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Dolphins need to work during dispute

Soon and very soon, you'll start to read stories of NFL teams gathering informally and working together or, at the very least, conditioning together while the lockout/decertification saga plays out.

My hope is Dolphins players, which were scheduled to begin their conditioning program later this month, will be organized enough to come together as a team and work out. It helps team unity. It helps morale. It helps their conditioning!

The importance of this stuff cannot be stressed enough, I believe. No, we're not at the point where the club would be running practices. But one has to take the first step (conditioning) before one can begin to run toward the second step (football practice).

Former Dolphins wide receiver and current advisor to the CEO Nat Moore knows this and believes that team unity, even in the face of a labor dispute, is important. Appearing on Armando and the Amigo (you can listen to the podcast here).  Moore addressed the topic:

"I tell all our listeners that just like in 1982, 1987 and 1993, eventually there will be some kind of resolve and the game will be played," Moore said. "This is just too great a game for the players and the ownership to not come together and come up with an equitable agreement. What that is? I cannot tell you.

"The thing I would caution players, coaches and everyone else is there's so much stuff out there in the media, of people that don't know. I could talk off the cuff but I don't know because I'm not sitting in those meetings. The thing they have to do is for the players to continue to do the things they would normally do. Don't get so caught up in this because eventually you're going to play football.

And in 1982, the two teams that stuck together, practiced every day, got together and go the actual content of what was happening in the meetings, those were the teams that played for the Super Bowl. So I think it's about the team staying together, continue to build a bond, and the players continue to stay in shape and doing the things they need to do to be ready when this things gets resolved because it will."

Moore was talking, of course, about the Dolphins and Redskins.

"Both teams, we were out 56 days, but we got together every day at Miami-Dade Junior College North and we got a report from (player rep) Jimmy Cefalo about what was going on in New York. And that kept everyone's minds at ease. In the meantime, we worked on practicing and staying in shape and working on the stuff we knew we'd be doing when we got back. And in the process, we were way ahead of everybody we played against. The Washington Redskins, with Joe Theismann and his group, they did the same thing. They practiced three times a week while we practiced every day. So think it's important that things you don't control, you have to be a professional and know what the job description is. Know that when you come back you're going to be competing against others to maintain your position on the team. You need to be ready."

There can be no denying the work can help. But here's the question: Who leads the workouts?

We know that Chad Henne said he'd call the workouts for the offensive players. But does the embattled QB have enough clout to tell other players on offense what to do and when? Would WR Brandon Marshall, who had his disagreements with Henne last season, snap to attention when the quarterback calls a workout?

And what about the defense? I know the defense has players that could covene a workout. Yeremiah Bell comes to mind. So does Karlos Dansby. I hope they would be willing and eager to get the guys working.

But it remains the offense that I worry about.

One thing that would help Henne get that group organized is that he still has Jake Long's ear. And Long has the respect of most, if not all, of his players. Maybe Long would be the guy bringing everyone together.

It is a test of leadership. It is a test of work ethic.

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I have been following you on Twitter for over a week now and I still have not received my prize!!

Not even a lousy pizza pie...

Nice story and while I get Nat`s real objective is in sending a message to the team, it`s also some what misleading. The 82 strike was really like no other in the sense that it came two weeks into the reg. season, teams were already assembled and basically took 7 weeks off before returning to play final 7 games of the reg. season. It stands to reason that teams that didn`t practice together would have been at a disadvantage, it`s also fair to say that after 2 to 3 games back any disadvantages would have been overcome, especially that year.

Nat Moore better than anybody else knows that the 2 best teams played in the S.B. The Fins were coming of a great 81 season that ended with us loosing the greatest game ever played, the 81 div. playoff game to S.D. 41-38. The Skins got bounced by the NFC Champ Eagles. The fins sarted out the 82 season in a statement game against the Jets at Shea Stadium, a place we hadn`t one in 6 years prior and proceeded to pound them 45-28. The score was actually 45-14 late in the 4th when they scored two garbage time t.d.`s. The 2nd game wasn`t played because of the strike it`s why the AFC Champ game that season against them was such a grudge match.

The Skins knocked of S.F. and Dallas on there way thru the playoffs that year behind the hoggs and a bruising J.Riggins. The following year as if there were any doubt as to the best tam in the NFC they repeated before loosing to Raiders in the S.B., so again nice story but misleading.

From the last blog........


I would hesitate to put any price tags on anybody at the moment, but I do agree with you about VY probably being OUR best option for bringing in competition.

I wonder if we could circumvent the current lack of a CBA by offering the Titans a 3rd rounder next year and a "future consideration"?

Like maybe a player to kick in with the 3rd rounder. We could use an agent or two close to both teams and the hypothetical player "involved". I know technically it would be a violation. But, if we kept it on the DL and just called it a "future consideration", what could they do?

Think it would fly????

PS: Don't include me with "you guys" on Carey at RG. I said, "IF" he can pull it off I'm all for it.

Great stuff as always. I will be signing up to follow Mando. Better be a huge prize!

Armando you didn't know the moon had gravity? Is it possible that you somehow missed every moon landing and exploration video ever played? Because if you have seen the most famous, first moon landing you will notice that when the astronauts took their first step they didn't fly out into space. It wasn't because they had rocks in their boots.

It's not the school systems fault that your common sense is M.I.A.


Making an offer of any jesture can be constituted as making a "trade". Draft picks cant be swapped for anything, players cant move in any capacity, and "future considerations" is the same thing as trading.

Gotta be careful about "down low". The team you contact about a "down low" deal can also be the team that blows the whistle on you. Say you offer them a 3rd rd'er on the "down low". Hell, because you "illegally" contacted them they can blackmail you for a 1st rd'er.]

Then it's either over pay and pay up. Or they blow the whistle and you end up with nothing and the league may have you forfeit a 1st rd pick as punitive action. "Down low" could really blow up in your face. It aint worth it!

DB and odin,

I agree DB if he couldn`t play at a high level then he would be gone but remember when you say it`s a different technique that your really talking about stance more than anything, Guards are more about reading and reacting clearing traffic for R.B.`s alot less about technique than the Tackle position. The technique you mention is something you need to work on at either Tackle spot, lateral movement which requires good foot tech, stance which helps properly distribute weight to take on speed, power, low or high.

It`s this fact that has permitted many T`s to make the move inside. I`ll give you 2 examples of the top of my head Larry Allen and Leonard Davis when they no longer could cover outside rush they moved inside were they added years to there careers while playing at a high level and making Pro Bowl`s. It`s the reason you see alot of older players at Guard were your pretty muched gassed at Tackle after 8 to 10 seasons. Again if he tanks he tanks but I wouldn`t bet against him being able to do it.

On offense, players on the bubble of being here in 2011, may decide to have thier own private conditioning workouts. We know who some of those players are(Ricky, Ronnie, ect.)

Brandon Marshall's a competitor, I see no problem with him attending player organized workouts. We also have no "prima donna" types on defense. But Sean Smith may hastily attend even though it'll take huge chunks of his mall shopping and twitter time that he begrudgingly sacrifices. LOL.................


I think you way oversimplify it. Remember when they were trying to get Jerry to play LG? Sparano explained back then that technique for LG and RG were different.

Even if Carey successfully made the transition my biggest concern is injury. He stayed injured on the outside where there's less traffic. My concern is playing inside where there's much more banging and traffic, how much less will he stay healthy too?

Im sure that question weighs heavily on Sparano's mind when thing of transitioning Carey to the inside too. Moving inside means more contact and bodily impact. Scary when a guys never gets through 16gms without injury on the outside.

Um that's all fine and dandy but it has been said that if any player gets hurt during (non- team) organized workouts they could lose their salary in 2011-12. Not sure if that's because there is some kind of clause in the contracts or if it's because an injury can knock them out for the season and their team can just cut them at that point. It's probably the latter but what player on the Dolphins is going to risk losing his salary for next season because he thinks the team has a shot at the superbowl? LMAO on that one.


It is the school system's fault that you don't know when to use an apostrophe.

Also I want to thank Armando for giving you guys a private chat room to discuss your lives in while completely ignoring everything he writes. That is of course unless he writes something bad about the Dolphins at which point everyone in here applauds and piles on. One guy even talks about the players looks (creepy!).

So great job wasting your time Armando, no one in here appreciates it.


Screw butt buzz.

I appreciate everything you do here.

I sure don't agree with you all the time, but appreciate? YEAH!

PS: Maybe you can lead the offensive workouts. I've heard you've been doing a lot of push ups lately!!!!

While I agree with those that say VY may be the most, if not only, worthwhile FA QB to bring in, there is one serious downside to consider before making that investment. We know he is talented and we also know he is a head case. He is pretty much going to have to be the starter for the next several years or he will unwind. If you draft an early round QB to compete with him, he is going to be tweaked. If another QB does out play him, VY will never settle for 2nd string, not a team guy. VY on the bench will be a festering cancer that will only grow.

So...I'm basically saying, you take VY if you really think you are going to run with him as #1 for some time, and not think of him as the guy to hold down the fort for a couple of years while you groom a rookie QB. He'll be two expensive to make it worthwhile to bring him in as a two year place holder.

If Memory serves me right, Back in 82 the 1st first game that the "Scabs" played the beat KC something like 42 to 0, I might be wrong about the score but the Moral of the story as Bum Phillips once said about the great Don(God of all coaches)Shula "He can take yours and beat his team, or he can take his and beat yours" Another words that's what a coach does, You think the fist pumper can do that???, Doubtful..

A "Q" For the masses, Will the fist pumper Pratice his coverted fist pump during a lock-out????

@ Cuban Menace,

The scabs played in 87 and yes they beat K.C. 42-0 before loosing 2 straight to Seattle and the Jets.

82 strike sarted 2 games into the season were teams basically took of 7 games before returning to play in last 7 games in a 9 game season.

Thanks FFL,Guess I was right about the score but the year was foggy(As was most of the 80S)(As you could imagine..)

Yeah, Menace a real big fogg but good times !! LOL

Cuban, that quote from Bum tells you everything you need to know about Shula. Truly the best coach ever. He was one of a kind.

Oh BTW Mando, good format

Mando just want to say I've noticed in looking at other Dolphins blogs yours is the only one that often talks to people and quotes them. The Sunsentinal doesn't and the Palm Beach Post kid doesn't even know what year it is.

Thanks for working it bro.

Meanwhile, how good would the Dolphins be if they had a receiver like Nat Moore in his prime to play next to Brandon Marshall?


How good would the Dolphins be if they had Marino in his prime to throw to Brandon Marshall! He could also find a way to make Hartline look good too. LOL..........

Perhaps these player orginized practices will do something for the relationship between Marshall & Henne.(this is assuming both will attend) Much was made about Hennes unwillingness, or inability to play the quarterback position with any natural feel. What I mean is that he was like a programed droid when making his progressions. And played with about as much confidence as a virgin at a pleasure house.

Hopefully without the watchful eye of coaches. Henne, and Marshall can make a connection that may not have been possible with all of the rules and expectations of dictator Henning, and his mignion David Lee. Hopefully they can just figure out how to play, like it was an and one basketball tourney, but footballs version.

I don't know what Hennes standing is in the Miami locker room. I don't know what his teamates really feel about him, or if they truthfully have confidence in him. If there are questions, perhaps what happens in these workouts will help settle any questions players may have about Henne.

The only thing that will get the players together if it's not organized is that they know they'll be able to tape Chad(Neck fat)Henne to a tree and no one will untape him, and if it's liberity City they'll just kick back after the tapeing and see how long it take's one of the brothers to steal his shoes......


Who's to say Henne shows. Its a lameduck season for Henne(2012 fa) and clearly the offseason qb search is on.

Really dont see much the offense can do being no one's fully digested Daboll's new playbook as of yet. It was easy for Moore and the 82 fins because it was the exact same offense as the previous year and more certainty all of the guys from 1981 would be playing together in 1982.

This Dolphin offense doesnt have that certain nor do they have the exact same OC and offense as the year before.

Cuban...What up!! That's funny. To bad it doesn't get cold in SFLA. The players could double dog dare Henne to stick his tongue on a metal pole.

DD, Same old song and dance my friend....

Dying...I'm not even really talking about playbook stuff. Just trust, and some feel. The routes are going to be the same, it's just the verbage, and the progressions that will be different.

My thinking is remember how Marshall was praising Thigpen for ignoring David Lee's instruction to check it down. Because Marshall, and Thigpen had figured out on their own, that they had a play that would work. They executed it, and now BM, and Thiggy are best pals. This is the type of relationship I'm hoping can come out of workouts like this.

It isn't so much learning the playbook. But being away from the pressures, ans watchful eyes of the coaches, could be a blessing for Henne. Maybe he can find a comfort zone. All I'm saying is that this is just another opportunity for Henne. Even if he doesn't end up starting, even when they bring in a competetor. Henne has to get better. So hopefully this will be a benifit for everyone.

With the micro managing Fist Pumper and the Dead Legend Walking in Hennings, I could see these two knuckle heads really screwing with a young QB's head. It would be like trying ball under the watchful eye of your High School principal and his best buddy the drunk and dreaded Mythology teacher!

I think this is the best possible thing that could happen to the offense. If Henne, Marshall and ANY of the others on offense get together for impromptu workouts.

This lockout could truly be a major blessing in disguise! Whether Daboll was able to relay any of the new offense to Henne or not. Just being able to get out there, throw caution to the wind and do what too talented athletes do!

I know I'm probably being overly optimistic, but as a Die Hard Dolphin Fan, that's just about all I can be at the moment.

CHAD! Just throw the ball to Brandon already!!!!


I swear I was already typing my last post before I saw yours-LOL!

You know what they say? Great minds think alike.

PS: As usual, you said it way better than I!


this is kandiss

odinseyes daughter i am sooooooooooo awsome <3

I agree with DD, Henne needs to work on his timing with his WRs and what ever he knows about the new system will be important that he passes that along. This is also a opportunity for Henne to win back some confidence in he had loss in himself and his team mates. It would also give Henne and Incognito get comfortable with each other. Any way you cut it you have to like the initiative Henne has taken to approach Daboll to gather info about the new system and get something started. Henne might not be the QB we were hoping for but as of now he is the starter so I will be rooting for him to redeem himself.

post something before my dad gets back

Odin..Obviously we are on the same page here. So I'll go ahead and start patting myself on the back..Go ahead and give yourself a few as well.

Hopefully without the pressures of being evaluated every moment will allow Henne to feel like a leader, and spark whatever needs sparked to get him going. Maybe these workouts will make the game fun again. And there can be a bond that was obviously missing last year. Even if Henne is relegated to clipboard duty. This could be a positive for the team as a whole.

For Marshall. He isn't off the hook either. As productive as he was. There is a lot of room for improvement on his end. Those drops in the preseason were no fluke. Time to get your mind right.

Maybe the lack of trust between him and quarterback caused some lapses in concentration. Who knows. Too many drops for an elite player. I'm sure Marshall would agree with this.

The play I would like hope these two can work on is the fade. This should be a gimmie for us. And last year for whatever reason(Henne forgot how to throw it) We couldn't execute it. Keep doing this route over and over. It should be stealing.

Lockout practicing will only really benifit those offenses with the same OC's and playbooks. The primary things offenses need to work are the plays they actually use as offenses in a game.

Just to play throw and catch, qb's and recievers can get together at anytime convenient for both to do this. Offenses getting there "RYTHYM" down means practicing plays they actually run during games.

It will be a lot tougher for offenses with new HC's and OC's to do this. Playing pass and catch doesnt completely prepare them for this when talking about continuity of the entire offense. It "WILL" be a lot tougher for teams with upper level staff changes to do(new hc's and coordinators).

These guys legally arent even supposed to have playbooks. LOL............

Sweet! I got a daughter I didn't know about! How many times is this going to happen to me?

Hey sweetie, I'll bet you're Momma used to be a groupie? Does she still look good?

You can send some pictures if you like, but neither one of you is getting any child support!

Just saying.....................

Whoever is in the hotel room next to mine is raging the ganja. The whole hallway is perfumed with the sweet smell of legal medicine!

The 1982 Dolphins werent an offense in transition. They had the exact same offense and OC as the year before. the 2011 edition doesnt. What good does it do to practice a bunch of things you may not even be using when the real season starts?





You're always trying to stick your nose into the personal business of others. I also wonder why?

This is a football blog not the Dear Abby column. Most will lie about things here because they know that you cant verify them anyway. You can be such a gullible dolt at times ALoco! LOL...............

Dying..You make a very valid point. But every team runs the same routes. How the coaches want them run, the progressions, and the verbage are different. But the routes are universal.
Where it gets technical is say when the play is designed for the reciever to make his read. Say the defense is playing man under. The Patriots may want the reciever to cut the route at 12 yards, and go to the skinny post. The Colts may want the reciever to cut the route at 10 yards, and run a comeback. But as far as the routes go they are the same. The good thing is that I'm sure in those Watergate like meetings between Henne,and Daboll. Henne got enough info to understand the basic principals of what, and how the offense is supposed to be run.

It isn't the ideal scenario, that's for sure. But it beats the players doing nothing. And it does form a bond. Look at guys like Manning, and Brees, even McNabb. I know they all had a firm grasp on their offenses. But they would always gather as a group in the offseason, on their own time just to work on timing, and routes. I gotta look at this in a positive light. Even though there is a ton of instruction to come.





I would say you're basically right.

Two things though. First, whether or not Henne has any clues to the new offense or not, having our guys getting together, working out and even running old plays will be better than nothing.

Second, having Henne and the receivers getting together without any "outside pressure" can only be beneficial. Without having to try and live up to some 155 year old dead man walking's IDEA of twenty first century football. It can only be a rejuvenating breath of fresh air.

Not even the faintest wisp of prune juice or mothballs to be found!


I also recommend that if youb are truly enamored with the fantasy love life of others. Try the Dr. Ruth blog or buy yourself some cheap romance novels.

Also whenever you finally grow up. You'll finally realize that it's the guys who talk about thier love life and how much thier getting, are the one's who really dont have love lives and get the least. LOL................

Again, you are so incredibly gullible! LOL.........




(( GULLIBLE ............ WHAT THAT MEAN ?



That's exactly why I say teams not going thru major offseason changes will benefit most. They can practice plays they know that they'll actually be running.

However, our offense can actually practice against our defense on actual routes. Henne can actually practice throwing the ball to Marshall when he's covered to build trust that Marshall can still come down with the ball.

Like you guys said, Henne can work on getting his timing and touch together on the endzone fade route.




Again, this is a football blog. If I wanted to talk love or how much puntang I was getting I would search for the appropriate blog. Has alcohol pickled your brain?

ALoco...What's up!!! First Love Suzy Doss. Never been married. Funny you ask. The reason I'm in a hotel is I'm picking up a lady friend from the Bozeman airport tommorow. This is the way I look at it. When you are in your 20's most single women have a puppy, or dog. This progresses to women in their late 20's early 30's who usually have young children, and if they do aren't really wanting to get involved. The circle continues to women in their mid to late thirties that have older children say 8-12 and are ready to get back on the horse. Then you have women in their 40's that have grown children, and are ready to rage. I love them all.





Aloco and DB,

For the record, some nut job was trying to do some kind of impersonation using my sign in name.

I was just trying to humor the poor soul.

Also, I would say that roughly 90 to 95% of today's society doesn't know and doesn't understand what truth is.

Truth is REALITY! To partake of anything else, in ANY way, shape or form, is to journey into the realms of delusion and make believe.

Truth is a POWER BAN! It protects you and simplifies life, thus maximizing ALL of life's pleasures.

I can't say that I never lie, but I can tell you I believe I'm more honest than about 95% of today's population.

What's more, if I were to lie, I wouldn't use one up on a silly sports blog where there's really no chance of any consequence.

I can't remember the last lie that I told, but I'm sure it was only to spare someones extremely vulnerable feelings.

That my good peoples is Nothing But The TRUTH-LOL!!!!






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