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Ross: Henne OK as starter if he's best on team

NEW ORLEANS -- My question to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was simple and direct: "You would be comfortable if in the season-opener at home, Chad Henne would be your quarterback in 2011?"

"We're going to have the best team we can put on the field," Ross said. "I don't know what's going to happen but he'll be competing with someone. You know that. So if he's the best guy we can find to put in that position and he's demonstrated that, then I have no problem with that."

So what does that mean? It's not exactly a strong endorsement of Henne but it is more an endorsement of competition. Ross seems fine with the idea that if Henne survives a strong competition, then he should start for Miami.

I'd agree with that -- as long as the Dolphins bring in a player that truly has a legitimate chance to beat out Henne. And now, Tyler Thigpen is not that guy. He would not be given a great chance to beat out Henne. A quarterback with NFL experience as a starter, a guy whose won and been to the playoffs would be that guy.

I remind you what I reported about Miami's potential interest in Carson Palmer should he become available this offseason.

It is clear Ross loves Henne as a guy. The owner is a Michigan man. Henne is a Michigan man. But I remind you what Ross is saying about Henne now is much different, indeed, staggered from a confidence standpoint, from what he said a year ago.

A year ago, Ross was saying he had hopes Henne could become the next Dan Marino. Now?

"Chad Henne, you talk to people that really look at him, he has a lot of great skills. He has to continue to improve. He made some improvement in other areas. People are unhappy with some of the others. But I think he has the skills. It's unfortunate that a lockout like this doesn't help in working with him. But I'm optimistic that he'll have the capability to really take us."

Take them where?

Ross never finished the sentence ....

Ross has a much more clear vision for what he wants from the Miami offense.

"What we want to do is be improved over what we were last year. I think everybody wants to see improvement. And you have to look at every position. We have to be improved. The player improves or we bring somebody else in. It's about competition. And certainly you have to put more points on the board."


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different day. same old shit. parcells,henne,sparano,ireland all should be gone. ross too if he didnt own the team.


that means i will be doing something else on game days.lol


Not much to this story. Armando, if you're still around, I asked you earlier today why you and others feel the need to constantly be trying to put a band aid on the QB position. Shouldn't we be trying to develop a QB instead of throwing picks at guys all the time? This organization has a great lack of patience with guys, whether it be trading for Lamaar Gordon, AJ Feely, Daunte Culpepper, Brandon Marshall or giving up two first round picks for Ricky Williams. Love Ricky!!, but that's an awful lot of talent we've given up for very little results. I don't see the Steelers, Colts, Pats or Packers conducting business this way. Now you've got us trading more picks for Carson Palmer. I just don't get that thinking.

if you want to be decent, just look at what the phins do and don't do it.lol

Well, Although I do not blame Henn for last year as much as I do the O-Line and the coaching/play calling...

Nobody could defend Henne as the be all end all starter due to the big steaming pile of turd that we got last year.

0x80 - I read your posts and appreciate your passion, that being said my friend, all the reasons you blame Henne, could be to over controlling coaching and NOT JUST HENNE.

That being said to throw it all on his shoulders and blame him when NONE of us are ACTUALLE Mr. Henne, Mr. Sparano, or D. Henning, is really unfair. that is my only basis for the possibility that Henne may be good with a different crew around him. I struggle with your arguments only because you have not admitted that at times Henne has looked good boardering on great (at times) Which means there is a chance he can be that guy.

Anyway, competition needs to be brought in, because I only want the best in Miami, cause i can't take this loosing crap either way.

Henne NEEDS to earn the job for me to really like him, that being said, I am still one in the minority that thinks he will win the job, over anyone we can bring in here at this point, if coaches work with him, and I mean WITH him not AT him.

That is the right approach. You have to see what Henne is able to do under a new system and coordinator before we can say with 100% this is not the guy. If Henne fails then there should be another QB right there to fill in and I think Palmer would be a great stop gap at the very least.

QB Equation:

Ched Henne - Dan Henning - David Lee + Offensive Line Help = solid NFL starter.

I really fail to see what Mando hoped to gain by posing the question, I think that all the Michigan men stick together talk is a bunch of nonsense. I think Ross took one look at his empty Stadium in last seasons final home games and must have ch/t himself (27,000 was the averege), remember the famous TV money is nothing more than salary cap filler for him, his profits come out of the revenue he generates from the Stadium. As a business man Ross knows he needs to better market his product and he isn`t blind, he saw what we saw, couple that with this CBA mess and I can promise you one thing he is going to bend over back words to get fans back in seats. Chad Henne Michigan connections or not, it`s not a friends thing it`s a business thing and when your talking that kind of money I`d imagine he`d fire whom ever he had to in order to insure his future, which I promise you all is his only bottom line.

Craig M, I disagree with you premise that the Dolphins are constantly trying to put a band aid on the QB issue.

Would you say the Saints put a band aid on their QB issue?

The Dolphins considered Drew Brees. They went with Daunte Culpepper in 2006 when he was, what, maybe 28 or 29? So if he had worked out, they would have had a QB for five or six years. That's forever in NFL terms. They'd still have Brees if that had been the way they went.

AJ Feeley? He was 25 when Miami paid a second rounder for him. Henne and Pat White were drafted. John Beck was drafted.

Jay Fiedler was signed at age 27ish.

The only one who was a band aid was Trent Green.
None of the other were band aids.

All of them, however, were simply not good enough. The problem is not the applying of the band aid, as you say. the problem is they continue to make the wrong choices.

"Take us to another losing season for 3 years in a row"

Reach out and jerk me off Mr. Ross

6.6 255 lb QB Cam Newton or Nothing

Now Get Your Shine Box!


Bunch of F!@!#!@ Cliches

Save Your Breathe For Your Inflatable Date, Mr. Ross

6.6 255 QB Cam Newton or

Sit drunk and alone in the empty stands at Chemtrail Death Stadium in your underwear and chaps muttering into a half empty bottle of scotch

Now Get Your Shine Box!

That's not a question it's a statement. A question would have started as "Would you be okay....."

I like Chad Henne. I think he can be great. But last year he looked robotic. At times he looked great. At other times, my g-ma could have went across the field in a wheelchair to make an interception. He also did not throw a really good deep ball all season. You know the one that a receiver running full tilt doesn't have to break stride to catch. I kind of think that the staff was trying to turn him into Penne.

I think you are right Mando. Bring a guy in to push him. He hasn't had that since the start of Pennington's second season.

And get the guy an o-line and a back to see what happens. It might the wrinkle that he doesn't see or feel the plays well with the guys he has right now. He likes Bess and doesn't pass well to Marshall. He passed well to Ginn but Ginn was too busy looking for the sidelines to catch any balls.

"I don't know what's going to happen but he'll be competing with someone. You know that. So if he's the best guy we can find to put in that position and he's demonstrated that, then I have no problem with that."

Price Master....wanna come on here and tell us how Henne is the guaranteed starter because he was "seen in a golf cart with Mr. Ross"...

your foolish logic looks as silly in print now as it did that day....maybe this will put a little perspective in place for you....

"What we want to do is be improved over what we were last year. I think everybody wants to see improvement. And you have to look at every position. We have to be improved. The player improves or we bring somebody else in. It's about competition. And certainly you have to put more points on the board."

Rining endorsement....eh...Price Master....


I missed something, who is Price Master?

I got my technique down and everything. I don't be tickling or nothing.


I said the same thing when someone calling themselves Price Master came out of the blue to hurl insults at those of us (namely me) who believed that Henne's job is in doubt as the starter...

his ALL CONCLUSIVE PROOF....Henne and Mr. Ross were seen together in a golf cart.....

@ Joe Schmoe from the last post......

"I actually think Henne stock will rise and we could possibly trade him for a 2nd or 3rd rounder next year if he doesn't play a down this year..."

Its a win...win

You think a team will give up a 2 or 3 based on his performance last year? Besides that, he'll be a FA. A team can just sign him since you can't trade someone you don't have rights to.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | March 21, 2011 at 04:04 PM

Joe....whats the Market for Kolb...2 first...maybe....

Whats the market for the Greeb bay back-up...a 2nd...maybe a 3rd......

Heck yeah Henne would be worth a 2nd or a 3rd if he doesn't play at ALL next year....he has starting experince...and has played 3 times as many games as the other 2.....

He has a winning record and a strong arm....If he doesn't play...i firmly believe his stock rises...not falls....

No rookie QB is going to of the slightest help to any team this year, as their very likely will be no offseason camps and quite possibly no training camp itself.

All rookie QB's this year will be complete non-factors learning from the bench. None will be throwing a single pass for Miami regardless of who they take (if they do).

Not suggesting they shouldn't draft one, only that you won't know anything more about them a yeart from now than you do now.

Fin4, Poizen,

Poizen - I never meant to imply it was all on Henne, I just tried to single out certain things that could attributed to Henne himself as opposed to the coaching/play calling. Also, you have to admit it is a little concerning when the HC benches you and the $50 million dollar receiver speaks out saying he has a better chemistry with Thigpen. I have said that Henne shows flashes of promise, but my concern is that it becomes a tease, we keep hoping those flashes become standard play and not only flashes. Yes, we will see now if a new OC has an impact on his performance.

fin4, from the previous blog, interesting...and nothing like first hand evidence. Maybe it is more of the coaching than I realize. Long before I started knocking on Henne, I had been saying for some time I just didn't think Sparano is the brightest bulb out there, not the guy that is going to outwit the better HC's in this league. Now if the Training Camps are that drastically inferior, it makes you wonder if any QB would succeed.

Despite my criticisms, barring a major FA signing, I too believe you have to give Henne at least one more shot before pulling the plug. Last season was indeed a mess for too many different reasons, and aside from that, the reality is he most likely will be the player most ready to start. At the same time, he really does have to show something in 2011, enough to convince you he really can be the long term starter, otherwise it just doesn't make sense to continue in doubt year after year.


Sorry dude! Craig M is right, you're wrong.

Of all the QB names you threw out there, Drew Brees is the ONE exception.

You claim their not applying band-aids, saying their simply making the wrong choice? That's ridiculous buddy.

Out of all the names you threw out, with the exception of Brees, which one could be anything other than a wrong choice?

Heck, out of EVEYONE they've even slightly considered since Marino, which one could've even possibly been a right choice?

Craig M is right and you're wrong because every time we seek out a QB, we go to the band-aid box instead of the 1st round of the NFL draft.

Traded for Fiedler-Band-aid!

Traded for Feely-not even a band-aid!

Trent Green-Stop Gap band-aid!

Culpepper-injured-needed a Band-Aid!

Beck-2nd rounder-top shelf Band-aid!

Penny-needed two band-aids and it still wasn't enough.

Henne-juries still out-but the plastic has already started to peel!

Let that marinate for minute Armundo!

@ Joe Schmoe.....

To the 2nd part of your question...I am assuming they sign Henne to an extension this year.....call it an insurance policy....but I doubt they leave him unprotected.....he is to much of an enigma....i'm guessing he gets slightly more....but will not get the big pay day until he until has the big season....then the shoe will be on the other foot and he can hold the PHINS ransom.....

Of course thats just how I envision it


I don't know if he gets an extension or a new contract, but I'm betting you're right. One or the other.

If he sets the league on fire he's a rich man.

If not, he'll get somewhere near the average pay a backup gets.

Even if we find "THAT GUY" we'll still need a backup. Henne would be a good backup simply because everyone feels he's still got a lot of upside and a little experience to boot!

Odin....my sentiments exactly!

Gotcha Kris, not sure why people start calling names and crap when people give opinions... the gold cart reasoning is silly...

0x80, it is all cool, although a disagree with you, that post was the first i saw of you mentioning promise for henne,my bad on that.

the one thing you mentioned was about Marshall saying he had better chemistry with thigpen. Believe it or not that was one reason why I am in more favor of Henne...

Go back and look at that whole interview. the reason he said that about thigpen is because thigpen turned a deaf ear to coaching and just threw the ball up to him. Now, look what happened after he did that. the coached ripped henne a new butt hole when he did it in a game, AND IT WAS A COMPLETION, a great play.

What happened next? Thiggy got benched the next series. that is my point about coaching and Henne. I think Henne felt his job was on the line if he ignored coaches orders.

I am not dreaming this. Go back and look, it is crazy how controlling coaching was on the QB's.

I hope that clears up my opinion on the coaching.

The great vortex spins and hurtles the evil one is crushed and tiny dancing songs with directions she meets three strangers then dizzy with the dog on the poppy field and asleep the powder awakens and the green beyond they look and knock the tears flow but there is hope until flying monkeys and the siftime of time sands but rescue comes then the balloon fails and the goodbyes, click the heels and it was all a dream.

Sry, Thiggy threw it up to Marshall, then got benched... my bad.

How was Matt Ryan in his second year as a starter?


Zeik...courtesy of Wikipedia....

With a record of 9-7, the Atlanta Falcons attained back to back winning seasons for the first time in franchise history. (please reference)
Ryan finished the season throwing for 2916 yards with 22 TDs, 14 INTs and a quarterback rating of 80.9. Ryan also rushed for 49 yards and one touchdown

The Dolphins Suck


you can't have both ways like armando , ARE YOU FOR HENNE OR NOT ?

Chad Henne.....

15 TD's.....19 picks......3,301 yards....benched...regained starting job....


Also Wikipedia


The truth and NO THING but the truth shall set us free-LOL.

Did you see my posts to Armando? I wasn't sucking up at ALL! I called him wrong-TWICE!

For the record, I haven't heard a peep out of him since!



I remember the play you were talking about.

If I remember right, Henne had to scramble a bit, Marshall broke off the route. Henne improvised and hit Marshall with a beautiful pass.

If it's the one I'm thinking of, SpOrano was in his face BEFORE he even got to the sideline! It was disgusting. I wanted too fist pump Tony in the forehead!

Aloco, I'm not having anything both ways, just trying my best to analyze the situation, positives and negatives, and not ignore either one. If he can play well I am for him, if he can't I am not. Simple. I'm for giving him one more chance, which he should get, so we'll see.

I'm all for giving Henne another shot.

The reality is though, if he fails this season, you won't be able to make a single legitimate excuse.

Run game or no run game, new playbook or not, he has to show he's got it, OR ELSE!

...show he's got the "IT"............



It's OK with me that you were wrong and Craig M was right!

I'm just happy you graced us with your presence!


Next years excuses are built in.....

This is Henne's 1st year with new OC

QB's don't really know the playbook till year 2

Give Henne another year with Daboll's playbook

This playbook is more intricate then Henne's pre-historic dribble....Henne once Henne understands it he will take off...

They write themselves....and they all end in NEXT YEAR...




that means 8-8 or out for Sparano and maybe Ireland.

Aloco, a wise man considers both sides when debating, and can't just run with the masses without posing an alternative argument, without giving strong consideration to the opposite side. Only after considering all angles should one come to a final conclusion, whether that means sticking to your position, or not being afraid to change your mind. I need to see Henne another half season to fairly make a conclusion.

I've spent 10,000 words explaining why Ingram could be the best value at 15 if nobody from the top 10 falls. I guess that is playing it safe too? I'm waiting to see you make as strong of a case for anything....I'm listening...

Odin @ 6:23, my sentiments exactly.

Thanks for the info Kris. Hard to say he was that far off of Matt in his sophmore year. Remember a good number of those int's were recievers fault. Fins very easily could have had a 9-7 record last year. Batter has 2 strikes. One more and he's out.




odin @ 5:20

Your band aid analogy was right on and funny as hell to boot, I agree with you and Kris on every point you guys touched on. I believe Henne regressed to some degree because of some very suspect play calling geared towards failure, which bread a deflated attitude on team morale.

How many times last season were you watching and saying to yourself, please don`t run what I think your gonna run cause your fooling no one, only to watch them run it for a negative play. I all but gave up on anything resembling a 3rd and 7 or more because I knew we would fold anyway and run it. I was also left totally perplexed when we would run when we needed to pass fooling no one and vice versa. The play calling absolutely sucked forget about other teams reading our formations, the over all play calling was the worst I have ever seen and I`ve been watching for a llllloooonnnnnggggg time !

I don`t think anybody could have succeeded hand cuffed in that Offense last year, I think they would have had a mutiney with just about any Vet Q.B. we would have brought in, you guys think Marino wouldn`t have flat out ignored these jockers. In 83 when still just a Rookie Marino and the Fins were in L.A. to play the Rams and were loosing by 3 T.D.`s late in the 3rd. when Shula on a 3rd and long sent in a run play and Marino told everybody in the huddle that he was going to throw and would not stop until we one the game, the final score was Mia 38 L.A. 35 a legend was born and Shula would re-evaluate his Off. philosophy, proving his genius as well. This little nugget is in the Biopic they did on Marino when he retired.

The point is they never took the time to teach him, work on his fundamentals, those badly thrown fades are a perfect example of bad instruction by his position coach (Lee) and not enough practice reps to get it down (Henning) I also remember an interview Henning gave at the on set of Training Camp last year, were he stated " The Q.B.`s job is not to win games just not loose them" I remember because it stuck with me and told me everything I needed to know about Henning.


Thanks for the response to my earlier post. We like it when you drop by once in a while. Please do more often. I realize you have a life but I think it's more fun and a better blog when you are part of the picture more.

I will grant you that Brees should have been the pick and would have solved our problems. I was disappointed at the time but then again I didn't have the inside information that the Dolphins brass had on the injuries to Culpepper and Brees. As it turns out, they had the wrong information. One guy was gone from the league a couple of years later, the other guy went on the win a Super Bowl in New Orleans. Great management!

I still say we've been doing things the band aid way since Marino retired (this will make Mark in Toronto happy, since he's been calling for a first round QB for a long time). YOu forgot to mention Gus Frerotte as a band aid solution for a year (albeit a pretty successful one). Joey Harrington was here for a couple of years and then we gave up picks for Trent Green and Tyler Thigpen.

I'll stick to my argument....the successful teams in the league don't conduct their business this way. When you look at the number of times we have done this, there are very few that have been successful. Ricky Williams was a good add for us but would we do a move like that again? I don't know. He's had a nice career for us but I'm not sure I like the idea of throwing anyone two first round pick. I like Brandon Marshall but I'm not even sure he's going to be worth two seconds.

I'm saying stop trading picks for other guys that are beat up and on the down side of their careers. I'm not Palmer is any better than Henne. None of us are sure. One guy is 25 and we think getting better, the other guy is 32, has been beat up behind a porous Cinci OL and has $80 million in the bank. Does he even love football any more? Who knows!

Aloco, my final point on this topic. Maybe you should take a course in reading and comprehension, then you will see I am merely saying just like we can't blame it all on Henne, we can't blame it all on the coaching too, which some seem to be doing. No matter how much we want Henne to be a pro bowler, we can't hide from the fact he has given reasons to have some doubts. I'm not making a final judgement on him today because I believe he at least deserves a little more time to be evaluated. That isn't taking both sides, its a clear, fair position. Ask me around week 4 or week 8 and you'll get my final position.

Anyway, I am looking forward to see you present a strong case for something like many of the other bloggers here do on a daily basis.

Dolphins last season played not to lose, rather than playing to win! This needs to stop and that is a coaching problem not a QB's. Sparano needs to watch a little more tape on championship teams and stop teaching his players to worry. Until this happens it isn't a good fit for any and I mean any QB.

0x80 @ 5:09

I thought when you got back to me you were going to tell me that you had noticed the same thing out at Davie. Haven`t you ever gone to an inter squad scrimmage at Training Camp, it`s a great way to see who`s looking up and you`d be suprised the amount of inside info. you pick up, we should definetly make a plan to meet up at one when they get cracking this year. I always take a cooler with some cold ones and sit back and focus on what they stress on running to get an idea if were there heads are at for the upcoming season.

Odin, from the last blog....thanx for the info regarding rules for retiring/un-retiring. I knew there was a catch but I couldn't think of it. If the Bengals let Palmer go, they'd be in the same position we're in...maybe worse if that's possible. That's why I was thinking of possible ways to get Palmer.

In the end, it's almost a no win situation all the way around.

In 83 when still just a Rookie Marino and the Fins were in L.A. to play the Rams and were loosing by 3 T.D.`s late in the 3rd. when Shula on a 3rd and long sent in a run play and Marino told everybody in the huddle that he was going to throw and would not stop until we one the game, the final score was Mia 38 L.A. 35 a legend was born and Shula would re-evaluate his Off. philosophy, proving his genius as well. This little nugget is in the Biopic they did on Marino when he retired.

Posted by: fin4life | March 21, 2011 at 06:57 PM

I saw it during the Biopic or on an episode of the NFL Miked, I think. It was one of my favorites.

You could hear Marino telling everyone in the huddle that they were passing on every play from here on out!

Freaking Awesome!!!!

PS: Ross should put it on a loop and FORCE SpOrano and Henne to watch it 4 hours straight, 4 times a day.


He would have ignored Sparano and there would have been a mutiney !!!!!

NEW BLOGG UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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