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Dolphins need to work during dispute

Soon and very soon, you'll start to read stories of NFL teams gathering informally and working together or, at the very least, conditioning together while the lockout/decertification saga plays out.

My hope is Dolphins players, which were scheduled to begin their conditioning program later this month, will be organized enough to come together as a team and work out. It helps team unity. It helps morale. It helps their conditioning!

The importance of this stuff cannot be stressed enough, I believe. No, we're not at the point where the club would be running practices. But one has to take the first step (conditioning) before one can begin to run toward the second step (football practice).

Former Dolphins wide receiver and current advisor to the CEO Nat Moore knows this and believes that team unity, even in the face of a labor dispute, is important. Appearing on Armando and the Amigo (you can listen to the podcast here).  Moore addressed the topic:

"I tell all our listeners that just like in 1982, 1987 and 1993, eventually there will be some kind of resolve and the game will be played," Moore said. "This is just too great a game for the players and the ownership to not come together and come up with an equitable agreement. What that is? I cannot tell you.

"The thing I would caution players, coaches and everyone else is there's so much stuff out there in the media, of people that don't know. I could talk off the cuff but I don't know because I'm not sitting in those meetings. The thing they have to do is for the players to continue to do the things they would normally do. Don't get so caught up in this because eventually you're going to play football.

And in 1982, the two teams that stuck together, practiced every day, got together and go the actual content of what was happening in the meetings, those were the teams that played for the Super Bowl. So I think it's about the team staying together, continue to build a bond, and the players continue to stay in shape and doing the things they need to do to be ready when this things gets resolved because it will."

Moore was talking, of course, about the Dolphins and Redskins.

"Both teams, we were out 56 days, but we got together every day at Miami-Dade Junior College North and we got a report from (player rep) Jimmy Cefalo about what was going on in New York. And that kept everyone's minds at ease. In the meantime, we worked on practicing and staying in shape and working on the stuff we knew we'd be doing when we got back. And in the process, we were way ahead of everybody we played against. The Washington Redskins, with Joe Theismann and his group, they did the same thing. They practiced three times a week while we practiced every day. So think it's important that things you don't control, you have to be a professional and know what the job description is. Know that when you come back you're going to be competing against others to maintain your position on the team. You need to be ready."

There can be no denying the work can help. But here's the question: Who leads the workouts?

We know that Chad Henne said he'd call the workouts for the offensive players. But does the embattled QB have enough clout to tell other players on offense what to do and when? Would WR Brandon Marshall, who had his disagreements with Henne last season, snap to attention when the quarterback calls a workout?

And what about the defense? I know the defense has players that could covene a workout. Yeremiah Bell comes to mind. So does Karlos Dansby. I hope they would be willing and eager to get the guys working.

But it remains the offense that I worry about.

One thing that would help Henne get that group organized is that he still has Jake Long's ear. And Long has the respect of most, if not all, of his players. Maybe Long would be the guy bringing everyone together.

It is a test of leadership. It is a test of work ethic.

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LOL fin4life u just became my favorite blogger on here... I got work 4-12 tomorrow so I'm straight

Bottoms up beerfin gonna go catch some zees may have to go in late, thax for the heads up on St. P day, oh well something tells me I`m gonna end up in a bar killing my hang over at some point anyway



I swear this Blog is Aloco's experiment....

In first he gets a lecture from DB to stay out of his personal life....and 4 post later he has DB spilling his guts like a school girl.....

How in the Hell do you do that over a KEYBOARD Aloco??? Amazing....

You truly are A Loco....Congrats.....you have earned my respect....

all this talk about vernon carey playing guard or tackle is concerning. we backed up the brinks truck(ireland) to a guy who is 25 lbs overweight and feet are stuck in concrete. i would have stuck with andrew gardner who the ravens grabbed after we cut him at the rookie base salary.

Kris Like the Stones song goes "Please to meet you. Hope you guess my name", Another words Aloco might just be Lucifer......

it is possible that henne working together with the offense without any coaching staff around would be beneficial because he could work on some things with the wide receivers. everyone can give their input as to where the ball needs to be thrown or if the route isn't being run properly, etc. having these types of open communication between the players on the offensive side should make them a more cohesive unit come spring camps and, eventually, the season.

If Henne makes Thigpen the #1 in organized workouts Marshall will show up. Henne & Marshall have to get on the same page & Marshall needs to stop bickering. He dropped allot of Henne passes. Probably as many, if not more, than Chad didn't throw to him when he wanted.

Chad needs to practice with an IED strapped to his chest. Practice with it on & set it to go off if he doesn't go through 3 reads & unload the ball in 3 seconds. He kept saying in interviews last year that it wasn't life & death. Well, make it that & see how he does.

joe schmoe,


lol @ Cuban....I guess anything possible man....


Here's a qoute from Channing(My Mentor is Joey(IQ of 36)Porter)Crowder:
Dolphins reaction to the labor strife has ranged from resentful to whimsical. “The NFL says they need to make more money, so they’re going to try to mess us over,” Channing Crowder said. “But the players make the NFL. That’s the funny part. They want to take everything and give us nothing.”

This from a guy that spent 8 out of the 16 games on a stationary bike making 3.2million last year..., Hey Channing, Please stop helping the players, Your a smuck wearing clown shoes......

dm1dolphan...Good points....this is Henne's time to shine....become a leader....no coaches around to either sheild him or make all the corrections for him....

Its sink or swim time.....I am sure his teammates are looking for him to take a lead tole....after all that is the natural order of most teams.....

Lets Go Henne....prove me wrong, and Craig M among others right.....take charge of this team and become the QB they thought they drafted....

Lil Aloco, Are you...... You know???, Lucifer??


Cuban.....every time Chowder opens his mouth something stupid comes out....to bad he was quite as a church mouse when the FB from B'more spitt on his a ss

Hey Chowder....hock....

Kris Like I said last night, The only way Henne can get these guys together will be if they know nobody will be around, they'll tape fat neck to a tree and sit back and watch the "Brothers" steal his cleats...., Sad but true..



RE:Channing(IQ of 45)Crowder, Amazzing that a guy that has the intellect of a gnat can say this is amazing, He should be a fry cook at a Applebees and yet he's complaining about the owners making him rich.... LOL At Crowder, What a BUFFOON......BTW, No other NFL team needs a Stationary Bkie Rider on there sideline Channing, So Id Watch what I'am saying..



I will say though Channing(IQ of 42)Crowder has been approached by Gieco insurance company about being one of the "Caveman"Guys, according to Robert Wilson (CEO) Of Gieco "Having Channing Crowder as a spokesman will save us a bundle seeing how he looks like a"Cro-Magnum" Human without make-up, he'll be able to save us a fourtune in make-up, Thus saving our customers money through advertising"........

LIL Aloco, That's why your hero Henne is being paid 100G a year, so they can pay a buffoon 3.2 mill/ a year to ride a stationary bike, Lance Armstrong rides a Bike and only makes 10% of that.............

No matter how dumb Crowder seems to be, he is still better than Tim Dobbins as an ILB. Hopefully Edds turns out to be better than Crowder & not as dumb sounding.

I am of the belief that Crowder acts dumb for attention. To know all the calls, play recognition, the ins & outs like Sparano says he does. Sparano raves about how smart he is. Unless Sparano is dumb too...

Wait....it's all making sense now.

lol @ Schmoe







Joe, He's not acting stupid, if he did he'd be getting kudus from SAG,Maybe some type of award for acting stupid(See:Forrest Gump) trust me, he's as dumb as a brain dead rock....(No Offense to any brain dead rocks out there)


Aloco, Enjoy working for me, BTW, Iam looking to add a patio furniture this summer to our loft, Could you please add a few extra hours in the upcoming months??

Some observations:

1) If Dionne Warwick and Star Jones (two of the current contestants on The Celebrity Apprentice) do not define despicable, then let's just remove the word from the dictionary. What they did to poor Lisa Rinna on last week's episode was a disgrace.

2) I'm not a masochist, but just once in my life I wish I had been yelled at by Don Shula. Sure, I would feel terrible at the time, but I would always have the memory of the winningest coach in NFL history actually taking the time to think about me.

3) On the cover of the latest Archie Comics Digest, Veronica Lodge looks so hot it's unbelievable. Veronica is more than a cartoon character.

4) I marvel at how analogous football is to war. On the one hand, sometimes territory is so difficult to take. To gain a mere 3 yards on a rushing play requires determined, often vicious, hand-to-hand combat, akin to the trench warfare of World War I where the tiniest advances cost huge numbers of lives. But then sometimes, the enemy, inexplicably, retreats, and great swaths of territory are captured without paying any price, such as when some big, slow tight end waddles 10 yards downfield against a zone defense, turns around, and receives an easy first down pass without any defender being within 5 yards of him.

5) The election of 2008 really messed things up. Until then, you could always pose this question: What is the one state north of the Mason-Dixon line and east of the Mississippi that is reliably Republican?

The answer had been Indiana. Unfortunately, the Hoosiers displayed a lack of judgment in 2008 by helping to elect an effete, unprepared, friend of radicals, to our nation's highest office.

PFT.com is posting the wonderlic test results for this years Q.B. class, some interesting results, Greg McElroy 43 / B.Gabbert 42 / C.Ponder 35 / R.Stanzi 30 / A.Dalton 29 / R.Mallet 26

I'm still taking MALLETT...

"IT" can't be measured....but can be seen....

Also C.Newton 21 / J.Locker 20, the Mallet score is suprising considering he comes of like such a meat head. They say that given how much preperation goes into that test these days for a Q.B. and how much stock teams seem to be putting in it now anything for a Q.B. at or below 20 gives teams concern. They report that the score could see Locker`s draft status affected for whatever that`s worth.

I think practicing right now is not a smart idea when our plan for next year is to draft Andrew Luck. Stay home and get fat phins

Fin4life.....what have you seen that makes you think Mallett is a meat head?

Using a wonderlic test to evaluate how well a QB can play football seems to me like putting an MIT grad through Army bootcamp to see how well he will perform as an engineer.

@ Aloco,

Last night was funny also a great example about the meaningless crap bounced around by a bunch of drunks after midnight, LOL

Could also be a great cautionary tale Aloco,
DON`T DRINK AND BLOGG !!!!! now am really LMFAO !

Agreed 0x80, just giving you the 411 on what Florio is reporting on PFT, it`s not lost on me that Marino and Kelly each scored a 15 on there way to picking D`s apart all the way to Canton.

Kris, if youv`e seen some of the interviews that Mallet has done were he tries to come off all Gangsta in a Southern accent by the way which only makes him sound like some inbread idiot with an identity crisis when in reality he should be trying to be as eloquent as possible, I mean he`s only interviewing for a multi million dollar job, then you would know what I mean

Regarding informal workouts/trainng, better than nothing but far from 'organized activities' at Davie. I guess we'll find out more details later.

I do think that Ricky and BM are not the only ones who don't have any faith in Henne. I don't think you can get that back easily once it's lost.

Hell, Henne might surprise us all. Anybody seen my meds?

Actually, something very good can come out of this. One of Henne's MAIN problems is his lack of leadership. This could force him to take charge (and show everyone he can rally the troops). I don't see Marshall or anyone on offense saying no if Henne says, "team practice, everyone else is coming." These guys are professionals, they know what they need to do to get better, and after last season, I don't see any of these guys wanting a repeat in 2011. So, I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I'd say Henne failed his leadership test a handful of times and he just doesn't have it. The one single time Henne showed leadership in 2010 was when Penne went down. Coming off the bench with a chip on his shoulder, he made things happen, seem to exert his will. Lasted one game. Then came those anti-magical games against Clev, Detroit, Buffalo where he was the pure antithesis of leadership. Leadership is either in your or it isn't, you show it very quickly or you don't.

0x80, Show me a team that lost to Cleveland,Detroit,and buffalo in the same year(At Home none the less) and I'll show you a 2 and 14 team the next season,,,(1 and 8 in a strike shorten season)

Wait a minute, Let be shorten the list, Tell me what record a team had after losing to the Browns,Lions and Bills in the last 5 games of the season and what was there record the next season... LMAO, No team has ever done It......

DC, Look for Fat neck to be taped to a tree if he "Tries" to have a practice, Look for the "Brothers" to "Keep the cleats", IMHO........


I have watched some of the Mallett videos on you tube....for the very reasons you stated....He is getting a rep on here a drug addict and "vannilla ice" wanna be...so me being who I am can't just take poster's words, or even those on TV....I have to see it for myself....

After watching a few videos...I see nothing that leads me to believe he is anything more than a kid who being himself....he seems intelligent and articulate and gets his point across verry well....even after being being asked the same question 30 times....

and Mallett is "smart"....he knows and acknowledged that its possible he is being defamed because of the millions and millions of dollars at stake.....

Bottom line for me is this....Mallett may not win Mr. Congeneality....but he does come across a genuine and himself....he down plays his arm by being quick to point out that his biggest strength is his ablity to read defence's and that he would work even harder at that to get better at breaking down defences....

We already have a "yes" man at the QB postion....why not try one who believes in himself enough to make A PLAY....not just run a play.....

@ Kris,

You`ll get no argument out of me that we need an immediate upgrade at the Q.B. position, like 0x80 posted after watching the 09 Monday night game against the Jets it really looked like we had found our Q.B. only to watch Henne since retreat further and further into his schell to the point I can`t fathom how anybody in the locker room has any confidence in him to lead this team back to prominance. I for one am a firm believer that leadership is every bit as important as ability, all you have to do is remember all world talents like Jeff George for proof.

That said understand I wasn`t by any means knocking Mallet`s ability to throw the Football, his private workout and combine showing speak volumes about his abilities. I was alluding to the NFL Network panel`s discussion on why he wasn`t the highest rated passer on everybodies board especially after his showing and Micheal Irvin made some interesting remarks about it. He said that he worried about his maturity level more than the drug rumors and he played a piece of an interview Mallet gave after his last game and I saw what he meant, the kid sounded stupid I wouldn`t have posted it had I not seen it.

Does that mean he won`t be an above averege Q.B. in the NFL, offcourse not even Dan Marino had his moments or so they say. You can even make the argument that at least he`s genuine and not putting together one of the great acting cons of all time, like Ryan Leaf did before arriving in S.D. and taking that team on a dirt nap for a decade. The only thing I know for sure is that the Q.B. position is the toughest to gauge, to many intangibles and variables to chalk up to ability or some wonderlic test. At the end of the day all I am doing is commenting on what I`ve seen and parroting what I`ve heard, which in alot of circles might not even get you the time of day, LOL

Dang, 0x80/Cuban, harsh. I was once you. I've moved on to a more optimistic attitude (can't help it, the closer it gets to a new season, the more I want my team to win). I agree with you guys for the most part that Henne DIDN'T have "IT", but if he ever was going to get "IT", this would be the time.

So, actually, for me, this would be all I'd need to see. If Henne can't become a leader in this situation, then Miami needs to definitely find a new QB for 2011. If he can muster some leadership, then he should get a chance to compete for the starting position.

I didn't see my comment as harsh DC, just maybe direct. Getting optimistic as the season draws on is natural...but I just thought it was a bit of a stretch to think after 4 years of college and 3 years a pro, he would suddenly show leadership when he hasn't in the past. I can hope he will play better, and maybe he will (an improvement over last year will be an easy feat), but hoping that finally he shows leadership at this point is like hoping that playboy centerfold jumps out of the magazine and onto your lap, hopeless.

most of us have seen enough of henne. he's been in the system for 3 years,constantly being coached up. parcells was very disappointed in his lack of development in those 3 years. henne failed to lead and was totally lacking in the very important "extending plays". he would throw it into the ground or into the stands if he felt any pressure. worst of all he never developed any commardarie with his receivers. i never saw a confident chad henne take the field and lead the team. i'd rather take a greg mcelroy of bama in the 4-5th round. he's accurate,smart and played 4 years under center. get what you can for henne (a 5th or 6th) and move on!

Greg Z..You are a guy that sees much more of this Dolphin team in persona then probably 90 percent of us combined. This is my take on Henne.

The telling example of how the Dolphins delt with Chad Hennes development is the Buffalo game. Henne was poor for a good majority of the game. But In the fourth quarter when it mattered. Henne put together IMO the best fourth quarter he had of the season. The mark of a maturing leader is his ability to forget. Henne led a fourt quarter td drive to pull us within 3. The Phins got the ball back with a little over 4 minutes. And once again, we were on the march. Henne was 5-6 on the drive, and had the hot hand.

Then out of nowhere, on second down from the 31. Guess what?????? Wildcat for a loss of 5 yards. What team on the planet takes the ball out of a hot quarterbacks hands at that point? Especially a younger guy struggling to prove himself. Instead of giving Henne the opportunity to win the game, the ball was taken out of his hands. Now it is 3rd and 15. We get a small gain, and Carpenter misses the field goal.

We do get the ball back with 40 seconds left, and the two minute drill is picturesque Miami efficiency. A couple of checkdowns, a sack, and a fumble.

My point is that IMO that could have been a turning point for the whole franchise. Hypothetically, say Henne gets us into the end zone there? What does this do for his confidence, and the trust of the offensive players for the remainder of the season? Instead, the coaches take it out of his hands, and the season plunges further into the toilet. All hopes crushed.

Are you gentlemen feeling spicy and naughty today? It's HOT in here!

DD, while there is an argument to be made the WC threw off Hennes rhythm at times, there is an overwhelmingly stronger argument to be made that Henne has always been and will always be a tease QB. He routinely puts together a drive or two or even a quarter that makes you go wow, we have to stick with this kid, and then it is always followed by 3 or 4 bad quarters. That has been his enitre history with this team, and those that watched him in college say he was the same way.

IMHO, Henne will always be this way, flashes of top notch play that are never sustained and followed by 3 quarts of Charlie Brown. In a way he is like a drug. He gives you a quick high and then it is always followed by a long hangover.

Just read a new rule change: Kickoff will move from the 30 to the 35 yd line. Good news for our crappy special teams unit.

Didn't think that through. Good for kickoffs, bad for returns.


Did the article mention the reasoning behind the rule change?


Well at least you caught it yourself.

By the way, what did you say your wonderlic score was?

Just kidding-lol!

Yeah Odin, protect players more. Reasonong being more touchbacks and less hitting.

Also, ever score will be reviewed (upstairs).

These changes are 'proposed'

0x80...I'm not making excuses for Henne. He has to get better(understatement of the year)
I just think that Henne needed a moment where he put the team on his shoulders and won a game. The team sure was asking a lot of Henne last year. Look at how many times he had to throw it every game. Why not keep it in his hands the one time he is on a roll, and see how it turns out.

I understand that he had other opportunities, and at almost every point he came up short. So maybe it was that the coaches had absolutley no confidence in him. If that was the case, he shouldn't have been in there to begin with. The great question going forward is who is Henne? And is he just a total lost cause at this point? If he is handed the ball, by default, or if he earns the job. No doubt the leash will be short, and we will know real fast. IMO, I could see Henne being outright released if he continues his poor play in the preseason(if there is one)

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