINS are doing the right thing in not bring back Ricky Ronnie, start fresh with a couple of Veteran RB like DeAngelo Williams Wille Megahee ! Or draft RB. And draft a QB if the right one is there in the 15 spot!! If not trade down pickup a second if possible!!

The only running back past or present that can run behind that crappy O line is the one and only BARRY SANDERS and he like Marino are only once in a lifetime hell 10 lifetimes.



@ wake up 9:37 & DC

If either of you would have read my post carefully at whatever time after midnight I posted it, you would have seen that I state very plainly that I and a host of others agree with Ricky Williams about what he said and his right to say it.

I also point out that sometimes when you want to say something in your profession of choice your best served directing those comments in a private manner. I know we all want to scream and vent our frustrations from time to time but wake up wants to turn this into something about our rights to free speech or something along those lines and those of us that don`t agree are basically sheep that parrot Armando, what huhh !!!

I am not a fan of mando`s point of view more than roughly 50% of the time it`s why I enjoy coming on here to give him a sampling of mine, so I guess we can take parroting his ideas of the table, out right. I pointed out to you earlier that if I or anybody were going to be critical of our bosses we would more than likley be asked to leave that job if for nothing else a conflict of opinion. While I thank wake up for his free ACLU 1st. ammendment rights lesson on free speech, I say to him this is the real world and if the people who make the decisions were you work find you disagreeable they show you the door !!!

I like Ricky put to bed along time ago what he did back in 05 even after the dust settled understood it because Wanny was gonna have him in a wheelchair by 40 but he is just as responsible for his critisizem of his employers in an open forum as I am, this isn`t some anti-war rally in the streets it`s the real world wake up, Mr. wake up !!!


@ Aloco,

I agree we need to move on from them both get quicker and more explosive at the position, I`m also tired of arguing about which one is better and if Ricky stepped in it with his comments or not, I believe !!! that had w signed Lagarette Blount like I and a ch/t load of people wanted hè would have had them both on the bench before the end of last season !!! Then we only would have needed speed back to go with him.

Or maybe Sparano would have kept Blount on the Practice squad all year only to loose him anyway !!! The guy T.S. is a lousy evaluator of his own talent and now he has been given more oversight into who we draft, I think I may need to keep puke bucket close on draft day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






I was so excited when they told me John Beck could make all the throws, and with touch. What they didn't tell me was he could'nt make em on Time.

fin4, I can see boths sides of that debate really. My only comment to your rebuttal is that as of end of season, TS was no longer Rickys boss. Ricky was making a comment about his ex-boss, and I'm 'guessing' he was maybe venting a bit of frustration that his contract wasn't dealt with, probably knew he was done at Miami anyway.

Aside from that, not to go too far off on a tangent, I do think todays society is alarmingly focused on being 'Politically Correct', when really that, IMHO, is saying that you shouldn't say what you really think, say what you are expected to say. I prefer people to say what they really think 10 times out of 10. Will I tell my boss what I really think of all his actions? Probably or not, there is a time and place for everything. Would I tell my ex-boss? With pleasure!

I believe many players in today's Football Era are prima-donnas(aided by their lawyers). TS had to eliminate that clock he had on delivery Timing. Why? It rattled "some" Qb's. I have no Boss.

Couldn't resist posting this on Ingrams Pro Day:

Alabama RB Mark Ingram ran forty times in the 4.47-4.53 range at the Crimson Tide Pro Day Wednesday.

the phins have suxed for so long that a strike next season would give the phans a needed break.lol

People are crazy Ronnie all the way bye bye rick. Hes never had the team in mind he's a self centred goof. Does everyone forget about the tent hiatus smoking weed and totally abondoning us? Ronnie shouldnt take the blame for horrible play calling and qb play. bring back ronnie and grab spoles or another speed back. Plus Ricky talked his way out of miami on that radio show right after the season.


I hear you he no longer was his boss but that wasn`t the point, it was if Ricky wanted to be back he needed to have addressed it in a diff. fashion, now that said I will no longer waste yours, mine or anybody elses time on it anymore, am with Aloco, forget them both. I say we get faster, younger and quicker, neither can provide this so all the best to em, and lets get around to talking about how we use our new weapons, what do you say.


I've been the lone blogger here saying that IF we have to pick at 15 (meaning no trade down avail), Ingram would be our best option that still likely will be available. Also he had is pro day today and beat his combine time of 4.62 to now 4.47 - 4.53

From RotoWorld: (yeah, I know, opinions really are a dime a dozen)

Ingram's stock wasn't affected by his lackluster 4.62 forty at the Combine because all NFL scouts already know he isn't a burner. The fact that he beat out top running back sprinter Da'Rel Scott in the ten-yard split indicates that Ingram's short-area burst is elite and worthy of a top-20 selection.

Still not fast enough, 0x80, to compete in our Division.

All the endless speculating were doing about this FA or that one looks mute, it seems the players and owners had one whopper of a bad day which ended in the players telling the league to take their supposed bank information on league profit and shove it !!! I hate to say it but unless there is a miracle were headed for a lock out, go to YAHOO SPORTS.COM, this thing is getting ugly !

oscar, what rb is faster in our division? CJ is faster but didn't do much at all because he is small and weak. Keep in mind, very few guys faster than Ingram will have half of Ingrams other skills. Since we currently have no RB's, I say grab an extremely verstatile tough RB while you can, and can always had a speed back later...and we still have Kory Sheets who is a burner coming back from injury. Any way you cut it, not going to fill all of our needs in one draft. I say best to hit on the picks you do have.

0x80, check out the guy odin has been high on flying under the radar, Taiwan Jones from Eastern Wash. kids a burner, yes small school and no you can`t put alot on highlight reels alone but you should check him out none the less on youtube.

@ oscar I checked it out T. Jones ran a 4.38, he looks good, if he is there rd.4 I would definitly take him

Agreed all the FA talk will soon (VERY soon) be completely pointless.

There isn't going to be any free-agency. There may not even be a season.

0x80 I disagree, we need a qb, more than anything, and I'm sorry, but Ingram isn't an upgrade from Ronnie brown, which is what we want. He is very similar to rb in almost every significant way (split time in college for an sec run first team, injury problems with the ever so precious knees), If we can get mallet or newton and either demarco Murray or Ryan Williams is available later then we won't lose out. Even Jake locker.
Plus we can still sign ronnie or Ricky. With qb such a question and other options at rb besides 'the draft, drafting a rb first round would be a huge mistake.

I have not logged onto Amando's blog in a few days, so I am takng this opportunity to address both this blog, and the prior, "Q&A: Cuts or Layoffs"...

Q&A-Cuts, Layoffs:

I realize now that no matter how Amando handles an interview, no matter how insistant the questioning, no matter what, the FO weasels their way around the grilling, and adroitly side-steps being cornered.

However, I would still like to know more about the FO's thinking regarding our RB, TE, ST situation. I know this is easier asked than answered, but far more important to me than team ticket sales, uniform changes etc.

To this blog:

I do believe we need a younger, faster RB, that can catch! I hope we aren't going to rely entirely on Hiliard to carry the load. I did not see enough of him to make a sound judgement on his ability. Polite got us a bunch of first downs when it was a yard to go. But just barely.

If we kept either Ricky or Ronny, I would give Ronny the chance, with the forethought that we acquire a long term RB.

Also, these players are ridiculous. Do u guys remember how the Vikings and saints out up their finger for solidarity the SAME day Tom Brady signed a record contract for the league? In this company? Bastards. I got a finger for ya.

RB Da'Rel Scott posted a 4.34 at the combine, yet Ingram still had a faster 10 yard time! C'mon, Ingram ain't no snail. Isn't it normally 10 yards or less to the first down marker? I'd rather have a guy that consistently gets 15 first downs a game than a speedster that breaks a long run only once in awhile and otherwise gets stuffed easily.

0x80, I really don`t feel Ingram because to me he`s Ronnie all over again, a safe serviceable player. In this draft I would like to trade down I know your sick of hearing the trade down scenario but think it through. If you go that route you could take the best O-Lineman, W.R., R.B. and T.E. with your 1st four picks and not necessarily in that order but by best available. Just a thought to bounce round.

fin4, I always preface these Ingram debates with 'if we have to pick at 15', because...I don't think it is going to be as easy to trade down as many of you seem to think. This years 15 is not nearly as attractive as last years 12. Trading down is not automatic folks, need a trading partner making a good enough offer too. How many from 16 - 32 will want to trade up? That remains to be seen, but I don't see the chances of a trade down better than 50/50. So my Ingram argument is specifically if we have to pick at 15. I think he will be way better than Ronnie Brown.

fin4life, actually, I didn't even read your post. Didn't realize Wake up was responding to something you said, so don't take what I said as a response to you (it was actually a response to Wake Up).

0x80, so Ingram ran better at his Pro Day than at the Combine, right? Can't remember what he ran before. I guess that's something in his favor. Anyway, I don't want to keep hating on the kid, he seems like a good guy. And I think he'll be decent in the league, I just don't think he'll help Miami ever reach a SuperBowl, and I'm on a singular focus to Miami being a SuperBowl contender before I die.

I think in the last 15 posts alot of solid points are made and to really throw my two cents in I`ll say that none are necessarily the wrong way to go, we have so many needs on O. that a few of the ideas proposed would not be met by my disapproval.

inimounts....we can agree to disagree on whether or not Ingram will be better than Ronnie. Only time will tell, we know where we stand on that.

Yes we NEED a QB most. Couldn't agree more. But we need a QB clearly better than Henne. No way Mallet or Newton will be there at 15. Too many teams before us need QB's.

0x80, The teams most interested in our 15th pick are Tampa at 20 and K.C. at 22 if Ingram is there cause they covet the player. The down side is there offering Miami their 3rd. in any trade scenario, so we would slide to 20 or 22 and pick up extra 3rd. got this info. from yahoo sports nfl insider.

Gulf, I'm going to respectfully disagree that in that specific instance Dee was in any way being "weasly."

Armando asked him about a situation whose resolution is yet to be known. As such, Dee couldn't possibly respond in absolutes---"Yes ww will/No we won't"---in regards to possible layoffs, etc. It would be irresponsible for him to say otherwise.

I think the tendency for us as fans is to take out frustrations over the football end of things on every aspect of the organization but in this case it's misguided, in my opinion.

Paul Dee really has nothing to do with what happens on the field. He is strictly the business side of the operation and I found nothing wrong with his responses at all.

MIKE Dee, I mean. :)


DC, for whatever reason, Ingram has rubbed you the wrong way. I've experienced the same thing. In fact last time I felt that was when JJ came to coach the fins, man it just never felt right to me, and it wasn't.

That being said, the only goal worth anything is an SB victory. We agree. I think Ingram will be better than a lot of RB's that already have rings and really can help us get there. That doesn't mean he has to be a HOF'er either, it is a team game. I see him as a solid long term carry the full load versatile RB. Very few faster RB's will be half as versatile. I like Ingram as the anchor of the RB core and bring in speed guys around him...and Kory Sheets just may be that guy. We have two distinctly different feelings on Ingram, but I understand yours and others. Fair enough. One of us will have fun saying 'I told you' so in a year or two from now. I hope its me ;)

I hope they draft Tarantula LaRue from Eastern Idaho and Existentialist Jones from Poughkeepsie State.

Both will be marvelous additions to the roster!

fin4, hardly likely any gm would trade down from 15 for a lower 1 and a 3rd, that defeats the whole purpose. It would have to be a 1 and a 2 or two 2's.

0x80, I am not saying that is what we do, I`m telling you what they seem to be offering feeding your theory that a trade may not be as easy this year, while we may not agree on the pick it may just have to be at 15.

Run Rickey run....

Unless K.C. gets that draft day kool aid induced feeling about Ingram and decides to leap frog Tampa.

0x80, have you even heard anything on Sheets? It's almost like he's dead. Nothing on his progression, if he's totally back from his injury, if they look to use him more this season, are they high on the kid, not paying him any attention, what's the deal with Kory?

Mando, that would be a great topic to scope out. What's up with Kory Sheets? What are the coaches thinking about how he can help the team? I know the players can't talk to the coaches but I didn't hear that the journalists can't talk to either the players or the coaches, so there's no lockout for you bro, GET TO WORK, lol.

That`s actually the best question I have seen posted all day DC !!!!!

Neither Ronnie or Ricky could get past a tackling dummy last season. They might as well been playing flag football, because if they were touched they went down. Go for a running back first and pick up Ponder in the third round if he is still there.

I doubt ponder will still be there in the third.. I say he's gone by midsecond round...


My friend, by now you KNOW I'm a vampire! I come out at night and require little sleep.

Do you want me to come out during the day and burn up? LOL

Nah, just a night owl at heart...no real story...nothing for you to see here, move along. ;)


If not before... I'd be real surprised if he is...

Jesus, I am so sick and tired of talking in circles about the R.B. spot. I believe if we draft a R.B. in the 1st. round Sparano can put his home on the market with the same realtor that dumped Saban`s. I think if we can`t trade down we are forced hands down to take the best W.R. available to us, praying Julio Jones slips cause everybody starts reaching on these Q.B. if there is no value (Julio gone) you have to consider a R.T. I think we can address R.B. IN THE 3RD. making the whole Ingram conversation about as mute as the whole Ricky one has been.

Won't one of you gentlemen join me in a bubblebath? We can play "submarine."

Wow when did this phins blog start to become a homosexual blog??

Not that I'm homophobic but damn... They seem to be coming more often...

See what smut comes on mando when u r not giving us stuff to talk about... Ur blog turns to this...


I have been watching you bunkering in on Ingram and I know what that's like. See Brandon Graham last year for me.

Good luck with it man. It will be you and few vs the entire Fin Nation until a few years down the road bud. Like you said "seeing who has the last laugh". That is what it is all about man. Looking over the options, researching as best as us fans can and then calling your shots. I admire your gumption for standing firm in the face of opposite opinions.

The thing is, hardly any talking heads, pundits or writers or draftniks on TV and in print are saying anything different so you are in the majority I would say. It is us that don't want Ingram at 15 that are in the minority for what it's worth.

What I do know is that in order to actually change your mind (your meaning anyone) they actually have to have it open enough to listen to arguements and still weigh them objectively before going back to a concrete opinion.

If one has made up his mind and that's final then all the logic in the world will fall on deaf ears.

Look at the live, last year recent, examples of bust out FA types like Arian Foster, L. Blount and Chris Ivory that all had solid seasons. This includes Arian Foster having the league's BEST season it would lend itself to say finding a competant RB in a round other than #1 can be done and is done. These are three seperate guys not one single Brady out of the hay pile type lucky.

I do know that once smitten with a player, it is very hard to get any others to pass him on your mental list.

In the end, just like the Kipers and Mayocks of the world, the opinions will manifest as hits and misses and we can all laugh (or cry) about it later.


You're the ones obsessing about athletic young men piling on top of each other!

("hit a nerve" alert, lol)

UTdolfan @ 12:18,

Thanks for the shout bro. One can only hope this regime nails some game changers for the OFF in this draft.

My thoughts are if they don't stumble onto 1 or 2 homerun type guys then they may not be coaching/GMing here much longer.

The owner Boss Ross said he wants exciting OFF and I would imagine he wasn't just throwing out idle chatter as Billionaires typically don't.


fin4, that is just how I understood you, thanks. Also for sure I'd grab J. Jones if he miraculously slipped that far.

DC, going on IR is entering the dead zone. From what I remember, they were looking to use him as a returner last year, and side comments from the players were that....he's fast! Do they see him as an RB change of pace back? No idea. As soon as Armando gets the final scoop on the fight song, maybe he can investigate this. Here is some random data taken off web searches:

Weight:208 lbs.

With little help from inconsistent quarterback Curtis Painter, Sheets made honorable mention All-Big Ten in 2008 by rushing for 1,131 yards and adding 37 receptions. He also became Purdue's all-time leader in rushing touchdowns (48).

His teammates say he's the fastest of all the Dolphins tailbacks, a threat to stretch the field on lateral runs every handoff. But Sheets realizes he can't be a one-trick pony.

"This guy can really, really run," Sparano said of Sheets, who was timed running a 4.39 40-yard dash time at the combine a year ago. "He's got good run skills, good vision, good burst when he runs... But there are some things he needs to do better.

Sparano points out consistency is the key to a running back earning his trust, and pass blocking is one area where Sheets needs improvement.


Best not to get too worked up about where the convo goes. With Armando not posting blog topics as often it will always result in mob rule.

Many grow tired of debating similar topics. I am not sure I understand that as it takes discussion in order to have movement on one player, theory, opinion or another.

The would be Zero hope for a new CBA if those guys had a similar stance... "Hey fellas, we talked about this 9 Billion dollar split thing last week so let's just move on...arghhh!".

The are some 50+ days between now and draft time. Unless Ingram gets into a car accident and bites the dust, prepare to hash and rehash his becoming a Fin 1,472 more times. ;)

The only way you can do anything is not to fuel the chats with more blog entries or to start and stay on a different topic vein until others join.

You have some great takes so hopefully you don't grow weary of Fins blabber.


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