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Salary and contract status to affect some Dolphins in 2011

I was looking through the NFL Players Association database on salaries recently and noticed a couple of interesting little nuggets that I want to share with you.

First of all, I would point out that several notable players on the team will be entering their final contract year in 2011 so, obviously, there will be a hyper-focus from the team on how they perform and they will be under a self-imposed desire to produce at their highest level in order to ensure a big payday following or inside their contract year. (The Dolphins typically try to stay ahead of the curve so they try to sign players they deem worthy before they actually hit free agency.)

In 2011, whenever the season begins given the current labor uncertainty, the Dolphins will be looking at Channing Crowder and Phillip Merling in the final seasons of their contracts.

Crowder is a starter and Merling is currently not, but I would tell you the pressure is much greater on Crowder to perform if he wants to stay in Miami.

Crowder, simply, has been a good but not great player for Miami.

When he's healthy, he's typically reliable. But he's never rarely a game-changer. Interceptions, forced fumbles, recovered fumbles, bigtime tackle for losses are curiously absent from Crowder's resume. Last season, Crowder was 10th on the team in tackles. He missed four starts at the beginning of the season and another late in the year due to injury.

So Crowder is under the microscope in 2011 if he wants to show the team he deserves a new deal. The fact A.J. Edds is coming back from the injury that ended his 2010 rookie season before it even began is another factor that could push Crowder.


Similar story only, well, different.

Merling is in the final year of his contract in 2011 and like Crowder has been unspectacular after being selected with the 32nd overall selection in 2008. But the guy is a beast. The guy is young. The guy plays a more valuable position (yes, 3-4 DEs are harder to find than ILBs). So Merling probably is not playing for the right to stick around. No one typically dismisses a 6-foot-4, 300-pounder who can eat up snaps, even if they are played while coming off the bench.

Merling, however, will be playing for bigger money if he can win a starting job and finally, finally play up to his potential. So the player coaches in the past have worried isnt' always engaged or motivated in practice or training camp, has good reason to be exactly that in 2011. We'll see.

Lousaka Polite, Benny Sapp, Tyrone Culver and Lionel Dotson are others in the final year of their contracts.

OT Vernon Carey is facing a big season as well. Yes, he's signed through 2014. But I believe he needs to improve on what was an average 2010 because his salary grows substantially this season and is scheduled to continue rising for 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Carey, as you can see in the chart below, is scheduled to make $4.15 million in 2011. That is a sharp increase from the $950,000 base salary he made last year. Yes, the Dolphins are still on the hook for the prorated portion of the $12 million bonus he got after 2008 when he signed his new deal.

But as the deal and the player age, and the salary takes a hike, the room for mediocre seasons shrinks. Carey needs a better-than-solid season in 2011 to make sure the team doesn't think long and hard about cutting him after next season to avoid having to pay $5.05 million in 2012, $5.65 million in 2013 and $4.95 million in 2014.

Think about it: The Dolphins could easily weigh finding a cheaper option with higher upside at a cap cost differential of $1 million ($6 million hit minus $5 million savings) in 2012 if Carey once again fails to impress. That assumes the entire remaining proration accelerated to 2012. That also doesn't even account for the $5 million cap savings in 2013 and $4.95 million savings in 2014 if the Dolphins cut Carey.

So Carey has work to do to avoid the possibility altogether.

Finally, the numbers below represent handsome base salary raises to LT Jake Long ($475,000), C Joe Berger ($700,000), P Brandon Fields ($260,000), DE Kendall Langford ($845,000), and Polite ($100,000). All met play-time or other incentive clauses that kicked in escalators in their deals, affecting their 2011 base salaries.


Player Name Position Team Compensation
Alama-Francis, Ikaika DE MD 640000.00
Allen, Will CB MD 1500000.00
Amaya, Jonathon S MD 405000.00
Baker, Chris DT MD 480000.00
Baker, Ryan DE MD 480000.00
Barbre, Allen OL MD 640000.00
Bell, Yeremiah S MD 3700000.00
Berger, Joe OL MD 1500000.00
Bess, Davone WR MD 1013333.00
Brandstater, Tom QB MD 405000.00
Carey, Vernon OL MD 4150000.00
Carpenter, Dan P/K MD 1005000.00
Carroll, Nolan CB MD 405000.00
Carter, Patrick WR MD 330000.00
Clemons, Chris S MD 480000.00
Crowder, Channing LB MD 2500000.00
Culver, Tyrone S MD 1250000.00
Dansby, Karlos LB MD 2700000.00
Davis, Vontae CB MD 676250.00
Denney, John DE MD 700000.00
Dobbins, Tim LB MD 1700000.00
Dotson, Lionel DE MD 555000.00
Edds, A.J. LB MD 330000.00
Epps, Dedrick TE MD 405000.00
Fasano, Anthony TE MD 1900000.00
Feinga, Leimoni OL MD 405000.00
Fields, Brandon P/K MD 986000.00
Foster, Brooks WR MD 330000.00
Hartline, Brian WR MD 480000.00
Henne, Chad QB MD 555000.00
Incognito, Richie OL MD 1050000.00
Jerry, John OL MD 405000.00
Jones, Reshad S MD 405000.00
Kopa, Matt OL MD 405000.00
Langford, Kendall DE MD 1400000.00
Long, Jake OL MD 11200000.00
Marshall, Brandon WR MD 6500000.00
Marten, James OL MD 555000.00
Mastrud, Jeron TE MD 405000.00
Merling, Phillip DE MD 700000.00
Misi, Koa LB MD 405000.00
Moore, Marlon WR MD 405000.00
Ness, Nate S MD 405000.00
Odrick, Jared DE MD 405000.00
Polite, Lousaka RB MD 1350000.00
Pruitt, Julius WR MD 330000.00
Restelli, Mark LB MD 330000.00
Rivera, Mike LB MD 330000.00
Rose, Robert DE MD 405000.00
Sapp, Benny CB MD 1900000.00
Shuler, Mickey TE MD 405000.00
Smith, Sean CB MD 480000.00
Spitler, Austin LB MD 405000.00
Starks, Randy DT MD 3625000.00
Wake, Derek Cameron LB MD 480000.00
Wallace, Roberto WR MD 405000.00


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I brought something very similiar to this right after the season ended....and IMO Jake Long is the only player we have that can bring the kind of picks and POTENTIAL TALENT that we need....

I can tell you it wasn't well recieved....

But it should be Ireland's JOB and DUTY to explore all options....

at the end of the day his job is to make Miami better...not a shrine for Jake Long or any other player.....

We did that once....One STAR player and very little around him ='s NO SB.....and early RD playoff exits.....

and that was a QB....I would hate to see what an ONE OL gets you....

BK....if you can calm down....take a breath....lose the unnecessary adjetives....and read the post for what THEY SAY....and not for what YOU WANT TO SEE....

You will realize that we are posters (like yourself) exchanging ideas...

and for the record....like I said...NOBODY should be off limits....

BK....your team has gone 7-9....... 2 years in a row....are you gonna tell me this roster is set?

Only in the mind of People less favored intellectually(or in ALoco's) would there spring a Thought of trading Jake Long. Yes?

Bill Belichick put the franchise tag on Logan Mankins. Yes?

wow....now were "less favored intecllectually".....

You guys are hillarious.....

Don't put up a counter argument...that would be to mature.....less just regress to name calling.....

lol.....that should make for good debate...right doc?....lol

Oscar.....i already know you don't know this...so this will give you a chance to do some reseach and learn a thing or two....

How do you suppose Bellicheck got 6 picks in the first 3 rds....

2 1st rd
2 2nd rd
2 3rd rd...

Who did he franchise to do that.....

No doubt about it, Boulder; they are going to go for a dlineman, and doesn't have to be early. Good.

As long as you don't outright lie in Internet, everything is fine. Passion is more than acceptable, it is encouraged.


Don't be discourged by those that no very little and jump on the first band wagon train of thought thrown out on this board.......

Post your true thoughts and ideas....

if someone doesn't agree...then debate them on the merits....they may have better reasoning or better information that could sway you to change your mind...or vice-versa....

When you come across those like Oscar who resort to insults right off the bat...well that tell you all you need to know abou that internet personality.....

No substance....
no rebuttal.....
and not really worth replying to....

I agree kris although I wouldn't trade long. The offense needs all the help it can get. But to trade marshall and move up to get the best QB in this draft? I would do it in a heart beat

The biggest problem with trading Jake Long this year is that there is only really 1 QB worth trading him for in this draft. All the others are suspect. If trading Jake is to be considered I would wait til next year and try for the QB Luck.

We are deep at DL but so is this draft so i don't see much value in trading there this year.

Oscar.....last one...then I am done....you have exposed yourself as little more than a TROLL....but I do want to clarify one thing....

Don't attempt to pass of your dismisive insults as "passion"

I have reading comprehension skills and I understand the diference....

You on the other habd can't decipher two guys exchanging ideas and theory's from outright conviction.....

but i am the one that is "less than intellectually favored".......lol...

Boulder and NH......

I do agree....and I'm not all for giving away Long for nothing....I actually prefer he never puts on another unifor...EVER.....

But I do think as a GM you have to listen to everything and weigh all your options....

And Boulder....this will sound straight hypocrotical.....and I KNOW IT....

But would not want to get rid of Marshall.....but I would get rid of Long....makes no sense I know...and its highly hypocritical thinking.....

while I would listen to offers on Marshall....somebody would have to break the bank to pry him "from my cold dead hands" (heston I think)....

For me I think we would need that dynamic reciever to help the QB.....even though I think that by far Jake Long had a way more impactful season.....

I guess i'm just high on B-Marsh's potential...and want to see him do it with a competent QB.....

If henne is our starter QB I think trading marshall would be better than long. Henne played best with marshall not playing.

Some observations:

1) I think the following represent fair one-year salaries based on the noted woman's beauty, sexiness and intangibles:

a) Sally Struthers (1973) - $7.5 million
b) Veronica Hamel (1981) - $22.4 million
c) Jaclyn Smith (1977) - $32.5 million
d) Shannen Doherty (1992) - $6.4 million
e) Sophia Loren (1963) - $87.5 million

2) During my 43 years, I have at some time made the following stadiums out of Lego:

a) Orange Bowl (Miami)
b) Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles)
c) Municipal Stadium (Cleveland)
d) County Stadium (Milwaukee)
e) Ivor Wynne Stadium (Hamilton, Ontario)
f) Rich Stadium (what's now called Ralph Wilson Stadium, in Buffalo)

3) To paraphrase the great Frederick Douglass: to the abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln was infuriatingly slow and deliberative in emancipating the Black man; but to the vast majority of the country, Lincoln was incredibly aggressive and determined in ridding the country of the moral stain of slavery.

Let's remember this as the historical revisionists seek to impugn the integrity of our nation's 16th and perhaps greatest president.

4) I've made preparations to ride out a potential lengthy NFL lockout. I subscribe to the NFL network and expect them to provide me with hours upon hours of "Top 10" programs, and replays of classic games.

They'd better.

5) I don't think there was ever a more genuinely modest superstar athlete than Boston's Bobby Orr.

6) Do you know I'm still haunted by the Dolphins losing to the Patriots in the 1985 AFC Championship? I so expected the Dolphins to win that game, and to face the Bears in Super Bowl XX in a rematch of their Monday Night classic that year. God Miami's defense was pathetic. A bunch of "cerebral" slow white guys who just couldn't make plays.

7) As much as I despise Alec Baldwin's politics and personality, he is the best host "Saturday Night Live" has ever had.


I like your idea of trading Starks for a second a fourth. I would do that in a hearbeat. I like Starks a lot and I realize maybe there are some question marks on our line but you have to give up something to get something. I would think dline is our strongest position and like you said it's a deep draft for dlinemen. I would draft another one in the third or fourth.

And yes, I realize there will be no trade guys until the CBA is agreed to.

alec baldwin? maybe if you are a teenage girl.

I didn't know Foster Brooks was on the team! I hope they gave him a blood alcohol test before signing him.

I began my post last night saying this organization wouldn't trade Long come hell or high water. And I typed that it would be foolish to trade your best players for the unproven.

Many here have expressed the same.

I guess I should have clarified that if the price was right, anyone - including the franchised player - is trade-bait.

But I had no idea that some of you actually believe trading an OT will garner the quantum exchange of picks such as the likes of the Johnson/Walker trade, or the Ditka/Ricky Williams debacle.

If a team were that ignorant, I'd be the first to say, get er done...

But, I'm not that delusional.

Man, I don't want no lockout, I like football.

I don't think a lockout would be so bad. The owners could get scab players & Miami could probably get players that aren't a huge dropoff from the "talent" they have now. With other teams having a more difficult time finding comparable talent Miami would have a better chance of making the playoffs.

Thinking about my last post, who are they locking-out? The Owners, the Players, us Fans, who in essence? It is always good to breathe the lightness of Spring air.

GulfDolphin, even President Obama could be traded for the right price. The Truth, at this moment.

Alec Baldwin?

Nathaniel Dodsworth-
that 85 title game still turns my stomach as well. fumble after fumble after fumble. Miami opened their 1st pos w/one and the opening kickoff after 1/2 time... grrrrrr!!!! and as you put it the D wasn't so Killer Beeish. but those were the good ol days none the less, at least the Phins were in 3 out of 4 AFC title games, and maybe 4 for 4 if not for an upset in 83 to the Seahawks.

kris, i agree about listening to all offers and possibly stockpiling picks but i have a big concern. does anyone have any faith in jeff ireland to know what to do with those picks? last year we needed a free safety and seam tight ends which the draft had and we struck out. the pats snatched up talent all around us. bellichek acted interested in pat white in 2009 so we decided to grab him 2 rounds early. last year we passed on earl thomas and dez bryant but drafted 2 guys with broken legs? i give ireland a "no confidence vote" after giving away camarillo and j.allen while grabbing an injured al harris and benny sapp.

Boulder.....I agree Henne did play his best game of the season without Marshall....

I think Marshall put a lot of pressure on Henne to "raise" his game....

A key factor going in to next year will be can Henne turn aroumd and put thjat pressure back on Marshall...take control of the TEAM and lead by example (PLAY MAKING).........

I would be more down on Marshall if he was the ONLY one who showed frustation with Henne.....but the truth is of all the recievers...ONLY Bess held it together.....

Fasano lost it....
Hartline let his frustration show....
and the coach benched him......

So I think that gives credence to Marshall's temper tantrums......

Geeg Z......when I first started reading your post, I laughed...as read on I became stone-faced because i realized you wern't posting a fictional writing...... but a summarized history of what we have done in recent past....

Not funny man

henne stinks and will be gone. he is a tease qb. he'll have 1 good quarter then 5 lousy ones. plays just good enough to keep you hoping he'll pull it together, never will. he's nothing but a waste of time. flush and don't look back.

kris, i really feel NFL football today is like a high stakes professional poker game. the guys seated all all pro's and all veterans. we got the amateurs(ireland/sparano) at the table who may occasionally get "lucky". the bellicheks in the end will take all our chips!

That said, I know Henne will be our starting QB

Oscar, You now as well as I do that to trade someone, anyone, or anything, you must have someone willing to accept that trade. Usually, the trade ends with both parties feeling like they got the better end of the stick.

Quite often, one side winds up with a clubbing.

As far as Obama goes, who would we trade him for? Keep in mind that you just can't drop him off on a someone else's embassy doorstep with a note around his neck saying, "I am an unfit mother, Please keep him."

Greg Z....I like your analogy's...that said.....I hope our little Bambino's Ireland and Sporano are ready to sit at the big boy table this year.....

After one year as the new kid on the block...and maybe beginner's luck.....they have had their lunch money taken for the past 2 years....maybe this year they take some Karate classes and lear to defend themselves from the School yard bullies know as Rex and Belicheat....



This team has a very good base that can get good in a hurry.Soliai is close to becoming the best NT in the NFL.Our defense is very young & getting better with each passing year under this regime.Now all they really need to do is fix their running game & the QB position.Then we will be as good as any team in the league.Right now I wouldn't trade any of our the talented players we have.Long will be a stud for the next 8 years & Starks needs to be kept in case Odrick dosen't pan out.I am not so sure that a team would be willing to give up a 2nd round draft pick,just to move up 10 or 12 slots.But if that were available,that would be my first priority.Any way you look at it,the Dolphins MUST draft a QB,RB,& OG with their 1st 3 picks.It dosen't have to be in any particular order either.So they must go with the best available players at any of those 3 positions with the 1st 3 picks.I am hoping for something like this : Trade back to #25 with Seattle & a 2nd rounder so they can draft Locker or Mallett.Then use our first 3 picks on Ryan Mallett,Stefen Wisniewski,Shane Vereen or Mike pouncey,Demarco Murray,Andy Daulton.Either way would suit me fine with what we already have.

So here's kind of a crazy idea. Wouldn't it be interesting if we could get Pittsburgh to trade up with us that would leave to have the Pouncey brothers on the same OL. Now it's not the Steelers style and it's a long was for them to trade up, for a guy that will probably go in the 18-24 range but maybe it's something we could keep in our back pocket. Might give us an extra pick or two. Just a thought...

I do think Ireland can do good with our picks and extra ones if we trade some players.

If you think about our drafts since BP and Ireland took over we've done pretty well. You can't hit them all.

FA is another story but the draft I think they've done ok.

There will be some good talent in Free ageny this year.Some may even be cheap to pick up as well.I Like Carl Nicks(G-Saints),WR's Steve Smith(NYG),Steve Breaston(STL) & Devin Aromashodu (Chi).While Nicks,Smith & Breaston will be expensive Aromashodu should come really cheap.So if we can sign Nicks & Aromashodu,as well as have a good draft then we should be good next year.

new blog is up!


draft a qb in every round .lol .somebody will pan out

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