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Williams thinks about playing in different uniform

It seems Ricky Williams, a free agent running back whenever a new labor agreement is signed between NFL players and owners, has been thinking about his future lately.

And his thoughts seem to center around the idea his days with the Dolphins are over.

Around 2:45 p.m. today Williams tweeted: "I wonder which teams (CQ) jersey I'll be wearing next season? It's exciting to finally be a free agent."

No mention of a possibility of a Dolphins return.

That obviously prompted followers, of which Williams has 47,000, to ask the player about the possibility of another go-around in Miami. And so Williams followed this way:

"In case you don't understand, free agency works two ways. The team has to want the player."

Well, it is true the Dolphins haven't exactly been banging down Williams' door. They didn't make any significant attempt to re-sign him following the season and up until recently, while the window was still open to them to do so.

This despite the fact the team talked to Williams' agent about a contract restructure for Will Allen, set up a physical for Jeremy Shockey and conducted other business with him as well. Conversation about Williams was a back-burner issue for the Dolphins.

This doesn't mean the Dolphins have totally closed the door to Williams. General Manager Jeff Ireland has said he's open to re-signing either Ronnie Brown or Williams at some point, assuming all things are to the club's liking.

My guess, however, is the Dolphins simply want to upgrade from both Brown and Williams. Brown has endured injuries to his knees and a foot and doesn't seem to have the explosion he had earlier in his career. Williams, after all, turns 34 years old in May. He didn't seem to make to many defenders miss on first contact last season.

I must share that Williams later tweeted, "I will always be a fin."

But that seems more a statement about his heart or mind. Clearly, he will not always be a fin. Clearly, if the Dolphins have given him the cold shoulder -- something they've been known to do with declining veterans -- the matter is out of his hands anyway.

One can understand the Dolphins, always looking for a younger, better player, would be looking elsewhere to upgrade at running back. And I get the feeling they are treating Williams pretty much the way they treated Jason Taylor last year. I believe the Dolphins will look to upgrade the position in the draft and free agency, and only if they fail there, they would consider bringing Williams back.

And if Williams goes to another team in the interim ... oh well, that's life.

And Williams, looking at his tweets, is apparently getting the message. And he's casting his gaze elsewhere as well.

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After seeing Henne play all 4 seasons at Michigan, my 1st reactions was shock at seeing Parcells select him. It was the first season of Parcells taking over so I was drinking the juice and thought well, I guess Parcells knows better than me.

Im sad to report based on the his starting performance thus far he still looks like the same Michigan Henne. Just as Kiper reported, just as we all have thus far witnessed.

He seemed to always have just enough to tease but never enough to please.

Rob, Chad Henne(Sonia) is very afraid of getting hit.

Yeah Kiper was really right on CLaussen last year too!! This guy is wrong at least as much as he's right. Highly over-rated!

He also said he sees Cam Newton as 'a one year wonder just like Akili Smith was'.

When he mentions Henne as a 'pocket guy with limited mobility', isn't that also what Mallett is?

That has been my biggest problem this whole time with the "Let's roll with Henne one more year and give him more weapons".

If he can't hit Brandon Marshall's tall self, what is gonna do with a shorter blazer like Jernigan or Noel Devine?

It literally gives me chills as Henne does throw a ton of head scratchers. (Out of bounds, over the head, behind, in the dirt etc)

The corner this regime is in is unnerving to say the least. Either they pull a prodigy QB out of their bums or they snag a vet signal caller that upgrades the position.

Orton and Kolb will be too expensive and after the draft, that's tough.

McNabb = seen better days.
Bulger = see McNabb
Fynn = Maybe of maybe next AJ Feely
Volek = etc etc

VY is the only guy that I can literally see bettering the team with any predictablity. The ironic thing is he himself is unpredictable so...



Ahhh yes. Henne eye's go towards the pass rush, especially late last season. Disturbing trend.


Mallet is a Henne clone, mallet might be slightly better but we can't afford "slightly better" at this point. We need a franchise QB period.

I thought everybody here was on the inside joke. It's been around for some time. Like, Alice(Troy Aikman) is afraid of the cold. Hey, Armando, where did these guys come from?


The only thing we can all fairly say with 1000% certainty including Kiper is...

Henne = Average
Newton = ??
Kaepernick = ??
Mallet = ??
Locker = ??
Gabbert = ??
Ponder = ??
Stanzi = ??

Now where does the FO put that dart?


And Ross needs to get the check book out and have a money is no issue mentality this year...spend Ross, just spend whatever it takes to get us a QB.


Who is your franchise QB of choice?



Right now we have Henne for pennies on the dollar until he becomes a fa in 2012. Im a very strong proponent for bringing in better weapons while also enodorsing bringing in real competition for with a strong chance to unseat him.

That's why Im a strong advocate of VY. I hear talk of of Kolb but what does anyone really know about him? VY is a proven starter and winner while Henne has already started far more games in his brief starting career than Kolb.

VY is more of the known, while Kolb could be like winning the lottery or he could be like getting a box of rocks for christmas. BTW, we already have a box of rocks, Chad Henne.

I highly believe Ireland wont have the balls to pull the trigger. But IMO VY is our best offseason option. He's still very young with a moderate amount of upside.

If we don't leave this draft with any of these 4 QBs in order:

QB Mallet - Strong arm and most pro ready. No wheels, drug issues swirl. I ahve heard everything from end of the 1st to 3rd round area depending on teams belief in his "issues". Best shot at 1st year help.

QB Kaepernick - Strong arm and tons of speed/mobility. My original favorite of the bunch. May coincide with were we can draft him better than others Probably a second or third round guy. Needs grooming and to learn the NFL game.

QB Locker - Intersting combo of gritty determination, speed and being a leader. Has accuracy concerns but get in line for concerns on QBs this year. Has likeable moxy and seems to be able to move the chains and not just with his arm.

Ponder - Seems like a smart QB that has shown very well of late. Has injury concerns. Seems to grasp offensive strategy well. He stood out the most when thrown together in the Senior Bowl Allstar game. Physically doesn't wow you. Could be a sleeper type that is in the league for years to come.


PS I think Newton and Gabbert will be gone and I don't see Miami trading up to get either.

DB @ 11:30

That's a funny post. Like Charlie Brown at Halloween... "Alls I got was a rock". LOL


I have no problems with a malcontent on the Team as long as he enjoys the Game and is competitive(Brandon Marshall). Now, VY, somehow, doesn't strike me that way


I am with you on the VY tip. He is really the only veteran making any sense to me right now. The otehrs are either too raw (Kolb), too expensive (Orton, Kolb) or too old and stop gappish (McNabb, Bulger)

Maybe a stretch could be Hasselback but, he is older and I may just as well pray Henne's lamp magically gets lit.



Have you ever really watched Ponder play?

I saw many FSU games throughout Ponders career. I never saw anything to be overly impressed with him. He never quite lived up to the hype expected of him when he came in as a freshman.

I still see him as the qb that got Bobby Bowden forced into retirement. I would like to pass on Ponder completely. Saw far too many FSU games with him as qb. He just slightly above average on his best day.


VY doesn't strike you as competitive or doesn't strike you as enjoying the game?

He has said he wants to be a Hall of Famer so I hope he loves the game or it will be a long crawl to Canton.



If Ireland spends a high pick on Ponder maybe he can also be known as the qb that sent Sparano/Ireland into retirement too. LOL..........


If it is the 5th round or 6th and Ponder is somehow still there, he would be worth a Brady flyer imho.

I would not take him in the first 3 rounds.

That is why he is last on my list... late round flyer if we have no one else. He is the best of the last tier of college QBs I would consider draftable.


VY does have baggage, but has lots of upside too. I also like the prospect that he will be really looking to stick it too the Titans and Fisher by truly rededicating himself and possibly becoming that that hof'er he has projected he will come.

I still have doubts Irelands smart enough to bring him into the Dolphin lair.

Nobody was more frustrated here than Brandon Marshall was last year, however, he didn't sulk. An athlete that sulks, is no athlete, and should be get rid of.


I am hoping, if the Fins manage to real VY in, that he is full of piss n vinegar to show those Titans what they gave up on.

You put it very well..."truly rededicationg himself and possibly becoming that hof'er" he stated he wanted to be.



If Ireland's smart enough to get VY and he takes over the starting position. We really dont have to draft a qb at all. We can carry 3 qbs(VY, Henning, Thiggy) with Henne as backup.

2012, let Henne walk and sign another cheap vet as backup to VY, then draft a young qb 4th-5th rd next season. With VY we're not pigeon-holed into drafting a qb this season unless something just too incredible to pass up is still there.

For me that would be Ricky Stanzi still sitting there 5th rd.


agreed @ 11:55

When BM gets regularly accurate throws coming his way AND corrects many of his own drops he will be be the weapon most of us envisioned. He went over a 1000 yards with things not going right. He has a lot to give.


not everyone is in the same time zone aloco


The thing is, I am not so sure this CBA thing will unravel itself before the draft and thgat means you have the FAs after the draft.

I am not sure if they could afford to shop exclusively after the draft for it would be a FA derby then.

If the CBA gets worked out, then they can pursue VY early. If not then I think it forces them to at least grab one drafted QB.

Duly noted on your Stanzi call late.


I wouldnt feel to bad if we gave up as high as a 2012 2nd rd pick for VY. He's far better than any 2nd rd qb will be next season and far better than any of the 1st rd qb's this year because he can start day one. LOL..........

I talked to a Arkansas razorback alum today at the bar before work and I brought up Mallet. His opinion of him... He wouldn't take him in the 1st rd. He is good but only when there is no pressure. If he goes somewhere with a good Oline he can pick apart a defense in the pocket but as far as scrambling and making plays w his feet he is slow to start moving and goes down easy... This is a Razorback fan/ alums assessment.

Ponder is ranked as the 4th best QB after Gabbert Newton Locker by alot of people impressed at combine. He is a 2nd rd pick no later


Even if the cba isnt worked out before the draft. I would still wait and take Stanzi 4th-5th rd in anticipation of being able to work something out on the VY thing. But I also would be prepared to offer as high as a 2nd rd'er for VY too.

Something still tells me in 3-4yrs Stanzi will be hands down the best qb from this draft class. Obviously he still needs lots of work, but the guy has "IT". You just cant coach that. LOL.......

DB, I like Carson Palmer better then VY n if we could trade back and grab Locker/ Kaepernick in the 2nd that would be ideal over risking it on a QB thats had issues. That being said I like VY over everyone except Gabbert Newton Locker or Kaepernick.


I place way more stock in watching a guy actually play multiples of games than draft combine performances. Ponder was rated top 2-3 qb coming out of high school but still didnt fully live up to that hype at FSU.

I watched lots of fsu games during Ponder's career. At best there were times he was above average, but never were there times I watched him play and said that was a special performance.

There's a reason he isnt projected 1st rd and I personally witnessed that reason on numerous Saturday afternoons during his FSU career. Take from someone who actually saw him play from his freshman to senior season. He has athleticism but there isnt anything at all special about him.


That does have weight coming from an alum. What I am seeing/hearing with my eyes/ears...

The actual stats reveal he threw 3 X TDs to Ints in his last two seasons 62 TDs to 19 picks.

Seems every single scout is raving about his Pro ready arm strength, talking about effortlessly making the throws.

I know when you have no wheels, you have to throw the ball or die.

Most Pro ready QB out there system wise and already drops back which is what they worry about with all the spreads.

I really like what I see with his ball fake handoffs as well. He does the put it behind the back trick to hide the ball from defenders awesomely.

He has a CAREER Yards Per Pass of 15.19 so he is no dinker and dunker. I feel the this is a real weakness in Henne's game.

The three things that scare me mose about Mallet are:

1 If he really has a drug issue(s) and can;t handle the fame ala Marijuanavich of the Raiders a while back.

2 That his speed afoot is too problematic.

3 That he has bad games under pressure. Most QBs do including Brady and Peyton but as a stud QB you are suppose to be able to handle a certain amount. I feel Henne wilts early under pressure.

All very real and it's these things that may drive his stock way down to be more reward for the risk?



We took Henne in the 2nd rd. Do we really wanna make that gamble again? Around the 10th season(Palmer) a qb starts showing signs of coming into decline. We know its extremely unlikely a 2nd rd qb starts season one. Even if he starts season too we run the risk of startuing 2009 all over again(Henne: 2nd rd qb).

Plus Palmer costs $12 million in 2011, that's not to mention what we'll have to give up to pry him loose from Cincy. You gottta know they'll ask something crazy just to force Palmer's hand(retirement). Especially if they draft a qb 1st rd.

But even if they ask something crazy for Palmer there might be someone out there desperate enough to give it to them. I just hope that team isnt us.

DB, Ponder has leadership intangibles and he is intelligent. Yes I agree he was above average at FSU but FSU is an average football team he could be a better pro with the right tools around him... 2nd rd grade in my opinion

I think Palmer would restructure and He has saavy that VY will never have... yes Palmer is declining but look what team he played for... Favre couldn't have helped the Bengals

I know that I can talk until Im blue in the face. But I have very little confidence Jeff Ireland will make the right move.

Ireland suffers from "little Napolean" syndrome. LOL..........

That combination of Vinegar and Piss is only found on athletes that sulk, and equally as well, in some Fans.

Had to get it in, Guys.

All you guys clamoring for a 1st round QB need to realize the mental processes going on in the Bat Cave.

Both Ireland and especially SpOrano are feeling the heat. They're fighting for their NFL lives-RIGHT NOW!

Kiper said it himself, even if you pick a QB at 15, you have to give him AT LEAST two years before he starts being productive. Ireland and SpOrano don't have three years to wait!

If you're wondering what Ireland and SpOrano's strategy will be come draft day, the writings on the wall.

Henne has had his two years and they're expecting him to start "PRODUCING". In their own minds, they feel they have no other VIABLE OPTIONS. Not at this point anyways. Sure they'll draft a QB, but it probably won't be until day 2. They're PLANNING on Henne having his breakout year and they'll use their highest picks on TRYING to solidify the positions AROUND him. Drafting another QB is an after thought for these guys right now.

Hennings didn't "retire" because he likes the brand of prune juice they serve in the Bahamas. What's more, they didn't replace him with Daboll to go 7-9 with the NEXT Colt McCoy.

Don't kill messenger you guys. I'm just telling you what I think the "brain trust" is thinking.

I see a desperate AND unfavorable trade down. 2 offensive lineman and a speed receiver in that order. A RB and TE in the 4th and 5th.

Factor in a QB anywhere you want, but I'm telling you, for the record, it won't be on the first day of the draft.

Mallet seemed shady to me the way he addressed the media in his interview like hes hiding something. Just my opinion but he could be a lil immature from partying it up with cocaine and marijuana. His upside of strong arm and height/ pocket presence is great but I don't see him as being a face of the franchise. Henne to me would be the better option right away. I don't think Mallet can handle the pressure... If he weren't most likely going in the 1st rd I'd be happy to take a shot on him in the 2nd.

What bothers me about VY is that Fisher a hof coach possibly got into a verbal fight with him and he walked out on his entire franchise. That and his wonderlic but I would definitely be excited to see how he does becuz he is just that type of athlete... will he win superbowls that's still up in the air but his consistency and accuracy so far would lead me to believe No

new blog up!


odin, that's like russian roullette with Henne. The reason to take a QB in the 1st is becuz if Henne fails this year and they don't have that guy thats competing w/ Henne day one for the starting QB position then they're out. Guys like Newton Locker Gabbert Mallet even Ponder are expected to come in right away and help a team out. If the "braintrust" realizes this and the rookie works out then they look smart and keep their jobs. Even if he doesn't start right away we still have a 1st rd 2nd rd value QB on the team that hasn't already screwed the proverbial pooch as Henne seems to have with us the fans... I'm actually very curious to hear the FO's evaluation of Henne and whether or not they know he's bust or still has A Lot of room to improve and become the franchise QB. To me they should be desperate to have a new face as their option at QB becuz another year of Thigpen and Henne just will not cut it.

The should resign ricky more versatile then ronnie don't get me wrong ronnie is a best but ricky can catch the ball and take it to the house
And draft rb 4rd and on now days u can find rb's work and ur local corner store I just hate how the fins treat there vets aka JT what happy to loyalty.

they never truely figured out how to use ricky. all they had to do was tell him there was a big fat blunt in the end zone and for him to go get it. he would NOT have been stopped. lol

The Dolphins have done more for Ricky then he ever did for them. Not many teams would have put up with a team leader just walking out and quitting with a nice bonus in his pocket, then take him back and reward him with another contract.
I think they're even.

I think the Fins are in a similiar situation it was in with JT and Porter the last couple of years. Depending on how the draft plays out, will determine if Ronnie or Ricky or Both will be back next year. Its a good chance they will both be back, because we do not currently have a potential replacement, unlike like last year we had the potential of Cameron Wake. There is no rush because of the CBA situation. I think it will all depend on what happens with the 15th pick. If we draft Ingram then we can say good bye to Ronnie at the very least. If we draft a second day running back then we can say good bye Ricky. I dont think they are looking to replace them but just keeping their option open. I think ideally the phins are looking to upgrade the QB, TE and Receivers position in this draft. All other positions that the phins draft at is because they were the best player available. So if we draft Ingram its because he was the best player available.

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