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Dolphins need to work during dispute

Soon and very soon, you'll start to read stories of NFL teams gathering informally and working together or, at the very least, conditioning together while the lockout/decertification saga plays out.

My hope is Dolphins players, which were scheduled to begin their conditioning program later this month, will be organized enough to come together as a team and work out. It helps team unity. It helps morale. It helps their conditioning!

The importance of this stuff cannot be stressed enough, I believe. No, we're not at the point where the club would be running practices. But one has to take the first step (conditioning) before one can begin to run toward the second step (football practice).

Former Dolphins wide receiver and current advisor to the CEO Nat Moore knows this and believes that team unity, even in the face of a labor dispute, is important. Appearing on Armando and the Amigo (you can listen to the podcast here).  Moore addressed the topic:

"I tell all our listeners that just like in 1982, 1987 and 1993, eventually there will be some kind of resolve and the game will be played," Moore said. "This is just too great a game for the players and the ownership to not come together and come up with an equitable agreement. What that is? I cannot tell you.

"The thing I would caution players, coaches and everyone else is there's so much stuff out there in the media, of people that don't know. I could talk off the cuff but I don't know because I'm not sitting in those meetings. The thing they have to do is for the players to continue to do the things they would normally do. Don't get so caught up in this because eventually you're going to play football.

And in 1982, the two teams that stuck together, practiced every day, got together and go the actual content of what was happening in the meetings, those were the teams that played for the Super Bowl. So I think it's about the team staying together, continue to build a bond, and the players continue to stay in shape and doing the things they need to do to be ready when this things gets resolved because it will."

Moore was talking, of course, about the Dolphins and Redskins.

"Both teams, we were out 56 days, but we got together every day at Miami-Dade Junior College North and we got a report from (player rep) Jimmy Cefalo about what was going on in New York. And that kept everyone's minds at ease. In the meantime, we worked on practicing and staying in shape and working on the stuff we knew we'd be doing when we got back. And in the process, we were way ahead of everybody we played against. The Washington Redskins, with Joe Theismann and his group, they did the same thing. They practiced three times a week while we practiced every day. So think it's important that things you don't control, you have to be a professional and know what the job description is. Know that when you come back you're going to be competing against others to maintain your position on the team. You need to be ready."

There can be no denying the work can help. But here's the question: Who leads the workouts?

We know that Chad Henne said he'd call the workouts for the offensive players. But does the embattled QB have enough clout to tell other players on offense what to do and when? Would WR Brandon Marshall, who had his disagreements with Henne last season, snap to attention when the quarterback calls a workout?

And what about the defense? I know the defense has players that could covene a workout. Yeremiah Bell comes to mind. So does Karlos Dansby. I hope they would be willing and eager to get the guys working.

But it remains the offense that I worry about.

One thing that would help Henne get that group organized is that he still has Jake Long's ear. And Long has the respect of most, if not all, of his players. Maybe Long would be the guy bringing everyone together.

It is a test of leadership. It is a test of work ethic.

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Odin...Good post. If a person needs to tell tales for his or her own insecurities on an anonymous sports blog. More power to them. I don't know if it matters to anyone as I don't know you personally. But what you read is who I am.(except for the bafoonish tag I use...What kind of name is Dunphy????)

ALoco.. I don't know if there is a perfect age. But I perfer women that are older. But then again, sometimes I really really like them younger...Not to young


But if you must know Im happily married to a very wonderful but not perfect woman. I would have it no other way because Im not perfect either.

I still like flirting, but as far as having an extra-marital fling, Im not so interested. I spent many years seeing more than one woman at once and have finally concluded based on how many women you have so are your troubles multiplied.

There still are quite a few women who find me pleasing to thier eye. But now I find more pleasure dangling the carrot they'll never get instead of allowing them to catch the carrot! LOL.........


A liar will come on to a blog and lie because no one can expose him.

An honest man will not lie on a blog simply because lying reduces his "personal power" and it is useless.

One has to ask oneself what possible benefit is to be had telling lies on a sports blog.

Like my Great Grandpa Odin use to say: "A liar will tell on himself EVERYTIME, if you listen to him long enough".

I think the best thing I've heard was Zbkowski is boxing professionally now and he knocked a guy out in under 2:00 1st rd... He boxed in college at ND and was his first sport but still it's pretty impressive to be able to just jump back in it like that




I've found that s-ex is exactly like drugs. If you dont wisen up you can spend the rest of your life chasing that original good feeling. It's never quite as good as it was that very first time.

In the end you'll find it's never been about pleasure. Just conquests. I have been with some very beautiful women but beauty didnt hold me. It was always all about the next conquest. Its always seem to be the one you've never had that you always want most.

Conquests are like a bottomless pit. It never gets filled nor satisfied. It like spending a lifetime trying to grasp the air! LOL.........

Anyone who says they never lie, lies the most. Even if you unknowingly spread a lie you have become partners with that lie in spirit.

My only goal is to lie less. Then be careful of placing myself in situations in which I'm most tempted to lie. Those are the best solutions I've found to alleviate the tendancy to lie.


You gave the perfect example.

Usually as a general rule, seeing multiple women will cause trouble.

However, after years and years of "banging my head against the wall" I've figured it out.

By being "BRUTALLY HONEST" and upfront about EVERYTHING, I protect myself and I simplify my life by not having to remember which lies I told to which women.

If they can't handle the FACTUAL SITUATIONS or what I refer to as my life, they have every right to take it on down the road.

I have "relationships" with two very beautiful women and they each know about the other. I recently met a third that I'm considering bringing into "the fold".

In addition to that, every once in awhile, I come across some "strange" and, well........I'm only human.

The point is, there's only one way to actually enjoy life and that's by being "BRUTALLY HONEST" in EVERY WAY!!!!

good points on workout's and leadership... Henne will probably play more golf than workouts with the offense in the offseason. That to me is why Romo is falling off becuz he has become smug and believes he's above everyone else. The only way to improve is to constantly drill yourself and workout to stay in shape metally and physically, Henne doesn't strike me as a guy who understands this yet. Brandon Marshall supposedly runs a couple miles a day and hits the gym... I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to doing routes with his QB if it could help chemistry an overall production I mean he's probably embarrassed about his TD stats from last year

Even if you unknowingly spread a lie you have become partners with that lie in spirit.

Posted by: DyingBreed | March 17, 2011 at 12:33 AM


I would NEVER say I NEVER lie. I will say that I've gotten awful good at telling the TRUTH!!!!

PS: Conquests are for Vikings! Well, I mean, Heineken Mini-Kegs and Conquests are for Vikings!


obviously I meant mentally...


Exactly! Multiply all of your original trubles X 100 when caught by either woman. Like you, I did finally figure out just tell them you're married or seeing someone else.

Be upfront, let them know it's just a booty call and you have zero plans to leave the other woman. But the crazy thing is, after being honest and upfront, at least 40% of those women still wanna lay you just for being honest! LOL..........

I have a question...I'm going to assume that we stay at fifteen(I know I shouldn't assume anything) Knowing we don't have a second round pick. Does this possibly bring some players into the fold that may have late first, or even second round grades?

Say for instance the Phins have 3 or four recivers on the board. 2 have first round grades, and the third has an early to mid second round grade. Would we reach for a player like this? Or is this draft insanity?
Where is that imaginary cutoff line for our prospects? Now this is assuming that we cannot find a trade partner, and are stuck in our position.



DB came on and told you this isn't a Dear Abbey "personals" blog.

The next thing you know, he's telling you about being married, flirting, not being a cheater, etc, etc.

Those are all admirable and respectable traits DB, but you have to admit, ALoco got you good THIS TIME-LOL!


honestly don't want to get in the liar debate. Don't care... I'm sure there's a few of you (not talking about anyone specific here) who post under 2nd/ 3rd n 4th names. Maybe it's not technically lying but it's definitely insane. Exception is if used to make a witty pun. Also I have a theory that there are some sad Jet fans on here that like kicking the hornets nest to get reactions by posting as fans.

Its just simple human nature to want the things he doesnt have the most. Then the things he does have he grows to appreciate least.

Love will always outlast lust. For love is permanent and lust is fleet. That's why the divorce rates are so high. Most dont know the difference between falling in love and bumping thier heads by tripping over lust.

But the crazy thing is, after being honest and upfront, at least 40% of those women still wanna lay you just for being honest! LOL..........

Posted by: DyingBreed | March 17, 2011 at 12:45 AM


THAT"S what I'm talking about-ROTFLMAO!

DB is on FIRE!!!!


I think you might have something there bud. That damn ALoco's a tricky little devil! LOL..........

I wonder about this as well and It just brings me back to over reaching for a guy like Heyward bey when there are just so many other better prospects on the board. If we were around say 25 then grabbing a guy with a 2nd rd grade is acceptable but at 15 there is just too much prime talent that most teams are hoping fall past 15. Then again teams draft by need and you never know how high a GM has one guy rated over the next but there are definite projections. For me I'd weigh the impact the guy would have at that position for me and I'd rank every possible guy that might be available at that pick and go after that player regardless of position needs

Most dont know the difference between falling in love and bumping thier heads by tripping over lust.

Posted by: DyingBreed | March 17, 2011 at 12:53 AM

DUDE! Just STOP IT! You're like the bottomless pit of wisdom!

Most have not even the slightest inkling of what LOVE is or what it's about.

LOVE is the brother of TRUTH. Together they form a "POWER BAN" that is impenetrable!!!!


Women who arent looking for committment would much rather lay a guy already committed to another female. It's the guys who dont have a girl that they seek to avoid the most.

However, occasionally even though you've been upfront there's that one that does begin to fall for you. That's when you have to remind her it was a booty call deal and that you're willing to be her pimp. But b-itch better get my money! LOL..............

Beerphin..The player I had in mind is Titus Young. I just wonder if the FO thinks that WR is a priority over a position like offensive line, or whatever conservative route they may choose to go.

The example I'm thinking of is last year when the Jaguars took Tyson Allialu much earlier then anyone but them had him projected. He was a second round prospect in every mock I read, but the Jags saw it different. I wonder if the Phins would make a move like this knowing a player that they have targeted will not be around in round 3. This could even include a quarterback I suppose.

DB/Odin...You guys are dropping some serious knowledge. Nice work, Seriously

Nat Moore`s objective is in sending a message to the team, he knows better than anybody that you can`t compare the 82 strike to this current one. For starters the 82 strike started 2 weeks into the reg. season. In other words after 4 pre-season games and 2 regulars everybody took 7 weeks of before playing the final 7 games in a 9 game season. So when players got together for these work outs there rosters were set in stone, they knew the play book inside out and more importantly, they understood what they did best.


Even if we dont have a 2nd rd pick in the very least we could go after an olineman like the kid from the Gators. I seriously doubt we draft a 3rd rd player in the 1st rd. If so, Ireland seriously needs to lose his job.


I think Beerphin is absolutely right.

I would go for the BPA regardless. Even if I already have a stud at that position.

There's any number of scenarios and examples.

Lets say I have the best LB corp in the league. It gets to my pick and the only blue chip, can't miss prospect left is a LB. I take him.

From that point on I'm working the phones like I'm Linebacker U. ALL my Linebackers could be/would be on the blocks. I could trade one of them to pick up maybe a proven player that fills a need AND an extra pick in the next round. Maybe trade one for TWO extra picks in the next round.

Even after the draft I could work a deal to fill a need(s) and/or stockpile future picks. Worst case scenario, I'm stuck with an even better, deeper Line backing corp.

Picking the BPA is just like picking up your paycheck. You want the more lucrative one and you want to get the most you can possibly get out of it.

FWIW-That's my Draft philosophy!

Dying..I wasn't implying drafting a third round guy in round 1. I meant a guy that is going to be long gone by round 3.

Odin...I'm totaly down with BPA. The thing is. Most likely if we go with this strategy. The BPA is going to be a defensive player IMO. Which I am fine with.

My only concern about this blog is if Nat Moore seriously has to remind this team not to sit on the couch munching potato and ice cream until a new cba is reached. We have much greater problems existing with this present team than previously thought upon.

These guys are professionals. So the common sense of professionalism most likely prevails anyway. Its only a question as to what extent. Two, three, four, or five times a week. That's what will tell thier true dedication to winning.

AluAlu might be a bust especially when u look and see who they passed on... Titus Young could possibly fall to the 3rd... Honestly WR is a priority but they'd have to have Titus Young rated as the 3rd best WR... IMO he's the 9th best receiver and he's gonna fall to the 3rd rd.
Rankings on WR in order IMO
AJ Green
Julio Jones
Torrey Smith
Greg Little
Leonard Hankerson
Randall Cobb
Jerrell Jernigan
Jon Baldwin
Edmond Gates
Titus Young
Niles Paul

I have Titus ranked 10th actually but only becuz Edmond Gates ran a 4.31 & 4.37 and is faster than Johnny Knox who was a late rd steal. They went to same school -Albiene Christian... I don't think teams will pass on like Knox though earning him at the latest a 3rd rd pick... But I have seen Titus Young play and he's prolly going to go before Edmond Gates will.

The problem with bpa in the 1st rd is that the bpa isnt better than the starter the dolphins already have in place. You definitely dont want to use the bpa theory at rolb because its probably the toughest lb position to master right away. You would only be drafting Koa Misi twice.

What would be available when we pick on d-line front isnt better than what we have. There wont be any better db's, lb's, or offensive tackles available. So now we're right back to our needs positions.

The bpa's available in the 1st rd when its our turn to pick will be the guys on our need list. Its just a matter of which position should we choose first. LOL........

Beerphin...Yeah I was just throwing out a name to try and make a point. You can insert whoever the Phins may have as the 3rd reciever on the board. I like Titus Young, but maybe he was a bad example. But you definitley got the point.

I`ve been reading the current topic of choice about lying, women ect... and I`ll tell you guys that the thought never even crossed my mind, why would you come on a sports blogg to lie ? The only reason that comes to mind is an attempt to play out the fantasy of what you hoped your sorry existance was, as far as lying to woman or anybody on one of these bloggs, I say it`s a hell o alot easier to forget what you wrote on any given day on a computer than it is to look somebody dead in the eye and later flip on the mental rollodex.

I came up in the 80`s before you can hide behind a computer and one thing I will tell you is my generations people skills are unmatched by todays. I laugh whenever I see somebody trying to meet people over the net, while comlaining about not getting laid. I hear you odin and DB, I also laid enough lumber to build a log cabin but we can attribute that to having from our very early teens learned to perfect the right people skills and knowing how to size up the fee fee we were trying to get with and telling that honey what she wanted to hear, something totally lost on these knew generations.


What round do you think Jernigan goes in?

Isn't he one of the speedsters?


the wr's are usually rated based on whether the so-called draft experts think they'll be pro #1 or #2 wr's. Titus Young is linked to the #2wr group because of size. But dont be decieved, Young is ready to contribute day one as far as route running ability.

But you never know how any of these guys will do in the beginning because college DC's dont play press coverage. So guys needing to work on route running are twice as less ready to make significant contributions right away.

Titus Young is already rated a very polished route runner with no fear of going over the middle. If he can master getting off of press coverage at the line he'll be a force day one.

knew generations lol enough with the pissing competition. Some sentimental garbage being blogged about on a Miami Dolphin blog. If I have to read another pseudo intellectual posting trying to wax philosophically on the meaning of love I'm gonna down a bottle with hopes of not waking up. If yall wanna be Dr. Phil it's fine by me but please not on here... it's disgusting


I agree. I used Linebackers strictly as a hypothetical.

The other thing that negatively affects my strategy, this year anyway, is the lack of a CBA so no trading players during the draft.

Of course I'm also assuming once you draft a player this year, you won't be able to trade him until the CBA is certified.

fin4life i'm not ragging on u specifically I just started with that cuz I think it's funny when someone misspells a word by adding another letter

Speed is over rated. If a guy isnt polished at running routes or cant get off the line against press coverage. It advantage defense. You now have a totally unproductive reciever on the field.

So it doesnt matter if he's twice as fast as Usain Bolt if he cant get out of the starter block. Or struggles running routes because the qb needs to depend on knowing where the guy's going to be. LOL.............

Jernigan will go rd 2 IMO he ran a lot faster on his pro day around 4.35... I also see him being a target for teams that want to improve their slot receivers position immediately.


I dont see a player that maybe available at #15 that any team below us would be willing to give up a 2nd rd pick to get. We may have been able to pull it off had thier been a new cba so we could sweeten the pot by adding a player to the deal.

Best case scenario that I see is to trade back and pick up an extra 3rd rd'er. There are still a handful of productive rb's and #2 speed wr's available and the possibilty is reasonable to get both in the 3rd rd.

Plus moving back in the 1st rd opens up a variety of options. But choosing a rb in the 3rd rd greatly reduces our chances of getting anything more than a pretty good complimentary back.

Still I think Kendall Hunter can be a #1 quality feature rb listed to be around 3rd rd.

It would be awesome if we picked up an extra 3rd rd pick and landed both Titus Young and Kendall Hunter. Both are homerun hitters at thier positions. Then in the 4th-5th rd got Stanzi.

I would feel like I died and went to fin heaven! LOL..............

beerfin, came on late and started speed reading the one`s who took of on the subject were all of you including you read something ou posted along the line and it went on for a page and a half, gave it some thought and threw my 2 cents in. If you wanna know how I feel about the possability of teams getting together, I`ll tell you there will be alot less of them prcticing than being reported. I can see them working out together but not practicing alot of the guys that played back in the 80`s actually did it for love of the game and had 2nd jobs during the off season. Take into account that Marino`s rookie deal was a 4 year 800,000 dollar deal and it tells you a little about the players back then, today`s guy while he might be a better athlete is more about the Benjamin`s than balling for a ring.

Titus Young came off as egotistical. I personally do not like the guy and am not astonished by his game at all. He isn't as explosive as D Jackson and if your a guy that size it makes me wonder how he'll hold up in the NFL also he didn't do the bench press n I don't blame him at 174# he could get hurt.

For guys that size I like Randall Cobb and Jerrel Jernigan better than Titus Young by far... People are saying Randall Cobb might even jump into the 1st rd and that at his workouts have been very impressive

Well now Beerphin, what kind of attitude is that?

If it wasn't impossible, I'd call for a group hug. Whatever it is your harboring inside, you have to get it out. You just have to learn to let it go.

Beerphin, I'm not speaking to you only as friend, I'm speaking to you as a Doctor that cares.

Downing a bottle IS NOT going to help you with your intimacy issues. It never does. Now fess up, be truthful with yourself FIRST and ONLY THEN will you be able to start working your way through these various issues.

Yours Very Truly and Very Concerned

Dr. Phil Odinseye.

Also it isnt 100% definitive or clear if we truly need another #2wr or not. I say this because during the season Steve Young clearly made a point that Henne goes thru his progressions far too fast.

If Steve Young is correct, a guy like Hartline may have been open more than it seemed but Henne had gone away from in his progression reads to quickly.

Plus, as was with the Marshall case, Henne doesnt seem to either trust himself or his recievers nearly enough. Henne doesnt pump fake to help his recievers neither. A proper pump fake can go a long ways into getting your recievers open deep.

This is just a thought I know players can`t be traded right now but if the courts rule in the players favor and remove trade restictions before the draft I gotta tell you guys that Aloco was posting this afternoon about trading for Mike Tolbert and it really got me thinking out of the box for a minute because S.D. wants JJ Watt and to be sure to get him they are gonna have to leap frog N.E. It wouldn`t terribly upset me if we swapped with them and got Tolbert and say a 4th rounder in return, it free`s us up to go and get BA rec. in the 3rd. and I agree beerfin that`s not Bell, I actually like Jernigan better, cause you can pick up a slasher like Taiwan Jones or Derek Locke later, while maybe landing a T.E. like Housler, just a thought and I`m spit balling here but I wouldn`t mind seeing something creative along those lines.


I attribute all my early pioneering days(laying lumber)to all the groupies wanting to sleep with the guys in the band. Strippers always had these aspirations as well(God I loved strippers-we spent our money on gas to get to the next gig, dope and alcohol-the strippers always had money, they'd F-ck us, feed us and happily say goodbye).

Being in a BAND EARLY ON was a pretty shallow existence for me and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

@ odin,

Amen to that brother and God bless those days and I hate to admit it but Charlie Sheen is nothing more than an 80`s wild chid who never had to grow up, I watch him and laugh.

The problem with Henne in 2010 is that he didnt really regress. But there was zero evidence that he had progressed over 2009 either. He was still staring recievers down, never used the pump fake, almost zero deep ball accuracy, and his endzone fade pass was totally non-existent.

Probably as close to 50% of the passing game woes were on Henne alone. Thats probably why Dan Henning was so afraid to call passing plays until 3rd and longs.

can't decipher what that 1st thing you wrote means but the point you make about coming together on labor issues i fully agree with. I feel like prices on tickets and parking have been price gouged to the point it is almost not even worth it going to a game anymore. I'm not rich and cannot afford to drop that much for one ticket. Yes I do like to splurge but after a nasty loss it just rubs me the wrong way that we pay good hard earned money on what they have been fielding. Crowder for example just needs to shut up. Most players are getting paid way more than they are actually worth. Especially with all the world crisis going on right now I don't think it's fair for them to be going on about a percentage on an already inflated salary during a national monetary depression including mass bailouts diminishing the US dollar. I don't see how this is even an issue right now but the sad thing it is and it's becuz of GREED from all parties

Charlie Sheen says he has Tigers Blood in his veins.

Since when did they start calling Cocaine Tigers Blood????

Tolbert is a definite up and comer that I'd go after if we had a shot to trade down again. Not special enough to think he'd be a starter though like Michael Turner

yup... that's fine I guess it's time to wash my mouth out with soap

Don`t mind me to much beerfin the typo`s are about the blurry vision my pal Don Cuervo brought on, you know how it goes my bro in lws B-day and the wife got the margarita jones going, me I hate mixed cocktails just hand over the shot glass, Hey odin I`m winning !!!! rock star from mars baby !!!!!!!!!!!

That's the spirit I already cracked my St. Patty's day bottle and am getting a head start. Just hope I sober out enough to function at work...

DB, I think you were right originally about K. Hunter and he looks like a solid 2nd rd RB prolly the 4th best... IDK but his size isn't as big an issue when he puts up 225 24 times and showed pretty feisty blocking skills... Could be a 25-30 carry guy.

I forgot it`s St. Patricks day, I was gonna call in sick in the morning but no way anybodies buying that, man I better come up with something fast no way I`m going to work in 5 hours, I put down about 3 quarters of a bottle of taquila and have been polishing off all the beer in the fridge since

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