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Williams thinks about playing in different uniform

It seems Ricky Williams, a free agent running back whenever a new labor agreement is signed between NFL players and owners, has been thinking about his future lately.

And his thoughts seem to center around the idea his days with the Dolphins are over.

Around 2:45 p.m. today Williams tweeted: "I wonder which teams (CQ) jersey I'll be wearing next season? It's exciting to finally be a free agent."

No mention of a possibility of a Dolphins return.

That obviously prompted followers, of which Williams has 47,000, to ask the player about the possibility of another go-around in Miami. And so Williams followed this way:

"In case you don't understand, free agency works two ways. The team has to want the player."

Well, it is true the Dolphins haven't exactly been banging down Williams' door. They didn't make any significant attempt to re-sign him following the season and up until recently, while the window was still open to them to do so.

This despite the fact the team talked to Williams' agent about a contract restructure for Will Allen, set up a physical for Jeremy Shockey and conducted other business with him as well. Conversation about Williams was a back-burner issue for the Dolphins.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins have totally closed the door to Williams. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said he's open to re-signing either Ronnie Brown or Williams at some point, assuming all things are to the club's liking.

My guess, however, is the Dolphins simply want to upgrade from both Brown and Williams. Brown has endured injuries to his knees and a foot and doesn't seem to have the explosion he had earlier in his career. Williams, after all, turns 34 years old in May. He didn't seem to make to many defenders miss on first contact last season.

I must share that Williams later tweeted, "I will always be a fin."

But that seems more a statement about his heart or mind. Clearly, he will not always be a fin. Clearly, if the Dolphins have given him the cold shoulder -- something they've been known to do with declining veterans -- the matter is out of his hands anyway.

One can understand the Dolphins, always looking for a younger, better player, would be looking elsewhere to upgrade at running back. And I get the feeling they are treating Williams pretty much the way they treated Jason Taylor last year. I believe the Dolphins will look to upgrade the position in the draft and free agency, and only if they fail there, they would consider bringing Williams back.

And if Williams goes to another team in the interim ... oh well, that's life.

And Williams, looking at his tweets, is apparently getting the message. And he's casting his gaze elsewhere as well.

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0x80, great feedback on Jones to bad we can`t send for spair parts to Country he`s named after, ha ha !, still haven`t hooked me up on how to get all the info. you get on these guys

fin4, I'll give you the secret, but keep it to yourself ok? (just kidding)

I just google things like 'player name scouting report' 'player name 40 time'. You get a lot of useless hits but usually one or two in the top 5 - 7 results have some good info.

I will tell you, I don't even follow college ball. I just look at the key players in the mock drafts and then either see what I can find on the scouting reports and then I do like to check out any youtube highlights they may have. Sure they are highlights are often misleading to some degree - the Pat White highlight video really is awesome! But I have a lot of faith in my own eyeballs too, and like to compare what I see with what I read.



Aloco... I'm just having an inspired day today...there are several bloggers here that really contribute much more than I do...but thanks for the compliment!




This running back is a nice back. Patient runner with vision and can stick his nose in there when no room exists. Takes a beating due his style. Is coming back from injury so he had a down senior year. Probably a help move the chains type of back.

Here is what I just plucked off a scouting report online:

•Does not possess elite speed or acceleration, lacks breakaway speed
•Lost a step slower last year after knee surgery
•Probably is not a 25+ times a game guy
•Absorbs a lot of hits and takes a pounding. Durability may be an issue
•Needs work in pass protection

You guessed it, these are knocks on the man, myth and legend that is RB Mark Ingram. They ALL had/have knocks... even Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, A.J. Green, Deon Sanders, Patrick Peterson. It is the nature of scouting to find holes in a players game.

Even the #1 rated guys sound like "why should anyone draft this guy" if we focus on the negatives.

Food for thought.



You are right. This CBA negotiation has the sporting universe following to see where the rabbit hole leads.

We certainly hope the cooler heads prevail as if it goes to litigation we could be without the NFL as we know it for a loooooong time.

Speedy courtrooms are like an oxy-moron.



Yeah Rob,

Aloco, go figure me and Rob got it without going to the great budda guru, known as 0x80, by looking deep within ourselves. So look deep within Urself and go seek out an old patient of mine miss moffit, Aloco or else youll have to rub the lotion on you skin or else youll get the hose again !!!!

Hey Rob..seriously, after reading the first two sentence I already knew what was coming!

Drafting is beyond science and art. Nobody has perfected it. I'm glad I can pontificate with no other ramifications other than bloggers cussing me out!

Now then, I must post a rebuttal of course.

Knee surgery - athroscopic, very minor, missed only two games.

Lost a step - yeah, he was healing and Saban went easy on him...that step wasn'tlost forever as proven by the FASTEST...read that again FASTED 10 burst in the combine, even faster than the guy who ran the 40 in 4.32. (Remember the first down marker is in most cases 10 yards or less away)

Probably not a 25+ guy - hum..and you think any of those others in this years draft can handle more carries than Ingram? I don't...Maybe Leshoure, maybe not.

Absorbs hits- I'm damn glad he can even absorb a hit unlike many others who would turn into dust in the NFL.

Durability may be an issue? It's a violent game, its an issue with every player, if anything he has shown to be more durable than most.

Needs work in pass protection - um, what RB coming out of college doesn't? Very minor issue.




0x80, nice peace on the negatives by the way, I remember in hyndsight Marino`s was somethig like immature, lacks proper motivation, questionable personal skills, drug allegations and the one that really stuck in my head and I ch/t you not, I will even look it up cause I read it during his hall induction "lacks pocket awareness"

excuse me rob nice !




We've diagreed often on here, even clashed and had run ins....name-calling even, but I have to say I whole-heartedly agree with so much of what you've said today. Guys, you need to go back and read a lot of what this man says...he makes an awful lot of sense. Now it just so happens it coincides with a lot of what I believe too. Guys want to criticize and disagree with Ingram at 15, but honestly guys, with how this team looks right now, should we be criticizing the regime for picking Ingram at 15 or criticizing them for not picking Ingram at 15? Understand this is not what I want this team to do....I want them to trade back and fill TWO needs, rather than one. But assuming they can't move out of 15, can you really imagine they are going to anything other than pick Ingram at 15?

Rob in OC, always like to listen to your arguments bud but after listening to you tell all us on here last year that THE pick for the Dolphins and the guy who was going to tear up the league was Brandon Graham and then see what a hugely disappointing season he had, I can't put a lot of stock in what you're saying this year. it's nothing personal, Rob, I just have to tell you where I'm coming from.

0x80, I read that you're tired having this argument (Ingram at 15), and while you don't need me fighting your arguments for you, I'm happy to carry the baton, even for a limited time, while you rest....LOL.


Taiwan is not exactly the China Doll that he is being made out to be.

Apples to Apples:

Taiwan played in 12 games in each of the last two seasons for a total of 24.

Ingram played in 25 games...1 more game, woohoo!
Including just 11 when he played in 14 in 2009.

In that time...

Tawian Rush TDs 29 Receiving TDs 7
Ingram Rush TDs 30 Receiving TDs 4

Taiwan Career Yards Per Carry 7.7
Ingram Career Yards Per Carry 5.7

Taiwan Last two years Receiving 64 for 903
Ingram Last two years Receiving 53 for 670

Taiwan Rushing yards as a Jr 1,742 yards
Ingram Rushing yards as a Jr 875 yards

** Both are coming out as Jr's so those are their last stats in college head to head.

40 time for Taiwan Jones will be March 31st Pro Day. ??? Should be in the 4.3 range but I will wait and let him run it.

40 time for Ingram Combine 4.62, Pro day ranged from 4.48 to 4.53.

It seems to me when you take into account that everyone knew that Taiwan Jones was getting the ball as there was NO Julio Jones outside at WR to take the heat off, behind that Non snake oil seller Saban recruited Alabama O line...

I'd say the Apples to Apples comparison is rather favoring Mr. Taiwan Jones.

I think the Fins are in DIRE need of speed you can actually see on the field. If they gotta take a chance on a smaller school kid like Taiwan Jones or Troys WR Jerrel Jernigan to get it than so be it.

What do you think?





fin4 - I hear you. It's fun having an opinion...but just the term 'draft expert' is on oxymoron. Aside from the fact many of the pundits have an agenda, even those that don't, along with the GM's, are doing excellent if they are right 50% of the time.

Aloco - you give me too much credit! Really, there are several bloggers here with far more pure football knowledge than me, and I do respect what they have to say whether we are in agreement or not, and I do learn from them as well. I have a way of expressing my opinion as though I am God sometimes, which really irritates some people here, but it isn't that at all. It's nothing more than enthusiasm and saying what I think. I'm not afraid to change my mind either and often have after reading others ideas.

Rob in OC,

I read in one of your earlier posts that you think Ronnie Brown is going to be a btter option than Mark Ingram this year. Based on what we saw from Brown last year, what gives you any optimism that things are going to better with him this year. Was there ONE game last year where you could say 'that's the Ronnie Brown we've come to knwo and love'. I don't think there was. He looked slow and tentative and dropped numerous passes out of the backfield. I don't know if his contract situation affected him or not but he didn't seem to be the same guy. Now some guys will blame it on his offensive line but I'm not buying it. I'll take the 21 year old back with the good pedigree Rob versus the 29 year old back with an injury history. The other question becomes, if we don't look to find Brown's replacement now, when should we be looking to find his replacement? We're looking for a guy who can be his replacement for the next 4-5 years and while I like him, I don't see that guy being Taiwan Jones.



Craig...thanks...and if Ingram is a bust, don't be surprised if I disappear for 10 years! Just kidding... It's like I posted today, its not that I think Ingram is going to be the league MVP for 10 years, just that he may be the best option at 15 that fills a major need.

By the way, carry the baton a little I appreciate it! I'm getting sick of my own writing!



I agree whole heartedly, while you know people are gonna start to make the argument that being from E. Wash. makes him an unknown translating to the NFL, I say roll the dice because the meassurables don`t lie, your either physically gifted enough or your not. As far as J.Jernigan goes there are alot of players from Troy who have transitioned nicely and you hit a double bullseye in my book because your talking about 2 players that can be had between rounds 4 and 5 even if you move up for one it`s win, win. Think about it and name me one player we have to show for after rd.4 during Parcells, with the exception of Carroll who may or may not pan out and no naming the scrubs reeking up our S.T. please, I say it`s worth the risk everyday and twice on Sunday, Rob


We are having a good bout today and am enjoying it. Time to take off the gloves?

One question, regarding your last list of comparisons - Why do all the pundits say Ingram is the only true 1st round back and have Taiwan Jones in Round 5, or maybe 4?

(See my injury history report at 8:33pm before answering)


I feel the same way about Ingram, so if he flops we're both going to get blasted. My preference is to trade back and grab an OL or WR/TE late first and a back like Ryan Williams or LeShoure in the second but I'm not sure we're going to be able to do that.

I also agree with your point, I'll be happier when this is all in motion because there's just too much to weigh right now. You've got the camp that says we have to take a QB in the first, the camp that says take anyone but 'Ingram', the camp that says take the BPA and the camp that says trade back. None of us know how any of this is going to play out. On top of all that none of us know where guys like Mallett, Newton and Locker are going to go or how good they are going to turn out. And there's no telling how teams really feel about these guys. My hope is that a couple of these guys drop and teams want to trade up to pick them.

0x80, you ,Rob, Derek, odin, Aloco and a few others on here definitly now your football, it`s why I logg on and enjoy our little debates because contrary to what Aloco says I don`t see it as arguing but a spirited debate by passionate fans which we all obviously are, I mean I don`t know what I`ll do if they lock out next season, maybe go to rehab for NFL with drawl syndrome or something

@ Craig M, I think we can all agree that all of your scenario`s work with the exception of the Q.B.

Craig M,

Who was it that you had so adamantly been on last year? Was it Rolando McClain wonderboy of all ILBs? Did you have a pick?

Or did you pick one and put it out there boldly for all to see or was it a wish wash of I like this group of players? I am definitely not hiding from my selections as I even brought it up earlier today just in case people forgot.

I did not run to another blog or disavow the choices that I made and missed on or hit on. Hit meaning called out drafted players (John Jerry and Reshad Jones, although I was much higher on S Morgan Burnett that went much earlier.

If because Brandon Graham didn't tear it up in his first he is a bust then you gotta slap bust on MOST ALL rookies. Only a handful come into the league and light it on fire first year, see Marino, Ben Roth, Suh to name a few incredible phenoms...

Can you please look up first year busters like Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning please? Those guys will never make it...

I would contend that the exact opposite is true of what you are saying. I chose Brandon Graham to go at 12 to the Fins and they traded away the pick to the Bolts for a RB they wanted at 12. The very next pick at 13 the Philidelphia Eagles traded up from the cheap seats to tab Brandon Graham. That says that Phili REALLY liked the guy and thought he will be snatched by another team if they don't jump up to get him, I.E they gave up a lot to get him.

Considering the best "experts" on the planet miss at this Usain Bolt with Popeye muscle flesh guessing game, if you want to take what I say with a grain of salt... it's certainly your perogative.

While I like validated opinions like the next guy does, I am not at all injured if you don't like choices in 2011 based on the 1st year of 2010's results.

The fact that people differ on seeing the same information presented by the college players carreer stats and builds is what makes it all fascinating.



I agree with you but there are guys on here and other places that are adamantthat QB is the only place to go in the first round and won't let it rest until these guys are proven not to be who they say they are.



0x80, I don`t think Rob is implying that Taiwan Jones is a higher grade than Ingram one played in the SEC the other in some nobody conf.just saying he might be a nice fit for what we would like to see and given that he could be had with what most years has been a throw away pick for us, why not role the dice and if you stop and think about it, without the who is the better r.b. comparison his point is dead on my friend, cause a roll of the dice here and there with a few lucky bounces with such low risk high reward, is not a bad spot to be dealing from.

Rob in OC,

Yes, I was onboard for a good chunk of the pre-draft with McClain but in the end I wanted the team to draft Derrick Morgan, who ultimately went to the Titans. Lot of good that pick turned out too...LOL.

I didn't say I thought Brandon Graham was a complete bust, only that you said he's be an instant success coming into the league last year. You were adamant about it. The same type of stuff I'm hearing you say about guys coming in this year. I'm not looking to 'get all in your grill', I'm just saying I heard it last year with Graham and I'm not buying it again this year.

And of the record, if the Dolphins had thought Graham was all that I think they would have jumped over him at 12. Maybe not but I think if he was 'can't miss', they would have taken him, instead of taking Odrick and Misi. And if Graham bounces back this year to what you said he would be, I want you to call me out and I'll eat my words. Fair?

To 0x80 and Craig M,

If Ingram is so freakin solid, why is HE coming off his own INJURY? Such a severe injury that Saban has to "baby" him back into the line-up?

Did you even happen to catch how many total yards Taiwan Jones had in his final Jr year vs Ingram in his final Jr year?


Taiwan Rushing yards as a Jr 1,742 yards
Ingram Rushing yards as a Jr 875 yards

Who is the injury prone guy again? Who will have the speed/shiftiness to be able to actually avoid some of the big hits?

I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.


Good news for Taiwan Jones fans:

He's already on our team! Only his name is different, Kory Sheets. I'll let you do the leg work but their size, stats and speed are comparable. Kory Sheets missed the whole season with an injury. TJ has even a bigger history of injuries. I'd don't care if you get them in the 7th round or undrafted, if they are on the bench, they are expensive.

These speedy guys are enticing, but you can't just grab any of them. Most are injury prone and can't block. The rap on Jones and Sheets is they can't block or stay healthy....what good is that? Highlight films don't win games.


Honestly, I don't REALLY have agun to your head to read my long winded rants....

Just don't turn around bud!




The injury/durability argument between Ingram in Jones is simply no contest, not even close. I've cut and pasted my previous findings below. One arthoscopic knee surgery keeping Ingram out a mere two weeks is nowhere as ominous as below:

Jones’ health is a legitimate concern, however. In 2008, he broke his fibula. In 2009, it was a variety of injuries ranging from a hip flexor to an injured shoulder. Finally, in 2010, he broke his foot during the Eagles playoff run, missing the final two games of the season.

Negatives: Has a frail build, legs are thin and he doesn't appear to have much strength in his lower body... Leaves the ball exposed when he's running... Runs upright, looks like he's running the 100 meter dash more so than running with the football, doesn't lower his pad level... Marginal leg drive, keeps his legs moving but doesn't have the power to go anywhere with it... Poor blocker... Tons of injury concerns, always seems to be nicked up... Played against FCS competition at Eastern Washington... Runs east/west too much and wants to break the big play every time he touches the football... Did not work out at the combine due to a foot injury.

Craig M,

Spirited debate, passionate Fins fans, crazy as a loon, whatever you call me, just don;t call me too late to chat Fins minutia.

I would have used him in the role they gave to Misi so it is hard to say how things would have gone as a Fin.

I will take his contributions over Morgan and Odrick to be sure.

You are not "in my grill" at all Craig so if I come off as overly enthusiastic or hackles up I apologize. I was rather adamant about Mr. Graham...actually both Grahams as I campaigned for TE Jimmy Graham a ton as well but that is story for a different day.

Fair enough amigo... we shall wait to see who has the better sophmore campaigns as our 2010 horses have only hit the first turn yet...whenever that may be, (sigh).



You said "Highlight films don't win games"???

You want to rethink that statement?

Isn't that why they show them?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.


If he`s on the bench he`s expensive ? Last I checked the guy who writes the checks is Ross 0x80 not us, if we can have a player with the ability to take a screen and run it for anything longer than a 40 yd t.d. then why are we arguing the point, seems we have gotten so use to debating each others points that we some times loose sight of our objective and Sheets is similar so let them duke it out for that spot and see if someone doesn`t emerge.

We could be discussing a mute point anyway, cause while we diss the FO we give those reponsible for evaluating on field talent (T.S.) to much of a pass, remember A.Armstrong who spent 2 years on our P.S. and never could crack our line up, I can see guys like T.Jones going the same route anyway.

I wasn`t here with you guys last year but I tell you I thought B.Graham was gonna transition nice in a 3/4 scheme, really got left scratching my noggin as well on that guy, even though I was always a D.Bryant guy from day one, if not him I was thinking Pouncey or Dan Williams gotta be honest.

Friends, as you are well aware, I'm always up for a debate. We are on a debate now that I don't think will end until 2012, after we've seen the players play, so we have plenty of time to continue. I've maxed out my blogging attention span for one day, but really thanks for all the feedback and challenges and keeping the blog interesting today.

I'll be back.. Peace out.

Rob in OC,

I admire your passion. I'll take that over wishy washy any day. At least your express your opinions and have conviction about them and we don't have to resort to name-calling as some of the guys on here like to do.

I was with you on Jimmy Graham too, although not as much as I was about Gronkowski or Hernandez. Gronk was the guy I wanted the team to take most of all and D. Thomas, the receiver who went to Denver was second on my list.

I`m out as well, peace !

fin4 - Caught your comment while on my way out... Well if they can't play they are taking up a roster spot, that is what I mean by expensive, unless of course they are on IR. I hear where you are going though and I'm not far off...two comments though...no guarantee we would get TJ in the later rounds before someone else, and more importantly, we already have a similar player in Kory Sheets, he has speed and hands and is the all time leader in touchdowns for Purdue. IMHO, TJ's injury history just worries me a little too much. The size and strength of the defenses he will face in the NFL is a step up from college.

Going, going, gone... peace out....

0x80 @ 10:03,

Are serious? You can honestly tell me with a straight face you think the injured guy is Taiwan Jones?

Hello?? McFly??

Ahem, there final years stats:

Taiwan Rushing yards as a Jr 1,742 yards
Ingram Rushing yards as a Jr 875 yards

He hurt himself towards the end of the season after getting the team to the playoffs on his back! Are you really reading the stats above? Ah, Ingram is the one with the much more puny numbers...just in case your monitor is out of focus.

I'll help you out in your arguement vs mine...

Pick something to argue that I can't refute like "level of competition" or "More highly rated" or "All the pundits have him #1 for a reason"

They dinged the crap out of two upright runners I can think of right away... Eric Dickerson and Adrian Peterson.

Now hear me I am not saying that Taiwan Jones flys out of the gate with a cape on (I don't want to lose Craigs vote for 2012s draft hehe) but I do say his a very talent laden RB.

My arguement as fin4life so adroitly pointed out is that for the fact that you can get a guy that much better fits what the team desperately lacks (speed, speed and speed) further back in the draft is what makes it a great potential pick-up.

You guys get Ingram #15 and do what for QB? Stanzi in the 4rth?

My gamble on greatness menatality is based on a combo of Mallet and Taiwan Jones may save Ireland / Sparano's job and much faster than a combo of Ingram and Stanzi.

I am leaving Henne out of it as he will be a part of either team anyways.

What's your combo choice and how is it superior?

Craig? 0x80? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Argh! He bailed when it started getting good.

Have a good one 0x80 and fin4life. Until next time.


Rob in OC,

YOu really believe that Mallett and Jones are going to save Sparano and Ireland's jobs? I think if they draft Mallett he has little or no impact this year. I don't see him as being NFL ready right now and with the lockout God knows when he would get a chance to work on our offence? What do you think our record has to be to save their jobs this year? 9-7? 10-6? No way he gets them there.

So rob, I gotta agree with 0x80....Ingram is much more likely to have immediate and long term impact on this team than Jones.

Man, after Pat white, I want no more wimpy players on this Team. Look at Danny Woodhead, he's 5'8" but weights 195. LT, besides being gifted is also a sturdy 5'10", 210 lbs.

Anyone here Mel Kiper's tirade against Chad Henn on espn today?


Craig M,

You have to believe that the guys drafted early can help you when they are called on.

I am not saying they are Messiahs for anyones job. What I do say is you are trying to hit home runs by drafting these type of players.

Drafting for more secure singles or doubles will not be the type of direction that will keep the Reaper at bay imho.

Mallet has a Pro arm that everyone and their brother seems to agree on. He came from a Pro style OFF with B. Petrino. He is the most Pro ready guy in the draft as Gabbert, Newton and others came from spread offenses. Thus, if thrusted into duty early due to injury or if he were to pick up the offense somehow vie for a position as a starter then who knows.

I don't think TS or Ireland are 100% on the Henne train anymore if I had to assess it.

Taiwan Jones could easily be a game breaking type back. He has his set of obstacles but the raw talent seems to be there. It is RB, the easiest position to step into on the field.

I am think if the Dolphins aren't in the playoffs or are one of the finalists that don't get in by a hair, then Sparano/Ireland may not be safe.

I don't envision Ross having endless patience and right or wrong, it's his team. He already tried the well documented shot at Harbaugh. I wouldn't thing the razor sharp pendulum misses TS on the way back if the team somehow sinks further back.

Just my opinion.

Glad you tow the line on the side of safe picks, if there is such a thing.


No DB,

You have any cliff notes about the Kiper/Henne rant?

Welcome aboard the lively discussion train. Buckle up for safety! LOL


I think by taking Jake Long #1 the then trifecta pigeon hold themselves into making Henne 1st player taken 2nd rd. We didnt have a viable qb on the roster post 2007. So after passing on Matt Ryan for Jake Long we they were pretty much pigeon-holed into Henne, CP had yet to fall into our laps.

Though Henne was considered by some as best qb of the 2nd rd I still had my post Michigan doubts about him. If anyone heard the Mel Kiper disection of Henne today, for once I totally agree with Kiper.


Agreed. After Ginn, I hope I NEVER see another heartless Fin again.

I haven't seen anything like his obvious fear that made it all the way to the bigs.


I think that, at least in our Division, the running backs are being involved more and more on passing plays(screens, quick tosses) which make sense in this Passing Era. But, they need to be durable and quick, and not necesserely fast.


Here it is from Omar Kelly at the "slum sentinel":

Mel Kiper calls out Dolphins QB Chad Henne

by: Omar Kelly March 9th, 2011 | 12:16 PM

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. claims he wasn’t a big fan of Chad Henne when the four-year starter at the University of Michigan was a top rated quarterback in the 2008 draft, and his opinion of the Miami Dolphins’ starter the past two seasons clearly hasn’t changed.Kiper destroyed Henne at the end of a two-hour conference call ESPN put together on Wednesday, pointing out that many of Henne’s issues with accuracy have plagued this former second-round pick since he was in college.

However, Henne was universally rated as one of that draft classes top five quarterbacks, and coincidentally he was taken behind Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Brian Brohm, drafted by the Dolphins with the 57th pick in 2008.

Has Chad Henne improved much from his Michigan days?
“I was saying the same thing about him at Michigan that I’m seeing now. I wasn’t as high on him as other people were. His career as Miami is the same as what we saw at Michigan,” Kiper said. “He’s played a lot of games. Has shown a strong arm, a pocket guy with limited mobility.

“Henne made two or three throws every game that made you scratch your head because they weren’t on target. They were throws he should have been able to make. He did that at Michigan and is doing the same thing at Miami.”
Kiper said the Dolphins need to decide if they are riding with Henne in 2011, continuing to invest in Henne, who is entering the final year of his rookie deal, despite his 13-14 record and inconsistent play as as a starter. Or will this regime address the position via free agency, a trade, or with a early draft selection.

Kiper mentioned acquiring Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, who is reportedly on the trade market, as a possible upgrade for the Dolphins. But the Dolphins would need a new CBA to get finalized before any trades involving players can be done.

Kiper, who has Alabama tailback Mark Ingram pegged in as the Dolphins selection with the No. 15 pick, said the Dolphins need to determine if their top priority is to “restructure the running game” or find a quarterback of the future. But he points out what’s left of the Bill Parcells regime probably doesn’t have time to wait on a young quarterback draftee to develop.

“In a quarterback driven league they have to decide if Chad Henne is the right guy,” Kiper said. “If he’s not and you draft a quarterback you’re going to have to wait a couple of years before he’s effective. Do you have years to wait if you’re that organization? I don’t think so.”

Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton are the top quarterback prospects in the 2011 draft, but the changes of either being there when the Dolphins are on the clock is remote.
However, during this breakdown of the quarterback position I do discuss some other options for the Dolphins.

Mel Kiper is right more often than not, he's right about Henne!

For what it's worth PFT is reporting that a a preliminary agreement on a rookie wage scale has been had.

It's still suppose to be under lock and key info so it may be reporting weasels trying to break a story.

It seems to me they will have to have anoth extention at least to get further along. Seems tensions are running high about monetary disclosure by the league.


I have seen "another", Rob. You know those very quick slides. Yes?


??? I'm not getting your 11:06 post. Sorry if I'm missing it. Can you clarify it please?


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